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Fantasy | Alien, Anal, Monster, Non-consensual sex

Moonlight danced on crashing waves, their thunderous energy spent in frothing fury on the face of the unyielding cliff. A wave receded, revealing the slender tip of a sinewy tentacle, clinging tenuously to the jagged wall of dripping stone. The full orb of the glowing moon was the irresistible lure, summoning the creature from the deep with a primitive urge. Another wave rushed in, buoying a dark shape upward from the murky depths. The water ebbed, and now three tentacles grasped for purchase, powerful suckers holding fast to the glistening rock. Straining, the appendages pulled, hefting the creature’s rounded body from the water. It was a misshapen blob, mottled black and green, perhaps four feet in diameter. A dismissive glance might fashion it as but a common squid or octopus, but closer inspection would reveal disturbing differences. There was simply a wrongness about the beast, an abomination which the mind could not quite describe and yet found instinctively repulsive. A single eyelid raised, revealing a large, glaring pupil, dead center in the body mass. A small mouth below the eyeball gaped open, displaying rows of tiny teeth. The yellow eye peered upward at the cliff, assessing its position. Three more tentacles slithered from the sea, wriggling, finding cracks and crevices in which to secure a steady grip. Slowly the creature began to climb, hauling its two hundred pound mass from the chilly sea.

Along the length of the moonlit rocky cliff, other tentacles also rose, twitching, seeking. The creature knew the competition would be fierce, and odds of individual success were slim. But onward it climbed, finding a gaping crack in the cliff and contorting its body to squeeze itself inside. Other creatures would find similar openings, but this one held a sense of promise. Surely this must be the one. Lashing out with a tentacle at a competitor that sought to encroach upon its tiny cave, the creature settled in to protect its turf, patiently awaiting the rising of the tide.

Faint sounds echoed, carried down the jagged passage through the cliff. The creature trembled, drawing itself upright as it strained to hear. The lyrical chanting beckoned it, arousing an instinctive drive. It shuddered with delight, knowing now for certain that its choice of this particular rocky opening had truly been correct. Crests of waves splashed into the entrance of its cave as the tide began to build. ‘Soon,’ the monster thought, ‘very soon...’

Water poured into the cave as the tide continued to rise. The creature rode the surge of waves, propelled deeper into the craggy opening. Tentacles grasping, it pulled itself along, the alluring sound of singing growing ever louder. The passage was tight and jagged, but the creature could adapt, shifting its form as needed to traverse the twisting tunnel. Save for its compliment of teeth, the beast was comprised almost entirely of flexible muscle, sporting not a single bone in its massive body. Well, one ‘bone’ perhaps, it paused to think -- one very special, throbbing ‘bone’. It gave an ominous rumble, sounding almost like a chuckle. Suckered tentacles grasping at the rocks, it drew itself steadily along, vanishing into the total darkness of the narrow, winding passageway.

The jagged rock of the tortured passage gave way to smoother going as it widened into a tunnel, hewn from the natural cliff. Ahead, a glow of pale light flickered, luring the creature onward. The tunnel ended, opening into a pool of shallow water. As the tide continued its accent, the pool filled higher with chilling ocean brine. The chanting voices were stronger now, very near. Pausing at the shadowy entrance to the pool, the monster gazed upward with a cautious look, assessing the unknown terrain. Never had it been here. It was driven by instinct alone, compelled to make this perilous journey -- one completed by uncounted generations gone before. Bubbles gurgled as the water rose, surging briefly above the tunnel roof as the tidal pool continued to fill.

The singing voices gained in enthusiasm as the water rose. Peering up through the surface of the water, the beast could see a dozen figures, clad in white, swaying gently as they encircled the grotto’s edge. ‘Hoo-monz,’ the creature thought, straining its primitive mind to put a label to the form. Unsatisfied, it tried again. ‘Humanz’, it corrected, pleased with the improvement. Mere proximity to the humans seemed to stir some latent knowledge deep within its psyche, awakening previously unknown concepts. ‘Human gurlz,’ it came to realize. No... wait... the term of ‘girl’ was correct, and yet somehow it was lacking. They were something more, yet also something less -- something... primal. It blinked, mentally searching, looking for a better phrase. ‘K... kuntz’ it thought, its malformed mouth working silently as it struggled with the word. Yes... Human CUNTS! Now that felt right! It trembled with anticipation, knowing its journey had reached the proper end.

