we meet again_(2) by bob144333

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True Story | Male, Old Female, Romance

A good friend of mine's father passed away the other week and my wife and I attended his funeral. When we back to his house my wife and I were talking with Tammy.She was a good friend we had both known from back in high school.

A little about Tammy is 61, 5'6 ,skinny, long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was always a lot of fun to be around and always cheerful. When ever we ran into her she was always was happy to see us. She would always wrap her hands around me and give me a hug.

We had dated a few times in school but beside kissing it never went any farther.We are friends on face book and occasionally chat there keeping in touch.

Well a few weeks after the funeral Tammy messaged me and said she was coming out my way and wanted to stop by. I told her be would be happy to have her and gave her directions.

We planned a very nice dinner to catch up on what we have been doing. Come to find out Tammy's third husband had passed away two years ago.In Tammy's cheerful away she said after 17 yrs it was time for a change and laughed. We had already went through several bottles of wine when the talks became more personal. My wife was getting drunk and excused her self to go to lay down. Tammy said she should leave but my wife said "no spend the night, you have had too much to drink ". My wife kept insisting then Tammy asked where she would sleep . "Sleep with Bob" she said .Tammy chuckled then said" no I sleep naked" . The look on her face was in awe when my wife said "good so does Bob". My wife then went and laid down on the sofa and closed her eyes.

Tammy looked at me with a surprised look , "really" she said "I cant believe she just told me that". I smiled ,"believe it I said she shares. I cant believe that "she said standing up walking into the living room ." Hey",she said shaking her awake,"did you just tell me to sleep with your husband?". My wife replied "yes" sounding irritated ,"it has been a while he would love it".

Tammy walked back into the dining room where I was sitting with a smile on my face."Really" she said ,"she would let me sleep with you?", I nodded my head yes. "I need another drink" she said sitting down, I poured her another a drink ."Really" she said again ,I said "yes she has no problem with it". Tammy looked into my eyes ,"sleep with you and even have sex", she said again taking another drink.

I finally had to tell her that my wife really doesn't like sex , she would prefer I found a girl friend for that. "So have you in the past?", she asked, "find a girl friend I mean. Yes "I said "but that was ten yrs ago ". I told her how it lasted 5 yrs before she finally remarried so it has been a few years since . "And your wife didn't care ",Tammy said " not at all,I chuckled , I wore her out many years ago" . "Damn "she said ,holding her glass out "more wine please I guess I am not going any where tonight".

She looked at me and told me I am just as handsome as I was in high school.She told me she always was very happy to see me, and would think about me often..

She asked me why didn't we ever hook up back then.she said "I would have had sex with you". I told her I was a shy one, hoping she would have made the first move. She said she remembered making out with me and, I would fondle her chest. She waited for me to go farther but I never did, "are you still shy" she asked .I put a hand on her thigh then sliding up to her crotch .I was leaning forward for a kiss,"I guess not "she said moving even closer.

.She asked me if I remembered when Bernie (her girl friend) would come to visit her."Oh yes she was quite aggressive and horny" I said as we laughed .I began to tell her about the first time I picked her up and the first thing she asked."We were just leaving the drive way and she asked if I had any condoms". I had never had sex before and told her no ,she made me go buy some."She took your virginity?",Tammy said, "that bitch" and laughed.Tammy said "she never told me that ,or did she not know ?", "it wasn't some thing I would tell her" I said.

"She would call me every time she came up" I said . "I know she would tell me all about it" Tammy replied."She said one night when she came back she said you did her three times" . I was blushing , "did you" she asked, I nodded yes. "Damn" Tammy said, I said "well condoms came three in a pack and I figured why waste one".

Tammy said after finishing her drink ."all right take me to bed,are you positive Rhonda wont hate me in the morning?" I took her hand" I am sure" I said leading her to my bedroom," but I dont have any condoms ".We laughed ,"at 61 I am sure I wont get pregnant "she said.

