Incestuous Harem's Passion 17: Incest's Naughty Price by mypenname3000

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Incestuous Harem's Passion

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Seventeen: Incest's Naughty Price

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

April 11th, 2027 – Leyla Umayyah

Judge Lyle Coburn emerged from the back of the house wearing a robe. The older man's hair had gone gray. His eyes narrowed at us with suspicion. Then he flicked down to his daughter kneeling before us, submissive the way my mother had trained her.

What a treat that had been. I'd helped Mother make Tammy Coburn into her father's slut. The old man had paid us well to do that, horny to stick his cock in her tight, young cunt. She had become a perfect whore for him.

Mother was good at turning good girls into sluts. Look what she did to me.

“What are you doing here?” he demanded, his eyes flicking from my busty mother to me. We were both wearing tight dresses that showed off our bodies. Years of being whores for my daddy had given the pair of us the skills to look ripe and inviting without even trying.

We just did it.

“Giving your orders, your Honor,” I said and reached into my cleavage. I pulled out a thumb drive. Warm from my tits, I thrust it at him, the red body contrasting with my dusty fingers. “From Clint.”

“Orders?” he demanded, staring at it. “I don't take Clint's orders.”

“Of course you do,” I said and rested my hand on his daughter's head. I stroked through her hair.

“We have all the evidence of you and your daughter,” said Mother. She slid her hands up and cupped her large tits through her blouse. “You should know that. You just follow your orders, and everything will be fine.”

“I can't dismiss the charges,” he said, his face paling. “They'll investigate me. Find out that we know each other. I should recuse myself from the case.”

“That would be bad for everyone,” I said. “Tammy, you don't want your father getting in trouble, do you?”

“Of course not,” the girl gasped.

“See,” I said. “I'm sure you can do it, your honor. Clint's got a plan.” I smiled at Tammy. “Why don't we put on a show for your father. Something to remind him all about the delights he has from you. After all, you're still his good slut, aren't you?”

Tammy nodded, her blonde pigtails swaying. She was in her mid-twenties now, but she still looked as cute as she did at eighteen. “I'm his slut, Leyla.”

“Yes, you are,” Mom cooed. “Mmm, why don't you sit on that chair over there, your honor. Let you stare at your daughter's lovely tits. Those nipple rings are gorgeous. You have impeccable tastes.”

The judge grunted.

His daughter giggled. “He's getting grumpy, isn't he?”

“Well, he's getting quite the shock to his system,” I told her, holding out my hands to her. “That's bound to make any man grumpy.”

Tammy took them, and I pulled them to her feet. I hoped Clint's plan worked. If he went to prison, how much longer until the authorities learned about my father's stable of barely legal whores. Mother recruited new ones from the college she taught at. Girls whose first customer was always their fathers. Get them hooked on their flesh so we could play with the girls as much as we wanted.

I helped Tammy to her feet and led her to the chair, her father watching us. My dress clung to my curvy body. I loved being a slut for my daddy. He always fucked me so hard and told me what a good girl I was after selling my body.

It was the ultimate proof that he owned me.

A few of my friends still did it, but some had “retired.” Still sluts, just not as much. Like Kimmy, who married my younger brother. She was his personal slut. He liked to pass her out for his own amusement and I just knew their daughter, when she's old enough, would follow in her mother's footsteps.

And my brother will have his own daughter to whore out.

So Clint had to triumph. He had to come out on top. He had to make the world, or at least California, understand about sex. That if it was between consenting people, what did familiar relations? Just so long as they wanted it.

I pushed Tammy down on the chair. My mother knelt beside me. I licked my lips as we pressed Tammy's legs apart. Her shaved twat dripped with juices. And cum. She'd been fucked by her father. He had probably been using her to relieve his stress all night.

I wonder when he would breed her. If he did it fast enough, he could have a daughter/granddaughter to care for him in his retirement. A delicious way to end his final years with two sexy women as his sluts.

“Mmm, yum,” Mom groaned, leaning in with me. The old, faithful Muslim woman was long gone. She transformed into a whore thanks to spying on Clint and his antics in college.

“Yes,” I groaned. “Nothing like a daddy's spunk leaking out of his little girl's twat. Just the best!”

Mom's black hair brushed mine as we both leaned in and pressed our faces into the girl's shaved twat. Cheek to cheek, my mother and I reached her cunt at the same moment. Our tongues flicked out, caressing up her tangy pussy lips to brush her pierced clit.

She gasped as we both flicked her gold ring, twisting it through her sensitive bud. She squirmed there, round breasts jiggling. Nipple piercings flashed as her head tossed back and forth. Judge Coburn watched us from behind, cloth rustling.

