A new realization of control and submission by BradDog

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She was about 26 years old. She was an intellectually adept woman who was grew up in so-called normal circumstances and had the usual amount and style of interpersonal relationships and childhood experiences. She grew up the eldest daughter of two with capable, respectable parents who loved her. To meet her meant meeting someone pleasant, polite and aware of her social surroundings. However, growing deep inside through high school and her 2 years in college and beyond were fragmented pieces of tension building and creating frustration in her most personal relationships. Always the confident person, she began fantasizing more and more she about being in control of those around her, particularly in sexual situations. She pieced together that these fantasies and the growing frustration she was feeling in her relationships were connected. She wondered how deep this growing identity within herself went and how far she would explore it to feel satisfied. She had no definitive conclusions, just questions, suspicions and fantasies. But that was about to change.

Samantha was about 5-7 tall, had light brown, confident eyes and medium brown straight hair grown generously to the middle of her back. She had fair, creamy white skin that contrasted with her darker hair and eyes. Her hair was kept styled and healthy. She was neat, organized and usually calm under pressure. She gave the impression she was a woman who would do well in business with her new clothes, kept hair and focused demeanor. She was not overweight but had some extra padding in her hips and ass pushing them out exaggerated by her tight waist and displaying an overall curvy, eye catching figure. Her shoulders and chest were thin which were slightly disproportionate to her sumptuous hips and butt. Her breasts were ample but not heavy. They were not perfect, but mature so that she looked like a sexy, developed woman. She liked her body and that was what she figured meant most to her. She was not a naive skin tight adolescent. She also wasn't really the kind of girl routinely in barely any clothes men would identify immediately as a sex toy. She was the kind of under-the-radar girl people suspected had more going on in her mind than she lead on, and when she was out with friends or even just shopping, her ample, sometimes pushed up breasts, sexy curvy figure, and no-smile confidence were often more likely to intimidate than draw an objectifying fan club. In her adult life, she was sometimes so confident appearing and down to business she was sometimes suspected or accused of being a lesbian.

When two strangers catch eye contact and hold it long enough for them to realize they’re curiously drawn in about something, that is the first step toward a relationship that can turn into something life altering. She saw him from down the isle in a generic grocery store; an ironic place to meet someone who might bring intense experience and satisfaction to your life. As she paid direct but superficial attention to him, watching him mill over the tags on frozen dinners she first noticed his face. He had handsome features with light colored, focused eyes, and about the same age as her, roughly. His body was lean and athletic and his dress casual but trendy. She wondered to herself if she could be attracted to him.

She gave up fantasizing and redirected her focus to the items on her to-buy list. Before Sam noticed Brad though, he had first noticed her for those reasons that men usually first notice women. His eye was caught at first by the sexy curves of her body - the way the thin cotton of her warm-up pants clung to her hips and the ripe curve of her ass cheeks, and the way her hair thinly shrouded the curves of her chest as it laid lazily across her shoulders. Before he knew he'd get caught staring he returned to his business. When he was done picking out what he wanted for dinner for the next couple of nights he turned to head down the isle. Spontaneously he decided to head down toward Sam. As he walked, he gazed in her general direction hoping to catch a more solid view of her. Feeling his approach, she turned to face the on comer and caught his eye already pondering making her acquaintance. Chemistry. What causes it? Most of us don’t know, but it made him say hello without a thought.

Though their sexual identities were different from each other it could be said that both of their sexual backgrounds were pretty similar. Both had had long relationships, though she tended to get out when her inner fires weren’t being met quicker than he did. Both were deeply sexual, so much so that neither had experienced their full sexual potential with another partner. What they really had in common is that they were both by mainstream society's standards deviant, indulging in private sexual fantasies realized by nature of their being frequent masturbators indulging in and craving the taboo seeking stronger and stronger sensations. That subject material is what makes their fantasies stand out. She felt she wanted to force her desires on and into the people around her with how she wanted them to feel pleasure. She thought about anyone that would make a good candidate to perform against their usual will. Her neighbors husbands and sometimes their wives had been the subject of her fantasies, partly of course because they were a couple. Or she'd go as far as to think of spreading the minds and legs of their curious sons or daughters and then force their parents to enjoy the outcome. She would skillfully indulge in her desire to be felt, propelling them with new delicious experiences of their own hidden or undiscovered desires.

Even if some fantasies would forever remain just that, happening upon the people around her, she often dreamt about what it would be like to get a reaction from them as she seduced their thoughts and then their bodies with kinkiness. Some sexual acts in various forms gave way after indulging in fantasies of people being subjected to her viewpoint of their purposefulness, or just because the deviance of a particular act felt satisfying. The fantasy of the taboo portions of dominance embellished how deeply she could bend their will. As she found her mind discovering and bathing in these rich, dark places, she racked her body against them melting in her own desires, often times cumming. It wasn't as if she couldn't or even didn't feel love and even sympathy for people. She genuinely liked and respected certain people. She generally wasn't manipulative or deceitful. It was just that her inner urges made her feel that imposing on people had such a compelling sexual appeal.

He also had thoughts about domination, equal in intensity and ability to indulge in the taboo and the secretive. Ironically though his experience was from a point of view that was almost polar opposite. His were about experiencing the mind of the dominant one. His were about the submission of spreading his own mind and body. Brad was a confident, generally happy, typical strongly heterosexual male. Though he craved the experience of submission and being in those vulnerable, tantalizing positions, he had no inate stomach or attraction for males. He didn't find men sexually appealing so he didn’t ever pay any mind to men. The only exception he could muster on his own that would make him stir involving other men was if he were forced into it -then he could probably indulge in a fantasy about being forced to experience parts of like anatomy, but it definitely could only stem from his desire for experiencing someone's will for him. That is the nature of submission. The rest of his most intense, private and taboo thoughts, revolved mostly around acts that indulged in sexual intensity. He wasn’t fully satisfied enough to simply have his cock sucked, or fuck pussy and cum. He wanted a deeper connection with the thoughts of his partner. He felt that he needed to feel her desire as intimately as possible without actually being her. That sounded appealing. With some men, having his cock cum fast because she is fingering his ass was fun and far enough. For Brad, he wanted more than just the physical sensation. He wanted her inside him, penetrating him, putting her will into him. He wanted her to control him by forcing herself onto and into his body. He wanted her will and he wanted to submit to it as completely as possible.

When Brad was 14 he would come home from school alone in the house until his siblings or parents came home. One day boredom combined with strongly growing imagination and lust he decided to see what items his parents might be hiding in their own undisclosed parts of their room. Before long he discovered his mother’s vibrator - a cock shaped toy about 6 inches long sitting next to ky lubricant in her night stand. He also found various magazines and videos none of which had any particularly noteworthy title... except for one - a bestiality video. To many the bestiality video would have made the curious mind come to a sexual halt. For Brad however, this was one of the first beginnings he would encounter on a path to deep cravings for experimenting the taboo. He found that he came intensely to fantasies about hungry eyes cast down on him, being spread and feeling the dog's cock. Often with this new toy sunk into his butt he would crave for the women in the video and the magazines to find him and share their experiences with him.

One other day when Brad came home looking forward to some time spent indulging in fantasy and shooting his cum he decided he had the courage to feel their own dog's cock. He contemplated it for a short time before ushering the dog into a room and stripping down his clothes. Nervousness and tension filled his mind and body, but he began to experiment despite it. Before his sessions with the dog were over he'd collected the experience of making the cock hard and failing on a couple occasions to penetrate the dog's asshole. It wasn't much of a start.

The impracticality of finding another person (and animal) to share this corner of his mind with seemed unrealistic. After all at 14 there were other new and sweet indulgences to get involved in. From then on, he usually dismissed the very taboo fantasies and rarely did the subject matter make its way into his relationships. However, the thoughts were there - the thoughts about taboo of course, but mostly of submitting to it. It was lingering in the back of his mind and surfacing when he had time alone to think, wonder and indulge.

As an adult Brad was a teddy bear. He was stylish with his designer clothes, solid social instincts and spiky hair, but a thoughtful and sensitive streak ran through him that sometimes belied his outgoing appearance. He wasn't a huge playboy though he attracted his share of female admirers. He preferred quality over quantity though when it came to many things including women and sex. He'd been in and out of many relationships in his life, some more emotional than others, some more taboo than others. He'd even experimented with acts that would appear to be submissive type positions with some girlfriends, but the chemistry to truly indulge the way he wanted to was never fully there with anyone at this point. He was curious and fate would soon have its day.

Being a professional, he knew how to carry himself. He drifted right toward Sam and before she knew what to think lifted a hand toward her and from a smile the words came, I’m Brad. Sam, she replied with less of a smile, but holding his casual gaze none the less. You make a quick entrance Brad, was her first reply, shaking his hand loosely. You feel confident do you? Yes, he said. Not sure what else to say to the cold response. He just gave in to raw curiosity and held her eyes in his for a moment, then relented to some relevant small talk to try to gauge her some more. Soon she didn’t know whether she would rather part and not risk getting into a situation she wished she wasn't in or give in to her curiosity.

Soon she decided she wanted to go about her business. Somehow he seemed pretty interested in her and she almost felt she needed to be rude as a response for his uninvited intrusion, taking up her time. You know she finally said, I need to go. Is that ok with you? Surprised even at her own behavior, he reeled for a moment, but still hanging onto the fact that he was still curious and that she hadn't walked away. Rejection for males from attractive females typically is hard felt and does not go unnoticed. She was curt, but didn't seem to be rejecting him outright so he didn't feel hurt yet. He was just naturally interested and felt calm enough to see where it would lead. If she flatly left him hanging, then that would be something else of course. He was a guy which meant some usual predictability, but he wasn't dim and he wasn't without dignity. Still feeling some level of curiosity, she reached into her purse and roughly pulled out a pen and paper… scribbling her number and name… She looked at him with a bit of suspicion and simply said 'here', and walked off to the rest of her evening. Hmm he thought as he dared to stop and watch her walk away. That was different...

The next morning, a Saturday, he woke from a long night of good sleep after a night of chatting about fantasies online, masturbating and cumming. He suddenly remembered again the curious encounter he had yesterday in the grocery store. After a couple more moments of going over the encounter in his mind he wondered if she’d be the dominant someone he’d fantasized about before... someone who would engage his senses with confidence and control. I wonder what I would need to do to make her happy. Remembering the sultry shape of her body, he speculated about what she was like in intimate moments and explicit visions passed in his mind under the presumption of surrendering to this imposing woman. His cock swelled to a heavy weight between his legs fantasizing. He nearly gave in to the sensation of wanting to masturbate but instead realized he could grasp the phone number off the night stand and attempt a call.

Practically inaudible she muttered out hello…? Brad paused, all the blood rushing back from his cock back into his brain, realizing he's being too eager. Uhm, he finally got out… Hi it’s me Brad. I met you in the grocery store yesterday. Her eyes widened slightly. She too went to bed by herself dreaming about the roles of sexual potential partners. She knew she was abrupt and not warm to him, so she figured if he was calling already he somehow must have liked it. Her mind paused at the thought of a potential slot for him in a void she'd been looking to fill. She figured this call was her game however and she maintained her composure. What, she said, half genuinely annoyed and half glad that he was annoying her. Aren't you a little eager Brad? She paused to listen to him feel awkward for a moment. Ok, enough please she finally said. Listen, I’m sleeping Brad. I have your number in my caller ID. I’ll think about calling you later she concluded. Wanting to test the fate of the situation, she decided to ratchet the tone a little. If I do and you don’t answer, you’ll never get another call from me again. Understand? Yes he said. Her face relaxed, then she had a question. Brad, what in the fuck are you doing calling me first thing in the morning? Don’t you like to give girls a little time to wonder? Well, he said… pause… normally, was all he could say without giving too much away about his true curiosity. She paused too… obviously something is different if not weird. Ok, she said. Bye. Curious... she thought.

Sam became busy with work and her regular social life and a week soon passed. Brad periodically thought about calling to follow up on this interesting stranger. He wondered why she hadn't called, or maybe she did and he missed the call... The more time passed the more he became worried about the missed opportunity at something different, maybe even important. She hadn’t forgotten, but she hadn't called either. Her reasoning was this. She knew he had more than idle curiosity and also thought something important might be waiting. She needed to test that theory. She wanted him to wait. If he remembered, worried, savored, even pained over her not calling, then she would be more inclined to give him a chance.

One night after work, resting her body on her bed, the curious stranger crossed her mind and she picked up her phone and sifted through her drawer for the scrap of paper she wrote his number down on. Let's see what comes of this she said. Brad’s phone rang catching him sitting by himself watching some tv in some comfortable clothes. He didn’t recognize the number, but after about given up hope on the sultry bitch from the grocery store, he was open to anything. Hello, he said confidently. Hi, she said. It’s Samantha. Waiting for his response, he stirred in his seat and said, Hi! I’ve been hoping you'd finally call. You have, have you she said? Yes he said… That gave her the opportunity to find out more about why Brad seemed possibly interested in her.

After a good half hour or so of chit chat, getting to know each other and feeling each other out for any red flags that cancel furthering the friendship, she also had developed a sense for Brad's basic personality. His reactions to her questions and statements revealed confidence, adeptness, but also respect and genuineness. He was capable of catching the nuances of her wording and meaning, revealing his ability and desire to socially relate. She found out that Brad was worried that he missed her call and that for some reason he felt he should obey her wish to not be communicated with if he had. Sam knew that was the right response. Ok, she announced as if coming to an important conclusion. You can see me again. This obviously was not the usual response someone gave to the idea of continuing a relationship and she knew it. It was what she wanted to say though from her true nature and perspective and if he responded positively, she knew she was on a path she could be interested in. Great, he replied with a smile on his face, genuinely happy, his mind stirring also noting her business-like conclusion. The smile shone through to her ears and her mind. She smiled back. She paused to take in his reaction. Hmm, she looked at the clock. Why don't you come over. Before he could respond, she said, but I'll go ahead and give you a little warning... if you're fucked up in the head, you'll think you need to call the police yourself. Make sense? Ok. he laughed. I... he started. She interrupted with starting to give directions. When he got it down she repeated the proposition. I want you to come over to my place. I don’t want to go to your place, and I don’t want to go out. Cool? Sounds good. I can't wait to see you Brad said. She smiled and said, me too.

She hung up the phone and Brad began to gather himself for the unknown. She undressed to get ready to change her clothes into something... else. She looked at her body in her full length mirror. She looked over her appearance, tossed her hair seductively and checked out her legs, her hips and her tits. Feeling the moment and potential she reached up and pulled her nipples hard straight out from her chest and felt her clit get a hot tingle. She looked down at her pussy and wondered what he’d do if he told her to beg to be able to look at it, to be demeaned for it. She turned, crossed her legs and looked over her shoulder at her round, full ass. She reached down with one hand and spread one cheek from the other. She wondered then how far beneath her dirtiest hole he’d put himself to be able to cum. She smiled a warm smile at the possibility of things. I’m going to dominate him she spoke out loud. She paused for a moment listening to the ring over her own voice resonate the reality in her head. She then decided to walk over to her closet where she kept a black tool bag. In this bag was where she kept sex toys and other interesting things. She reached inside thoughtfully tossing her fingers over the contents taking a rough inventory. She saw and lightly fingered a strap on she had, leftover from a hot bisexual relationship she’d had with a party friend in college… a thick buttplug, a double ended cock, some scarves, lubricant and a couple DVD's. She closed the bag and left it on the bed and continued to dress.

