How Polygamy Begins - 1(rev) by James_Gina

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How Polygamy Begins

Hi, My name’s Jason and I’m a young atypical guy, not quite the Dungeons and Dragons living in your mom’s basement type, but not quite good enough to hang out with the cool kids either. I have spent my life stuck in the netherworld of loneliness. Not that I don’t have any friends, it just seems like mostly women want to be friends with me. I’m not really into sports, so most other guys think I’m a dweeb, and I’m not into geeky stuff like Dungeons and Dragons, so the nerds don’t like me either. However, I’m a good listener, and okay conversationalist, so women seem to like me. You would think that was a good thing for a young guy, but I always seemed to be relegated to the friendship zone. I didn’t realize it at the time, but from high school through college, all my ‘Girl’ friends had thought I was a closet gay.

The truth was a lot more complicated, no I’m not gay, and I adored everything about women. From the way they looked and smelled, how they moved, to how they used their brains. In middle school though, a trio of girls had done a real number on me, and while I have no trouble talking to a women, I am so terrified of being rejected, I just can’t bring myself to ask anyone for a date.

Two years earlier in college, one of my ‘Girl’ friends Rachel had called me at 2:00am drunk and needing a ride home.

“Wait, wait, wait, Rachel cry’s out, that’s where you’re going to start the story?”

“Yeah baby, you should start at the beginning,” says Heather

“Yeah you idiot, at least tell them about when we all met,” says Rachel.

“Yeah honey says Connie, why don’t you start with when you and Rach first met? Then me, Heather, and Sue.”

“Yeah, in order idiot!”

“Okay, okay, I’ll do it your way girls,” I say.

So, five years ago I started my freshman year of college on a full ride academic scholarship. I was sitting in my first class, Biology 101, when this cute little red head walks up to me and asks if the seat next to me was taken. I answered no, and she sits down next to me. Now normally I wouldn’t have thought anything about it, but the class had about 150 seats, and maybe five were taken. So my first thought was “Oh right, sit next to a nerd so you can copy off him.” She was really cute mind you, so I didn’t mind. She had dark red hair, was maybe 98 lbs soaking wet, 5’2” tall, and a well-proportioned body for her size. Her face was round with big brown eyes, full lips, and clean smooth skin other girls would kill for.

So she sat down and said “Hi, I’m Rachel”.

I introduced myself, “Hi I’m Jason, but my friends call me Jay.”

“Hi Jay, my friends call me Rach, it’s nice to meet you.”

The class begins so she didn’t pay any attention to me until the class was over. As we were preparing to leave she looks over at me and says,

“You look like you really know how to take notes, she stated”

“Yeah, I took a class in high school that taught a combination of note taking and shorthand, I replied.

“Would you like to be my study partner, she asked”

“Ahh, sure I replied.”

She grabbed my hand and wrote her number on my palm.

“Great, call me around 5:00 and we’ll get together”

From that point forward we were inseparable friends, but I never thought she liked me beyond friendship.

“You’re an idiot Rachel chimes in.”

ANYWAY, I continue, about a month later, Rach and I were at the coffee shop when the couple behind us starts arguing. That argument culminated in the girl throwing her iced coffee in the guy’s face, half of which hit me in the back. The guy got up, called her a crazy bitch and stormed out. Rach and I were kind of glaring at her when she look at us and said

“What the hell are you looking at?”

She then put her face in her hands and started to cry. Rach then got up and walked over to her and handed her a napkin. The girl looked up at Rachel, took the napkin and wiped her face.

“I’m sorry I spoiled your date she says to Rach”

Then looks at me, apologizes, and asks if she can pay for my shirt.

“Ahh, I didn’t really like this one anyway.”

She smiles at me and mouths “Thank you. By the way, my name’s Connie.”

Rachel answers “Hi Connie, I’m Rachel or Rach, and this is my good friend Jason or Jay. Jay, would you be a dear and get Connie another Iced Coffee?”

“Oh, he doesn’t have to,” replies Connie.

“Nonsense, think nothing of it Rachel says.”

So I get her another coffee, and the three of us sit talking for a couple hours. And that’s how we met Connie.

Rach, Connie, and I all hit it off that afternoon, and from that moment on we were all friends.

“In the interest of fairness, when you went to get the coffee, I told Connie you were a closet gay.” Rachel said.

“Yeah, and you call me an idiot,” I retort.

So Connie is drop dead gorgeous. “Awww, thank you baby.” She is tall, blond hair with blue eyes, even her body hair is blond, and she has the body of a Victoria Secrets model. But,, then there’s her personality,

“Watch it Buster”,

“You know it’s true sweetie,” I say.

Don’t get me wrong, she has a great personality overall, she’s smart and fun to be around, Buuttt, she has a tendency to be bossy, and can go from zero to bitch it 2 seconds flat. Let’s just say, she has anger issues.

“Oh, you just wait till later, I’ll show you anger issues.”

For the start of the second semester, Rach, Connie, and I decided to take a few classes together, and one of those was Modern History. During our second class, in rushes this girl just before the professor locked the door. Connie was sitting a seat over from me, and the girl plops down between Connie and I.

“Wooh, right on time she exclaims, I thought I was going to miss it again”

She looks at me and asks “Can I share your book, I forgot mine. I’m Heather.”

“Hi Heather, I’m Jay, and next to you is my friend Connie, and over here is my friend Rachel.”

“Oh hi guys, sorry to intrude”

“It’s ok Connie says, but if you’re going to sit with us take a shower next time, you smell like alcohol and sex.”

“Oh Heather says, sorry about that, late night.”

I actually smelled her trying to figure out what sex smelled like.

“You’re an idiot says Rach”

“Rachel Marie, quit calling him an idiot,” Sue admonishes.

“Well he is an idiot!”

“Yes, we all know you wanted to have sex with him from the start, now give it a rest,” Says Connie.

“Can I continue please?”

“Yes sweetie, go ahead,” says Connie.

So the next class Heather arrived on time and bathed, and asked if she could join us. Now Heather is another looker, she’s tall like Connie but has a bit larger body, with light red curly hair, green eyes, large boobs and ass, and freckles over most of her body. Oh and she’s a fitness nut, and with the exception of her boobs, everywhere else is rock hard.

“You know it baby!” exclaims Heather.

Heather is smart and sweet, but has a dry since of humor, and a bit of a wild side.

“Ha, a bit of a wild side, that’s a laugh says Sue.”

Heather seems to excel at getting herself into trouble. She’s been arrested six times for indecent exposure, four times for public drunkenness, and a she had the distinction of being the first person charged with sodomy in 50 years. That charge was changes to reckless endangerment for giving a blowjob in a moving car. The last charge was in the middle of our sophomore year. Her daddy had always paid for her lawyers, and she always got off, but not this time. This time daddy wouldn’t pay, and she got a public defender. The judge was about to sentence her to 3 years, when I stood up and asked the judge if I could speak.

Rachel, Connie, and Sue stood behind me at the railing, and we pleaded for a final leniency. We all told him Heather was our closest friend, and that we had not done our duty to help her stop her bad behavior. In the end, the judge released her on 1 year probation with a 3 year suspended jail sentence, and had us put up a $10,000 dollar bond. If she got into any trouble during probation, we would lose the money, and she would serve the 3 years. Suffice it to say, the four of us kept her wild side on a tight leash on her for a year.

“Yeah, you guys didn’t let me have any fun.” And she now keeps her wild side private.

Finally, we met Sue through Heather. Much to her dismay, she was Heather’s roommate the first year. Sue had a hard time putting up the Heathers wild side, but as it turned out, she really started to like Heather, as they were both gym rats.

Susan is a short Italian girl a couple inches taller than Rach, with long black hair, small boobs, and a stunning ass. She is smart, funny, and has a foot fetish.

“I do not,, I just like feet”

All the girls giggle and tell her it’s a fetish. Like Heather, Sue is a real hard body. Oh, she has another amazing feature, but you’ll learn about that further in the story.

By midway through our second semester we were all close friends and spent most of our time together. Each semester we try and get rooms closer together, but it wouldn’t be until second semester of our junior year that we would all be on the same floor of the same building 503. Connie and Rach in one room, Heather and Sue in the second, and me across the hall in the third. There was one more room past mine at the end of the hall that was the resident’s room, and for our senior year Connie took the floor resident job, so Rachel got her own apartment back.

