The Loving Family by CandeeBliss

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The pressure his cock was putting on Allison’s young virgin asshole was unbearable. Her uncle had been trying to ease it into her tight, pink hole for the last ten minutes. Allison was bent over, her pert bottom sticking high up in the air. She could feel a slight breeze from the open bedroom window between her gaping legs. Her pussy was so wet she wanted to start humping the air in frustration. She craned her head around the best she could to get a look at her favorite uncle Milo. In her eyes, he was the sweetest of all of her uncle’s. He was handsome, with soulful green eyes and a deliciously long nine inch cock. Unfortunately, it was that huge cock that was causing so much trouble now! He had lubed it up til it was wet and sloppy but her ass was so tight she whimpered uncontrollably when he would try to slide it in. He was too nice to just keep going so they had been in this hellish limbo for what seemed like forever.

Allison’s father finally said that he had seen enough. He stopped rubbing his very hard cock, he had been sitting in the corner jacking off, and told Milo to move. He leaned down and whispered into Allison’s ear.

“Baby, I know that I gave you a choice over who would be the first inside your ass but Milo is never gonna be able to do this.”

“Can I get you ready for him first? I won’t cum in your ass, I’ll let him be the first to do that.”

Allison took a deep breath and nodded yes. She knew her father’s cock well and although it wasn’t quite as big as Milo’s, he could fuck Allison’s pussy so good sometimes that she couldn’t even stand straight anymore.

Allison’s big crystal blue eyes looked on desperately as her father put some lube on his already rock hard cock. His cock glistened and bobbed as he walked over to the bed and got on his knees on the mattress to mount her from behind. He gripped her hips gently and even this small gesture sent waves of pleasure coursing through her body. She felt her pussy spasm and begin throbbing in anticipation. Her father’s hands were big and rough. He worked in construction and his large, muscled body had always made her feel tiny, safe and completely dominated.

At the first soft push she whimpered in fear of the pain. Her father’s cock was right at the hole and he was about to push his swollen head inside. She whimpered again and her father told her to whimper louder. Her sounds of pain turned him on. He pushed his head past her tight opening and she did not have to fake crying out loudly. It really, really hurt. It was an unbearable burning, stretching sensation. She tried to move forward so he would slip out but he grabbed her hips tightly and held her in place.

“Daddy please! It hurts. Take it out.” She cried desperately.

Her father ignored her pleas and simply told Milo to go around to her face and put his cock in her mouth to quiet her down. A tear rolled down Allison’s cheek as her father pushed in another half inch. As her father did this Milo did as he was told and buried his cock deep in Allison’s mouth. He wiped at her tears and grabbed her hair in his fist so he could work her head slowly on his cock. Allison grunted as he pushed his length further and further down her throat.

At the same time her father was pushing further into her ass. He was slowly sliding his cock in inch by inch. He was trying to give her ass a chance to stretch to fit his cock before he rode her with any speed.

Her hole was so tight it felt like his cock was being squeezed to the point of pain but it also felt so good he wanted to start fucking her without any thought to her tender ass.

Finally her dad got himself buried deeply inside her. It took all his self control to stay still while her body adjusted to his cock. Allison felt the burning, stretching sensation ebbing with each passing moment. It still hurt and she still wanted to push him out but the pain was turning into more of a dull ache. As the pain ebbed she was able to better focus on Milo’s delicious dick in her mouth. She started to open her throat so he could force it down as far as possible. She heard him groaning his pleasure and pumping even harder in response to her sudden aggression. She was starting to get so carried away by the feel of Milo’s cock sliding down her throat that she had almost forgotten that her father was in her ass until he started moving in and out. He moved slowly at first and it was still painful but in a dull achy way. Then he started sliding in with wet slopping noises at almost the same speed that Allison was sucking Milo’s cock.

Milo gripped her hair tighter and held her head still while he matched her dad’s rhythm. At the same time, her father gripped her hips tightly in both hands to keep her still and began to slam in and out of her ferociously. Allison’s screams and moans were muffled as she choked on her uncle’s gigantic member.

Her dad knew that if he didn’t stop he was going to shoot his huge load in his baby’s ass so with a huge amount of self control he stopped himself and slowly slid his dick out of that tight, perfect little pink hole. He looked at Milo reluctantly who had his head thrown back and was groaning loudly and told him she was ready for him. Milo grinned and pulled his dick slowly out of Allison’s mouth, letting her lick and play with the head a little before taking it all the way out.

Allison’s uncle then positioned himself behind her and looked at her gaping glistening asshole. It was still tight but so much wider and it was bright red with use. Allison moaned as he slid his head in with ease.

“Oh… it hurts but feels so good this time too.” Allison groaned.

Milo wasted no time this time. He grabbed her hips and began to pull her further onto his cock. Allison was feeling wave after wave of pleasure and pain roll through her. The two sensations were mingling perfectly now. Finally her uncle got all nine inches of his meat buried inside her and started immediately pumping wildly and fast inside of her.

