Amy's New Bra by bobbi59

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Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Threesome

The weekend was supposed to be quite, the weekend was supposed to be relaxing; but instead I got one of the wildest experiences of my life. And I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I came home Friday night exhausted after finishing a very long and stressful work week and since I was taking Monday off; I was looking for a little quite time alone as well as spending some time with the wife and my daughter, you know a little family time. Any way I woke up Saturday morning feeling very refreshed, the reason for this was the good nights sleep coupled with the great sex with the wife the night before. Let me real quick describe my wife, the love of my life. Kathy is tall about 5’ 8” to 5’ 9” and has a slim build, her dark blonde hair hangs down to her shoulders, and her pussy is shaved clean except for a small “landing strip”. She has killer body that she keeps fit with aerobics and yoga. Sometimes she likes to entertain me by doing her exercises wearing very little or nothing at all while I watch. Good times for the both of us since she loves to show off and of course I love to watch. There is nothing better then sitting on the couch while Kathy works out while only wearing a sports bra and nothing else. With her back to me she bends over stretching allowing me a really good view of her ass and pussy. She also likes doing her yoga completely naked, and when she is doing one of those poses where her legs spread wide open I can not help but reach down and start jacking off while watching her.

The one complaint that she has about herself is her bra size. She is a large C and she wishes that they were bigger. Don’t get me wrong I think her boobs are great but Kathy wants that distinction of having a D cup but personally when those breasts are in my hands or in my mouth the size of the bra is the last thing I am thinking about.

Any way the sex the previous night was great. Kathy has taken some massage classes; so the night started out with her giving me one. One of the things she likes to do when giving me a massage is that she does it naked and let me tell you there is nothing better then getting a massage from a beautiful naked woman. She was straddling me with her pussy rubbing against my ass while she was working on my back, and oh my god was I in heaven. And after she finished with my back she had me roll over. She then, to my surprise tied my feet and hands to the bed using some of her old stockings that she had hidden under the pillows. While she tied my wrists to the headboard a bare breast brushed against my face and I could not help sticking my tongue out to lick her nipple as she worked. This was something new from her and I have never done anything like this and it was totally unexpected but since I trusted my Kathy I let her continue till both my hands and feet were securely tied to the bed. Kathy then continued the massage, working my shoulders, my chest, legs and feet, all the while she was rubbing her breasts or her pussy against me till I felt like I was about to explode. Finally saving the best for last she moved down to massage my very erect cock. I almost felt that the slightest touch would set me off, but luckily that did not happen.

Kathy took the bottle of warm oil and put a small amount in her hands and then started applying it to my cock and balls. When the oil completely covered my cock and balls she then started stoking my cock with her hand, then with her mouth. Licking the shaft and flicking her tongue across the tip and catching every drop of precum that leaked out. After working on me for a few minutes she then took the oil and started applying it to her breasts, making a big production of it. Squeezing the breasts and pinching the nipples, she drove me wild. When the breasts were completely covered in oil she then slid my cock between them and squeezed them together. Without being told what it do I started fucking her tits; one of my most favorite things in the world is to slide my cock between my wife’s beautiful tits and when she adds that quick little lick at the tip of my cock, oh god is it fantastic. She brought me to the brink and then stopped. Kathy looked at me with a mischievous grin and asked if I wanted more. Of course I demanded, at which point she mounted me and rode me till we both exploded in orgasm.

Anyway like I said I woke up feeling very relaxed, I got up and headed downstairs to the kitchen to get some coffee and plan my day. Tacked on the fridge door was a note from the wife stating that her and Amy (my daughter) were going to spend the day at the mall doing some school shopping and just spending the day together, which would allow me to have some time to myself. There was also a small “honey do” list she left me as well, no big deal. After doing the morning routine and getting my chores done it was close to 2:00 in the afternoon so I sat on the couch to see if anything was on the television. After finding nothing but some old boring movie I ended up falling asleep.

“Wake up sleepy head.” was the next thing I heard. I opened my eyes and saw Kathy standing there grinning. She was dressed in a tight pair of jeans, a white tank top, and one of my dress shirts that was completely unbuttoned and untucked. Shopping bags littered the floor and she was holding that very identifiable bag from Victoria’s Secret. “Help me carry some of this stuff to our room.” she asked. I jumped up and grabbed an arm load of shopping bags and headed upstairs. “Where is Amy?” I asked when we reached the bedroom. “She will be in in a few seconds.” Kathy answered while setting her bags on the floor. Almost as if on cue Amy appeared carrying a couple of bags herself. In her hands Amy had bags from Victoria’s Secret as well as her favorite store, Hot Topic.