The apartment complex we lived in was owned by the college, but run like an apartment complex. Eight buildings, all coed, each with four floors, and 20 apartments per floor with a resident per floor. To be a resident, you had to be a senior over the age of 21, or a graduate student. Each apartment leased out for $4,400 per semester and could have up to four students per apartment. Most rooms had only two students, as full ride scholarships would pay $2200 per semester, but you could pay another $2200 out of pocket and have the room to yourself, and you could share a room with the opposite sex, but you had to be married. Also, it was only $2000 more to keep the apartment for the summer.

As I said, we all start hanging out, taking as many classes together as possible. The girls all dated guys, but dragged me along on all their outings.

“Because we thought you were gay,” says Sue.

“Yes girls, I think we have already established you thought I was gay.”

We went on about our lives, took dance classes together, and when one or more of the girls didn’t have a date lined up, I was their platonic date.

“It didn’t have to be platonic you idiot snaps Rach.”

We went to a lot of great clubs and parties, although that one club Jaspers you took me to was strange.

“Wait, I just realized now why you took me to Jaspers; it was a gay bar.” The girls all bust out laughing!

“We didn’t want you to be alone when we all had dates you idiot.”

Generally I think the girls told me everything, every little detail of their lives. I would hold their hair while they puked, and sat with them when they were sick or hung over. Like what happened with Rach that I started to tell you about earlier.

“Can I start with the good stuff now?”

“It’s your story says Sue.”

“Yeah, right, it more like our story I retort.”

Okay, so about two years ago in college, one of my ‘Girl’ friends Rachel called me at 2:00am drunk and needing a ride home. Being the nice guy as usual, I got up and threw on some jogging pants and a tee shirt, and drove 5 miles to get her. When I got to the club, Rachel was sitting on a curb with her head in her hands, so I got out, walked over and called her name. Rachel looked up at me and smiled, she started to get up but was having trouble so I leaned down and helped her up. As she stood she wrapped her arms around my neck and planted a wet kiss on my lips.

“Thank you so much Jay, you’re a real lifesaver”

“No problem Rach, come on, let’s get you home.”

The ride home was quiet, which was unusual for Rachel, she was definitely a talker. We were almost to the apartments when I asked “are you all right”.

She looked at me, smiled and said

“I am now. The asshole I went to the bar with took off with another girl when I wouldn’t give him a blowjob.”

“You’re kidding, I said. How long have you been going out with him?”

“First date, she answered.”

“Wow, and he dumped someone as pretty as you, how stupid.”

Rachel looked at me with a look I had never seen before just as we pulled up at her apartment. I got out and walked around to help her out. As she leaned to get out I notices a few extra buttons on her blouse had come undone and I could clearly see wasn’t wearing a bra and her breasts were on full display. A couple of nice perky handfuls topped with pointy M&M size nipples.

Rachel took two steps and stumbled, so I reached out and caught her.

“I think I had a little too much to drink she exclaimed.”

I picked her up in my arms. “Ooow, I didn’t know you were so strong,” she exclaims.

“Yeah, I get in a good workout every now and then.” We got to her door, “where’s your key I asked?”

“It’s in a little pocket inside my skirt, you want to lift it up and find it?”

“Aahh, my hands are kinda busy at the moment.”

“I bet that’s what you tell all the girls.”

Rachel reaches into a hidden pocket at the top of her skirt and fishes out the key, pushes it into the lock and opens the door. I carry her into her apartment, and start to put her on the couch, but she stops me.

“Put me in bed dear Sir.”

So I carry her into her bedroom and set her on the bed. She keeps her arms wrapped around my neck, pulls me down and plants another wet kiss on my lips.

“Jay, I know it probably grosses you out, but I am supper horny right now. Would you please have sex with me?”

“Rach, why would having sex with you gross me out?”

“Jay,,you don’t have to pretend with me, I know you’re gay”

“WHAT, I exclaim, Why would you think I’m gay?

“Jay honey, me, Connie, Heather, and Sue, we all talk, we’re all hot, and you’ve never tried anything with one of us”

“Rach, I’m not gay, I just don’t know, or I,,I’m not sure how to ask, I mean I’m afraid you’ll ahh.

“You’re afraid of what, she asks,,,,what?,,, that I’ll reject you?”

“ah haa.”

“Jay honey, you mean to tell me for the past two years you have sat around listening to all our problems, all our talk of bad dates, taking us shopping, watching chick flicks with us, and all along you secretly wanted us?”

“Rach, It isn’t like that, I just didn’t know you liked me like that.”

“Jay honey, all of us girls have done everything short of drawing you a map. We all hang on you, walk around without bra and panties, snuggle up to you during movies, can you not read any signs?”

“No Rach, I don’t get it, I’ve always felt like you and the other girls liked me, I was just afraid you’d say no if I asked you on a date.”

“You Idiot, why would any girl ever say no to a date with you? You’re kind, generous, good looking, smart, funny, and just an all-around nice guy. Any girl would be lucky to be with you. Oh my god, are you still a virgin?”

Tears start to run down my cheek.

“Oh god Jay, honey, don’t cry”

Rachel pulls me down on top of her and kisses me hard pushing her tongue into my mouth. We continue to kiss for several minute until she flips over on top of me, sits up with hands on my chest and slowly grinds my cock.

“We’re going to talk about this whole thing tomorrow buster, but for now I’m horny. You just do everything I tell you, and this will be the best night of your life”

Rachel continues to grind my cock while she removes her blouse. She had flashed her boobs at me a hundred times, but this was the first time they were on full display in front of me. She has nice B cups topped with dark brown areolas and M&M size nipples. Her areolas were puffy and her nipples hard. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her breasts.

“Now, massage them gently, and roll my nipples between your thumb and finger.”

I do as she asks. “Ohh, umm, yeah baby, just like that, ooww, just a little lighter on my nipples until I really start moaning, then you can do it harder”

I continue massaging her breasts while she grinds on me. I can start to feel wetness on my cock as her juices soak my jogging pants.

“Now, pull hard on my nipples”

I do as she asks, “Oh god YESsss,” she screams.

Her body flops forward on my chest and convulses as she lays on top of me until her orgasm subsides.

She lifts up and kisses me again for several minutes, then breaks the kiss and asks,

“Do you want to go down on me; you don’t have to?”

I stammer, “ahh yeah,,but I’ve never done it before.”

“That’s ok, I’ll show you what to do. So start by pulling me tight against you and then roll us over” I pull her body close and roll us over.

“Perfect she says, now start by frenching me for a minute, then kiss my neck and chest down to my nipples slowly. Suck on both of them till they’re nice and hard, and then continue kissing down my belly, kiss and lick all around my belly, and thighs for several minutes before you get to my pussy, then lick that like an ice cream cone.”

I kiss her for several minutes, then move down across her cheek to her ear. She moans as I kiss and lick her earlobe. I continue to kiss slowly down the top of her chest until I reach her first nipple, she moans loudly as I suck it into my mouth, then she takes her hands and pushes my head harder against the breast. I suck greedily and flick my tongue back and forth across the nipple to more of her moaning. Then move over to the other nipple but continue to tweak the first one with my fingers while greedily sucking hard on the second. After several minutes, I continue down her body stopping at her belly button to lick and suck around her piercing. She moans again as my tongue licks inside her navel.

I continue my assault down her body, grabbing the sides of her skirt and pulling down to reveal she isn’t wearing panties. She lifts her butt as I slid her skirt down and off and continue kissing down her thighs. Several times she thrusted her pussy at me, but I moved away to tease her. On the fourth time I got close I breathed hot air across her lips. Rachel moaned deeply, grabbed me by the hair with both hands and shoved my head onto her pussy. Her musk and taste was like honey, and she was making a large wet spot on the bed. I drove my tongue as deep as it would go into her wet open pussy until my nose settled against her clit.

Rachel squealed with delight as my tongue probed around her opening and finally flicked across her clit.

“OH GOD YES,,,YES, ohh don’t stop, yes, oh god, oh god”

she fucked my face for several seconds, arching her back and drenched my face in her juices. As she lay there in orgasmic bliss, I used my tongue to clean her up. I finished cleaning her thighs and around her pussy, so I lifted and spread her legs and started licking the juice from her ass cheeks. Then reached my tongue into her crack, the affect when my tongue touched her anus was a deep moan and almost instant orgasm. I gave her two more orgasms before she finally grabbed my head pulled me up.

