The Stalker: Visit One, Day Three by Katlyn

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Fantasm | Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Cruelty, Domination, Erotica, Female, Male, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Reluctance, Submission

Author's Note:This Is a home invasion/kidnapp situation. It is not consensual. Just like the first two chapters. Understand this and comment accordingly. I do enjoy comments I am new to writing so any feedback is great. Thank you and enjoy.


Chapter Three: Visit One, Day Three


Sally woke up having to use the restroom. She turned and was smacked in the face with the reality that she was chained to the monster. She had slept blissfully till now and had been able to forget the events of the last two days, well really only a day and a half. It seemed like it had been a week. She was desperate to relieve herself, but even in her groggy, desperate state she knew if she tried to get out of bed and the monster woke up and he would probably assume she was trying to escape.

Sally took a deep breath and touched the monster’s shoulder trying to wake him up. “Sir?, Sir? Please wake up. Sir!”

“What? What do you want?”

“Sir, I need to go to the bathroom, please Sir?”

“God damn it, girl. What time is it?” Mike sat up and looked at his phone that was by the bed out of Sally’s reach. “Ugh 4am? Seriously? Okay let’s go.” Make sat up and took Sally’s cuffed hand into his, and led her into the bathroom and stood next to her as she sat on the toilet. “You may go.”

Sally was terrified that there would be repercussions for waking him up in the middle of the night. So she went and was going to reach for the toilet paper, but looked at him instead. He was staring at her hard and expecting, and she knew there would be no quarter even at four in the morning. So she, in one more flourish of obvious surrender to her present situation, found her words: “I am finished Sir, will you please clean me off?” She wanted to die inside.

Mike’s expression never changed as he reached for the cup, filled it with water, and pushed her forward to run water down her backside and then pushed her back and did the same in the front, but inside he was pleased. What a good toy he had, and he was pretty sure this would work in the long run. When she was clean Mike spoke. “Face the wall position three.”

Sally was sure he was going to punish her in some way, but he lifted the toilet seat and relieved himself. When he was finished he spoke. “Up on your feet, Bitch, back to bed.”

Relief flooded Sally and as “Yes, Sir, Thank you for not getting angry. I really needed to go.”

“Why would I get angry? You did the right thing, you told me what your need was and let me take care of it, you behaved very well. If you had gotten out of bed without permission and without waking me, THEN you would be in trouble. Understand?”

Mike was holding the cover up and Sally was climbing into bed. “Yes Sir. I understand.”

“Good, let’s go back to sleep.” Mike wrapped his arms around his bitch and went to sleep. Sally took a little bit longer finding rest. She wondered how long he would stay. She was supposed to go to work Monday, He couldn’t stay forever right? She could go to the cops on Monday. Or maybe he was going to kill her. It was the first time that thought had entered her mind and she shuddered. Finally a fitful sleep found her.

She woke up when Mike touched her and told her to wake up. She stretched her legs and arms while laying on her back then Mike grabbed her head and pushed her down to his cock. “Suck on it for me, Bitch.”

This was the last thing she wanted to do. She wanted breakfast, her normal life back, to read a book curled up on the couch or watch TV, or go to the movies, the things she usually did on her weekends, albeit by herself, but she enjoyed the solitude. The one thing she knew for sure was that she did not want another day with. . . It.

But there it was and her mouth opened as Mike pushed her all the way down with her hair tied up in his fingers. He pushed her opened mouth all the way down his hard and ready cock. He held her there, feeling her gag, then let her up for a quick breath of air before he did it again.

When he pulled her up the second time he pulled her head in front of him so her eyes were level with his face. “I did not want you to forget your place after a good night’s sleep. You are still mine and will do what I say when I say or there will be pain. Do you understand?

“Yes.” Sally’s eyes were wet from being held down on his dick and she was focused on catching her breath when he got mad.

“You fucking little ingrate! Let me encourage you to behave.” He pushed her head back hurting her hair. “Open! Open your fuckhole that is in the middle of your face, now!” Sally did wide eyed and scared as Mike once again pushed her all the way down on his cock and held her there just a few seconds longer. She struggled, but he had her under control. He brought her back up to catch her breath.

“Now lets try this again. Do you understand that you belong to me and you will do what I say when I say it?”

“Yes, Sir!” “Sir!, Yes Sir.” Sally was talking fast as she realized she had forgotten to say sir and that was what had enraged the monster.

Mike calmed down. “Good girl, good. Now get down there and suck some more, I will tell you when to stop.”

Sally was relieved she was going to be able to do it without ‘encouragement’, if that’s what he wanted to call it. She sucked. She remembered that when she swallowed he liked it so she did that, she went down to the base, she did not hold her position as long as he had made her, but tried to hold it there a bit as he seemed to like it. All her efforts were rewarded by his sounds of pleasure. She was relieved; if he was not pleased she was going to have a rough morning.

Suddenly Mike grabbed the hair on the back of Sally’s head and pulled her off his cock. Sally was confused, but did not say anything, understanding coming through like a beam of sun when he said: “Position One, on the bed, bitch.

She did not dare hesitate, but she was unhappy. She had thought if she pleased him with a blow job that would be enough, but she knew she could not voice any discontent. So Sally laid there, her head on its side on the mattress, ass in the air, dreading what was inevitable. She heard Mike reach for the lube in the drawer, but instead he just inserted a finger, dry, “OW! Sir that hurts!, Please Sir. Don’t do this.”

“Ah sweetie you know better, I have needs and you are here to fulfill them, okay, now what do you want me to do so it does not hurt so much?”

“Umm, Sir, I am not sure.”

“Come on you are not dumb think. . . what makes it go in easier?”

“Lube, Sir! Please Sir,” Sally started to cry as the reality of what she was saying sounded in her ears.

“Please Sir, will you use lube on my ass?” Her shoulder collapsed on the bed, but she kept her ass up.

“Well now that was not so hard was it? You will have to ask me every morning before I fuck your ass or you will get fucked without lube, do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Repeat it back to me.”

“Sir I must ask for lube every morning before you fuck my ass or I will get fucked without lube.”

“Good girl” Mike rubbed her back, soothing her telling her what a good bitch she was as he pushed into her hole.

“Ohhh, Please stop. Sir, Please. “Mike laughed.

“Ah my pet, you don’t mean that, You would never ask your master to stop fucking you.” He was all civility, but Sally heard the veiled threat in his tone of voice.

Mike pushed all the way in then leaned forward and grabbed both of her nipples and pulled. “Ahhhh! “ Sally exclaimed, and Mike sat up with a big smile on his face and began pumping in earnest. Mike talked to Sally as he did.

“Now Sally you must thank me while I fuck you and after. If you need to say anything, I expect it to be your thanks and how much you love the sensations that are coursing through your backside now. If you want, you can even tell me how it feels to be stretched out I don’t mind knowing how much it hurts as long as you thank me afterward. Understand?”

