The Curse - Part Three by Artisan

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The Curse - Part 3

Days turned into weeks and I heard nothing from Daedalus. I wanted to go to his workshop in the town to see how far he had progressed with my plan, but I feared that if I was seen in the workshop the secret may be revealed, so I contented myself with just being in the presence of my bull whenever my official duties as Queen and high priestess allowed. There had been a few occasions when my bull and I had exchanged the delights of physical pleasure, but I yearned more as each day passed for the rapture of feeling my bull’s member within me. I used the phallus that Daedalus had made for me often and felt that my sex was ready to accept the real thing.

Then one evening, when I retired to my chamber, my chief attendant handed me a wax tablet which had been delivered earlier in the day. It was a message from Daedalus. My cow was ready.

* * * * *

When I awoke, I wanted to rush at once to the workshop of Daedalus, but there were tasks to carry out first. As always, my first was to tend to my darling bull. I would feed him the prime fodder the head herdsman would leave at the edge of the pasture, as he was still fearful of coming anywhere near my bull. Then I would groom him and adorn his head with a garland of sweet smelling flowers. I told my bull that Daedalus had completed his work and soon he would be able to fulfil my most heartfelt wish. Next, I had to attend to religious rites and then discuss necessary matters with the overseer of the palace kitchens, so it was past noon when I was carried in my litter through the town to the workshop of the master craftsman.

When Daedalus and his nephew Icarus, who Daedalus was teaching his craft, saw me enter, they bowed low and Daedalus welcomed me to his humble establishment. The main room was filled with tools, benches and several objects still being made in bronze, wood and stone. The master craftsman sent his nephew and two boys who did the more menial work - sweeping and clearing and tending the furnace in the courtyard outside - on an errand and Daedalus and I were left alone.

He led me across the cluttered room and unlocked a wooden door to a side room and bade me enter. The room was well lit with several oil lamps but this made it rather warm as the only means of ventilation were four square openings cut into the top of one wall. What I saw when I entered the room amazed me, for standing in the middle of the beaten earth floor was a cow. At first I thought Daedalus had borrowed it to use as a model for his creation, but then I realised the animal was quite motionless – this was his creation!

‘This is my cow?’ I asked him, utterly surprised.

‘It is your Majesty.’

I really did not know what I expected Daedalus to build, certainly something that resembled a cow, but even my husband’s chief herdsman would mistake this for a real animal.

‘The frame and body are made of well seasoned oak and very strong and I covered it in a cow skin’ Daedalus explained to me. The animal was a uniform brown colouring like many of the cows in my husbands’ herd except for the head and the feet which were white and there were two short horns on its head. The height of the animal to the shoulder was just slightly more than my own, the same height as the other cows. I walked around it in complete awe, marvelling at how he had replicated even the smallest detail. I bent down to examine the udder which looked as though it would satisfy the hungriest of calves and touched it with my hand.

‘It is full of water my lady.’

‘The skin has been preserved?’ I asked.

Daedalus told me the skin had been treated by the best tanner on the island and would last many years.

I stood up and then a thought occurred to me.

‘How... how would I get in?’ I felt my cheeks blush slightly as I asked.

Daedalus smiled and led me to the animals’ hindquarters and pointed to an area halfway down its left thigh, where on close inspection it was possible to see a join in the hide.

‘Press, just here’ he told me and as he did a large panel suddenly popped open. He lifted the hinged section that opened sideways revealing a large opening that extended from the tail to the middle of the animals back and almost halfway down its body.

I looked inside to find the animal was completely hollow. A wooden frame, even to my untrained eyes, looked more than able to support the great weight of my bull and along the centre, almost to the head, was a padded bench.

‘I will lie on this?’ I asked Daedalus and he explained to me how it would work.

I would stand with each leg inside the hollow rear legs of the animal and bend forward, resting my body and head on the bench. Then he pulled on a hemp cord which ran through bronze rings to the head of the bench which lifted up the cow’s tail to reveal an opening covered in carefully stitched soft leather which my bull would penetrate. Lying on the bench I would be in the correct position to receive my bull. A hemp cord on the open panel would allow me to close it and Daedalus pointed to the wooden lock and how to press it to release the catch that locked the panel in place.

