I was never the same and nether was she Part2 by xynotx

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Science-Fiction | BDSM, Domination, Monster, Submission

tried to make it more readable

When I woke up the doctors were already in my room examining the cocoon.

What did you do to her

What you asked me to

You idiot we wanted her untainted and from the data we’ve collected she is going to be like you when she comes out.

Untainted what am I some virus

I picked him up easily (good to see I got my strength back) and a couple of guards pointed their weapons at me.

Better put me down or they will fire

I put him down and got control of myself

We came in right after you passed out we took a dna sample and she had already started to show mutation no telling how far she is now. Well we will need you to change someone else but you can’t advance them to your level we need the mutable dna but not the mutations you already have.

I’m not sure I can do that

What do you mean?

I can’t fully control this I respond to needs and wants not order. I’m not even sure how I did this.

Hmmm…. Well maybe with more study we can use what you have already given us. How long till she umm hatches.

I don’t know two three day maybe. I wouldn’t move her right now though

Very well but were going to take her when she..hatches to see if a second specimen gives us what we need. Well we have all we can get now let’s go everyone. Well have other for you to play with so we can possibly get a better sample.

What the fuck did he mean by that? After they left I check out the cocoon and confirmed that my feeling that she would be done in a few days. I should have told him a week he wouldn’t know. The next few days were very boring just the same old shit except that I didn’t trust the doctor to leave the cocoon alone. I found that he had taken more samples from it on the second day. His assistance smell was all over the cocoon. On the third day he came in to visit in the morning.

How is Christina coming along


Hahaha the nurse her name is Christina I thought you knew that

She never told me

Well we will have another girl lined up for you by tomorrow

Is she going to be another nurse?

No, we have a couple of people that signed the release form that we didn’t give the drug to once we realized that we couldn’t reproduce what happened to you. Do you have a problem with that.

With what?

Raping them, what else, you think they’re going to let you do this to them

They’ll see it my way

He laughed as he left. Later that day the cocoon started to move. I moved over to get a better view it cracked here and there at first them she got her arm loose. To my surprise she hadn’t changes colors though she clearly had claws like mine. She ripped the rest of the cocoon off in short order. She was covered in scales like I was only real difference was that she didn’t have a large scale protecting her groin like I did. I could adjust it so I could fuck but it protected that sensitive area the rest of the time. I noticed her tits were bigger and her hips were wider. She was curvier that before.

She didn’t even notice I was there while she examined herself. When she did, she came at me screaming

What did you do to me!

We struggle a little bit while she was screaming. When she stoped I let her go and she simply said

I’m hungry got anything to eat

Sorry no. the doctor should be here in a few minutes

She stood up and put her arms around me and started to move in to kiss me and said

How long do you think we have?

Hopefully he’s running a little late

I push her up against the wall and lift her legs up and she gladly raps them around me as my dick starts to get hard and she positions herself she says

Make me feel like you did last time

I hear desperation in her voice and she has a hungry look in her eyes and I don’t mean the fact that she hasn’t eaten in the past few days. She has become addicted to me though neither she or I know it. Once I get hard I position myself to thrust in and I tease her a little bit with my smaller tentacle. She pulls me to her and says

Stop teasing and fuck me damn it.

As I slowly start pushing in I feel it. her pussy is drawing me in almost like a suction. I let her draw me the rest of the way in. I’ve never felt anything like it. It was unbelievable it felt like she would get me off even if I didn’t even fuck her. I let her pussy work my dick a little bit she seemed to be enjoying it as much as me so I thought I’d give her what she wanted. So I started to pull out and two tentacles from her hips came out and pulled me back in as she said

Nonono stop don’t move this feels great keep doing it

Doing what you’re doing this

What?... what did you do to me

This time it was a much more positive question. Her tentacle loosened as she noticed them she didn’t have any on her arms or back she only had 6 hips knees and shoulders and they were smaller than mine though she seemed to love them as she explored me with them. I started to pull out till just my head was in then I thrusted all the way in and if I had wanted to I couldn’t have continued as her tentacle synched down where they had been exploring. It was easy to lose track of what was happening when you were paying attention to what they were doing. Then I felt she had something I wasn’t quite sure what it was but I went with the feeling. She clench on to me when I released the chemical signal to her, not that I knew what I had done. Her body was giving its dna and what she thought would improve the mutation process I got distinct impression that her body was in chaos at the beginning because I had taken so long between injection and that the cocoon was not stable enough to ensure survival. The whole time I had been interpreting the information she was feeling something very different I was examining her and she felt venerable so she held on to me hoping I would approve. When I had finished I came up with a solution to what her body had told me were problems and released a chemical that would let her body know how to adjust. She felt a strong feeling of contentment like I had just given her the one thing she needed to be complete and her body responded by sending her into a powerful orgasm the fact that her pussy had been at work the whole time helped as well.

I heard footsteps looks like the doctors were here.

