Lessons From My Cousin, Part 1 by 2stfauther

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My name is Kristy and I’m a lesbian. It’s not that I like women better than men or that I have lesbian tenancies. Believe me when I say that it is not my preference to make love with a woman but it is my only desire because I have only loved women and have never loved or been loved by a man. I’m just glad that I no longer have to wonder about the latter because I’ve met my soul mate and we will be together forever.

I’m in my late twenties, an educated professional living in a loving, tolerant community on the east coast with my lover and, if the political climate remains as it is, soon to be my spouse. She is the most wonderful person that I have ever met and we fell in love immediately when we first saw each other and have since committed our lives to one another.

She was attracted to me during a presentation that I gave in The City a few months ago so she came up to me afterwards and introduced herself. I saw stars and heard the bells start to ring and I knew at that very instant that I had met the person that I would spend the rest of my life with.

Her name is Martha and I call her Marty. She has dark hair and an athlete’s body, all trim and firm and perfect in every way. She says that she loves me more than anything in the world and I have no reason to not believe her because I have the same feelings for her. But I’m jumping ahead of myself in my story.

It all started during the summer of my twelfth year between the 6th and 7th grade in elementary school, the year that my cousin Leslie came to spend a week or so with us in Kansas. That was the start of my sexual awakening and I have my wonderful cousin to thank for it. Leslie was from the east, New York State to be exact and had never been to a farm before. We didn’t have that big of a farm or that many animals but what we had was more than she had ever seen before.

It wasn’t the first time that I had seen my cousin but it was the first time that I remembered. Our family had traveled out to visit her family when I was two but I had no recollection of that meeting at all. So when my mother told us that we were going to have a visit from my cousin Leslie that summer, I had no point of reference to base my feelings on.

I found out much later that Leslie had been sent out there by her parents with the hope that she would learn something about life out of the city but, after the first couple of days, it was apparent that it was she that would do the teaching and it was us two younger girls that would do all of the learning.

My sister was two years older than I and at 14 she was the average teenage girl. She was average in height and weight but was much better looking than I was when I got to that age. She wore her blondish hair back in a cropped cut and always had on those bibbed overalls around the farm. She loved the horses more than anything else and until Leslie showed up, had no curiosity about sex at all.

Leslie was a bright, beautiful young girl with dark brunette hair, a fantastic body that she was proud of and knowledge of the adult world that went far beyond those 15 years on this earth should have granted her. She had a confident smile that lit up any room when she entered and the sway of her hips gave off a vibe all by itself.

When my Mom took us to the bus station in town to meet Leslie, Laura was the one who made the first move as she ran up to our cousin and gave her a warm hug and “Howdy” with a broad smile on her face. Leslie was startled by this display of affection from someone that she hardly remembered but hugged her back in a sense of desired friendship. Next it was my turn to give Cousin Leslie a similar greeting and she repeated the warm gesture to me also. After Momma greeted her with the same, Leslie stood back a ways with a little redness in her cheeks.

We talked a bit and then Momma grabbed the suitcase that was sitting right next to her niece’s leg and turned to walk back towards the family car. Us three girls fell in behind her and as Leslie walked along in her short white skirt and a floral pull over shirt, Laura commented something about her not wanting to get that white skirt dirty out on the farm. I noticed a smile come across Leslie’s mouth and I was sure that she was thinking about what her parents had gotten her into.

Leslie had not taken a bus all the way out to Kansas from her hometown near the Finger Lakes of Central New York but, in fact, had flown out to Kansas City but had transferred to the bus that took her all the way out to our farm. As she later told the story, “It felt like it was right next to the pipeline; the one that they used to pipe the sunshine out to us with.” She told me later that she certainly felt like a shorn sheep in the middle of winter out there on the farm but she was going to try to make the best of her experience.

When we arrived at the farmhouse, she seemed pleasantly surprised at how new it was. The house had a big front porch that wrapped around the sides and it greeted her with its warm swing seat that beckoned her to try it out so, as she backed into the swing, she sat down awkwardly and spread her legs out to catch her balance. We both caught a glimpse of the pair of panties that Leslie was wearing and almost choked in surprise at the sight. Leslie saw us both turn our eyes down there and blush and she knew what we had seen. She smiled a mischievous little smile and slowly closed her legs.