The surging water in the tunnel briefly ebbed, driven by the rhythmic cycling of the waves. A cool breeze wafted down into the open tunnel, drawn downward from the temple room above. The creature shivered with delight, its keen senses picking up on the intoxicating scent which perfumed the air. Adept at breathing both below water and above, the beast inhaled a deep inrush of air. Its form swelled as it took in a deep, savoring breath of the sweet, musky feminine odor -- the alluring scent of warm, moist cunt. Hidden within the darkness of the tunnel opening, its large, single eye peered ravenously upward, assessing the assembly of the dozen girls. They were beauties, one and all, but their pretty facial features offered the creature no particular appeal. The eye moved from one to the next, discounting those it judged too frail of form, or those whose swaying movements lacked sufficient erotic lure for its tastes.

Suddenly it stopped, its heart pounding with excitement. She was perfect! Long black hair hung in curls, extending down to the middle of her back. Such a mass of hair! The creature trembled. Imagine how it could entwine its tentacles in all of that! What a secure grip it would provide! Rounded hips -- wide and shapely -- swiveled in a sensual motion as she sang. ‘Breeder hips’, the creature thought, another deep, rumbling chuckle broadcasting from its muscular form. And large, marvelous titz -- tits? -- brimming with nourishment! Her huge fleshy orbs rocked softly beneath the tight, sheer lace of her robe that did little to conceal her form. It was all the creature needed to see. And yet it paused, its lone eye drawn inexplicably back to her face. Strange thoughts came unbidden to its primitive mind -- unnatural ideas forming in its simple brain. A vague understanding of the concept of ‘innocence’ tried to form. Her eyes were large, glistening pools of the deepest blue. Her nose was... ‘cute’ in a pert, upturned manner. Smooth tanned skin, dappled with just a hint of freckles, graced her elegant cheekbones. She smiled -- a pointless, useless gesture -- and yet the monster felt a tug of strange attraction. Yes -- the notion of pure, unspoiled innocence somehow seemed to do her justice. The creature’s mouth twisted into a ragged sneer. There would be no innocence remaining when the girl’s defilement was completed, it solemnly vowed.

The pool was nearly fully, its rippling surface lapping at the rocky edge. The girls stepped in closer, their melodious chanting rising to a fevered pitch. The water began to glow, casting a subtle light of blue that reflected in shimmering patterns off the ancient structural stones of the temple dome above. The creature gathered itself in the opening of the tunnel, all six tentacles grasping at the edges. Muscles coiled, gathering energy. With explosive force the beast launched itself into the pool, bubbles frothing in its path. Momentum carried it through the pool, straight on target. A geyser of water erupted as it broke the surface, drenching the surrounding girls to their skins.

Startled squeals had but started to form on lips as the beast struck, driving the beautiful brunette backwards, knocking her off her feet. She flailed in panic but subduing tentacles quickly wrapped around her thrashing limbs. Suckers engaged on tender skin as the creature’s flexible appendages coiled tight. A howl of mindless horror escaped her lips, chorused by others in the group. All their training for this moment, all their staunch religious fervor faltered now that they faced the terrifying prospect of the beast in person.

But then the wisest of the girls called to them, a voice of reason above the din of panic. She called for calm, called for the girls to remember who they were. They were the chosen of the sect -- maidens to this cult of the sea. Hand picked for both their beauty and obedience, their years of training began to show. Unsteady voices once again began to sing, reluctant feet carrying them towards the beast, forming back into a worship circle around the creature atop its struggling, hapless bride.

The girl trapped below the monster’s bulk continued to rebel, self-preservation overcoming any sense of duty as she desperately fought to find some method of escape. The beast gave a chuckling rumble, savoring the sensation of her squirming beneath its form. “No... NO!” she screamed. The beast felt a surge lust, hearing her sound the ancient mating cry.