Amy was 14 years old and had just started high school this year. Where Kathy was tall and slim Amy was short and very shapely, on the verge of voluptuous, if that could be said about a 14 year old. This was something she got from my side of the family as both my mother and sister both build the same way. She was about 5 foot 2 inches tall and was very well built for someone her age. Like my wife Amy liked to do aerobics and yoga to keep fit as well as run. Amy is running on the schools cross country team this year, but is not planning on running track since she does like to run alone or with one or two of her friends. She has dark brown, almost black hair with streaks of red mixed in and Amy sports a very large chest for a girl her age, which I am sure, makes her very popular with the boys and maybe even some of the girls if it wasn’t for the fact she likes to dress emo. Not that she is emo; it is just that she likes to dress the part. Speaking of looking emo; Amy was standing in front of me dressed in black; black shoes, black jeans and a black MCR T-shirt. The thing that wasn’t emo like on her today was the big smile she had on her face.

As soon as Amy saw me sitting on the bed she dropped her bags, came over to me and stated very proudly, “Daddy, guess what? My boobs are bigger then Mom’s.” she exclaimed while thrusting out her chest. I looked over at Kathy as she came over and sat next to me on the bed. “That’s correct.” She explained. “According to the sales girl who fitted us, I am a C cup while your daughter is a D cup.”

As soon as Kathy finished her explanation Amy jumped in and stated “Want to see?” before I could say anything Amy pulled off her t-shirt showing me her breasts and her new bra. What I quickly noticed was that the bra was white. Amy didn’t wear anything white these days and I also noticed that the bra was very sheer. In fact you could see everything. Amy’s breasts were great the way they jiggled but being her father I tried not to think like that but failed miserably. As she was reaching back to undo her bra I was hoping Kathy would stop to this but that was not to be the case. In fact, as Amy was removing her bra, I stole a quick glance at Kathy and she was smiling and was very transfixed on what was happening.

Amy’s bra hit the floor right besides the t-shirt and Amy reached up and caressed her boobs for several seconds pinching her nipples. She then brought her hands under both breasts lifting them up to give me a better view. Something Amy really didn’t need to do. Even though her breasts were large they really didn’t drupe as much you would think they would. Chalk it up to youth. Amy’s boobs were great and I could see why she was so very proud of them. I could see that her dark pink areolas were about the size of a half dollar and her darker colored nipples with the way they stuck out reminded me of the eraser a brand new pencil.

“Dad you want to feel them?” Amy asked. “Amy”, I stated while staring at her boobs, “I don’t think I should.”

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, Kathy elbowed me in the ribs, “Hey, Amy is very proud of what she has and the least you can do is support her and do as she asks.” And to drive the point home, Kathy reached up and started to fondle and play with Amy’s left breast leaving me the right one. Not wanting to be in the dog house, or to be left out, I reached up and started playing with Amy’s right breast. It didn’t take long for me or her mother to start adding licking and sucking to the breast play. Kathy’s hand went up to Amy’s ass and started to fondle that as well. A moan escaped from Amy’s lips as her mother and I were playing with her breasts and when her hand was not caressing my head it was down between her legs rubbing herself through her jeans

After what seemed like forever, Kathy removed her tongue from her daughter’s nipple. “Amy, why don’t you show your father your new panties?” Kathy suggested. It took a second for Amy to snap out of her daze but she was quick to add her jeans to the growing pile of cloths on the floor. While she was stripping off her jeans, she stated, “Good idea mom”. And then she stood there proudly wearing nothing but a smile and a pair of damp, white, see thru, thong panties. She then slowly turned around allowing her mother and me to get a very good view of her very nearly naked body. And after making sure that I saw everything she then looked down at my crotch, pointed and said to Kathy giggling, “Look mom I got daddy excited.”

Kathy then reached over and rubbed my growing erection, “Yep you sure did, I told you you would.” Kathy chuckled. Then it all clicked, all the pieces fell into place. Kathy and Amy planned this whole thing. Now knowing I could not get out of it, even if I wanted to; I decided I would do what ever their devious little minds had planned.

