Sleeping Sister_(0) by RobBoss

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(This is all just a story none of this happened)

This is a story about the time I had fun with my sleeping sister.

I woke up with this urge to take a piss , I looked at my alarm clock and it was only 3am. I stumbled out of bed half awake and as I was on the way to the bathroom I walked passed my sister's room. My sister's name is April, she has long black hair and beautiful blue eyes. She's only 5'8 and around 85 pounds. She was also 18, I was 19 and I was somewhat of a tall guy with good looks, I'm 5'10 around 167 pounds with a muscular frame, and I have short brown hair with brown eyes. But enough about me, let's get back to the story. As I entered the bathroom I pulled out my 6inch cock from my boxers and started peeing. After I was done I washed my hands and flushed the toilet. As I was walking back to my room I stopped at my sister's door and I remembered about 3 weeks ago I saw her come out of the bathroom with nothing on but a towel. With that thought in my head. I thought a little peek won't hurt anyone so I reached for the doorknob with my hand and by the time my hand was around the doorknob my heart felt like it was gonna blow out of my chest. My heartbeat was getting faster and faster, I could feel my face getting red and I felt sweat trickling down my cheek. I turned the knob and walked in and shut the door behind me slowly. The room was pretty dark but there was moonlight by my sister's bed and when I finally looked at my sister in the moonlight I was shocked.

My sister was laying on top of her blankets on her belly. All she had on was one of our dad's big white T-shirts (It looked like a dress when she wore it) and a pair of lime green underwear that were skin tight. My heart was beating faster now and I could feel my self getting rock hard. I tiptoed over to her slowly and I was amazed by my sister's beautiful sleeping form. She was facing away from me so I didn't know if her eyes were open or not but I made it this far so there was no way in hell I was turning back now. I called her name a few times "April, hey April are you awake?" But she didn't say anything and she didn't even respond to my voice, so I called her name a few more times and still nothing. I moved my shaking hand on her shoulder and pushed her a little and nothing. I was pretty sure she was in deep sleep. I crawled into bed with her as slowly as I could and I mounted her upper thighs. If I thought my heart was beating fast boy I was wrong my heart was beating super fast now. My hands were shaking more too but I knew I had to slow down my heartbeat so she wouldn't hear it so I took one deep breath.

I was finally calm and I looked at my sister's ass in those tight lime green underwear. Her ass was so huge I thought to myself, I really didn't want her to wake up and tell my dad and mom what I was doing because they would kill me. So since this was my first time doing this I took one more deep breath and then I pressed my crotch on her skin tight lime green underwear. I started to hump foreword a little and it felt so good. I'd pull my hips up a little and then I'd slam down slowly, I wanted to take out my cock from my boxers and shove it in her ass but since this was my first time doing this I didn't wanna mess it up. So I kept on humping her ass and I finally felt it coming, my balls started to tighten up and I started shooting loads of jizz in my boxers. I grunted while load after load shot out of my cock. I was breathing really heavy at this point, I leaned up a little and looked at my sister's lime green covered ass to see if any of my jizz soaked through my boxers and sure enough right in the middle of her lime green underwear there was a big wet stain. I freaked out, I jumped out of her bed slowly and left the room hoping she wouldn't notice it. I went back to my room and threw off my boxers and I cleaned the jizz off my thighs and I put on another pair of boxers. I laid down in my bed thinking I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die. She's gonna see the wet spot, then she's gonna tell my dad and then he's gonna think I did something.

I must of fell asleep because I woke up with the sun shining in my face. I looked at my clock it was only 11:23am but then memories of last night rushed back into my head. Before I could even think about it I heard my mom yell "It's breakfast time!" I jumped out of bed and I was too worried to have a hard on because all I could think about was that wet spot on my sister's underwear. I walked out of my room and I stopped in the hallway because I heard my sister say to my mom "How much longer do I have to stay on these sleeping pills mom?" My mom said "Last week you passed out at work and do you know what the doctor told me? He told me if you sleep more you won't pass out again, okay. Just take the pills for 3 more days and then you can stop taking them." That was the best news I've heard ever my sister was on sleeping pills, all I wanted to do was ram my cock into her ass but I'd have to wait till tonight. The rest of the day dragged on, I had breakfast, I went to work, I came home and I took a nap. But still the day seemed to drag on because all I was thinking about was my sister's ass. I walked in my room and laid on my bed waiting for the fun night to come. I must of dozed off again because I woke up and saw that it was around 2am.