“Yes Sir, It hurts Sir, a lot. I want you to stop, but I know you won’t.” Sally knew she was on thin ice with that last statement about wanting him to stop so she continued. “Thank you, Sir for fucking my asshole. Thank you for using lube, Sir.” And then she could not control the sobs anymore. For the rest of the time she just sobbed and he let her. He wanted her to know that this was her place and like it or not this was his hole. He drove the point home with each push. He did not let up his pace, perhaps because of her cries; he did not want her to think he would be easy on her if she cried, or that he would put her pleasure before his own.

When he released inside of her he pulled his dick out.

“Stay.” And Mike undid the cuff on his hand, and walked out of the room leaving her kneeling on the bed ass up face down. When he came back he had a warm towel and wiped her ass, then told her “Come, position two in front of me and clean me off. Sally made a face as she slowly moved to the floor in position in front of him. Mike was not impressed and his right hand forcefully met her left cheek, Sally was thrown off balance, but got back into her place unnerved and cowed. “You will show enthusiasm at giving me pleasure, no faces, no resistance, or there will be pain.” Mike bent over took Sally’s face in his hand, bunched her cheeks up together squishing her face and spoke barely above a whisper, yet annunciated each word and each syllable of each word. “DO. YOU. UNDERSTAND. BITCH?”

“Yes! Yes Sir I understand” Sally said the words as well as she could through her distorted mouth, and was relieved when Mike let go and said “Clean me off.” Sally

Sally went to put her mouth on his cock. She was so scared to displease him that she worked her mouth up and down and just like before made herself go all the way down and almost gag. She even held it there for a bit. She wanted to earn some favor with her captor, because being on his bad side was very uncomfortable. As she swallowed with his dick in her mouth she heard his moan of pleasure and worked her mouth up and down faster. She was becoming quite good at this and Mike was noticing. “Lick my balls, Bitch” Sally took her mouth off his cock and licked at his balls as instructed. “Okay finish with my cock, we have a day ahead of us” Sally cleaned with vigor and sat back when she was sure it was clean and looked at Mike expectantly. She was not sure if she was expecting his wrath or praise, but she had done the job.

“Sally?” Mikes voice was dangerously sweet. “Are you forgetting to thank me for something?”

“Sir?” Sally was confused and played the events in her head then hung her head in shame. “Thank you Sir for fucking me in the ass.” She was so humiliated to be saying those words out loud, but the alternative….oh the painful alternative. It was just words after all right?

Mike slid onto the floor in front of her naked body and caressed her face. Speaking soothingly to her while undoing her cuffs that had not come off yet. “Oh what a good toy, my toy. Now come on, let’s use the bathroom and get you clean up shall we? Come on my sweet.” And he stood up, then pulled her up and held her very close to him as he led her into the bathroom.

Once here He took care of her daily needs, brushed her hair, teeth, hair. When he was done with her hair he told her “Position one facing the end of the shower.” She complied and he washed the rest of her body.

“You are mine, I will take good care of you, I will make sure you are clean, well cared for. You are my most valuable belonging.” The more he talked the more Sally got worried. She was pretty sure he was not just going to walk away and leave her to go to the cops and identify him.

When Mike finished with her, he washed himself then turned the water off and got out, Sally started to stir.

“Uh-uh-uh. No, bitch. You mustn’t move until I tell you to. Stay in your last position until you have a command from me.” Mike was back to his patient, nice teacher persona. Sally stilled herself not wanting to upset the delicate balance that seemed to be his emotional state. When Mike dried himself off he snapped his fingers, and pointed in front of him. “Bitch, come stand here”

Sally moved as quickly as her wet and by now cold body would allow her. Mike dried her off and once again led her to the bedroom.

“Position One.” Sally was shocked yet again, but she scrambled to obey. She waited for what was to come, but Mike turned around and dressed himself, then started looking through her wardrobe. He kept talking under his breath generally displeased with the choices before him. He found something and Sally heard cloth being cut and torn, finally she was allowed to know what was going on.

“Stand up here in front of me hands behind your back. Legs shoulder width apart.” Sally came and stood in front of him as he desired. For fun he slapped her pussy and startled her.

“Okay I think I want to dress you today, so here is a skirt you can wear, It is black, lets see the length on you, Mike held it up to her and it came to about mid thigh on her. “Nope, we need shorter.” And Mike retrieved the scissors and started making sure the skirt would be just below the cunt line, and a bit shorter in the back. “Now put it on.”

The edges were ragged and not straight and she looked like a hobo in rags, but, it was well he gave her clothes. Sally thought that was defiantly an improvement. The shirt was next. Mike had picked a simple T-shirt and had her put it on. Then he cut at the neck line and pulled first one breast out and cut so that it was hanging out and depending on the fabric to hold it up at the same time. He did the same to the other one. “Go look in the mirror and tell me what you look like.”

“I look like a whore Sir.” Sally spoke quietly, hoping that was what he wanted to hear. Mike moved in front of her and grabbed her left boob looking her deep in the eye.

“ Yes, yes you do, My whore. Look at me, when I speak to you, YOU are MY FUCKTOY.” Repeat this five times: “I am sir’s fucktoy”

“Yes Sir, I am Sir’s fucktoy.”

Mike Slapped the right breast while manipulating the left one viscously. “LOUDER FUCKTOY! LOUDER”

“YES SIR! Ahhhh I AM SIR’s FUCKTOY” Mike kept moving between slapping and manipulating her boobs.

“Again!” as he slapped both breasts

“I AM SIR’S FUCKTOY!” OWWW! As Mike grabbed both breasts and squeezed

“Focus on your task toy, say it again.” Mike almost growled. He loved having these breasts in his hands, knowing he and he alone was the cause of their agony and their release from agony. It was intoxicating.

“I AM SIR’S FUCKTOY!” Sally started to cry

“Come on, bitch one more time,” Mike slapped both boob in unison for some added encouragement.

“I AM SIR’S FUCKTOY” and Sally started to fall to the ground and cry. Before she got to the floor, Mike caught her and pulled her to his chest and let her tears get his shirt wet.

“Shhhh, you did so good, my lovely. So good. Come let’s sit on the bed.” Mike half carried her to the bed, and pulled her down onto his lap and started wiping her eyes. “What’s wrong? Shhhh, Can you stop crying and tell me what’s wrong?”

Sally was an emotional wreck, the thoughts from the previous night just all came out in a jumble. “I-I-I don’t know why you are doing this I don’t want to be your toy, you are just going to kill me, so I don’t go to the police. You cannot keep me here forever I have to go to work tomorrow or people will wonder where I am, I have seen your face so you have to kill me.” Sally put her face in her hands and cried again. “I don’t want to die, not like this.” What she said did not seem to be in any particular order, and it was not even what she really wanted to say, but it was some of it. It was too hard to keep her thoughts straight when he kept changing things up on her.

