Hurt Me Daddy - Part 3 by A2O

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Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Domination, Incest, Male, Oral Sex, Sado-Masochism, Submission, Teen Female

Hurt Me Daddy - Part 3

“I want it Daddy. Don’t you see that I’m still here?” I said, while feeling him spooning me, motionless. I couldn’t see his face, so I couldn’t gauge his reaction.

I was feeling nervous. Why wasn’t I able to endure it yesterday? Why had it shocked me so much? He had told me numerous times that he would hurt me so, when he did, why did it affect me so much? He had spanked me, he had assaulted my back entrance with no heads up, he had pinched and bitten my nipples… It’s not like I wasn’t up for feeling pain because I realized I was. So, why?

I relived the moment in my memory, trying to understand this. Ok, it was a lot of pain. Unexpected pain. But I was feeling pleasure… Hence the fact it all ended with me having the most intense orgasm of my life, enough to make me lose sense for some seconds, and to make my legs stop working. He was pounding and pounding, filling me with his big thing, and even though the stretching was hurting me, I enjoyed it. Pounding and pounding, and then banging against that deep part of me, and then it hurt even more… And I told him it was too deep. Ok. Then, I said ‘please’, but he didn’t hear me, he didn’t stop, he didn’t even slow down. Much the opposite, it aroused him, making him fuck me even harder. It was like I wasn’t there. It was as if I was having sex with a beast, not my Daddy…

And I realized this is what shocked me. That weird, strong, orgasm was building up, but also was the pain. They were escalating together, and in my head, it would keep happening, I would feel more and more pain, and I didn’t see him stopping. That’s what I feared. It wasn’t like I couldn’t stand what was happening, I feared how that would follow, as it was excruciating already. When that orgasm burst inside of me, I lost it, and losing my senses for a second didn’t help, as the first thing I felt when I ‘came back’ was that excruciating pain in my insides. I didn’t even acknowledge that he had stopped.

I had to tell him that. I had to make things right before he gave up on me. He was still completely still behind me, not even hugging me, just staying there with a million terrible things inside his head.

So, I remembered what we promised: truth, always.

I rolled over and turned to him. He looked at me with curious eyes, sad eyes.

“Daddy, can I tell you how I felt yesterday?” I asked.

“Sweetheart… I don’t think that would make us any good,” he said in a resolute way, very seriously.

“We agreed to tell the truth all the time, so I think you should listen to me before you get to any conclusions,” my turn to put on a very serious face, which I knew I sucked at… At least in front of him. There was no brave, no strong Leticia when I was in front of him. He knew me better.

“My love…” He started saying, dismissively, then I looked down, disappointed, almost pouting, and he changed his mind instantly. “Ok. Tell me.” Apparently, what strong Leticia could do, the delicate one could. “But our roles are a little confusing right now. I screwed up. I should be trying to make amends, not you trying to prove that the terrible thing I did was right. You are my fucking daughter, I should…” And I raised a finger and put on his lips, shushing him.

“You said you would let me talk,” I said, being brave yet again, while he looked at me aggravatedly. He hated when I wasn’t respectful… But what would he do? Beat me? Spank me? That wouldn’t be punishment anymore.

“Ok. Go ahead.”

I started talking, telling him everything I had thought, what I had realized. I saw his eyes getting bigger at some moments. I was as de***********ive as I could. I told him everything.


“So, yes, I’m afraid of losing you. Yes, I think I can handle this, and yes, I want more. I’m not scared anymore, it was just a moment.”

“A moment that can happen again.”

“When it happens again I’ll think the same way, Daddy! I thought you’d like things to be like this, keeping me on my toes all the time...”

“Yes! I do! But I also care too much about you to let this kind of thing happen to you over and over again!”

“So what can we do!? I don’t know anything about this! I need your help! I don’t want to lose you! I don’t want to lose THIS!” I almost screamed, and I couldn’t hold back the tears that formed in my eyes. “I just want to be what you want me to be… And I like it! I’m trying as hard as I can to show you that! Can’t you see?”

He just looked me in the eyes. We stayed in silence for a while, and I managed to stop crying.

