Suresh and his mother in law by sbksbk

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Fiction | Asian, Exhibitionism, Hardcore, Incest, Male, Old Female

I Suresh, just got married last year and I have a very gorgeous mother in law with height 5′6”, fair, long brown hairs and brown eyes, sexy back and voluptuous fig of 36D-32-36 and flat tummy. She always wears a saree. I was attracted to her from the day I saw her, and even she knows it because whenever I go at her place I use to stare her assets and try to touch them and rub my palm against her nice round ass or sometimes elbowing her boobs if I got chance. She never liked my behavior but never complained to anyone.

One day I got a call from my Fil asking to come to their native for holidays. I said I will talk to Reenu (my wife) and let u know tomorrow, I called and the tickets were bought. I was happy with the thought that at least I will be able to adore her beauty, and get close to her if possible. We went there for a week. Mil was very happy on seeing us but behaved very formally with me and was bit shy of me, but I think she was suspecting my intentions on her.

We reached that place at lunch time, had our lunch and everyone went for a nap it was a small bungalow we settled on 1st floor terrace room as my sexy mil had occupied ground floor room after an hour I felt thirsty so I went down in kitchen to have water, as I reached living room I saw my mil asleep on sofa, I walked slowly to see where my fil was, he was not in their bedroom, then I saw outside from a window and found him digging in a garden before main entrance door and the door was close from inside.

Here my mil was lying in such a position that her saree was raised till her knee revealing her sexy legs and pallu of her saree had moved and 1/4th of her soft juicy milky white boobies crushed between her hands were clearly visible. Looking this seen my dick was half erect in shorts making it like tent as I don’t wear underwear’s at home, watching this I went blank and stood there for 5 mins like a dumb somehow I regained my conscious and decided to use this 8 days to its fullest to explore my mil

Suddenly she wake up and saw me and my semi erect dick. and adjusted her saree. I gave her a very naughty smile she asked me weather I need anything I somehow gathered courage told I want milk, ‘looking at her boobs over saree’ she just gave me a smile, and said I will make tea for u and went in kitchen. As no 1 was around I went to kitchen and saw she was collecting water for tea from the pot even I went near pot to drink water and took risk and brushed my palm against her ass. She just moved away from me but guessing her body language I could make it that she also like it and dint mind my act, but

I wanted a perfect indication from her side so I decided to seduce her. I sat on a sofa which is viewable from kitchen in such a manner that my small balls and huge shaft were visible to her from sleeves of shorts and I started watching tv . I was looking to my mil also simultaneously and found her trying to peep in my shorts twice. That made it clear that my mil is equally thirsty but shy to express her feelings. That day just passed on leaving me to think the ways to fuck my darling mil(Nisha) .

Next day we planned for a picnic to a famous fort in the district. It was a very tiring day as the fort was very big it took us 4 hrs to see full fort our legs were paining very badly. As we got late there we missed the last bus for our home so had to take a lift in others sumo. We settled in back portion of sumo where seats are parallel, while sitting in sumo I used the trick as sat opposite to my mil, my wife sat next to me and opposite to my fil.

I knew I have a chance and dint wanted to let it go. As the vehicle started my wife slept on my shoulders, as we were tired my fil and mil also slept on their seat. It was dark and nothing was visible, my knees began touching to those of my mil’s. As the car was moving our bodies were also moving inside, I slowly placed my left leg between mil’s both legs as the car moved I slowly started moving my leg deeper between my mils thighs. This was first time I was feeling my mils luscious thighs, sometimes I used to keep my palm on knee of my legs so that I could feel her flesh.

