Karen's Story-3 by darklord9895

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The plot thickens. One night my girlfriend Karen told me that she let her brother Peter fuck her brains out. The day after she told me that he filled her tight cunt twice. That was supposed to be the end of their little affair. However, apparently their sister Jeanine saw them fucking around and now she wants Karen to do something for her so she won't spill the beans to their parents and me.

"What did she want you to do?" I asked her while she was lying against me on the couch. Karen still wore her top, but other than that she was naked from the waist down.

Karen started to tell me how Jeanine played her carts.

Karen was taking a bath, soaking her nicely shaped body in hot water. Jeanine walked in the bathroom. She did not bother knocking.

"Hey, what the fuck are you doing? I am having my bath!" Karen yelled irritated.

"Yeah, so what? I've got to talk to you, little sister."

Jeanine gave her a stern look. Meanwhile she looked her sister over. She hated her sister's slim body and beautiful breasts. Now, Jeanine wasn't ugly or anything, but not a looker either. Her ass was a bit plump and her big tits did sag a little bit. But on the positive side, those breasts were impressive and she had great full lips that would make any cock happy. Still, Karen seemed to come home with all the cute boys, while Jeanine... well actually we didn't know a lot about her at that point. She never brought anyone home, so we assumed so was sort of a wallflower. But who knows whom she was fucking outside of the house.

"You know Raymond, right?" Jeanine asked.

Karen wasn't interested. "Who?"

"Raymond, the guy I work for at the bookstore."

"The big black guy?"

Jeanine nodded. She walked behind Karen and squatted down on the ground. Jeanine put her hands on Karen's shoulder.

"What about him?" Karen asked. Feeling a bit uncomfortable by her sister's hands on her body.

Jeanine came close to Karen and whispered: "Raymond has always found you very attractive. The other day he told me he really likes to fuck you."

Karen replied: "So what? I've got a boyfriend remember?"

"Really? That didn't stop you from fucking Peter a while ago..." She whispered in Karen's ear.

Karen began to sweat. So Jeanine did see the whole thing. "I-I don't know what the hell your talking about."

Jeanine grabbed Karen's shoulders tight. "Don't play with me little sister. I saw you guys screwing each other. He even took photo's of your soaking cunt."

"You can't proof that."

"Can't I? What would Robert say if I told him what you did? What would dad say? Peter is not the only one with a digital camera you know," Jeanine said.

Karen knew she was in trouble. "What do you want?"

Jeanine let go of Karen's shoulders, and put her hands into the hot water. She let her hands creep down Karen's body until she reached her breasts. Jeanine took hold of Karen's nipples.

"You've got two options. One, you'll let Raymond fuck you in every hole he desires."

She paused for a moment, tightening her grip on Karen's nipples – making them hard. It left Karen almost breathless. "Second choice might be slightly better..."

"What is it? Stop twitching my nipples..."

Jeanine did quite the opposite and pinched a little harder. It hurt Karen, but she got horny despite the situation she was in.

"Second option is, I get to fuck Robert. I want his fucking dick in my slit pumping away, like Peter did yours." Karen was silent for a moment. That fucking bitch saw everything they did and now she wanted to do her boyfriend. "Well, although Robert always said you needed a good fuck to loosen you up a bit, I really doubt he was thinking of himself as the one to do it. I think you can forget about that, aaahh..." Jeanine was turning Karen's nipples even harder. Karen didn't want to admit it, but she liked every second of it.

"Listen baby sister. You've got a week to work this out. You either let yourself be fucked by Raymond – boy I'd love to see that big black cock of his impale your skinny white pussy. Or your boyfriend is going to give me a lot of pleasure. How you make him do that, I don't care. Just do it."

Jeanine let go of Karen's nipples. She dropped one hand deeper and quickly inserted two fingers in Karen's pussy. "Oh, and one more thing. If you let Robert fuck me, I want you present when it happens. I want you to see your boyfriend fucking me. You fucking horny bitch," she said. Karen decided not to stop Jeanine and let her touch her most private area since she didn't want to cross her sister anymore. Besides, once upon a time, when Jeanine and Karen were much closer, they had felt each other up lots of times discovering their sexuality. (But that's another story.) Jeanine pumped Karen's slit three times, and touched her engorged clit when she retracted from her wet pussy. Karen's legs shuddered. She was on the brink of cumming. Then Jeanine stood up and walked out of the bathroom. "One week, Karen. One week."

