A sexual journey - Chapter 4 by StoryTeller101

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Fiction | BDSM, Blackmail, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Male, Oral Sex, Submission

My torment continues. Having resisted any temptation to cheat I was now used by a group of men as my husband watched, he himself being tormented.

We were both now in the clutches of the evil Marge and Dominique. Having crossed the line I realised that there would be no escape from their depraved actions. Reg knew it too. He had been drawn in and, surprisingly, seemed very comfortable with the way it was headed. I could only ponder what was coming next. The only concession was that Reg was turned on by my surrender to whatever they wanted to do to me or whatever I was required to perform for them. The answer to that was revealed the next week.

Marge rang and informed me that there was to be a conference the next weekend and that I was to act as a hostess. Serving drinks, food and “other services”. I knew exactly what she meant. I was also told not to mention anything to my husband. I realised that I was supposed to lie to him. Another form of control. I had no option but to agree. The knowledge that they held the video of my indiscretion hung over me like the Sword of Damocles. I was told be at this reception place at 6pm to receive instructions. I had no idea what the conference was about or who would be there but I didn’t bother asking. It made no difference. I just had to follow orders.

I told Reg I had an appointment on Saturday. He just nodded and didn’t even ask what or why. I was a little non-plussed by his seeming indifference. I thought maybe he guessed it was something to do with Marge and so didn’t want to know. As the week went by nothing more was said. So on Saturday we did our usual weekend chores and at 5pm I kissed him goodbye and drove to where this so-called conference was to be held. Marge greeted me and then Dominique arrives. Both were dressed normally with no indication of what might be brewing. Shortly after another woman arrived. She was introduced to me as Brandy and she would also be a hostess. It was obvious she was being used too, just like me.

Brandy and I were handed our “uniforms”. A mask which just covered half our faces and didn’t really hide our identity and a sheer nightdress that barely covered our bums. No knickers, naturally, and a pair of stiletto heels. “You will serve drinks and finger food to the guests and later perform various duties as required” we were told. I didn’t need those duties to be spelled out. I knew what that meant. We were told to go into a small room at the side of the main hall to dress and come back for inspection. Brandy looked very nervous but it was obvious they held something over her. We went into the room and undressed. Brandy was a few years younger than me and was tall and slim. She seemed embarrassed to be naked but I told her to relax. “Just switch off honey” I said “it will be ok. Just try to enjoy whatever they have planned for us”. That seemed to help.

Having dressed in what could be called “our uniform” we walked out to be inspected by Marge and Dominique. Marge looked me over. My nipples were already erect but Marge squeezed them to make sure then rubbed my pussy to check I was already wet. I was. Bandy got the same treatment. We were then shown the bar. A guy had arrived while we were dressing and he leered at us. We were then told to go back into the room and await the arrival of the guests. We sat and just chatted. Brandy had a similar story to me having enjoyed a session with Dominique only to find it had been filmed. She worked in a Government job and couldn’t afford for the video to go public. When I told her about my last encounter of being fucked by a group of men she looked shocked. The poor woman had no idea of lay ahead for both of us. I didn’t enlighten her. She would soon learn.

Marge came in and said it was time to start work. We walked out to see a group of guys standing around talking. All eyes immediately zeroed in on Bandy and I. With the sheer clothing we may as well have been naked. Bandy and I each picked up a tray of drinks and moved around the room serving drinks and receiving a torrent of crude comments. I looked up and was stunned to see Reg standing there. The bugger had been invited to this and hadn’t said a word. He winked at me and smiled. My pussy twitched. I guessed there must have been at least a dozen guys there and he was happily watching me been ogled by every guy in the room.

AS the evening progressed, and the drinking took its toll, the crude remarks turned to groping. I had resisted to temptation to drink but Brandy did and she was a little tipsy and seemed to enjoy the groping. Me? Well I smiled and giggled but it was all an act. At was maybe around 9pm when things started to get serious. The guests were asked to go into another room where chairs were set up in an arc. Bandy and I were told to follow where I saw a mattress on the floor in front of the chairs. “Brandy and Peggy will now perform for your entertainment” Marge announced. It was obvious that we were meant to pleasure each other. Brandy seemed more than ready and quickly laid on the mattress and spread her legs. “Eat her. Eat her” the guests chanted.

Down on my knees and I buried my face into her crutch. She moaned as I flicked my tongue over her soaked pussy and clit. The room fell silent as I tongue fucked Brandy and had her squealing and shaking before she groaned as she peaked. I had slipped one hand between my legs and got off as well. Lifting my head and looking around I realised the guys had all unzipped their pants and were stoking their cocks. Our next performance was pre-ordained. Bandy started at one end and me at the other and we began to suck each cock taking a mouthful of cum each time. We met in the middle and I could feel my pussy crying out of cock. I was excited when Marge announced that if any of the guys would like to fuck either Brandy or I they would have to pay extra.

Although they had all had orgasms there appeared to be plenty wanting more. Back on the mattress and side by side Bandy and I made ourselves available. There were plenty of takers. I had seen my husband being sucked off by Brandy. Now he was the first to avail himself of her eager pussy as I had a cock that was pushed into me at the same time. I welcomed the intrusion with moans and groans as he pounded me savagely. “Yes baby, fuck me harder” I moaned and Brandy was saying similar things to my husband. My guy took a little while to cum having already been sucked dry and I didn’t complain as my pussy was pleasured. As soon as he did cum another guy took his place.

I lost track of time as one after another of the guys availed themselves of my lustful desires. I had surrendered to my base instincts and I wanted to be continually fucked. I didn’t really know how many guys fucked me I just know I wanted more and more. But all good things must end and finally there wasn’t an erect cock to be had. Still feeling horny Brandy and I got into a 69 position and licked each other’s cum oozing pussy. Having exhausted our energy we dragged ourselves back to the side room and got dressed. Brandy was still horny, having cast of any semblance of decorum. “Can I come home with you?” she asked and I naturally said yes. Back home I found Reg already there. He smiled as he saw Brandy was with me and we continued as a threesome until finally falling asleep around 4am.

Brandy left in a taxi around 11am after she and I had a lovely and intimate shower. We promised to stay in touch but I had a feeling Marge would see to that anyway. Reg spent the day with a permanent smile on his face. “You were amazing” he said. “What do you mean?” I asked “at that sham of a conference?” “No baby, back here with Brandy. I get so turned on watching you and her getting it on” he said. I laughed “well Reg you are not the only one darling. I love licking pussy almost as much as sucking cock” I said. And twice that afternoon I showed him how much I liked sucking HIS cock. Of course he paid me back by fucking me that night. My initial indiscretion with Dominique was certainly paying dividends. I pondered what might be next.

Rating: 87%, Read 2483 times, Posted Mar 05, 2021

Fiction | BDSM, Blackmail, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Male, Oral Sex, Submission


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