‘It will be very dark inside’ I said to the craftsman.

‘Yes my lady, but the open mouth and the glass eyes will let in some light and you will be able to see a little of the outside’. I was very impressed that Daedalus has gone to such lengths as glass was a very rare and expensive commodity.

While he spoke, feelings of desire and anticipation built within me. I felt as if I would loose all self control, remove my garments, climb in and have Daedalus take the wooden cow to the pasture straight away, but I am the Queen and a certain composure and decorum is expected of me, but I could not prevent the beat of my heart from quickening nor the perspiration I could feel on my skin, though that could be from the warmth of the room.

I asked how it could be moved, as it looked rather heavy, and Daedalus showed me small, bronze levers in the hooves of each leg. By pushing down on the levers small bronze wheels covered in leather appeared from the bottom of each hoof allowing the wooden cow to move quite easily, but Daedalus said it would still need two people to handle it. Icarus and the two boys returned from the errand they had been sent on and so I took my leave. Daedalus closed the wooden cow, blew out the lamps and locked the door.

I was desperate to fulfil the desire that had become an all consuming passion, but there was an official duty that I could not avoid or pass to one of the noble ladies of the court.

The people of this island traded widely across the great sea, including the great land of Egypt. A high official, under the direct authority of the Pharaoh Ahmose had arrived at court on a trade and diplomatic mission and my husband considered the visit of great importance not least because the official had brought with him a not insubstantial amount of gold, a gift for my husband from the Pharaoh. Unusually, the Egyptian official was accompanied by his wife, whom, I was told, enjoyed travel and adventure. As much as my husband even hated the mere mention of my name, he was compelled to ask me, through one of his officials, to accompany the Egyptian lady. The visit lasted many days but I was still able to visit my bull each morning and tend to him and when the Egyptians left I made my plans.

* * * * *

I spent the whole morning with my beloved bull at the little cove where we often went and after washing and grooming him and making a garland of flowers which I placed on his head around his horns, I lay, naked, on his strong, broad back and sang him songs of love. Although I could have stayed there forever, two important matters needed to be addressed for my dream of dreams to become a reality, so, just after the sun had passed its zenith, I put on a light linen robe and my bull and I walked up the little path out of the cove towards the royal pastures.

The first issue, was where. The cove would be very private, but too difficult for Daedalus as I assumed he would have to transport the wooden cow on an ox cart and the little path was too narrow and I thought a bit too steep to try and man handle the large, heavy cow with safety. When we reached the pasture I looked around but could see nowhere that would offer even a little bit of privacy. In front of me was the wide open pasture. To the left was the great oak wood, beyond that the olive groves and beyond them, the town and the palace. To the right, the ground became rocky and rose towards the mountains that stretched along much of the centre of the island, and behind was the sea. I spoke to my bull.

‘Oh my darling, where could we go?’

My bull looked at me with knowing eyes and snorted softly, then turned and walked towards the oak wood. I followed him along the edge of the wood right to the end where he turned into a smaller pasture, of which I was unaware. When I saw it I threw my arms around his neck and kissed his head many times. Two sides of the enclosure were protected by the oak wood, a third by cliffs down to the sea and the entrance faced away from the pasture towards the mountains. It was perfect.

I held on to his neck and spoke softly into his ear.

‘Tomorrow, my sweet, after the herdsmen have gone, I will come to this place and be waiting for you. Daedalus will bring the cow here tonight, it is a marvellous thing to behold, so do not be confused at its sight for I will be your cow, waiting and ready to accept your love and your seed.’

After I was sure my bull was settled and content in the pasture, I walked along the path through the oak wood towards the town to attend to the second matter. My attendants were still in the olive grove where I had left them to enjoy a leisurely morning, but as I approached, I saw that they might be enjoying themselves a little too much as they had been joined by four men who, from their attire, looked to be slaves and were paying far too much attention to my attendants - who were slaves also - than I cared for. The younger of my girls in return showed no reluctance to the men’s advances, they were even encouraging them, of which I cared for even less. I watched for a moment, and then continued, deliberately rustling the undergrowth which attracted their attention. The men stared at me in shock then stood and ran off as my attendants rose, adjusting their dress and blushing as my chief attendant stammered an explanation. I raised my hand to cut her off.