The farm was actually the reminisce of a subdivided homestead and consisted of 20 acres, a barn to house the few animals that my family maintain and the lovely two story farmhouse that was constructed no more than five or so years before. My Daddy was an attorney and my Momma managed the local bank and they had no time to actually farm anything. It was a hobby for them both and a good place to raise the two of us so everyone was happy, except, as it turned out, Leslie.

This was her parent’s idea to ship her out there in the middle of nowhere to get her away from the bad influences that were creeping into her life. At 15 years old, she had long ago discovered sex and was actively engaged with one boy/man after another so they thought and hoped that by sending her out to Kansas to stay with her cousins, maybe, just maybe, she would forget about her “boyfriends” and settled down to be a more normal 15 year old girl. But Leslie had other ideas so it was up to us girls to influence her and that wasn’t about to happen.

We shared a room on the second floor of the farmhouse. Our parents had their bedroom on the downstairs floor so we had the whole upper floor to ourselves. And it was a very big room; measuring about 20’ by 16’ not including a private bathroom and in it we enjoyed two double beds and a single set of bunk beds, two desks with computers on them plus a stereo, a big screen HDTV and a couple lounging chairs for reading and studying. Not bad for a couple of country girls.

When Leslie caught a glimpse of the luxurious surroundings, she just grinned and plopped down on one of the double beds and threw back her hands with a loud cry of excitement. “Which one is mine?” she asked enthusiastically.

“Momma told us to give you whichever one you wanted,” I chimed in.

“Normally I take the double bed over there and Kristy takes this one,” Laura said, indicating the one she was sprawled out on, “but like Kristy said, Momma told us to give you the one that you wanted, so which one will it be?”

Leslie rolled over flat onto her back and bent her knees up, crossing her feet on the bed. Her skirt slipped up her thighs and gathered at her hips, exposing her panties once again to our eyes. We suddenly realized that her underwear was made out of see through material and they weren’t black as I previously had thought they were. Our mouths must have dropped open in disbelief as we each tried not to stare at the black patch of pubic hair that was showing through her panties but when Leslie turned her head and caught us staring at her, she just smiled and moved her skirt down to cover her crotch and said, “I think I’ll take this one if it’s alright with you Kristy.”

I tried to recover from the shock of seeing Leslie’s patch through her panties and stammered out, “Ah, yeah, ah it’s okay with me. I’ll just take one of the buck beds until you have to go. It’s no big deal.” I shrugged my shoulders and tried not to show just how embarrassed I was.

“Oh Kristy, I just thought that if you don’t mind, I could sleep with you in the same bed,” Leslie suggested.

A look of horror flashed over my face I’m sure as I immediately tried not to object too forcefully. “NO. I mean you will want to sleep by yourself and I don’t mind the bunk bed really,” I managed to get out. But the look on my face must have told the other two that I was mortified at the thought of sharing my bed with a complete stranger, no matter if it was my cousin.

“Okay, well, suit yourself,” Leslie shrugged.

The three of us began to talk and Leslie asked all sorts of questions about what we did for excitement around here way out in the boonies. Laura told her that we would play games and ride the horses and swim in the swimming pool. We liked to go to the barn and play up in the hay loft. She told her cousin about the rope swing that we had built and attached from the rafters up there and we often played “trapeze” on it. She was excitedly telling her what all we had to do around here when Leslie interrupted her with a question. “Aren’t there any boys that you play with?”

Laura answered in a matter of fact sort of way, “No, we don’t have any boys around. In fact there aren’t many kids our age around here at all.”

Leslie frowned but continued to listen to what was in store for her stay out there in Kansas but I could tell from her expression that, so far, she wasn’t impressed with her choices. I was observing her every action and reaction to Laura’s explanation and wondered what was going on in Leslie’s mind but I continued to watch and keep my mouth shut.

It was getting kind of late and we all decided that it was just about time to start getting ready for bed so I took my things into the bathroom to take a shower before crawling up into the bunk bed. Leslie was the last to take her shower and when she came out, Laura and I could not believe what our eyes were seeing. Our mouth’s dropped open for the second time in the day as Leslie pranced out with her towel over her wet head and nothing else on. She was totally nude as she walked over to her bed and noticed that we were once again staring right at her naked body.

“Haven’t you two seen a naked woman before,” she chastised us for looking at her.

Neither of us said a word for the longest time and then Laura found her voice and stammered out, “Ah, yeah but I guess that you just surprised us because we normally wear our pajamas after we get out of the shower. It’s just that we’ve never, ah, well, we’ve never had anyone stay the night who doesn’t, ah, well, who doesn’t put on their pajamas I guess.”

