Mom's Not Alone Anymore 1 by luvmyrealitykings

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I stroked my dick to the thought of my favourite pornstars. They were all in some crazy fantasy land I'd made up, enjoying the perfect all-girl orgy. This was the only place I had some privacy in my home. I'm eighteen years old and have to resort to jerking off in the bathroom. That pisses me off. It wasn't exactly easy getting my release on the seat where I take dumps, but that's what a full house meant. I share a room with my younger bro, have four other siblings in two other rooms, and then of course there's my parents.

I sucked my gut in as I felt about ready to blow. I always felt rushed masturbating like this. Some guys have the freedom of isolation. To be alone all day and jerk the night away if they want. Not me. "Uggh," I grunted, barely audible. Just then, I heard the doorknob rattle. "I'm in here!" I shouted out to whoever it was. Good thing I'd locked the door, otherwise they'd have caught me jacking off for sure. But then the door swung open. Open! Oh, shit! I tried stuffing my erection in my boxers before the impatient jerk saw me, but it was useless. They'd just barged in. "I said I'm in here!" I shouted on instinct, angrily.

"I know."

"Mom?" What the hell was she doing?! "What the fuck? You used the key?!" I saw the bronze-colored piece in her hand. Seriously, what the fuck was her deal? I got my dick in my shorts and stood up, heading for the door, royally pissed off as she just stood there nonchalant. "Jesus christ," I muttered, walking by her.

"Wait," she held out her arm, placing her hand on my bare chest. "Sit back down."

"What? No."

"Sit back down, Patrick," she asserted in that motherly tone.

"Stuff this," I said bitterly, shaking my head all the way back to the toilet seat. "You're not seriously going to talk to me about it, are you?"

"Shh. Keep your voice down."

"Wh--? Why are you..." I was at a loss for words and didn't know what to say.

"It's perfectly natural, Patrick. I understand you doing it." I knew what she was referring to and saying that M word out loud would just make things more awkward.

"Mom, did you really have to unlock the fuckin' door?"

"Watch your language."

"Whatever." I didn't curse much -- not around the house, at least -- but it felt justifiable given what had played out. "People usually lock doors for a reason."

I expected eyes of judgement from her at that remark... that snide little comment. But I didn't get any of that. "What do you want anyway?" I crossed my arms, fuming on the inside.

"I was just wandering where you were, Patrick."

"Okay, well... here I am. Now can you get out."

"No, Patrick."

What. The. Fuck! "WHY?"

"Keep your voice down." I rolled my eyes. She had a lot of nerve to ask that of me - she should be getting the hell out! And I waited for an answer to my 'why' but it never came. So I rephrased it for her uncharacteristically stupid self to better understand.

"What are you doing in here? Why won't you leave?" I asked, as calm and softly as she had been talking.

"Because, Patrick... I want you to continue."

Again, I waited for her to say more. But she didn't bother. "Continue what?"

"What you were doing," she said with a wry smile. And this is when thing got really weird. Surely she wasn't talking about my masturbation.

"What I was doing when?"

"Patrick... You know what I mean." Holy shit. I hoped I didn't know. Maybe she misinterpreted what she half caught me doing. I mean, she saw me with my cock out, but I was on the toilet after all. She could have just thought I was taking a number two and was now being all silly, mucking around with me - saying I should finish off on the toilet and she'd leave me in peace. That had to be what she meant. She was just playing around and making a joke - that's what she meant by it.

"Okay, I'll... I'll finish off here. I'll be quick." I broke a bit of toilet paper and gave her a little nod to leave me get back to my business. My fake, pretend business.

"I don't think you understand, Patrick." I watched as her eyes travelled down my body and to my crotch.

"No, I understand. I understand," I fidgeted in the chair. Oh my God. Oh my fucking God, she did know. She knew what I had been doing in here and she wanted me to proceed with it right in front of her. She wanted to see me jacking off, and her eyes were locked in on my boxers.

"I want to see your big, thick cock, Patrick. I want to see it again," she walked towards me.

"Mom, what are you doing?"

"Come on. You know you want me to see it."

I couldn't say much. I mean, shit, could you blame me? My own mother wanting me. She'd never even hinted anything like this to me in my life. I'd never once heard her say 'cock'.

"Are you feeling all right, mom?"

"I'm feeling alive is what I'm feeling, Patrick." Holy crap. This was too weird.

"No, I... I don't think you are. I don't think you know what you're doing."

"Trust me, honey. I know exactly what I'm doing." She dropped her robe at an arm's touch away from me. She slowly got down on her knees, grabbed both my feet, and looked up at me from below. I was getting a boner like mad. As repulsed as I told myself to be, I wasn't. My mom wasn't your average housewife. She held a steady office job and was incredibly attractive. I'd gone through my entire schooling having my friends joke about wanting to bang my mom. "Do you like them?"