With a cautious but open mind and a crotch warming need to feel something new, intense, even deep, he got in his car and navigated to her apartment door. She opened it. She had decided on a black silky top with no bra, so the sheer material would massage her nipples, teasing her and him. She had on tight black stretch pants over a thin pair of thong underwear - no socks, no shoes and her hair brushed and let down. The lighting was dim, but he could tell quickly that she was dressed for comfort, if not for pleasure... He didn't dare stare for fear of getting himself ousted before anything had time to go anywhere. Who knows, he thought unassumingly as he made his way into the apartment. She eyed him over, remembering what he looked like when she first saw him and making a comparison against her memory, deciding possibly if this was not what she'd expected. Settling on acceptance for now she spoke. Sit there please, she said motioning to her couch as she sauntered in her usual way to the kitchen for some red wine. The fantasy is almost always different from reality and she figured a little alcohol would help ease the tension. Nice place he said. Very put together. Thanks she replied, not offering anything substantial in return yet.

She sat down across from him with the two glasses. Neither of them wanted to ruin the potentially awkward moment with talk that would make their inner thoughts and desires seem out of place, so they each tended to keep superficial topics brief. He maintained a confident, but attentive posture and she stayed calm and aloof, but keeping a close eye on her new friend.

After the glasses were gone and it seemed time to move on to a new tone. She stood, bending toward him to take his glass, not making eye contact but keeping vigilance on his gaze and noticed his eyes wandering over her. She turned and headed for the kitchen and poured the next round of glasses. Come here and get it, she stated flatly and without eye contact. She is cold he thought, still trying to come to a conclusion about where this was all leading, if anywhere. He stood and walked into the kitchen keeping his gaze on her face and reached for the glass. Say please, she said. Coming from just about anyone else he might have thought, this bitch needs to be blown off… But not this time, and not this girl. She exuded the same confidence that he remembered seeing on her in the grocery store. The confidence that made him feel desire and fantasy. Please he said softly. She handed it to him. Drink it all was her next order. He looked at her for a moment then seeing her calmness he raised the glass and finished it. She watched him chug the glass as she sipped and pondered their respective fates.

After another glass and the buzz rising, they began to relax. They remained mostly in silence, the sexual tension building their minds free from distracting, mindless chit chat. The only thing left was to indulge in the sexual undertone of their meeting. Her proclamation to herself to dominate him started to feel more natural to attempt in a more intimate if not intrusive way. The next move to increase the tempo for her seemed at hand. Brad, I need to get something in the clear now she stated. I'm not interested in being your girlfriend, and I think you sense that. She paused and waited for any objection. I want something that I've been craving I think for a long time, and so far I like that you still seem interested despite my keeping myself distant from you. I’m not a prissy girl looking to be someone's happy significant other - at least not now. I don’t take shit from anyone and I don’t have time for people who frustrate me. What I do want is someone who understands this and can handle that I want things on my terms. I can tell Sam, and honestly that's what I like about you, Brad affirmed. I... he started to say looking down. Struggling to find the words that would tell her somehow what he has been hoping for - that he wanted her to be powerful over him. She finally interrupted. Don't worry Brad. I think I know how this is going to go for us. If you already know that I want is to mentally and sexually dominate someone, someone possibly like you, then I think we're going to get along. Pausing to gauge his reaction which was a warm, relaxed if not buzzed smile, he gazed quickly over her face and body. Tell me, What have you been thinking about since you met me she asked? Well… he started. Be clear she interrupted. While she looked at him searching his mind, she was growing optimistic. Go on she said. I, I… want to be... Ah, he breathed and smile... this is kind of hard. With the tone seeming right, Sam leaned in toward him with her eyes looking straight at his. Do you want to be a.. she paused for emphasis, a boy-bitch of some sort? Having never really run that term through his mind, he paused for a moment wondering if he liked what he just heard. He looked back into her eyes after a moment, captivated by her warm confidence and relented to the label - a label that in any other living room would earn him endless ridicule. Still, she was secure, sincere if not a little cold and objective. Confident he was in good appropriate company he relented to the excitement building and finally admitted, yes through a sigh of relief. I want to be under your control. I like what I see in you and I want it to be you. Surprised and relieved all at the same time by his reaction he fell silent again. She smiled. You're sweet Brad. You're sexy as well. I'm sure plenty of girls would love to have you be their man. I don't want that though and that makes us unique together. She paused to look at his good looking face and defined body.

Caught by the positive feelings of affirming each other's desire for each other, Sam was ready to experience more and definitely so was he. Remaining in her objective position, she geared herself to mount the dominance that came naturally to her on this man. Well, I think I've heard enough small talk. Stand up please. He stood. She stood. Brad's eyes ran over the front of her body, making out the shape of her tits under the blouse. Noticing, Sam said I don’t care how much you like the way I look Brad. I’m going to tell you that what I want is to be appreciated not only for my physical features, but mostly for the position I hold and am to you. That is what I want and that is what you want. I think we understand each other already, right? Yes I agree he said looking her in the eyes.

Without another word she motioned for him to stay still, looking at him, gauging his willingness to abide by what she wants and his desire to continue further. Are you ready to serve Brad? Unsure what the term implied, A shot of blankness crept into his face. Yes Brad, she stated sternly and just below shouting, are you ready to serve me? This is why you're here isn't it? Yes, he said quickly. I am. I'm just getting... excited I think. I'm excited Sam. You excite me. Your confidence, your body, and the idea of being your pussy. He came up with a label of his own. His cock swelled and his throat tightened. Nice, she said with a smile melting inside herself at the sense of satisfaction she would feel to have Brad at her mental and physical disposal.

Take off your clothes pussy she said calmly and matter of fact, feeling more empowered. Now please. Excitement coursing through his body he started with his t-shirt, lifting it off his torso. She eyed him, as if watching a present get unwrapped. He unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down his legs. Slowly she interrupted... Very slow. He paused and then resumed, nice and slow. She walked around him as he bent to free his body of the pants. His underwear clung tightly to his hips and ass. She pointed the tip of her finger toward his balls and ran the tip of her finger up his crack. It was a show of dominance, like when one dog mounts another dog. She could touch him whenever and wherever she felt like it and he would let her. That was intention of the touch.

His response was a shiver of excitement pulsing into his body as his fantasy began to seemingly to unfold and he began to feel more vulnerable and like her subject. Finally standing upright in his boxer brief underwear in front of him, she looked over the package, eyeing the details of his body, pondering how she might enjoy using and controlling certain aspects of it - objectifying him to the fullest. Pleased she said, off with those too now, indicating the underwear. He pulled them down revealing his body in its entirety. She was still fully clothed. He felt exposed and vulnerable. She stepped into him from the side so as to avoid eye contact and whispered. Don't worry, I like you. Do you feel embarrassed Brad? Yes, a little he said. She smiled. Good. You should. You're standing here naked in front of a woman you don't know, who wants to see you be in a place of total submission. That's not the role you're used to with women I'm sure. You actually almost look ridiculous Brad, she laughed slightly. But, this is what you want, right? You want to be my pussy, you said? Yes, he said back, feeling a little uncertain suddenly. Say that you want to be my boy-pussy. Are you a pussy Brad? His mind paused. Say it.

This exercise was key to her desire and was revving her insides. She meant to have her subject bend to her will, to yield to being something she wanted them to be regardless of their own natural tendency. No, I'm not he said. Sensing that he was at the edge of some limit he had in his mind, she instinctively felt the critical opportunity to begin to break him into submission. She grew slightly angry in response - rising to the occasion to submit Brad, to break him of his independence from her will. She took one hand and steadied it on Brad's shoulder. With her other hand she took a finger and deliberately pushed it between his nice, firm cheeks and toward his asshole. Brad stood with eyes wide, his breath quickening slightly as he experienced Sam's direct approach. Her finger wiggled until it found the center of his opening. She pushed slightly just to edge the tip of her finger inside. His cock instantly became hard and stood straight out. She crouched in closely so the tip of her tits touched his back. She rubbed her nipples slightly against him creating a thrill in them both. She looked down and saw his dick getting hard in response. With a low tone she said yes Brad. You are. In here, she said as she moved her finger, is one way for you to be a pussy. You will be one if I say so. Yes, he breathed back unsure if he should be unbelievably horny or feeling punished somehow. He felt both. As she withdrew her invading hand he felt a longing for her to keep directing her attention toward him and a growing desire to be a submissive underling. With that touch her intentions were coming to life and his fantasy was coming true.

She liked that his stomach, arms and ass were firm. His dick was medium sized but nicely shaped with a swelling, prominent head. He was clean, trimmed and groomed. Those were most of her physical likes in a man’s body - clean, firm and with a decent dick. Stepping in front of him to face him, still close enough to feel intimate, but not warm enough for him to let down his guard she asked, what his favorite body part on a woman was. Ass he said. Are you sure, she said back quickly? You don't sound too convincing she taunted. Why are you unsure? Ass he said again more abruptly. Oh ok, she said sparking her imagination about what she could hold against him. I suppose you can prove it she whispered.

Are you happy Brad, she purred staring at his face and touched the head of his stiff dick? Yes, he smile back. I am actually. I like being here for you like this. You're glad to be in this situation you're in right this moment, she said taking the finger she had poking his ass and pressing it against his chest muscle? Yes, I am. I've fantasized and masturbated many times thinking about being with someone who wants me like this he admitted, and smiled again. Staying one step ahead of her subject she said, you know, Brad. I don't know what it is you think is going to happen here exactly, but I can tell you that you do not get to fuck me. Feeling a confused sense of disappointment swell inside himself, she clarified. If I want to I fuck you Brad, and if I want your cock in one of my little holes, then I will put it there, and I will fuck you. He listened closely and appreciatively. Now, she said, starting to pace a little in front of him. When two people fuck, that is an intimate thing. Sam reached down and flicked his cock with her finger causing a sting and said, when a man sticks his cock in a woman's pussy for the first time that is usually considered the consummation of a relationship. She stopped and looked at his face. He listened closely and respectfully to her, still feeling the slight tinge of pain from when she flicked his cock. This is why I like anal. Do you like anal too Bradley, she teased, not knowing yet exactly how deep any kinkiness ran. Being part of her unfolding plan, he grew more excited with each sentence directed at him and his role in her life. Yes I do, very much actually he breathed. Oh, that's right. You like ass you said. Good, she said, making eye contact again. Because the consummation of our relationship if things go well that is, will not be the traditional kind. Anal sex is how I have sex with those who are beneath me, and it's how I'll fuck you, if I fuck you at all. Feeling the heat of the words she was hearing herself say, she reached down and cupped her pussy in her hand and said, my pussy is not for you. If at some point you try to fuck my pussy, in fact if you even try to touch my pussy I will end this faster than you could carry your ass out the door. Do you understand? Brad was a generally a nice respectful guy. He smiled compliantly and said yes, definitely. She smiled back.

He looked down and saw that her nipples were hard. She noticed him looking and liked that it teased him. Hold your cock she said. He reached down and held his semi-hard cock in his hand. The bulbous end stuck out past his thumb and forefinger. She looked at it and liked how it looked especially the tip. Now pump it. I want to see your cock get nice and hard. Her clit began swelling and her asshole puckering. Her tongue licked the corner of her mouth at the thrill of this scene becoming a reality. Brad was excited and as the sexual feelings rose in him he began to pump with genuine pleasure and speed. Sensing his excitement she warned, if you cum before I want you to, this relationship will end after you clean it up. With that he stroked, his head getting thick and swollen his shaft getting thick and rigid, his pussy puckered tight and sent sensation through his balls and up to the tip of his cock. She looked at it with his balls hanging tightly underneath and her anticipation grew.

Now tell me again why you like ass. I like... uhm he panted with his cheeks flushed as his hand continued to stroke his firm cock for her visual enjoyment. The head now bulged lewdly. His knees were parted slightly now and his hips worked almost involuntarily like a dog's. His guard and resistance were almost non-existent as he looked at her and tried to speak through the sexual sensations Sam was making him to give to himself. I like how I can part the cheeks and see where I can lick and, where I can touch, where I can fuck… I like how I can caress her waist then reach under with my hands and open her. Sam becoming more involved in her own feelings of lust and drunkenness from the control she had won felt the urge to masturbate her mind a little more. Kind of like this she said as she turned around and began to pull the thin cotton down over her plump ass and down to her knees. She looked over her shoulder at his flushed face, grabbed her curvy ass cheeks with both hands and spread herself enough for him to see her pussy and ass. Yes, he breathed, remembering suddenly as his excitement spiked that he’d better not cum. Sam, you're perfect he sighed casting his eyes down at her.

She stood back up turned around and looked at him again, looking at his dick being stroked at her command. She was growing wetter and more empowered by the moment. Brad was turning out to be a pretty willing subject. She needed to know more to see what direction she would want to take things in next - to plan. Did you like looking up my ass Brad? Yes Sam, I loved it. Your ass is beautiful he panted as he continued to massage his cock at a careful pace. She approached him and placed the finger tip that was in his ass to his lips and pushed it in his mouth. She raised her eyebrows at him warning him against objecting. He figuring she wanted him to enjoy it he sucked at it lightly, at the same time enjoying the touch and attention of this woman who was responsible for the hot feeling in his cock and his mind. He was so horny he even wanted to enjoy his own taste, especially if she would like it.

Noting this quickly she suddenly asked without losing eye contact or her close proximity, have you ever had sex with a dog Brad, her own pussy pulsing at her own words? She gauged his face carefully looking for answers. No, he said with honesty and a little surprise. I bet you've fantasized about it, haven't you, a nice long willing tongue licking your cock - maybe more? I bet you've at least thought about it. Taken a back for a second because he knew what kind of stigma was attached to that particular fantasy, the pressure in his mind and body made him relent to honesty anyway. Yes he replied, still gauging the sexual response between his legs carefully. She had no idea he would be interested in something like that. She was just looking for a place to start with him. She was quite surprised, pleasantly surprised though but not showing it. My, my, what have we here? I believe I found a boy who is a pervert! I would never touch a dog or let one touch me, you sick little fuck, she taunted. I'm not sure I want that dick anywhere near me now, she said as she pointed at his member he was now shamefully stroking. His face grew emotionless as he began to stop stroking his dick. I'm sorry... I didn't know what... She interrupted by snapping at him, keep stroking the fucking dick. He resumed and looked forward avoiding eye contact. I'm glad you were honest with me, but I still think you're a bit of a sick fuck.

Before he could reply, Ok, she said. Let go of that cock now she commanded, looking at his member sticking out from him as she eyed it objectively, noting its size and shape. Mmmm, she silently thought to herself. Ok get on your hands and knees, she said. He crouched down on one knee then the next, then bent forward raising his ass in the air in mostly unintended submission. She walked around him and inspected his posture and overall appearance in this position. Most men don't have the physical appearance of something that would elicit urges of desire much less penetration. They're often hairy and unshapely if not fat from pure neglect, and if they're thin they're often sinewy and bony with hard angles. They often have uneven farmer's tans and their asses flat and underdeveloped. Men are not prized typically for their physical appearance in skimpy clothes, so the need for a sexually appealing physical shape is not relatively high. Between the genders, even a slightly overweight girl can look more desirable naked than most men. There are some however who are sexually appealing to women when naked. Men who are driven in life and pursue excellence are sometimes likely to also pursue vigorous health and a sexy appearance to enhance their overall competitiveness. Brad was one of them and Sam figured as much. With him now naked she noticed his ass to be nicely curved and firm. His skin tone was even if not slightly tanned. His hair, teeth and nails were clean. He was healthy, athletic and looked after himself. He was also gifted with the kind if hips and muscle structure that gave his ass a round appearance with a deep set of cheeks that women appreciated as he walked away and Brad knew it. He knew he was sexy and he figured Sam knew this as well. Small amounts of hair gave away his asses's masculinity, but bent over the cheeks were not too dissimilar from an athletic female's curvy butt. Trace amounts of hair gave the final clue, but that was an easy to alter trait if someone inclined to fuck Brad wanted him more submissive looking.