He took his robe off.

“Daddy,” she moaned. “Mmm, they're licking you out of me.”

Salty cum mixed with tangy juices in my mouth. A wonderful combination. Our tongues danced and flitted up and down her slit. We caressed her. Teased her. We played with her juicy flesh while her father was reminded of all he would lose if he didn't comply.

Mother and I caressed her. Teased her. Our tongues fluttered past the other's as we licked up her pussy. She squirmed and moaned. More and more of the incestuous salty cum leaked out of Tammy's cunt, dribbling out for us to lap up. She released her pussy's clenching, no longer holding in her father's spunk.

Kegels were important for a slut to practice.

I clenched my burning cunt as I thrust my tongue deep into her cunt. I licked and fluttered. I scooped it out. My tongue curled around in her snatch. I loved every moment of feasting on her. Tasting her. It was remarkable. A delicious treat.

My heart hammered in my chest. My hips wiggled back and forth, bumping into Mom's. The judge panted behind us while is daughter whimpered in delight. Tammy's face twisted as we licked more and more of her father's cum out of her.

Then Mom latched onto Tammy's clit.

“Mrs. Umayyah!” she gasped in delight.

I thrust my tongue into the girl's pussy. My tongue scooped out the jizz brimming in her. I savored it. My pussy burned. Juices dripped down my thighs. I savored her tangy delight mixed with her father's salty cum.

“Oh, Leyla!” The girl grabbed her tits. “Daddy! They're making me feel so good! Isn't that wonderful.”

“Yes,” he panted.

“Mmm, you're getting excited. I'll take care of you! When they're finished.”

“Yes, you will, you nasty slut!” hissed Mom. “What are you?”

“A whore who fucks her daddy's cock and does whatever he wants!” Tammy moaned. “He can piss on me! Spank me! Fuck me up the ass and make me suck his cock clean! He can breed me! Whore me out! Use me in any way he sees fit! Pierce me! Tattoo me! Make me walk naked through the streets holding a sign saying daddy's whore on it!”

The girl bucked as she said those words. Then her juices gushed out. She came so fast. I groaned at the tangy flood mixed with her father's spunk that rushed out of her pussy. She bathed my mother's face and mine. Those wonderful, incestuous juices gushed out.

“I'm Daddy's slut! Whore! Skank! I'm his daughter-ho!”

Tammy bucked through her orgasm, breasts heaving, nipple rings flashing. Her blonde pigtails danced around her head as she squeezed her thighs about our heads. She pressed my cheek into my mother's while we feasted on her cunt together.

On those wonderful juices.

I closed my eyes, in heaven. My tongue and mother's caressed each other, the sides of our mouths working together, then we were kissing. My mother's lips soft and hot on mine, the tangy taste of Tammy's pussy seasoning our passion.

We shared her juices while she moaned out her rapture.

I loved my mother for turning me into a whore. Letting my inner daddy-slut burst out of me. Being a lust-crazed slattern lurked in every woman. It just had to be channeled in the right way. To serve one man or many. To be dominated or even do the dominating. We just needed to be freed.

Mom broke the kiss and groaned, “Tammy, go sit on your father's cock. He needs you.”

“Yes, Mrs. Umayyah,” the girl moaned. She threw her legs over the side of the chair and climbed out without disturbing us. Mom and I watched her rush to her father. She threw herself at him. Kissing him.

He staggered back, his wrinkled hands grabbing her youthful ass. She was the daughter of his second wife. She'd died in a car accident, leaving the judge with a daughter who could be his granddaughter.

She pushed him down on the couch and mounted him. I shuddered, turning to watch the beautiful sight of a girl impaling her cunt on her father's cock. She slammed her pussy down that dick. She took the judge's cock like a pro.

“Daddy!” she moaned, her back arching, her butt-cheeks clenching. “Oh, Daddy, yes, yes!”

I reached down into my bodice and pulled out the other item there. My phone. I turned it on and started filming the incestuous sight. I stood up to get a good angle, my thighs spread wide. I wore a stretchy dress over my curvy form, my round breasts jiggling for a moment.

The girl rode her father with enthusiasm. She worked her cunt up and down the cock that made her, pigtails dancing. She moaned and gasped, pressing her tits into his face as she so thoroughly enjoyed him. Frothy pussy juices streaked his cock, gleaming every time she rose up against him.

“Daddy!” she moaned. “I love you, Daddy! Mmm, yes, yes, you're going to breed me this time, I just know it! If I'm not pregnant, I will be!”

I smiled, capturing it all.