Mike took her hands from her face while talking to her. “Oh my sweet bitch, I am not going to kill you. I’m not. You really put a lot of thought into that didn’t you? No, no. You are far too valuable to kill, and much to pretty. I am doing all this so you know how to please me. That way you don’t get into trouble so much. It is just the beginning that is so hard, and I know it is because you have not had time to get to know my wants and desires, but you will learn. You are right you do have to go to work tomorrow and so do I, but we will talk about that later, let’s eat, okay?”

Sally realized she was starving, and was a little reassured that he was not going to kill her, but the rest of it sounded very ominous. Mike grabbed Sally’s hand and led her to the kitchen.

“Just stand out of my way and look pretty okay?”

“Yes, Sir”

“Good Girl, now do you want eggs and toast, french toast, pancakes or even oatmeal? I will make whatever you want.”

“French toast, please, Sir.”

Sally thought about running for the door but every time it seemed she really considered it, he would look at her, study her, question her with just his eyes, and she would drop her head every time, defeated. She watched as he cooked, and in a short time there was a plate of french toast he had the syrup and butter waiting on counter.

“Come.” Sally came and he handed her the plate of food. “Do not drop it, put it at my place and come back for the butter and the syrup.” Sally walked to the table leaving Mike in the kitchen. Could she make it if she ran? She was trembling as she put the plate on the table. “Come, bitch!” the tone was a bit sharper as if he could read her thoughts. She came back at a trot, nervous that he could see through her.

“You cannot escape. If you try you will be punished, understand? Mike held her chin in his hand and looked her in the eye while making her look him in the eye. “Do you understand, bitch?”

“Yes, Sir. I do, I do.” How did he do that she wondered. How could he possibly know what she was thinking?

“Good. Grab the butter and syrup; I will get the silverware, and other things.” Mike grabbed what he needed and came up behind her as she reached the table and placed the butter and syrup near the plate. “Go grab your chair and bring it here next to me on my right side.” When she returned with her chair he continued to instruct her. “Sit, arms at your side.” Sally did so wondering what exactly was going on. Mike pulled out some twine he had found in the kitchen and proceeded to tie her hands behind the chair, first the left was attached to the left leg then the right to the right leg. Sally was confused, but did not want to anger him. Mike pushed her chair in watching her boobs bob up and down hanging out of the shirt as he moved her, and happy they belonged to him now. He sat beside her, buttered the toast and put syrup to the side to dip the toast in and cut a small bite.

“Open up, bitch. I am going to feed you breakfast. I want you to learn that you are mine and I can do what I want with you. Open.” And Sally opened her mouth, confused and no knowing what to think. She pulled on her restraints, and Mike noticed. He looked at her, shook his head and leaned over. What happened next causedSally to wiggle and struggle to no avail. Mike took her left nipple in his mouth and bit down. Gently then gradually more and more pressure till Sally was begging him. “Please, Sir I will sit still, please stop, it hurts.

Mike stopped sat up a little and looked at Sally in the eye. “Prove to me you are going to be better. Sit as still as you can and be as quiet as you can while I make sure your nipples match.” And Mike bent over and placed the right nipple in his mouth repeating the gradual application of pressure. Sally, for her part, tried at first to be much quieter and sit still, but Mike expertly applied pressure till she caved and cried out.

Mike sat up and gave each breast one firm slap on the top. “That is for interrupting our meal time, now let’s eat in quiet. Sally remained compliant throughout the meal. Mike fed himself as well as her. He gave her water through a straw, taking care that she had small bites so she would not choke. When breakfast was finished he picked up the dishes and did them leaving Sally sitting alone and still tied up at the dining table.

Mike came in front of the chair where Sally sat and squatted in front of her. “Today I expect obedience, as I always will. I will hurt you to punish you, and for my pleasure, you will thank me for any attentions you receive or are allowed to give me, Do you understand?”

“Yes” Sally whispered.

“Yes?” Mike paused obviously expecting something.

“Yes, Sir! I understand.”

“Ahh such a good girl.” Mike untied her wrists from the chair, and putting her hands in his pulled her up quickly, so quickly that Sally almost lost her balance.

Mike led her into the living room, and positioned her facing the couch. “Position two” Sally immediately knelt as instructed. Mike not losing a minute took more twine from his pocket that he had found in the kitchen and knelt behind her. “I am warning you, because I am being nice, do not resist me, understand?”

“Yes Sir. I will not resist.” Sally was a bit on edge yet again. What was he going to do? Then she felt him pull her ankles as close as they could be, and tied them together looping the twine around both ankles time and again and pulled it through the middle of the ankles. After doing this a few times to secure the tie, he reached and guided her right hand down over the small of her back and while holding it there with one hand he reached up and brought the other hand down. Then he took the string and started tying her hands in much the same way her ankles were tied and made sure they were secure. He pulled them down as close to her ankles as he could get causing her back to curve and her boobs to be pushed out on display, which was the point of this particular position. He tied a final knot and patted her bum.

Sally was scared; she had never been tied up, naked and vulnerable like this before. Mike came to the front of Sally smiling at her predicament. “Now my sweet bitch, you must wonder why I have you all tied up.” Mike pulled out a wooden spoon from his pocket he had also procured from its place in the kitchen.

“Yes Sir.”

“I have had you endure pain to train you, and that will happen more, but I enjoy inflicting pain for fun. I enjoy the sounds a person makes when in pain because of me. I enjoy the bargaining, the begging, the resignation and ultimately submission when a person has been beaten thoroughly. Do I have your attention?”

Sally’s eyes were big looking straight on which meant she was basically looking at the top of the wall and the ceiling. “Yes Sir.”

“Okay this has to stop you need to speak in complete sentences; subject, noun and verb. What are you agreeing to? I want you to say yes, sir, then repeat what it is you are saying yes to. So lets try this again: Do I have your attention?”

“Yes Sir you have my attention.” Sally was not sure who was present, the gentleman or the monster, but his words had indicated monster, yet his tone and patience denoted the gentleman.

Mike sat on the couch and began to massage those boobs, just hanging out there begging to be touched, abused. He smiled when he thought of the colors they would become.

“You are about to experience a lot of pain, if you fall down, you will be punished, if you do not follow instructions, you will be punished, and if you think that I am causing you pain then remember the punishment will be worse. Now our first exercise, you will count the strokes in your head when I ask you will tell me the count. Do you understand, bitch?”

“Yes, Sir, I am to count the strokes in my head and tell you how many when you ask Sir.”

“WHACK!” the first come down quick, following her last word right onto her right nipple. WHACK! The side of her right boob, WHACK the top of her right boob, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK the side of her right boob.