Upon coming behind him, she peered at his ass and balls behind his mostly hard, submissive cock. She paused looking down. His balls were tight. His asshole was clean and the hairs short. He must have shaven at some point. The bud was light pink, puckered and available. hmmm what do we have here? She reached down toward his behind. Her finger tip headed for his opening and then rested squarely on his tight ass. Nice little pussy she said softly, a tingling in her clit rising as she began to revel in the prize before her. Holding the finger against the button she asked another telling question, would you like it if I butt fuck you? Would you like it if I screwed this hole of yours? Afraid of making another embarrassing mistake, he decided he had to be true to the role he was longing for. He wanted her to screw him. He wanted the sensation being forced inside him at her discretion. He softly said yes, I do. Images of dominance and forced sexuality made their way into her head. She paused and then abruptly said Ok, go home now please. She watched as he quietly stood, gathered his clothes. He tucked his swollen cock into his pants and finished dressing. She returned the polite eye contact and the goodbye as he walked out the door which she closed softly behind him.

Another week passed and no phone call from Sam. Brad had left 3 separate messages practically reducing himself to the point of desperation. The more he thought he'd lost the opportunity to experience what he'd been fantasizing about for so long with someone like Sam, the more he was fixated on the night's events with her on their first “date” at her apartment. Even though the only real contact she ever made with him besides a hug hello and her dominating finger, it was strong enough of an experience to make him feel a strong sense of attraction to her. He knew he had to appease her enough to find him worthy, or whatever it was that she was looking for. He had to know more about what he could do to please her, totally and completely at her discretion, without question, without complaint. Wow, that’s a lot he thought. The more he thought, the more he elevated her status in his mind. He couldn't help but think it was all worth it though.

Brad was on the verge of basically giving up, when while at home relaxing some evening enjoying a mindless tv show in front of the tv, the phone rang. It was Sam, holy shit he muttered almost in disbelief. A wave of small panic hit his stomach as he searched for the courage to figure out how to not screw up. He picked up the phone and said hello, trying not to sound nervous. Brad, she stated almost flatly. Yes he responded. This is Sam. Do you remember me? Yes, of course, he said. How could I no... She interrupted, Ok, she said dismissively. She didn’t truly care about his attempting to sound polite and win her over. She reserved listening to the small bits of conversation for the few. The rest needed to be quickly to the point. How do you feel about the last time we met? Uhm, he stammered a bit wondering what she was asking such a distant sounding question. I thought it was… hearing enough already through his tone of voice she could tell he was still available to her, so she interrupted again. I’ve had time to think about meeting you and how things went and what I want. I have a feeling you somehow have an understanding of what I want and that’s why I called. I honestly haven't met anyone that I feel I can get what I want exactly out of. I’ve thought the same thing of you he said, stopping short before he would get interrupted again. A moment of pause. Do you still want to be beneath me? Do you think its what you want, she continued, trying almost to comprehend herself actually proposing it? I think more than anything, he said. Ok good, why don't you come over now. Before he could reply she said, I want you to arrive with no underwear this time. I want your finger to have been up your ass. You shave it I know, so don't be shy. And the first thing I want you to do when you get in the door before you say anything or do anything else is to take off your shirt and pants, and drop to your hands and knees. Can you handle it? Yes. Click.

Brad stopped in his mental tracks to assess the abrupt and significant call. He then got that sneaky excited feeling and stripped his pants without leaving his couch. He raised his knees and propped his ass toward the edge of the couch then wet a finger nice and sloppily in his mouth. His cock was already hard and laying on his stomach. He was excited. He was ready for her will. He reached under his leg and found his tight anus with the tip of his finger. He sunk the finger in slowly giving a slight moan as the thought of Sam watching and getting off on him doing what she asked passed into his mind. He fingered it in and out several times to feel the sensation exciting him before withdrawing it to hurriedly head for the door. He pulled back on his pants minus the briefs, grabbed his keys and headed out the door to see luscious Sam.

He walked up to her apartment and rang the bell. After a moment she answered. This time she had even less clothing on. She was wearing nothing but a black bra that held her sweet breasts and regular cut panties that had lines that hugged an accentuating line up her touchable backside. Her skin was soft, white and smooth. Her nearly flat stomach was kissable and her waist and abundant hips gave her naked figure a sexy wine glass shape. He couldn't believe how fortunate he was. She seemed even sexier minus her clothes. She stepped out of the doorway and he stepped in.

She eyed him looking for signs of uncertainty. There were none that she noticed. He stepped in revealing his handsome chest as he pulled off his shirt. He reached down and bent to drop his pants, and then finally dropping to his hands and knees once again instinctually raising his ass in the air - all just as he was told. His cock was swelling as he grew more excited after being invited back and being revealed to her. The head was starting to bulge and grow spongy.

She walked around him as he looked forward, but not directly at her. I want you Brad because I want someone to need my desire to control them. That is the only way I can have my desires fulfilled. I want you to want to give me that control. I want you to want what I force on you, to crave it, even to beg for me to issue you orders that force you to display submission to me. And then I want to see you take it and love it with your whole body. I want you to love what I make you do simply because I'm making you do it. I want to get what I want with your own idea of what your needs are being second, if at all. Your first need is to please me. Does that makes sense? Yes, he said. I want you to be the one to issue me my desires. I want to want what you want. That is my first desire, he said again. Good, she said with a smile. I'm glad you're here. Don't be too afraid though Brad. I won't put you in any real harm. I will push your boundaries and your limitations, but I won't completely abandon your well being. Though, don't get me wrong, you will do what I say, or there will be consequences. I hope that all sounds good.

Without waiting for a reply she spoke again. Now show me the finger that you put up your ass. He did. Knowing he would look she crouched down, sitting on her heels with her pussy in front of him. Her pussy strained the fabric of her panties as her ripe pussy pushed outward displaying itself before Brad's face. Taking a second to linger and tease him, giving him a small display, she then got on her knees lowered her face to his slowly, her face nearing his finger. She let it linger by her nose and mouth and then she licked it, leaving behind a trail of saliva. Not bad, she said flatly, looking at his face. You did it. She stood back up and said I guess the fact that you stuck it in your ass makes you a dirty boy. Hmm, the things I'm learning about you. It will be fun to see how far you'll go before I have to push you hard to do something. But you'll love it. You'll realize its worth it because that's the type of boy you are, she teased. I think I’ve been wanting someone like you for a long time, he admitted. She smiled sweetly at him.

She reached down and under hooked the waistband of her panties with her thumbs and quickly lowered them to her knees as if simply preparing to change her underwear. The was no tease to it for his benefit. She didn't care about what he thought, only that he be her subject. This was strictly business that she was to take care of. Sensing her objectiveness about the situation made him feel even more beneath her, which ironically aroused him even more. She turned around and faced her ass to him. Looking up, the cheeks stuck out far. He looked up into her crack as she began to bend and squat. She paused in mid squat as he looked up at her pussy and partially exposed asshole. This was the second time for him to see into her crack, but this was more up close. Hold your hand still. Do not even think about moving it, and do not touch my pussy or anything else. Got it? You're going to do nothing but sit still so I can get some pleasure using you. He nodded an affirmation. She turned her head between her legs to locate her target. Now stick the finger out so I can sit on it, you little cock sucker. You can watch me if you like.

He watched as she finished lowering herself down toward his hand. Up close now he could see that her pussy was thick and fat. Her outer lips were puffy and swollen looking. Her pucker of asshole was about the size of a silver dollar, completely hairless and had long ridges that pointed toward the opening, and had a medium pink color. She guided her behind down toward the finger aiming her asshole at it. At first contact it poked the left cheek, then brushed the right, then slowly began to zero in on her target. Once she found the right spot, she began to test the finger, lowering her weight onto it attempting to screw her anus with the tip. He held it firm for her and the tip slipped just into her butt. He felt the ring push against his finger tip and then give. He smelled and got turned on by a slight musk coming from her crack which was now inches from his face. He liked the fact that he was being allowed to be this intimate with her so that he could even smell her. It made his cock twitch. Slowly her cheeks lowered themselves and his finger felt the warm, smooth, hot inside of this stranger's asshole as the near total lack of lubrication sent sensation into her butt. If he were to stop and think, he would probably be surprised to realize this whole thing was all really happening.

Mmmm she hummed as she began to fuck her ass slowly up and down. Mmmmm she moaned again. She arched her back tilting her head, and reached up to squeeze her tits. She began to bounce and fuck with rhythm, moaning and enjoying the sensation of having this slave of sorts laying there doing what he was told as she selfishly enjoyed her conquest and some sexuality. She began to rotate her hips making the finger stretch her hole from side to and front to back. She squatted down hard on Brad's hand searching for how far she could get the probing sensation into her ass. Uhhh she moaned again as it tickled deeper in her butt. He began to struggle to hold his wrist firm through her self indulgence. The longer he held on for her without complaint through the discomfort, the more he showed himself to be her bitch. Mmmmmm, fuck me you little bitch, she hissed as she bounced up and down a few more times nice and firm sending sexual sensations from the anal sex to her thick, wet pussy. His hand and wrist were feeling the torturous tension of her fucking. He gritted his teeth practically ready to collapse his hand when her athletic thighs began to burn and she began to stop having sex. Mmmmm yes, she moaned as she began to lift her butt off his finger. The tip finally exited and she stood, pulling her panties up with her. She turned around to face what she had been molesting and looked down at him. Mmm she breathed again. I liked that. A nice start my little bitch she teased. I hope you didn't get too turned on and frustrated. Smiling at her fortune to find what she was growing more confident was going to be her reliable toy.

Now, lick it yourself! Taste my asshole my new little bitch she cooed. She watched, looking for hesitation or weakness. Staying on his knees Sam watched as Brad leaned his finger toward his mouth. Before it went into his mouth he smelled again the acrid scent of trace amounts of Sam's shit.. He popped the finger in his mouth and began to clean it through sucking. As she stood there, watching him she had her own small moment of realization; she knew she was standing at the beginning of decisions and acts that were going to put her thoughts and inner desires to their test and then their realization. She looked down again at her find and conquest - physically sexy, seemingly bright and normal, and seemingly entirely willing to lay down his pride just to be closer to her mind and will, now simply doing what he was told. He pulled the finger from his mouth when the slightly bitter taste had definitely since left his finger.

He looked up at her hoping she was pleased and wondering what she would do next. She took a step toward Brad's left side, until she was at his side facing him. With nothing to look at particularly he bowed his head and waited. She tilted her head to the side and looked underneath Brad and gazed almost as if for the first time at her slave's very sexually aroused cock . Aww, she purred. Is that from watching me? I'm glad you liked the show and being my little pussy, she taunted slightly. He smiled and closed his eyes for a moment taking in her attention paid toward him. Once again she observed that the head was fat and swollen. The ridge at the top and sides were prominent enough to cast a deep shadow on the carpet below him... The entire visual situation, him with his round butt raised in the air for her complete use and amusement and the horny reaction to being a little bitch demonstrated by the fat cock head sticking out involuntarily underneath him turned her on. Yum, she smiled to herself. She just wanted to indulge a little more, getting to know him, teasing him, pushing him and then she'd send him home again.

She moved to stand directly behind his bare ass observing his voluntary vulnerability. I'm standing here she began, looking down at you, and you have your ass naked... I even see that you have it arched like a chick and you're not making an attempt to cover up such a vulnerability and implication. You are my little bitch, my boy-bitch, my pussy, aren't you she asked rhetorically.

At the words "bitch" and "pussy" Brad would feel slight influxes of embarrassment, submissiveness and intense horniness all at the same time. He turned his head to look back over his shoulder, back at her. He could see then the position he was in to her. He could see her gazing down over at him while noticing the light on his slightly upturned ass. He almost felt guilty like being caught doing something you didn't think you'd be caught at. He repositioned his eyes at the curve in her hips, then squeezed his thighs together causing a subtle yet sweet sensation in his cock that sent a reminder of his longing back up through his horny body. Sam's eyes watched the subtle communication from him in response to her charge.. His eyes cast back toward her face and he responded to her more directly by spreading his knees, arching his back and raising his ass in the air with an angle that any female in heat would identify with. He rocked his hips up and down slightly trying to get some more sensation from the friction between his legs all the while totally laying himself open to her. His eyes began to lose focus as he finished indulging in yet another display of submission and masturbation.

They both felt that her acquisition of him was basically complete. Brad was hers to do with as she wanted and he would endure and at the same time enjoy all of it. She stepped up behind him as he continued his subtle rhythmic mental masturbation, squatted over his left firm ass cheek and rubbed her pussy against it as if to give him a sign of approval or affection. Mmm she moaned. Very nice my little slut... Very nice. She stood back up and stated under her breath, stay put. He wasn't going anywhere.

Brad waited on all 4's, the same position he'd been in since he arrived at the door and during this sort of psychological consummation of their new relationship. Sam returned with her black bra and panties removed and with a new shaving razor she had in a bathroom droor. Brad looked up and gazed at her fully naked body for the first time. Her breasts were slightly heavy and not quite as perky as a dream teenager's but were sexy, full, round, confident, empowering. He would worship every part of her body.

She sat down in front of him almost playfully. Her naturally serious face dictated to Brad that he best wait for her lead before assuming she was relaxing her temperament. She crossed her open legs and spoke. She began to talk about some of the non-sexual details of her day, just relaxing herself in front of her subject... watching him, speaking to him. As he listened he looked between her legs to sample her pussy from this new angle. She was shaved completely clean. Her puffy outer lips were slightly spread. Her inner lips were light pink and small. He starred almost not listening to her... Smack! Suddenly his vision was finding itself focused somewhere else in the room as he reeled from the sting of a perfectly square slap on the side of his face. Sam yelled, what the fuck are you looking at? What did I just fucking say to you she challenged, sincerely annoyed with his obvious behavior. Uhm.. he said as he tried to buy a little time to recover and think... He opted for honesty which wasn't uncommon for Brad. Sam, he started... "Miss", she interrupted. You'll call me Miss and nothing else unless I tell you, she stated sternly.. Yes Miss he said..... He continued... I couldn't help but notice and stare at your pretty pussy he said as he bowed his head between his arms. His shoulders and back were beginning to ache... But I think you were saying something about... Ok, she interrupted. She decided to opt for calm honesty as well. I like that you were admiring my pussy she stated as she touched it lightly, then covering it completely with her hand... In fact I very much like that it seems you admire and respect me in general. But not listening is going to get on my fucking nerves. You need to focus on what I say because what I say and what I want is 100% more important that you getting your pleasure by indulging in looking at my cunt. Do you understand? Do you fucking understand me, Brad? She began to raise her hand again fully intending to slap him hard if he wasn't quick enough. Yes, Miss, yes I perfectly understand. You make perfect sense and I want your wishes to come first. Perfect, she said. She smiled a small smile.

With his attention focused finally, she abandoned the previous topic and decided to get to their business. What I was saying was that you are going to take this razor and clean up that pretty asshole of yours. It was a compliment partly given to ease his nerves and partly given because she was horny. She wanted him ready for what she wanted. She handed him the razor. Here, he asked? Yes, now! He took it and reached behind himself, raising his arousal again and fumbling to find the best way to get the job done for her.

While he fumbled around taking pieces of short hairs off, them dropping onto the living room carpet, she positioned herself at his side to continue sizing up his body and actions. This all was such a sight. Brad bent over excitedly probing his ass with a razor for her while sitting at his side observing and learning the details of his body.