‘Never mind.’ I told her. ‘Come with me.’

They followed behind me, silent and with their heads bowed as I was carried towards the town in my litter and the workshop of the master craftsman. Upon arrival, I sent two of my girls on an errand to a weaver to collect some cloth I had ordered, while the others remained outside as I stepped through the open door to the workshop.

Daedalus was busy chipping away at a stone statue.

‘Is there no end to your skills craftsman?’ I asked. I think I startled him, as he was so engrossed in his work and rose hurriedly and bowed.

‘It will be a likeness of your husband, when it is finished.’

I told him I would like a few private words and he led me to the outside yard where the two boys were pumping at the bellows of the furnace. Daedalus shooed them away into the workshop.

‘I wish you to deliver my cow tonight,’ I began, in a low voice so no one beyond the walls of the yard could hear, and explained to him how to reach the small pasture. The master craftsman said he and his nephew Icarus would take the cow on a cart just after sunset when the herdsman had returned to their homes. I asked if Icarus could be trusted to be discreet.

‘He is a good fellow, though sometimes rash and with the impetuosity of youth, but he will keep his mouth shut if I tell him.’

Satisfied that all the preparations had been carried out, I returned to the palace.

* * * * *

I awoke later than was my usual practice, my chief handmaiden gently shaking my shoulder.

‘Are you ill Majesty? I could not wake you.’ She asked, her face showing some concern.

I still felt quite tired, as though I could sleep all day. The night had been long and restless, the anticipation of today had filled my head with many thoughts of what might happen and what it might really be like to be penetrated by something as large as my great bull, and it had been difficult to calm my mind.

Almost half a year had passed since I first set eyes on my darling bull as it walked out of the sea, half a year since the curse was placed upon me by Poseidon, half a year of love beyond equal and a desire beyond understanding. For a while I had walked on my private terrace in the dead of night and looked across the dark and still town to the faint silhouettes of the mountains beyond.

The more I thought of my bull, the greater the feeling of almost uncontrollable lust had built inside me. I wanted to abstain from any kind of sexual pleasure as I thought I would need all the sexual energy I could command to withstand what I hoped would be beyond the experience of any other mortal, but in the end, to stop myself from running to my bull there and then, I had to resort to the great ivory phallus that Daedalus had carved for me.

I propped myself up on my elbow and looked at the early morning sun pouring through the open doors to my terrace.

‘No, I am well. Is my bath ready?’ I asked my attendant.

‘Yes Majesty.’

I stepped into my stone bath and stood as my attendants washed me with a soap scented with peach blossom, a perfume I much favoured, The water too was scented with peach blossom, a fragrance of which my bull was now well familiar with as I wanted him to know that it was I who was inside the wooden cow.

After last night I was surprised at how calm I felt. In the pit of my stomach there were butterflies, but the feelings of anticipation and longing, even fear, which had troubled me during the night had subsided to a point of almost non-existence. My dream of all those months was soon - barring some unforeseen event - to become a reality and I wished to savour every moment that led to the wondrous event. What few responsibilities I had today I had delegated to responsible noble ladies of the court and my cow would be waiting in the small pasture... or would it? I had heard nothing from Daedalus since I last spoke to him which could only mean he had safely delivered the cow, but it was still early and I needed to be sure.

I stepped out of my bath and after I had been dried and a powder of finely crushed talc was applied to my body, I asked for a wax tablet and wrote an innocent enough message “Was your task successful?” then handed it to one of my more responsible attendants.

'Wrap this in a cloth and take it to the craftsman Daedalus without delay and wait for his reply'.

She took the tablet, bowed to me and turned.

'To Daedalus in person mind, and don't dilly-dally' I added. And with that she left.