Sally was crying and he was pretty sure she had lost count but wanted to be sure and quickly one after another laid four more on the top of her right boob.

“Quickly, bitch! How many?”

“I-I ummm Sir, Please. Sir.”

“Fuck! No begging, answer me with a number!”

“Nine! Nine strokes, Sir.”

Mike was actually surprised at how close she was and pleased she was wrong. He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head back, leaning forward yelled into her face.

“Bitch! Ten! Do you know how to count to ten?! HUH?”

“Yes, Sir I know how to count to ten, Sir.”

“Do It! Each count is going to have little strokes on your inner thighs, Now show me you can count to ten, out loud.”

“One, smack, Two, Smack, ….TEN! Smack.”

“Oh good you did not lie! You do know how to count to ten, so when I was nice enough to give your boobs attention earlier, you must have not been paying attention! That is not good and will be punished. I am going to smack your boob, and you will count and thank me, so I want to hear a number then thank you sir. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir, after each stroke received I am to count and say thank you sir.”

“WHACK” as hard as mike could on the top of her right boob that was already tender. It made Sally cry out and tears started flowing, “quickly, Sally!”

“O-O-One. Sir, Tha-tha-nk you, Sir.”

“Pull yourself together girl, these are punishments and I expect you to respond quicker.” And with that Mike dropped the second one right on top of where the first one was. Sally bucked and cried, but managed to keep her position while getting out a sobbing “T-t-two, Sir. Thank you , Sir.

Mike reached down and rubbed it for a second. “If you had paid attention and gotten the first count right this would not be happening. So this is your fault. Next time pay attention.” And pain exploded on the side of her right boob.

“Three. Thank you Sir.” Sally was just hoping this was going to be over soon, she was not sure how much more she could take. Mike pulled her nipple out and squeezed it while lifting her boob up and struck the underside of his bitch’s perfect breast. He smiled as the color went from white to red, and barley heard Sally count and thank him before he laid down the fifth and final one and massaged it roughly as Sally counted and thanked him again

“Good girl. That was your punishment. I am not done with you, but I will give you a five minute break.” Mike left her sobbing, tied up on her knees arms still behind her back, wondering what he meant by saying they had more to do. To him it was obvious; there was still an untouched, unmarked breast to work on. Mike grabbed water and a straw for her and sat on the couch in front of her, he moved her sideways and placed her between his legs so she could rest her head on him and he stroked her hair and face. “Shhh, shhh, Look here, I have to do these things. You would not respect me if I did not punish you like I said I would. It has to be done. You did well, my little bitch, shhh calm down, take some water and breathe.” Sally barely heard a word he said, but knew from his tone the nice guy was back, the monster gone for this little break, and she let herself be soothed. He ended up giving her a ten minute break waiting for her crying to cease and her breathing to level out. He did care about her after all.

After the break he put her back into position, straightened himself up and grabbed both breasts harshly causing Sally to inhale deeply. “Now look at this, Sally do try to look at these breasts.” Sally tried and could see them a little bit. “Sally tell me what is different between these two breasts?”

“Umm One hurts more than the other, Sir?” Sally really hoped that was the answer.

“Hmmm I will give it to you, but no, One has been beaten and the other has not. This hardly seems fair to the left breast, it has been given no attention while the right one has had all the attention. So I want you to ask me to beat your left breast. Beg me and Sally? Do remember there are punishments if you misbehave.”

“No! Please Sir, no more punishments! Please beat my left breast Sir, Please!”

“Why Sally? Why should I beat the left breast?”

“Because Sir, it has not had any attention and it is not fair, Sir. Please Sir?”

“if you insist, but we must play the same game I think, so I will strike it and you will count in your head, lets see if you attention has improved shall we?”

“Yes, Sir I think we should see if my attention has improved.”

“Good!” And Mike proceeded to strike the top, the sides the underbelly, of that left breast till the count was fifteen, he did not go easy, but not as hard as the punishment ones, she had to know there was a difference between play and punishment after all.

“How many?! Quickly!”

“Fifteen, Sir. Fifteen.”

“Are you certain?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl! You are right fifteen. Now thank me for improving your ability to pay attention. Make it in your own words, but thank me.”

“Sir? Umm thank you Sir for improving my attention span, by umm oh! By punishing me when I was not paying attention. Thank you Sir.”

“Good Girl.” Mike was pleased but not done. He was enjoying his toy too much to let her off the hook. He picked her up and put her on the floor face down parallel with the couch, face turned toward the couch, and untied her ankles but left her arms tied behind her.

“Ow! Ow! Ow! Sir, it hurts.”

“Yes, my bitch that is kind of the point. I got the breasts nice and tender and now I am applying your body to push them down. I am doing this to intensify the pain. I am explaining to you so that you will know that I am the master of what you feel, pain, no pain, and I do know if what I do will cause pain, if I do not I will ask.”

“Why? Why are you doing this? Please stop Sir, Please.”

Mike was amused by the begging and it made him smile as he sat on the couch and put his foot on top of her face, “And what would you do to make this stop for the rest of the day?”

“Anything Sir. I could give you a nice blow job, sir.”

Mike laughed. “Don’t you see, pet? There is nothing you can offer me that I cannot get from you when I want. I told you I enjoy this. Now let’s play a game. Here are the rules: I will give you three choices. You pick one, if you don’t pick quickly I will do all three. Now here are your choices, pay close attention: 1. You can get fucked in the ass for five minute 2. You can get fucked in the face for five minutes or 3. You can have 25 strokes on your breasts. Pick by the time I count to 5 and beg, bitch, make me believe you want it.” What she did not know is the game would not end till she had chosen all three and given her aversion to being ass fucked Mike was pretty sure to get her face a couple of times and the chance to color her breasts some more.

“Face, Sir, Please will you fuck my face? Please sir.?”

“Of course I will Position two, and remember you begged for this.” And Mike began in earnest pushing her all the way down and holding her, then letting her up for a bit of air before setting a punishing pace for the rest of the five minutes. When he was finished he simply said: “Same choice, pick quickly!”

“No sir! Please no! Please I will be good I will do what you say.”

Mike shook his head back and forth. “No, no, NOO!!” He yelled the last one. “My instructions were clear you had three choices pick one. Now I will do all three. You say you will obey yet just by speaking and not choosing you were disobedient. I told you the rules and you made this choice. Now, I will be nice and fuck your face first since the lube is in the bedroom.” He grabbed her hair and forced her head down, she knew better than to have her mouth closed. The pace set was tough, she gagged and almost threw up, struggled to breathe, but he kept it up for five minutes, she would learn. After the first five minutes he pulled her head back.

“Position One and NOW!” Sally quickly got down, she did not even dare protest with her actions or looks, tears were streaming down her face both because of what had just happened, but also because she knew he would probably fuck her ass with the same viciousness. She was not wrong, for five minutes he pumped in and out, she cried, and he had no mercy, she was told the rules and had made a decision to not follow them. She had asked for this. He came inside her ass, pulled out and without pause pulled her up by her hair “Position two! Breasts out!”