Suddenly she reached under as if to dutifully milk some cow and grabbed the end of his dick and gave a squeeze. Like just some object she relaxed and began to slowly explore it with her fingers. Her fingers held the shaft, feeling it's weight and size. She gave a couple slow pumps to feel the balls pressing against her hand and where the knob was. She looked at her bitch to find him closing his eyes, feeling the pleasure of being her focus of attention as the near stranger's public fingers explored his private body part. Happy with his reaction to be still and let her do as she wanted she began to explore the knob itself. She had noticed it was a hard spongy object that stopped her fingers forcing them to adjust in order to stroke it. She leaned to look at his balls and ass and noticed the sensation was making his asshole tighten as the sexual pleasure passed from his cock. Suddenly she felt a similar sensation passing from her swollen pussy to her stiff clit and nipples.

Now fully involved in this sexual exchange of power, she began to run her fingers rhythmically over her slave's cock knob - stroking it with a loose grip so the fingers could pass over the bulb. She dampened at the sensation and sight of her fingers dancing up and down as they stimulated his ridges. The spongy hardness began to make her mouth water. He moaned as he quit shaving, confident that there was nothing more he could clean for her. His moan was pathetic to her ears as he just took what she gave. She took the razor from his hand at the same time decided it was time put an end to his cock's pleasure. She wanted to test his loyalty again. She was enjoying the official power she was being granted and wanted to experience yet another affirmation. She reached up and held his balls firmly. Who's are these, she asked firmly? Yours he said. She squeezed harder, are you sure? Yes, miss they're yours, he said more desperately. She squeezed harder still. Yes Miss!. Please, I'm here because I want to be. I'm yours. I'm your object, you, your pussy, your slut. I want you and this. He began to pant at his own words. Though the pressure on his balls was slightly intense, the situation and his admission aloud about it was enough to make his cock stiffen regardless.

Without letting go Sam used the razor to begin shaving the little patches of hair on his cheeks. Brad endured as she went about cleaning off the skin of his butt of random hair, all the while holding his balls firmly in her hand. Yes, she said as she worked. You are those things to me Brad. I will call you again and again so long as I know that those things are true. When the hair was gone. Sam let go. Good, she said. You practically look like a girl back here. I don't like men's hair getting all over making a mess. It gets in the way and ruins the view she smiled playfully. I want you smooth and touchable. I expect you'll keep it that way. Yes Miss, of course. Collecting his reaction in her mind as she sat there looking at the flesh that she has been given, noting how he looked like a dog, with his dick sticking out between his legs - horny, willing, on all 4's. A dog, she thought condescendingly.

She stood back up and looked at the emasculated ass. Not too bad she said. You must have done this before, you sweet little girl. Stand up sweetheart she said in an affectionate tone. Now, when you come back next time I want it all gone - everywhere down here, she said motioning over his entire pelvic region. Yes Miss. She reached down and grabbed the end of his cock as if it were a leash. The next time you come over you will experience new things she said, as her eyes wandered over his face. Am I your dream come true, she asked him looking directly into his eyes? Yes, he said. Good. Hopefully it will always be as obvious as it is now. Now get dressed and go home. Do not cum, she warned. Instead imagine and enjoy scenarios of you serving me and let that be more than enough to satisfy you. As hard as he knew it would actually be he said, Yes Miss, I won't. I'll call you when I'm ready for you. Ok, bye bye now. Brad stood, glad to be off his aching joints. He gathered his clothes while she watched him objectively. He felt her watching him and struggled to not feel somewhat self conscious under the objective stare. He casually pulled his clothes on, straightened himself out, made eye contact, said bye and walked out the door. Sam shut it behind him without another word.

Over the next several days, Brad did not cum. He could not help do what he was told however he let his imagination run wild with what Sam would expose him to, pushing him and showing him her mind. Some of the instances in the scenarios he dreamed up ran hot feelings through his mind and body, while others sometimes made him fear what he would be forced to enjoy. Most times though, he would still find a way to derive pleasure from the uncomfortable situations simply because he knew he was doing her will - what she wanted. Sometimes this thrilled him enough to get thoroughly horny thinking about just about any situation she wanted.

Sam waited a few more days to let tension and longing build both with Brad and also with herself. She wanted to take the opportunity to impose a possibly unnatural desire on him. It might be something ordinarily shocking to him and she wanted to make sure he would be as pliable and enthusiastic as possible - not that it mattered if actually he wasn't sure if he wanted to enjoy what she came up with, but them both being new to these roles, she wanted it to go without any real problems. If his cum was building with excitement and anticipation, it would make it more fun for both of them, plus she liked the idea of imposing on him, even when she wasn't with him.

Sam at her core was a tremendously sexual and kinky woman. With some men she almost couldn't even get off satisfactorily on regular, or normal sex. Sure she had her intimate moments and men she grew attached to, but like a lot of people in their 20's, she had some discovery to make before she'd settle down. For the time being, Brad and everything she wanted to extract from their friendship was going to be her current discovery.

She had given herself a little time while laying in bed after work and dealing with her normal day to run through her own fantasies and scenarios that she thought would give her the most pleasure and satisfaction. She finally decided the next thing she wanted to try was to have a certain kind of a threesome. This threesome would be different than the usual. In this threesome the participants would be her, her slave toy, and a dog. She was surprised to find out that Brad liked the idea of mixing his sexuality with a dog. How surprised would he be to find out his mistress was a dirty little dog slut with history of getting off on making animals cum. She reached down, unzipped her pants and slipped her hand under her panties, and cupped her pussy tight in her palm sending a tingle through her body and into her clit. She massaged her pussy and felt the wetness on her finger tips growing at the thought of what fun it would be to see all of them getting off together, and the boy-toy for the first time under her command. What a nice surprise that will be for him, she smiled to herself.

The k9 would need to be medium to large sized with enough sex drive and cock to give both of them something substantial to feel. She didn't own a dog because she didn't want to be shacked up with any lover for any serious amount of time including the responsibility of dog ownership, so she would have to locate one somehow. That didn't deter her from making the plans however as it never did in the past when she felt the need for the taboo of animal cock pulsing in her fingers, in her mouth, in her pussy. When she was a newer sexual age was when her mind first crossed the idea of experimenting with her sexuality with a dog. She used to baby sit for spending money with the neighbors on occasion. Bored and alone one night she began to masturbate like she sometimes did while babysitting, being turned on by the idea of doing it in someone else's house. Their family pet, a medium sized dog happened to wander into the living room while she was there with her legs spread and her pants and panties rolled down onto the floor clinging to an ankle. He wandered over to her to say hello growing curious at the scent coming from between her legs. When Sam saw the dog approaching her, she first felt slightly embarrassed, then an idea crossed her mind. She had heard of a girl she knew at school getting caught with a dog licking her pussy. Her and all her friends acted disgusted at what this nasty slut had done and of course got many good laughs at her expense. If none of the other girls were, already being a regular masturbator and sexual experimenter Sam at least was curious despite going along with how disgusting the girl was. Did she touch his cock? What else did she do? Did it feel good? Besides, she knew with a dog making her cum she wouldn’t have to deal with some pushy guy who would talk shit later after she sucked his cock or fucked him.

She eyed the dog and summoned up some courage to see what the ostracized girl from school had done. The exciting taboo of the idea was building her courage. A sneaky, turned-on feeling crept into her as she spread her legs toward the dog and motioned him closer. Keeping her finger on her clit to keep stimulating courage she watched as the dog stepped forward and began to sniff. His nose was cold and wet as it bounced around between her legs and on her pussy. Soon a tongue came out and began to lick the young girl. Uuuhhhh she instantly moaned letting go of her swollen clit. The tongue was strong. It pushed against her swollen pussy with pressure. With each lap the long tongue slipped in between her lips starting just below her tight hole, sliding upward and rubbing over her button before it would retract and start over. Sam looked at the photos of the faces of the family who's house she was in and who's dog she was having sex with. She made a huge, devious smile while looking at their smiling faces and almost as if to spite them, reached under her butt to spread her ass cheeks hoping the tongue of their pet would lick her asshole.

Sam's masturbation session that particular night ended with her orgasming hard while bucking her pussy into the face and eager tongue of her neighbor's dog. From then on forward, she would find herself craving to take a chance at having sex with someone's cherished, horny, willing pet. When teh opportunity presented itself the taboo and thrill was too much to ignore.

So on the next evening after deciding what scenario she wanted for her and her boy toy, she sat on her couch in her living room and seriously thought about the next meeting's events. She pictured what the ideal dick looked like in her head for using it on a boy, and what Brad's first reaction might be when he sees it, hard, juicy and waiting for him to service it. Mmm she thought as she squeezed her legs together picturing it. She thought about an acquaintance she'd made not too long ago named Ashley that she met online and gotten to admit to having a curiosity about getting off on animal sex. One of her attractive qualities to Sam was learning that she managed an dog and cat sitting business in the city. Ashley herself wasn't experimenting with fucking the client's animals, but she admitted at least to being curious and agreed to watch Sam and a dog at the place of business. Sam hadn't asked for more than one favor at this point, but she now had a reason to see if she could.

Without too much more deliberation she picked up her cell phone and dialed the stored number. No one answered so she left a message. Ashley, hi this Sam, your friend from online that you helped out with a favor a few months ago. I was hoping you could give me a call back when you have a chance. I have a question I'd like to run by you. Thanks, bye bye.

Sam hadn't spoke to Ashley since that night except for a brief IM chat. Hmm, she thought. I wonder if she'll call back. Well, if she does, I'll know that much more about her! She grabbed her crotch through her jeans and squeezed as she closed her eyes... The tension was building in a big way. Things seemed to popping into place with her new friend. Her pussy lips moistened and her throat tightened as she moaned softly to herself. Dam, she said as she looked at her cell phone. Right then it rang. "Ashley" it read. Great! She answered. Hello. Hi Sam, sorry I missed your call. I'm working late and was just taking care of some errands for a customer she sighed... So, she said, you have a question, sounding a little hesitant? Yes, said Sam. I have come across an interesting situation and it calls for some creative ideas on my part. Oh really, said Ashley? Yea. Do you have it in you to let me play with one of your friends again, Sam asked, testing the water. Pause...

Uhm, what do you have in mind? Well, I was hoping I could borrow a dog... a male, she said flatly. Borrow?? Uhm... I'm not sure... Sam interrupted. Do you want to watch? What is this "situation" again you're talking about, Ashley asked? I have someone who is going to want to have sex with a dog. what?? What do you mean they're going to want to? He's be cool with it... He?? Wow... Both girls paused. I have a confession I supposed I could let you in on, Ashley stated. I've actually been hoping I'd hear from you, shyness slightly showing. I've done a little thinking since I saw you last. I'm not surprised Sam smiled back. Haha. What kind do you want and when? Something like the last dog... uhhmmm. I want a man's sized one if you know what I mean, and can you bring him tonight if I can get my little friend here? Your little friend? haha. Uhm, ya. Let me call you back and I'll let you know what I come up with. Ok. Ok. Bye.

Sam then called Brad who was looking at himself naked in the mirror after having gone to the gym and showered. Checking out his newly shaved body, his fingers grazed over his parts and instantly made his cock swell again. I wonder how long she'll wait this time he thought. Just then his thoughts wandered to what she'd said before about being surprised... hmmm! Well, whatever it is... Ring. Shit. Picks up the phone. Hi, he said warmly. Hi, she said back. I may want you to come over tonight. Are you ready? Looking down at his naked cock he said, yes Miss. I've done what you've asked and would love to come by. Good, she said. I'll call you back and let you know. Scrub yourself up. You need to be clean. And don't go anywhere. Ok... click!

Sam waited for Ashley's call. She began to reflect back when she met her in person. She was a little shorter than she was at about 5-4. She was a young woman of 22, with a natural style and look to her. She had long, straight strawberry blonde hair, green eyes and pale skin. She was pretty but wasn't pretentious. She was fresh and nubile, but she wasn't totally inexperienced. Her mind was curious but innocent. She was loud when she came and Sam remembered how flush her face and her pussy lips got when Sam expertly bent over in front of her getting herself a rim job from behind from her unsuspecting client's dog.

The phone rang. It was Ashley. Sam smiled and answered. Hi. Hi. I think I have something you'll like. Should I tell you about him, or just bring him. Tell me about him, Sam said. He's a shepherd mix of some sort. So he's kinda big, but not overly big I'd say. He's friendly... and what I mean by that is, he's a humper. Oooh, Sam said. Ok. Anything else? No, I don't think so... Is your... bitch Sam interrupted. Oh ok, ya. haha, she laughed. Not sure what to make of what she was hearing. Is he coming over? He will now and he's going to love it, Sam replied. When will you be here, she asked? Uhm... give me... an hour? Hmm, can you make it 30, Sam asked politely? 30, uhm, ya.. I was going to shower here, but ok. Great, Sam said with a smile. Ok, see you in half hour. See you! Bye!

Brad's phone rang. Hi Miss. Ok, are you ready? You're totally clean and smooth? Yes Miss. Come now please. Bye. Click. Brad didn't flinch. Being hung up on after an order from her overall felt good for some reason. He was smiling. He threw on some low cut jeans, no underwear and a comfortable t-shit and sweatshirt. With thongs on his feet he headed for his dominant woman's place.

Ashley arrived first by design. Hi. Hi. Long time! I know. Come in! Hug. Ooh what do we have here! Come in boy, she motioned him in as if to give him an order. You too missy, come in. She wanted them in quickly. She wanted to shut the door. She shut the door. She grabbed his collar with one hand, kneeled down and with the other reached around his waist and gently held his cock. He didn't flinch, but was struggling to sniff and look around. Ashley's eyes got bigger. Sam slowly stroked feeling the diameter and weight of the cock and cast her eyes toward Ashley. Mmmm, she said and let go. Fuck, I'm a horny slut, she admitted. Though she hadn't actually fucked that many men, it seemed the most descriptive thing to say to describe her feeling. Ashley, at first reeling, finally said with a smile, yes you are dear. Does he need anything, Sam asked? No, he shouldn't for a while. Ok, let's sit. Sam turned on some easy pop music and joined Ashley on the sofa.

So... just as some conversation was about to begin the door rang again. Hmm, he's quicker than I thought he would be. Ashley just watched as Sam headed for the door, watching her walk and refreshing her memory of what she looked like and remembering what had transpired. Sam stopped at the door and said, could you shut him into my bedroom for now please? Ashley did and returned. Sam opened and motioned Brad to come in. Hi he stated just as he noticed there was company in the apartment. Hi Sam said back. How are you she asked? A little taken aback, he looked to Sam and just said good. Sam gave no explanation except to say that he was a little earlier than she thought... Come in and take your clothes off now, she said calmly. Brad's eyes widened, but he didn't want to seem hesitant. He began to remove his clothes. Sam sat down a casual distance from Ashley and the two girls watched from the couch, Ashley in a slight state of shock, the dog off investigating Sam's bedroom.

Brad was embarrassed but excited at the same time. Ashley was cute and he figured if she was Sam's friend, things couldn’t be too bad. Brad decided to make the best of the situation and take his time to attempt to be sexy about it. Sam and Ashley shot each other a guilty, indulgent look. Once naked, Sam told Brad to get each of them some wine and him a shot of tequila. He did. Brad took his shot quickly and proceeded to bring the glasses to the two women. Ashley and Sam eyed his naked body as he approached. Once he handed them their glasses he felt naked as the girls began a little chit chat about nothing related to him or the situation at hand. May I pour another Miss? Yes, do. Brad returned to the kitchen to pour another shot in his glass. The girls continued to sip their wine and talk privately as Brad decided on his own to settle on a love seat on the other side of the room. He spread his arms out and gazed around the room and at the chatting females. Sam was ignoring him on purpose. She wanted him to feel a sense of being on the outside. She wanted him to be nervous for attention and for a sense of direction.