“Oh,” she said as she walked over to the mirror on top of the dresser without even trying to cover her many charms and then raising her arms above her head to releasing the towel. Then she added, “Well, do you like what you see?”

There was a gasp from our mouths and then a giggle that escaped from my lips. “Yeah, I guess. I’ve never seen a pair of boobies quite that big before, but I think that I would like it if mine ever got that big,” Laura said through her embarrassment.

Leslie turned her body around to face her admirer as she strutted right up to the 14 year old. “That was the nicest thing to say Laura,” and bent down and kissed her right on the cheek. Laura turned an instant shade of red as she sat down on her double bed. Leslie looked at her with interest and asked her, “Would you like to touch them?”

“NO!” Laura said emphatically. “Gosh Leslie, what made you ask me that?” she said in disgust.

“Well, you were admiring them so I just thought that maybe you wanted to touch them that’s all,” she said in an almost a disappointed tone. “But if you don’t then,” she turned and walked back to the mirror, “then maybe another time.”

Laura meantime was feeling very self-conscious about the size of her own breasts, as those of Leslie would make two of hers, but what caught Laura’s eye was Leslie’s fine wax job on her pubic patch. It was neatly trimmed on the top and was waxed along the bikini line and Laura swore that she must have trimmed the length because it was too short to be natural. She was thinking about its length when she noticed that Leslie was looking directly at her and was smiling. Laura looked away and her cheeks turned crimson.

After brushing and blowing her hair dry, Leslie walked over to the bunk bed where I was sitting and asked me point blank, “Did you change your mind and decided that you want to sleep with me? I sleep in the raw you know?”

I recoiled away from her advances and blurted out, “Ah no, I just, ah I’ll sleep over, ah, good night Leslie,” and hurriedly crawled under the covers. Laura went over and turned out the light and then came back to her own bed and said to the both of us, “Good night,” and rolled over to go to sleep.

“Good night,” I repeated as I heard a small chuckle come from the other bed. Then I heard a small voice saying, “Good night Cousins.”

Early the next morning, Leslie was tucked under the covers when Momma came up to make sure we were up and awake before she went into work. I instantly thought about her coming in and discovering how Leslie slept in her nothings and that I had to stop her from barging into the room so I decided that I needed to get up before the other two girls the next morning to beat my Momma to the punch. So as I rolled out of bed, I made a mental note to set my alarm for tomorrow.

Why did it matter to me if Momma caught Leslie sleeping in the nude or not? I couldn’t answer that question but now, thinking back on that time, I think it was because, no matter how embarrassed I felt at the time, I secretly wanted to see her delicious body as she paraded around completely naked. So as we all met down in the kitchen for breakfast just as Momma was leaving for work, I realized that we were all alone for the day and a strange sensation crept over me.

“What do you guys want to do today?” asked Laura.

“Go horseback riding!” I exclaimed.

“I think that I would like to look around your farm and get acquainted a little bit,” said Leslie. “We’ve got a lot of time to go horseback riding and I would like to get the lay of the land before venturing out on a horse. I’ve never ridden a horse before so I’m a little scared to try it.”

I said all excited about having something new to show my cousin, “Oh it’s so much fun. I’m sure that you’ll love it once you try it.”

“Kristy,” her sister spoke up, “I think that Leslie said that she wanted to see our farm first so I think that we should do what she asked, don’t you?” giving me a look and nod. We had been schooled by our parents about not making Leslie do anything that she didn’t want to so when Laura told me to back off, I dropped the horseback riding at least for the moment.

“Let’s go out to the barn and explore that hay loft you told me about last night,” suggested Leslie.

“Sounds good to me but I’d put on some pants if I were you because the hay will stick in your legs and I don’t thing that short skirt will do much to protect them,” Laura explained to her.

Leslie told her that she would be alright and, after our breakfast, she was the first one out to the barn. She opened the door and shaded her eyes through the darkness and dust of the barn. I bounded ahead of her to show her where the ladder was that led to the hay loft. Leslie insisted on going first up the ladder and when she was about half way up, we were standing directly under her looking up and saw that she was wearing a thong for her underwear and her butt cheeks were sticking out for all for the world to see.

