Family Affairs (Niki and Olivia) (Ch.6) by Vyper269

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Niki and Olivia

“I've missed you Daddy!”

I hugged her back as tightly as I dared, I didn't want to crush the little thing, and I said, “I've missed you too, little one! But do you want to know a secret?”

She looked at me and nodded her head, a slight look of conspiratorial mischief in her eyes.

“I never knew how much until just this very moment.”

Emily smiled and dove back in for another hug. I felt tears well up and flow down my cheeks as I knelt there on the floor holding my daughter for the first time. My mind knew that there were people around us, watching and waiting for us to move, but I didn't care. The only people in the world at that very moment were me and Emily. I knew that Rachel and Teri would understand, I hoped the others would too, but it mattered little to me right then.

Emily pulled back and looked into my eyes with the sternest and most serious look on her face.

“Daddy, will you get me something for my birthday?”

“Emily!” Teri laughed a little, but she was embarrassed, I’m sure.

“It’s okay.” I said. “This time,” I said as I looked back at Emily, trying to be the serious parent and failing miserably, I couldn't keep a straight face at the moment if my life depended on it. “I owe her a birthday or two anyway. What’s your birthday wish, sweetie?”

“Promise me you won’t go away from us for so long again.”

“I think that’s a pretty fair birthday wish, I promise that I will do everything I possibly can to make sure that I am never gone from you for that long ever again, cross my heart.”

Emily’s smiles came back and she buried her head in my neck again and tried to hug the stuffing out of me.

“Can I go swimming?” She asked as she pulled away to look at me again.

Little kids, they truly are the most honest beings on the Earth.

“You can, as long as there is an adult present all the time. And then only if it’s okay with your mom.” I looked up at Teri as I said this, and she was already nodding her approval.

“I did promise, didn't I? Okay, go get your suit on and I’ll be right there.”

Emily squealed with glee and ran for the bedrooms on my side of the house to change.

“She really is glad to see you.”

“I know she is, but she’s also 10. She wants what she wants and she wants it right now, and even that’ll probably change in an hour.”

“Or less. Are you going to join us?”

“I will, but I need to get something out of the car and put it away first.”

“Great. See you at the pool.” She leaned up and took my face in both of her hands and kissed me full on the mouth again sliding her tongue past my lips as she did. Christ she tasted good!”

“Don’t take too long.” She let her hand drift down and across my chest as she moved toward their bedroom to change.


I watched her as she stopped to hug and kiss Rachel on her way past, was that tongue action I just saw?

Crissy and Sarah both came up to me and hugged and kissed me, there was a lot of familial love and emotion in the room at the moment, I had to find the right time to tell everyone about the old man, but it could wait a little while.

“Davey, can I talk to you about something?” Aunt Sarah asked, but she was looking off in the direction of Teri and Emily.

“Sure, but go watch them swim for a while first. Just come and meet me at the garage when you’re ready, I’ll be there.”

“That obvious?” she asked as she tore her gaze from her sisters’ asses.

“Only to those of us that love you, so pretty much yeah, that obvious.”

I gave her a quick hug and squeezed her ass as she headed out toward the pool. Crissy was still standing next to me, like she had something to say, but wasn't sure how to start.

“What’s up Crissy?” I asked once Sarah was far enough not to hear us.

“Are you alright? Ever since you got back from the lawyers, you seem out of sorts, except for meeting Emily. Did something happen?”

Three days ago, I never would have thought that Crissy could care about anyone but Crissy, now here she was intuitive enough to see a shift in me. Good on her.

“I’m fine, Crissy, really. I’ll tell everyone about it later, let’s just enjoy the moment for now, okay?”

“If you’re sure…”

“Yep, all good, see?” I pasted on my best ‘no worries’ grin and hammed it up just a bit for her.

“Okay, now I am worried.” She laughed and moved in to kiss me. I hugged her in close and returned her kiss with the same passion that she was offering. After a few seconds she pulled back and grabbed my ass and gave me a firm squeeze.

“If you need to ‘talk’, come see me.” When she said talk, she squeezed my ass again and then glided toward the pool.

“Count on it, Aunt Crissy.”