Tentacles grasped her gossamer robe, tearing it from her body as she writhed in fear. Distracted by the efforts of tattering her clothes, the beast let the grip of clutching tentacles slip carelessly from her limbs. Sensing a chance at freedom, the girl struggled from beneath the creature, scrambling first to her knees and then to feet as she fled in naked terror. The monster watched her go, issuing grunts that rolled like laughter. The girl broke from the surrounding worship circle, heavy breasts flopping as she ran. The beast gauged her distance, a sneer pleasure seeming to cross its jagged maw. The chase was truly sport of the highest order, it paused to muse. A single tentacle lashed out, flung in pursuit of the escaping cunt. The suckered appendage wrapped around her ankle, grasping tight. She shrieked in horror, stumbling to the stony floor. She wailed, eyes wide with terror as the creature began to reel her in. Her fingers clawed in desperation at the floor, fingernails failing to find solid purchase as she was dragged across the smoothly polished stone.

The creature pulled the shrieking brunette back within the worship circle. The remaining eleven girls closed the gap, resuming their singing chant. The little cunt kicked at the beast, striking a solid blow with the heel of her foot. The monster absorbed it effortlessly, savoring her resilient fighting spirit. Oh yes, the charming minx was going to put up a delightful little battle. A second tentacle lashed out, coiling itself around her other ankle. With a heave, the girl was lifted -- legs and hips up off the floor -- squirming ever so delightfully as only her head and upper back rested on the ground.

The huge single eye slowly blinked, looking down upon her face. She turned her head away, closing her eyes, unable to meet the intense, piercing gaze. She panted in desperation, adrenaline surging through her body. My, how that made her naked, rounded tits heave and jiggle. The creature couldn’t help but notice the brownish fleshy nubs centered on her breasts. As it watched, the nipples swelled into an obvious state of erection. It pondered briefly what this interesting reaction might mean. Intrigued, it brought another tentacle into play, coiling around her large left breast, constricting, savoring the incredible warmth and softness. The girl shrieked as the beast coiled its tentacle tighter, forcing the wriggling globe to conform to its powerful grip. Fleshy suckers latched on tight to tender flesh as the tip of the tentacle explored the rigid nipple. A small sucker attached itself to the very tip, clamping down tight. She gasped, arching her back, seeming to press herself into the creature’s grip. It would have smiled had its mouth been capable of such an action. Nonetheless, the beast felt a surge of satisfaction. It seemed it had chosen well, finding itself a very eager and energetic little cunt.

With a savage yank the creature spread her legs apart, splaying the flexible girl open wide. She shrieked in a mixture of surprise and pain, a red flush of shame creeping up her face as her vulnerable and exposed position began to dawn on her. She shook her head, as if to clear this nightmare from her brain. This was nothing like what the temple teachings had foretold! She -- or one of her other sisters of the twelve -- were to be chosen by the god. The chosen was to be the cherished bride of the guardian of the sea! But this... this violent abomination... this was all so wrong!

She howled with indignation, struggling in vain to escape the creature’s grasp. The beast gave an appreciative chuckle, savoring her obvious enthusiasm, but wishing she could tone down the volume just a bit. A tentacle extended, slithering its way down to her face. Circular suckers latched onto her pretty cheek, securing a grasp as the tip of the flexible appendage wriggled onward, wrapping itself down the other side of her face and underneath her chin. The muscular appendage flexed, drawing itself tight. The girl’s jaw was forcibly drawn shut, cutting her off mid-scream and putting an end to her annoying caterwauling. That was better. Perhaps cunts are best seen and not heard, the creature thought to itself.

An exploring tentacle tip approached, arched upward, weaving like a cobra as the creature turned its attention to the girl’s wide-splayed loins. Surely this was the business end of the squirmy little cunt. It pondered its options, driven by instinct and yet a little fuzzy on the actual details of how to it should proceed. Two possibilities seemed to present themselves, a narrow little fleshy slit and an even tighter little wrinkled pucker, conveniently placed in close proximity. The creature studied both, wishing the girl would cease her senseless flailing for a moment as it tried to concentrate. Energetic flailing was of course appreciated, but there was a time and place for such, and that would come soon enough. The snug little wrinkled puckered beckoned, appearing best to match the rounded shape of the monster’s various appendages. It seemed a reasonable place to start.

The tip of the tentacle lowered downward, caressing the trembling skin of the girl’s inner thigh. It slithered, easing its way into the fleshy cleft between her cheeks, nosing the exploring tip down into the inviting dimple of her anus. The girl tried to squeal, thrashing her body in response as muffled sounds failed to escape her tightly restrained vocal orifice. Yes, that certainly seemed like an enthusiastic response. Now to see if the little opening might prove itself accommodating...