Among the thoughts that had kept me awake last night was my appearance, It was important that I looked beautiful for my bull, but not Queenly and my clothes had to be elegant but not too elaborate as I would have to remove them and redress myself later without assistance.

I sat in a chair while my make-up was applied and my chief handmaiden plaited my hair in lengths which were then coiled loosely around my head and held in place with bronze pins. My other attendants brought me the clothes I had chosen - a fine, short sleeved sheer linen vest, the colour of terracotta, cut wide and low at the front to expose my breasts, a long, single skirt embroidered with geometric patterns in gold, blue and red and a sleeveless bodice also dyed the colour of terracotta and edged with wide bands of deep blue and gold thread. For conveniences sake I omitted the customary belt with a richly embroidered apron and chose a simple black leather belt with a bronze clasp. After I was dressed I slipping on a pair of soft white leather sandals - a gift from our recent Egyptian visitors - and was ready.

It was while I was being dressed when the attendant returned with Daedalus' reply.

‘You have something to tell me child?’ I asked her.

'He said only one word Majesty – Yes'.

My heart skipped a beat and for a moment I thought my legs would give way. Suddenly the few little butterflies in the pit of my stomach became a veritable swarm and the feelings that had kept me awake for much of the night returned with a vengeance.

I checked my reflection in the large, polished bronze plate mounted in a cedar wood stand and was happy with my appearance. I looked at my attire to double check and saw, to my slight embarrassment, that my state of sexual arousal was now becoming visibly obvious as both of my nipples were hard and erect and I was sure that between my legs, my sex was also ready for the coming hours.

I put on a face of unconcern as I turned to my attendants.

'I will not require you this morning and maybe the after noon too, so you all have an opportunity for leisure, but you must all be back here when the sun reaches noon.'

'Majesty,' My chief handmaiden - Leda - stepped forward, her hands clasped together and spoke with concern ' cannot go without us, what will people think if they see you unattended?'

'They will not see me'.

'Then why can we not be with you?'

I stepped towards Leda, held her gently by the arms and spoke softly so the others could not hear.

'There is something I must do, but I must be alone. Take this opportunity for time to yourself, it does not come often'.

'Have we displeased you Majesty?'

I smiled reassuringly.

'No, non of you have displeased me, but what I must do you can be no part of.'

I turned to the other girls.

'Enjoy yourselves, but listen to Leda and obey her.'

They each bowed their heads and replied in unison.

'Yes Majesty.'

I covered my head and shoulders with a dark blue woollen shawl, picked up the picnic basket that had been brought from the palace kitchens and walked to the door, leaving my handmaidens in the middle of the room, some looked a little bemused, some I think had a look of anticipation of their own.

* * * * *

There are several ways in and out of the palace, some for official occasions and designed to impress visitors, others more mundane for the tradesmen and merchants and those who worked in the palace. I left the palace through one of these and without my following attendants or my queenly attire and my head covered with the shawl, little attention was paid to me.

As I walked around the palace towards the royal olive groves I worried about my bull. Normally I would be with him now, feeding and grooming him. I hoped he remembered what I said to him yesterday and would not get anxious and agitated, but after passing through the olive groves and the oak wood I need not have worried.

At the edge of the wood I stopped and saw my bull at the far end of the pasture where he normally resided, far from the rest of the herd, calmly grazing. I looked to my left and could see the other animals and among them were a few milkmaids milking the last of the cows. I thought of waiting until they had finished and left but the intense emotions that filled my body could not wait and besides, they had seen me before walking out to my bull and now paid only minor attention to me.

As I left the oak wood and walked towards my bull I held my free hand over my chest. I could feel my heart beating inside, beating with such force I thought it might burst out of me. The moment I left the cover of the woods, my bull stopped grazing and looked towards me. When he did I turned and walked along the edge of the wood towards the small pasture. My bull watched me intently and began to walk in the same direction, not with the trot as he would usually come to me, but a slower, more measured walk, allowing me to get to the pasture first.

When I turned the corner at the end of the wood I saw four cows already there, I paused and watched for a moment. They all looked the same but only three were grazing, the forth stood still, looking towards the woods. This must be my cow.