25 swats later Sally was a mess absolutely destroyed he had not been as hard as the five punishment ones earlier, but he made sure they stung by often hitting the same place twice, getting the nipples straight on. Sally screamed and thrashed a bit, but stayed upright, she was not sure how much more the monster could do to her, but she was sure she did not want to tempt the fates and find out.

“You may relax for five minutes. Get yourself together and then we continue the game, repeat the rules to me so I know you know them.”

“I have to pick which one I want, to be fucked in the face or ass for five minutes or get 25 swats on my breasts. If I do not pick one you will do all three to me as you just did Sir.” Mike could barely understand her, but she managed to get it all out.

He walked to the other side of the room close to the front door looking at his watch. Five minutes would hardly be enough time for him to get himself together. He was mad, and he did not like playing games angry. He used anger for punishment and could take playtime too far if he was angry ( he had before with other partners and they were consenting), but she had ruined the playtime, and here he thought he had her better trained. He took some deep breaths, and watched her try to regain some part of herself to get through the rest of the game, she was going to play, she would learn, she was his toy, they games were his, she did not dictate any part of the play.

“Five minutes toy, what do you want next?”

“Please Sir, fuck my face, please.” She was kneeling trying to maintain position two and opened her mouth wide. Mike was fine with that, he stepped up grabbed her hair and moved her like a rag doll up and down his pole wondering if she had decided this was the lesser of the three evils? The thought made him smile as he pushed her all the way down and held her there. She was getting better at breathing through her nose; she was able to take it longer. Well good for her, a talent she would need.

When time was up he pulled her back and asked again, this time she picked her tits. Ah such lovely things to brutalize. They were red and would probably be purple all over tonight. He was glad, she was going to need to remember him. The spanking of the tits was much quicker than five minutes less than a minute so he was surprised when she begged for her tits again. This gave him the opportunity to make sure the underside matched the top and sides.

During the tit spanking she begged for it to stop promised to be good, but nope, the game had to play out. Finally after face two more times and tits once more she picked her ass. That may have had to do with the fact that every blow had come down on the same tit in the same place. . . and that one would ache for awhile.

Even as the words came out of her mouth she assumed the position and Mike put the spoon down on the coffee table and was happy to oblige his bitch’s request. He forced himself inside her and drove in deep and fast. When the five minutes were up, he was a bit relieved the game was over he was getting tired too.

“Good girl. Game over, come clean my cock, now.” His hand had never left her hair so he guided her mouth to his cock once again but let her go at it at her own pace. “You can stop when it is clean, pet”

Sally finished and assumed her default position, she was so glad it was over, and confused about why it was over at the same time.

Mike’s voice was cold as Sally knelt before him, he stroked her cheek looked into her eyes and asked.

“Did my pet enjoy our game.”

“No Sir. I did not enjoy the game.”

“Ah you will come to love any game I allow you to play, now thank me for entertaining you.”


“I took the time to play a game with you I want you to thank me just as you would for punishment, or food or anything else I allow you to have.”

“Thank you Sir, for entertaining me with a game.”

“Good girl. Don’t resist me.” Mike stood up, then bent down and picked up Sally. He carried her to the bathroom and set her down on the toilet.

“Hands behind your head. I don’t want you touching anything!” Mike turned and started running the bath water.

Sally sat with her hands behind her head and used the toilet, embarrassed that she had to wait for him to clean her. When the temperature was right he cleaned her. “Get undressed and get into the tub, tell me if it is too hot, I will adjust it.”

Again Sally was aware that she would not be allowed to take care of her own needs, she would not be allowed to adjust the water temperature, but the thought of a luxurious bath filled her with relief.

As she got undressed she addressed her captor, who seemed to be the gentleman right now. “Sir?”

“Yes, pet?”

“Thank you for letting me take a bath, Sir.”

“You are welcome. Hurry along, it’s going to get cold.”

“Yes, Sir I am done. May I get in, Sir?”

“Yes, bitch you may get in, but I will clean you up.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Do you want me to clean you then let you soak or soak first?”

“Sir if I may I would like to just soak first, while it is the warmest.”

“Okay I will give you 15 minutes.” Mike sat down on the bathroom floor, and started checking emails and such on his phone.

She would have preferred he left, but knew this was the best it was going to get right now so she closed her eyes and let the warm water take her away to a different place. Her body was sore and responded to the warm water in a positive way. Muscles loosened and relaxed, and a lot of the hurt seemed to just float away, well at least while she was under the hot water.

After 15 minutes, Mike came over and started pouring water on her from a cup in a slow refreshing way. It would have been sexy if he had not been the reason she was so sore, and tense.

“Sit up bitch.”

Sally sat up and he poured water down her hair down her back, then he took the soap and started washing her back, arms, finally the front of her being very gentle with her boobs, rinsing as he went along. When she was all clean, he soaped up her hair.

“Go under and get all the soap out of your hair.” When she came back up he put conditioner in her hair, massaging her scalp. “Keep your eyes closed” Mike pulled the plug and turned the water back on to test it.

“Okay you are going to take a shower to get the conditioner out and any remaining soap anywhere. Five minutes max. Tell me when you are done.”

“Yes, sir I will rinse and inform you when I am done.” It was a good sign that Sally was still talking in full sentences. She could have been insolent and gone down to just yes or no sir, but that would not have ended well for her. “I am done, Sir.”

Mike reached in turned the water off and wrapped Sally up in a big towel. Then he helped her up, and dried her hair for her with a towel. When she was all dry, he led her naked to the bedroom and pulled out the cuffs. “Time for a nap, I think we both need the time. Call out if you need anything.” Mike held the blankets up as she crawled in. “We will have lunch when you wake up or in two hours, whichever comes first.

“Yes Sir. Thank you Sir for letting me sleep.” Sally rolled over on her side and was asleep in very little time. Mike went out to the living room to relax and think about what would come next. How much he had to set in motion to get the final goal, but it would be worth it..

Three O’clock rolled around. They had had a late breakfast so lunch was going to be late, Mike ate while she slept, conducted some business, but mostly just relaxed on the couch. When it was close to time to wake her up he made her a sandwich, and placed it on a plate with chips, a peeled and sectioned orange and a glass of water and put it on the table before he went to wake her., He knew she would be hungry.

Mike watched Sally sleep from the doorway, she looked peaceful and he was happy with her. He loved watching her just still and peaceful,. He could almost imagine they were a happy couple. Mike shook his head and laughed at himself. “Wakey, wakey, bitch.” He moved over to the bed and sat down next to her.

Sally had been dreaming, nothing special, but not this, she woke up very disoriented, but then she saw Mike sitting on the side of the bed and it all came flooding back. She scooted away from him to the end of the cuffs that held her in place.