“We need a safeword,” he said out of the blue.


“If we keep doing this, we need a safeword. A word that you’ll say when it is unbearable, and I’ll know I have to stop whatever I’m doing.”

“I… You won’t be doing ‘whatever you want’ to me anymore…”

“I will. But you’ll have an emergency button to press in case the building is on fire.”

I laugh at his weird analogy, “In this case, the building is me, I presume?”

“Yes. You. If you want to go on with this I have to be sure I won’t lose you as well.”

“Hmm… Ok.”

“Choose a word. Think of something I’ll recognize instantly.”

I think for a little bit, then I say, “Purple.”

“Purple? Why?”

“It is my least favorite color. Since it is something that I’ll say in a bad moment...”

He chuckled. “Ok. Purple means stop, then.”

“Purple means stop,” I repeated after him.

Then, Daddy pulled me close to him, wrapping an arm around my waist, and he kissed me tenderly on my lips. Finally, I felt good again.

We had breakfast together, as always. He asked me how I was, to which I replied “I’m ok. A little sore, but ok.” What was mostly a lie, as I could still feel that part, the entrance to my womb, still hurting. It was like I was on my period and having suffering through a terrible cramp. But I wouldn’t tell him that. It was enough about that already. I left for school at the same time he left to work. We kissed inside the house, so nobody would see us.

“Have a good day at school, my love.”

“Have a good day at work, Daddy. I love you.

“Love you too.”

So I walked to the bus stop, while he drove off in the opposite direction.

Thirty seconds later, I noticed the noise of a car slowly approaching me from behind, what scared the hell out of me. When I looked back, it was his silver BMW.


“Hop in, I’ll take you to school.”

I opened the door and got inside the car with a silly smile on my face. That was a first. He was always rushing to work in the morning, which I understand, so that got me completely off-guard.

“Suddenly you can’t get enough of me?” I said with a sort of mischievous hint in my voice.

“Are you blaming me for trying to spend a little more time with my daughter?” He answered with a grin, playing along.

“Well, she has been a really good girl, I think. So, I understand.” I said, chuckling.

“Yes, she has…” He said, slipping a hand to my thigh, caressing the inner part of it. It was a warm day, so I wore a pair of shorts. His fingers brushed my skin, and I instantly felt it reflecting right there. These days, it felt like my whole body was directly connected to that tiny little button that crowned my entrance.

I gasped, and I looked at him while biting my lower lip.

“This isn’t the reason why I decided to give you a ride to school,” he said.

“So, there is a reason…” I said, my voice breathy.

“I decided my woman shouldn’t be riding on a bus, so when you come back from school, we are going to go out to buy you a car.”

My jaw dropped.

“A-A car!?” Incredulity all over my face. He had made a point not so long ago, saying that I’d only have a car when I worked to buy one… Which he said he would allow after I graduated from college. So, you can imagine my surprise.

“Yes. We’re going to buy you a nice one. I’m going to start teaching you again, and you can do the road test for your driver’s license with it.”

“Oh my God, Dad! Thank you!” I stretched all the way over to him, the sit belt tight around my chest, to kiss his cheek.”

Then, I sat back on my seat, excited. I’d love to have a car. I loved cars, something I got after him. And he had called me ‘his woman’, which also gave me goosebumps. Meanwhile, my head started to come up with an explanation for that subtle change of heart…

“Daddy… Are you giving me a car so I’m not surrounded by boys on the bus?” I asked, obviously looking at him to watch his reaction. He looked to the side, so I was right. As I knew, him not answering was enough. “What is the next step? Locking me inside the house?” I said, but I kept my tone light, mocking. I wanted him to know I was kidding.

“Letty… Yes. I am a very, VERY jealous man. Nad, yes, that’s one of the reasons I’m giving you a car, but it is not the only one. Things have changed, haven’t they?” He asked, waiting for a response.


“They did. You stepped up and decided to be my woman. My woman deserves a car. Also, my woman is going to be sleeping with me from now on, in OUR bedroom,” he stated.