She blew me a kiss from the door and just before she turned and headed for the pool, she pulled her bikini top up over her tits and flashed me, then turned and disappeared out the door. Jesus, once they cut loose, these women were unstoppable.

As I headed for the garage, my phone started ringing, Niki calling home. I wanted to put those guns away, so I answered it as I walked, just as Dee Dee and Olivia pulled in through the gate. They were early, and I was ready to be pissed at Rachel for giving out her gate code again, but then I remembered the remote opener in the car. I waved to them and pointed to the front door as I connected to Niki.

“Hey girl, how’s London?”

“Damn, are you alone?”


“Yes…” I answered slowly.

“Good. I don’t want anyone to know it’s me.”

“Okay, Tom, what’s up?”

“Tom? I look like a Tom to you?”

“Focus Niki, what’s up?”

“Right. Can you pick me up at the airport in about 2 hours?”

“Our airport?!? I thought you were going to be in London for the duration.”

“That was the plan, but we’re done here. The building is completely ruined, so we've packed everything into storage and I’m coming home.”

“That’s awesome! Not the building being ruined part, but the you’re coming home part. Crissy is going to be fucking ecstatic! The rest of us are going to be damned pleased about it too! So… tell me about the building, what happened?”

“The bloody sewage line in front of the building ruptured and flooded the cellars of half a dozen buildings on the block. The health board has condemned them permanently. No longer viable structures, so the city paid us for them and we’re out on our bums.”

“That sucks, I’m really sorry. Any of your equipment get damaged?”

“No, thank God. Most of it was still loaded on the truck from the last shoot, and anything that was off loaded was still on the main floor. But…we will need to find a new home, any ideas?”

“Sure, you’re heading back here, so we’ll get the gear shipped and find you guys a new building, or build you one for your studios.”

“I was hoping you would say something like that. That leaves only the matter of transporting the gear, but for now, Crissy and I will get a place there and…”

I cut her off.

“Bullshit! You guys can stay here. There’s plenty of room, and we’re all very comfortable together…”

“To say the least!” Her voice took on a smooth and velvety husky tone. Fuck she was hot!

“’Nuff said then, give it a try, and if you guys feel you need a place to yourselves, I still have my apartment, well it’s really a condo, but compared to this place, it’s an apartment. Besides, you said it yourself just a minute ago.”

“What’s that?”

“You’re coming home.”

There was so much dead silence on the line I thought we’d been disconnected.


“I’m still here.” Her voice was choked with emotion.

“I thought I’d lost you.”

“Not so easily, my boy.” She sounded on the verge of tears.

“Perfect. Give me your assistant’s information in London, and I’ll make a couple of calls and line something up for you.”

I’d made it to the garage, so I found a pencil and something to write on and I took down Madeline’s contact information to pass along.

“Is Maddie coming too?”

“If we get the equipment sorted, she’s ready for a change too, so…yes we’ll have an extra mouth to feed.”

“We’ll just add her to our collection. Hmmm.”

“What is it?”

“We may have to put an addition on the house if this keeps up. What time does your flight get in?”

She gave me the particulars and thanked me again for helping.

“You’re family, Niki, that’s what family does.”

“I can see why Rachel and Sarah love you so much.”

“I’ll see you in a couple of hours, I won’t be alone though. I have someone I want you to meet.”

“Splendid, who?”

“That would be telling, love. See you soon.”


“Sorry…chhhkkk…I’m losing you.”

“Fine, be that way then. See you soon love.”

“See you soon.”

I disconnected the call and immediately looked through my contacts until I found the one number I knew could help with the transport issues. He answered on the second ring.

“North Atlantic Transport, this is Robert, how can I help you?”

“Hello Colonel.”

“Sergeant David McLaren! How the fuck are you?”

After about 10 minutes on the phone with my old C.O., I had transport arranged for Niki’s gear and could expect it in about 10 days.

“I’m sorry you lost your old man, David, but I really have to tell you something that I know you’re not going appreciate.”

“I doubt you could say anything that could surprise me at this point, Sir.”

He paused for just a moment, weighing whether or not to continue.

“He really was an A-prime, number one Asshole, kid. I’m sorry, but there it is.”