“Ah come on now sweetie, What’s wrong? Come here let me undo the cuffs. Come on, come over here.” Mike was not quite giving her commands, but if she had not responded there would have been pain, but she was learning and becoming conditioned. She scooted back to him and let him undo the cuffs. “Now, you may not have realized this morning because we were so busy, but I did not use the training collar this morning, do I need to put it on now?”

“No, Sir. You do not need to put the training collar on.”

“So you are telling me you will behave?” Mike stroked her cheek and lifted up her chin so she was looking at him. His eyes were that cold fire. It scared Sally looking into those eyes, and she wondered at the fact that he could make them look caring and concerned just as quick as he wanted to.

“Yes Sir, I will behave.”

“Good girl, now do you need to use the bathroom?”

She realized she really did. “Yes Sir I do need the bathroom”

Mike took her hand in his and led her to the toilet. “Hands on your head.” Sally assumed the position and used the toilet. She waited for her captor to clean her but he just stood there looking at her. Sally was embarrassed. “Sir, I am finished will you please clean me?”

Mike smiled. She had figured it out without instruction; she really was smart when she applied herself. “Good girl.” He murmured while he cleaned her off. “Put your clothes on now, they are where you left them on the floor here. Next time you discard things I give you like this you will be punished. You are to fold your clothes neatly, or put them in a hamper.” Sally put the very tiny clothes back on. Feeling even more embarrassed than this morning that this was all she was wearing. She almost preferred naked.

Mike stood in front of her and watched her face as he put his hand down under first one boob then the other to pull them all the way out. He used more pressure than necessary on each and Sally yelped. “Ow!, Sir. That hurts.” Mike looked her in the eye “You need to learn to process your pain. Breathe deeply while I massage both your breaths, try not to make any noise, but if you do make it the quietest you can. Let’s try this for 30 seconds.” And Mike dug in deep causing water to pool in the lower part of Sally’s eyes but she tried to breathe, she let out a hiss here and there and when he applied more pressure she exclaimed, but all in all better than her yelling about it. “Okay that was good we will work on it more. Put your hands behind your back, on the small of your back.” When she had placed them there he put his hand on top of hers and guided her to a standing position and let her walk with him leading to the dining table.

“Sit down and eat, when you are finished, clear your place, put the dirty dishes in the sink and come to me in the living room. Assume position two in front of me, hold position until I tell you otherwise. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir, I understand.”

“Okay good.” Mike left. This was a test. He was in the room where the front door was she would never make it, but he wanted to see if she would obey without him in the room lording over her. He listened to the sounds of her eating, then putting her dishes away. He picked up his book and pretended to be reading, but he was waiting and sure enough she came in front of him, assumed the position and waited. He ignored her or let her think he was ignoring her, and continued to read and watch her for ten minutes. She did not falter.

Mike put down the book and continued to stare at her openly now she looked straight ahead with obvious concentration. Mike reached over and grabbed a breast and twisted. Oh yes they were sore. Sally screamed in surprise and pain, Mike smiled.

“Shhh I am done, bitch calm down, that is not even the one that got it the worst. If you had misbehaved you would be feeling more pain in that area, but you were very good so they shall get a break until after dinner.” Sally started and looked at him, “Sir? After dinner? Why Sir? I have been good Sir.”

Mike was a bit displeased that she spoke up but decided to let it slide. He blamed the severity of the weekend—It must be interfering with her ability to reason He put a nipple in his hand. “Sally? Look at me. Good. Now listen. You are never to question me. You belong to me. You will experience pain when I want you to and you will experience pleasure when I want you to, sometimes for my pure pleasure and sometimes to punish and train you. You will endure, you will thank, and you will be respectful of the time I am putting into your training or you will be punished. Understand?”

“But, I don’t want to be trained.” Sally hung her head and then snapped it up again as she realized what she had forgotten “Sir.”

His face was unreadable, it had just gone blank, usually the monster came out when it went blank “Sir I am sorry I forgot to say Sir. Please I can’t take another punishment, Sir.”

“I will not be this nice again, what you want is not part of this equation. I am not going to punish you again because I do not want to permanently damage my property, mentally or physically. I am glad that you immediately recognized your mistake and apologized. Keep doing good and I will not have to punish you so often. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir I understand.”

“Good! Now show me you do! Position one.” Mike expected her to hesitate or whine, but she did what she was told, Mike was pleased. Sometimes you had to give them a break. He walked behind her unzipped his pants and put his cock into her cunt, just a little bit, just enough for her to want more, but not get it. “Now I said pleasure would be mine to give you too, do you want me to make you cum? You need to be honest.”

“No sir! I don’t want any of this.”

Mike pulled out and inserted a finger, found her clit and began rubbing and pinching it. Soon Sally was all worked up and Mike stopped and once again inserted just the head of his dick. This took self control on his part, but making her beg to be fucked would be worth it.

“Do you want me to make you cum now?”

“No!” Sally said the words but her hips told another story Mike pulled out and Sally made a frustrated noise, once again he pumped his finger in a couple times before finding her clit and began rubbing and pinching again till her breathing gave her away. He pulled his fingers away, and leaned toward her ear. “Beg me to fuck you , bitch. Beg.” He put the head of his cock into her cunt and Sally pushed back, Mike quickly stepped back and slapped her hard. “Bad Girl! If you want it beg. Tell me you are a fucking whore and want to be fucked hard, tell me and I will fuck you, don’t and I will continue to bring you close and deny you all day.”

Sally whimpered. “Please Sir? Please put your cock in my cunt.?”

“Nope I told you what to say, say it all.”

“Ahhh Sir! Please! Fuck me! I am a fucking whore and I want you to fuck me hard. Please?!”

“No problem, bitch!” and he did, hard, and fast, the first thrust hurt deep inside, but then her cunt adjusted and he felt good. She did not want to be fucked, not like this so she was very confused why her body would be telling her how good it felt when her brain was saying just how wrong it was. Mike left his shaft deep inside her as he reached down and rubbed her clit. She started bucking against him wanting movement of his very still cock, wanting to be brought to that point and he obliged. “Cum for me when you can bitch” It was not long, and Sally had an orgasm. He felt her cum around his cock and was pleased with her. Mike continued to fuck her as he was not finished and was sure Sally came at least once more but he was not so concerned with her pleasure.

When he was close he pulled out, pulled Sally’s hair. “Turn around and finish me with your mouth.” Sally put her mouth on his warm wet cock and tasted her own cunt juices, which actually did not taste bad, not good, but it did not make her sick to her stomach. He let her go up and down till he could not hold it anymore. He grabbed the back of her head and pushed her down as he came. Cum shot down her throat, and while she was doing this more and more she really did not like the taste of his cum. Sally was glad when he was done.