The tip of the tentacle stiffened, rubbing and probing at the tender, wrinkled flesh. A slippery secretion oozed from the tiny suckers near the tip, dripping a glistening sheen of lubrication onto her pink and brownish anal pucker. The beast tentatively brought one of its many rounded suckers into play, pressing down securely over the dimpled little orifice and giving an experimental tug. The girl bucked her hips. Intrigued, the creature loosened its grip on the underside of her chin, once more allowing her to speak. It gave another tug with its sucker and the girl gasped, arching her back and groaning. “Please... no... not there,” she begged. The creature failed to understand the words, but it picked up on the general understanding that it was on the proper track. Her tightly wrinkled orifice shuddered, pulsing back and forth. The monster unsealed the sucker from her tender skin, peering down to watch the tiny portal blossom open.

Such a tight and tiny little orifice, it seemed a perfect match for the slender tip of a suckered tentacle. The creature brought the wriggling appendage down to bear, teasing gently with the tip as her snug little sphincter trembled and nipped eagerly at the stimulation. She groaned again, shaking her head and twisting her hips. Was she trying to escape? Not trying very hard, the creature noted with a sense of satisfaction. Her hands clenched into fists and she squealed as the tip of the creature’s tentacle increased the pressure and forced itself inside. Four inches of the narrow, flexible appendage tip slipped within, encountering the warm, clutching resistance of her bowels. The girl’s eyes went wide and she wriggled in the creature’s grasp. Was that a nod of encouragement she offered? With all the flailing, it was hard to tell for sure.

The slim tentacle tip pulled back and then slid in deeper, suckers gripping at the humid, fleshy walls of the confining anal tunnel. A growing sense of friction began to build. The creature strained and concentrated, feeling the girth of the embedded appendage briefly swell. With a wet pulse, slippery lubrication oozed from every sucker, coating the embedded tentacle in a glistening, slimy sheen. It eased the finger-sized appendage out, and then back into her ass, gliding easily, twelve inches now securely lodged. The girl’s tender little anal fuck tunnel turned and twisted, but this posed no hint of challenge to the creature’s long, flexible appendage. It withdrew and then plunged back into her depths, now fifteen inches deep. The girth of the tentacle increased steadily along its length, its current one inch diameter seeming a perfect fit for the quivering little ring of her rectal gateway. The girl moaned and squirmed as the beast withdrew, erect and excited suckers causing her fleshy rump to ripple with vibrations as the protrusions caressed the quivering pucker of her rectum as they passed.

The monster thrust, encountering yet another turn within her bowels, two feet of flexible appendage now bored into her steamy depths. She took it with a grunt of passion, the well-timed thrust of her hips now made with an unmistakable sense of enthusiasm. Rewarding her, the creature’s tentacle slithered out and then powered back in with a vengeance, three feet of the writhing, suckered arm churning its way through the twisting, clutching maze of her anal fuck tunnel. Her bowels clenched down, greedily tugging, ripping, urging the creature ever deeper. “Oh gods... no more...” she pleaded, feeling the straining ring of her anus stretched to its absolute limits around the two inch diameter of the throbbing tentacle.

The creature chuckled, knowing what she really meant -- what she really needed. The tentacle slithered in retreat, erect suckers along its length causing a shuddering vibration through her body as they passed through her clutching rectal embrace. The beast gave the girl a moment of respite, listening to her suck in air in desperate heaves. Drops of water formed, clouding her eyes and then trailing down her cheeks. ‘Tears’ the word jumped unbidden to mind. Yet the creature didn’t understand their meaning. Perhaps it was some additional sign of subtle human encouragement in the breeding process. Human cunts sure were complicated and emotional creatures, it mused. Powerful muscles contracted, sending the tentacle surging deep into her ass. Her taunt little tummy swelled as it was filled, eight feet of the sea creature’s flexible appendage now entrenched, winding its way through her humid, twisting rectal maze. Her tight little anal gateway throbbed, stretched obscenely around the four inch girth of the tentacle. The girl issued some strange sort of sobbing noise, causing her body to jiggle in a most delightful manner. The shuddering vibrations of her actions shivered through her body, sending their loving motions into the sensitive flesh of the creature’s buried tentacle. The beast withdrew several feet of length and then surged inward once again, causing her to scream with apparent delight, her breasts heaving as she desperately gasped for breath.