“That’s alright Colonel, after the last couple of days, I couldn't have put it better myself. We’ll have to get together for a couple of beers sometime and I’ll tell you about it.”

“You've got a deal. I’ll call you with the arrival time for the gear and we can set up transport once it’s all stateside.”

“And a bill, Colonel, you’re running a civilian business now, standard rates.”

“We’ll see. I’ll talk to you soon Sergeant.”

“Goodbye Colonel.”

At least that was a piece of good news I could give Niki and Crissy tonight. I looked around the garage a little and headed for the trunk of my Goat to pull the weapons out.

One advantage to having an old man that was the paranoid type of ex- military, gun freak is that he had a really nice gun vault built in when he built the rest of the garage. There’s a great area to repair and tweak guns, and there are always lots of spare parts around.

I pulled the weapons out of the car and put them up on the bench that’s set up at the back of the garage. I swapped out the barrel on the Sig then proceeded to cut the old one into little bits on the band saw before hammering them flat and tossing them into the scrap bin. I swapped the firing pin out of the sniper rifle with one that I was certain wouldn't let the rifle fire, then wiped both guns clean and locked them away.

I looked up to see Aunt Sarah walking across the garage looking for me. She was wearing a string bikini and those 4”fuck me pumps she’d had on earlier. I love her height, and those shoes just made her legs look longer and sexier than ever.

“Hey.” I said so I wouldn't scare her.


“You said you wanted to talk to me about something Sarah?”

“It’s about earlier today, at Dee Dee’s office and the talk we had about her.”


“Davey, I think I've made a terrible mistake.” She was shaking her head from side to side and looking a little lost as her eyes welled up with tears. I moved over to her and put my arms around her and held her so she could tell me.

“Talk to me, Sarah, what did you do?”

“I think I fucked up by letting my pussy do my thinking for me.”

I confess I didn't want to laugh, but I couldn't help myself.

“It’s not funny!”

“It is when you think about the fact that it’s usually the guy that has to make this confession.”

“Did I screw us up today?”

“No, how could you ask me that?”

“Well…I thought about it and it feels like I might have sent the wrong signals to Dee Dee and to you. I don’t want to damage what’s happening here, and I think I might have.”

“Sarah, you think that by stretching yourself a little sexually and exploring this new found sexual power of yours could take down what we've been building here the last few days?”

“I don’t know, and you laughing at me isn't helping any.”

“Sarah, look at me.” I lifted her chin so she could look into my eyes. “You love me, Sarah, and Rachel, and I love you too, so why are you worried about this?”

“You practically threw me at Dee Dee today, I thought you we’re trying to get rid of me.” The tears were flowing down her cheeks now, so I wiped them away and pulled her in close and kissed her.

“Well you were pretty much throwing yourself at Dee Dee today, as I recall, so I was just trying to give you room to explore if you wanted to. You've been pushed, pulled, dragged, handled and manipulated through every relationship you’ve ever had. Some had the best of intentions, but most were to just to try and control you. Since you came here, you’ve been free to be yourself, and you’re experiencing a sort awakening of your sexual power that most young women realize when they’re in their late teens or early twenties. It’s a heady, euphoric rush when the realization hits you that you have the power to reduce a man to a blathering idiot just by showing him some leg or cleavage and blowing a kiss at him. I can only assume that it works on women too, and it’s not always easy to control. I just figured you wanted to sow some wild oats and see what’s out there. I certainly don’t want to get rid of you, but I also don’t want you to think that I’m going to force you into anything you don’t want to do.

“Sarah, if you want to be with Dee Dee, I’m not going to stand in your way. Just be sure that it’s what you want before you commit to anything. But understand that I love you, just as much today as I did the day you arrived. I want you to be happy, if that’s just fucking Dee Dee and coming home, great. If it means that you go with her instead of staying with us here, then that’s what you have to do. I’d be lying to you if I didn’t tell you I’d be miserable, but it’s your life and your decision. Just try and be sure about it before you leap into anything you might regret, that’s all.”

She searched my eyes and finally smiled that bright, happy smile that she has and threw her arms around my neck and shoved her tongue down my throat.

I kissed her back, hard and lifting her, turned us around and sat her down on the bench. She wrapped her legs around my waist and locked her ankles above my hips. Her hands ran all over me and scrambled to undo my jeans.