In the room I kissed her deep running my hand to her breasts ," just like I remembered" I said.She was unbuttoning her blouse giving me easier excess to her tiny tits. I told her every time I seen her I had wished I had been more forward. She reached down rubbing my growing hard on through my jeans , "I wished I was too" she said .

I laid her down in the bed kissing her , then kissing her neck moving my way down to her breasts.She had her hands in my hair moaning as I sucked each nipple and massaged her small breasts. After her nipples were nice hard I kissed my way down her belly while undoing her pants.

I pulled her pants off ,as she lifted her ass helping me remove her panties . I placed my hand on her mound rubbing my palm on it. I started kissing my way back up until our lips met and our tongues tangled. "Your beautiful "I said still rubbing her clit with the palm of my hand feeling her damp pussy as she moaned.I then proceeded to lick and kiss my way back down . Only stopping to admire her small patch of blonde hair a top of her pussy.Seeing her loose hanging lips I started getting a boner.She took a deep breath when my tongue licked at her slit and sucked on her puffy lips.

I licked and sucked all the while she had her hands on my head grinding her hips up against my face. After hearing her moans and feeling her juice on my face I began licking my way back up . Her hands pulling down on my pants exposing my hard cock. As it pressed on her pussy she started kissing me with more passion .She was trying to move her hips around giving my cock entry into her pussy.I picked my body up enough for her to reach and guide me into her tight pussy.

"Go slow "she whispered taking a deep breath, then began sucking on my ear. I couldn't believe how tight she was as I worked my way into her inch at a time. By the time I worked all the way into her she was soaked.My stiff cock was wet with her juices making it easier to fuck.She held me tight as I picked up the pace.I was fucking her deep with each thrust listening to her moan in pleasure.Her hands were clawing at my back as she was sucking on my neck.

I would fuck her fast and hard ,then slowly putting only half of my cock in her.I would fuck her like that until she begged me to go deeper.I could feel her muscles grip my cock each time she came screaming . I finally could not hold off any longer and pushed all the way up inside her and started cumming.She held my ass tight against her feeling my cock throb until I finished.

Her tight pussy finally pushed my cock out of her with a gush of sperm following.She was red faced and breathing deep when she finally looked up at me."Oh my "she said" I know why Bernie kept calling you ,that was awe some".I rolled of on my side holding my head up with my arm .I was rubbing her hard nipples watching her chest raise and lower with each breath.

Her hand went to her pussy and rubbed at the cum that was still draining out of her. She would then drag cum up into her blonde patch.

"I needed that she said it has been so long since I had some one make me feel that way."We laid there complementing each other on how it felt .I smiled and said "If I only knew then what I do now ".

"So where do we go from here she said can we do this again ? I could really use a boy toy from time to time " she said ."I dont see why not I said" kissing her,"your even hotter than I imagined.Does that mean you have thought about us having sex?', she asked.Nodding my head and kissed her," yes I said many times".Tammy smiled running her hand down my chest, kissed me back.She then continued to move her hand down until she had my cock in her hand.

"Three times with Bernie" she said ,"I have never had a guy that could do it more than twice.But then again I guess I didn't try to get them to do it more ".She was sitting up jerking on my cock. "Damn that's a nice one" she was saying as she was grasped and squeezed my cock,and "Rhonda doesn't use this,what a shame".

Tammy was inspecting my semi hard cock flopping it from side then put it her mouth licking the tip.I moaned when she slid it farther into her mouth and started going deeper .It was growing harder ,"nice" she said "round two",moving up kissing me.

" Bernie used to tell me how thick and long you were but I never believed it. She used to tell me to call you and see it for my self" she said ." I was a virgin back then, I actually saved my self until I was married.That was a big mistake I found out that my first husband's dick was only 4 ". You were long gone by then "she said "even Bernie was disappointed when she couldn't find you".