We each looked up and then at each other as we kind of grinned at what we saw. The fine thin piece of cloth that ran between her butt cheeks was like a piece of dental floss stuck between two teeth, it was plugged in there so tight, but under closer inspection, I could see the darkness of her pubic hair making itself visible up the front of her crotch as she made her way up the ladder. When she had climbed to the top wrung, she took a big step off of the ladder and turned around to look back down at the two sets of eyes staring up her short skirt.

“I can think of another reason you should have changed into pants before heading up to the hay loft,” said Laura with a smile on her face. Leslie just smiled back at her as I started up to join her. By the time that Laura made her way up the ladder, Leslie was watching as I was demonstrating the fine art of swinging on the home made trapeze that hung from the rafters.

As Laura walked over to join us, Leslie was grapping on to the bar and I was giving her a push out into no man’s land over the bottom floor of the barn. Leslie was swinging back and forth with her arms straight and her knees bent and when she made a pass across the opening, I made a grab for her and pulled her back onto the loft.

“That was great,” exclaimed Leslie. “I want to do it again!”

“Okay but this time do something funny to make it more fun,” I instructed her with a big grin on my face.

Leslie took another leap out over the nothingness of the void and this time she picked up her legs and spread them out wide showing us two onlookers her wide open crotch and as she swung back, Laura made a grab for her. The only thing that she could do was to grab onto her legs and when they wrapped around her body, she lost her balance and they both went tumbling back onto the hay loft with Leslie’s legs around poor Laura’s body. They landed with a thump with Leslie sitting on top of Laura’s chest and as their momentum came to a stop, Leslie kind of scooted her way up on my sister’s body with her crotch ending up just a few inches from Laura’s face.

Laura looked up at what was in front of her and Leslie didn’t make a move. I rushed over to help Leslie off of my sister and when she stood up with her legs on either side of Laura’s head and her wide open eyes, she just continued to look up between Leslie’s legs and directly into the dark patch looking back at her. She didn’t say a word until Leslie took a step forward. It was only then that Laura realized that she wasn’t breathing but gasping for the air that had been knocked out of her.

As soon as Leslie realized that her cousin was in distress, she kneeled down beside her and started giving her mouth to mouth respiration. I instantly thought that this was unnecessary but soon was kneeling down on the other side of my sister to see what I could do to help. After a few breaths, Laura moved her hands up to Leslie’s mouth and pushed her away saying that she was alright but Leslie would have nothing of it as she continued to place her mouth on her cousin’s.

“I’m okay!” Laura insisted as she tried to sit up.

Leslie removed her mouth as she slowly leaned back on her haunches allowing her cousin to sit up straight.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” asked a concerned Leslie.

“Yeah, I’m fine now. I just had the wind knocked out of me that’s all,” she told us both. “Why did you insist on kissing me on the mouth?” she wanted to know.

“I thought that you were choking or something I don’t know. I was saving your life by giving you mouth to mouth resuscitations,” Leslie said.

“I think I felt your tongue,” she told her with a disgusted look on her face. “Anyway, I’m fine now,” she said getting on her feet once again. A devilish little smile came to Laura’s face and a slight glance into Leslie eyes that told me that something just happened between those two but I didn’t have the foggiest idea what.

Leslie sat back on her rear end and brought her knees up in the air showing her crotch to us two girls again. She had no problem letting us see her private area but when Laura saw her panties once again, she had to speak her mind.

“Leslie, why do you show of your crotch and panties to us like you do?” she asked.

Leslie answered, “Why not? Haven’t you seen my crotch before? Last night I remember that you both were staring at it like you really liked to see it so I felt that I would show you what you wanted to see,” she said nonchalantly.

“Last night we were staring because we couldn’t believe that you would show it to us and today we were looking because we still can’t believe that you had no shame,” Laura answered.

“I don’t have any shame about showing my cousins, my girl cousins, something that we all have. It’s called a crotch or a pussy and I believe that we each have one. Mine just happens to be more developed than yours but basically it is the same thing. Do you want to see more of it?” she asked suddenly.

“NO!” cried Laura.

But I was much more enthused and blurted out before I could stop it, “Do you mean that you wouldn’t mind showing it to us?”

“Kristy!” Laura blurted out.

“Well, just because Mommy always told us never to let a boy see your panties doesn’t mean that we can’t look at Leslie’s,” I told my sister.

That was all Leslie was waiting for as she stood up and hooking her thong with her fingers she removed her panties in a second and held up her skirt to let me look closely at her hairy young crotch. As my eyes got wider, Leslie placed her hand down on her crotch and started to separate her two lips as she started to talk just to me.