Well looks like the doctors are here

Aaahh l wanted to get off a few more times. Well maybe I’ll ask him for a few more hours. I wanted some more time with my master

Haha somehow I don’t see mine saying o sorry for disturbing you

Shut up

Four guards came in each of them had M-16ns and they were pointing them at me not that they would do much but piss me off.


You don’t have to yell

When I had my hands on the wall the doctor came in

Excellent, good to see that you survived your experience with your patient we would have been very upset if you had died for what happened.

Bullshit you had him do this to me the only reason you might have been upset is that you’d still not have a way to make more people like him.

Well your coming with me we need to see the difference between you and him and we have a room for you as well.

Y cant I stay here with him.

No from what we’ve seen you adapt to what you’re doing and if all you do in your off time is fuck then that will be all your good at.

Fine but can we visit each other

I’ll think about it. Please follow the guards to your new room. I’ll be there shortly.

Once they had left he turned to me

Impressive not what I had hoped for but impressive not the less.

Hmm glad you approve.

O don’t be that way we will have another girl in here for you tomorrow.

Will you let her visit.

Like I said I will think about it. Now do you think you can alter the next ones dna but not give them any of your mutations

I don’t think so I’m going with my instincts and I think If I try to do something different I will end up just killing them.

Very well it seems nature is in control of this experiment.

Hahaha nature had nothing to do with what happened to me I’m a freak

Yes but a freak of…..Well just think about what I said.



I need you to bring Christina over when you bring the new girl.

What for?

The cocoon isn’t stable enough to ensure survival

She turned out ok.

She got lucky


When Christina got to her room she sat on her bed and waited for the doctor to come in

Well from what I can see your coming along nicely

What happens now

We are going to have to examine you and see exactly how much you have changed.

Do you have anything to eat I’m starving

Yes the nurse who will be examining you will bring it. Btw tomorrow we are bringing in a new girl for matthew and you will be need apparently


The doctor left and not long after the nurse came in with some food. She ran over and grabbed the plate and started eating

I have a fork if you need it

She mumble “no thnks” as she devowered the cafeteria food

When she finished licking the mashed potatoes off her fingers he said

Well if you’ll sit on the bed I can start examining you

Ooo fun

The entire time he was examining her she was caressing and touching him he was pitching a tent for the last half of the 30min examination. Towards the end he asked her to let him see her tentacles after he measured each one he said

Ok now all that’s left is to check you wing span and the length of your tail

Well before we do that I have something to tell you


Well they haven’t put the surveillance system in yet


She grabbed him by the throat and pinned him to the bed. As she choked him she got his pants down 7in nothing huge but it would do. She straddled him and put her six tentacle to work he’d been struggling with no success, she let one of them choke him so she could free up her hand. When she had him secure she leaned in

Now if you don’t scream I’ll let you get a little air

He nodded his head

She loosened her grip on his throat a bit and he started to wheeze she didn’t want him to get to much air and she liked the way it sounded. She laid down on top of him and got face to face.

What should I do to you first? Ride you, sit on your face, or pay your ass a visit

He shook his head and choked out, no please I. She slapped him hard and there were now four red lines across him face they weren’t deep though. She licked the blood off his face and said

You don’t get to decide what happens I tell you what’s going to happen and you node and you like it or I will shove one of my tentacles so far up your ass you won’t be able to shit for a week understand.

He nodded as well as he could and the look in his eyes was driving her crazy fear mixed with desire. She was using the blood she had licked off his face to custom make an aphrodisiac soon she would have him addicted to her. She started to bite him not hard enough to draw blood but it didn’t feel good. When she had her fill of that she move up and put her pussy in his face

Hope you’re hungry

As he started to lick her he seemed hesitant at first then the chemicals started taking affect when that happened all he cared about was getting her off. After about 5min she moved back down and positioned herself over his cock. She let her pussy draw him all the way in his cock wasn’t as good as matthew’s but it wasn’t bad. At first he tried to distract himself but the chemical was making that hard. 2min in he was about to cum. She would let that happen though she was nowhere near getting off yet so she released a different chemical that would prevent him from coming till she did. Loosening the tentacle so he could do some of the work was starting to pay off he had gotten one of his hands loose and started to finger her ass. Not to be out done she sent a tentacle to do the same to him then she one up’d him and sent one to play with his mouth. Didn’t take long after that and she came it wasn’t anything like when she was matthew but it was ok she liked be in control and now her nurse would do just about anything for her and she planned to use that to her advantage.

Well let’s keep this between us ok sweety

Ok but I will need to finish the examination

Maybe you can bring a little more food for me

Yea sure

The next day when they brought in Christina and she came over and whispered

My nurse is in my control he’ll do anything I want him to

Well that will be useful

When they brought in the girl she looked shocked when she saw us. This was going to be fun

Rating: 80%, Read 14006 times, Posted Sep 21, 2009

Science-Fiction | BDSM, Domination, Monster, Submission


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