When the door closed, Karen let out a deep breath. She put her left hand on her clit, rubbed it and came instantly. "Oooohhhhhhhh..."

I couldn't believe my ears when Karen had told me that. I was so stunned, that I hadn't touched her body during the whole story.

After being silent for I while I said: "That little bitch. She got us by the balls."

"Yes, I guess she does," Karen replied.

"Have you spoken to Peter about it."

Karen shook her head. "Nope. I decided to tell you first, to tell you everything so she couldn't blackmail me anymore."

"Well, she can still tell your parents. Or show the pictures if she indeed made photo's that night."

Karen sighed. "I guess so. So what are we going to do?"

"Well, I don't know about you, but I don't fancy you being fucked by that Raymond. Don't like that one bit."

"Neither do I, honey. I don't like the bastard. He is always looking me over, with those horny beady eyes of his. I'd rather die before I let his cock penetrate me."

I kissed her forehead. "So, that leaves us with option two, doesn't it?"

Karen looked me in the eye; she had a surprised look on her face. "Don't tell me you're seriously considering giving Jeanine what she wants. Y-you don't want to fuck her, do you?"

I kissed her on her mouth. "Don't want to, no." Actually, that was a lie. Although Jeanine could be quite the bitch, secretly I'd always wondered what she looked like naked. Wandered if her cunt looked and felt the same as her sister's and if they tasted any different. Still, I wasn't going to admit that to Karen, despite the fact that she had fucked her older brother.

"The problem is, though," I said, "even if we give Jeanine what she wants, and she gives us the photo's she took, who is to say she doesn't have more backup copies stashed away somewhere?"


"I mean," I continued, "you never know. She could have a dozen of digital copies. She could blackmail you indefinitely."

Karen supposed we could search her room. "Yes," I replied, "but she could have sent a copy by email to some one for safekeeping."

Karen's eyes showed some fear now. "She wouldn't have, would she?"

I shrugged. For all we knew, she could have sent Raymond a copy of Karen and Peter fucking. This was going to be a problem. "What do we do?" I asked.

"Well, the question is, do you want to fuck my sister?" Karen asked. I couldn't really make out the way she looked at me. Was she concerned or did I see a little bit of horniness in her eyes?

"I'll fuck your sister. Thank God you will be present so at least I have something to focus on if I can't get it up," I said jokingly.

Karen smiled. "Okay. Since it is her birthday this weekend, we will be at my parent's place anyway. We'll take her aside, discuss terms. I think it would be best if you fucked her here, instead of there. That way we won't get caught."

"Good thinking. We'll figure out how to handle the digital copies thing later."

So it was agreed.

That weekend Karen and I went to her parent's place. It was strange to see Peter this time knowing he had fucked his sister, my girlfriend. I wandered what the scene looked like for real and was desperate to see the pictures he took of Karen and the pictures Jeanine had taken. The first few minutes talking to Peter were kind of awkward I must admit.

At one time, Karen and I sneaked upstairs and went into Peter's room.

"Let me show you his scrapbook of dripping pussy's."

The book was hidden behind a closet. Karen knew where to find it. The book was filled with drooling pussies and naked girls. Most of them looked pretty wonderful I must admit. Karen's cunt was one of the last one taken, give or take a few cunts. "Your brother is a busy guy."

"Look," Karen said, "here's my slit." The picture gave me an instant hard on. Seeing Karen's pussy up close, her brother's cum dripping from her pussy lips. It was a magnificent sight.

"We should ask your brother for a copy, and frame it above my bed," I joked.

Karen and I looked at each other. We kissed. She lay down on the ground and I was on top of her. Kissing her, fondling her body. Then Peter walked in.

"Aren't you guys in the wrong room?"

We got up. "Sorry, Pete," Karen said. Peter could see his photo book on the floor.

"We're checking out your little collection of pussy, brother of mine."

"I see." Peter looked from me to her.

Karen nodded. "Yes, he knows."