Muscles coiling, the creature thrust itself into her rectal tunnel of lust with a rumbling growl of enthusiasm, relentlessly driving ever deeper. Her tight little asshole quivered around the ever-increasing girth of the tentacle, straining, stretched to seemingly impossible dimensions, puckering back and forth with lustful passion. Suddenly the girl issued a strangled gagging noise, eyes going wide as her mouth gaped open in surprise. The tip of the creature’s tentacle wriggled its way up her throat, finding its way into her mouth. It teased the fleshy organ of her tongue and she responded instinctively, letting the oral digit lash playfully as the slender tentacle tip entwined it.

The creature looked down, locking its single yellow eye into a gaze with hers. Its malformed jaw worked, twisting, clumsily trying to form the words that rushed unbidden into its primitive mind. “B... Bu...” it stammered, frustrated at its vocal limitations. Gritting its rows of teeth, it concentrated, and tried again. “B... Buttfu... BUTT FUCK!” it finally blurted in a deep, raspy voice, its body swelling upright with a sense of accomplishment. “Butt Fuck Cunt!”

“NO!” girl shrieked in agreement, thrashing her hips and indulging in more of her alluring sobbing action. The beast rumbled a prolonged purr of delight.

The creature needed no further encouragement. The slender tentacle tip retreated, withdrawing back down her throat as several feet of the thick appendage retracted from her ass. It coiled, muscles flexing. The girl squirmed, reaching with both hands in a desperate attempt to grasp the invasive, slippery tentacle. She grunted, taking every last inch as the creature hammered home. The tentacle twisted, rough suckers caressing the entire length of her intestinal tract with an incredible sense of friction. The beast pulled back and then lunged again, harder this time, making her squeal. Her hips bucked and her inner thighs rippled. A flush rose up her face as she began to issue soft cooing noises of delight. Another punishing thrust and the girl’s hips began to shudder with a violent convulsion as a prolonged wail escaped her lips. The monster paused with concern. Had it broken the little cunt? It would be an annoyance of a delay to have to start over with another girl. Her orgasmic, gasping spasms reached a climax, her young naked body thrashing as she shrieked. A gush of milky fluid ejaculated from her gaping little slit and she writhed in the grip of her convulsive fit. Finally, with a shudder she went limp.

The creature gave an annoyed huff, starting to pull its massive tentacle from her corpse. But then she stirred, moaning as a smile crossed her lips. With large, glazed-over eyes she looked up at the creature, reaching behind her to gently stroke the retreating tentacle with her fingers. “No... please... leave it in,” she begged in a breathless whisper. The monster’s mouth did its best to form a semblance of a grin, happy to comply. The little cunt wasn’t dead after all. The breeding instinct was indeed strong in this one.

A new, instinctive urge came over the beast. A new tentacle uncoiled from its protective position within the creature’s body. It was different than the flexible, grasping appendages with which it normally functioned. This was a special tentacle, its use reserved for the breeding of human cunts. It began to swell and the girls of the prayer circle gasped in unison, hands flying to mouths as they stepped backwards in shock. But then they regained their composure, joining hands and once more resuming their chanting song. The creature looked down with pride, watching the fleshy organ swell to its proper state of erection. Mottled black and green like the rest of the creature’s skin, the new appendage throbbed and rose, bobbing like a massive hooded viper. It was scaly in appearance, glistening with a slippery natural lubrication. Its triangular shaped head started as a rounded nose, but quickly flared in width, four inches across at its widest. Then it necked down to a rounded shaft, two inches in diameter. The thickness grew along its length, growing to an ominous six inch thickness as the base of the fifteen inch long prick was reached. The scaly cock bobbed heavily, strong and muscular, built for heavy, repeated thrusting action.

The girl’s eyes went wide in shock as her eyes fell upon the savage cock. There was no way that a tight little human cunt could ever stretch to accommodate such a monstrosity. “Oh... my...” she breathed, wriggling in the grasp of the monster’s tentacles. It relaxed its grip, curious to give the girl just a bit of proverbial leash with which to run. She used her new-found freedom to squirm her naked body, turning, writhing, repositioning herself on her hands and knees, facing away from the approving monster. She lowered her head down to the smooth, stony floor, presenting her naked rump up high. The beast nodded with approval, somehow finding this new position somehow more... animalistic. The creature’s massive tentacle was still lodged in the twitching grip of her bowels, her tender little asshole puckering back and forth as it strained to grip around the huge thickness of the multi-suckered tentacle. As the creature looked on with its large, single eye, the girl’s sweet little slit unfurled, fleshy lips opening wide in invitation, displaying the moist, alluring folds within. The head of the creature’s scaly cock throbbed and shuddered. The geometric match between the massive cock head and her snug little cunt slit was too obvious to be coincidence. It was obvious now where the beast’s massive prick belonged.