“Okay baby, it’s time, I want you to slowly slide,,oh, take your pants off”

I slid out of my jogging pants, and Rachel gasps as my very hard cock springs free.

“What’s wrong, I ask.”

“Now I’m really mad at you, you’ve been denying me that for two years over a fucking misunderstanding!”


“Don’t Rach me, you’re on my shit list. Now shut up and fuck me! Remember, slow, and stop if you feel like you’re going to cum.”

I place the head against her entrance and slowly push in till just the head slips in.

“STOP, she yells.”


“You look close! Take it nice and slow, we aren’t in a rush, my pussy ain’t goin nowhere”

I wait what seems like an eternity with just my cock head in her very warm, very wet pussy. As I sit there she starts rubbing her clit. I slide in inch by inch, and get about two thirds in when Rachel moans.

“That’s as deep as she goes stud. Now slowly move it out and back in, and if you feel like you’re going to cum, stop.”

“Okay, I say. Oh god Rach, you feel so good.”

“Yeah, well dumbass, you could have been feeling that for the past two years. How’s it feel to not be a virgin anymore?”

“I feels wonderful, I’m glad it’s you”

“Okay, she says, shut up and keep fucking me!”

I slowly build up speed until Rachel starts to coo and moan again.

“I’m getting close Rach.”

“Okay, baby, just a little longer, I’m almost there too.”

After another 30 seconds, I let out “Oh god Rach, and can’t hold it anymore”

“Go ahead baby, it’s okay, you can cum inside me.”

Rachel grabs my face and pulls my lips to hers and moans into my mouth as she feels my hot seed start spurting inside her; her own orgasm takes hold and I feel her pussy convulse around my cock for over a minute before her she finally relaxed with my still hard cock buried in her.

“God Jay, are you still hard after that, it felt like a fire hose going off inside me”

“uh hu”

“Well, what are you waiting for stud, get pumping.”

“You want to try another position, she asks.”

“Okay, I say.”

“Alright, slide up and we’ll spoon. Slide your cock back in me, put one hand under me and around to play with my nipples, and use the other hand to play with my clit while we slowly fuck.”

“Oh wow Jay, your cock feels so good like this. I love this position with you, most guys aren’t long enough to do it this way. Ohh yeah, just like that, oh, oh yes.”

We continue in this position for several minutes until she has another orgasm. She turns over to face me, pushes me on my back and climbs on. She place my cock at her opening and impales herself moaning loudly as I push her cervix in.

“Oh god, so deep, so deep,” she exclaims.

She starts bouncing up and down taking all nine inches over and over. After a few minutes she stops and spins around on my cock to reverse cowgirl.

“Wow, I exclaim.”

“Yeah, I’m a spinner. She says.”

She continues for several minutes until another orgasm overtakes her, and falls off to my side panting.

“God Jay, you’re incredible, I can’t believe this is your first time. This is like the best sex I’ve ever had. You better enjoy this, because I’m so mad at you, I may never speak to you again.”

I start to speak but Rachel puts her finger over my lips. “Now is not the time for your platitudes Jay, you’ve got one more position to try.”

Rachel flips over and gets on all fours. “Doggie, and I want you to pound me as hard and fast as you can”

“Ahh, okay” I get behind and insert my cock into her still juicy pussy and begin pumping.

“Harder” she yells.

I grab her hips and start pounding her as hard and fast as I can.


We go like that for a good five minutes until her arms buckle and only her butt is in the air being viciously pounded. I look and see her anus is convulsing, so I spit on in and push my thumb in as far as it would go. Rachel screams as her body convulses and her pussy and anus clamp down on my cock and thumb. The sensation of her orgasm sends me over the edge and I empty another load in her pussy. I slowly withdraw my thumb from her anus, and cock from her pussy and watched both orifices continue to convulse for several minutes. Rachel slowly slipped forward to laying on the bed, so I crawled up next to her and spooned her until I fell asleep.

I woke up, the sun streaming through Rachel’s window. Rachel was still spooned tight against me, and had my arm clamped tight under hers with me holding her boob. I tried to slowly pull my arm free, but felt her clamp down even tighter. So I laid my head back down and nuzzled my nose into her hair and went back to sleep.

I awoke again to the feeling of Rachel trying to escape my arm, so I clutched her in tight.

“Ooww Baby, not so tight, I’ve got to pee bad, she says. Unless you want me to pee on you, you better let me go.”

I release her and she hops from the bed and sprints to the bathroom. Even from down the hall I can hear the loud splash, and her moan of relief. A moment later I hear the shower start and she calls down the hall,

“Baby, come take a shower with me.”

I nearly fell getting out of the bed so fast to join he.

“Well didn’t have to ask you twice, she says.” As I slide to a stop in the bathroom door.

As I enter the shower my cock rises to full attention.

“You can just put that spear away buddy, I’m still mad at you, and you’re going to need to do a lot, and I mean a lot of groveling before I forgive you.”

“Rach, I really am sorry, but;”

“RACH YOU IN THERE” comes from the living room.

“Oh shit, Rachel exclaims, its Connie, she can’t see you like this”

Rachel hops out of the shower to close the bathroom door but slips down on her butt just as Connie reaches the door.

“Whacha doo” Connie was looking down a Rachel and then looks up and sees me holding my hard-on in the shower.

“Rachel, what is Jay doing naked in the shower with you? Did you, but he’s,”

“No Connie, we were all wrong, he’s not gay” Rachel look over her shoulder at me and glares “Just Stupid!”

“So you’re telling me all those braless afternoons, titty flashes, pussy slips, and general flirting, and our supposedly gay best friend just didn’t get it? Connie exclaims.”

“Yeah says Rachel, Bob ditched me a McCools last night, I didn’t have any money, so I called Jay for a ride, I was horny and it was him or a cold dildo. I figured I’d beg him and played the ‘If you were a real friend’ card he’d let me use his dick.”

“And YOU Dickhead, You’ve been on the inner circle of the girls club for two years hearing all our secrets, listening and participating in all our conversations and you’re not even gay?”

“You know what, you two just finish your shower while I make a call,” Connie says and slams the bathroom door shut.

“Connie, NO, Please Connie, don’t call the girls.”

“What? Jason asks”

“She’s calling Heather and Sue, and she’s got the door blocked so we can’t get out”

“Well I say, we might as well finish our shower”

Rachel jumps up and hops in the shower, and we bath each other. We had just finish showering when we heard voices outside the door.

“What’s the emergency Connie, and why are you holding the door?”

“We have to wait for Heather, Connie says.”

“Who’s in the bathroom,” asks Sue?

“Hey Bitches, what’s the emergency” asks Heather?

“Heather, thank god you’re here,” says Connie.

“Where’s Rach and Jay,” Heather asks?

“Heather stand right there, Sue over here, and if anything come running out of this bathroom grab it.”

Connie slowly opens the door to reveal Rach and I standing in front of the door stark naked.

“Hey Rach, oh aahhh woe Jay, what’s up guys, why are you naked,,together,,,in the bathroom,” Heather asks?”

“Girls Connie says, I’m going to ask the question of our best friend Jay we were all too delicate to ask him two years ago. Jason, Are you Gay?”

All eyes turn to me. “Ahh, well,,,,No, I exclaim.”

“Rach, what did you do, Asks Sue?”

“Connie answers, Rachel here, AKA Little Ms. Slut Slut was horny last night, and decided our best friend, AKA Gay Jay, was her best option.”

“Well what the hell did she do, Fuck his straight, asks Sue.”

“No says Connie, apparently our best friend is just clueless, not gay.”

“Jay, asks Heather, you lied to us”

“Ahh, No, I never told you or inferred that I was gay.”

“But you’re so sensitive and caring, and such a good listener, Says Sue.”

“Jay, I don’t understand says Heather, each of us spent the first year of college throwing ourselves at you, and you didn’t get that.”

“Look girls, it’s like Connie and Rach said, I am an idiot when it comes to women. I am so afraid of being rejected as a boyfriend, I can’t see beyond the friend zone. These three girls in middle school messed me up so bad, that I’ve never had a girlfriend, or even ask anyone out since. Then on my first day in college this hot girl names Rachel asked me to be her study partner.