This was the first time I saw Peter blush. He's a nice looking fellow, about as tall as I am. A redhead just like his sister.

"I heard about what you guys did Pete. What can I say, shit happens?" I tried to make a joke about it.

"Good shit happens," Karen said.

"And you're cool with it, Rob?"

"As long as we can get a copy of this picture."

Pete smiled.

"And as long as it was a one time deal..." I added. Pete nodded and understood.

All was good between us.

We did tell Peter about our little problem with Jeanine though. He was furious about it. But he became the man with the plan. "Listen guys, he said. What if we filmed the whole thing."

"What? Make a porn movie?" Karen asked incredulously.

"No, not like that. As evidence of course. If she blackmails you ever again, at least you have material of her seducing your boyfriend. A nice fuck video for on the internet, we could send to all her little buddies, if she has any more copies of you and me fucking."

I liked the idea. This might work out for all of us.

The rest of the weekend was pretty good. We sat around in the living room, celebrating Jeanine's birthday. Later that night we would make arrangements for next weekend, when Jeanine would come over for her little fuck-fest. After a while most people left, and Karen's parents came back from wherever they came from. They sat in the living room too. Karen's dad was a strange guy, nice but hard to figure out. Her mom was great though, a nice big-hearted person.

Raymond, Jeanine's boss, was present too and at one time Karen and he met up at the toilet in the bathroom, the only working toilet in the house, since the other one broke down a while ago.

Karen just got out of the bathroom and bumped into Raymond.

"Oh hi Karen. How're doing babe?" he asked.

"Fine Raymond. Fine." Karen could help but think about the stuff he had said to Jeanine, how he would like to fuck her. She also didn't know whether Raymond had seen the pictures of her and Pete. This pissed her off.

"How are things between Robert and you going?" he asked not impolitely.

"We're doing great. Why you ask?"

Raymond gave her a charming smile. "Well, just wanted to know when I could finally ask you out for once."

Karen liked the compliment. "Why don't you go out with Jeanine, she seems to like you."

Raymond smiled and went into the bathroom. Karen couldn't quite figure him out, though he was a fine looking guy, she thought. At least not as mean as she thought.

On the morning of the big event, Karen and I were lying in bed, just waking up after a good night sleep. Karen shrugged her beautiful body against me. We hadn't fucked in two days; since she was having her period and I wanted to preserve my strength for her sister I was about to fuck that evening.

"Robert, I had the strangest dream last night," Karen said.

"Tell me."

"Well, I dreamed I was going into the bookstore Jeanine works, to pick her up. I was to escort her to your place so you could fuck her. The place was deserted, but I heard some panting noises and some low-key screams coming from within the shop. I walked in, and saw you and her on the counter. You were fucking her doggy style and it seemed like you two really had a good time."

"Really? Then what happened?"

"Well, two hands grabbed my tits from behind, and pulled my shirt open. Raymond was standing behind me and said he was finally going to fuck me. I ran away from him, my naked tits swaying in the cold air. I ran through the store, passing bookshelves filled with sex magazines. Then I bumped into Raymond again, he was standing in front of me. He was star naked and so was I. His cock was stiff and huge. He must have been at least ten inches, maybe more."

"My cunt got wet seeing his cock, but I didn't want it in me. I wanted to run again, but he hit me on the face. I felt down on the carpet. He pulled my legs apart and looked at my soaked slit. He was grinning. His cock was pointing at my pussy. He asked you and Jeanine for some help and suddenly you were standing near me. You said, "Sure, we'll help you." And then Jeanine pulled at my left foot, while you pulled my right. You were pulling my legs apart, opening me up for Raymond. Actually you sat down on the floor and started to suck my toes. So did Jeanine. You were still pulling my legs and it hurt my pussy, because it felt like you were pulling me apart."

Karen paused for a moment, noticing the big tent forming under the sheets.

"Then what happened Karen?"

"Raymond laid on top of me, and rubbed the head of his dick between my cunt lips, making its head wet. My body shuddered. Raymond pointed his thick cock at my entrance, and really, his cock was fucking thick. I think it was twice the size of your cock. I wanted to slap him, but didn't have the strength.

"He pressed his head against my pussy, but it just wouldn't fit. I was still too dry to receive him."

