my cousin my pet chapter 2 by horsesoilder

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My cousin my pet part 2

sorry this took so long i just got around to it kind of forgot about it my bad

I woke up in the morning Becky was still curled up in her bed I let her sleep as I went out to the kitchen. While I was waiting for my toast the phone rang.

“Hello” I said

“Hey Paul its Richard”

Hey Richard what’s up”

“Well the mother in law is in the hospital so I and the wife are going to go see her.”

“Sorry to hear that”

“Well I was calling to see if you could feed my animals while we are gone it’s no problem if you can’t I can call somebody else” he asked

“Yeah ill look after them I ain’t got much going on over here anyway” I said a wicked thought crossing my mind

“Thanks Paul I appreciate it we should be back tomorrow morning so just stop by this afternoon and that should be fine”

“Bye Richard hope the mother in law gets better”

I hung up the phone and ate my toast. I heard Becky yawn behind me I turned to see her naked beauty hair wild mess leather around her neck leash dangling between her breasts she was walking a little fun but I expected that after the pounding I gave her.

“And how is my bitch doing this morning” I asked

“Fine but I’m starving master” she answered

Well at least she remembered the simple rules guess that deserves something I poured her a bowl of cereal and slid it to her. Then I filled Saxons food bowl.

“No milk master” she asked

“I could get you Saxon’s old bowl to eat from if you would like” I answered

She quickly looked down and finished her cereal without another word. Saxon whined to go out while he ran outside I went over to the couch and sat watching TV until my bitch joined me kneeling next to me. I stroked her head straightening out her messy hair. After a few minutes I grabbed a hold of my pet and maneuvered her in front of me she undid my jeans and fished out my dick she started to jack me off licking the head every few strokes.

I continued stroking her hair s she blew me I let her do as she wished it was slow sensual I just sat there and enjoyed her mouth. After a few minutes I emptied my load into her mouth she looked up at me in admiration.

“Good girl” I said scratching her head I put my tool away and Becky returned to her spot on the floor

I fell asleep on the couch for an hour I woke up to see Becky asleep against my leg

I shook her shoulder till she woke

“I’m sorry master I didn’t mean to it won’t” she started babbling I silenced her with a finger to her lips

“It’s fine now go get Saxon” I said I saw a tremble run through her body she got up slowly and went to the back door to let Saxon in. I heard a squeal then Saxon trotted into the room and lay down in the corner. Becky came just behind him her face was flushed.

“Did you let him get a free sample” I said with a chuckle

“It’s not funny master”

“You’re so cute when you look like that” I said “now get the box from the counter”

“But” with that word I seized the leash and pulled her close to me she was trembling now

“What did you say bitch”

“I’ll grab the box I’m sorry master”

“Better” I released her and she went to retrieve the box of toys she returned with the box sitting it on my lap and stood in front of me.

“turn around” I said arms behind her back I took some lengths of climbing rope and bound her wrists together then her elbows she winced as I tightened the ropes. Then one loop around her waist to keep her hands there. A couple loops just above the knee and finally her ankles. Becky stood there still as a statue knowing if she twitched she would fall on her face. I pulled her back so she fell into my lap. I took out a ring gag from the box and fit it into Becky’s mouth. I she looked at me then her eyes went down no doubt trying to see the gag in her mouth. A few barley discernible words came from her mouth. I laid her down on the couch upside down head hanging off the edge feet hanging over the top.

“Saxon” I yelled the Dane bound over to me I guide him onto the couch so that he was straddling Becky’s head. He caught a whiff of her pussy and dived in she squealed as his tongue made contact with her snatch. She squirmed in the cushions as Saxon worked on her. I sat down to watch as Saxons cock grew to its 13 inch length Becky’s tongue was hanging over the ring Saxons cock touched her tongue her thrust instinct taking over he hammered into her mouth. Saxon had some good grip on the cushions and was forcing her head down as his found its way down her throat.

The gag was stopping his knot from getting into her mouth. Saxon fired his seed down her throat he trembled as he fired his seed Becky convulsed under him then went limp.

“shit” I said rushing to my pet I pulled Saxon out of her he growled at me and I did the same back he walked off to lick himself clean as I checked Becky’s pulse, still alive thank the gods. She passed I sat down next to her unconscious body willing my heart to stop beating so fast. There would be no way to explain off how she died. My cock was rock hard from the show and sudden rush of adrenaline I flipped her body around so her upper body was hanging over the back of the couch. I probed at her slit with my now exposed cock she moaned as I entered her I removed her gag so I could hear her when she woke with my cock now lubed up I pulled out of her wet snatch and lined myself up with her puckered rosebud. I took a deep breath and slammed into her; her unconscious state made it easy to bury myself six inches into her but when she woke and howled out in pain her muscles tightened and I was stuck. She relaxed again and was now lying against the back of the couch. I took hold of her hips and hammered into her just like Saxon did her throat the couch was shaking from my movement. I reached down and pulled her up to me. Then I felt a falling sensation as the couch finally tipped over onto its back. Becky moaned in pain as we lay there.

“Were not done yet” I said as she tried to crawl away like a worm. I got behind her bringing her up to her knees I reentered her ass. She started to cry I was in a frenzy I grabbed a hold of the ropes that held her elbows together and pulled her up till her body was a little above horizontal she alternated between weeping and moaning in pain as I finished in her ass.

