A week with Aunt Taylor ( Day One ) by Something_smith

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Fiction | Female, Incest, Teen Male

My name is Blake, I am 19 now and just started my freshman year of college. I am decently fit, I do not have a super slim body or abs or anything special just normal. This story is about my summer just before freshman year of college. 

I was sitting on my couch at home in the middle of June when my phone rang and the caller ID showed Aunt Taylor's name. So I answered the phone.


"Oh my god is this Blake?"

"Yes it is."

"Look how deep your voice got!" (The last time i seen my aunt was when i was 10 before she moved more towards the east coast. We use to be best friends up until that point but i have not seen or talked to her since.

I laughed and asked her why i have not seen her in about 9 years.

She replied, "Awww I'm so sorry honey i miss how close we use to be, which is why i called. I know you are on your break right now and I just bought a shore house and was wondering if you wanted to come for a week to visit?"

I told her I'd love to and we decided that I would drive to her house by tomorrow. Although it was short notice and a decent amount of driving I missed aunt Taylor and it would be nice seeing her again.

Finally I drove up to her shore house, parked and took my luggage that i packed for a week and knocked on her door.

Aunt Taylor answered the door and my jaw almost dropped. Over the years she obtained a nice hourglass figure and did not look nearly 45. 

My aunt had was wearing jeans which hugged her huge ass tightly. She also was wearing a very low-cut shirt which revealed her best feature of all, her size 40E breasts. There was a deep line of cleavage that lead right to a pair of the largest breast I've ever seen.

She caught me staring at her cleavage and let out a small laughter and asked me to come in and as embarrassed as I was i just walked in staring at the floor trying not to look up. She the led me to my room and I placed my luggage down. 

We both sat on the bed and talked about the good ol days, I also found out she was still single and was probably going to end that way.

 As we were talking I started to stare at her cleavage again and she just let out a small laugh like last time and told me she was going to go in the pool outside the back of her house and asked if I wanted to join and I decided it sounded like a good idea and told her I'd meet her out there.

I put on my swimsuit relatively fast and jumped right into the pool until moments later I saw my aunt jump in right after me. Once again my jaw dropped because she was wearing a very skimpy bikini which barely covered her ass or boobs and both were struggling to get out, but luckily she didn't catch me this time.

We spent a good amount of time in pool as I admired her amazing body figure.

"Hey do you wanna go inside and get something to eat? Im getting a little hungry."

I did not want to lose any more time but i decided to be a good guest and accepted and followed her into the house.

"Hey maybe we should get changed first." She said.

"Yeah that sounds like a good idea I'm soaked." 

I then began walking up the steps towards our rooms when suddenly i fell backwards, and in the panic the first thing i grabbed was her right boob and fell right on top of her.

Not realizing what I did aunt taylor started to laugh.

"Mind letting go of my boob? It's sensitive ya know." She said as she chuckled. Then I blushed and let go as we both starting walking up the steps again.

"I'm sorry i really didn't mean to grab your boob."

"Yeah I'm sure you didn't." She said in a sarcastic voice. 

"I really didn't i swear! It was just the first thing i grabbed." I replied.

We came to my room and without me noticing we both entered and sat on the bed.

"Please I saw the way you were staring at my breasts when you arrived, but its ok, i like you taking a notice of them it makes me feel good." She said

"Sorry auntie they are just so big and they look so soft I was just curious."

" I knew you were going to take a liking to these." She said as she grabbed her boobs and started to jiggle them around.

" They are really nice auntie i have never seen such large boobs ever before in my life, not of my girlfriend's even compared to those!."

" Well, ill make you a deal, if you don't tell your mother or anyone in our family, ill give you a quick view." she said in the most seductive voice i ever heard. 

My jaw dropped, "D-deal." I stuttered.

Then aunt Taylor undid her bathing suit and let it drop to the floor as her 40E breasts fell out.  She had nice tanned boobs with big nipples on the center. The pointed out and were so hard.

I was staring in amazement and she laughed.

"Do you like them?" she asked as she starting to play with her boobs right in front of me.

" They're so big I love them."

" You know what..." she then grabbed my hands and placed them on her boobs " You can have a feel too." 

I then began to play with her boobs squeezing them as much as possible. Then I began to play with her nipples and she let out a small moan.

"Someone likes having their boobs played with don't they?" I said with a laugh.

Eventually I got brave and starting sucking her right boobs, putting my mouth right around her nipples and just sucking as my left hand continued to play with her left nipple.

" Ooohh Blake my nipples. Oh my nipples make me so horny."

I kept on sucking as my aunt continued to moan. Then eventually my aunt grabbed my head and forced me to stop sucking. 

"I've got an even better idea...." she said with a seductive smile " Sit on the bed and take that swimsuit off."

I did exactly what she said and sat there with my 8" dick hard as a rock pointing to the sky.

" Oh my Blake this is huge." She said as she starting rubbing her hand up and down my shaft. All I could do was let out a moan.

Then all of a sudden she spit in between her two large tits. She looked at me with a smile and said

"You're gonna enjoy this."

As she said that she grabbed my dick placed it in between her tits and started to give me the titty fuck of a life time. Her titties were so huge you couldn't even see my dick inside, it was smothered by the nicest pair of boobs known to man.

I started to moan like crazy. The feeling was unbelievable the way her tits went up and down my shaft

" Yeah baby you fuck auntie's big tittes. You like these tits on your dick dont you? 

She kept giving me the titty fuck of a life time when I couldn't hold it anymore and blew my load of tits.

She started to slow down and untangled my dick from her huge tits and began liking my cum. She picked up her bikini top and walked towards me.

She gave me a passionate kiss that lasted for minutes as I started to grab her ass and tits more but then she stopped. 

She then came closer and whispered in my ear " They'll be more waiting for you tomorrow morning." She then turned around and walked out of my room with her ass swaying back and forth. 

All I knew was that it was going to be a great week……

That's the end of Day One Please rate and comment, let me know if I should continue on.

Rating: 93%, Read 82149 times, Posted Mar 12, 2012

Fiction | Female, Incest, Teen Male


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