“I wrote my number on your hand so you could ask me on a date you idiot.”

“I’m sorry girls, I truly did not mean to deceive you, I love each of you more than you know. You’re the only real friends I’ve had since early life, and just being your friend was more than I thought I could ever hope for. And now I let the best thing in my life get fucked up.”

I stand to leave. “Sit your ass down you idiot, say Rachel, you’re still our best friend. We’re not kicking you to the curb because we were too stupid to ask our best friend about his life, when he sat listened to every one of our fucking life and sob stories without a single complaint.”

“How are we going to fix this girls, ask Connie”

“Heather speaks up, we could cut his cock and balls off to make him one of the girls”

My eyes go wide.

“Are you kidding me says Rachel, that thing is a fucking masterpiece”

All the girls look at my crotch.

“Girls, Connie says, I see only one option. We have to all sleep with Jay.”

“WHAT, I say.”

“Yes Connie says, it’s the only way we can all be equal again. Rach, how long were you together, and how many orgasms did you have?”

All eyes turn to Rach. “Ahh, from 2:30 until around 5:00, and I lost count. I told you, fucking Masterpiece. Oh, and since the idiot will probably tell, I took his virginity.”

“No fucking way, says Heather”

“So you’re telling us a fucking virgin rocked your world,” ask Sue?”

“Rocked it, he spun it out of control. All I can say is he is very good at taking direction. So you’re welcome girls I turned our virgin into a stud.”

“Ok says Connie, so I think an extra hour each makes up for taking his virginity. So Jay, you owe Heather, Sue, and I each three and a half hours in the sack. Rach, is that acceptable to you?”

“Yeah, but Jay’s looking a little deer in the headlights over there.”

“Jay, you okay with this plan? Asks Connie.”

“Ahh, I’m just waiting to wake up from this dream. I mean I would love sleeping with any one of you, I can’t believe all of you want to sleep with me.”

“Heather pipes in, ahh, there isn’t going to be any sleeping dude, I want my three and a half hours, and I’m counting every minute.”

“Girls, you know I love each of you, and would do anything for you. I mean, you’re the best friends I have in the world, but isn’t this going to screw up our friendships,” I ask?

“Jay honey, replies Connie, you know, and participated in our group pact. All for one and one for all. We experience everything together so we stay equal.”


“No buts, says Connie. Are the rest of us not good enough for you?”

“Of course you’re all good enough, I retort.”

“Great, then which one of us do you want next, asks Connie?”

“Oh HELL NO, I say, I know how all of you are, if I pick any one of you, the rest will be mad I didn’t pick them first.”

“Okay, says Connie, I get it, we’ll draw cards.”

“Girls, can I get dressed please”

“NO” came from all four girls.

Connie pulls a deck of cards from her purse, pulls the Jacks from the top, and flops the deck on the table.

“Jay, you get to shuffle, says Connie.”

I pick up the deck, and feel my cock start to stir, I shuffle and deal a card to the three clothed girls.

“Okay girls, says Connie, reveal.”

The girls flip the cards and Heather throws an Ace.

“YES BITCHES!” Heather screams, jumps up and grabs my hand and pulls me to my feet, my cock now fully erect.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, not now slut, says Connie.”

“WHAT, exclaims Heather.”

“Rach banged him half the night you fool, he needs recovery time.”

“Crap, look at it, it’s ready says Heather.”

“Jay, you need to ask Heather out on a proper date,” says Connie.

“What, exclaims Rachel, I didn’t get a proper date.”

“You went first bitch” says Sue.

“You can have your date last, says Connie.”

“Yeah bitch, says Heather.”

“Okay Jay, turn and face Heather and ask her for a date.”

“Heeeethr my voice sqeaks.”

“Jay baby, calm down says Rachel, this is a sure thing. Now look her in the eyes, and calmly ask her out.”

I take a couple breaths and look at Heather’s smiling face. “Heather, I was wondering if you would like to go out with me some time.”

“Yes, Jay I would love to go out with you.”

“Connie chimes in, that was good Jay, now you need to ask her when she’s available.”

“Are you available tonight?”

“Yes, tonight would be lovely. What time? She asks.”

“I could pick you up at 7:00.”

“Great, I’ll see you then.”

“That was great baby, says Rachel, now since you know each other, I want you to reach in and give Heather a light kiss on the cheek. Do it so the side of your mouth touches the side of hers.”

I reach over and lightly kiss Heather as instructed to hear.

“Fuck this!” and Heather plants a hard wet kiss against my lips, grabs my ass and grinds against my very hard cock.

“HEATHER, yells Connie, control yourself.”

Heather breaks off panting, “I was just giving him a preview.”

“Okay, we have to all get over to the coffee shop to support Brandi with her poetry reading. You two get dressed.”

“I have to run home and change too. I say.

“What’s wrong with the cloths you wore last night asks Connie.”

“Rach ripped my shirt off, and came all over my jogging pants.”

“Oh, she glares at Rachel, hurry up, and just meet us there.”

I got to the coffee shop just as Brandi walked to the mike. I didn’t really care for most of her poems. She liked free verse, and most made no sense to me, but tonight it looked like she had written a sonnet about a love between a horse and a bull. The girls and I had known Brandi for a couple of semesters now. She was a sweet girl with a memory like an elephant, but tended to be a bit of a downer at times. We tried to support her the best we could, but she had more down points than up, so we didn’t go out of our way for her.

I sat down between Heather and Rach, both of them scooted their chairs next to mine and leaned on me. Oh I thought to myself, this whole thing is so dangerous. Brandi finished her poem in about ten minutes. Everyone clapped, but I couldn’t help but think they were just thankful it was over.

Brandi came over and sat with us. “Hi girls, hi Jay”

We all said our hellos “So how did you like my poem?”

We all look at each other. “It was interesting said Connie, wherever did you get your inspiration for a horse and cow love affair?”

“Oh, well I spent last weekend at my uncle’s farm, and watched his horses fucking next to their cow. I just kinda thought, what must that cow be thinking? And what if the horse was fucking the cow? I just started writing, and the rest as they say is history.”

“You have a unique way of looking at the world Brandi, I say.”

“Yeah I know she says, I’m odd, but you guys love me anyway.”

“Yes we do said Sue, another great performance.”

We all sit around talking to Brandi for a while longer until Brandi has to leave for work.

“So Jay, where are you taking Heather on your date tonight, asks Sue?”

“It’s a surprise I say.”

“Yeah, right interjects Connie, you don’t have a clue yet do you?”

“Connie I answer, you four have been my best and closest friends for the past two years. You don’t think I know every like and dislike you have. I know every good and bad date each of you have been on, I know your favorite foods, your favorite songs, even your sexual fantasies. You don’t think I can come up with the perfect date for each of you?”

Connie’s eye start to tear up, I look at the other girls and they’re all crying.

“Girls, why are you crying?”

The girls all start sniffling and wiping their own tears away until Rachel speaks up.

“Jay, we are so sorry. You are the best friend to all of us. You’ve sat with us, listened to us, and been our sounding board and sometimes punching bag for two years. You know everything about us and I think we all just realized how little we know about our best friend.”

A random jock walks up to our table, “Is this dweeb bothering you ladies?”


“Excuse the hell out of me, he says” and quickly moves across the room.

“Girls, please don’t cry I say, I’ve loved every moment I’ve ever spent with you. You four are the light in my life.”

They all stand and surround me, and pull me up for a group hug. Connie is facing me and leans in and presses her lips to mine. Our tongues meet for the first time and roll around for several moments before we break the kiss and Heather, Sue, and Rach take their turn. As we finally break apart, we look over and the Jock and his buddies were sitting across the room with their mouths open watching us. The girls all wink at them, giggle, and walk me out of the shop.

Connie and I peeled off at our building as the other three proceeded to their apartments. Connie and I were actually neighbors on the second floor of building 501. Rach and Sue live in 503, and Heather lives in 504. Every semester we all try and move closer to each other, but getting into the same building was difficult. Connie and I say goodbye at her door, she enters her room but yells back,

“Jay, Have a great time tonight!”

“Don’t worry, your time is soon, I say.”