Several minutes passed and Sam looked over at him still just sitting there asked for another two glasses and for him to have another shot. Getting up and heading back for the kitchen he heard, how do you feel, naked slut? The tequila had worn the edge of the nerves off a bit. Finally being addressed, Brad said stated relatively flatly, good.

Meanwhile the wine was working the nerves loose from the girls, particularly Ashley. After Brad handed each of them their glasses Sam looked at him and said, sit here as she motioned to the spot in between the two females. Brad, this is Ashley. Ashley, this is my little slut Brad. As he sat Ashley eyed his smooth body and his cleanly shaven cock. Brad sat his naked ass onto her couch. Given his status in this unusual situation, Ashley decided to posture a reserved presence and did not extend her hand. Brad turned his face from her and looked forward as if awaiting sentencing. Sam caught Ashley gazing at his cock as she spoke. Sam knew she was curious.

Sam began to elevate the situation by taunting Brad. Are you horny little boy? Do you feel like you just want to jack off being in my presence and the presence of my friend? She leaned in closer to him. His awareness raised a couple notches as she began into him again. She looked at Ashley's eyes and asked him, did you do as I said and shave your asshole nice and perfect? Not sure if he should be liking this or not, he simply stated, yes. Sam smile seductively. Didn't you tell me that you wanted to fuck a dog, a real fucking dog? Remembering the reaction she had when he first told her he instantly felt a rush of embarrassment as he felt the eyes on his either side watching his reaction. Uhm.. well... Well nothing, you dirty little bitch, you told me that you wanted to suck a dog's cock. AND you want him to bend you over like a bitch and let him fuck you in the ass!? Didn't you? Don't lie now, she laughed. She was pushing his boundaries. She was getting wet too.

Ashley just sat back in silence watching the show unfold. She felt bad for him because she knew his manhood and his pride were being attacked. She wasn't sure how all this would wind up, but she was definitely along for the ride now. This should be good...

Brad knew that the best way to minimize an embarrassing situation was to stay confident. The tequila didn't hurt. He kept his back straight and simply replied yes Miss, I did. Sam impressed with his ability to keep cool under pressure decided to edge further. Say it. Turn to Ashley and tell her what you want to do with a male dog. This ought to be fucking good she thought to herself, the thrill of domination exciting her body and mind.

Brad turned to her and in a low sexy voice said, I want to take a dog's cock in my hand as he motioned with his hand curling his fingers over an imaginary cock. I want to stroke it, I want to suck it and then I want to feeling a wet probing from behind as he searches for my hole. Then I want to feel him slide in opening me and then fuck me. Ashley felt her clit tingle, half disgusted and half thrilled because it was disgusting. Men don't usually bend over in submission and wanting, and it took a mental adjustment to see the sexiness he worked at portraying. She held his gaze. He looked at her looking for some indication of what she thought. He knew full well he could be being setup for the most humiliating experience of his life. This was not a challenge just anyone would be able to endure he figured. To his relief, Ashley raised an eyebrow as if modestly impressed. Her curiosity was growing more detailed. He turned from her happy that he didn't crack and waited for his next challenge. Sam gauged their respective reactions and saw things were going well. She was thrilled. She looked over at Ashley past Brad, gave a slight smile and raised her eyebrow at her.

Being a tension-full moment Sam knew it was best to not let it turn awkward. Sam needed to take the leadership position by giving her own endorsement of the situation and decided take off some of her own clothes. She stood and began to unbutton off her jeans. They were blue and fairly tight. They hugged her ample and curvy cheeks. Brad was suddenly quite relieved and looked on at Sam. Both of them looking at the pale flesh slowly starting to appear on her hips and ass cheeks. Sam held eye contact with her subjects until finally her pants were free and dropped to the floor around her ankles. Brad's cock began to swell as the relief of some of the tension energy sprang into excitement. Her thong underwear were pressed tightly into her ass crack and hugged her pussy lips tightly. Both of the onlookers were paying close attention as she bent down, picked up the pants and threw them over the couch. Keeping eye contact, she took off her shirt leaving her in a bra and the thong.

Sam's gaze fixated on Brad as she observed his swelling dick. She got the inspiration for her next order. She bent down and grabbed her sweet toy by his naked ankles, lifted and began to tug. Put your ass on the edge of the couch she stated. As she pulled his ass scooted toward the edge, his cock becoming more visible as his body became more flat. Ashley's eyes passed from Sam to Brad's body. Now Sam said as she sat back down. Point and show us where you want a dog to lick you. Brad was happy to be the center of this attention and her non-negative view of his very taboo desire. His dick continued to swell to an almost completely erect state. The head was not to full engorgement, but the shaft was elongated and now laid on his stomach.

He pointed to his cock. Good Sam said. Stroke it. Stroke your dick. Ashley's head was spinning a little. Just not that long ago, she was involved in her regular, normal life and routine... and now she's here with a naked slave on one couch, and a stripping, dog molesting woman on the other. The alcohol was helping though as Sam began to play out the role of dominance in the scenario she was authoring.

Brad at this point wasn't really sure what was going on. She said that he might be surprised at this meeting, but what did she have in mind? Was this other girl supposed to dominate him as well? I guess that's a pretty big surprise...

His dick was prominently displayed, shaved clean and laying on his stomach as his body stretched out before the two women. Ashley's heart began to quicken as she became attracted to the scene before her. He began to stroke, attempting to lose any sense of self consciousness that lingered. The more he pumped and the harder it got, the more turned on he became. He began to clench his ass and his head began to sway slightly as he pumped, feeling the flood of sexual desire and willingness flow into him.

Now Sam said. Point to where else you want a dog to lick you. He took his other hand and pointed to his balls as he continued to stroke his hairless dick. Nice Sam said. She looked at Ashley gauging her reaction to the sight in front of her. Ashley's face was turning slightly flush and her attention clearly focused on the scene.

Now, Sam stated again. I know there must be at least one other place, right little slut? Brad looked her in the face. She looked at Ashley who already knew the overall plan. Show us Sam said. Tell Ashley and me where else your dirty little mind has pictured a dog licking you. Brad was too turned on to protest. He didn't care anymore. He lifted on foot to the edge of the couch and placed his finger between his cheeks. Ashley could not see exactly what he was doing, but she got the idea instantly. She shot a look up to Sam as it to acknowledge her power over him. She felt the alcohol buzzing her mind as she clenched her thighs together to meet the still growing desire in her pussy. Sam noticed her reaction and smiled at her.

Sam stood and walked in front of Brad. Very good my little toy, now stop playing with yourself she said as if speaking to a child. Ashley watched her admiring the authority and feminine empowerment she carried. Sam wasn't flirting. She was direct as if there was a job to get done. She bent down to look him directly in the face, touched his chin and said, Hi, my pet. Are you ready? Brad said, yes Miss. She turned to see Ashley still watching intently. Ashley wasn't really part of her original plan, but the wheels had been turning since knowing she'd be here during her first real hardcore encounter with her boy toy. She stood back upright again and told him to get down on the floor in the middle of the room. He got off the sofa, reached down to guide his erect cock and laid stomach down on the floor. Sam judged his position and decided he needed to be facing away from both Ashley and the bedroom door. She told him to face his head more or less toward the front door. Looking again she decided it was acceptable. Stay there. Brad's mind began assuming the worst. What is coming from behind him that she's bringing on. I hope it's not some guy or some crazy shit. Brad was an experimentalist and budding sub for sure, but that was something he would struggle with internally if Sam decided on making that part of their scene.

For about 2 minutes of waiting, Ashley had been eyeing Brad laying on the floor with his naked body exposed processing what had been going on. She decided she liked how his body was shaped and thought that Sam made a good find... Who is this guy, and where did she find him, she wondered... Brad mustered the courage to peek in her direction. His eyes met with hers which were already looking at him. His sexual excitement fading from the lack of stimulation he turned his head back feeling like quite the submissive spectacle.

Sam's bedroom door opened. In her right hand she had a small black personal items travel bag and in the left, she has the dog's collar. Brad heard nothing but light scurrying footsteps. Ashley gazed on as if seated at a strip club lounge. Sam found that her legs were slightly open and was lounging lazily in the sofa, eyes fixed on the boy toy in front of her. As they approached the living room she brought the originally intended threesome partner, a dog next to Brad. Brad looked up to see the dog and was thoroughly surprised. He looked at Sam who simply looked down at him and said, I'm going to enjoy this. Sam released the dog who leaned down and sniffed curiously around Brad like dogs usually do. His nose shot over his body paying particular attention to those areas that dogs usually like to sniff at, threatening to arouse Brad.

Turn over Sam ordered as she positioned the dog next to him. Look at his cock. He did. Do you want that little boy? Yes... You dirty slut she explained with a smile on her face, knowing how surprised he must be. Well, don't just sit there start stroking it. Be nice... you have to be gentle especially if he doesn't know you. Brad shot her a look. She looked down at her subject doing her will, grabbed her pussy over her panties and paused to smile at him. Hold his cock, now! Brad turned to his side to get a better angle. Sam and Ashley noticed his swelling cock. Brad, you little ho, Sam said as he felt the weight in his hand and began pumping the cock. You're already excited by this. I don't even need to force you into the idea that you're going to bow down to animal cock in front of us. Brad felt slightly embarrassed for a second, but as his submissive nature dictated, he opted for honesty. Yes Miss. I've thought about this before as you know. As we all here know, you little sex slut Sam replied.

Brad continued to pump as the cock grew harder and heavier in his hand. Ashley looked on maintaining her composure but feeling the growing heat in the room. That's it pump that nice dick. Hmm, looks like he'll be a decent size Sam said as she observed the growing cock. You know, I also like the head of your cock Brad, Sam bestowed on him finally, reaching down and giving it a pinch. She looked back at Ashley who was admiring Sam's controlling position. Like most people she was finding herself attracted to the confidence in Sam. She was becoming more warm to her and was feeling the heat of her sexual attractiveness. The curve of her butt as she was pinching her slave looked nice she thought... Sam is fucking sexy.

The dog was focusing his attention on the sensation of having his horny dog dick being expertly pumped by another male. Apparently he had no problem with getting masturbated by a human because soon his hips were humping and the pink tip began to shoot out growing longer and thicker with each of Brad's horny pumps. Brad was getting so turned on his own cock began to ache as he started humping his own hips attempting to get some extra sexual sensation. He could not see Ashley through the dog, but he knew she was watching the scene - him laying down pumping the dog and his own firm dick sprung upward between his legs. He figured she must be enjoying the show.

Still holding and steadying the dog by the collar Sam moaned as she looked on and saw the dog begin to leak the beginning of the large amounts of cum that dogs cum. She reached for her crotch with her free hand and rubbed through her panties watching Brad be the compliant dirty slut sub she wanted him to be, enjoying the cock jacking he was doing. Ashley could see Sam's fingers between her legs from behind working her lips, no doubt getting moist. After all the organizing, deliberating, putting thought to action, Sam looked down at her creation. She rubbed hard for a moment not able to restrain herself and let out a moan. Hearing Sam, Ashley getting excited herself at the entire scene did too.

Brad and Sam heard her. Sam looked over her shoulder at her and noticed her flushed face, remembering what she looked like the last time Sam showed sexuality to her. Remember when I was bent over with you watching me get my thick pussy and ass rimmed (saying thick and rimmed with heavy lusty emphasis) by that dog you gave up to me, risking your job just so you could watch? Yes, Ashley croaked out to her. Sam bent over not losing eye contact and reached up to trace a finger slowly from her barely covered ass ring over her pussy and slowly said, that was so fucking hot. Ashley's head tipped backward and she finally had to grab her own crotch and rub, giving in to the overwhelming sexuality in the whole room. Hearing about this little bit of history between his Mistress and Ashley was a little surprising but it put the missing pieces of the puzzle together. He and Sam has discussed their lives and gotten to know each other somewhat, but that discussion obviously wasn't included. The scene he was in finally made sense.

Sam smiled and turned back around to face Brad and his lover. Knowing Ashley was looking she let go of the hip humping dog, bent over and began to finally play with Brad's cock. The thong stretched thinly revealing her asshole and digging tightly between her outer lips. Ashley craned her neck to get a better look and continued to gratuitously massage her cunt through her pants. Sam looked up at Brad who was holding the dog's collar with one hand and giving him a thorough handjob with the other. He moaned as he felt Sam for the first time jack his cock. The touch of someone stroking him couldn't have felt more erotic coming from anyone else.

The dog's cock had grown fully engorged now as Brad studied, played with it, almost making love to it. The red dick was about 6-7 inches in front of the growing knot, bright red with a thick center. It had been leaking cum all over his human lover's hand. The fact that he was doing it because that was what he was told was what really made it so sweet and hot for him. He was exactly where he had felt he wanted to be. Doing things like fucking with animals was exactly what he wanted to be forced to do. To do it as an order somehow made the fantasy complete for him. The fact that Sam was so good at controlling his every emotion made him feel like he would do about anything for her. He was hard and humping lightly into in her manipulating hand. He was under her complete emotional and sexual control.

So little boy, why aren't you sucking that nice juicy pink dick, she asked eyeing the cock as she continued to rub up and down, her tits brushing his legs? I know you want to, don't you? Yes Miss.. I just wasn't sure if you wanted that or not. Good answer bitch. I know you have had these fantasies that that I'm bringing to life for you, and for sure you know not to repay me by indulging without my say so. Yes Miss. Of course, he stated with sincerity. What would you rather do next Brad, suck his cock or lick his asshole? Brad paused not sure what either task would be like, he said, suck his cock. Ok, then Brad, lick his asshole. The sensation she was giving him through his cock conflicted somehow with the order she just gave leaving a bittersweet horny feeling in his brain.

No sooner had she finished her sentence when she was positioning the pet's behind toward Brad's head. Brad was shocked, genuinely. So was Ashley as she let out a slight gasp. No need to be surprised Ashley, Sam said. He will be glad to do this. Watch.

Brad's cock twitched at the assertiveness of his mistress commanding such a lewd act. He rose to his knees to face the dog's rear. Since his cock was no longer being stimulated the dog was looking down licking the dew Brad thoroughly coaxed from inside the dog's sex organ. His nose turned toward Sam as he tried to sniff. Sam quickly pulled the collar back as Brad neared his butt. Ashley noticed how smooth and clean his ass looked noting it as a sign that he has been doing other things for her as well. She peered on watching Sam's boy toy about to do something so amazingly taboo that she was forced to admire the devotion he was giving her, and it turned her on.

Brad's nose neared the dog's hole. It had the scent someone would expect, but having had a bath at Ashley's dog sitting place, it wasn't bad. He cocked his head to one side to navigate around the tail and pressed his tongue lightly against the spongy anus taking in the new experience. Sam watched closely. He pulled his head back as if examining his thoughts. He looked up at her obediently. Keep going she encouraged and reached down to pick up the tail for better access. I know you want to. As if she were in control of how he felt, feeling a rush of sexual tension he reached down and pressed on his cock as he went in for another lick. This time he flicked his tongue across the rim, back and forth, noting the shape of the dog's asshole with his tongue, beginning to make love to it as the bitter taste began to disappear and as everyone watched and enjoyed the show. He felt where the hole was as the tip passed over his lover's butthole. He could see Sam's sexy body standing next to him enjoying what he was doing and his cock began to ache even more. He went back again for more as Sam reached down and began to play with her pussy again with her free hand.