"I can't get in your tight cunt bitch," is what Raymond said. "That's okay," you answered and presented a tube of K-Y jelly. He put some in his fingers, and put his fingers in my slit. Then he put some lube on his dick and without any warning, he pushed his fat cock in my tight cunt. I was filled up completely, he stretched my cunny to the limit. Maybe beyond that. When he started to fuck me, it hurt like hell. I begged him to stop, but he just fucked me harder and harder. I asked for your help, but you would just suck my big toe."

"Fuck that small cunt of hers, Raymond," Jeanine said. "I love the sight of that black cock of yours filling her white tight cunt! Make her bleed!" She yelled.

Raymond pressed his heavy body on top of me and pushed his cock further in my cunt. He fucked me, and fucked me, and fucked me harder. Then you guys let go of my feet, but I still couldn't get away. Jeanine stepped near me, placing her feet near the sides of my head and lowered her cunt on my mouth. "Suck me bitch!" she said and I complied. I sucked her cunt and put my tongue between her lips. This way I couldn't see Raymond anymore, but I still felt his cock pounding in to me. I must have bled, because a beating like that can only cause serious damage.

"Then things got worse. Jeanine started to pee right in my face, in my mouth. Since she was holding my head in a tight grip, I couldn't move. She pissed all over me and I tasted some of it. When she finally got off me, Raymond turned me around. I was lying on my stomach and he lay on top of me, pressing my tits into the hard carpet. First he fucked my stretched cunt, which was sort of getting used to his size by now. But then he pulled at my ass cheeks. He spat at my brown pucker centred between the globes of my butt. He pulled his cock out of my cunt. There was cunt juice mixed with my blood. I was relieved to have that thing out of me. But then he pressed his dick into my virgin ass. And he pressed and pressed until his balls were slapping against my cheeks. It must have torn my butt hole, because it was hurting so much.

"Please stop. You're hurting me.. aaaaahh! Please.. I'll do anything...!" I pleaded weakly to no avail.

"Raymond continued pounding in and out of my ass. In and out, in and out. Then the strangest thing happened: because he was pressing my clit against the rough carpet, I got an unbelievable climax. Out of pure lust, I began to beg: "Please Raymond, fuck my little ass with your big cock. Please fuck me. Make me your whore. Fuck me in the ass, harder, harder."

"Oh, you want me to fuck you harder, slut? Well, you can get it."

"Then he fucked me so hard my body was shaking. When he pulled out my body practically lifted from the ground only to be crashed back on the carpet as soon as he pushed back in me again. "Yess, make me your fucking whore. Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" I yelled.

"Yeah, babe. Keep going I am cumming, I am cumming!" I screamed. And again I came.

Raymond was close too. He pulled out his cock, and stepped over my body. He pulled at my hair, bringing my face up to his cock. His cock was soiled with cunt juice, K-Y jelly, and stuff that came from my ass. He smacked my mouth and I opened it to receive his filthy cock. He shoved it down my throat. It didn't taste particularly well, but what choice did I have? I sucked as though my life depended on it and then he came. He blew his wads into my mouth and it went straight down my throat. It was so much it seemed like he completely filled my stomach with it. I knew I would be his fuck slut forever, and would let him fuck me everyday, in every hole he desired."

That's where Karen's dream ended. I was lost for words when she told me that. The words being so graphic and the dream being so detailed.

"Oh Robert, I don't know what is happening to me. I've never dreamed something like this before."

"Don't worry baby. You're probably stressed because of the whole blackmail thing with your sister. It was only a very bad dream. Don't worry, you do not have to fuck Raymond. Everything will be over by tomorrow morning. Jus hang in there," I soothed her.

We were both silent for a while.

"Honey?" Karen said.

"What is it, babe."

"Will you promise me one thing?"


"Try not to have too much fun tonight okay?"

I kissed her nose. "Promise babe." While I said it, I realised I actually was looking forward to fucking Jeanine. I could hardly wait.

At exactly 8 o'clock that night Jeanine rang my doorbell. I let her in. She was looking very stunning: nice make-up, tight jeans that accented her round ass perfectly and a tight top. Her breasts were bigger than Karen's. While Karen was about 75 B, Jeanine seemed to be a D cup.