I looked at him, feeling a little overwhelmed. However, I also felt excited. My life had changed for real, after I decided I wanted to go for it, after I decided to live this crazy thing with him that would have a lot of consequences in the long run. I was pretty aware of that, but I decided not to think about these things yet, and he seemed to be doing the same.

“So… Isn’t it weird to have your woman calling you Daddy?” I asked, coyly.

He looked at me sideways, and he laughed. Then, he stopped, “You can call me michael if you want, but I won’t stop calling you sweetheart sometimes.”

“Michael…” I said to myself, testing how his name sounded when I said it.

I didn’t know how I felt about that. I was confused. Soon, I regretted asking that question. I couldn’t avoid wondering if part of his interest for me wasn’t exactly that, some sort of taboo… He was fucking his daughter. I tried to wipe that thought away from my mind… But I couldn’t.

“Does it turn you on? Knowing that you are doing something… Um… Forbidden? Does it excite you, the idea of fucking your own daughter?”

“I don’t think we should get in details like that,” he said seriously, but then he continued, “but since we are always telling the truth… Yes, it does. Not because it is forbidden, or comdenable, but because one: you are the most important thing in my life… You were already my reason to live, to move forward. You always were.”

He said it, and I felt a knot form in my throat. I should have kept my mouth shut.

“Two…” He continued, “...because, in my eyes, you are the most delicate, sensitive, precious thing that ever existed, and doing ‘those’ kinds of things to you… It gives the whole thing a wicked, different meaning… I don’t know if you can understand.”

“You mean… It is more personal, extreme…”

“Yes. I think that’s what I mean. It is hard to explain…”

“I understand. I think I feel the same, but the opposite way, somehow… In my crazy head, being overpowered and giving you my everything makes sense.”

He caressed my thigh, then he slapped it lightly.

I looked at him, and those urges were back. I felt like such a whore every time I acknowledged how I constantly thought about dirty things.

“Truth always…?” I sort of whispered.


“I wished I could put you in my mouth right now…” I purred, looking forward, feeling extremely embarrassed right after I said it.

Daddy inhaled, deeply, not looking at me.

“That would be really dangerous out in the open like this…” He said.

“I know… This is why I said I wished...”

“Well, I can always make your wishes come true,” he said while putting on the blinker and moving the car to the right, to the slow lane. Before I could say something, he was already entering the parking lot of some side road stores.

I felt a thrill running through my body, my insides clenching, as always. He looked for the parking spot that was the farthest from the stores, in the shadow of some trees. Daddy parked the car and unfastened his seat belt. I did the same, and we just looked at each other.

“Go ahead,” he said, laying back a little on his seat.

I gasped. I reached out for his trousers, rubbing the hard on I could already see, then I unzipped it. I looked at him like I used to do when I was younger, when I was doing something naughty on purpose, while he watched me. When I slipped my hand inside his underwear and touched his big thing, he gasped as well.

Soon, I had his dick free and completely hard in front of me. I unceremoniously bent forward, already with my mouth open. I wished I was consciously sexy enough to lick him first, do something different, but the only thing I could think about was to swallow him, feel his taste.

I put it in my mouth, its head touching my warm tongue first. I felt a salty, kind of bitter taste, immediately. Not thinking twice, I swallowed more of it, until I felt it touching the ceiling at the back of my mouth, almost in my throat. Daddy groaned loudly, and I shivered. I could feel the dampness on my panties already. Then, I started bobbing my head, his thick cock moving in and out of my mouth. He moaned in pleasure, and soon as I heard it, I did the same. I just kept my head moving up and down, fucking him with my mouth. Finally, I could give him pleasure in a way that I felt confident about, as I knew what I was doing. He throbbed inside of me, more of his pre-cum flavor on my tongue.

Then, I stopped for a second, and talked to him as I catched my breath and wiped a line of droll that ran down the side of my chin.

“Would you like me to try using my throat?” I asked, and he looked surprised, then a malicious grin showed on his face as he nodded. “I’m asking because I never did it, so… I don’t know what can happen.”

“Go for it, baby. Don’t worry about it.” Daddy encouraged me.