Slowly I approached the animal in case I was mistaken but it was the only one that did not look towards me as I got nearer. The other three began walking towards me and I walked away from them. When I shouted to them to go away they stopped for a moment then continued towards me. Suddenly, there was a bellow behind me, I turned and saw my beloved bull at the entrance to the pasture. He bellowed again and walked towards the other cows who understood his message and walked quickly away and out of the small pasture.

When I reached my cow I put the picnic basket on the ground a short distance away with my wool shawl on top and looked towards my bull. He was stood still some distance away, his eyes fixed on me. I myself was in a state of high emotion, I felt a few beads of sweat on my forehead, though the weather was clement but not hot, and my heart was still beating like a war drum.

I gazed at my bull - the most beautiful, wondrous sight I could image - then began to remove my garments. The lust that raged within me wanted to tear them off, but I wanted to savour every single moment so disrobed with as much calmness as I could muster, laying them neatly on the grass next to the picnic basket. Soon I was naked and stood for a moment in full view for my beloved. My nipples were fully erect and as I touched them with my fingertips they felt as hard as stone and the merest touch sent a shiver through my chest. I traced my fingers down my body to my sex and felt how wet it was. I glanced down and could see traces of my fluids glistening in the morning sun on my inner thighs.

Slowly my bull walked closer and I could see that he too was ready, for beneath his strong body his beautiful member was partially extended from the sheath.

'I am yours for the taking my sweet,' I said softly to him 'but please be gentle with me' and I turned to the cow.

I pressed the point on the left thigh as Daedalus had shown me and the panel popped open. I lifted the lid wide open and looked inside, remembering the instructions the craftsman had given me. The rear legs of the cow were hollow down to the knees and holding on to the front edge of the opening, I lifted my right leg in. As I did, I could clearly see my sex, the lips a dark pink, flush with blood, puffy and wide open and coated in my fluids that trickled out of me. With one leg in I lifted the other and slid it in the hollow. With my feet pointed down into the openings it was painful to bear my weight on my toes but this eased as I bent forward and rested my body on the padded bench. I adjusted myself into a comfortable position and found that the bench narrowed at my chest, allowing my breasts to hang either side rather than be crushed beneath me. Daedalus had thought of everything.

I looked behind me and could see my bull, much closer now, stood still, his dark eyes intently fixed upon me. I pressed my sex against the leather covered opening beneath the tail and reached for the cord on the open lid. For a moment I paused and in my mind a voiced asked if I still wanted to go through with this? Yes, was my reply. Yes, more than anything in this world or the next.

With that, I pulled on the cord and the lid closed with a bang, plunging me into sudden darkness. I pushed on the lid and found it would not move and a sudden panic swept through me but then I remembered the catch that Daedalus had shown me and reaching down I groped in the blackness and quickly found the wooden lock and lever.

I held my breath for a moment and tried to calm my mind and my body. The emotions that coursed through me were beyond anything I had ever felt before, the desperate longing and desire, fear, anticipation, and uncontrollable lust. Within the hollow cow I was sure I could hear the furious beating of my heart echoing around the wooden cavity and down my thighs I felt the trickle of warm fluid.

My eyes begun to adjust to the darkness and as best as I could I turned my head to look at my situation. In the dim light from the open mouth and glass eyes of my cow I saw my naked body coated in a thin sheen of perspiration caused by the warmth of my self imposed prison. I held on to the wooden rods at the head of the bench and waited.

* * * * *

It seemed like forever before I heard a noise behind me. At first I could not work out what it was, but quickly I realised it was my bull sniffing the false cow. I could hear his footsteps as he walked around, checking the animal before him, sniffing here and there. Through the mouth of the cow I caught a glimpse of my darling bull as he walked passed. He nudged my prison with his head and then nudged harder. I grasped the rods tightly as I felt myself begin to tip to one side then suddenly return upright with a jolt.