I dressed nice in black slacks, a blue button down polo, and black boots. I knocked on Heather’s door a few minutes to 7:00. Heather unlike the rest of us, had a roommate, and they pretty well hated each other from the first day they met. Jackie answered the door and yelled out

“The dweeb is here.”

“Jackie I ask, why do you have to be such a bitch?”

“Because I can be.” And she slams the door in my face.

A moment later Heather answers the door in a stunning black mini dress, and black lace-up knee high boots.

“Sorry about the bitch she says, looks like I chose the right attire.”

I lean in and give her a kiss on the lips.

“You look stunning, I say.”

“Thank you. So where are we going she asks?”

“It’s still a surprise I reply. Shall we.”

We walk to my car and I open her door, “Such the gentleman”

“Same as always I reply.”

“Yeah I know she says, It just seems more special tonight.”

We drive into town, and I pull up to the valet at her favorite restaurant Arigato’s Japanese.

“You’re shitting me right now she exclaims, Jay honey, I love that you remembered how much I love this place, but it’s too expensive.”

“Heather, this night is all about you, don’t worry about it. I can cover this and a lot more.”

I get out and hand the keys to the valet, walk around and open her door. We enter the restaurant and I tell the hostess “Donner”

“Oh good evening Mr. Donner, your table is ready, and the Chef is working on your order. Right this way.”

The hostess guides us to a private booth and leaves us.

“Jay, reservation at a restaurant that is booked weeks in advance, how did you do this?”

“It’s a secret, I say” and smile at her.

A few minutes later the waiter arrives “Your Champagne sir”

Heather’s eyes go wide as the bottle of Dom is popped and poured in her glass and mine.

“Jay, what are you doing, you don’t need to impress me, she whispers ‘remember, I’m a sure thing.”

“Heather, you and the other girl are worth every penny I’m going to spend on you. It’s not to impress you, It’s to show you how special you are to me.”

“Oh look, someone got a love boat,,,oh my god you didn’t” as the waiter stops at our table with the Sushi order.”

“You pre-ordered everything?”

“The nights just getting started my love, I say.”

Heather and I spend the next two hours consuming every kind of Sushi except Uni and Mackerel which I knew she didn’t like, and finished it off with a Japanese Matcha Tiramisu dessert.

“Are you ready to continue our adventure I ask?”

“Don’t we need to pay the bill,” she asks?

“No, everything was paid ahead of time I respond.”

We walk out the front door, and my car is waiting with the doors open and running. “Good evening Mr. Donner”.

As we pull away Heather comments, “we can go to your place.”

“Nope I say, we have another stop.”

A few minutes later we pull up in front of the Blue Oyster.

“The Blue Oyster Jay, this is like the hottest nightclub in town. I’m not standing in that line for two hours.”

“Not to worry my love”

I pull up to the VIP Red Carpet. I walk her to the door. “Good Evening Mr. Donner”

We go into the club and are seated at a private table by the dance floor and live stage.

“Jay honey, you are doing too much.”

“Heather, I promise, the other girls are going to get the same treatment, and the money is not a problem for me. I want you to feel special tonight.”

“Okay, but no more after this.”

“This is it, and then we can go to my place and do whatever you want.”

Heather calms down and we spend the next two hours talking, dancing, and listening to the band.

We walk up to my apartment door and I open it, as I walk in, Heather stops me,

“Jay honey, I want you to know this has been the best date I have ever been on, but the girls said I should make sure you do things right. You need to come ask me properly to come in.”

“Oh sorry Heather, you’re right.”

I take Heather by the hands lean in and give her a lite kiss, and ask, “Heather, I really enjoyed our evening together, would you care to come in for a nightcap?”

“Perfect she say, yes Jay, I would love to come in.”

The formalities out of the way I escort Heather into the apartment, and as we get to the living room Heather turns and wraps her arms around me, kisses me deeply, grabs my arms and throws me on to the couch. Then jumps on top of me and we continue kissing, our tongues wrestle for dominance over the others mouth for several minutes before she breaks our kiss.

“Jay, honey, I meant it when I said that was the best date I’ve ever been on, but don’t think it gets you off the hook. I want my three and a half hours of toe curling sex.”

So I sit contemplating Heather for a moment. I had thought a lot about it before our date, and remember all the dates and sex Heather had spent talking to me about for the past two years. What I realized, and hadn’t completely formulated until now, was that Heather likes it a bit rough. It’s not really who I am, but I considered it as play acting for her benefit, so here goes.

“Bitch, you better show me some appreciation for that great date I just took you on, or the only thing you’re gittin is an ass woopin.”

At first Heather has a confused look on her face, but then I see a little smirk form on her lips.

“You ASS HOLE she yells, I’m not giving you shit for that crappy date.”

“Oh, yeah, I guess I’m going to have to teach you some respect.”

“I’m leaving she says,” and turns to leave, but I grab her hand and pull her across my lap. With a quick movement of my hand I pull her mini dress up over her hips to expose her bare ass.

“What a little slut you are I say, not even wearing panties on our date.”

“Not that you would ever notice you dickless piece of shit she says.” And with that I brought my hand down on her ass with a loud slap.

“Oww” I follow it with three more hard slaps to each cheek.

“Oww, oww, oww, I’m Sorry, oww, please baby, I’m sorry. I’ll be good.”

“That’s better I say, now you pull out my big cock and show me how much you appreciate me.”

Heather slides off my lap and removes my pants and boxers. She takes my cock head lightly in her mouth for a few seconds, then pulls it out

“This is so gross, I’m not doing this”

“BITCH, You better put that thing back in your mouth and suck it like you mean it, or those slaps I just gave you are gonna keep coming.”

She puts my cock back in her mouth and gives me my first blowjob. I was in heaven, but needed to keep up the rouse.

“You call that a blow job bitch. Get it all in your mouth.”

I grab her head and push it down on my cock, and it slides into her throat, she doesn’t even gag. She starts sucking hard and fast. After about a minute I yell

“Oh Heather, I’m going to cum.”

Heather never let up and went balls deep as my first spurt shot down her throat. She pulled it back to her mouth and took the rest of my load in her mouth. When I finish, she pulled it out and opened her mouth to show me her mouth was full of cum, then closes and swallows, and opens her mouth to show me it’s empty.

She gets up and pushes me back on the couch and climbs on top of me

“Thank you she says, you really do know everything about me don’t you, but baby, it’s my turn. Oh, and the safe word is Snowball. If either of us say the word snowball we have to stop what we are doing.”

“Okay, I say, I didn’t go too far just now did I?”

“No baby, it was perfect, but now I want to tie you up.”

“Okay I answer, I trust you.”

“I don’t have any of my toys she says, so I have to improvise” Heather stands and pulls me up “let’s go to the bedroom she says”

We get to the bedroom. “Down on your knees slave she says.”

I drop to my knees. “Yes Mistress”

“Rise slave, and help me remove my dress.”

I unzip her dress and it falls to the floor.

“Now slave, I need to be bathed,,,with your tongue.”

“Yes mistress.”

Heather lays on her stomach, and I begin licking from the back of her neck down her body. Heather is a tall curvy girl with big tits and smooth skin, so licking her body was a dream come true. I only wish I had some honey or something, but soon enough I’d get to taste her own personal honey. I was getting close to her ass, and anticipating the taste and smell when she barked out “My Feet slave”.

“Yes mistress” Now one thing I knew was that both Heather and Sue had foot fetishes, so if I did it right, Heather would have and orgasm or two as I sucked on her toes.

Heather was still wearing her Satin Prada Sandals, so I undid the clasps and removed them and began by kissing the bottom of her foot. She moaned lightly as I kissed it but then she screamed “SLAVE, I SAID CLEAN IT”

“Yes Mistress” I licked the bottom of her foot which made her moan again, then I put her small toes in my mouth sucking and licking all around them. She moved her hand between her legs, and within seconds her hand was soaking wet. When I stuck her big toe in my mouth I felt her quake and saw her body start to shutter. I gently set that leg down and moved to the other and repeated the process. After what appeared to be another orgasm I started up her legs, doing a few inches each at a time. Heather seem completely lost as I continued up her legs to her ass cheeks. I licked ever part clean except for her crack, saving that for last.

