The Stone by Wolfen1

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Fiction | Consensual Sex

The Stone

In Trouble again, But this is the first time I have been sent to the principals office and an have been made to wait inside his office. For that matter I don't even know why I am in trouble and it is only Wednesday.

Oh by the way my name is Tommy Mac Gruder I am 18 and only a Junior in High School. Yeah I was a dummy I had to repeat 3rd and 5th grades. I was also a wimp back then. Now I have filled out and draw a lot more attention from the girls...but … I am shy. I try to act out to hide my shyness. Thus I am always in trouble.

But not this time I don't remember doing anything unless it was just ogling Lulu Vance. The prettiest girl in my class. Long Blond hair and nicely shaped boobs, 34's I think and long long legs. She is about 5' 9” with a butt you could set a coke can on easily. Naturally she always ignores me. Worst of all she lives next door. I see her every day and every day she ignores me.

I began to look around Mr Frank's office. My eyes seemed to be drawn to his salt water fish tank. There only seemed to be about 3 actual fish in the tank, The main attraction was the plants and coral like reefs.

An oval shaped stone pale blue coloring caught my attention. As I looked at it the word came to my mind that the color was liquid blue. I was wearing jeans and a T shirt (this was before school uniforms.) for some reason I just had to have that stone.

I reached into the tank and grasped the stone wetting my shirt sleeve about an inch. As I drew in my hand a frilly looking fish darted out of the way and just barely brushed my arm. I put the stone in my pocket.

The next thing I remember I was waking up in a Hospital bed. The fish I had brushed against was called a Lion Fish and is poisonous. Lucky for me I barely touched it and Mr Frank had just entered the office when he saw me collapse.

I opened my eyes and saw Mr, Frank sitting in a chair by my bed.. He was looking down and was not aware I had awoken. In a gravelly voice “Mr. Frank. Why am I in Trouble?”

He looked up and almost laughed, “ Who said you were in trouble?”

“Usually when, when I get called to the office I am in trouble.”

“Not this time...but your curiosity almost got you killed, That Lion Fish can be deadly. As it is they are going to keep you over night for observation.”

“If I wasn't in trouble ...Why was I called to the office.”

“Oh I forgot Your Grand Father had a stroke and your Parents have gone to check on him. They dropped by to leave you $50.00 to get by on till they get back Monday.” He pulled out the 50 dollar bill, foldeded it and slipped in into my pants pocket....My pants were laying on a chair next to the bed. Mr Franf stayed a while longer then left. I looked at my watch it was almost noon.

This was the first time I had ever been in the Hospital but what I had heard was true...The food sucked.

Chapter two

The Stone.

The day was becoming very boring... When about 2:30 I remembered the stone. I could barely reach my pants but reach them I did. I pulled out the stone,,, the color still fascinated me. It looked like flowing water.

A young nurses Aide came in my room and checked my IV. WOW she was well built at least 38s.

I thought to my self, I would sure like to rub up against those. She took that moment to lean across me and straighten my sheet. OH them big boobs felt good.

After she left I remembered my wish and the warmness of my hand holding the stone. HMMM I wonder. The next nurse to enter my room was an older lady...but I had to know. I thought about how bad I needed to get off. I was wearing a Hospital gown and nothing more.

The nurse had looked at my chart, she smiled and walked to the side of my bed, reached under the sheet and grasped my stiffie. She stroked for a few minutes then she raised the sheet, leaned down and engulfed my whole 6” in one slurp. I didn't last very long but what can you expect, the first time ever to be touched by a female.

In just seconds I lost it and filled her mouth with cum. She didn't lose a drop and after swallowing it all she raised up wiped her mouth and said, “If you need me just ring.” and she placed the nurse call button in my hand and left.

I dropped off for a nap, later I was awaken by numerous vocies. I opened my eyes and was surprised that my room was filled by my classmates. WOW including Lulu Vance. They were all concerned about me and Blah Blah they were glad I was alright. They all talked for awhile when a nurse said I needed my rest and they would have to leave.

Every body filed by the boys shook my hand and the girls kissed me on the cheek. Rose Mary Tate smiled and kissed me softly on the mouth, She is the class tease. Lulu was the last and not to be out done she also kissed me on the mouth... and I felt a bit of tongue. She looked back and smiled as she left my room

Chapter Three


The next day Thursday they released me from the Hospital. Mr Frank picked me up and dropped me at my house. He had called my parents and assured them I was all right. Also they would call me around 7 pm. Mr Frank told me to stay home till Monday and that he would check on me over the weekend. The odd thing was he never asked why I had reached into the fish tank.

Friday morning I was sitting on the front porch gently rocking on our porch swing. I was vaguely hearing the lawn mower from next door, I was wondering who was mowing. Mr and Mrs Vance both worked they were Real Estate Brokers. Lulu was at school and her sister was in college. I assumed they had hired someone to do the lawn work.