I pulled the strings on either side of her swimsuit bottoms and slid them out from under her. She freed my cock, and started stroking it as she shimmied closer to the edge of the bench to line her pussy up with it.

I reached down and touched her pussy with one hand and ran a finger from the bottom of her opening up to her clit and rubbed in a circle with just the lightest pressure on it and watched her face. She closed her eyes and inhaled sharply, as I rubbed back down and slid two fingers into her pussy.

She was already getting wet, and my cock was getting stiff from her stroking it, so by the time I pulled my fingers out, we were both ready to play.

I teased the opening of her pussy just a little with the head of my dick, sliding it up and down, and then slapping her clit with it. She squeezed me tighter with her legs and bucked toward me trying her best to catch the end of my penis and hook it into her pussy.

“Please Davey, please fuck me!” She begged me after she realized I knew what she was trying to do and wouldn’t let her succeed. So I took pity on her and slid the first inch or so inside and paused to make sure she really wanted me.

“That’s not fair, you’re still teasing me. I want your cock inside me Davey, deep inside me. Please!” She pleaded and rotated her hips around trying to get more of me inside her, or at least some satisfaction.

I gave her a little more of my hard cock, then reached up and pulled the string of her bikini top loose and let it fall off her tits. I grabbed one of her gorgeous breasts with each hand and pulled them up so I could suck on each of them in turn.

“Ungh…fuck me Davey, please fuck me.”

I straightened up and looked into Sarah’s eyes, and then I shoved my cock all the way into her to the hilt.

“Hunh…oh my fuck…Fuck!”

I pulled my dick out of her then shoved it back in again. She grabbed me and pulled me against her and planted her mouth on my neck. I stroked my cock into her only twice more before I felt her pussy convulse as her orgasm started. She just screamed into my neck and sucked harder. Wow, my first hickey. I kept fucking her slowly and let her ride her orgasm as my cock and her pussy got wetter and wetter with each stroke.

I sensed rather than saw the person between my legs, and then I looked down and saw Teri, topless, just as she sucked one of my balls into her mouth.

“Tssss…” was all I could get out as I sucked air in sharply. Then she pulled my sack down and took both of my testicles into her mouth and sucked on them. She pulled her mouth off and let them pop back into place.

I pulled my cock out of Sarah slowly and rubbed up and down the outside of her pussy. Teri was licking the entire length of the underside of my cock with every down stroke. The feeling was amazing, and I could feel my scrotum wanting to tighten up. I did my best to think of other things and hold off my own orgasm.

Teri guided my cock back into Sarah’s soaking pussy again, and just before I got all the way inside, she shoved two fingers into Sarah’s ass.

“Oh my… fuck…” That was all she got out before she came all over my cock again.

Sarah’s orgasm subsided and she loosened her grip on me, so I pulled all the way out of her and let her see Teri on the floor at my knees, now taking my cock into her mouth. She swallowed it all the way down then drew back, cleaning Sarah’s juices off of me. Her fingers were still working in and out of Sarah’s ass. When she popped my dick out of her mouth, she turned her full attention to Sarah. She pulled her fingers out of Sarah’s ass, and shoved them into her pussy.

She stroked in and out with her two fingers then added a third and then a fourth. She kept four fingering Sarah, rubbing her clit every time she drove her fingers deep inside Sarah’s pussy.

Sarah’s eyes were lit with and internal fire that I knew meant she was feeling her inner sex beast coming out. She looked down at Teri and grabbed her hand and jammed Teri’s four fingers into her own pussy and ground her hips against Teri’s hand.

“That’s it, fuck your big sister with your hand!” Sarah’s words were a command, and I knew that wouldn’t go over well with Teri.

Teri looked back up at me with the same fire in her eyes that I had just seen in Sarah’s, then turned and dove onto Sarah’s pussy, planting her mouth on her clit. Teri sucked until her cheeks pulled in, then she pulled her head back pulling on Sarah’s clit.

“Oh…fuck…fuck…” Sarah said.

Teri pulled her four fingers out of Sarah, then folded her thumb and fingers together and slid all of her fingers into Sarah as far as she could. She kept moving in and out working her whole hand in a little deeper each time, trying to get her whole fist into Sarah’s pussy.