Mom grabbed my calves. Her head thrust up between my legs from behind. Her hair caressed up my thigh. She pressed up beneath my shirt and planted her face right into my cunt. I shuddered as my mommy's tongue slid through my pussy folds.

I groaned, savoring my mother's fluttering hunger. She licked and lapped and caressed me. She drove me wild. Her tongue stirred through my folds. She teased me. Gave me such wicked delights. I shivered and moaned.

“Mom!” I panted.

“Daddy!” Tammy gasped.

“Shit!” groaned the judge. “Don't film this.”

“I'm going to show this to Clint when he's free!” I moaned. “Ooh, yes, yes, just like that Mommy. You know what I love!”

My mother groaned into my twat. Her tongue thrust up into my depths. She swirled it around in me. I clenched down on her tongue. My hips wiggled back and forth. The delight had my toes curling. This wonderful rush of bliss threatened to consume me.

A wild passion that needed to explode out of me.

Her tongue darted through my folds. She caressed and teased me. My butt-cheeks clenched. This incestuous heat rippled through my body. I groaned, wiggling my hips from side to side, smearing my pussy lips on her hungry mouth.

She brushed my clit. My folds. She licked to my taint and then back down. She teased me as I watched that sexy daughter riding her daddy's cock. The Judge's fingers dug into Tammy's ass, groaning and grunting.

He might be in his fifties, but he didn't need Viagra. He just needed his tight, young daughter's cunt riding his dick. I smiled, my orgasm building faster and faster as my naughty mommy licked me everywhere.

Then she sucked on my clit.

“Mommy!” I gasped, trembling.

Tammy threw a look over her shoulder at me, her father sucking on a nipple now. She grinned at me, not ashamed to be filmed. “Is your mommy making your pussy feel as good as my daddy is making mine?”

“Yes!” I moaned. “Let's cum on them together. Let's give our parents our incestuous passion!”

The girl nodded her head and rode her father faster. She worked that pussy up and down his cock with a wild intensity. She threw back her head, whimpering, groaning. My own orgasm built with every suck of my mother's mouth on my bud. She teased my clit.

It pulsed. Throbbed. Sparks flared from that little pearl. My cunt clenched. Juices leaked out of me. I knew they spilled over my mother's lips and ran down her cheeks. She was enjoying my tangy juices. Feasting on them as she nursed.

My cunt clenched.

Tammy moaned in delight.

She slammed down her father's cock and bucked. Her blonde pigtails thrashed as she came on him. Her juices gushed out and bathed his balls. I grinned as he groaned. His wrinkled fingers squeezed her peachy ass.

“Tammy!” he grunted.

“You're cumming in me, Daddy!” she gasped. Her pussy must be spasming hard around his cock, just milking out every incestuous drop of his seed.

The knowledge sent me plunging over the edge. I groaned and shuddered through my own pleasure. My pussy convulsed. I bucked and cried out in ecstasy. The bliss rushed out of me and gushed into my mother's wonderful mouth.

I drenched her in my passion. The waves of rapture washed into my mind. My breasts jiggled in my stretchy sheath dress. My phone captured Tammy milking her father's dick dry while I drowned in incestuous bliss.

The best sort.

The judge panted as he hit his peak of rapture. He stared at me. At the camera and groaned. “I can't tank the case, Leyla. You have to tell him that.”

“Mmm, just follow your instructions,” I groaned, descending from the heights of my orgasm. “Clint has tasks we all need to carry out or this won't work.”

I hoped his plan would work.


Cruzita Martínez

My head throbbed. I was almost numb with dread after hours and hours of watching interrogations. Clint and the women of his family had all been questioned. Scores of detectives had tried all the tactics to get them to talk, but they had lawyers present. Ones who kept telling their clients not to say anything.

They ran through every technique. Clint and his women were lied to. “Melody has already confessed to everything,” was attempted on Pam. “That she's his sister. That you have had sex with your mother.”

Pam didn't break. None of them. Did. Not Leann. Not Alicia. Their mothers. Zoey. Stefanie. They were all ready for this. All coached. He had prepared his women for being arrested. He and Melody were lawyers, and she had gone into criminal law. Between her firm, Clint's, and a third, they had a battalion of sharp attorneys shielding them.

But they didn't need confessions. The lab reports would be back in the morning. All the children had been taken into custody, too. They were in a single foster home. Their blood had been drawn along with every member of Clint's “harem.” DNA tests would prove how they were all related. Plus we had the DVD they gave the undercover officers, and their three houses were loaded with more evidence that was still being cataloged.

That would be the only thing they needed come trial, but... Confessions could always help.