My bull walked around and stopped behind the false cow. I heard a few disgruntled snorts then my bull pushed and nudged the wooden cow. For a moment I could not understand what he was doing, then I remembered – the tail. I found the cord attached to the bench and pulled as far as it would go and hooked a bronze ring onto a small bronze nail. The false tail lifted up exposing the leather opening beneath. My bull snorted his satisfaction and suddenly pressed his muzzle against the opening. I gripped the rods and braced myself, pressing my sex against the warm leather.

Through the soft leather I felt the hot breath of my bull on my sex as he sniffed to be sure the it was me who was inside the cow. I pressed my sex as hard as I could against the opening, his hot breath stimulating my already aroused lips as my fluids continued to flow. Then suddenly he stopped.

Behind my breasts my heart was beating like a war drum, then I heard my bull huff and a loud thud and banging above me. The wooden frame of the false cow creaked and groaned alarmingly and with my minds' eye I saw my bull mount the cow as I had seen stallions mount mare's in my youth. My fear about the creaking frame vanished in an instant as I knew what was about to happen and just that thought alone was enough to push my desire towards the edge. From the very core of my body pulses of ecstasy flowed to every fibre of my being. My breathing became laboured and my heart was hammering against the bench beneath me. There was the sound of my bull adjusting his position and his front hoofs crashed against the side of my prison, then I felt it.

The head of my bulls member had found the opening and pushed against the sensitive, dilated lips of my sex. He was impatient and the head of his hard member stabbed against my body and I could feel his hot fluid already oozing and coating my nether regions. I wanted to tell him to be calm and gentle but through my rapid heavy breathing came only grunts. My bull jabbed at my rear parts a few more times then found the opening to my sex and his member slammed into me. I let out a scream of pain as he penetrated deep inside me, the head of his member pressing hard against the entrance to my womb. Holding tightly on the wooden rods, I pulled myself forward as far as I could to relieve some of the pain, but as he began to thrust into me, each was still deep enough to touch my womb.

Each stab of pain now merged with the intense desire that flooded my body and the first crash of ecstasy hit me. I had dreamt of this moment for so long and now it was happening. My knuckles turned white as I gripped the rods with all my strength as spasms shook my whole body uncontrollably. I shut my eyes and cried out loud with a mixture of pain and desire. For what seemed like an eternity my body convulsed and I could utter nothing but grunts and long heavy sighs. My bull, I think, sensed what I was going through and the thrusts of his member into me slowed, but did not stop. This was enough for the overwhelming sensations to subside and, as much as I could, I caught my breath.

I noticed now how hot it was getting inside the cow. My arms were now pinkish in colour and covered in perspiration and I could feel across my whole body rivulets of moisture running and dripping off me. With my face closer to the open mouth of the cow I could feel a gentle breeze caress my hot, wet face, but it reached no further into my confinement.

Though my bulls thrusts into me had slowed there was more force in them and with each thrust of his giant member into my sex, my body was forced forward and I had to maintain a tight grip on the rods or my head would hit the mouth of the cow. Each push was still painful, but it mattered little now, all I concentrated on was the joyous feeling of my bull penetrating my body. My sex had not been so filled and distended since the birth of my daughter Phaedra many moons past and my bulls member felt so much larger than the phallus Daedalus had made for me. And it was hot, so hot, as if his member was full of newly boiled water which added to the indescribable sensations I was feeling.

Suddenly, my bull increased his pace and my hallow cow began to rock a little and jolt forward with each forceful thrust. The creaking of the wooden frame became almost deafening as if it would shatter to splinters at any moment, but I barely heard it, my whole mind and body was focussed on what I knew was about come. Through my tightly closed eyes I could see nothing but stars flash and dart, my thoughts became blurred and jumbled and my body shook and quaked. My bulls member slammed into me with such force and ferocity I felt he could split me clean in two, but I cared not as my whole being was centred on what I could feel deep in my sex. Through the so sensitive walls of my sex I could feel the seed of my darling, beloved bull rise through his member and like a battering ram smashing the gates of a city his flood of life crashed against the opening of my womb with such force I was hurled forward inside my cow and hit my head against the frame. I screamed so loud with an ecstasy one could only receive from the Gods and outside my bull bellowed, a sound that made the very ground shake and was surely heard across the island.