But I was afraid that someone might wake up or how would my mil react if she gets up. I saw mil she was sleeping, I could not dare to do more and ejected my leg. Then I started looking at her boobs as her pallu was flying away from her boobs due to breeze coming from window I wanted to suck her milk machine but couldn’t, some 10 mins passed and I felt some warmth around my knees I saw it was my mil’s thighs she sandwiched my left leg between her and had also came little ahead towards me now my knees reached her thighs

This movement was enough for me to understand that she was awake and is pretending to sleep, I immediately responded her by touching her knee by my fingers keeping my palm on my knee. Slowly I stared running my hands all over her thighs above her saree, her thighs were so soft like cotton and I liked rubbing them, I was so aroused that my rod wanted to come out of his cage due to pain, and I wanted her to suck my dick but that was not possible, I had lost my conscious in her love caressed her thighs over saree,

I tried to touch her cunt but could not reach her love point coz my hand dint reached there and I could not bend as my wife was lying on my solders, my lund was becoming desperate and pre cum started flowing. Images of her silky smooth legs kept flashing in my eyes so I removed my sandals and started brushing her ankle with my toe she kept enjoying with her eyes shut and smile on her face. then I gently moved my toe up toward her bare calf inside her saree and she immediately moved her legs away, I grabbed her calf again and this time locked it between my other leg so that she couldn’t move,

She tried to resisted but failed now I started raising my toe towards her thighs and tried to spread her legs to feel her love triangle but she joined both her legs forcefully and opened her eyes and indicated me to stop through actions as some1 would wake up. Then we started talking in actions, I told her she was very beautiful and gave her a flying kiss, she became shy and looked down with broad smile on her face, then I told her to kiss me she initially refused but when

I made sad face she kissed looking at me. I also told her that I was crazy of her melons and wanted to touch them, she said not now, then we talked like that for some time till we reached home and while getting out of car I purposely touched her ass crack with my fingers, she got panic and ran inside home. that night I fucked my wife imagining my mil. Now I was dying to lay my hands on her, next day morning after we all had our breakfast, my fil was busy reading papers and my mil was in kitchen and my wife had gone for a bath,

I slowly went to kitchen with reason of having water and told my mil. Darling I am alone upstairs come quickly as Reenu has gone for a shower my mil took a broom and came up behind me pretending that she is came to clean our room, now we were alone on first floor, I hugged my her very tightly first and so did she, then I kept moving my hands all over her back and slowly made my way towards her ass, wow what a pair of soft big bums, I took both of them in my hands and pressed them hard,

She gave soft moan “uummmhh” and started kissing me all over my face, neck, ears, shoulders then she inserted her tongue in my mouth and I responded by sucking it ,my dick started hardening and touch her navel. Then I removed my shorts and gave my tool in her hand and told her to taste my manhood, she was amazed to see my hard and long penis and started moving her hands on my shaft, I was touching her every part over her nylon gown squeezing her boobs round and round massaging them with both my hands

And she was mourning heavily with pleasure like “aaahh….aaahhh…huuuu” were making me crazy , man… I was feeling like in heaven. I made her to bend on knees and suck, she hesitated It’s so lovely hard rock I would love to swallow it but not now, someone may catch us here”, but I told her forcefully you will have to suck it hard right now or else I will be forced to rape fuck you right here, I cannot control my desires for a minute also, On hearing this she readily took my penis completely in her mouth and she started playing with my balls and started sucking my penis from top to bottom,

I was aroused n started mourning slowly and told her eat my whole lund my jaanu…. I love u, she rolled her tongue over my asset and warmth of her mouth started pouring my pre cum, she moved my foreskin up and down and licked the tip of my penis. I was getting mad I hold her hairs and pushed her mouth against my dick. After 5 mins we heard my wife coming upstairs and we got apart she took broom and stated cleaning the floor and I went to balcony. As if nothing had happened

Then in evening I was reading a novel, my wife came and asked me to join her to nearby temple I said I want to finish reading this today go with your mom and she approached my mil, on hearing I am not going she also said her that ‘I am cooking dinner you go with your dad then both of them left for temple. I jumped from my chair and reached in kitchen where my mil was preparing meals, I grabbed her from behind placed my dick in her soft ass creak, inserted my left hands inside pallu of her saree and hold her left boobs over her blouse,