Ed Thomas, my boss, was excited. He was already counting all the votes this prestigious case would get him for DA next year. He rubbed his hands together. All I could think about was my connection to Clint's family through the Lady's Touch Massage parlor.

My daughter and the Campo sisters, who were half the owners of the club, were at my home. Waiting for me. The blackmail was about to happen. Not only was my incestuous activities with my daughter on the cusp of being uncovered, but now I would be compelled to sabotage the case from the inside. I'd be risking worse criminal charges.

Real prison time.

I was so fucked. I didn't want to throw my career away after fifteen years. I didn't want to give up my life. I was happy going to get my lesbian massages and having sex with my daughter. We could become more, openly love each other. And if things changed...

I shook my head, thoughts drifting from fatigue.

“I'm going home, Ed,” I said. “We're going to have their bail hearings tomorrow. We need to be ready. Sharp.”

“Mmm,” he said, staring at Clint sitting in the interrogation room again. His lawyer, Elisabet Reenburg, deflected questions again and again. She was tenacious and connected. The wife of a senator.

What incestuous deeds had Clint gotten her to do? She had three children, two adults, the other a child she had later in life. A mother could have a lot of fun.

“I'm going home, Ed,” I repeated.

“Oh, yes, fine.” He sighed. “They're not going to break, are they?”

“No. They were ready for us. But we got them.” I put on that positive attitude and faked my confidence. “They're going to jail.”

Ed grinned. “Enjoy what's left of your night, Cruzita.”

Twenty minutes later, I was walking into my West Sacramento home. I bought it after divorcing my husband and being free from that cheating asshole. There was an unfamiliar car in the driveway next to my daughter's. I sighed, fished out my key, and opened the door.

I found Juana Campo standing naked at my door, her body, her skin a similar golden-brown hue to my own, gleaming with oil. She was a short woman and yet had a dominating air around her. Though she was the younger of the Campo sisters, Carmelita was her bitch.

Her sister-slave.

“Good evening, Cruzita,” Juana said in Spanish. “You have such a lovely home. I've just been so eager for you to get here.”

I looked past her to my living room, searching for my daughter. For Carmelita. “Where are they?”

“Your bedroom. Your daughter got a little bored waiting, pretty lady.” She licked her lips. “We're getting her nice and ready for you.”

I swallowed.

“After all, you want to savor every bit of time you have with her,” she said, pulling me inside and then dragging off my blazer. I didn't fight her. “You've had a long, long day, and need your daughter ready to comfort you, don't you?”

“What do you want?” I hissed. “I can't save Clint. It's too late for him.”

“We're hurt at learning how involved in the case you were and you didn't even warn us,” said Juana.

“If I did, and the investigators realized he was tipped off, it would fall back on me,” I said. “You know they'll start digging into your establishment.”

“Already have,” she said. “You know that. Took our computers when they arrested Lee. They won't find anything. We're careful. Now, you don't have to do anything that will get yourself caught. Just... follow some instructions. Warn his legal team of any pitfalls. I mean, communication between you and his lawyers, why, that's normal, isn't it?”

I swallowed. “Yes.”

“Good, good,” she said, her fingers working the buttons of my rumpled blouse. She threw it opened. “What a delicious bra. I haven't seen this one.”

I flushed. “It's new. I've been... stress shopping.”

“And stress fucking that sexy daughter of yours?” Juana shivered. “I can't wait until my daughter with Clint is old enough to give massages. I'm going to train her to dominate Carmelita's daughter. Won't that be hot.”

“Yes,” I hissed as she reached behind me to unclasp my wispy, gray bra cupping my tits. “You should eat them both out.”

“Such a pervy mom. I love it, pretty lady.”

“You and your sister corrupted me,” I groaned as she slid my bra off. “I wasn't into women until you two touched me. If my friend had never recommended that place...”

“But she loves eating her daughter out, too,” purred Juana. Her hands cupped my breasts, massaging them. “Mmm, let's get you naked and then to your daughter. Remember what we're fighting for. That delight in there. Sharing it. No more hiding it.”

“He's going to prison,” she said. “They might all go if he doesn't cut a plea deal. But my boss wants him nailed.”

“Well, I have faith in Clint. He helped me dominate my sister. He taught me to be her top bitch. When our parents kicked us out, he took us in and helped us get on our feet. He invested in our massage parlor.”

I shuddered as she unzipped my skirt. Not a single one of his women had cracked tonight. That was unusual. With that many defendants, someone was always bound to want to serve themselves. Screw over others. No resentment among his women. He was fucking them all, and they were loyal to him. Even Juana here.

