Bra, Panties, And High Heels by fbailey

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Incest, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity

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Bra, Panties, And High Heels

Mom told Dad and I that we had to attend, that it was required, and that our admission had already been paid. Apparently we had donated several hundred dollars to Breast Cancer Research to save the Ta-tas.

My mother has a bodacious set of ta-tas. My sister is well on her way to an even better set. I have been totally engrossed with female mammary glands since I hit puberty. My grandmother has a saggy set that grandpa calls Meat Puppets. We won’t go into why. My uncle calls Aunt Mary’s breasts Fun Bags.

Anyway back to the mandatory fashion show. It was on a Saturday afternoon from one o’clock until five o’clock. Four long drawn out hours of torture. Dad would have to give up his golf game with his buddies. I would have to give up a football game. It just wasn’t fair.

That morning we all went out to have breakfast. Then we were required to go to the beauty shop with them. Mom couldn’t trust us. They got their hair fixed up, their nails and toes manicured, and their makeup applied.

When we arrived we were taken to our seats and the girls were taken back stage to get ready. We could not believe that we were seated right in the front row center, just a couple of feet from the end of the stage. No wonder Mom insisted that we both bring our digital cameras. She told us to be sure to include her and Cindy in our pictures and not just take pictures of the other women and girls.

The place filled in and some guys were standing around the walls.

A woman came out in a silk robe and walked right up to Dad and I. She lifted up a cordless microphone and spoke, “The Breast Cancer Committee and I would like to welcome all of you men here for our first annual Bra, Panties, and High Heels Fashion Show. Thanks to all of you we raised more than we had hoped for. Please encourage the ladies as they come out and feel free to take pictures.”

Then the woman let her robe drop to the floor. She kicked it off the stage and onto my lap. She turned and walked away showing us that her panties were thongs. She turned around again and walked toward me. She reached back, unhooked her bra, and dropped it in my lap as she smiled at me. I almost forgot to raise my camera and take a picture of her. Next she lowered her panties to her ankles, steeped out of them, and kicked them right into my face as I clicked off three more pictures. I could not believe it when she squatted down in front of me and opened her knees wide. I was disappointed when she stood up and walked backstage. She was the first naked woman that I had ever seen and she was so pink inside. I could hardly believe it.

Two girls came out next. They looked like a mother and a daughter. They were dressed in just bras, panties, and high heels. They walked toward Dad and I, turned and walked away. They came back removed their bras, their panties, and squatted in front of Dad and I. The daughter then handed me her underwear, opened her knees, and smiled for a couple of pictures before walking away.

Dad and I were the go to guys. Every woman and daughter came directly toward us, undressed, and posed for us before going backstage.

For the next four hours we watched an estimated fifty couples walk the runway in front of us. Each couple was a real mother and daughter pair.

Mom and Cindy were almost the last ones to come out on stage. Like everyone before them they came straight at Dad and I. They had on almost nothing. The string panties had strings up their pussies as well as up their butt cracks. Their tops were just strings with loops around their hard nipples. They removed them and Cindy handed me her strings. I was snapping pictures as quickly as I could at her. My thirteen-year-old sister looked magnificent up on stage naked with her legs spread for me. I glanced over at Mom to see that her pussy was open and there was a puddle of white stuff pooled up in her hole. Mom had cum. Then I saw the same thing in Cindy’s pussy.

At the very end the head the lady came back out on stage completely naked wearing just her high heels. She thanked us all for our donations and then the fifty couples came out and stood around the stage. Mom and Cindy were directly in front of us, smiling.

We waited in the car for the girls to get dressed and come out to us. That was when Mom whispered in Dad’s ear and told him the price of our seats. We had been told that it was several hundred dollars but actually it was several thousand dollars. The thousand dollars to be exact. We each came out of it with fifty pair of sexy panties and bras. I was going to decorate my bedroom walls with them.

As soon as we entered the house Mom dragged Dad up to their bedroom for sex. I had never seen Mom so sexually excited before.

Before they even got to the foot of the stairs Cindy turned toward me and said, “I want you to fuck me. I’ve never been this excited before and all of the other girls and women told me that I just need a good hard cock. I want yours and I want it now. Then she dragged me up the stairs to her bedroom.

I had been there a million times but for some reason I had always thought of my sister as a little girl. Her sheets and bedspread were covered with Disney Princesses, her wallpaper was Tinker Bell, and her bookcase had Barbie Dolls lined up on it.

Cindy removed her blouse, her skirt, and she was about to remove her high heels when I asked her not too. I undressed and kissed her. Soon we were touching each other everywhere. She fell backwards taking me with her. She wrapped her legs around my waist. Then she slipped my cock into her wet pussy and started humping me. My virgin sister was fucking me. I was a virgin too but obviously she knew more about sex than I did. At fifteen you would think that I knew more but who cares, I was getting laid for the first time in my life. I knew right then that my sister and I would be fucking a lot more in the future. Her pussy felt so good. She called her breasts ‘The Girls.’ I managed to cum inside her wonderful pussy three times that evening before Mom knocked on the door and told us to come down for dinner.

When we stepped into the kitchen Mom and Dad were naked. She said, “After today Cindy and I have nothing to hide from you guys, so we might as well be comfortable when we are alone like this.”

Cindy and I removed what little we had put on. I was going to like the new arrangements.

When Mom told us that the woman had called with the date for next year’s annual Bra, Panties, and High Heels Fashion Show, Dad and I jumped for joy. He mentioned raising his contribution next year too.

Things certainly were different around the house after that. Even though Dad and I saw Mom and Cindy naked every single day from dinnertime to bedtime we always slept with our own girl. I never fucked Mom and Dad never fucked Cindy.

The End

Bra, Panties, And High Heels


Rating: 84%, Read 56996 times, Posted Jul 19, 2011

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Incest, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity


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