As Teri worked on Sarah’s pussy with her one hand and her clit with her mouth, she wiggled her ass back and forth in front of me.

I was mesmerized and just as I reached for her swimsuit bottoms, she reached between her legs from the front and flexed one finger at me beckoning me to take her. I reached up and pulled Teri’s bottoms down to see her ass for the first time in ten years. Simply beautiful! I pulled the suit all the way to the floor, and couldn’t resist giving her pussy a long slow lick on my way back up. I moved up and teased her tight little rosebud with my tongue.

“Mmmm!” Teri moaned as I pushed my tongue into her sweet little asshole. I stood up and slid my cock into her waiting pussy, just as her whole fist slid into Sarah.

“Ungh…Oh my fucking God…that’s…oh fuck…FUCK!!!” Sarah was fairly screaming as she orgasmed and came all over Teri’s face and arm.

While Teri fisted Sarah, I reached up, grabbed both of Teri’s breasts, and used them to leverage myself into a matching rhythm with her assault on Sarah’s pussy.

I could feel Teri’s pussy clamp down on my cock as she moaned into Sarah’s pussy. Her moaning continued and was broken up as my thrusting pushed her face into Sarah’s pussy with each stroke.


I kept fucking Teri as her noises came quicker and louder. Just as she came and screamed into Sarah’s pussy, I let go of her breasts and slid one of my thumbs into her ass and stopped with my cock all the way inside her.

Sarah grabbed both sides of Teri’s head and pulled her face tightly into her cunt as she came again on her sister’s face. Teri didn’t stop pumping Sarah’s pussy, but she did lose her rhythm and slowed a bit.

I could feel my own orgasm climbing out of my balls, so I popped my thumb out of Teri’s ass and grabbed her hips to start fucking her hard.

“Ungh…ungh…I’m going to come!”

Teri pulled her hand unceremoniously from Sarah’s pussy, causing Sarah to shiver as another mini-orgasm pounced on her. Teri slid off my cock and knelt down in front of me again just as I exploded. The first gob landed on her cheek, but she caught the rest as she swallowed most of my cock. She reached up and pumped my cock and milked the rest of my cum into her mouth.

She looked up at me with those beautiful, smiling eyes once again full of the fire that started this session, and backed off my cock with all the suction she could maintain with a mouthful of cum. When she finally got to the end of my penis, she gave the head a small kiss, and held up one finger telling me just a minute.

She stood and turned toward Sarah who was still a little groggy from her own orgasmic bliss. Teri reached up and grabbed Sarah by the hair and pulled her into a kiss. Sarah tried to resist at first, her own fire trying to reignite, but then gave in and kissed Teri with a matching passion. I saw Sarah part her lips and slide her tongue into Teri’s mouth, Teri took that moment to shoot about half of my cum into her sister’s mouth. Sarah was more than a little surprised, but took it in and swallowed once it dawned on her what was happening.

Teri let go of her and swallowed her mouthful as well.

“Amazing!” was all that I could manage to say.

Sarah had pulled Teri in close to her and licked the errant gob of cum from her little sister’s face, then guided her to her breast to hug her and looked at me over Teri’s head.

“Davey, this girl stays with us.”

“If that’s what she wants, absolutely.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.” Teri managed in a weakened voice.

I moved in and took both of them in my arms and hugged them.

“As wonderful as this is, I need to get going.” I said after we all calmed down a bit.

“Going?” Sarah asked.

“Only for a little while, I promised a friend a ride home.”

“If you’re late for dinner, Rachel will skin you.”

“Maybe. Teri, are you and Emily up for a ride?”

“Sure!” She seemed excited for the three of us to do something as a unit. Perfect.

I whispered into her ear as she pulled on her swimsuit bottoms.

“Cool, I can do that. I’ll grab Emmy and meet you out front.”

She kissed Sarah deeply, then turned to me and kissed me with her hips grinding up against me. She pulled away and headed for the Range Rover to take it up to the house.

Sarah was off the bench and had her suit back on, but she was a little wobbly on her high heels. I went came up behind her and took her in a big bear hug and nuzzled into her neck.