"Hi there, lover." She said when she came in. We went into the living room. I could tell Karen was nervous meeting her sister. They greeted each other distantly. We sat down and had a cup of coffee first, as if this was just a regular visit. After the second cup, Jeanine said: "Well, shall we get started?"

"Why don't we move into the bedroom?" I said. We had to fuck in the bedroom because the camera was there. I put the camera out of sight, but it was at such an angle that most of the room would be in the picture.

"That would be lovely. But let me go to the toilet first," Jeanine said. Perfect. Karen and I walked to the bedroom. I turned on the camera.

"Karen, are you all right?"

"Yes, but I just hate the fun she has at pooling our strings. She really gets off on the power.." I hugged her.

Jeanine walked in "Well little sister, I tend to get off on a lot more tonight. Now let's get comfortable. Karen I want you to sit in that chair in the corner and watch everything Robert and I do."

Karen sat down on the chair. Jeanine continued: "No, I want you to be naked like the day you were born. Get undressed."

"You can't be serious," Karen replied.

"Yes I am."

"Jeanine, I am having my period..."

"Are you wearing a tampon?"

Karen nodded.

"So what is the fucking problem, then?"

Karen started to reluctantly undress herself. She pulled her sweater over her head, and then removed her bra. I looked at her wonderful breasts and was dying to suck her little brown nipples. Karen unbuttoned her jeans and while she pulled it down, she pulled down her underwear at the same time. She sat down and removed her socks. Now she was completely naked. "Let me turn up the heater for a second," I said and walked to the living room.

When I got back Karen was still sitting in the chair en Jeanine was standing near the bed. "Undress yourself Robert." I did. When I removed my shorts, my erect dick jumped up proudly. My circumcised head pointed at Jeanine's watering mouth.

"My, what a lovely big cock you've got. How big is it?" She touched my dick, which gave a shiver down my spine. A shiver of joy.

"About 8 inches, I guess."

"Hmmm. Great. Now, undress me." she demanded. She was really enjoying giving commandos. She put her arms in the air so I could remove her jumper. Her big breasts we're held in a tight bra, her nipples were visible through the fabric. I left the bra on for the moment, just to enjoy the sight. I removed her jeans. She sat down and put her feet in my lap. I removed her socks. She had painted her toenails with black polish. Playfully she brushed her left foot against my face and pushed her big toe in my mouth. While my girlfriend watched us, I started to suck her sister's toe. I licked around the tip of her nail and then sucked hard on the whole toe. Jeanine seemed to like it, because she started to moan.

I saw the wet spot between her legs; she started to soak her panties. She put her feet on the ground. I removed her bra, freeing those lovely big tits of hers. Her nipples were hard. She started to play with them, my head only inches away. I held the sides of her panties and slowly removed them. First I saw her pubic hair. She had a thicker bush than Karen. Still well kept, just more hair. I moved her panties down more, and finally saw her pussy in all its glory. It was different then her sisters, and as I would discover in just a moment, it wasn't as tight as Karen's. Her panties went down her leg, and she stepped out of them. She moved back on the bed and lay down on her back, her legs spread invitingly.

The lips between her pubic hairs were glistering wet. She beckoned me to come closer. "Suck my cunt, you fucker," she said. I crawled towards her, my dick bouncing up and down. I started to lick her pussy and she grabbed my hair and almost pulled my head inside her. She came with a big moan... "Ooooh, yeah, suck it. Suck me baby. Suck your sister-in-laws' cunt!"

I feverishly lapped away at her cunt, enjoying her taste. She tasted quite similar to Karen. Jeanine had her eyes closed and enjoyed every moment of it. The tip of my tongue licked her clit, then I put my tongue in her pussy as deep as possible. This I repeated for about five minutes. Jeanine flooded my face with her juice when she came again.

"Give me a minute to recover," she panted. I lay next to her. Jeanine looked at Karen. "And little sister, are you enjoying the show?"

Karen was still sitting on the chair. I hadn't thought about her since I started to suck her sister's pussy. Karen held her knees close to her breasts and tried to keep her pussy from view.