At last I began licking her crack until I reached her tight little hole. As my tongue found her anus, I licked around and around her tight little hole and as she started to say “SLaaaaaav” , my tongue pushed inside. “Ohhh ggggooodddd, Yeesssss” she pushed her ass back and up as my tongue assaulted her, after a moment she raised her ass higher, “M,m,mmy P,p,ppuusy slaaaa, eeeet, cllleeeen it.” I moved my tongue to her pussy, licking from her clit to her opening.

“Ohh god, oh god, yes, don’t ohhh,” she came with the most powerful orgasm yet and squirted her sweet juice into my mouth as came. I flipped her over on her back and proceeded to clean her front. She had a couple smaller orgasms as I cleaned around her pussy. I finally made my way up to her lushes D cup tits. Her tits were definitely the softest part of her body and felt different under my tongue. She had large nipples the size of a nickel, and they stuck out almost an inch when erect. As I sucked on the first on, she began to moan again, and then pushed and held my head against it as she ground herself against me.

“Yes slave yes, oh yes, slave lay down, and want your dick now”

“Yes Mistress.” Little formality left in her she got up as I lay down, hopped on and impaled herself to the hilt.

“Oh god yes, Oh Jay, that is a master piece, I’ve never felt so full.”

Forgetting the game she started fucking me hard and fast.

“Mistress, I’m not going to last long like this.”

“I, I, I don’t care, cum in me baby, yes, fill me up”

She leaned forward and started twerking even faster which sends me over the edge. As the first spurt left me, she must have felt it, as she stopped and held our pelvises together as I let loose with five more jets. Heather moaned each time I can, and then started to convulse with her own intense orgasm. Her eyes rolled back in head, and her pussy gripped my cock so tight it actually hurt a little.

She laid like that for several minutes, her pussy gripping and releasing my cock, milking it for all it was worth. It seemed to please her greatly realizing my cock was still hard as she started to pump me again.

“God Jay, that was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever felt from a guy, followed by the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. I can’t believe you’re still hard after that. It felt like it filled my cervix.”

“Yeah I said, I can’t believe how tight you were gripping me. That was insane.”

“The benefit of body building baby,” she replies.

“Wow, look at the time. 15 more minutes till you’re three and a half hours are up.”

Heather gives me a dejected look, puckers her lower lip and says, “You won’t tell on me if I go a little over,,will you?” She smiles and bats her eyes.

“How can I say no to those beautiful green eyes, and bright smile?” for the next half hour or so we did several more positions. We tried doggie, but she stopped me after a few pumps and said it was hurting a bit. So I asked her if she wanted to try spoon, so we did. We lay there in a slow fuck for a bit.

“Jay, are you ok to go to sleep, or do you need to get off again?”

“I’m good for sleep sweetie.”

“Ok, just leave it in me for now, I like the way it feels.” I wrap my arm around her and put my hand over her boob and drift off to sleep with my cock still buried in her.

I woke to the light streaming through the window, Heather was still asleep but facing me with her head against my shoulder, and her leg across my midsection. I heard my front door open quietly and then whispering. A few seconds later I see Connie, then Rach, then Sue come into the bedroom. Connie saw I was awake and put her finger to lips, sat on the side of the bed and started playing with Heathers pussy. Heather started breathing heavy and gave out a low moan and opened her eyes.

“Jay, who or what is playing with my pussy?”

“Morning Bitch says Connie.”

“Oh thank god exclaims Heather, for a second I thought you had a cat or something.”

“Get up bitches, says Sue, it’s after 10.”

“So tell us Heather, how was the date, where did you go, how did our boy hold up,” asks Connie?

“Jay says I can’t tell you about the date until he’s finished with all of us, but you were right Rach, Fucking Masterpiece, but I will tell you the date was the best I’ve ever been on, and the sex, I won’t be able to walk straight for a week.”

“So you ready to take Jay’s morning wood” ask Rach?”

“To be honest answers Heather, my pussy feels a little raw this morning, I don’t think I could take it.”

“Connie, Sue, want a freebie ask Rach?”

“No says Connie, I’ll wait for my turn.”

Connie licks her fingers and keeps rubbing Heathers clit, and Rach starts giving me a blowjob. Sue puts her hand in her pants as she watches us. Heather moans and then puts her hand on the side of my face and pulls my lips to hers. We kiss, our tongues dance together while our friends masturbate us together. It only take a few minutes till Heather and I cum together my cum shooting all over heathers leg, Rach’s face, and my chest.

“Sue, you want some asks Rach?”

Sue shakes her head walks over and licks my cum off Rach’s face, Connie bends over and licks some off Heathers leg, and Heather moves over and licks some off my chest.

“Okay, guys says Connie, enough fun, Sue you want to go on the next date?”

“Sure says Sue, but why don’t we wait till Thursday so we don’t have to get up for class the next day.”

“Fine with me says Connie. Get up and get dressed, so we can go get Sunday brunch.”

Heather and I get showered while Sue fetches Heathers overnight bag from my car. We all get dressed and make our way to Quins Grill for brunch.

While we’re waiting for brunch and sipping Mimosas I turn to Sue and ask. “Sue would you like to go out tonight?”

“Oh I don’t know Jay, I don’t think tonight is a good night for me.”

“Well is there another night you could go, I ask?”

“Ahh, well I guess I’m free Thursday night, how’s that for you?”

“Yeah, Thursday is good, pick you up at 7:00?”

“6:00 would be better if you don’t mind.”

“6:00 it is.”

“Well done Jay, says Connie.”

The week flew by and it was Thursday afternoon before I knew it. I had actually had enough time to plan out Sue and Connie’s dates. I made reservations and pre-paid or opened tabs for everything. I arrived at Sue’s apartment just before 6:00 and knocked. Sue called me to come in, and she was still getting ready. She walk out a few minutes past 6:00 dressed in a form fitting open back red dress and spike heels. Her hair was styled up in fancy braids.

We pulled up to the valet in front of Ruth’s Chris to an exclamation of “No Way”. Sue loved Surf and Turf, and I had heard her say a hundred times she wanted to try Ruth’s Chris. It was definitely pricey and not frequented by college kids. We entered the restaurant and I said “Donner”.

“Ahh Mr. Donner, we have your table ready, right this way.”

We were led to a private booth where a bottle of Tuscany red tenuta dell'ornellaia, bolgheri, superior was chilled and waiting.

“Jay, what the hell, this is like a $300 bottle of wine.”

“If you say so, don’t worry about cost, this night is all about you.”

“Jay, you shouldn’t be spending this much money.”

“Sweetie, please don’t worry about it. This is not the same date I took Heather on, but it’s equivalent and all about you.”

“You know I’ve always wanted to come here, but.”

I place a finger over her lips. “Sweetie, I promise you this isn’t a big deal for me, just relax and enjoy.”

Sue’s eyes show resignation, and then acceptance as the Somalia appeared to open our wine and presented the cork. I pass it to Sue who smells it.

“oow, do I smell plum, and saffron?”

“I see the lady is a connoisseur, yes mam, and you should be able to smell a hint of black cherry. I recommend you allow it to breath for five minutes.”

“That would be fine Sue replies, could you pour it into a decanter.”

“Very good mam.”

The waiter came soon after with a Chilled Seafood Tower.

“We didn’t order yet, Sue tells the waiter.”

“Ahh, I ordered ahead sweetie.”

“Jay, how do you know what I want?”

“Sue sweetie, I’ve known you for two years, talked to you about all your past dates, likes, dislikes, I know it all. I promise, if you don’t want anything that shows up, or would rather have something different; just ask.”

“Well, I do love seafood.”

“I know you do I answer, and you like your steak cook medium rare and like ribeye’s or filet cuts, and since you’ve always wanted to try this place we will be getting a filet, a ribeye, and lamb chops each served in turn.”

“Wow baby, you really went all out.”

“I did, but not to impress you, just to make you feel special on your night.”

“Thank you baby, I love it.”

We talk and pick at the seafood tower for a while before the lamb chops and a side of creamed spinach is served first, and just as we each finish our lamb the Ribeye is served with garlic mashed, and finally the filet with grilled Asparagus.

“uhmm, Jay, I’m having an orgasm in my mouth, this filet is a piece of heaven.”

For a petite girl, Sue could really pack it away, she had matched me bite for bite to the last of the filet. The waiter returned as Sue swallowed the last bite and asked if we cared for desert. Sue answered for us

“God no, if I eat another bite I’ll explode.”