How many other friends did he have out there? He knew many rich and powerful people. Influential people. How far did his tendrils reach? Did he really have a way out of this, or was he just lying to Juana and his family?

Arrogant people could be so good at telling their lies that they started to believe them. They could string along scams for years knowing that one day they would collapse but still being unable to stop themselves from maintaining the lie.

My skirt fell off my legs. “And matching panties,” cooed Juana. Her fingers dipped into the gray thong I wore. If I knew I would be having this day, I wouldn't have worn something so skimpy. She yanked it down off of me and breathed in deeply.

“Mmm, pretty lady, you need your daughter, don't you?”

“Yes,” I moaned. “So much.”

“Then let's go say hi to her.” She rose and took my hand.

Juana led me through my house with the same bold confidence she had at her massage parlor. Her curvy rump swayed before me, her dark hair spilled down around her shoulders, little ringlets dancing around her side. Down the hallway. My bedroom door was open. Candlelight danced and flickered. My pussy clenched. I needed my daughter. My Laurita.

I shuddered as I stepped into the room to find Laurita being oiled up by Carmelita. The older Campo sister, her large breasts swaying, smeared the gleaming, sweet-smelling massage oil across my daughter's golden-brown flesh.

I groaned in delight, drinking the sight of Laurita. She was tall and slender, her black hair loose and spilling over my pillows. Her small breasts rose and fell, her legs spread, her gleaming pussy aimed right at me, bald and tight slit. She had a tattoo of a flaming heart on her right hip coated in the glistening oil.

“Mom,” she said.

“My little mermaid,” I cooed, staring at her in hunger. My pussy clenched. “Oh, your mother has had a long day.”

“Big case?” she asked and then shuddered as Carmelita massaged her small breasts, kneading my daughter's firm titties. Laurita bit her lower lip and sighed.

“The biggest,” I said, drawn to the bed by my daughter's beautiful pussy. I had to eat her out. To remind me what this all was for.


I breathed in deeply, the sweet scent of oils unable to hide the spicy scent of my daughter's pussy. I slide naked onto the bed, my round breasts swaying. My cunt burned with need. I breathed in her musk as I came closer and closer to her.

“You just relax, Mom,” cooed Laurita. “We have our masseuses here to relax us away. Isn't that nice of them?”

“They're just... dedicated to their friends,” I said. My daughter didn't need to know the peril we were in. “Mmm, I'm going to eat you out. I need to feast on you.”

“Of course, Mom,” she said and giggled. “You know, I might bring my boyfriend one day. Would you like to have a threesome again? Enjoy some cock, too.”

I hesitated. “Is that wise? I mean...”

“Oh, well, he's been fucking his mother since he turned eighteen,” she said. “You know, inspired by Clint Elliston's talks.”

That made me pause. Was his influence spreading?

“Come lick my pussy, Mom, while Carmelita massages my titties!”

Laurita's words dragged me back to the naughty fun. I leaned my head down. My hands slid up her sleek thighs, stroking her. Then I pressed my face right into my daughter's cunt. I thrust my tongue into her spicy depths. I fluttered around in her. I teased her. My tongue danced and fluttered through her wonderful folds.

I loved the taste of her. The wonderful, spicy aroma of my daughter's pussy. I brought this sweet thing into the world. Now she gave me pleasure. She was such a sweet thing. So beautiful. Gorgeous. She was perfect.

And tasted divine.

I closed my eyes and forgot about everything. I just needed to focus on this delicious and spicy pussy right here. My daughter's cunt. I had to lick and lap at her. Make her cum. Drown in her juices. I could forget about it all.

“Mom!” she groaned, her hips rotating. “Oh, yes, she's just licking me.”

“Yes, she is, pretty girl,” Carmelita cooed, her fingers sliding up to pinch my daughter's brown nipples.

Laurita gasped.

I fluttered my tongue up to my daughter's clit. I caressed it. Teased it. I thrust my fingers into her pussy's depths, two digits sliding into her silky walls. She gasped in delight, her twat squeezing around me. She whimpered and moaned, loving it.

The bed shifted behind me as I fingered my daughter and nursed on her clit. Then a rubbery tip rubbed into my butt-cheek. I shuddered, feeling the dildo sliding across my rump and then nuzzle into my twat's lips.

Juana thrust.

I groaned.

This wonderful heat swept through me. I moaned into Laurita's pussy as Juana fucked a dildo into me. A strap-on. Her crotch smacked into my flesh. I whimpered, my boobs jiggling. I jammed my fingers deep into my daughter's twat as Juana drew back the toy.