Ashley got up to get a better look and stood at Sam's side watching as Brad made out with the dog's asshole with his entire mouth and tongue. Mmm. Mmmm. Do you like it Ashley asked, finally speaking up. Brad just moaned his reply indicating a yes. Still masturbating and holding the dog, Sam eyed Ashley's response to the situation. Do you like it she decided to ask her? It looks like he's enjoying making love to that hot little asshole for me. Do you like watching it? Ashley looked her in the eyes then back at the scene and breathed out, fuck yes. Sam smiled, looked at Brad and said, get in there slut. French kiss his asshole now. Ashley, come here and help me hold his collar. Sam raised the tail higher to she and Ashley could get a good look. Having finally gotten rid of the deeply bitter taste from the outside of the rim, Brad contemplated the taste again but didn't hesitate. He stiffened his tongue and began to insert it into this strange dog's butthole. Sam and Ashley watched closely as the saw his tongue slowly sinking inside. They both reached down to touch their pussies in response to the sight. The Now fuck it Sam said. Do it bitch, she breathed... do it my sweet bitch.

Brad sat on his rear, grabbed the dog's hind legs and started to fuck his tongue in and out. The dog squirmed and was trying to get a better look at what was going on, but the girls and Brad kept him still enough for him to get his ass tongue fucked by the other horny male in the room. The girls masturbated slowly to the sight and sounds of squishing and smacking fucking their ears. slip, pop, slip, snap... mmmmm Brad moaned as he thoroughly began making out with a dog's ass. The girl's inner deviant had their minds thoroughly engaged as they panted witnessing the real exchange of Brad's power from him to Sam.

Sam's cunt began to sop and she was growing more in need to force depraved acts out of her will to dominate, to increase the intensity of her satisfaction. She began to pull down her thong with one hand while she tried to hold the sometimes wriggling dog still with the other. Sensing her struggling to get the waist band down over her wide swung hips and cheeks Ashley for the first time ever touched Sam by gently attempting to pull down the thong string closest within her reach. Though she didn't lead on Sam didn't let it go unnoticed that it seemed she might be growing attracted to her and probably to Brad in some way, and that she was definitely turned on by the otherwise perverted, deviant acts. As soon as the two of them had gotten the thong to the floor Sam bent over and picked up the material feeling the wetness of her girl cum in it. She handed the thong to Ashley, saying hold this honey. Ashley not sure if she had just crossed a line she wasn't sure where things would lead, looked at Sam, felt her own wet pussy between her legs and then took the thong.

Sam stopped rubbing her clit. Stop making out with your lover. Brad removed his mouth for the dog looking up at Sam, his erect cock flinging up as he backed away. She smiled down on him with a truly horny expression then reached over to touch the dog's hole with her finger. She looked him in the eye as she began to insert her finger into the dog's anus, feeling the tightness eased by the saliva left behind. She withdrew the finger and sucked the tip holding eye contact with Brad eyeing him up and down, taking in his entire body. Mmm, she moaned. You're doing a good job little boy, a very good fucking job. Brad's felt his face was flushed and his cock throbbing with lust.

How wet are those, she asked Ashley. Ashley knew she couldn't refuse. She touched them with her finger noticing how damp and almost slick they were underneath her finger tip and said, very wet. Do me a favor Sam said. Rub the wet part on my bitch's cock and asshole. Would you like to do that for me, she asked with a seductive look? Ok, Ashley breathed. Good. Ok. Raise that butt of yours. Ashley is going to touch you, she said looking at Ashley from the corner of her eye. Brad dropped to his elbows, raising his bottom in the air, showing an exposed, fresh asshole and balls tightly grouped just beneath.

Mmm boy, Sam said releasing the dog. You did an excellent job my little slut. You're making me happy she said as she got down on her knees next to him. Maybe if you keep being such a nice dirty bitch, I'll let you feel some cock up your butt, she said in a smoky, lusty tone. I bet you'd like that wouldn’t you my little cunt? Brad breathed yes, as he felt Ashley crouching at his side. Yes Miss, I want to do and like everything that pleases you. Good she stated sharply, stood and began to walk in front of Brad's head... Enjoy Ashley's touch. You can moan if you like, she said with smile.

Hearing Sam's reply Ashley shot a glance at Sam just as she was fishing for the best way to get the material wrapped around this strange new dick before her. She looked back down at her task, her jeans hugging tightly to her crouched body. Sam wondered just how horny she was, the little sweetheart. Ashley gazed at the hard member and maneuvered the cotton patch to the thick knob. Ooh, she gasped quietly as she felt the stiffness under her fingers. She rubbed the material up and down trying to get any wetness off the panties and onto the cock. Mmmm Brad let out a gratuitous moan and bucked his hips into her hand causing his cock to slide across her fingers. She removed the panties and with her other hand touched the dick to see if it was wet at all... barely. She stood back up and walked behind brad who was now facing Sam's ass as she stood, her taunting him gently but firmly about how her ass was above him. Even where she shits from is above him.

She crouched down again and neared his well defined ass. It shone slightly in the living room light from the shaving. It looks like a chick's ass Ashley thought, but didn't say, not wanting to interrupt Sam from the rim job she was now getting from Brad. Brad was not allowed to touch her pussy yet, she overheard so knew that his tongue was giving her an anal tonguing as she moaned and encouraged her good little girly bitch.

Ashley rested one hand on his ass and began to part his pussy with it. She brought the material to his ass and began to rub small circles over his anus. She had never done anything quite like this before. The other scene just a few feet ahead of her was Sam's ass, spread by her own hands. Her cheeks were soft white with an even skin tone. Her breasts displayed their ample size as they bulged slightly from the sides of her chest. Ashley touched Brad's asshole tenderly wondering how Sam's delicate bud was feeling under his tongue. I wonder how much he likes eating her. I wonder what she tastes like. Her panties were soaked.

She stopped when she felt she'd done all she could to reuse Sam's lubrication. She looked at his asshole and hesitated. Curiosity and the fact that no one was looking overtook her and she pressed her bare finger to his bud and checked for wetness. Her cunt felt like it spasmed as she listened to Sam's moans and contemplated penetrating her bitch. She declined, stood and sat down on the couch next to where Sam had apparently dropped her black bag she got from her bedroom and watched as Sam moaned like a slut, bucking her ass lightly into Brad's again stiff tongue. Curiously the dog came back from searching the apartment and sat down on the floor next to her. She patted him on the head and watched. Sam was now completely on all 4's with her head down and in complete rapture. One hand was rubbing her tits. Brad continued to suck the butthole careful not to touch her pussy too much with his chin. Beg me to lick my cunt boy, Sam stated. He did. Lick my cunt. She rammed her ass into his face solidly smacking his face with her cheeks as a light slapping sound was heard throughout the room. Ashley noticed the dog's dick was still a little pink at the end. She was aching to masturbate but wasn't sure how involved she should get herself.

Having indulged the ass and pussy licking ritual that would further Brad's involvement into Sam's intimate world, Sam stopped to realize that Ashley was done with her task, she stood and faced Brad and Ashley surveying the look on Ashley's flushed face. She looked down at Brad's wet mouth and upward cast submissive and horny face. She reached up pulled her hair behind her shoulders as if to gain composure and then addressed Brad. Brad, thank Ashley for jacking you off. He sat on the side of his ass, looked her in the eyes and said thank you Ashley. Slut, thank Ashley for touching your horny cock and ass. Thank you Ashley for touching my cock and ass. I liked it. Good boy.

Did you like watching that Ashley, Sam asked? Ya, she said a little nonchalantly. Ashley was a bit on the quiet, sensitive side. Sometimes she seemed a little unattached but it was mainly just her feeling a bit shy. I did, she appended, not wanting to sound too aloof. Tension was closing in on her and she knew it. Sam knew she was a bit reserved, but obviously there was more going on with her potential for sex than Ashley led on. When Sam met Ashley online, the central theme was largely sexually based. Though Ashley may never have done or watched anything regarding sexuality with a dog, it wasn't hard for Sam to sway her into curiosity. They made each other's acquaintance in some sexually titled chat room online. Ashley was a regular masturbator and sometimes girlfriend to usually quiet and nice guys. Her last relationship lasted 2 years to a nice guy she met while working in a coffee shop. The sex was tepid, but consistent and comfortable. When he decided he wanted to go to school out of the state, the relationship was mutually put on hold. She was pretty enough to be pursued, but with her busy life of dedication to part time study and full time work, and her sometimes tendency to prefer to stay home rather than go out socializing meant intimate times were sometimes more convenient in the privacy of her own space.

Sam stood observing her audience with her intense presence. Ashley's legs were crossed as she masturbated by squeezing her thighs. Sam could tell she was aroused. Brad was still sitting on the floor, enjoying the submissive role and position he was in. He liked the feeling of being comfortable with and even aroused by his vulnerability. He was also glad this seemingly nice girl Ashley was enjoying the sexuality. So was she.

Remembering how Ashley had been moaning throughout the last 20 minutes or so of intense psychological and sexual activity and helping Sam, she decided to finally challenge her now seemingly reserved pose and possibly add her to her list of delicious subs. Ashley, would you like to see more of this boy's sexuality? Sure, Ashley stated. Sam turned to Brad making sure her ass was also in Ashley's line of sight. She had a feeling she was attracted to her and thought she'd use this opportunity to test and challenge her. Brad, prop yourself back on your hands and knees. She bent down keeping her knees slightly straight so that her pussy would become nice and visible to Ashley. Then she reached under Brad's stomach toward his hanging knob. She grabbed the knob and held it for a moment. Good boy she said, see Ashley, he's just like the horny dog himself... on all 4's with his dick hanging down and his butt sticking out waiting for something to come along and check it out. She began to stroke up and down on the Brad's now sensitive dick as if she were milking him. She jerked suddenly and crudely, but steady and rhythmically. Mmm uhhh miss.... uhhhh, mmmmm he let out. Sam peered at his bottom and noticed his asshole winking as she jacked on his cock sending sexual sensations through him. What a girl you are, you lovely slut... She reached back and spread her butt so Ashley could see up her crack. Mmmm, she moaned enticingly. What a nice fucking slut cock! She tugged a few more good tugs until her pussy was getting wet all over again handling that fun little knob of his and listening to his reaction of his cock being controlled. Surely that would be a good show to captivate Ashley's attention. Without warning she quickly looked over her shoulder to see where Ashley's eyes were.

The light just happened to be shining at the right angle where Ashley could see Sam's fat pussy, and just by chance it happened that Ashley was looking at her ass when Sam caught her. It wasn't really as if she hadn't been watching Brad, but Sam was going to use it against her anyway. Ashley, Sam said inquisitively. Aren't you looking at this lovely dick being pumped? Ashley looking slightly on the spot said, yes! Mm, hmm... said Sam, reaching down with the hand that was just on Brad's dick to rub her clit. Ashley knew she was in trouble of being at the point of no return. Up until this moment, masturbating while watching Sam get licked and fucked by one of her client's dogs was the wildest things she'd ever done. This by far was topping the list.

Sam's face was growing lusty again. Come over here Sam said playfully. Sam was never inclined to go to anyone. They would come to her. You do like men, don't you? Yes, Ashley said, feeling suddenly uncomfortable. Oh, ok. Just checking. I've been approached by women wondering if I might be a lesbian before, and I could swear you've been checking me out. Ashley said nothing. Reach in that bag and pull out whatever you think looks interesting. Ashley paused then looked down and began to unzip the bag. Inside were a variety of fun sex toys and a couple DVD's. She glanced back at Sam for direction. Sam just looked back at her still rubbing lightly on her swollen pussy lips. Brad was looking straight at Ashley and the bag, starting to see Ashley as another toy in Sam's toy chest. Ashley swallowed and opened the bag to take a closer look. she fumbled for a second... there were anal beads, probes, something with a pump bulb thing, a couple dongs... one DVD was titled "The Family Farm". Sam interrupted, do you like what you see in there baby? Ashley just looked up at her. We want something big, don't we? Ashley looked back down and grabbed a dark colored thick dong and pulled it out. Oh my, it was about 10 inches long with a head on each. It was black and had thick veins and Sam's favorite prominent bulbous heads. Before Ashley could reconsider, Sam said perfect! Come here... the word slut tacked onto the end of the sentence almost escaping her mouth. Ashley rose, her cheeks still pink and walked toward Sam and her shapely boy-girl.

I think you want to get more involved with us so I'll tell you want I want you to do. Without waiting for a reply she continued. Take one of those nice cock heads you have there and bounce that cock head on his asshole a few times, Sam stated matter of factly. Give his asshole a good bounce. Go ahead and play with him. Ok, she replied. Brad felt Ashley move behind him as he prepared for Ashley's touch again. Ashley wasn't sure if she should run out the door or drop her panties and cum in her hand. She grabbed the dong half down the shaft and aimed for Brad's girl hole. It made a soft smacking sound as Brad's face relaxed, his balls tightened and his eyes grew distant. Sam observed from beside Brad with her hand still near her wet pussy, ready to strum her clit or fondle her hole should she be stricken with the urge.

Ashley found a rhythm and began watching Brad's pale, firm cheeks bounce with each of her love taps. She began to like the feeling of control she had on this boy. Brad moaned and pushed his butt back toward her. His cock was involuntarily twitching at hte thought of all this lovely attention. His asshole puckered and relaxed with each sweet whack. Ashley's pussy started swelling again. Sam looked over at Brad's bud and smacking cheeks. Ashley, Sam interrupted. Poke that butt with the head. Don't put it in, but bounce the head at his asshole. As she said that she cupped her whole pussy in her hand and gave a squeeze. Mmmm. she moaned. She knew both of these people were in for some surprises.

Ashley gripped further toward the head preparing to apply some pressure. Wait a second Sam said. Removing her hand from her pussy she reached over and rubbed the slippery lubrication onto his butt. A thin layer of Sam's slippery cunt juice coated his cheeks near and on his hole. Mmmm Brad moaned at the touch. His moan sent pleasure waves through both the girl's erotic cores.

Ashley returned to the horny assault Sam assigned her to. She took a firm grasp on the cock, aimed for brad's pussy and began po-going the head at his anus. Brad remained calm as the tension in his body slowly rose. Sam watched as her innocent little toy carried out her command on her boy bitch. With each stab and sweet, sticky sound was licking everyone's ears and causing their genitals to twitch. Listen to that hot, sweet sound of his butt loosening up for that big dick Ashley said! Ashley let out a small moan as she let herself enjoy the feeling of performing this sexual act and felt her panties becoming now hopelessly wet. Her (and Sam) were definitely not unaware that she was still fully clothed while Brad and Sam were completely naked.

Brad had played with a few dildos and toys here and there. Some belonging to lovers, a couple belonging to himself, his first one belonging to his mom. He knew it could hurt if not done right. He knew it could feel good anyway though too. He had no idea what he was in for ultimately, but right now he couldn't be any more willing to do what Sam wanted.

Brad's ass began easing it's natural state of tension and the girls observed the head of the cock beginning to sink deeper into him with each persistent jab. Ashley took one more stab and kind of held the tip to his butthole observing the opening. she looked at Sam in the eyes as if to say, mmm look at that, I'm enjoying this, aren't you, and let out a small moan while making eye contact.