" I got married" I said" my first wife was a nympho ,finding only later she was fucking every one". Tammy was sucking my cock, taking a deep breath I said but she didn't make me feel like this". She was trying to suck it deep into her mouth but gagged a couple times. "Damn" she said then asked me if Bernie took it all in her mouth . "I never got a blow job from her" I said" we just would fuck,but in all positions. Sandy takes it all though" I said,"well Sandy was a slut back in high school ,she sucked every one". Tammy went to school with Sandy and knew her well.

"Sandy swallows too" I said as Tammy was working hard on my cock."I do too she replied or used too any ways. My first husband was so small intercourse sucked, but he loved my blow jobs.It was a miracle I had two children with him,of course 4" made blow jobs easier.Well your just as good as Sandy "I said struggling to keep from cumming again.

She had been sucking and playing with my balls for almost a half hour

now . I couldn't last any longer and warned her I was going to cum."Go ahead" she said "you earned it "putting her mouth back on my cock.She began stroking me fasted with the head on her chin and her mouth open.Looking into my eyes she said "cum baby I want it " then smiled.She sensed I was going to cum and dropped her mouth down as far as she could .She was moaning as shot after shot went back in her throat,continuing to stroke until there was no more.

When she finished we laid back in each others arms,"good job" I said kissed her forehead,"why did your first husband divorce you?" Tammy said she divorced him ,"he lost all interest in sex after the kids were born. and we drifted apart". She said" her second husband was much bigger ,they had a lot of sex. Until I found out he was cheating with several different women".She said "she could understand it though because he was great in bed. He then walked away after three years, It took me a while to find my third".

She began to tell me where she met the third he also had a cheating wife that left him with three children."We hit of off and our kids liked each other,We stayed together for 17 yrs until he passed away.It was sad because we got along real well".

Tammy snuggled closer saying "I dont know if I could handle three times with you" and laughed."Maybe we should just sleep on it ,I agreed We are not as young as we used to be "I said and kissed her.

I woke up around 7 am with my usual morning wood,Tammy had rolled over on her stomach and was sleeping.I removed the sheet and was looking at her firm body laying naked beside me.I ran my hand softly down from her shoulders to her butt,she never moved.I moved her legs apart ,her sweet pussy seemed to be inviting me to enter it. Unable to resist I cautiously slid between her thighs placing the head of my cock against her pussy. I waited to see if she was going to respond, she didn't. With a little push I slowly entered her it fell so warm and tight as I slowly worked in and out.

I finally felt her push back and let out a moan,I grabbed her by the hips and fucked her deeper.She pushed me up to where I now was on my knees and her ass was off the bed.Her hands were clutching and pulling down the sheets ,the pillow muffling her cries.I was holding off as best as I could It wouldn't be long at this pace I thought.I pulled out and quickly replaced my cock with my tongue and began licking her sweet lips .

She rode my mouth slipping her hand under her self fingering her clit forcing more juices into my mouth.Just then my wife walked in the bedroom and sat down on the bed sipping her coffee. "Still at it" she said,Tammy turned her head crying out yes as she had an orgasm.

I moved back in for the finish and fucked Tammy hard with my wife watching us with a smile.Rhonda moved her hair away from Tammy's face ,"fill her honey "she said knowing I was close. With a couple more hard thrusts I did ,"he loves morning sex" Rhonda said to Tammy.After Tammy caught her breath she replied back "so do I",laying down flat on the bed.

I sat up on the bed giving my wife a kiss "good morning sweet heart".Tammy rolled of to her side "thank you she said to my wife , what a stud you have here."Get up you two I have breakfast ready, you probably need some nourishment "and chuckled.

Rhonda walked out of the room,Tammy sat up saying she really doesn't mind sharing does she.Nope I said shaking my head ,any plans for the rest of the day.Tammy slapped my chest then kissed me, yes she said but sadly it isn't with you.

Tammy and I got dressed and had breakfast with Rhonda and I,Tammy thanked her over and over again.I sat there just listening to the two of them chatting away as if nothing happened,I am a lucky man I thought.Tammy left an hour later vowing she will see me again soon.

Rating: 96%, Read 113496 times, Posted Jul 19, 2019

True Story | Male, Old Female, Romance


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