“Yes, yes, fuck my mom!” gasped Laurita. “Ooh, and she's got her fingers so deep in my cunt!”

“Of course she does, pretty girl!” Juana moaned, thrusting ahead again. She plowed that dildo deep into me. “She loves you. She would do anything for you, right, pretty lady?”

“Yes!” I moaned, my cunt clenching down on the dildo burying to the hilt in me. “Anything, Laurita!”

I fluttered my tongue against my daughter's clit. I thrust my fingers in and out of her cunt. I teased her. I drove her wild. She whimpered and moaned, her body trembling on the bed. Her twat squeezed around my digits plunging into her cunt's depths. She whimpered, her moans so sexy and cute.

I loved the sound she made. I reveled in them. My fingers thrust forward deep into her twat. I loved every moment of burying my digits into her juicy cunt. I enjoyed licking and lapping at her clit, too. Then I sucked on her bud.

“Mom!” she howled.

“Make that cute daughter cum, pretty lady!” Juana moaned, her hands sliding up and down my sides, fingernails lightly scratching me.

Shivers ran across my sensitive skin.

“Yes, yes, Mom! I want that! I want to cum.”

“Mmm, of course you do, pretty girl!” cooed Carmelita. “What daughter wouldn't?”

“Yes,” I moaned and then caressed her clit. “Cum on my face, my little mermaid.”

She shuddered as I caressed her bud. I teased her. She gasped, her thighs squeezing about my face and her cunt clamping down on my digits thrusting in and out of her. Her moans echoed through the room. She gasped, quivering, Carmelita pinching my daughter's nipples.

And the entire time, Juana fucked me hard. She buried her dildo into my snatch again and again. She hammered me. She rammed so hard into me. So deep. It was incredible. I groaned, clenching down on that amazing dildo as it reamed out my cunt. I wiggled my hips, working them from side to side as she fucked me with passion.

Hard thrusts that would make my mind melt.

Have me screaming my head off in rapture.

I licked and lapped at my daughter's pussy, my tongue dancing around my fingers plunging into her snatch. Her pussy clenched around me. Her body trembled. She moaned then gasped as Carmelita ducked her head down and sucked on an oiled nipple.

“Yes!” my daughter howled as her pussy convulsed around my digits.

I savored the feel of my little girl's twat spasming around my fingers. Her pussy rippled. Writhed. Her passion gushed out of her, spicy juices that my tongue was eager to lap up. I drank them, savoring them. I could drown in them.

I had to save Clint so I could keep licking and lapping at my daughter's cunt.

Juana rammed the dildo into my pussy. My cunt clenched down around the toy, drinking in the friction and mixing it with the wild rush caused by feasting on my daughter's cunt. I shuddered and then burst with my own orgasmic delight.

“Mother of God, yes!” I howled, my pussy convulsing around the toy.

“We're both coming, aren't we, Mom?” my daughter howled.

“We are, my little mermaid!”

I licked and lapped up her cream, the pleasure drowning my mind. The ecstasy flooded out of my pussy. I groaned through the pleasure. The stars burst across my vision. My daughter's bucking slowed. Her orgasm died as mine hit that wonderful peak.

The Campo sisters would be here for us. To relax us from the stresses of this case. It would be hard, but maybe Clint could find a way to change everything. To get off from these charges. Perhaps I was deluding myself, so desperate to believe so I could keep enjoying my daughter's beautiful pussy.

Her sexy body.

I even wanted to have a threesome with her boyfriend. I hadn't had a cock in some time. And maybe we could meet his mother and we could share our children and watch their love blossom. Wild fantasies danced through my mind.

They were only possible if Clint Elliston won.


Jaiden Walsh

I sat on the bus, my shift over. I was exhausted. My empty apartment awaited me. I hadn't seen my sister in a year. Not since our mother caught us fucking and kicked me out of the house. She threatened to send me to prison.

Incest was illegal. I was Black, so the police would bury my ass.

I glanced at my phone, seeing all the news reports of Clint Elliston's downfall. If that White boy couldn't get away with it, what hope was there for me? I leaned back, my mind aching, missing my little sister. I wanted her back so bad.


Alysha Walsh

“How's your homework going?” Mom asked.

“Fine,” I muttered, hardly able to look at her. I was still so pissed at her. And scared.

“You see who got arrested today?” she demanded. “Clint Elliston and his whole perverted family. That could have been you if I hadn't stopped your—”

“I'm not in the mood to fight,” I muttered. “So don't say anything bad about Jaiden.”

She glared at me.

“You don't even care that we hate you, do you?” I slammed my book shut. “We were happy, Mom. All you had to do was let us love each other.”