That was Sam's last moment of passiveness toward Ashley. The moment now seemed right to take advantage of female's usually natural inclination for submission and dominate Ashley however she wanted. Sam knew Ashley was horny and she was not going to get all hot and bothered on Sam's effort this time without giving something more in return. Sam stepped toward Ashley and took the cock from her hand. She grabbed her gently but assertively by the back of the hair and encouraged her to stand with a firm, "stand up sweetie". Ashley had a feeling something like this might come to pass, but she tried to act innocent again with a doe eyed look in her eyes. Sam just simply let go of her hair, placed the cock between her thighs to hold it, reached for Ashley's jeans button and opened the fly in one efficient motion.

Turn around and face your ass to me Sam said. Sam scooted up behind her, pressed her tits into her back, placed her hands on Ashley hips and whispered into her ear breathing her words as if she was as likely to cum as to bark at her in dominance. Pull your pants down. Ashley's eyes were wide and alert. Her pussy was wet and sensitive. She reached down and slid her pants down. As she bent over her jeans brushed Sam's thighs and then were replaced by Ashley's bare bottom.

Ashley had no tan lines. Her skin was even more pale than Sam's. She wore a regular set of cotton briefs. Brad craned his neck to look at Ashley stripping on Sam's orders, peering as best he could into her bending over butt. Sam saw him out of the corner of her eye, but allowed the ogling by saying to him, go ahead my little girl, take a look at her. He finally lowered his ass to the carpet and prepared to watch the spectacle before him. Before Ashley could rise all the way Sam placed her hands down on Ashley's back not allowing her to rise.

I like you Ashley breathed Sam. I think you're sweet. But I also know that you're a very, very dirty girl deep down in that little unused body, aren't you Ashley? I know I have a nice fat juicy pussy and I caught you looking at thinking about how nice it is even with our cute little Brad here bearing his cock and ass while I jerked him as a show for you. You allowed me to talk you into letting me have sex with one your dogs and came hard and screamed when you saw how good it felt for me to fuck it. Finally she said slowly in a low tone of voice... You like the way my pussy looks, and you like me too don't you?

Sam's dominating words somehow resonated within Ashley. Ashley couldn’t believe she could get any more aroused, but she did. From this normally quiet, subdued girl came a sound not even she had ever heard come from herself. She paused for a split second then with Sam behind her submissively bent over ass she suddenly, outwardly moaned loudly at Sam's couch and wall. My fucking god, yes I love what you do Sam. I love it. It' all so fucking hot! Uhhhhhhhh, she tapered off with a long moan, squatting almost buckling under the sexual strain coursing its way through every sensitive part of her body. Sam couldn't believe her own rising state of arousal, but knew this was no time to get soft. Ashley nearly collapsed to her knees when Sam suddenly reached down and pulled the thick headed dick from between her legs with one hand, and with the other slid her fingers between Ashley's firm, young behind and the cotton hem of her panties, yanking them over, exposing her pussy and her own tight ass bud.

Sam bent slightly to look down at the scene. The scent of arousal and typical asshole scent passed quickly into her nose and mouth. without missing a step she took the mostly dry dick and smacked it firmly against her bent over pussy. It hit with a wet slap. She applied some pressure toward the head and pressed it into the center of her slit then drug it up from clit to her slightly parted cunt hole. The dildo was wet.

From Brad's vantage point he saw two extremely sexually charged asses in front of him, one bitch now dominating the fate of the other. Brad couldn't believe how hard and sensitive his cock felt. He was wanting desperately to jack off. He began to rock his hips, making his cock wave to try to create some sensation. Sam didn't much notice... yet.

Sam now took her hand and spread Ashley's darling girl cheeks exposing her funky scented but cute butt. Sam aimed the cock for her anus, guiding it closer until it made contact pressing lightly against each cheek, then finally her mostly virgin hole. Ashley’s eyes got wide as Sam suddenly pushed hard, trying to force the cock into her asshole. It was not loving and it was not meant to be. Sam's desire to be dominant and rule over Ashley overpowered her sense of compassion and friendship.

The cock was having a hard time getting in as Ashley's natural instinct to tighten up took over. You're getting my cock Ashley. It's going up your ass. You're going to submit to me. Don't fight it. Finally as with Brad's hole the bud began to open and accept the head past the first ring. The head disappeared about half way and threatened the inner ring. Sam eased a bit and pushed lightly, knowing how much it could hurt from here. Slowly the head disappeared and the outer ring collapsed tightly behind the ridge and onto the shaft. The relaxing dog's face perked with a curious look as Ashley let out a howl to match the almost searing pain, squirming as Sam continued working her. Squatting Sam held Ashley's thighs tight and kept pushing as the dick now with no resistance easily slid into her bowels. 2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches 5, 6 and finally 7 made it in when Ashley released another howl to indicate she didn't go any deeper. The howls of pain and her willingness to endure it signaled her own submission to Sam and what she represented. It was the sound of surrender to Sam's will and to Ashley's own sexuality. She was now part of a world of desire she wouldn't easily return from. The rest was just a matter of experiencing it.

In this unexpected turn of events Ashley was the one who first received Sam's dominating penetration, but Brad would not be left wanting. Sam stood holding Ashley still in the bent over position. Brad's cock was stiff as iron as he watched her sobbing and the thick cock lewdly hanging from her butt, her pussy completely ignored. Come here Brad, Sam barked. Brad stood for the first time in quite a while. As he approached he looked down between Ashley's cheeks which were almost seemingly gripping the dick. He could make out her hole stretched submissively over it. It looked fucking delicious. Ashley take your top off. Expose those nice small tits of yours. Brad, help her. The two of them fumbled around with the outer and under garments until she was completely naked. Her tits were about a B cup, firm, and with hard, tight light pink nipples.

Brad, why don't you suck her tits. He leaned down take both in his hands and began caressing and sucking the tips. uhmmmmm she moaned as he licked and sucked. Sam held the cock in her hand and began to work it slowly in and out of her butt as she stood. There was no lube to speak of on the cock. It was thick too. Ashley moaned with pleasure and the pleasure of the pain. She reached down to rub her clit. Sam quickly reached and grabbed her throat. Let go of your pussy. Ashley surprised by her forcefulness, let go. You'll play with that pussy when I say you can, do you understand? Yes Sam, ok she replied. Uhmmm. I love what you're doing to us. Brad looked up at her face sensing a companion in this world he himself was beginning to love.

Sam worked the cock a few more times in and out loving how the dry dick stuck to her cheeks as she it slid methodically in and out of her butthole. Mmmm Sam said. I love how I'm fucking you right now, you dirty cunt. She laughed pulling the cock out. A small trail of shit was left behind sticking to her cheeks. Mmm, Sam reached down and touched her butt, fingering the trail. She reached back up and stuck the finger in Ashley's moth. Suck it. Ashley licked and probed the finger with her tongue not unaware of the light but funky taste. You see, you're a dirty slut too, aren't you? Aren't you? Yes she moaned as Brad continued to send sex into her through her tits.

Ok, get on your knees Ashley, now. Ashley a little scared but more excited by being under Sam's control dropped down. Now onto your hands. She dropped down again, her small butt raised, her pussy exposed. She was in position for sex, the most open position possible.

Now Brad, on your hands and knees behind her facing away from her. He crouched and took his place behind Ashley. Back up... that's it. When their asses kissed, she said ok, good, stop. Sam crouched down beside them and reached around their legs and began to fondle them enjoying the feel and sight of what she was creating. She began to pump Brad's cock up and down while she fingered Ashley's clit. each of them began moaning in the ecstasy of being so thoroughly manipulated. As Sam masturbated their sex organs she began taking turns spitting on each of their assholes until it was running down over their genitals. They moaned and humped. Their asses kissing and rubbing sending more thrills through their bodies as Sam used them for her own controlling purposes.

Next, she picked the double cock back up and aimed the an end first at Ashley's butthole. Her bitches were right where she wanted them to extract the most amount of orgasm fun - sexed up, broken and compliant. This time she massaged the hole with the tip, teasing it, tempting it. She reached back under and began massaging her clit again while she stroked the head against her tightest, most taboo hole. Mmm, Ashley moaned as the sensations from both locations began to make her hips rock into Brad's butt again. Do you want to me to butt fuck you Ashley Sam asked? Remembering how much it hurt when Sam forced it in her moments ago, she paused. Sam pushed hard on her clit and her asshole. Of course you do Sam answered for her. Now fucking say it before I make you wish you had. Yes Sam, she replied instantly, I want it. I want your butt fucking she said as she continued to rock her hips making the dick tease her ass, but all the while fearful of something intensely painful.

Good Sam said. Do you want it rough? Do you want it to hurt? No, please... Sam paused as Ashley's eyes grew a little wider in fear. Can I have it nice? Tell me you'll do whatever I say. I will. I’ll do whatever you say. I really like you. I really like how you have control. You're sexy. What will you do for me again Sam replied? I'll do whatever you say. Ok, Sam said. I'll give it to you nice, but remember. I want to cash in on your promise, and when I do, you'd better remember your word, or you'll never get to feel my attention again. I promise she replied.

Sam got up and returned with astro glide from her bag and began to drip it onto Ashley's cheeks and hole. She reached down with her hand and spread it around making sure everything was nice and wet, enjoying the sensation her ass gave back to her hand. She picked the large cock back up and began to twist the head into her hole still holding her clit under her finger. Ok, push out honey. That will make it easier. Hearing Sam's supportive words made her relax and trust that she wasn't going to punish or hurt her. She focused on relaxing and began to push but instead of shitting she was opening herself to be filled, to be fucked.

Sam focused on Ashley's response and began to work the cock more insistently into the hole. Under the pressure and massage of the cock head, the outer ring opened easy and allowed the dick tip to slip inside. Sam stopped pushing forward and just began rotating the dick, massaging the inside of her butt and rubbing her clit giving her hole time to get used to the object being inserted. She continued to sex her ass and pussy and began to push a little deeper waiting for her inner ring to be ready to accept full penetration.

Sam watched Ashley's response looking for a sign of pain or reluctance. Still massaging her, Ashley began to moan and rock her hips into the dick. She pushed back to receive more cock. Sam pushed and the head disappeared. Uhmmmmuuuuuugh Ashley moaned loudly. Uhhh, that feels good the horny girl moaned loudly. She began bucking under Sam's finger as Sam began to push the dick in deeper. She pumped lightly a couple times and then stopped. I'm glad you like it Ashley.

Now, for my other little pet. Shall I do the same favor for you and make this nice and easy? Yes, please Brad said. You'll do whatever I say right? Yes Miss. I want what you want. Ok. She rested the other end on Brad's glowing cheek, leaving the other half penetrating Ashley's insides. She reached down for the lube and began to spread it on and in Brad's crack. When he was good and wet she began to work the other end into him.

Ashley felt the end resting inside her dark hole wiggle as Sam worked her way into penetrating Brad. He moaned as she reached under to squeeze and stroke his dick. Finally the cock slid inside. Ashley felt the dick inside her withdraw some as Sam filled Brad with the other end. Brad moan as the sex inside his hole got massaged by Sam's cock and his own cock got massaged by her firm hand.

Sam let go of Brad's cock and soon both Brad and Ashley felt Sam fucking them with her double ended dick. They could also feel her hand making wet contact with their cheeks as she worked the dick back and forth between them. The shaft and bulbous head worked their insides stimulating their sex organs and they moaned together, taking the sweet fucking nice and submissively. Sam looked down as she fucked them and began to finger her own clit with her free hand, looking for more direct sexual stimulation. The sight of seeing her slaves bowing and taking her will in the form of a double ended cock between them was an experience she'd never had before and she liked it. You bad, dirty, little fucking sluts she said smiling as she rubbed herself bucking her own hips into her hand.

Sam could have easily cum right then and there. She wasn't done with their bodies and their obedience yet though. She didn't want to cum masturbating either. She would most likely use Brad for her own orgasm. Mmmmm, she moaned out loud, coming to to the edge of an orgasm and let go of her fully engorged pussy. Ok you two she breathed out. I'm going to fuck you. Brad is that ok with you? Yes miss. Ashley is that ok with you too? Yes. Great she said as she slid the cock from their firm bottoms noting how loose and open both of their slut holes were and watched as they slowly closed. She remembered the thin shit stain that was on Ashley's cheek after her initial penetration assault.

Sam took the cock and brought it to Brad's face. I just fucked Ashley with this end of this dick and before I fuck you I want you to suck it. Is that ok with you, Sam taunted. Yes Miss, it is. Hmm Sam said, I don't think that's good enough. Beg me to lick Ashley's ass off my cock. Show me you want to submit to my dirty dick.

Despite about having to endure yet one more ass tasting session, Brad was getting excited again. He had so far been pushed beyond what he pictured. It made him feel helpless to resist her. He didn't want to anyway. He squeezed his thighs tightly on his hard cock as Sam watched. He looked up and pleaded to suck her dick. Please Miss, I want to please you by sucking that dick of yours. That was good enough for Sam and she stuck it crudely in his mouth as he sucked as best he could. In a display of dominance she wiggled it in his mouth and fucked the funky head rapidly back and forth from teeth to throat. He could taste the sweetness of the lube with bitterness of the girl's ass in his mouth. Ashley's clit began to throb suddenly for Brad. She enjoyed seeing him give in to the power. She realized she enjoyed picturing it be herself. Sam noticed Ashley's fixated face staring at Brad eating her ass off the cock. Oh my little friend, your face always give you away. You like that don't you? You like seeing me put him underneath me with my dirty cock don't you. Ashley looked at Sam in the eyes, not trying to cover up her feelings this time and just moaned yes... Sam smiled, reached over with her free hand and grabbed hard at a handful of her left tit and let go. she winced at first at the pain, but never lost her submissive composure.

He sucked at it knowing that enjoying it was what Sam wanted. Tasting it then was exactly what he wanted. The limits of what he wouldn't do were growing thin as he gave head to Sam's dick. Ashley and Sam looked at how hard his cock was. His throat was making a slight sucking and slurping sound as he took the oral assault with pleasure and appreciation. You're turning out to be a good bitch Brad, Sam said she stated with genuine appreciation.

Thank you for cleaning my cock Brad. Stand please. He did, his member sticking out and up with complete hardness. The tip was wet and slippery from pre-cum. Ashley come here please. Face Brad. She stood about 3 feet from Brad facing him, their eyes meeting. Brad looked at her nude body remembering how nice her tits were to suck. Closer Sam said. She stepped closer. Sam reached out around each of them and pushed them together until Brad's dick tapped Ashley's stomach leaving a wet mark near her navel. She looked at his eyes, her face flushed with lust.

I'm going to fuck the two of you, but neither of you are going to feel my pussy, or my ass or even my mouth. Their eyes darted around the room wondering what she was saying. Look at him Ashley. She did. Whether you like it or not I'm going to fuck you with his cock. It's going in your pussy. That's my cock you feel poking you and that’s my bitch its attached to.

Brad put your back against that wall behind you. He backed up until his ass and back touched the cool surface. Sam stood in front of Ashley and slowly and gently turned her around until Sam's hard nipples brushed her back. Her hands wandered over her breasts and down her stomach, over her waist and under her ass. She took her hands and spread her butt cheeks. Bend over she whispered in her ear. Further. Touch your toes. Ashley was in dire need of something to fuck her. Even though she still feared the unknown she was ready for what Sam was going to do. She wanted it bad.

You see Brad between your legs? Yes she said. Walk backward toward him. I'll aim your little butt at his cock, so don't worry about that. Just walk. She began taking shuffled steps back toward the wall where Brad was waiting pressed against the wall with his dick sticking out. she looked awkward and out of control. Sam held her hips and gave slight corrections as she took 2, 3, 4, 5 steps back. There stop. Ashley stopped. Brad's cock was within inches of her completely exposed genital area. Brad your job is to do nothing. Your will is my will and in this case my will is for you to be nothing more than my cock. Yes miss he replied. I'll stay completely still and at your command. Good boy.