So, I went for it. I swallowed what I could of it with my mouth, then I tried to relax as much as possible, and I started forcing it down my throat. Soon as it got there, the first thing I thought was how difficult it had become to breath, the second was how I felt like puking. I took it out of my mouth, gasping.

“Breath through your nose,” he said.

“I feel like I’m about to…”

“I know. You’ll get used to it.”

I leaned forward again, taking him in. Again, I swallowed as much of it as I could, while I heard him gasping. I didn’t stop pushing, so I managed to force it a little bit inside my throat. I felt my stomach contract, but I fought the impulse. Slowly, I started to move, not much of it in my throat, and I felt him laying his head over my head, caressing my hair while I did it. Daddy was moaning for me, and I loved it. Every time it got at the entrance of my throat, it was the same, I felt a little suffocated, and my stomach began contracting, my whole body convulsing. It was very frustrating, but, at the same time, I didn’t want to make a mess.

I was pretty sure I could make him come soon, but I wanted more. So, I took him out of my mouth, still leaning over it, and I touched his hand that was on my head.

“Do it…” I said, my voice sounding hoarse for some reason.

“Oh, sweetheart…” Daddy said surprised, while I put him back in my mouth.

I knew he would love the idea. Soon as he was deep inside my mouth and the tip of his cock got to the entrance to my throat I braced myself, as I felt his hand pushing my head down. His big thing forced its way inside of my throat. He didn’t stop until a good part of it was in. I felt my stomach contract, and I had to hold back spasms that ran my whole body and ended up at my throat, that got stiff.

“GURRRR! GRRRRRUH!” I groaned throaty sounds around his dick, while he moaned, loudly.

“That’s it, baby! That’s it!”

I felt like making a mess at least three times, and I did my best holding everything in, even though I drooled uncontrollably. After a while, it didn’t matter how much I tried, I couldn’t breathe properly. I felt myself asphyxiating, my face turning red, my eyes watering. I unconsciously began thrashing, but I never really tried to stop him. He just took his time fucking my throat, going in and out, as I felt that enormous thing getting way inside my throat and back in slow thrusts.

It was funny how the first thing we did after deciding on a safe word, made me unable to use it if I needed to. But, as uncomfortable as it was, I wouldn’t use it anyway. It was my fault, and I thought he deserved it. If I made a mess there, if I passed out… I didn’t care anymore.

When I felt my throat started to hurt, to burn, that huge thing grazing its walls, I also felt him bulging, throbbing hard… With a big succession of groans, Daddy delivered jolt after jolt of his cum directly into my stomach.

While letting him out of my mouth, I did my best to swallow everything I could, slurping my way up, then I gasped loudly, catching my breath, and I sat back at my seat. I coughed a lot, and my chest heaved, and my stomach hurt because of how tense my muscles were while we were at it, but the satisfaction all over his face made everything worth it.

He reached for my cheek while I laid sideways on my seat, feeling my body limp. “That was amazing.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” I said with a silly, embarrassed smile.

“Do you want to jump to the back seat?” He asked. “Or do you think we should skip today? I know you are still in pain.”

“Whatever you want, Daddy.” I said, but he was right. Just for bending on top of him for a while, I could feel that part deep inside of me hurting. In fact, I was starting to feel worried about it. But, yes, if he wanted to fuck me, I’d let him.

“You did more than enough for now,” he said with a satisfied tone. “I’m taking you to school after you put yourself together. Later, I’m going to pass by a store I know and, at night, I’ll take care of you.”

“Is it a secret?” I asked, curious.

“No, it is not, but I’d like to see your face when you see the things I’ll buy.”

I sighed. Oh, boy. What was I in for?

He looked at me, still resting on my seat. “You want to know, don’t you?”

“...Yes, I do. Otherwise, I’ll be wondering all day long,” I half pleaded, half explained.

“I’ll buy some things to make you come without me being inside of you. Vibrating things. Lots of them. If you think what we did so far could be torturous, wait until you see what I have planned for you.”

I gasped.

Rating: 92%, Read 26091 times, Posted Nov 16, 2020

Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Domination, Incest, Male, Oral Sex, Sado-Masochism, Submission, Teen Female


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