I got out of bed with a raging hard on and tiptoed over to my sister's door (I was no longer nervous about walking into my sister's room because she was passed out on sleeping pills) and I turned the knob and walked in and I shut the door behind me and as I looked over at my sister's bed in the moonlight I almost jizzed right there in my pants. My sister was laying on her side like in a cuddling position with her ass sticking out, part of her ass crack was showing as well. I wasn't scared about playing with her tonight. I walked over to her and crawled behind her and laid on my side like she was and I could smell the shampoo in her hair it smelt so good and it made my hard on even harder. She was wearing our dad's same T-shirt again but this time she was wearing tight pink underwear that were hugging her ass. I reached out with one of my hands and cupped one of her ass cheeks, it felt so good. I kept massaging one of my sister's ass cheeks and then I squeezed it really hard, I needed more. I sat up and pushed her on her belly, her ass was all mine now.

I was about to reach out and cup both of her ass cheeks when I heard the doorknob start to turn, I jumped up in fear and tiptoed over to the dark corner of the room. I was right across from my sister's bed it wasn't even 5 feet away from me, it was pretty dark and you could pretty much only see my sister's bed in the moonlight. As I was standing there hoping not to be caught I heard the door open and my dad walked in, my dad is 6'1 with brown hair and brown eyes just like me and he was a little fat. I was wondering what was he doing. He shut the door behind him and crawled up on the bed with my sister. He didn't even say anything he just hooked his thumbs into his daughter's pink underwear and peeled them down her legs leaving them around her ankles. Now I could only see the side of her bare ass cheek but my dad could see the full view. I was shocked that I wasn't mad at my dad for doing what he was doing because I was trying to do the same thing. He pulled out his cock from his boxers and lined it up with my sister's pussy or asshole I couldn't see from my view what hole he put it in and my dad was a above average size it looked around 7inches to me.

I watched as my dad with one powerful thrust he slammed into my sister. I was expecting my sister to wake up or scream but she did nothing. My dad kept slamming in and out in and out over and over again and again he started to grunt and he let out a loud grunting noise and he fell on top of my sister's sleeping body. I knew he just cummed in her but he stood up and pulled up her underwear and then he put his cock away and he left the room. I thought he was gonna come back and clean her up but after 10 minutes of waiting I knew he wasn't coming back or so I hoped. Then it hit me she knew our dad was doing this to her because she would have to clean the mess when she woke up. So I knew if I cummed in her she'd just think it was our dad. So I thought for a second and I made up my mind that I wouldn't use the hole my dad did, so I walked over to her sleeping body and I was hoping he fucked her pussy but it really didn't matter to me because I just needed to fuck her in anyway. I was at the side of her bed and I pulled her pink underwear down her legs and I saw a big glob of white cum in and around her pussy, I scored big, her asshole was clean and ready for a good fuck. I wasted no time I pulled my boxers off and got on her thighs and placed my rock hard cock oozing pre cum and I slammed all 6inches into her asshole, it was so tight and warm I've never felt anything like this before. I pulled out a little and slammed back in over and over again. Thrust after thrust, I was lost in lust. I was like a wild dog and I was about a minute into slamming her asshole when I felt it coming on and before I knew it I cummed right into her asshole, her belly just got filled with my jizz. While i grunted and collapsed right on top of her. I pulled out and stood up and then I pulled her underwear back up, I put my boxers on and went back to my room to go back asleep.