I guided my right hand towards her pussy over her saree, fuck she turned on within few second and mourned ““aaaaahhh….aaaahh”, I started massaging her boobs roughly and playing with her cunt, her pussy was all wet as I could feel the wetness in my fingers, I was kissing on her shoulders, neck and cheeks from behind, slowly she started moving her ass against my lund and needless to say that my cobra was all alive in action and I jerked in to her ass. I licked her earlobe and whispered in her ear,

“Jaanu you are so sexy, and so maintained, your addictive boobs drive me crazy I want to suck and fuck them”, “I waana fill your all holes” I was getting wild. she said You are the real man as, I have never saw a penis so hard and long as yours. I said, ‘Sweetheart I am not satisfied in such quickies, I need a whole long session don’t you feel same, she said “Even I can’t control baby, even my pussy is waiting for your dick to rule over her, but its very risky here as everyone is at home.”

I said “hmm, then there is only one way out, we will have to add sleeping pills in our spouse food and make them sleep for long and love each other” she also liked the plan and agreed. Next day I brought sleeping pills from a chemist and gave to my mil she added them to my wife’s and fil’s milk at 10pm before going to bed, and asked me not to lock our bedroom door at night. I was very excited and happy and did what she said.

Then we went to our respective bedroom, my wife locked the room and went to sleep till 10.30pm and then I opened the door and waited for my mil to come but she dint come and even I got sleep waiting desperately for her. Then suddenly at around 12.00 at midnight I felt some warmth around my penis, and I was shocked and exited to see my mil playing with my dick and kissing my balls and sucking my penis. She kneeled on the floor and her upper body was on bed,

I got up immediately and smooched her and hugged her, then she made me lay on bed and started giving a passionate blow job. She moved her hand up and down on my rod and my dick got stiff, she skied back the foreskin and licked the tip of my penis leading me to mourn with immense pleasure. I told her

“You are sucking like professional sucker.. even Reenu (my wife) doesn’t suck so well. Wow I am liking it, ohhhh oooo swallow it fully in to your mouth my sweaty. And she increased the speed and made my rod red hot. I told her to lay over me in 69 position, as she was wearing saree, I undraped her saree, and raised her peticoat up to her waist and started kissing her thighs, wow man what a feeling it was, her thighs were so soft and silky smooth, I licked her inner thighs and she was giving me a good blow job.

Then I kissed her choot her panty, it was so hot and wet with arousing aroma filled in the room. And she cried heavilyaahh….sssaaahhh” and pulled bed sheet in extreme ecstasy. She asked me will you please suck my cunt, please …. I was surprised why she was saying like this and asked her for a reason for which she said that my fil never performed oral on her and she had always desired and starved for that. She also said that my fil was so mean that he forcefully made my mil to give him a blow job but never even kissed her love hole. I said

Don’t worry darling I will show you the heaven today but in return promise me that you will never allow your husband to fuck you now onwards and always call me when you need to be screwed, on which she said “I also don’t need that crooked penis if I have yours to burry my holes when I need. I was turned on hearing this, and removed her panty with my teeth and put my tongue In her pink lower lips, she was clean razed and her lovely juices were making her pussy shine and inviting,

She continued playing with my penis in same 69 position. I licked her pussy for some time and reached her clitoris. As I stimulated and tongue fucked her clitoris she started shivering, and mourning aaahh…aaaahhh…oooohhh” “iiiishhh” and released all her cum on my mouth, and I gulped all of them through my throat, it was the best taste I had in my lifetime. and she continued to mourn in loud voice I told her Don’t shout so loud, your voice will wakeup Reenu as she was sleeping next to us on the same bed She said

Its not possible for Reenu or my husband to wake up so early as I have mixed enough pills that they won’t wakeup till noon tomorrow and I want you to keep fucking me till that time. I loved when my mil talked that dirty to me. Now we both were hot enough and ready for a fuck so I told her to come over me and she hold her petticoat till her waist and came upon me facing me she adjusted her hole on my penis and started moving up and down. She was in her petticoat and blouse only, I was pressing her balls and tried to un hook her blouse, she slow downed her speed and

