Carjacking by Lokki_smiles

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Fiction | Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Group Sex, Interracial

I was taking my usual route to work one day when I turned the corner to watch a commotion at the liquor store where I picked up my weekend libations.

I was sitting in the middle of the street as two men in black hoodies ran up and jumped in my car.

"Drive!" The taller of the two men yelled at me. I snapped the car into gear and we drove off. Three blocks away he demanded that I pull over. I was muscled into the backseat and my gym bag was pulled over my head. My hands were wrapped with duct tape. The two men talked sparingly as they drove around for several minutes. They eventually pulled in a cool, oily smelling place and turned the car off.

One of them grabbed my jacket and dragged me out of the vehicle. I was led to another room and thrown in a wooden office chair. My hands were additionally taped to one of the chair's arms. I heard the door lock. I heard mumbles from the other room through what felt like hours until I felt my bladder swelling in need of discharge.

"I need to use the restroom, " I yelled.

No answer.

"Hey. Hey. I have to piss." More mumbling from the other room was followed by a long pause. The tape binding me to the chair was ripped through and I was led across the room. The gym bag was unceremoniously pulled off my head.

The thinner man aimed me into the small toilet off the office I had been sitting in all this time. I was having trouble getting my pants open when he yelled, "Hurry the fuck up."

I spoke quietly. I didn't know how he was going to react. "I can't get my cock out with my hands tied."

"Why? Can't find it?"

I am of average size so the comment less an insult than his attempt to keep me in line. I watched as a hand reached around, opened my zipper, and reached inside. The hand took hold of me and tugged it out. It was a tense situation but that didn't stop my cock starting to firm in this strange hand. "You like getting jacked off don't you?" The fist pumped up and down the shaft of my cock as the other man's breath heated the back of my neck.

The tenseness of the situation, and the need to urinate made it difficult for me to give in to the feeling he was giving me. But finally the intensity of the good emotions building in my group overtook the situation and I shot my load all over the porcelain white furniture in front of me. Right behind the semen, my urine rained into the toilet. A quick shake and tuck and I was good as new. The thin man had me back in the chair, with my hands taped to each arm before he walked out of the room.

Another short mumbled conversation and I was left unattended. Sometimes though the night, I fell asleep. In the morning my stiff neck and aching back woke me up. I could hear snoring in one corner. The thin man was laying on a steel-framed bunk. Nothing on but oversized jean shorts covered his tanned body. His chest was bare except for rings of sparse hair around each areola.

I sat there watching his chest rise and fall as he slept. When he stirred I asked, " what's your name?"

"Bill. Just Bill." He answered, "You gotta piss?"

"Yes." I wanted to at least stand-up and stretch. But using the facilities was also a consideration. Bill stood in front of me and said, "You want to use the can. Blow me.". He dropped his shorts and tossed them on the cot. His cock was a good three inches longer than mine but it was less thick. A couple pulls on his shaft and Bill aimed his cock to my lips. I held my lips tight until he slapped my cheek. I gasped and he filled my mouth with his cock. He grabbed my head and pumped onto my throat. I choked and gasped as he forced himself deeper and deeper until my throat eased it gag reflex. Soon he was easily thrusting down my throat as I gulped air between thrusts. Bill groaned and filled my stomach with his seed except for his last few drops. Those he left on my tongue, so he knew that I knew how he tasted.

Bill removed my duct tape manacles and pointed to the toilet. I used the restroom as Bill pulled on his clothes. He was tying his second cross-trainers when I stepped into the room.

I ran for the office door and ran into the huge chest of a black wall. I bounced off and hit the floor as Raheem laughed. "You fucking this guy Bill?"

"Na. Just a blowjob, " Bill shrugged. "So far."

A big black hand pulled me upright and the other tore my clothes off. I stood in front of both of them naked. I tried to hide myself; to the joy of both men.

Raheem locked the office door and unzipped his coveralls. His onyx barrel chest glistened with a sheen of sweat. His cock fell from his clothes like a tentacle of some monster. I was thrown on the round table in front of me and Bill got behind me. His tongue opened my cheeks as Raheem got in front of me. My throat was still sore from the fucking it got by Bill. Thank God my gag reflex was still relaxed as Raheem was about to test it even further.

Bill stood up and rubbed his cockhead at my anal ring. When I yelled from him pushing into me Raheem fed his cock I into my mouth. Raheem pumped his cock in and out as his hands pinned my shoulders to the table. Bill had stretched my rectum as he used my opening. I had never been in this situation before but it didn't take long for my body to enjoy the feeling of being totally dominated by other men.

Raheem's cock was poking down my gullet as his deep voice groaned vulgar comments that had a strange effect on my cock. It was leaking clear fluid onto the table under me as Bill worked his long slender cock in and out of me. My groans vibrated his dark cock as he abused my throat. They gave my body quite a workout. Both men were moaning when they filled both ends of my body with their liquid joy.

When a voice called from the other room both men grabbed their robes and left the room. They were in a heated discussion with someone for several minutes before returning. Redeem rolled me over and put a blindfold over my eyes.

"You are going to meet the boss." Raheem was almost passive as he explained." Well. Sorta."

Redeem was at my feet and Bill my head as I listened to high heels tapping on concrete. The tapping came to the edge of the table and a woman's voice filled the silence. "Looks like these two have been putting you to good use."

I nodded my head. A hand touched my balls and rolled them around. I wiggled against the hand that moved to my cock and worked the juices covering it into my skin. When I was hard she climbed on top of the table and sat down. My cock slipped into her as we both let a guttural groan of joy.

The woman bounced on my cock as Raheem worked his big cock deep inside me. Bill stroked his cock in and out of my mouth. All of us generated sexual sounds that filled the room with joy.

The next day the two men put my gym bag back over my head. I gave me a tee-shirt and sweatpants to wear and drove me out in the country.

They set the alarm on my phone and told me not to take my blindfold off until it went off. After the interviews with the police. Insurance forms I filled out in triplicate. And all the hoopla that I faced I side now in my garage and wonder if I can find that building again!

Rating: 82%, Read 6166 times, Posted Oct 01, 2019

Fiction | Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Group Sex, Interracial


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