I placed her head down on the floor and pulled out she just laid there crying as I fixed the couch and let Saxon out again. I came back to her she had rolled onto her back her eyes went wide as she saw the knife in my hand she started crying again with some incoherent babbling mixed in. I bent down to cut the rope from her belly she sucked her breath in and kept mumbling “please don’t I’ll be good” I rolled her over onto her stomach and cut off the rest of her binds, sure I could of untied them easy but I am lazy.

Once she was free I scooped her up in my arms and carried her to the couch cradling her in my arms as I sat there

“What’s wrong did I hurt you too much” I said taking a close look at her arms. She just looked down sniffling “hey” I said grabbing her chin and making her look into my eyes” what is wrong my pet you can tell me I won’t be mad I promise.

“I was scared” she said before averting her gaze again.

“Of what my pet” I said “you can tell me like I said I won’t be mad just tell me what’s wrong.”

“I thought you didn’t want me any more when you let Saxon fuck me I couldn’t breath and you just sat there and watched I thought I was going to die and then with the knife” her speech degenerated into sobbing after that.

“Hey there is nothing to worry about stop crying; only under one condition would I take your life from you”

“What’s that?”

“If you asked me to” I said “but that is not something I want to do especially now”

“Really” she asked finally turning of the water works.

“Yeah now go get dressed we have some errands to run” I said she got up and I smacked her ass as she left.

Twenty minutes later a cute girl in tight jeans and a reprint dark side of the moon t-shirt. The collar was still fastened around her neck. Her hair was up in a high pony tail

“You can take that off when we go out I don’t want people asking awkward questions.”

“Okay” she said undoing the buckle

“Let’s go” I said opening the door we got in my truck and I drove us into town thirty minutes later we arrived at the mall. We spent a few hours there I let her shop for a couple things then we had a late lunch before leaving it was about dinner time b when we arrived at Richards house. She didn't even notice as I pulled up to the barn.

“Where are we” she asked

“A friend’s house I told him I would feed his horses this afternoon” I answered heading in

“Horses really” she yelled in excitement.

She followed me in I started to feed the horses Richard had four three mares and a Friesian stallion. Becky was bouncing around the barn amazed by horses. City kids I thought. She was standing in front of Samson, the Friesian, just gazing at him.

“Want to pet him” I asked “you can go in if you want”

“But he is huge he’ll crush me”

“No he won’t he was trained well, he’s a show horse he is used to it.”

“Well I don’t know” she said but I had already opened the door and was pulling her in. she immediately went up to him and started petting him. At her first touch she looked at her she recoiled suddenly but started again when he went back to eating his oats. I snaked my arm around her as I told her about Samson. My right hand was wrapped around her waist; I guided it across her flat belly and wedged it down the front of her tight jeans. She was wet as hell I stroked her lips for a little before withdrawing my hand and moving to Samson’s head I let him get a good whiff of my pet and it achieved the desired effect. Becky stood there in amazement as Samson let out his massive cock. She watched as it grew and hardened. She stood there as I returned to her side my hand rubbing her through her jeans.

“Play with him” I whispered in her ear

She gasped and stepped out of my reach but her eyes never left Samson’s meat slowly she began to get under the massive horse she extended her hand and touch the massive phallus it was longer then her arm. She slowly began to rub him” use both hands” I whispered she obeyed instantly. After a minute I gave her further instructions “now use your mouth” she tried to wrap her lips around the head but it was too broad she had to use her tongue instead. Her tongue was moving around the head as her hands worked like a professional on the shaft. Samson started too whiney and clop his hooves I knew he was close I grabbed out my phone and recorded the final act. Samson whineyed again and bucked his haunches as he fired off a massive load shot after shot covered Becky’s face that finally snapped her out of her days. She squealed as the last of his sperm was dumped on her pretty face. I go close to capture her reaction, without the slightest hint she began to clean the sperm from her body with a finger and place it in her mouth. Her top was soaked and clinging tightly to her ample breasts I could see her nipples through the fabric I recorded as she cleaned her face then stripped off her shirt. I was utterly amazed as I watched my pet. I stopped the cam as and helped her out of the stall and lead the topless teen to my truck. I opened to door to grab a blanket from the back seat for her to cover up with while we drove back.

I fished out the blanket and was now sitting in the passenger seat when Becky leapt into my lap. Game on I thought I sat the blanket in the middle seat and kissed my pet I broke the kiss and grabbed her ankles pushing her against the dash as I put them by her ears. Once there I pulled her jeans over her hips and down her thighs with some difficulty. I whipped out my dick and pushed into her sloppy wet pussy she moaned as I entered. She wrapped her hands around my neck legs resting on my shoulders I grabbed her asscheeks and bounced her on my cock I alternated between kissing her lips and gnawing on her neck. She was going wild tossing her cum drenched hair about. She rested her head on my shoulder panting heavily.

“please master I want to feel you cum in my pussy” she hissed” please I’m on the pill nothing bad will happen I need this master.

I didn’t answer her I just picked up my pace slamming her down on me so hard my thighs started to hurt a little. I slammed her down one last time and fired my seed into her belly she yelled and convulsed as she came.

She leaned in close to me folding herself up more “I love you master I want to be yours forever”

“I love you too my pet always”

Rating: 83%, Read 28268 times, Posted Aug 05, 2013

Fiction | Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Bestiality, Blowjob, Coercion, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Incest, Male, Slavery, Submission, Teen Female, Young


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