A week passed after all that happened, I was too afraid of being caught by my dad so I stop going into her room at night. But it happened again she passed out at work. Now no one told me she was back on sleeping pills but I knew she had to be and I also got great news. My mom and dad were going on a trip to Florida about 345 miles away, that means I'll be all alone with my drugged out sleeping sister. Long story short about 3 more weeks passed and I was waiting and waiting and waiting until that day came and my parents finally left for their trip, I was so happy. I was in my room after they left playing my PS2 when April came in and said "Hey, uhhhh, I don't know if anyone has told you this but I'm on sleeping pills and dad always helps me crush them up and I'm not strong enough to do it, can you?" I gave her that okay I'll do it look. I paused my game and followed her into the kitchen, what she didn't know is that I was thinking she just sealed her fate and tonight she's gonna get fucked like a whore. She grabbed a pill bottle from the top of the cabinet and said "Here crush one up and put it in a cup of water, I'll be right back I gotta use the bathroom." I waited till I heard the bathroom door shut and I took out 2 pills and crushed them in like 5 seconds and then put it into a cup of water.

I heard the bathroom door open and my heart started to beat faster because my sister was about to drink a cup of sleeping pills. I could also feel myself getting hard. She came up took the cup of water from me and gulped it down. I was so hard and I could feel pre cum oozing out of my cock. April said "Thanks." and she walked off. I went back to my room and played the PS2 for about 2 more hours and the whole time I was playing all I was thinking about was her ass. I didn't jack off because I wanted to save it for her. I turned off the PS2 and walked over to my sister's room and opened the door, there was no one else home and she was drugged out. I was gonna turn on her bedroom light but I liked the way the moonlight looked over her sleeping body. Tonight she was wearing that same white T-shirt and some light red underwear. She was also laying on her belly, I walked up to her bed and smacked her ass really hard and I loved the way it jiggled, I smacked it again and again and again. I was in heaven, I pulled my boxers off and threw them into the corner. I pulled down her underwear and took them off, I couldn't cum in her because she'd know that I did it because I'm the only one in the house with her. So I wrapped her underwear around my hand when I was about to cum I'd just cum in them and if she was wondering why she was wearing different underwear she'd probably just think she was crazy. I grabbed both of her legs by the ankles and dragged her to the end of the bed were she was pretty much bent over the bed on her belly. I moved her hair out of her face and kissed her cheek.

I reached out and I finally grabbed a hand full of my sister's bare ass. It was so soft and warm. I started squeezing and smacking it with both of my hands. I then l got on my knees behind her and parted her ass cheeks, I got a front row view of her pretty light brown asshole and her pink pussy. I wasn't a virgin so I knew what pussy tasted like but I just had to try my sister. I started licking her pussy and it was awesome. It had a kind of a tangy taste to it. I licked it for a few minutes while rubbing my cock with one hand and with my other hand I kept her ass cheeks parted. After I got done tasting her I stood back up and placed my cock at her asshole entrance and slammed all 6inches in at once. It felt better than the first time and there was no holding back this time. I slammed all the way in and pulled all they way out and slammed all the way back in,every time I'd slam back in you'd hear a loud smacking sound it was the sound of skin pounding skin. My balls were hitting her ass cheeks with such force,I did this over and over. Like I said my plan was to cum in her underwear but I couldn't hold back. I felt it coming on I let a loud moan out and I said "Fuck yeah!" really loud., I shot load after load into my sister's brown love tunnel.

I knew I was fucked there was no way I was gonna be able to clean this but I had to try. I threw her underwear on the floor and as I was about to go get some wash cloths to clean her up but I felt my self getting hard again. In my head I said fuck it she's all ready gonna know that I cummed in her I walked back over to her and flipped her on her back. This was the first time I saw her pussy mound, it was hairy but still very pretty and I could smell a beautiful scent coming off of it. I pulled the white T-shirt up her chest exposing her C cup perky tits. I lined my cock with her pussy entrance and slammed it all in at once, I was gonna cup her tits while I was fucking her pussy but her pussy was too wet and right when I slammed all the way in I cummed deep inside. I felt load after load of my warm cum shoot into my sleeping sister. I fell on top of her,I was really fucked now. I looked at her face and I kissed her on her soft pretty pink lips a few times and some how I managed to pull out of her cum soaked pussy. I grabbed my boxers off the floor and headed for the shower, god only knows what's gonna happen when she wakes up.......Should I make a part 2 or was this story way too long?

Rating: 91%, Read 409574 times, Posted Nov 21, 2014

Fantasm | Anal, Drug, Incest, Male, Rape, Spanking, Teen Female, Teen Male, Voyeurism


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