"Like what?" I asked, so incredibly nervous. I certainly had my voice down now.

"Your mother's breasts."

"Err... ihh..."

"Relax, Patrick," she put her hands on my thighs. "Now, we don't have much time, honey. Okay?" I winced. Oh my God, much time for what? "Could I take your shorts off, please?" I could only continue to stutter and not form a word. But I didn't object. I didn't want to. So I nodded my head. "That'a boy," she smiled.

I had a full-blown erection going on down there and she was about to uncover it. I sat up off the chair just enough so that she could slide my boxers down. And while she was doing that, I took a look at her body. From above, I couldn't see much but her boobs. They were at least a C cup, was my best guess. "Mmm. It's so big, Patrick," she looked me in the eyes again and it felt like there were a million butterflies in my stomach, all about to burst through it.

"So are your tits," I murmured, nervous as hell to say it.

"What was that?"

"Your boobs... they're big too." She giggled - loving me tell her that.

"So you didn't answer my question before... do you like them?"

"Yeah." I was definitely becoming more confident now. She had caught me by total surprise and now it was wearing in a bit. Nonetheless, I was still covered shit-scared and nervous.

"I'll fuck you with them then." I didn't follow her right away. It made sense, and looking back was obvious, but at the time my mind was so scattered. It was as if the nerves were giving me flashes of amnesia at random - haha!

Mom tugged at my dick and got right up to me - her face on my abs. My cock was getting some serious treatment in no time. I couldn't see it - what with her head in the way - but I could sure as hell feel it and recognise the scenario. She was titty-fucking me, and it felt unbelievable. The way her boobs squashed my dick left me reeling for more. I'd worked myself up pretty well before, and all that pent-up semen was ready to leave port. I felt myself about ready to explode, but I didn't tell mom that. I don't know why, because I forewarned my girlfriend all the time. And I say 'forewarned' because she's a prude that hates cum. She threw hissyfits in the early stages of our relationship when I'd forget to let her know I was about to shoot my load and then got even one spec on her. So having a partner like that meant that I had become accustomed to such a thing as 'I'm gonna cum'. But this morning, with mom, I didn't say a thing. And I love that I didn't. Mom had really picked up the pace now and I was merely seconds away from ejaculation. My dick was raging and pre-cum oozing as she banged the bejeezus outta me. Here it came.

I arched back on the seat a little and fired my spunk directly upwards. I prided myself on the powerful, long-travelling strings of cum I could shoot, and today, the first one landed on my mom's neck. She screamed, out of fright and glee I guess, as it got her.

"Shh. Keep... your voice down," I mimicked her, but very poorly as I said it through my own grunting and sighing. I shot six more strings of cum after that first one, and my mother looked up at me with my seed in splotches over her face. I didn't know this until later, but she had actually looked directly down at my one-eyed monster on purpose - eager to decorate herself.

"How's your mother look, Patrick? Like a slut?"

"Yeah," I said with a chuckle. Jesus christ, this was incredible. And she looked like a slut alright! It was the first facial I'd ever given, and it was to my mom. The very woman who gave birth to me was dabbed with my cum.

"What do you say we continue this after school?" she offered. To say I was ecstatic or thrilled would be a drastic understatement. This was the most exciting, exhilarating thing I had ever done. Losing my virginity paled in comparison. It was the ultimate taboo and I loved it! Hell yes I wanted more, and to be honest, I couldn't have waited any more than those few hours 'til three o'clock to do it again.

"Okay. Where?"

"I'll leave work early. How about we meet at the unit after you drop Jake and Caitlin off here." My grandparents owned a little holiday beach unit a couple miles away. It would be the perfect place. I would just have to give my brother and sister a lift back home and then head out there. No problem.

"Yeah, sounds good."

"Okay then," she smiled.

Mom got up and put her robe on, adjusting her hair as she looked in the mirror. My cock limp, I pulled my shorts up and just watched her for a beat. She was so glamorous and I blushed as she gave me a little looks to the side. "Do you want to see what I do with cum, Patrick?" she smiled my way and I laughed, knowing she was about to do something crazy hot. She got every last bit of my cum off her skin and on her greedy fingers before popping them in her mouth and swallowing. "You taste like a real man, Patrick." I wanted to say so many things to her. I could've said so many things. But instead of saying anything, I just gave her a 'you're going to get it' look. Chicks dig that shit - they get all wet over it. "Oh, and honey... bring a couple condoms over this afternoon, 'kay?" Oh my God -- SEX! I've never been so pumped up about sex. "Your mother's been out of the game for a long time. You'll have to be gentle." Now she was just teasing. And as she made her way to the door, I gave her a promise (and I cheesy line). "I only play rough."

Rating: 92%, Read 98577 times, Posted Aug 28, 2010

Fantasy | Female, Incest, Male, Teen Male


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