A tentacle slithered down the length of her naked back, finding her long curly locks of glistening black hair. The tentacle twisted, entwining itself. Then it yanked back, pulling her head upright off the floor. She gasped, eyes watering in response. Obediently she arched her back downward in a curve, pressing her rump up higher, putting her quivering little fuck slot shamelessly on display. The monster rewarded her, easing the tentacle back and forth in her asshole. She moaned, thrilled to have found her master’s favor. The beast’s jagged mouth once more began to tremble, struggling to form the human words that seemed to flow with ever-increasing ease into its lust-filled mind. “P.... Pu...”

“Pussy?” the girl offered helpfully, her pretty mouth spreading into a mischievous grin as she turned to look back at with large, eager eyes.

The monster grunted, shaking its head. “Pu... Pun...” it tried again, struggling. “PUNCH the Cunt!” it finally spat. “T... Time to BREED!”

The cute little brunette giggled, blushing self-consciously as she jostled her knees to spread herself open in a wider stance. If the girl had been expecting a gentle embrace, she was sorely disappointed. The monstrous sea-beast thrust forward with its cock, spearing her eager twat with a savage motion. A wet splatter sounded as the scaly cock head impacted with the soft pink flesh of her dripping vaginal folds. The flared tip of the prick spiked into her snatch and she shrieked at the sudden stretching and brutal violation.

Her tender virgin barrier was no match for the battering cock shaft, thin flesh tearing asunder, scarcely noticed as the beast bored deeper. Her pussy lips spread obscenely, tugging inward, tightly clasping the scaly cock shaft as it sank into her relentlessly. The powerful fuck-thrust drove the breath from her lungs, strangling the shriek of protest forming her lips back to a pitiful whimper.

With a fleshy slap, the creature’s body impacted the girl’s upturned rump cheeks, the firm flesh quivering as her rounded haunches pressed up flat against the beast. Her mouth quivered, horror and arousal blending in a mind-churning combination. Her gaping cunt lips strained around the base of the beast’s massive cock, its unforgiving six inch width splaying her open wide. Shimmering streamers of vaginal lubrication betrayed her true state of arousal, dripping from her anguished twat. The tip of the massive cock prodded at the far limits of her virgin womb, the taunt flesh of her tummy distending outward with the outline of the creature’s massive cock.

The beast paused, savoring the feeling of her clasping vaginal tissues, rippling along the length of his throbbing cock shaft. “Please...” the girl moaned, slowly beginning to rock her hips. Tentacles writhed, slithering, coiling their way around the girl’s bare, quivering thighs. Suckers latched onto creamy, naked skin. The muscular appendages pulled tight, binding each of her thighs in a powerful grip. The appendage wrapped around her tit uncoiled, slipping backwards and slithering its way like an anaconda around the girl’s waist. Her large tits hung downward, slowly bobbing back and forth as she rocked herself on the creature’s cock. The tentacle about her waist tightened, adding yet another secure grip. The tentacle up the girl’s ass made an experimental motion, slowly retracting and then easing its way back in. Her head bucked up in response, a hiss of obvious approval escaping her lips.

Balancing on the two remaining tentacles coiled beneath its body, the beast slowly withdrew its cock. The girl’s fingers clawed at the polished stone floor, a shuddering groan pouring from her mouth. Her pliable pussy gripped down tight on the retreating shaft, a gush of vaginal wetness pouring from her twat with a wet slurp as more and more of the prick’s scaly length was withdrawn. The triangular head of the cock reached the lips of her twat, causing them to bulge outward as she purposely clenched down tight, unwilling to relinquish her loving claim on the sea creature’s throbbing dick.