“Mmmm…after sex cuddling is always wonderful, Davey.”

“I agree, but I have something to talk to you about now, okay?”

“Sure sweetie, what is it?”

“Are we done with this charade now?”

Sarah froze.

“How did…?”

“After the emotional roller coaster we’ve been riding the last couple of days, plus your telling Rachel how you felt about me then finally getting to act on those feelings after all these years and I’m supposed to believe that you think you want to be with Dee Dee?”

“Shit! Davey, I’m so sorry! I can...” She tried to turn and look at me, but I held her fast.

“Sarah, let me finish. I know that you’ve been hurt all these years, and fucked over so many times that you felt you had to be sure, so you thought to enlisted Dee Dee and Olivia in a little scheme to set me up and see how I’d respond to it. Did I surprise you?”

“You scared me.” She said quietly.

“Sarah, I’m not going anywhere, and I want you here too. What I told you earlier about supporting whatever you want to do is the truth. I’m willing to hold on to you as tightly or as loosely as you like, but know that under no circumstances will I be happy with you leaving to be with someone else.”

Sarah was sobbing waiting for me to finish.

“Do you hate me now?” she asked through the tears.

“Absolutely not! I know why you did what you did, I just wanted to stop this whole mess before it gets out of hand and people commit to things that they don’t really want. So, you let Dee Dee know that we’re done and moving on with our lives, yes?”

She nodded, so I relaxed my hold on her and let her turn into me and look into my face.

“I’m so sorry! I should have known that you meant what you said. Can you forgive me for being a silly heartsick girl?”

“Only if you promise me that you’ll trust my word and your feelings.”


“I have one more thing that you need to do in order for me to forgive you.”

“What’s that?”

“You have to tell Dee Dee and Olivia that they owe me and have to come clean.”

“I’ll do that, but Olivia didn’t have anything to do with it. I only talked with Dee Dee.”

“Cool. Then tell Dee Dee that she owes me, and I will expect to hear from her about this, soon.”

“I can do that. What do I owe you for it?”

“We’ll come up with something, but right now I need to get going, and I still need to talk to Rachel before we go.”

“I love you, Davey.”

“I love you too, Sarah.” I pulled her in and let her lean on me as we walked up to the house. “By the way, what did you have to pay Dee Dee to go along with this?”

“I agreed to be her slave for a day.”

“Oh Sarah. You do know that Dee Dee’s a Dom, right?”

“She told me. Like you said, try new stuff, right?”

“Okay, as long as you knew ahead of time,”

When we got back to the house, Sarah headed off to Rachel’s bedroom to cleanup and change clothes for dinner, and I headed into the kitchen to find Rachel prepping for dinner.

“What’s cookin’?”

“Hi David. I promised Emily baked macaroni and cheese for dinner. That okay?”

I moved up behind her and wrapped my arms around her and drew her into me, forcing her to stop her work.

“Sounds great, you know it’s my favorite.”

“This is wonderful, but I need to get this done if we’re going to eat tonight.”

“Okay, but one quick thing, Teri, Emily and I are going to go out for about an hour, I promised a friend a ride home from the airport.”

“Timing should be okay this has to bake nearly an hour once it’s mixed. Who’s the friend?”

“That’s a surprise, but I promise it’s a good one. Oh yeah, there’ll be one more for dinner.”

“Good thing I’m making a double batch.”

Teri came in wearing a light cotton dress, and she’d taken her hair out of the braid. Her hair fell almost to her waist once it was loose from the knots. Emily came in behind her wearing blue jeans and a tee shirt. Teri came over and kissed Rachel as I released her and picked up Emily.

“You okay going for a ride with me and your mom?”

“Sure. Can I take my book?”

“Absolutely.” I told her as I put her down. She took off to get her book, so I stepped over to separate Teri and Rachel before they got too distracted.

“We need to get moving or we’re gonna be late.”

They broke their kiss and turned to face me, their heads pressed together. So fucking hot! I shook my head and grabbed Teri’s hand and pulled her away from Rachel.

“Come on, you. We’ll be back as soon as we can, Rachel.” I said as Emily met us at the door.