I opened her blouse, now she was in her black bra and a wet yellow petticoat and open silky hairs. She was looking like whore and It was feeling so exotic to fuck my mil on bed with my wife sleeping besides. It was the best experience of my life. Then after 15 minutes she told me that I am going to cum and bed sheet will be wet lets go to bath room, I said no let it be wet even I am going to cum on which she said. Explode your everything in my hole. Fill me with your love

And we both exchanged our juices and she fall on me and we rested for some 30 minutes kissing each other and cuddling and rubbing our bodies. Then I said that lets go to your bed room I want to fuck you on your bed with fil sleeping besides. She said ok, And I lifted her and took her down stairs in her bed room, besides her husband and my fil. She assured that he was sleeping and removed the knot of her petticoat, now she was wearing a bra only, she lay on bed parallel to my fil, spread her legs wide open and directed my mouth into her pussy.

I understood what she wants and parted her pussy lips and inserted my tongue inside. She was in immense pleasure and caught hold of my hair and pushed me more in. She wrapped her legs around my head. It was wet and I made no mistake in cleaning it up. She moaned and said aaaahhh….ummm….i am loving it. I started biting it in between.” And she was enjoying and dancing with pleasure. I was now literally chewing it and digging her cunt with my tongue, ramming my tongue over her love hole up and down stimulating her clitoris.

She was now getting mad and responding by moving her hips with the rhythm of my tongue. It continued for almost 12 minutes and she gave away all her juices screaming that I am going to cum please tear my pussy with your wild tool. I said Let it come over me my whore, I like your juices more than that of Reenu’s. then she came with force all over my face and I kept her juice in her mouth and kissed her passing those juice in her mouth and asked her isn’t it delicious ?

She said it’s wonderful, now please fuck me don’t starve my hungry pussy I am waiting for a great memorable fucking from you, make my night memorable for life time. I made her bend in a doggy style at edge of the bed and stood behind her, I rubbed my dick at the entrance of her ass hole and she said Not there darling, I have never had it in my ass and my ass hole is so small for your dick yours is a monster no please don’t, I laughed at her and obeyed her and inserted my cock in her chut, I started jerking to and fro, then

I bend towards her and unclasped her bra and threw it to one side. Her nipples stood up. I cupped her boobs. And pressed her nipples hard, she screamed with joy, pleasure and pain “Oooooo ….fuck me… fuck me you motherfucker It so beautiful to feel your cock in my hungry pussy…. fuck me!” she moaned even louder, “Oooh …tear it…fuck it…. I need your Lund in my Gaand” she screamed and begged.

Then hearing this I got wild and started stroking my cock deep hard in her, my balls stared dashing against her pussy and she shouted “Ohh! God!”. “Oh! Ohhh! Ohhhhhhh….man….hhh….slow…..gentle… pains and you are so wild like a monster, but I am love it. I was about to cum and told it to her, she said she wanted to taste it and sat in front of me with mouth wide open to have my tonic in I spilled it in her mouth, on her face and balls. She showed level of satisfaction in her eyes and hugged and kissed me. Then

She was tired and exhausted due to such wild fucking then we lay hugged to each other kissed, smooched and bitted and went for sleep on her husband’s bed till wee hours of morning. Then she wake me up at 7am in morning and started rubbing my cock. Then till 12 at noon we had 3 shots everywhere 1 in kitchen, 1 in main hall and last one in bathroom, I was experiencing a pleasure able pain. From that day onwards she has never let her husband to even touch her and calls me whenever she gets chance. On an average I fuck her once in a week. I have also asked her to invite her friends for sex if anyone is interested..

Rating: 69%, Read 32227 times, Posted Mar 26, 2011

Fiction | Asian, Exhibitionism, Hardcore, Incest, Male, Old Female


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