Then a vision of loveliness appeared around the corner wearing a white blouse tied just below her boobs and wearing the tiniest pair of shorts was Joni Lulu's sister. The one I thought was away in college. I was in awe or should I say stupified, the lawn mower motor shut down and Jonie was waving at me and walking toward me, I was just staring.

I shook my head and smiled, “Hi Joni thought you were away at college(she was a Freshman).”

“I finished my assignment early and they released me till Monday so I decided to come home.” What is this I hear about you meeting up with a poisonous fish.”

I Laughed and told her about the stone she asked to see it. Still not realizing what I had I handed it to her.

She was looking it over when suddenly I was very surprised. My shorts burst open and My very hard dick burst into view. I was in shock and tried to cover up but Joni was laughing hysterically. She handed the stone back to me and said “ Nice stone and nice bone you have there, Have you used it.”

I asked how she guessed about the stone, and she explained that what she was thinking when I dropped the stone in her hand was did I have a raging hard on and out it jumped.

She smiled and asked if I wanted to see her all I could do was smile and nod yes. “Let's go inside “ She said and I followed along behind her. Se opened her blouse and her glorious breasts came into view no bra. I would guess they were slightly smaller than Lulu's, but who cares. I reached out and caressed them... one in each hand I reached down and took the left one in my mouth and was wishing I had two mouths.

I rolled an caressed and kissed her nipples. Then I slid my hands down her sides to her hips. I fumbled for the opening to her shorts. Lets face it I was acting like the virgin I was. Joni laughed and unbuttoned her shorts and shimmied out of them. My mouth was wide open, my first real pussy and more beautiful then all the magazines I had seen.

It was covered with an abundance of blond hair, yes Joni was a true blond ( this was at a time before the shaved pussies if today) I reached down and ran my fingers through her blond bush and drug my finger through her slit. She had a quick catch in her breathing so I figured I had done something right. I searched her slit and found her button.

She was climbing all over the sofa ...and me. I was totally lost as what to do next. Joni quietly asked me, “Are you a Virgin?” I nodded yes. She laughed “It is kind of funny you could have had me anytime in the last 5 years but all you could see was Lulu.”

“That's where you are wrong you were the subject of many Jack Off session. Every time I saw a blond in one of the magazines I put your face on her. I guess I was too shy to do anything else you seemed out of reach.”

“That is funny since Lulu and I both always had a crush on you. We both thought you were stuck up.”

“ Uh Joni why are we talking?”

She turned around laughing and leaped into my arms. It felt good to have a naked Hottie in my arms. I laid her back on the sofa and began to cover her body in kisses. Although I had heard of eating pussy I wasn't sure if I wanted to try. Then Joni solved the dilemma. I was kissing just above her blond bush, when Joni placed her hands on my head and shoved downward. My next kiss landed perfectly on her slit and my tongue just had to taste.

The aroma and the taste won me over quickly and I dove right in I used every part of my face. I even tried the motor boat. It was delicious I found a nose can excite a girl also. I licked every part of her pussy I sucked her outer lips and her inner lips, I mauled her clit and all the time she was clinging to my hair trying to pull me closer. Her butt was moving so fast that if it hadn't of been for her holding my head I would have surely lost my grip on her. She began to moan and scream and locked her legs around my head....I didn't know what to do ...I couldn't breath. Her orgasm was so intense her sensitivity so strong she yanked my head away. My Thoughts “Thank God I can breathe.

After a few moments she said WOW and she moved downward and took the head of my cock into her mouth and wet the length . “Time for more later I need you inside me.” She pulled me off the sofa onto the floor and on my back she mounted me like she was a cowgirl.

Oh the feeling was indescribable how did I ever live 18 years and never having felt anything like this. I had heard the feeling described before but, but the real feeling was ten times greater. She began by sliding all the way down and leaning forward so her tits were in my grasp... Just as I touched her tits her ass began to slowly gyrate... I gasped for breath...I was all hers. I began to rise to meet her. We moved in different ways till we came together. This was like nothing I had ever felt...and I thought jacking off was fun.

I began to feel a sensation in my scalp like a tingling which traveled through out my body and seemed to come together at my penis. We both began to move faster then I exploded into Joni as she slammed down and moaned then froze. Her face settled next to my ear and she said thanks..

We lay that way till we dropped off to sleep.

Sometime later I awoke to the sound of a Lawnmower I was alone and my pecker was stuck to my belly. If it wasn't for my sticky cock and pleasant feeling throughout my body I would swear it was a dream.

Now that I had had sex...and ...with Joni I began thinking about Lulu...

Rating: 96%, Read 85595 times, Posted Jul 16, 2015

Fiction | Consensual Sex


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