We got to the airport just as Niki’s plane came up to the terminal. I had told Teri and Emily who we were meeting once we were in the car. They were both delighted at the idea of surprising Aunt Crissy and the rest of the family.

Niki came off the plane in one of the first waves of passengers, wearing a gorgeous, form fitting, dark blue silk dress that ended mid thigh, and a pair of matching 3” heels. She walked toward me, and without breaking stride, dropped her bag, wrapped her arms around my neck and planted a wet passionate kiss on my lips. I responded in kind and hugged her tightly as she hooked one of her legs just above my knee and pulled me tighter into her. She certainly knows how to make someone want to fuck her.

When she finally came up for air, she stepped back and realized that Teri and Emily were both staring at her mesmerized by her beauty as much as her actions.

“Niki, I’d like you to meet Teri, youngest of Molly Kirkpatrick’s daughters.”

Niki looked at Teri, and then looked again, then back at me.

“David, she looks like…”

“I know.” I said. Knowing that she was going to tell me about Teri’s resemblance to Rachel.

“A pleasure to meet you Teri. My but you are beautiful, aren’t you?”

“David said that you were gorgeous, but I never imagined… nice to finally meet you too. The girls have told me a lot about you.” Teri hugged Niki and got her ass grabbed for her effort. They came apart staring at each other, letting their surroundings start to fall away. I cleared my throat and interrupted.

“And this beauty is our daughter, Emily.”

Niki turned and looked at Emily and fell in love with the child right then and there.

“Pleased to meet you Niki.” Emily said as she moved up and reached out to shake Niki’s hand.

Niki bent over at the waist in front of Teri and greeted my daughter. I thought Teri was going to grab Niki’s ass try to fuck her right there in the airport. I could see several men suffer severe whiplash as they passed by.

“I’m very pleased to meet you too, Emily. You are beautiful aren’t you?”

“Thank you.”Emily smiled and blushed then looked from me to Teri.

Niki pulled Emily in and they hugged each other like family. When they came apart Niki’s eyes were moist with tears.

We headed for baggage claim with Emily between Teri and Niki, and Niki on my arm. Once we were in the car, Emily sat up front with me and Teri and Niki climbed in the back seat.

On the ride home, Emily and I talked about them coming to live here, and about how much she liked all her new aunts. But mostly she went on and on about Olivia.

“You really took a shine to her, didn’t you?”

“I like her a lot, Daddy. She should be my sitter when you guys go out.”

“I’ll see if I can convince her to make a career change.” I laughed gently, and Emily picked up her book (e-reader) and dove into whatever story she was reading. It was getting dark, so I was glad that she had the back lit reader.

I checked the rear view mirror, and saw Teri leaning into Niki and whispering in her ear. Niki’s eyes lit up and she looked at Teri and nodded enthusiastically. Teri reached down to her purse and pulled out the 8” dildo I’d told her to borrow from Rachel and started giving it an enthusiastic blowjob.

Niki leaned forward, kissed my neck, and whispered in my ear, “You think of everything don’t you Davey, thank you!”

She slid her dress up over her hips as she sat back in her seat, revealing her thigh high nylons, and no panties. Big surprise, she’d probably planned on jumping me before we left the airport parking lot. I needed to get us home, so I’d hoped that this would help relieve any disappointment she might be feeling.

She shifted in the seat and leaned against the locked door. She was turned so her legs were spread with one of them on the seat and one on the floor. She could almost face Teri, who had the dildo shining in the dimming light. Teri slid part way off the seat and started kissing Niki’s legs from just below and behind her knees all the way up to kiss and suck on her waiting pussy.

I turned on the radio and told Emily to find a good station with music she liked. Not too loud, but I hoped it would drown out the two in the back.

I caught Niki’s eye in the rear view and she blew me a kiss with that beautiful mouth of hers. I had a tough time focusing on the road as Niki’s eyes closed and her head snapped back in the first of what I’d hoped would be at least a couple of orgasms before we got home.

She opened her eyes and looked down as Teri pressed the dildo against her pussy. Niki took in a deep breath as Teri slid the fake cock all the way in and started stroking it in and out of her, giving her the long deep fuck that I’m sure she craved after her long flight of teasing the flight attendants.

