A longing lust of mine for Tom 2 by vampire_lust

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"Well of course i love him." I was explaining to my best friend Heather over the phone. "Are you sure, and its not just a crush. Cuz Hun you kinda let him take your virginity." heather told me with caution. "i wouldn't just let any guy to do that to me! What do you take me for, a slut?!" I said jokingly. Our conversation went on for a while. She just wanted to make sure i was safe and how it was.

It was around 9:30 that friday and my parents were at the casino and i got board after talking to Heather, so i called Thomas. His dad was gone on buisness. and his mom was out playing bingo. We just talked for a while making plans for the next day.

At around 10:30 we both hung up. Of course now that i had done "it" before, my sex craze was taking me over board.I was getting so horney that i thought about masturbating but figured that since i had already had sex,it would do noting compared to fucking someone. So i decided to walk over to Thomas' house to see if he was board too. About 2 minutes of walking outside it started raining so i was getting soaked along with my white blouse i had on. So my shirt had practicly become translucent. My shirt got so wet so i just tied it up so my flat stomach was completly showing.

I knocked on Thomas' door and waited. I had thought that he went to bed but i knocked again just in case. Finally he opened the door to see a completly drenched girl at his front door. "Autumn?!. Your soaking wet!" He said without taking his eyes off my rack. "Yes i am, now can I come Because its quite cold out here in the rain" I came inside and took the clip out of my hair and shook it down. "You cut your hair." Thomas said looking at my now shoulder length hair. "Yea i did, do you like it?" " Its hott. So yeah i love it!" he said. I gave him a kiss on the lips and thanked him. "What are you doing here?" He asked me while looking up and down my drenched body. " I got board so i figured id come over."I said as i took my sandles off. "Great cuz ive been board all night." Thomas said and he grabbed my hand and braught me down stairs." You want some clothes cuz you look cold"He offerd me as he walked to his room. "Sure, i guess. ummm... a T-shirt would be great." I followed him into his room and he handed me a big blue b-ball shirt. "Thanks" I started to untie my shirt but struggled because i tied it so tight in a double not, and it got wet. "need some help with that?" He said as he came walking over. He started to untie my shirt. he got through one knot then to the other. He untied the last knot real slow then started kissing me. I backed up against the wall and we kept just making out. He pulled my blouse of my shoulders and threw it on a chair. Then I undid his belt and dropped it on the ground.

We just continued to make out for a while then i started taking his shirt off, finally breaking our kiss. he started to un-zip the side of my plad school skirt and it dropped down to the ground. I undid his jeans and he steped out of them. He backed up to see the red lacy g-string I had on that matched my bra, and laughed."I never did understand the matching bra and undies thing."he said while smiling." Well you better like them cause i spent $80 bucks on these for YOU."I said walking to him and i pushed him down on the bed. "That means you knew id be seeing them." He said when he fell on the bed. Then i got up and straddled him and kissed his stomach. "yeah, your point. And i was leaning more to the fact youd be the one taking them off..." I said in the sexiest way i could.

After kissing a little more he flipped me on my back and pulled my panties off revealing my recently waxed pussy, so there was just a landing strip there. He kissed from my lips down leaving a trail to my steaming pussy. I started to giggle when he blew on my slit. Then he started to play with mt clit with his tounge, then darting his toung in and out of my pussy i started to laugh cuz it tickeled but then began panting and moaning in pleasure. But then he just stopped and started to kiss back up my stomach and began sucking on my neck, leaving a large hickey there. He took his hand and slid it under my back to unclasp my bra, and luckily this one undid from the back. he kind of hassled with it but managed to get it off. He pulled it off and started fondeling them while kissing me. I managed to sit up and pull his boxers down with my free hands. I pulled away from his embrace and fell down on my knees so his completly erect cock was in my face. i started to lick the tip of his shaft then down the entire thing. Finally putting it in my mouth And bobbing up and down his huge cock. I started to hum like i had the first time to add extra vibration to make him come faster. I was giving him head for about 3 minutea when he started to feel a sensation. he started tensing up and getting harder, wich just made it more difficult to go down hid entire length, but i managed.

"I....I'm ...." He threw his head back and as he started to spurt. He only gave 5 or 6 loads but hey tasted great. I sucked him dry then stood up and whisperd lightly into his ear then blew on it.(I had recentaly found out that doing that made him aroused) Then i started to tounge wrestle with him which got him up again. then i Straddled him yet again and began to lower my self on him. Sinse it wasnt my first time it was easy and really smooth. Half way through he started to get harder and bigger. finnaly i got all the way down then i quicky slip up to the tip the back down again. he started to rock with my motions as i rode him hard. Every thrust i brought down brought me closer to and orgasm. I started to move even faster and faster as my climax be gan. then he hit it, my g-spot, and he kept hitting it evertime. When i started to tighten he knew i was comming and he rolled us over and started to pump me hard. The tighter i got the harder he pumped. it only took i little bit of this to make me cum. I bit my lip and started to whimper then screm wildly. then i felt my body shake and i came so much. About 9-10 loads of my juices pushed past his cock still hammering me. It oozed out past his cock making a smoother path for him to drive. He continued to thrust as i rocked with him. And he soon was getting bigger and harder ready for his 2nd load to come. he started to slow down from exaution but i moved faster which made him start pumping again. Then Thomas said, " I'm gonna cum!I.......Ahhhhhhhhhh! as he blew 8 large loads inside my pussy.

He then pulled himself out and laid down on the bed next to me panting. We both had sweat and cum everywhere. He kissed my check and sat up. Then i sat up and started to kiss his neck leaving a huge hickey on his neck like he did with me." I really like rainy days now.." he sad smiling at me. "Me too, cant wait for the next one." i said as i leaned on his soilder." Wow we were at it for and hour and a half. Its midni....." He then stoped talking to listen to something "what?" i asked then he put his finger to my lips. "I think its my.....MOM! SHIT! You need to get dressed and hide!" "seriously shes home! shit!" and i started to put all my clothes back on somewhat and get into his closet. Yea the tipical place to hide but its the first thing you think of. Thomas just threw on shorts and pulled the cum soaked blanket off his bed and on to the floor. He bent down and kissed me then shut the closet door. then turned his bedroom light off and left. I was just sitting there in his closet, hearing some voices. the only thing i could here was "rainy" "puddles" and "sandles" then i thought about my shoes. I had left them there! I was listing real quietly and i heard a pair of footsteps going down the stairs and my heart began to race. "Ma, what are you doing?" I heard Thomas say to his mom. "Whos shoes are those then?" i heard his mom ask. "Autumns, she left them here after school." he said as smoothly as he could. "oh and i suppose she walked home barefoot." His mom asked testing him. "NO shes in soccer she wore her cleets home." My heart was racing so fast that i was so supprised she didnt hear me in his closet. then i didnt hear any voices but i heard Thomas' door opening and Thomas saying, "No ones there!" and then.....

more to come if you like it, i know its a big build up but thats how i right stories!

Rating: 75%, Read 13209 times, Posted Aug 31, 2006

Fiction | Blowjob, Oral Sex, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male


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