“That wasn't love! That was lust! Your brother is a filthy beast who preyed upon you! He lied to you and—”

“He's not a loser like Dad!” I roared at her. “God, just get out of my room! I'm doing my homework. Okay!”

I couldn't wait until I could move out. Find my brother. My mother could go to hell. They all could. I would have him. I didn't care if society thought it was wrong. Or if Clint Elliston got arrested for it. We won't be stupid. Won't be blathering about legalizing incest to the world.

I'd have my brother's babies and rub it in my mother's face!


Catherine Nicholson

My brother ripped my pants down as I leaned over the very interrogation desk that Clint had sat at with his lawyer. Detectives Nelson and Savage had cleared out, leaving it free for my brother and me to use. We hadn't had sex in hours.

We were addicted to it. To each other. I couldn't get enough of him. I could ride his cock all day.

This was so risky. We could go home. His apartment. Mine. It didn't matter, but we were here. At the county jail. In our uniforms. Cops from a dozen municipalities, sheriff deputies, corrections officers, and civilian employees could walk in on us. The cleaning crew could burst in on my brother lining his cock up at my pussy.

“Fuck me!” I hissed, wanting to drown out the guilt in me. My brother and I were no better than Clint and his women. Last night, they had trusted us. Showed us the passion Isaac and I could have. “Pound that cock into me.”

Isaac rammed hard into me.

I gasped in delight, my pussy clenching down on my brother's cock. Footsteps thudded down the concrete flooring of the hallway, passing our room as he drew back. I savored the incestuous rush. The wicked delight.

This was my brother's cock in me. His dick reaming me. Fucking me. Giving me all the bliss I could ever want. I groaned, clenching down on him. I reveled in his cock plunging over and over into my pussy.

He fucked me hard. Fast.

He rammed his cock into me with such passion. He gave me all the bliss that I needed and craved. I groaned, loving every second of him plowing into me. Thrusting hard. Fast. My nipples throbbed in my bra, trapped by my bulletproof vest and my uniform's blouse.

“Fuck, Cat!” he groaned. “You're so wet!”

“Hours!” I moaned. “It's been hours of waiting and aching for you! Oh, cum in me, then take me home and fuck me some more!”

“Yes!” he snarled. “I might just fuck you in the back of my patrol car!”

“Ooh, that sounds hot!” I panted. “Right in the jail's parking lot. That would be so hot!”


He rammed so hard into me. I needed this so badly. My orgasm was building faster and faster. Every hard thrust of his cock into me united our flesh. We came from the same womb. Had the same father. His blood was mine.

We were one.

I squeezed down around him, understanding why Clint fucked all his sisters. Why they loved each other as a family. This was intense. A rush to enjoy. I shuddered as Isaac's cock plunged hard into my pussy. Fast. Powerful strokes that had my pussy blazing with heat.

His balls smacked heavily into my clit. My bud burst with sparks. They showered through me. I groaned and gasped. My heart pounded faster and faster. My hips rotated from side to side, stirring around his cock. It was incredible to enjoy.


“Cat! I know! Let me feel that pussy spasming around my dick! Let me feel your passion!”

“Yes!” My cunt clamped down on my brother's cock. I savored that wonderful and wild delight. My body trembled. The heat swept through my body as his dick rammed to the hilt in me. The friction set me off.

I came on my brother's cock.

The wonderful waves of incestuous bliss washed out of my cunt. They inundated my mind, bathing my thoughts in euphoria. My twat convulsed and spasmed around his dick, sucking at him as he drew back.

“Give it to me!” I hissed. “Your seed!”

“Fuck, yes!” he growled and slammed into me.

His cum erupted. Hard and fast pulses of jizz that matched our wild fucking. My moans echoed through the room. They reverberated back and forth. My head swayed. Stars danced before my eyes. I trembled, my cunt milking his cock.

His seed filled me to the hilt. I quivered, enjoying every moment of his cum brimming in my cunt. I felt dizzy. A huge smile crossed my lips as I swayed there. I breathed heavily, quivering on his cock and floating on my orgasm.

I loved having my brother's cock and cum in me.

I panted as my brother fired the last of his cum out into my pussy. I shuddered and then groaned as he pulled out of me. It was such a wild fuck. His cum leaked out of me. I couldn't wait until we got home and could make love in his bed. Mine.

Didn't matter which. I just wanted him to hold me.

We drew up our clothing fast. Now that the rush of fucking was gone, the possibility of getting caught swelled in us. I buttoned and zipped up my pants. I drew on my gun belt as my brother adjusted his. He looked so handsome, hair buzzed short, face flushed.