The creature paused, holding itself just embedded in her twat, waiting. With a quivering tone the girl softly begged, wanting -- needing -- the fulfillment of the monster’s looming cock. It lunged forward savagely, powerful muscles in its tentacles grasping her and pulling her in reverse as once more the enormous prick hammered home. Girl and monster both issued an animalist grunt of lust-fueled satisfaction. The girl’s entire body quivered with the impact, her heavy tits flopping. The beast withdrew, causing her to sob with passion. It slammed home again and she met his thrust, driving her naked hips backwards with a gasp. Fleshy rump cheeks flattened, grinding hard against the monster’s writhing form. Another withdrawal, and then another thrust, beast and girl working as one. The huge tentacle up her ass withdrew, writhing, coiling, powerful muscles tensing. Then it plundered its way back into her bowels, causing her to buck and squeal with obvious delight.

A sheen of perspiration began to glisten on her skin as she continued to writhe and quiver. The creature’s tentacles slipped on her moistening body, but then gripped down tighter in response. She shrieked, another convulsive orgasm wracking her tender body as tentacle and cock were thrust deep into eager ass and pussy, twisting, throbbing. The monster felt the girl’s quivering fuck tunnels snug down tight, grasping prick and tentacle in their hot, trembling embrace. The monster groaned, launching itself into a frantic series of savage thrusts, ravishing the shameless little whore brutally, over and over again. She responded eagerly, mewling with delight as one feminine orgasm simply rolled right into the next.

Now even the monster began to pant, its mouth twisting in a desperate sneer as it gasped to draw in vital air. Its entire body began to tremble, feeling powerful muscles deep within itself begin to tense. It moaned and its single yellow eye rolled backwards in its socket. With an inhuman howl it buried its cunt-wrecking cock in deep and ground its body hard against her upturned ass. The cock rod swelled, causing the girl to thrash about in a panic. Then a foaming surge of churning greenish goo erupted into the depths of her quivering twat. Her tummy swelled as the incredible eruption of sticky fluid filled her, straining the limits of her womb with the pressure. The beast thrust again, pumping another scaling blast that sprayed in a powerful jet from the end of its fully embedded prick. The overflow gushed from the straining lips of her pussy, sheeting down her thighs and splattering heavily into a quickly growing puddle between her open legs. The eleven girls of the worship circle raised their chanting voices in glorious approval. The creature gushed again, pumping another steaming load. The girl’s tummy bulged, stretched to its very limits and unable to take another drop.

The chanting tapered off. Then silence, save for the steady dripping of vaginal and monster fluids from the girl’s aching twat. She began to weep, overcome with the emotion of having fulfilled her anointed task. The monster’s tentacle slithered its way from her anus, causing her a series of post-orgasmic shudders of delight. Her ruined little asshole gaped, puckering in and out but as yet refusing to close back down to its original tight and puckered form. The softening cock slipped from the girl’s twat, causing her to flinch as the over-stimulated flesh shuddered with another orgasmic twitch. The monster swayed unsteadily, looking pale and drained. Its flesh was wrinkled and it appeared somehow diminished in its stature -- as if the massive volume of spent creature cum had depleted its very being. Its tentacles uncoiled, slipping from the girl’s naked thighs and waist. One tentacle tip gently caressed her naked rump in an almost loving gesture.

The beast’s vision began to dim. But its mouth curled into an expression of exhausted satisfaction. It had been successful! Even now, microscopic copies of itself were wriggling in the greenish goo, deep in the girl’s womb. They would attach themselves, drawing nourishment. Her belly would swell with fertility. It would not take long -- several weeks at most -- and the brood would hatch, spilling hundreds of tiny, wriggling creatures from her twat. She would instinctively know what to do, finding her way to the sea as her time drew near, ready to release the children back into the waters. They would be smarter than it, the creature knew -- each new generation taking on more and more traits of the human intelligence.

Staggering backwards on faltering tentacles, the monster teetered on the rocky brink of the pool, the last of its life force rapidly fading away. Its vision dimmed to black and it collapsed into the water with a splash, its limp and dying body drawn by the receding tide back down the tunnel to be swept out into the sea.

The worship circle closed in around the naked girl, soothing her and helping her to her feet. She was the chosen one, favored by the guardian of the sea and now revered by her cult as one of the sacred mothers. A new girl would be chosen, bringing their number back to twelve. Each maiden held out cautious hope, praying that she too might prove herself to be worthy. After all, the next full moon was but a month away...

Rating: 94%, Read 67995 times, Posted Aug 23, 2019

Fantasy | Alien, Anal, Monster, Non-consensual sex


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