“Very good madam, will there be anything else?

“No I answer, you may close out my tab and add 20%.” Thank you sir, may you both have a wonderful evening.”

We leave Ruth’s Chris and as I know Sue really enjoys dancing like Heather we pull up in front of The Blue Oyster.

“Jay honey, you know I love dancing, but I don’t want to stand in that line, let’s just go home and have some fun.”

I pull up to the red carpet VIP entrance, and she turns and gives me a sly smile “Really, she quips.”

“What line are you referring to sweetie?”

I get out and escort her into the club and we’re guided to a VIP table next to the dance floor and stage. Unbeknownst to us the club was doing a 40s era music night, and it just so happened the last set of lessons the girls and I took were swing dancing and jitterbug. Sue and I seemed to be the life of the party, as we were the best dancers. We even showed the dance to several other couples that had a blast. For the life of me, in the two years I had known Sue, I had hardly ever seen her smile. Tonight though, she had the biggest most beautiful smile, and it gave me a warm feeling inside.

As we were leaving the club manager stopped us “Mr. Donner, you and your pretty lady leaving so soon.” Sue immediately spoke up

“He has some ‘private’ lessons he owes me tonight.”

“aahh, I see, well let me just say it was a pleasure having both of you tonight. You’ve made our night a resounding success with your beautiful dancing. As a token of our appreciation I want to give you these Black Diamond Club cards. They will allow you and five guest VIP access to the club any night.” We thank him and exit the club.

As Sue had an apartment to herself I took her to her place. Standing at her door, I lean in and give her a sweet kiss.

“Goodnight Sue, I had a wonderful time, maybe we can do it again soon.”

Sue steps to her door opens it, then turns back to me.

“Jay, this night was literally the best time I have ever had,,,and,,,I don’t want it to end yet. Would you like to come in?”

“I thought you’d never ask, I’d love too.”

I sat on her couch as she retrieved some wine from the kitchen. Sue returned and handed me a glass, then sat on the far end of the couch.

“The dancing was great, but my poor feet are going to be sore for days, she exclaims.”

Now as I mentioned earlier, Sue, has a foot fetish. She had complained about her feet hurting since I had known her, but to date, she would never let me massage her feet. Connie had advised me earlier in the week, that if Sue mentioned her feet, she wanted a foot massage.

I set my glass on the side table, got up, walked over and knelt down at her feet.

“Here, let me take care of those for you sweetie.”

I lifted each foot in turn, removed her heels, and then lifted and pivoted her legs onto the couch. Sue looked on in marked anticipation, adjusted the pillow behind her back as I began massaging her right foot.

Sue was the one girl of the four that had always been guarded with me. She was a great conversationalist and had talked to me in depth about her life, hopes, and dreams, but she didn’t share much when it came to her personal life, dates, sex, and the like. Not like the other girls, who seemed to delight in sharing every little detail with me.

As I massaged her foot and ankle, she started to speak.

“You know Jay, I always knew you weren’t gay, but I let it go because the other girls were convinced you were.”

“Well I don’t think I act gay.”

“No, you really don’t, you’re just really shy, like I was before college. It was living with Heather last year that brought me out of my shell, but before that I was just like you. I guess that’s why I saw you better than the others. The way you looked at us when you thought we weren’t looking; I could see the lust and the wanting in your eyes.”

“So why didn’t you ever say anything? I asked.”

“I did, several times to the girls ‘Ooow, right there feels good’ they just didn’t listen. I told Rach to jump you and she’d see, but she just said she had done everything short of jumping you, and that no one could be that dense.”

“So is that why you ‘Oh yeah rub a little harder’ didn’t share as much with me? I mean out of the four, I feel like I know less about you than the others.”

“No, well maybe some, I mean I’ve always liked you, but if I’m being perfectly honest I thought you were being deceitful on purpose to get close to us.”

“And now, I ask, do you still feel that way?”

“I don’t know, I mean you have definitely shown yourself to be trustworthy, and a great friend to all of us.”

She pauses and looks deep in thought as I continue massaging her right foot and calf. She moans softly as I return to her foot again and massage from the heel up to her toes. Finally I lift her foot and kiss her big toe. A light moan sounds as my lips touch. I set her foot down in my lap and reach for the left. “Wait she says,” She takes her right leg and puts it behind me on the back of the couch, and spreading her legs for the first time giving me a clear view of her pink translucent panties, and he full lips underneath.

She notices me look and says “Like the view?”

“Very much I say”

“Ahh before you start on that leg, could you get me some more wine?”

I take her glass to the kitchen and refill it, when I return she has her legs together on the couch again. I hand her the glass and she lifts her legs for me to resume my position. As I sit she extends her left foot back into my lap, and then slowly lifts to right leg up and spreads it to the back of the couch revealing she is no longer wearing the panties. I let out a slight gasp as I see her thick full pussy. She give me a bit of a grin as she takes a sip of wine.

As I mentioned before, Sue is another small girl, and the sight of her very thick meaty pussy gave me an instant hard-on and my mouth watered at the thought of going down on her. I wanted to taste her right then, but after an “uh hum” and her wiggling her toes in my hand, I went back to concentrating on her foot massage. I gave her a long massage as she moaned and cooed, and glance over now and then, noticing her labia was engorged and spreading on its own, and I could see wetness glistening along the center.

As I was finishing the massage, I could feel her right foot rubbing the back of my neck. I lifted her left foot and kissed it as I had done the other and she let out a light moan. I then sucked her big toe into my mouth to great effect. Sue let out a gasp, and she shuttered and moaned loudly. I looked at her pussy and saw it had turned crimson red, and her juice was running out down her crack. I leaned over and started kissing up her thigh until I reached that juicy thick pussy. He smell was intoxicating, but her taste was incredible. Her juice was very thick and sticky like honey, but had a sweet tangy taste that made my mouth water. I started by sucking her entire labia into and filling my mouth.

I sucked her pussy in and out of my mouth to her squeals and moans of delight. Then I found the piece da resistance. Her very large hard clit was now extended out about three inches. It looked like a small dick; I look up and Sue has her eye’s open looking at me with a look of terror on her face. Puzzled, I ask

“What’s wrong sweetie?”

“Jay, I’m sorry, don’t be mad.”

“Sorry for what sweetie?”

“This is why I don’t let guys have sex with me.” She starts to cry.

“Baby, don’t’ cry, what’s wrong?” Between the sobs she tells me her clit looks like a dick, and makes her look gross.

“Oh, sweetie no, no it didn’t gross me out, I was just admiring it for a moment before I continued.”

I had moved up so our faces were inches apart. She looks into my eyes and says “Really”.

“Yes, really, and if you give me a chance to continue, I’ll show you how much I like it, okay.”

She gives me half a smile, so I stand, reach down and lift her in my arms. “Ooow, you’re stronger then you look.”

I carry her into the bedroom and set her on the bed.

“Help me take my dress off.”

I help her remove her dress, she has small A cup breasts topped with dime size nipples, a large firm ass and the pussy of a goddess.

“Jay, before we go any further I have something to tell you,,I,,,I’m a,,,,I’m a virgin.”

“Oh,,,wow,,I had no idea. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“No Jay, I want this,,,really I do. I’ve been looking forward to this, I’m just always so afraid to show guys down there, that I just end up giving them hand, foot, or blow jobs, and never letting them see me naked. You’re the first guy to see me completely naked.”

“Sue, I’m honored”

“Thank you Jay, that means the world to me.”

Sue finally opens up to me about herself and I do the same with her. We lay on the bed together naked talking and laughing for the next hour until I bend over while she’s talking about one of the many bad dates she’s had, and I take her right nipple in my mouth. I had found out that most guys completely ignored her breasts because they were small. I took it upon myself to explore every inch of her beautiful body, starting with her beautiful small breasts. I found that they were sensitive and her nipples stuck out into a cone shape as I sucked on them. After about ten minutes of sucking on them she pushed my head tight against the right nipple and stiffened as she orgasmed.

I moved my way down her body, and saw her clit was fully erect again. I pulled and licked he labia, sucking each side into my mouth. My tongue probed her folds and her opening to her moaning and cooing until I finally started working on her clit. As I said, her clit was about 3 inches long and maybe three quarters of an inch wide. It reminded me of my own dick as young boy. It even had a little cap on the end, but no hole. I licked around the base to no effect, then tried the top and found it was sensitive like a cock head. I began sucking it like Rach and Heather had done to my cock.