“Can you see this little button hiding under this hood? Can you see this? It’s called a clitoris and it is very sensitive to the touch. If you ever want to get a girl excited or have a boy get you excited then touch that button and watch what happens,” Leslie explained. She took one of her fingers and ran it up her slit towards her clitoris and started to caress her little love button with it as the two of us looked on with awe. When she reached her spot that she had just described, she rolled back her head and groaned out with a sigh of satisfaction as she stimulated herself with her finger.

I had learned about all the parts of my body, including my clitoris, my vagina and what would happen if I let a boy put his penis inside me but they didn’t tell us anything about what it would feel like. By Leslie’s reaction to her finger, I thought that they may have left out some of the best parts. I glanced over at Laura and her eyes were glued to what Leslie was showing both of us and her breathing became like a pant through her open mouth.

“Now you can also place it at your opening and run it in just a little and wiggle it around and that feels great also. But rubbing on your clit is the easiest way to reach an orgasm. Don’t you want to see me?” she asked a pair of eager onlookers.

She didn’t wait for an answer but lay down on her back with both knees spread wide and her hand down on her crotch. Her knowing finger was already planted on top of her clitoris and was rubbing herself into a mad state of enjoyment. She was moaning her way onward and upward as she arched her back. She started panting and groaning her way towards her release and in a few more short strokes on it she came with the experience of a well used boy toy that always gets what she’s after. As she started to relax, she let herself down with a coy little grin on her face but as she rolled to her side, she kept her hand deep between her legs.

Looking dreamingly up into Laura’s eyes and then into mine and our shocked expressions, Leslie said in a dreamy voice, “Now that’s what I call a good time. Do either of you want to try? How about you Laura?”

Her question was met with a shocked look and an emphatic decline from us both but Leslie noticed that Laura was blushing as if she knew more that she was letting on. I had hesitated just long enough to let her know that I had some interest at least, but was too embarrassed to say so. “There’s always tomorrow,” Leslie said softly, “or maybe tonight.”

We left the loft and wandered over to the horse pasture as Laura called for her horse, Babe, to come over a meet Leslie. As she approached the three of us, Leslie stood back a ways, not quite sure that she wanted to get too close to the animal. But after awhile and many encouraging remarks from the two of us, she finally touched Babe’s nose and gave off a big grin to show her gratitude.

The rest of the first day was spent with us sisters thinking about what we had just experienced up in the loft that morning with our cousin Leslie. We had discovered that she didn’t mind showing us all of her womanly charms including her bare crotch, but both of us were deciding just how much that little demonstration had affected us. Laura was particularly quiet but I soon forgot about it and continued on in my 12 year old frame of mind.

We played into the late hours of the day and when it was time for bed once again, I took my night gown and panties into the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for bed. Laura was next and Leslie was again last to get ready. She came out in the nude again but neither Laura nor I were as shocked as we were on the first night.

Leslie sat on the bed facing us two girls and asked in the most nonchalant tone, “Do either of you girls want to play with yourselves before you go to sleep? I always do because it helps me get all relaxed and everything.” She stopped and smiled, waiting for an answer to her question.

I just shook my head no but Laura gave more of a non-committal answer by saying, “I don’t think so. Not tonight,” and got up to turn out the light as Leslie climbed into the bed. She didn’t pull off the covers but lay down on top of them as the light went out and there was only darkness in the room.

It was quiet as can be for the longest time and I was just drifting off when a noise woke me up. I listened and I heard a whisper coming from my sister’s bed. “What are you doing Leslie?” she said in a low voice.

“Getting in bed with you,” Leslie whispered back. I heard a rustle of her covers and then a loud sigh.

“Shush,” whispered Leslie again and then I heard my sister moan.

“Does that feel good?” Leslie mumbled.

“Uh huh,” said my sister and then I heard the covers move again.

I listened intently as they moaned and shushed each other for a long, long time and then Laura let out with a muffled cry, then there silence again. I listened as I tried to stay awake but I finally drifted off to sleep. If only it weren’t so dark, I could have seen everything that they were doing but I had a good idea what went on in Laura’s bed. I got so excited hearing them do their thing that I felt some stuff come out of me and catch in my panties. I would have to take another shower in the morning.

Continued in Part 2

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Fiction | Lesbian, Threesome, Young


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