“Mommy can I see it?” Amy exclaimed.

“Of course you can baby.” she answered back. Then looking at me with a very big smile on her face Kathy asked me to take off all my clothes. As I stood up and did so, Kathy joined me in disrobing. When I was done I was asked to lie down on the bed. Kathy and Amy joined me each one on either side of me. Amy sat and looked at my cock for several seconds. She then glanced over the Kathy and smiled. “Can I touch it?”

“Sure you can.” Kathy answered back with a grin.

Amy reached over and wrapped her hand around my now throbbing cock. She started stroking it and when a drop of precum came out of the tip the then dipped her finger in it and then started to rub it all over covering the tip of my cock. After my cock was glistening with precum Amy looked over to her mother and asked. “Mom can I taste it?”

“Of course you can hun.” Kathy responded. “Do just as I showed you.” “Ok” was the response. I quickly looked over to Kathy with questioning look. Kathy answered my unspoken question by saying “Don’t worry I have been demonstrating and she has been practicing with my toys, yours is the first real cock that she has played with.”

Very tentative at first, Amy touched the tip of my cock with her tongue tasting. Then only using only small slow flicks of the tongue she worked her way down to the base of my cock. Oh god was this good. This may have been the first real blow job Amy had given but she already had her own technique, and it was driving my crazy. When Amy got to the base of my cock she then placed her tongue on the underside of the shaft and took one long lick all the way to the tip, just like my cock was a lollipop. When she reached the top she then slide my entire seven and a half inches into her mouth and start bouncing her head up and down. I could not take much more of this. I was grabbing the bed spread with both hands trying not to cum. Kathy realizing that I was about ready to blow had Amy stop, something she really did not want to do.

“Mom I want to taste Dad’s cum”, she wined.

“Don’t worry hun, you will. But I have a treat in mind for your father first. Trade places with him.” Kathy told her daughter.

Quickly Amy and I switch places on the bed. When Amy was lying on the bed and comfortable, Kathy looked at me and said “Well go ahead.” I looked at Kathy with a puzzled look not quite understanding what she wanted me to do. After all looking at Amy lying down on the bed several things crossed my mind on what I could do and all of them would be quite pleasurable for the both of us. “Fuck them,” Kathy told me “Fuck those big tities of hers.” She did not need to tell me twice. I straddled Amy’s chest and placed my cock between them. Amy pressed her breasts together and I started stroking my cock between the two nicest boobs I have seen in a while. Here I am fucking my daughter’s tits; those nice big tits that she is so proud of. After the oral attention that Amy gave my cock and now with her boobs giving me their attention I could not hold back any further.

“Oh god I going to cum.” I informed Kathy and Amy and removed my cock from that wonderful and delicious place. Kathy quickly grabbed my cock just as I started spurting cum, the first glob over shot her target and landed on Amy’s face and lips. Using her tongue Amy quickly licked up what she could. Kathy aimed my cock at Amy’s boobs and I proceeded to cum all over Amy’s breasts. Working my cock like a fire hose Kathy covered Amy’s boobs with as much cum a possible. When done, I moved over to Amy so she could clean off my cock with her mouth. Kathy then laid down next to Amy and started licking off the cum that covered her breast. When Amy was finished cleaning me off I joined Kathy in licking my cum off Amy’s other breast. While we were working on Amy’s breasts Kathy’s hand worked it way down to Amy’s pussy and started to stroke it. When the breasts were clean Kathy sat up and moved down and removed Amy’s new but now sopping wet panties. Looking up and me Kathy stated with a big grin “I have wanted to taste her from the first time I saw her pussy two weeks ago. So I get first taste then you can have it.”

“Ok”, I answered, “but I want to know what the two of you have been doing the last couple of weeks.” “I will, but later after we are finished here.” she told me. Then Kathy lowered her mouth to Amy’s waiting pussy. As soon as Kathy’ tongue touched her Amy started wining. “Oh fuck that feels so good.” she exclaimed. Kathy did not linger very long licking Amy. After only a few minutes Kathy moved in order to let have my turn.