“OH GOD JAY, yes, oh yes, oh god, ohhh ggggod yyyeeesssssssss.”

After a few moments of licking her folds clean of here her juices, her clit started to harden again.

“Jay, fuck me, right now.” I move up and place my cock at her opening and she looks in my eyes as I start to slowly push into her. I had just the head in when I started feeling resistance and she grimaced,

“Wait, stop there for a minute she heeds”

I stop and let her get used to the feeling. After her breathing goes down she says

“Okay, do it.”

I push hard until it gives, Sue screams, lifts up and bites my shoulder as I slowly sink into her. She pants hard as I start moving in and out with only about half of my cock. After several minutes I see her face change from pain to pleasure, so the next thrust I push a little further in. She moans as I bottom out at her cervix with several inches of my cock still outside her. Sue was incredibly tight, and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could last.

“Sue, I’m sorry, I’m going to cum.”

“Oh ah, yeah, go ahead, I don’t think I can cum again. Just cum inside me.”

I shoot my load inside her and she cooes and whimpers as I finish unloading into her.

“God Jay, it feels like you just douched me. I feels so warm and squishy. I hope it doesn’t get me pregnant.”

“WHAT, are you not on the pill?” Sue giggles,

“Jay, you should see your face right now, it’s priceless. I’m not on the pill, but my cycle starts in four or five days, so don’t worry, I’m not going to get pregnant.”

“Sweetie, not that getting you pregnant would bother me, but we don’t need a baby yet.”

Sue smiles brightly “I like how you said yet, but you’re right none of us need a baby right now, but thank you for thinking of my feelings.”

“Well, you still have about an hour and a half of pleasure to receive I say.”

“Oh baby, I’ve had enough, and my pussy is going to be sore for several days after that. Let’s just take a shower and go to bed,”

She gives me a quick peck on the lips and hops out of bed. Then extends her hand,

“Come on baby, you can wash my back.”

She takes my hand and guides me to the bathroom. Once in the shower Sue immediately begins to bath me with a sponge, first my back and then my front. After starting my front she drops the sponge and continues with just her hands. She gets to my stomach and stops.

“Jay baby, people call you a dweeb, but you know you have a really nice body. I mean you have a six pack for god sakes.”

“Thank you sweetie,” I say.

She smiles up at me as she starts to wash my cock and balls. I stiffen a bit, but she continues down my legs.

“You have really nice feet to Jay, you should let me give you a pedicure.”

As she stands I take the soap, turn her around and begin washing her. First down her back and butt, then I turn her around and start on her front. I start with her arms, she giggles as I do her underarms. I sink down as I wash her chest, and she closes her eyes and gives a little moan and my hands move over her nipples. I continue over her taught belly and smooth mound. Her labia really are incredible looking as I watch the water cascades over them, they hang from her body at least three inches. I run my hand over them gently, but Sue shutters.

“Ooow, baby be careful, my clit is really sensitive. One wrong move and I’m going.”

“Oh so you mean if I do this?” I grab her ass tightly and flick my tongue across her clit. She lets out a little yelp and her clit extends out, so I wrap my lips around it and suck it in. Sue lets out a long moan and I feel her legs go slack. I hold her up as she leans back against the wall and wraps one leg over my shoulder. After a moment she wraps the other leg around me and starts thrusting her clit in and out of my mouth. It takes only about a minute before she cums hard and I feel her juice shoot out on my chin.

Sue takes a minute to regain her senses and realizes she is sitting in my hands with her legs draped over my shoulders.

“Oh sorry baby” she sets her legs down on the shower floor “You just made one of my fantasies come true, she stated. I always wanted to fuck someone with my clit.”

“Well sweetie, I thought it was really hot,” I say.

“Really, you didn’t get grossed out?”

“No, not at all, I love your pussy and big clit.”

Sue pulls me up and washes my face, and plants a deep passionate kiss on me before cutting the water.

Sue and I towel each other off, then Sue grabs my hand and pulls me back to the bed. We fall into bed, and she spoons up next to me and places my hand on her arm. She whispers back at me,

“If I put your hand on my boob I’ll get horny again.”

I place a light kiss on her ear, pull her close and drift off to sleep.

I wake up to an extraordinary feeling and to the sound of distant thunder. It takes a minute for me to gain my senses and realize two things. First, my extraordinary feeling is Sue giving me a blow job, and the thunder is actually someone banging on the door. Sue is laying across the bed and I can just see my cock sliding in and out of her mouth. I reach over and start stroking her ass. She stops suddenly;

“Oh good you’re awake, we have to hurry, as soon as Connie gets here they’re all going to burst in.”

I reach my hand under her, and lift her over on top of me. Sue’s clit is already hard, so I go right for it and begin sucking and licking it the exact same way she is sucking and licking me. We continue like that for several minutes both getting close when we hear the door being unlocked. Sue must stopped sucking but continued using her hand, but I continued devouring her pussy.

“HEY BITCHES, I hear Heather exclaim. See I told you they were in here having sex.”

“Awww, I want some says Rach.” Sue’s thighs are clamped around my face, but I now feel another set of lips on my cock. I suck Sue’s clit into my mouth and she moans loudly.

“Ooww, lets see what’s going on back here. ‘Heathers face appears over Sue’s ass’. How’s it going back here stud, she says, need any help.”

Before I could make any response, Heather pushed her face down and shoved her tongue into Sue’s opening. The combination of my mouth and Heathers tongue sends Sue over the edge. She forces her pussy down hard on my mouth as she convulses and fills my mouth with her cum. Sue rolls off as Rach and Connie finish my blow job, and before I even comment Heather lifts her skirt and straddles my face.

“Hey, bitch, what do you think you’re doing,” asks Connie?

Just as I stick my tongue in Heathers pussy.

“Ooww, ahhh, get,,,ting eaten answers Heather.”

“It’s not your turn says Connie.”

“Well it’s not your turn either. Besides, oooowwa, we aren’t fucking him.”

I grunt into Heathers pussy as I start to cum, and Heather cums with a small orgasm right after. Heather hops off and then leans back and gives me a quick passionate kiss probing my mouth with her tongue. Heather then whispers in my ear

“I’ve been a bad girl, I think I need a spanking.” Then smirks at me before walking out of the room.

“Yo Bitches,” says Sue. The last 15 minutes isn’t coming off my time, Jay still owes me an hour.”

“Why didn’t you use up your time last night,” asks Connie.

“Because his big dick was too much for me to take more than once.”

“Oh my God exclaimed Rachel, you were a virgin weren’t you?”

“What, me, n, I mean,,,, Yes, yes Jay took my virginity.”

“Oh my god, no wonder Roger told me you were a cock tease.”

“I am not a cock tease, I’ve given my boyfriend’s hand jobs, foot jobs, and blow jobs, and that prick Roger got all three.”

“So what made you let Jay pop your cherry,” asks Connie?

“I don’t know, I’ve known him two years, he’s always been sweet to me, and you know,, would overlook my deformity.”

“Baby, I say, you aren’t deformed, your pussy is beautiful, just like the rest of you.”

“Thank you baby,” says Sue.

“So, asks Heather, was it everything you thought it would be?”

“It hurt like hell at first, but it felt good after a bit, and Jay really took his time and helped me through it…So yeah, it was the best.”

“So Jay, what did you think of Sue’s vagina, ask Heather, did you freak when you first saw it?”

“No, I guess you could say I was surprised, but just because I had never seen one like it. I loved it, I mean it’s only the third one I’ve ever seen outside of pictures or videos. But I thought it looked incredible.”

“It was the best oral I’ve ever had says Sue.”

“Wow, that’s high praise say Heather. I can believe it though, Jay, you were definitely in my top five, and the other four were women.”

“Alright girls, I say, I have a lab at 10:00 I have to get to, so I’ve gotta go. Connie, I’ll see you tonight at 7:00.”

I throw on my clothes and the girls all give me a hug and kiss goodbye. As I walk out the door, Connie calls out,

“Jay”, I look back and Connie says “You know you’re one lucky son of a bitch,,,right.”

“I answer, I pinch myself 10 times a day trying to wake up from this dream.” We smile at each other, and I close the door.

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