One more step Ashley. You're about to get mated. She took one more step as Sam held her ass from getting any closer. Ashley was teetering in a delicate balance. Sam held her steady as she eyed the proximity between her pussy and Brad's dick head. With one hand she grabbed the cock aiming it at Ashley's lightly haired, light pink pussy, and with the other she pushed the ass toward the cock. The tip poked close to its target. Brad felt the slippery mushiness of Ashley's wet pussy against the dick that Sam was firmly holding. Ashley felt the stiff mushroom shaped tip hit her lips as she prepared herself mentally to getting fucked by this strangers cock. Sam lifted the cock to her mouth and sucked the tip. Mmmmm she moaned as her mouth opened leaving a wet film on the tip, making it shine in the light. Brad felt his balls tighten and his asshole tense with excitement as he tried not to move. He looked at Ashley's exposed holes, noting their hot attractiveness. He had to concentrate on restraint.

This is my fuck she reminded both of them. Sam readied the tip at the hole and then pushed slowly on Ashley's hips toward Brad. The dick head sank into her tight hole widening the outer lips to accommodate the shaft. Uhhh... Ashley moaned as the dick began to open her. Sam held onto her hips with two hands and continued sliding her butt down the dick. Brad watched his cock disappear and the sexual sensation of wet, tight pussy crawl into his body as Sam fucked him with Ashley's pussy. The shaft slowly disappeared into Ashley's depth's. As soon as his balls were pressed against her clit Sam let things sit still for a moment. She looked at her fuck toys and said Mmmmmm, you two are getting fucked now she stated reiterating their situation.

She grabbed Ashley's hips firmly with both hands and began rocking her back and forth up and down Brad's rock hard dick, her body teetering over her planted feet. Brad watched enjoying the view of his dick being used by Sam to fuck her friend. Ashley began to whimper and moan as Sam screwed her. Do you like that you little slut? Yes, she moaned. I like it. Sam slammed her hips hard against the dick twice. Uhh! Ashley cried in pleasure. Suddenly Sam stopped denying her the pleasure. Who's fucking you slut? Who? You are Sam. You're fucking me. Good, she said as she continued to rock the hips back and forth over the dick. Ashley moaned and whimpered with the slippery sounds of wetness at each thrust of Sam's fucking. Sam watched the hairless, naked dick disappear and reappear inside her friend as she fucked Ashley's pussy back and forth on the shaft. No condom at all Ashley and you love it don't you? Yes Sam. I love it. You're a slut aren't you? Yes, I'm a slut, she moaned deeply. Uhhh, you're incredible Sam. I love how you fuck me with your naked cock. Uhhhh Sam moaned back in response to her own aching desires.

Brad started feeling his dick twitching and the hardness growing intense. The sexual pressure was mounted heavily in his mind and body. If he wasn't careful his cock would unload cum in Sam's friend and she would get pregnant. He closed his eyes and tried to focus his thoughts on other things.

Not sure how much more he could take Sam withdrew Ashley from his dick. It slid out with a light slurp leaving behind a thick, wet, shiny film along the length of his shaft and on his balls. Sam stood Ashley up, pulled her close and gave her a loving kiss. Ashley kissed back as they held each other tenderly as if they had just had sex. I hope you liked it sweetie Sam said. She then leaned into Brad and gave him a soft careful kiss. Pulled back, looking him in the eyes and said, I hope you liked the pussy I fucked you with. Brad smiled in response. She pulled apart from each of them and said I don't want either of you to cum yet. We still have another guest here that needs to be paid attention to don't we, she asked rhetorically. Brad and Ashley looked at each other sharing for a moment the acknowledgement of their position and situation they were in.

Now Brad, I think it's time for me to give you something I think you desperately need from me, she said as she reached in her bag and pulled out a sturdy strap on cock and held it in her hand. Get back down on your knees please and show Ashley and I your nice, tight ass again. Bend it over. Let's see that nice pussy you want to get fucked so badly. As he lowered himself to his hands and knees Sam continued, put yourself in that posture that tells everyone here that you are here to be completely willing. Now this time, you're going to be the girl and I'm going to fuck you again.

This was the moment Brad had fantasized about in his head over and over... completely submitting himself to be penetrated by someone who wanted him to be their fuck toy. Brad's mind felt the total consummation of his submission to her coming. Brad''s body followed, excitement building with every move. He lowered his chest to the floor, then finally raising his ass up and willingly offered up his pussy.

Sam and Ashley both reveled in the moment as Brad was soon about to be fucked up the butt by Sam. She walked around Brad taking in his posture, his appearance, her recipient of her will. She briefly eyed Ashley, then the dog. She briefly eyed the cock in her hand. Brad watched submissively what he could as Sam walked around silently pondering. Sam's pussy began to excrete a new flow of wetness as her mind clung tightly to the situation in her hands and dug deeper into what was going to happen next, pondering how she wanted to screw him.

She looked at the cock again. It was dry. Still pacing she looked back at Ashley. She raised the head of the dick and bounced it in her hand pondered the shape and diameter, then peered back down at Brad's waiting body. Ashley looked at Sam's body and then back over at the resting dog. Sam tugged on her nipple feeling the sensation running down her body to her clit. She looked back at the dog.

Ashley bring the dog over here. Sam watched her head toward the dog her small, pert tits remaining motionless and thin hips swaying as she walked. She bent down, grabbed the collar and encouraged him to head over to the scene. Upon returning Sam reached over the dog and started rubbing his cock through his furry sheath again. Mmmm, she rubbed briskly and confidently gauging the dog's face and body for signs of arousal. The dog starting to feel the sensation of tension building in his balls and cock and put his nose down by the hand that was making his cock begin to swell again... soon his hips were starting to thrust forward, fucking attempting to increase the sexual sensation.

Ashley, Sam said, go in the kitchen and get me a cup. Sam continued to jerk the dog while his cock became larger and more aroused. Brad watched on as Ashley returned with a small glass drinking cup. Now Sam said, come here and stroke this doggy dick. I know you want to don't you Ashley? That's why you were glad I called. Ashley looked at her and replied yes. I wanted you to tell me to do it. Ashley bent over and felt under the dog she brought over until she had a hold of the furry cock. Brad could see up her ass as she began to find her courage and build a pace with masturbating the animal. The dogs hips soon began bucking and fucking Ashley's virgin hand as she watched herself engaging in bestiality.

Sam now freed began to mount the strap on to her womanly hips. The toy was a pink dong about 7 inches long with a sturdy head and average sized shaft - not too big for butt fucking, not too small for pussy fucking. On the underside was a small massaging cock that rubbed against the pussy lips and clit. This would ensure that whoever Sam fucked with the dick she would get her pussy stimulated as well.

Sam moved Brad more in line with where Brad could watch. Keep jacking Sam told Ashley. Sam bent down at the knees behind the dog, reached out and lewdly massaged his asshole and balls while Ashley continued to sub herself out to the cock. From this angle once again Brad could just see the crack of her deep ass. Brad could see the dog's balls swaying in time with Ashley's now desperate, horny jerking. His cock needed rubbing badly. Sam then positioned her head behind the dog's ass and lowered her mouth to his balls. She opened her mouth and put it over the dog's tightening nuts. Ashley saw Sam eating the dog from behind and moaned as she watched her uhhh, Sam. I never knew how hot this could be. Sam kept sucking and began moaning as she thumbed her clit. Her hips were starting to gyrate as she indulged in displaying herself to her submissives. She reached up with her other hand and pressed her thumb to the dog's asshole, sinking the tip just inside. The dog started to unload his leaky cum.

He's starting to cum Ashley said as she felt the juice start to run onto on her hand. Sam removed her mouth from the dog's balls and positioned the cup under his draining cock. Pump his cock into the cup Sam ordered. Ashley continued to pump as his cock began shooting streams of cum into the cup, onto her hand and everywhere else. Sam reached back up continuing to massage his balls and asshole. He began to hump hard and the cup began to accumulate a depth of wet, slippery cum.

After a a few more moments of milking the dog for his dog cum, Sam instructed Ashley to stop. The dog walked a couple steps then sat down to lick up the mess that was all over his engorged dick. Sam stood, her own cock bouncing up to attention. Sam eyed the cup with teh bottom covered in a deep layer of lubrication. That worked out pretty well I think, she cooed at Ashley. No one for the last minutes had been able to masturbate really and were all ready for something. Sam turned to Brad with the glass and showed him the juice. Did you like what you just saw Brad? I bet before you came over tonight you didn't think anything like this would be happening, she smiled at him.

Without waiting for a response, she continued. You admitted to me that you wanted me to butt fuck you. Now I'm going to. Right now, with this dog cum oozing into your hole to lubricate it too. I'm going to butt fuck you now Brad. Your asshole is going to get spread and penetrated by my cock. My cock is going to open your butt with its tip making way for the shaft and is going to fuck your pussy until my balls hit your balls.

Sam then took the cup and held it to her lips. She looked each of them in the eyes and tipped until the juice made contact with her lips. She removed the glass and licked the wet shininess. She turned to Ashley, handed her the cup and said, lube us. Ashley took the cup and looked at it briefly not sure what to do exactly. Now! Sam barked. Ashley took her fingers and inserted them inside the glass swabbing two fingers with dog cum. The boy first Sam said. Ashley approached Brad's pussy, knelt down and began to rub the juice to his butthole. Brad felt the slide and squish of the cum on his ass. The taboo of what was happening made him moan loudly. Mmmm! Ashley looked at him while massaging him with lube stricken with his submissiveness and muttered, what a bitch you are. Sam smiled and Brad arched his back harder for her in response saying yes...

She reached in the cup and swabbed some more juice on her fingers and returned them to his asshole. Put some inside, Sam said watching the scene rubbing her cock, savoring the preparation. Ashley’s forefinger penetrated the outer rim of Brad's pussy and slid inside. She'd never done this before but after been through what she had today she found herself comfortable quickly anyway. Her previous apprehension about fingering him was gone as she began to fuck her finger from tip to first knuckle slowly in and out of Brad's asshole. Brad again moaned at the attention and sensation both. He didn't care about anything but feeling what was given to him.

Ok, Sam said. Lube my cock, she said, saying the word cock with emphasis. Ashley stood dipping her fingers in the cup again, dripping the juice onto the dick. On your knees please Sam said as she put her hand on Ashley's head pressing down. She dropped to her knees in front of Sam and began stroking the dick with her dog cum covered fingers. She looked up at Sam who was looking down at her straight in the face. Sam smiled and said, you're a good girl. I like you Ashley.

Sam crouched down on her knees behind Brad and grabbed the cock at the base. Ashley, spread the pussy for me. Sam waved the cock up and down savoring its weight in her hand as she eyed Brad's submissive ass. The scene was incredible for everyone. Brad was desperate to cum. Ashley reached down and spread his ass revealing and slightly opening his pink anus. Sam poised the tip at the entrance and with one smooth push of the hips, the cock penetrated and sunk into his butthole. Brad was her bitch.

Brad moaned hard while Sam reached up with one hand and began to rub her nipple while the other rested on his hip. She looked down and watched as she began rocking the dick in and out of his cunt, savoring how hot it was to be owning this person like this with him giving up his very manhood for her will. She backed out a little to see the head make it's way just outside the anus and then she pushed back in. Ashley stood and watched the lewd fucking of a woman taking a man in such an dominant way. She reached down and began to masturbate as she stood watching. Her clit was throbbing watching Sam fuck and dominate Brad. He moaned loudly as his cock and balls swayed with each pump of Sam's dicking. His insides massaged by the cock head made his dick involuntarily leak small drops from the tip and onto the carpet beneath him, shaken off by Sam's rhythmic screwing into him. The dog again sat watching the scene with mild curiosity. Sam savored the moment and began to taunt Brad about his being hers, about him being her slut, about him having to do whatever she wanted for as long as she wanted. He verbally complied with all her claims to him and his will.

Ashley was masturbating. Her face was flushed and she was moaning as her eyes closed in between looks at the scene in front of her. Ashley, suck his cock and swallow his load Sam ordered. Without question Ashley sunk to her knees and maneuvered underneath Brad as he indulged in the heavy sexual tension building from his ass to his swinging cock. She held onto his hips as she swung underneath lowering her face to his bulb tip. She reached up to hold the base and put the cock in her mouth and began to suck. Brad could barely hang on as he pushed down into her mouth, fucking it as Sam screwed into his butt, her own pussy soaking and trembling with sensation. Rub your cunt Ashley if you want to cum she ordered through her own panting and luscious moaning.

Ashley began to manipulate her twat hard as Brad got screwed from above driving his cock back and forth as she used her mouth to receive it and soon to be his seed. Under the immense sexual pressure Ashley screamed as she quickly came. Her body shook as two of her fingers sunk deep in her cunt and felt the pulsation of her pussy clamping down. Ughhhhhh she moaned deeply into Brad's cock head finally letting out a muffled but loud scream just before her orgasm began to subside. Her thrusting hips plunked down on the floor as she continued to let Brad use her mouth, and watched Sam and Brad nearing their own orgasms.

The sound of Ashley cumming pushed him into the final stretch of sex. Brad's cock began to twitch and throb under Ashley's wet, slippery sucking. The taste of precum made its way onto her tongue as the cock knob rubbing against his insides forced the cum to begin to boil out. Brad's asshole tightened as he moaned loudly with the beginning of his orgasm into Ashley's wet mouth and onto Sam's penetrating dick. This was the finale of sorts. He met Sam, he wanted her, he obeyed her and now he was cumming because of her. He laid into Ashley's mouth, sinking his dick deep down her tongue as the intense pulsations rolled in, pulsing the cum in hot streams down Ashley's throat. Uhhh, he whimpered. I'm cumming. His ass rocked as Sam continued to slide her dick in and out driving the final sensations of sex up through his ass. Uhmmmmmmm.. ohhh. After many trying and intense moments and situations in this sexual situation of dominance and submission he finally came, impaled on his superior's thick, penetrating cock.

Sam feeling the orgasm building in Brad and feeling the intensity of the cock nub on the underside of the strap on began to moan purely out of physical sexual satisfaction. Feeling him cum underneath her, her psychological dominance over Brad was pushing her to the edge. She reached behind herself with one hand and snuck a finger to her puckered anus to intensify the final orgasm and pressed it inside. She threw her head back as she fucked herself in and out of Brad, using his body and his asshole as a friction point for the cock that was rubbing her cunt.

She closed her eyes, working her finger deep inside her asshole, massaging the muscle and feeling her cunt tighten. She pumping with a quickened rhythm. Her hips made a rhythmic, wet smacking against his butt as he held tight to maintain his posture while Sam used him. Uhhhghhhhhhh she screamed louder than any sound made that evening. You're going to make me fucking cum! She shoved hard into her butt as her orgasm shook her entire body. Her ass cheeks clenched hard as she ground the cock as deep as she could, bearing her weight down so she could get the most friction from the mini dick fucking her pussy. Her orgasm finally subsided and she pulled her finger out, looked down at her toy and slowly withdrew the cock. As the head passed from his insides, his satisfied whore hole, slowly closed.

Brad collapsed next to Ashley in orgasmic satisfaction. Sam sat shakily, held her cock in her hand looking at her playmates and began gathering her thoughts. This was the beginning of a new relationship and experience for each of them that until now had mostly only been experienced peripherally through chance encounters and fantasy. They each relaxed and let out quiet moans to themselves enjoying the feeling of the release of intense sexual pressure. Sam looked at the dog and reached down and touched her sensitive pussy. She would make plans for more decadent, obedient performances. Sam would make plans for all of them.

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