Through half shut eyes and moans she looked at her father in the corner rubbing his dick furiously as he watched them. She loved them both so much and at this moment she knew that she would fuck them for the rest of her life. She would fuck Milo and her dad and her other two uncles until her pussy and ass overflowed with their hot gushing cum. She would be their whore and let them fill all her holes for as long as they wanted her.

Milo was grunting and fucking her like an animal. His groans had devolved into something primal and uncontrolled. He was about to cum and she knew it so she started slamming into his cock with frantic force. She felt her ass stretching to it limits to take in his size. Finally she heard him moan loudly and felt his hot nasty juice flood her asshole. She felt it begin to gush out as he slid in and out slowly, making sure to give her all of his cum. Shortly after, she felt rather than saw, her father move in front of her face and he told her forcefully to open her mouth. She obediently opened it for him and he rubbed his cock fast and hard until he erupted onto her tongue. She loved his plain, slightly salty tasting cum and she swallowed all she could and then licked her lips to get whatever was left.

At the same time her father came, she felt Milo’s cock slide completely out of her ass. She felt sore and empty. Allison stayed with her ass in the air to catch her breath and she felt Milo’s soft hands rub up her spine. He leaned down and whispered how much he loved her in her ear and told her he would come back soon. Although her father and Milo left the room, Allison knew to stay in her position so she could be cleaned up and satisfied.

In the hallway, Allison’s younger sister Catelyn, had been listening intently at the door. She was naked and her pussy was throbbing and wet and sticky with need. She looked in awe as her father and uncle strolled out with just T shirts on and their cocks soft and glistening. Catelyn immediately stopped them and grabbed them both by their cocks. She got on her knees and did her duty joyfully. She sucked each of their cocks until it had lost all taste of Allison’s ass. Catelyn wasn’t worried about germs because she had helped Allison get ready for her first anal sex for the last two nights. They had cleaned her asshole thoroughly. Catelyn knew there was nothing but Milo’s tasty cum in her asshole.

After she was finished cleaning her father and uncle she went to do her favorite job. Allison was still on her knees with her ass in the air waiting for her sister. Catelyn looked at her gorgeous sister and wondered if she would ever be as beautiful as Allison. Her dark hair fell in luxurious waves down her sister’s slender tanned back and sides. Her large breast hung heavily, her nipples grazing the sheets with enough friction that they were hard and excited. Her sister turned and wearily faced her. Even when she was tired her perfect face with its small upturned nose and full rosebud lips looked camera ready.

Catelyn went to her sister’s mouth and kissed her softly and passionately. She swirled her tongue with hers gently and tasted her dads cum on her sister’s tongue. Catelyn pulled away a little and began to softly lick the rest of her father’s cum off her sister’s face. Allison sighed in pleasure and Catelyn could feel the tension slowly starting to ease from her sister’s body. Catelyn slowly moved down Allison’s body, kissing her gently and licking her salty sweat. When she got to her heavy breast she pulled one over enough to suck the nipple forcefully. Allison’s pussy began to throb in response. Little moans escaping her lips.

Catelyn knew she was ready so she moved behind her and examined her swollen, red, drenched asshole with fascination and more than a little jealousy. Allison spread her already wide legs even further and wiggled her ass with impatience at her sister. Catelyn smiled, stuck out her tongue and flattened it. In one smooth, unbroken motion Catelyn slowly licked Allison’s whole pussy starting from her clit to all the way to the top of her ass. Allison moaned her pleasure. Catelyn then made her tongue into a point and began to lick at the cum still dripping from Allison’s ass.

Allison’s legs almost gave out. Catelyn’s cool, wet and gentle tongue licking the inside of her swollen sore hole was almost too much to take. She swooned and felt her head swimming. Catelyn stuck her tongue further in her ass so she could taste some more of her uncle and then she wrapped her lips around the hole and began to suck the rest of the cum out.

When her sister’s ass had been completely licked and sucked clean Catelyn then slid under her sister in a practiced 69 position and pulled her sister’s pussy on her face. Catelyn loved the musky, delicious smell that her sister’s pussy had when she was turned on. Allison opened Catelyn’s legs wide and began to lick ravenously at her sister’s pussy. Catelyn matched her sisters pace and they both started sucking on each other’s clits.

After years of licking each other’s pussies they knew exactly how to make each other scream. Catelyn’s more patient and rhythmic tongue made Allison scream first. She pulled her sisters pussy firmly to her tongue so she could ride out her orgasm on her face. Catelyn licked all the juices that were coming out of her sisters throbbing pussy hole.

Once Allison had ridden out her orgasm she dove back into Catelyn’s pussy and brought her to a screaming, writhing orgasm. The two sisters were wet with sweat and exhausted and they just collapsed together on the bed. Allison fell asleep with her pussy still sitting inches from Catelyn’s mouth and Catelyn’s soft silky pussy hair as her pillow.

Rating: 91%, Read 87981 times, Posted Nov 04, 2011

Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Threesome, Voyeurism, Written by women, Young


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