His boiling seed flowed in a torrent into me and cascaded passed the lips of my sex, flooding the hollows which held my legs and pouring through the leather opening to splash in pools on the ground beneath my bull. How long he poured forth his seed I do not know, but finally it stopped and I slumped onto the bench exhausted.

Slowly my breathing eased and the beat of my heart settled down, though I could still feel it pump behind my breast. My belly felt almost full to bursting and reaching a hand down to my lower stomach I was sure I could feel it bulging slightly. My dream was realised but I felt a little disappointed – was that it? For the better part of a year I had wished and dreamed and hoped for these last moments but it suddenly seemed all over too quickly.

As I was about to reach down for the lock securing the lid of my cow I heard my bull walking around again then his nose was against the open mouth of my cow and he sniffed deeply and snorted in satisfaction. I reached out and touched his nose with my fingers.

' I am still here beloved and full of your seed. Have you any more to give me?'

He sniffed and snorted softly again and walked away and as he did I saw a brief sight of his member, still expended and arching slightly towards the ground.

I gripped hold of the rods at the head of the bench again and waited and as I waited my breathing and my heartbeat increased again. I felt my bull pressing his nose at the leather opening beneath the tail and his hot breath on the still sensitive lips of my sex before the loud crashing and creaking as my darling bull mounted the cow again. Prepared this time, I pulled myself along the bench until my head was pressed against the head of the cow as my bulls member penetrated the false cow and slid easily inside of me once again.

His pace this time was slow and measured and only the head of his member was in my sex, so with the same, measured pace I began to slid my body back and forwards allowing the head to go deeper into me, though not quite touching my womb this time. My bull kept up this pace for some time and I began to hear him huff and snort with each push. Tightly I gripped his hard, hot member with the muscles of my sex as a wave of delight pulsed through me with each thrust. With one hand I reached back over my buttocks and with the tips of my fingers I could touch the phallus and held them against the opening of my very wet sex to feel it slipping in and out of me.

There was a continual flow of fluids dribbling out from between my lips, I am sure a mix of my bulls secretions and of mine, running down my thighs to join the semen that filled the hollow legs almost up to my heels. My bulls huffing and snorting increased in pace as did his thrusts. Reluctantly, I moved my hand from my sex and gripped the rods, pulling myself forward again just as my bull penetrated deep inside of me. I let out a scream of ecstasy as the head of his member not only touched my womb but felt as though it pushed through the opening. There was no pain this time, just overwhelming passion as each thrust went deeper and deeper into my body, the front hooves of my bull hammered at the sides of the cow with each penetration and as the penetrations increased in pace the hammering increased and my screams increased.

As before, I was finding it hard to contain the raw, naked passion that permeated every single fibre of my being, my head swam, my breath came in irregular, deep gulps and I tried to focus what thought I had control of on the feeling of my bulls member as it slid between the lips of my sex and oh so deep within me. Then suddenly everything went black.

I had no way of knowing how long I had lost consciousness, but I do not think it was too long, as when my mind awoke again my bulls thrusts continued,now with such forcefulness that my lower body was being lifted off the bench, almost touching the stout oak frames at the top of the false cow. I was nothing more than a rag doll now, unable to control anything, with no strength to hold to on to the bench or even scream. It was in this state when my bulls member burst forth for a second time and I am sure even more semen flooded into me as I could actually feel my belly distend and bulge trying to contain the torrent of seed my bull gave me. I let out a cry that almost hurt and my darling bull bellowed to the gods, then all was quiet. My bull remained inside me for a long moment and I could feel his strong member begin to soften then suddenly he pulled out and his front hooves crashed to the ground, his seed gushed out from my sex and with all the strength I could muster I tried to keep as much inside of me that I could.

* * * * *

As I sit here in the dim, seemingly endless passages of the labyrinth I think often of that day but I have not seen my beloved bull since. I hear tell that he has gone on a maddened rampage right across the island, but there is nothing I can do now to calm him.

All I am left with are my memories and with his son. I have named him Asterion, which means 'Star-like', But others have another name for him – Minotaur.

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Fantasy | Bestiality


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