"Show me your cunt, cunt," Jeanine said. Karen obliged. She opened her legs a little bit. "Wider," Jeanine demanded. Karen opened her legs wider. We both could see that her pubic mound was soaking wet. The string of her tampon was hanging out her cunt, which made my dick stir.

"Yes, you are enjoying yourself aren't you?"

Karen answered: "I am horny, yes."

"Play with your cunt." Karen didn't have to think twice. She started to play with her clit. Jeanine and I enjoyed the show. Karen was really getting in to it. Her finger was furiously caressing her clit. "Ooooh, Godd, I am so horny...so hot," She moaned. I guess not being fucked for a couple of days plus the dream she had last night, had something to do wit her horniness.

"Raymond would have loved to fuck your little cunt tonight Karen," Jeanine replied. "He loves to fuck girls when they are having their period. Makes him extra horny he told me. Would you have liked that? Him fucking your brains out right now? Fucking your bloody little cunny? Filling you up with his cum?"

Karen got caught up in the moment, still tormenting her own clit: "Yes, I would like that very much. Him fucking me, with his big fat cock, oooohhhh." She came just thinking about it.

"See what a slut your girlfriend is, Robert? She let her brother fuck her and cum inside her. Now she is cumming while she fantasizes about being fucked by Raymond. She would let her be fucked by anyone, if you'd give her half the chance."

"Yes she is a little fucking slut," I said. "But that's why I love her so much." Jeanine started stroking my cock.

"Karen, get the dildo I brought out of my bag will you?" Jeanine demanded. Karen got off the chair, went to the living room and came back with a 12 inch dildo. It was not a stylised dildo, but one that really looked like a penis, skin coloured, veins and all. "Karen, remove your tampon and fuck yourself with the dildo." Karen sat down on the chair again, removed her tampon, and discarded it on the floor. She looked at me; she had fever in her eyes. I smiled back at her. I loved to see her like that. I loved the sight of her soaked cunt. Karen put the dildo in her cunt. "Deeper, Karen. Much deeper."

Karen placed her feet on the sides of the chair. We could she her open cunt. She pressed the dildo in deep. And started the shove it in and out of her slit.

"That will keep her busy for a while," Jeanine said. She took my cock and wrapped her fat lips around it. God, I thought I was in heaven. Although Jeanine didn't have a very good technique, the feeling of her soft lips on my cock almost made me come instantly. And don't forget the sight of my girlfriend fucking herself with a dildo in her drenched pussy while I was getting this blowjob. I thought the whole thing turned out just nicely. I was glad Karen and Peter were caught fucking that night by their sister and very glad that we went for the second option Jeanine offered us.

After sucking me off for a while Jeanine wanted me to fuck her. So, I grabbed the packet of condoms from the nightstand. "No rubbers, Robert. I want to feel your sperm inside me."

Karen was too far-gone to care at that moment. She was still fucking herself from one climax to another with the dildo in her cunt.

Jeanine got on all fours, and I saw her perfect ass staring back at me. Her voluptuous ass was bigger than Karen's. Karen had a small, tight butt. "Well lover, what are you waiting for? Put your cock in my soaked cunt, will ya?"

And so I did. I put the tip of my cock at her entrance, and then moved in her very slowly. I wanted to cherish this moment forever, because as far as I knew this was a one time deal. So I inserted my 8 inches, inch for inch until my whole rod was in her soaked slit. I held it that way for a moment, getting used to her velvet pussy walls. When I heard Karen moan, having another orgasm, I started to fuck her sister like a mad man.

"Yes, Rob, yes! That's it. Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Come on, make me come. Fuck my cunt! Are you watching Karen? Are you watching your boyfriend giving it to me?"

Karen was watching. Still holding the dildo in her cunt, she walked towards the bed. The sight of my prick penetrating her sister's cunt fascinated her.

"Come on, Rob. Cum inside me!" Jeanine screamed. "Put your white sticky stuff inside my womb!"

Karen started to push the dildo in and out her cunt again. It seemed she didn't care anymore that I was fucking her sister and that she had blackmailed us to do so.

"Don't you want your boyfriend to cum inside me, little sister? Just like Peter did with you?"