I cupped his rugged face and kissed my big, sexy brother. After we finished, I whispered, “Love you.”

He grinned at me.

We stepped out of the holding cell into the hallway like we belonged. We were just two cops exiting a room. No big deal.

“Crossed that line yet, Officers?” a purring voice asked. “Have a good, productive meeting?”

I jumped to see Clint's lawyer, Elisabet Reenburg, saunter by. The older woman, a blonde cougar with long legs, didn't even stop. She had a knowing way to her walk. My stomach curdled. She knew we were fucking.

Which meant Clint knew.

“Fuck,” my brother muttered.


Melody Elliston

I slumped into the holding cell in the Yolo County Jail. Pam rushed up to me and hugged me fiercely. My sister came up next and my mom. They were all in this one. The others must be in the other holding cell for women or were still being interrogated.

My mind ached. I was sore, hungry, and thirsty. I had to pee, the damned detectives holding me in there on purpose, making me as uncomfortable as possible. It was clear they wanted me to break. To just confess.

“We know you're his half-sister and not his cousin,” said the detective, a tall, Black man. He was one of a dozen or more that had descended on us. “That you're having sex with your sisters. Your mother and aunt. I get it. It's exciting. I can't blame you for wanting it. I know it's stupid that it's illegal. I'm sure you just want to shout out to the world, let everyone know that it's right. This is your chance.”

“Don't comment,” Rex Carson had said, one of the partners at my firm. “I'm advising my client to remain silent.”

So I did. For hours.

“How did you hold up?” I asked them. “Lee.”

She drew her fingers around her mouth like she was zipping them up.


“I've had more discomfort from your father in the dungeon,” she said. “I'll be fine.”

“We're not cracking,” Pam said. “Though their interrogation techniques were interesting. Ego up and reframing techniques were all being used, but there were subtle lies, too. That you had confessed. That it would go badly if I was the only one who didn't talk. Effective if we were alone.”

“You don't think anyone would have?” Lee asked.

“And let Clint down?” I demanded. “Or each other?” Only Stefanie worried me, but she loved Zoey. “We have our plan. Just focus on that.”

“And what about Clint?” asked Mom. She glanced at the cinder block wall. “He's not going to have anyone with him in his cell. Not anyone he knows.”

“He'll be fine,” Pam said with supreme confidence. “You'll see. Tomorrow at our arraignment, he'll be standing tall. We're getting through this together. We're a family. We just have to stick to the plan and trust things are going right.”

I nodded. My heart thundered in my chest. Worry for my daughter, all our sons and daughters, ate at me. They must be so scared. They would be in the State's custody by now, even the ones Alicia dropped off at the Miharas. Even if we were released on bail, California wouldn't let us come anywhere near our children. Social workers would talk to them. Try to get them to turn on us. See if we had done anything to them.

They were so young. We hadn't touched them. Didn't have sex in front of them. It was the one part of the plan that scared me. I had to believe this would work. Clint and I had discussed our legal strategy many times. What we had to do. We had Pam to guide us. We just had to navigate through a perilous forest full of landmines. Go around the wrong tree, and we'd be destroyed.

But if we found that right path, the right people to guide us, this was our chance to change everything.


Clinton “Clint” Ellison II

I stared up at the ceiling of my holding cell, the bench hard and uncomfortable beneath me. I squirmed on it, my chest rising and falling. There were others around me, most trying to sleep, but a few were talking in the corners. Drunks. Petty thieves. A man who'd robbed a convenient store at gunpoint.

I ignored them as my mind raced. I should sleep, but I couldn't. My thoughts wouldn't let me. Worry rippled through me. When I decided to change society, to get bigamy and incest legalized, I knew I was risking my entire family. That I could be sacrificing them for my ambition.

I just wanted everyone else to have the same joy as me.

During my time in college, I saw how incest spread. How my fellow students and professors discovered the joys of loving those closest to them. Fathers and daughters. Brothers and sisters. Or sisters and sisters. Mothers and sons and daughters. Families loving each other.

It was so beautiful. Why shouldn't the rest of the world have that same joy?

My women all supported me. We discussed it. Strategized for when this day came. I couldn't believe how easily we stepped into the damned noose. Just gave the DVD to a pair of cops. They were really brother and sister, and Pam was certain they would engage in incest.

Still hadn't protected us.

Was I an idiot for doing this? What if I failed us? We could have lived in secret.

Over and over and over my thoughts rolled. I had spread my message far and wide. I had shouted it to the world, now I had to wait for the people of California to come through for me. For twelve of them to understand. To see the injustice.

To do the right thing.

To be continued...

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