Jo and her 2 by richief

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The next morning I got a phone call it was Zo?sking me to come around to their house. I strolled into the kitchen five minutes later. Zo?alked up to me wearing not a stitch of clothing and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. Then with a big smile she turned around and bent over and spread her cheeks showing me her tiny little ass with the butt plug deep inside her.

“Looks good doesn’t it, I've had it in all night. It feels so nice in there”.

“Where are the others”? I asked.

“Oh they are both in mom’s room doing things come and watch”.

We went up stairs, Zo?n front wiggling her sexy ass in my face; I reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy eliciting a little moan from her sweet lips.

“Zo?'m gonna fuck your virgin ass soon, how does that make you feel”?

“Mmmmmm horny Rich, very horny; but come look at these two sluts going at it”.

We stopped at the door way and looked in at Jo and Tori with a large double ended dildo, they had got on their hands and knees and backed up to each and fed the thing into their pussies. Zo?eached into my shorts and pulled my cock out and began to rub it. Then she walked up to her mom and grabbing her head pulled her mouth to her pussy.

“Mommy suck your baby girl’s pussy and make her come”.

I moved to Tori and fed my cock into her mouth as she smiled up at me. “Tori I'm going to fuck your face till I cum in your mouth”. She opened wide and ran her tongue across my helmet. As I fucked her face she began to gag covering me in loads of her saliva. Zo?as moaning as her mom licked and sucked her clit. I pulled out of Tori's mouth and shot a massive load over her face. The other two scooted round and began to lick her clean. I sat back thinking how fucking hot and horny this family was.

Zo?nelt on the bed and spreading her cheeks she slowly eased the butt plug out of her ass. It looked nice and ripe hanging open about an inch just ready for me to sodomise.

As I moved behind her and slid into her pussy Jo knelt next to us and began to caress her but cheeks, finally sliding a finger into her daughter. Tori went to her head and kissed her then whispered softly. “Hmmm little sister, if he fucks your ass and you enjoy it I might let him fuck mine”!

I pulled out and told her to roll onto her back so I could see her face as I fucked her ass. The other two lay either side and pulled her legs up and open, the each ran the fingers over her pussy and into her ass. By now I was as hard as a steel bar. I put my cock on her ring and slowly pushed; but it was far too tight, getting up I went to the bathroom and found some baby oil. When I returned I poured a large amount onto her pussy and watched her sister and mom massage it into her ass as I rubbed a handful into my cock. I knelt between her legs and slid my cock up and down her pussy lips then Jo grabbed my cock and placed the tip at the entrance to her ass. Tori held one cheek wide while Jo held the other; I began to push slowly in to her ass, I went in about an inch and held still. Her face had a mixed expression of pain and pleasure.

Jo kissed her softly on the lips. “Does it feel good baby, do you like it? Zo?oaned and nodded her head and moaned a little louder as Tori moved her head closer and licked her clit. I resumed pushing into her hot ass.

“Oh fuck Zo?our ass is so tight, oh fuck its fucking amazing”. I pushed deep into her in one lunge sinking my entire length into her rectum. Her eyes and mouth went wide as she screamed loudly.

“Oh fucking hell, yes, oh fuck yes, that's good fuck my ass, mommy your little girl is getting her ass fucked right in front of you”!

Jo smiled and kissed her daughter as Tori watched in amazement. “Does it really feel good Zo? Doesn’t it hurt”?

I began to pump in and out of her ass as she said. “Oh fuck Tori its fucking great; oh, oh, oh, yes fuck me. it hurt a little Tori but it was worth it... oh fuck yes, yes, yes, yes, make me cum. Mommy lick my clit, Tori sit on my face”.

I began to fuck her ass as Jo licked and fingered her pussy; Tori knelt over her face and lowered her pussy to her lips. I began fucking her like a madman pushing in and out of her fresh ass as fast as I could.

“Jesus Christ I'm cumming, I'm cumming”! I felt her ass muscles clamping onto my cock as she had a massive orgasm.

Seconds later I began to shoot what felt like a gallon of sperm deep into her ass. As I pulled out Jo moved her lips and sucked cum out of her little daughter’s ass; then she kissed Tori and spat the mixture of cum, pussy and ass juice into her mouth.

I lay back and looked at this group of girls thinking that to fuck one would be good but all three was fucking amazing.

Zo?issed her sister and as she caressed her tits she said. “Tori you have got to try that you feel so fucking full, its fucking amazing isn’t it mommy”?

Jo smiled and nodded. “Yes it is, fucking amazing I wish I had done it years ago”. Tori crawled over to me and kissing me whispered.

Tori shook her head and said. “No way it will hurt me too much, fuck my mouth and pussy but not my ass, those are the rules ok”.

Rating: 86%, Read 23587 times, Posted Jul 03, 2009

Fiction | Anal, Incest, Male, Teen Female


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