Karen nodded. "Yes, Robert. Put your sperm inside her body." She slapped my ass a couple of times, until my buns were red. She sat behind Jeanine and I (the dildo bouncing between her pussy lips, but holding) and started to caress my puckered whole. She inserted a finger up my butt. I was on the verge of coming.

"I am gonna ram this dildo up your arse!" she said coarsely. I turned my head and must have looked a bit frightened because she started to smile. I saw her pull the dildo from her cunt. It was covered with her cunt juices. There was also some cupper coloured stuff on it. She moved it towards my ass. At that point I didn't care. I was fucking Jeanine's cunt in high speed and she was definitely enjoying the whole thing. When I felt the head of the dildo press against my arse my orgasm ripped through my body. I felt my balls releasing my seed. "I am cumming! Oh god I am cumming!"

I spurted a torrent of cum into my girlfriend sister's cunt. Jeanine came at that moment, moaning so loud, she must have waken up the whole fucking neighbourhood.

I can't remember what happened the next few moments. I must have passed out, because I woke up a while later. I was still lying on Jeanine's back, my dick still in her pussy, though it was half it's former size. Karen lay next to us on the bed. We were all exhausted. My body was covered with sweat. So was Jeanine. I slowly got off her body and she turned around. A big puddle of cum was lying on the bedding. Her cunt was swollen red. "Jesus, I think you fucked my cunt raw, Robert. Wow."

Karen caressed my abs. She was still high from her own climax. But all of a sudden that changed. She looked into my eyes. "What have we done...?" she whispered.

I put her into my arms and kissed her passionately. "It's okay babe. Don't worry. We just had a night of... interesting sex. Good sex."

Jeanine pulled herself up and sat against the wall. She looked at us. She was still giving us the superior look, as if she still had the power. "Well little sister, I guess I used and abused you and your boyfriend well."

"So, you got what you wanted, now give us the photo's," Karen said with a stern voice.

"Sure they are in my bag." Karen got off the bed and a moment later came back with some prints and a cd rom. Karen gave the stuff to me. I saw the pictures for the first time: there she was, my Karen, her legs on top of her brother's shoulders, while he fucked her hard. The next picture was a close up of her cunt and his dick just going out of her. Another one showed her face, she was clearly enjoying herself. I felt my stomach turn. This was the first time I really saw them doing it. But my stomach didn't stir out of revolt, I found it very arousing. My cock started to stir.

"I guess he likes the pictures," Jeanine smiled. "Don't worry, there is plenty more where that came from."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You guys didn't think I would give you all the copies tonight, did you? How stupid do you think I am?"

"Well," Karen started. I hushed her. "Let her speak babe. What more do you want Jeanine?"

"Hmmm, I would love for us to fuck some more. And while were at it, dear Karen, why not let Raymond play with you for a little while? We all know you want it bad, we all heard you tonight."

Karen slapped her sister. "You bitch, you're not keeping your word. You gave me a choice and now you still want me to fuck Raymond?"

Jeanine gave her schmuck smile.

"Well, Jeanine," I started, "Of course we could do that. Fuck each other indefinitely. I mean, you got us by the balls. You got these pictures and God knows what will happen if you show them to your father, right?"

Jeanine nodded.

"So what would he think if he saw you and I fucking each other, and you letting your sister humiliate herself with your big dildo? What if he saw the video we made of tonight's events? Just take a guess," I smiled. Karen started to laugh too.

Jeanine's face turned sour. "You guys didn't..."

"Watch the birdie, stupid bitch." Karen pointed at the camera on top of the closet. "And don't think about getting this tape out of the camera, because it is linked to a computer. So we got the whole thing on this tape and on a hard disk somewhere."

"Wow, you guys got me," Jeanine said.

I moved towards her, gave her a big kiss on the mouth. "Two can play that game, hon."

Everyone was silent for a moment, and then finally Jeanine spoke. "Can we go to the living room and watch the tape?"

And so we did. It was the hottest porn tape I ever saw. After we watched it, I fingered Karen's pussy until she came while Jeanine sucked me off and I blew my cum into her awaiting mouth. Actually the whole experience did wonders for Jeanine and Karen. After hating each other's guts for years, I think they became a lot closer after that night.

But of course this wasn't the end of it. There's more to cum.

End of Part 3...Need more vote and comment

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