Amy could not wait till I was in position before she was pushing her hips up to my descending mouth. I tried to lick my daughter’s pussy but I had problems trying to do so with her hips bucking so much. Kathy helped by placing her and on Amy’s crotch and started rubbing her clit. I in turn gave up licking her and just stuck out my tongue and let her fuck it. With her mother working her clit and me fucking her pussy with my tongue it wasn’t long before I was rewarded with her juices flooding my mouth. After licking her clean I got up onto my knees and move in between her legs. I took my cock and started to rub the shaft and the tip up and down her slit. I then pressed the tip of my cock up against the entrance of her very wet pussy. I quickly looked over at Kathy and with a smile and a nod of her head of approval I then slid my cock slowly into my daughter’s pussy. I did not have to worry about breaking her cherry since it had been done a couple of weeks earlier by my wife and her toys. Even though Amy was tight, and I mean very tight, the orgasms that she had already made it very easy to enter her. Once I had all seven-and-a-half inches inside her a paused for a minute to let her catch her breath before I started fucking her nice and slow. Then I started to increase the pace as I continued to fuck her. Looking over to Kathy, I saw that she was just sitting there watching, playing with herself, her fingers working themselves in and out of her hot pussy. “Oh yes fuck her.” She said when she saw me looking at her. All this really blew my mind. Here I was fucking my daughter while my wife looked on encouraging me. Again it did not take long for Amy to start cuming and though it all I continued to fuck her. After about the third orgasm I felt that I was about to blow my wad, looking over to Kathy I asked her where wanted me to shoot my wad. She move over and whispered in my ear what she wanted. I started pounding Amy’s cute little pussy for all it was worth, I felt it rise deep within me. When I couldn’t it back any longer I started I exploded inside my daughter filling her pussy, when the second spasm hit I quickly pulled out and shot the rest of my load all over Amy’s pussy and stomach. I then quick moved over and slid my cock into Amy’s waiting mouth. As I moved over Kathy quick took my place between Amy’s legs and started licking and cleaning her pussy of all my cum. With the sight Amy licking and sucking my cock and with Kathy licking and sucking Amy’s pussy I felt my cock starting to rise again. When it was fully hard once again I removed me cock and moved around behind Kathy and started licking her ass. The sound of her moaning was music to my ears, and after a couple minutes I took my tongue out and slowly started inserting my cock into my wife’s ass. Kathy’s moaning woke Amy up from her stupor and Amy asked what was going on. Kathy responded, “Your dad is fucking my ass.” Amy moved around to see if what her mom was telling her was correct.

“Oh my god he is,” she exclaimed, “Can I have daddy’s cock up my ass too?”

“Yes dear, but later, it’s my turn now.”

Although Amy was disappointed she did not want to be left out so she maneuvered herself so she was sixty-nining her mother while I was fucking her mother’s ass. I settled into a rhythm pounding Kathy’s ass, and then slowly started to increase the speed of my stokes. The only noise that I could hear was my balls slapping my wife’s ass and the licking, sucking and moaning of the girls.

Amy was the first to have an orgasm, followed closely by her mother. Hearing them both screaming and moaning I could not hold it myself and I blew a big wad of cum up my wife’s ass, I pulled out and shot the rest of it all over Amy’s face and in her mouth. She lick up as much as she could, but her mother quickly turned around and started kissing and licking my cum off of Amy’s face and then they both sucked and licked my cock clean again and when they were done we laid down on the bed together with Amy in the middle to catch our breath and rest.

After laying there for about 15 minutes resting and touching and fondling each other we were about to get up to take a shower when the phone rang. Since Kathy was the closest she reached over and picked it up. While Kathy was on the phone Amy rolled over and placed her head on my shoulder and as she did her hand reached over and started lightly playing with my cock, not with the indention of getting me off, she just wanted to touch.

“Enjoy yourself,” I asked?

“Oh yes dad is was better then I imagined.”, she stated dropping the mommy and daddy act.

When Kathy hung up the phone she had a large grin on her face, this indicating to me that she was up to something.

“Roger, I know this is short notice but is it possible for you to take all of next week off from work?”

“Sure, I am between projects right now why?”, I responded.

“Well that was my sister, Bonnie, and it seems that her and that dead beat husband of hers are getting a divorce and she and the kids need a place to stay for a while and she wanted to know if they could stay here?”

“Ok I see no problem with that, but why the big smile?”

“Because I know that you have wanted to fuck Bonnie for a long time now and I was just thinking…”

Rating: 94%, Read 279068 times, Posted Dec 05, 2010

Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Threesome


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