Mike sat on the couch spent. It was actually a good fuck, and he wanted to relax with his bitch and talk to her for a bit.

“Come here.” Mike patted the couch seat next to him. “I want you to come lay on the couch with your head in my lap.” Sally complied and positioned her back to the back of the couch so her head was looking away from her captor. It could have been a night any lovers would normally have with Mike running his fingers through Sally’s hair and running it down her side as far as he could reach. But this was not any lover’s evening this was Hunter and prey, the Captor and captive.

“I have to leave early in the morning, I know you are disappointed.” He said with half a smile as Sally quickly looked at him to see if he was serious. “I have business to attend to and you have to go to work, but I want to be clear. You will not go to the cops; you will not say anything about me to anyone unless you tell them you have a new lover/boyfriend. I will be watching, and there will be consequences for any act of disobedience or tattling. You will know I am watching because I will leave single blue carination wherever I have been. When you see one, know that I am close by watching. If you decide to go against my wishes, the next visit will be more painful than this one, and yes there will be a next visit. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir, I understand, but how do you know I won’t just disappear? I don’t want to do this again, Sir. Please just don’t come back. If I don’t say anything can we just pretend it never happened? Please.”

Mike rubbed Sally’s back and let her beg. He knew that in that begging she was coming to terms with the facts. “If you move, if you disappear I will find you, and when I do I will not be nice like I have been this weekend.” Mike let that sink in as Sally closed off and tried to sit up. Mike pulled her hair and pulled her back to her place. Through gritted teeth he growled in a low voice. “I told you not to move from a position until I gave you permission! Now I have to punish you bitch! Get up!” and Mike stood up, grabbed the wooden spoon off the coffee table, and moved to the middle seat on the couch. He sat down and pulled her down on his lap. “Stomach first, I am going to spank you for being disobedient. I told you the rules and you need to know that every time you break them I will be there to correct the behavior. Now you are going to count and thank me after each one. Do not mess up.”

And he began, strong and briskly. Not giving her too much time between each impact, and he heard her trying to breathe through it so she could count and thank him. She did so for thirty strikes, and was sobbing, but counting. Mike felt the lesson was learned and stopped. He rubbed her ass to lessen the burning then told her to stand up in front of him. “I don’t think you quite understand how much I don’t like punishing you. I want you to think about the actions that led up to the punishment and the punishment itself while standing with your nose against the wall on that side of the room as far away from the door as possible but not so you can see out the window. Go!” Sally ran to the other side of the room and stood about three feet from the window, she did not want to be accused of looking out of it. “Nose to the wall and do not let it loose contact with the wall till I call you back over here.”

After ten minutes of watching her fidget, and mostly keep her nose on the wall, Mike spoke up relieving her from her task at hand. “Sally come here assume position two in front of me and tell me what you thought about during your corner time.”

Sally moved quickly to a kneeling position in front of Mike. She felt like a child in school being disciplined by a teacher. “Sir, if I tell you I will get in trouble.”

“No you will not because I am asking you what you thought about so as long as you tell me the truth I will not get mad, so tell me.”

“I thought how stupid it was that I was standing against the wall like a five year old. And how much I don’t like you at all, and I can’t wait for you to leave, so I can tell the cops.” Mike smiled. The fact that she was telling him this because he ordered her to meant that because she had been ordered to not go to the cops, she probably would not go to the cops, but he would leave that nugget of truth for another time. She was being pouty, and he wanted to focus her.

“And what else? I told you to think about your actions that led up to the punishment and the punishment, did you think about them?”

“Some, I thought you were not very fair, I was getting up because you were making me scared and you just made me more scared, I was not even going to run, I don’t know why, but I wasn’t. And I don’t like being spanked. It’s embarrassing to be pulled over your lap like that. And I hate it.”

“Good, Punishments are supposed to be something you do not like, I assure you the punishment was rather light and fair, I was being nice. I am glad you were not going to run, but you need to learn to ask permission before you do things. You are not to do anything without permission when I am home, is that understood?” Mike looked at Sally and raised his eyebrows in a warning.

“Yes Sir, I understand I am not to do anything without permission.” Sally whispered, almost whimpered.

“Good come sit on the couch. Stay while I figure out a movie. Do not leave the couch, but you may make yourself comfortable.

Mike went and picked one of her favorite movies, he had been spying on her long enough to know which ones she watched over and over. Sally curled up on the side of the couch furthest away from where Mike had been sitting; he had not said where she had to sit. Mike smiled to himself, but he wanted Sally to relax and enjoy the rest of the night so he voiced no displeasure at her choice and in fact instead of sitting next to her sat where he had been. The movie started and when Sally saw it was one of her favorites she got a bit excited, and was surprised. She had thought he was trying to entertain himself not please her, but there was no mistaking his intent when he said:

“Surprised Sally? I thought our last night together for awhile could be relaxed and perhaps if you want to think of it as a bit romantic I would not mind. I will make dinner afterwards, and then off to bed.”

“That sounds nice. Does that mean no more sex stuff? Uhh Sir?”

“Yes, no more sex stuff and no more punishments unless you do something very bad. If I have to punish you tonight you will bruise before bedtime, which I don’t want. So don’t make me. But Sally?” Mike waited for her to look into his eyes “You DO still need to call me Sir. Okay?”

“Yes Sir. Sir? If it is supposed to be, well it sounds kinda like a date, so can I get dressed like I would for a date, Sir?

Mike was not sure, he felt a trick coming on. “Why?’

“Well, I have had these on for a long time, they are hard to relax in and I could wear something, nicer.”

Mike looked at her hard, wondering what was going on in that pretty little head, but her deep brown eyes told him nothing. He thought about giving her guidelines about what she was allowed to put on, but was kind of curious what she might pick out on her own. Would she go for a turtleneck so he had zero access or would she try to please him. It was worth the experiment.“It is six o’clock, you have till 6:45 to be ready. I will be checking in on you while I prep for dinner, so leave the door open to your room. Do you want to eat during the movie or after?”

“After Sir, and Sir?”


“Can I take a shower?”

“If you are ready and you hair is dry by 6:45.”

“Yes Sir, and thank you Sir.”

“And Sally?”

“Yes, Sir?”

“Leave the bathroom door open too. You may go now.”

“Yes Sir!” and Sally turned on her heels and practically ran to her room.

Mike could swear Sally was almost smiling as she ran to her room. There was no escape for her there he had made sure the window in the bathroom was not big enough, and the one in the bedroom had been shut with a rod and a padlock and a drill. He walked to her room and looked through the open door. No Sally but the shower water was running so he went to the bathroom door and peaked in and sure enough there she was behind the glass door taking a shower. He decided to let see how this played out and went to the kitchen to do the prep.

Sally had just wanted some ‘normal’ time to herself. No monster, no gentleman, just her and some normal activities and taking a shower and getting dressed up seemed like fun even if she had to ask permission. Knowing that time was not on her side especially with the demand for dry hair she took a quick but through shower, applied lotion and then went to her closet. For most dates she would have worn jeans, but she had a feeling that was not the best route tonight so she picked the only skirt she had. It was a navy blue straight skirt below the knees, It was a work outfit. She found a white blouse that went really well with it, a sleeveless cowl-necked blouse. She was not sure of the sleeveless, but did not want to wear long sleeves and the sleeveless was supposed to go under a business jacket. Hopefully she looked good enough without him thinking she was trying to turn him on or anything. She just wanted to wear somewhat normal clothes, and not get in trouble for what she picked out. She found thigh high nylons and the 2 inch heels that matched the outfit. In an effort to get extra points she had consciously decided to not wear panties. Once her clothes were picked out she looked at the time, it was 6:30, crap she was not dressed and her hair was not dried, she went to the bathroom to dry her hair for ten minutes, she could get dressed in a hurry if she had to.

Mike heard the hair dryer going and had peaked around the bedroom door while her head was in her closet and then quietly gone back to the kitchen, maybe there was no trick, and maybe she just needed a little time. His prep was done, so he waited till 6:45 at which time he went to her bedroom door and knocked on the door frame to let her know he was there.

Sally turned around still adjusting her skirt. She started fidgeting nervously as Mike looked at her not saying anything. His face held no clue as to his thoughts, and while Sally did not like the man much, she really did not want to make him mad.


“Is it okay?”

“Yes, Its fine. Shall we go to our movie?” and Mike held out his elbow like a gentleman would do for a gentlewomen he was escorting. Sally was pleased that he was pleased because that meant no pain for now. She was mad at herself for being such a push over, but the pain was hard to handle. Mike walked them to the living room and escorted Sally to the couch.

“I would like it if you sat next to me, but I will leave the choice to you. I will not molest you during the movie, but if you are next to me I may put my arm around you or touch your arms or legs.”

Sally choose to sit next to him and they settled back and watched the movie, both enjoying themselves, Sally feeling more relaxed than she had in days, and Mike was enjoying watching her whenever he could catch a glimpse without getting caught. He did want to destroy her sense of safety right now, but he did put his arm around her, and found that about two thirds into the movie she was leaning a bit into him, not quite putting her head on his shoulder, but close. When the movie ended Mike stood up and looked at her, so beautiful, no makeup just her, and wanted to take her, but resisted his urge. This sense of couple hood was too good to mess up.

Mike reached down and took both her hands into his and pulled her up off the couch. “Sally I am going to ask you something and I need you to understand that THIS time the choice is yours I will not punish you if you deny me. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Can I kiss you? Just a simple, no tongue kiss?”

Sally looked at this man, now her “date” in a sense and part of her wanted to let him kiss her, but her head was so mad at her for even thinking of letting him. She took her time and thought honestly, after all he had already done to her how bad could it be, and it could not hurt her chances of getting out of the whole situation, maybe he would take pity and not come back. Right? A part of her knew she was being naïve, but she answered. “Yes Sir, you may kiss me.”

Mike was surprised, happily so. Maybe she was coming around, maybe she could like him? He reached down stroked her face and brought his lips to hers and as promised gave her a light, sensual kiss. Sally was taken aback by his gentleness and her desire for another, but she made herself pull back when he did.

Mike straightened up, put his hand on the small of her back and said “Let’s go make dinner.” It was not a choice, she was not allowed to stay so close to the front door by herself, but he tried to make it sound like a fun activity to do together, even though she would just be standing and watching. He led her into the kitchen and parked her by the corner where two counters met and simply whispered in her ear “Stay my bitch.”

It almost sounded sexy and that made Sally want to cry, she should not be responding to him like this, remember the monster?! REMEMBER!! But that voice was getting fainter and less powerful she almost liked this guy, the one cooking dinner, the one who watched a movie with her.

Mike finished what would be his last meal with her for this visit, Sally almost laughed when she saw what he was making, but she kept quiet. Mike set the table and then came and once again offered her his arm and Sally slipped hers into his. “Come this way my pet for a gourmet meal to end all gourmet meals.” There sitting on the table were two plates of homemade hamburgers and fries. He walked her to her chair and pulled it out. Sally sat and Mike placed a napkin in her lap.

“Really Sir? Hamburgers?” Sally was truly amused and he had not sat yet so she was pretty sure she was not breaking the sanctity of the dinner table and the no noise rule.

“It cannot be fancy every night, and you like them. I wanted tonight to be about you.” Mike sat down and looked at Sally “We can talk tonight if you like.”

“Not to be rude sir, but I like the silence, it is nice.”

Mike nodded. Dinner was short and quiet. When Sally was done she waited, and when Mike finished he cleared the table and looked at Sally “Come do the dishes with me, pet.”

“Yes Sir.”

When the dishes were completed Mike led Sally to the living room and sat on the couch. Her hands were still in his and he guided her in front of him, facing him. “Position three please and I need your attention.”

Sally complied and thought here it is the monster, he is going to do something horrible to me. She was looking straight ahead and Mike reached over and caressed her breasts. Sally drew in a sharp breath expecting more torment, but none came, he was just enjoying his property with no desire to hurt for now.

“Bitch, I am going to leave at some point tonight while you are sleeping. I will come back and we will learn more together, do you remember what your rules are while I am gone?”

“Not really you don’t want me to go to the cops, and I can’t say anything about you, that is all you said, Sir.”

“Yes, and you are not to move, do you remember what should remind you of me. What will let you know I am thinking about you?”

“No, Sir.” Sally expected him to become enraged, but he didn’t

“A single blue carnation. If you see one that has a note attached, read the note, it is for you. Now do you want to be fucked before we go to bed?”

“No Sir. I don’t want to be fucked.”

“And if I told you I was going to anyway?”

“I don’t know Sir, I guess I would get fucked, but please Sir, I don’t want it.”

“Okay, then, lets go to the room, and you can watch while I pack.” Mike grabbed her by the hand and led her to the bedroom. He sat her on the bed and let her watch as he packed away the things he had brought, like the cuffs in the nightstand and any other odds and ends. “Get ready for bed bitch, now come on, clothes off, get under the covers.”

“Sir I don’t want to go to bed now. I don’t think I could sleep.”

Mike was not happy with this. Give them an inch they take a mile. In his hard quiet voice mike reiterated what he had said. “Sally get your clothes off and get into bed. Not a choice.” Sally shivered when he started speaking she knew that tone. She did as she was told and crawled into bed. Mike placed his packed bag by the front door, came back and crawled into bed behind her, hands roaming all over his beautiful pet wondering what would happen tomorrow, but that was another day, and this weekend had ended on a good note. He was pleased with himself she would do nicely

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