Niki grabbed Teri and pulled her up to her and kissed her. Teri kept fucking her, and Niki kept getting louder and louder through their kiss. Teri reached around behind her and came back with her panties and stuffed them in Niki’s mouth.

Niki’s eyes rolled back into her head and she fell back against the door as her second orgasm swept over her and she cried out around the panties in her mouth. As Niki calmed down, Teri pulled the dildo out of her and, locking my gaze in the mirror, sucked it clean just as I turned down our road.

Teri and Niki nuzzled into each other and talked quietly together for the rest of the ride.

Just as we turned into the driveway and through the gate, Emily reached up and turned the radio off.

“Mommy’s good at making women get orgasms isn’t she?”

I just stared at my 10 year old daughter. Holy shit, she’s 10 going on 20. So much for keeping her isolated from what’s going to be happening around here.

“She certainly is…” Niki said from the back, recovering and straightening her dress and her hair.

That broke the awkward tension that I was starting to feel, so I could do nothing but laugh. Emily looked at me like I’d lost my mind, then she started laughing, a bright infectious laugh, which kicked off the two in the backseat as well. It felt really good after the day I’d had, so I decided right there to tell everyone about the old man later, after the celebration and reunion that was about to happen.

We walked into the house to the sounds of laughter and wine.

“Hello, luvs.” Niki called.

Stunned silence for about two heartbeats, then screams and screeches of delight and joy. Crissy was the first across the room to plant a flying double lip lock on Niki. The looks on the faces of every other woman in the room was a divine mixture of envy, lust and amazement.

After all of the welcomes and introductions Niki went to change her clothes, dragging Teri and Crissy along with her.

“Not too long you three,” Rachel called, “dinner is ready and waiting.” We didn’t wait dinner on them.

After dinner, Sarah, Dee Dee and I cleared the air over their little scheme, and I got not one, but two sex slaves out of the deal for an entire week to be collected at a later date, though I doubted that Sarah would limit herself to a single week. Olivia seemed extremely intrigued by the discussion and its resolution.

The five of us were talking quietly and enjoying after dinner beverages, me with Emily sleeping, cuddled in on my lap when the other three came back from Crissy’s bedroom. Rachel pulled their plates from the oven and they sat down and devoured the food like a pack of hungry hyenas.

Teri came over after she’d eaten and we took Emily and put her to bed.

“She’s beautiful, Teri. You’ve done a great job with her, and you should be proud.” I told her looking down at our sleeping daughter.

“I am, she’s a good kid, and just as smart as I knew she would be.”

I pulled her into a hug and kissed the top of her head. Teri left me to watch my daughter sleep and headed out to visit with everybody.

I jumped a little when I felt arms wrap around me, I’d gotten lost in thinking about my kid. I pulled her around me and found myself with an armful of Olivia. We both watched Emily sleep as I hugged her from behind.

“She’s a great kid, David. You and Teri should be proud.” She whispered.

“She is a great kid. I’m really looking forward to getting to know her better. So, how are you doing after this afternoon?”

“I’m pretty good, I…” She paused for a moment.

“C’mon you can’t feel shy about talking to me after your little performance today.” I hugged her a little tighter and rested my chin on her shoulder. She leaned her head into me and continued.

“Well…to be completely honest, I really loved exposing myself to you this afternoon, and I loved the way you helped me cum.”

“It was my truly my pleasure.”

“It’s too bad I’m leaving, I would love to repeat our…activities.”

“Leaving? What the fuck?” I nearly woke Emily, her announcement floored me.

“Shhh…I’m going to take some time off before I go back to school this fall, so I’m going to spend the summer by the nearest body of water I can find until I have to buckle down.”

“The nearest body of water is my pool, Olivia.”

“Hmmm, that’s true. Are you offering to let me hang out here all summer?”

“Absolutely, I’ll even pay you for it if you agree to be Emily’s governess for the summer.”

“I was kidding.”

“I’m not. She really has taken to you, so much so that she asked me on the way home from the airport if you could stay. As an added incentive, I’ll pick up the tab for the rest of your education. But to be honest, I’d pay for that anyway, no strings, but if you go somewhere close you’re welcome to use this house as your home base.”

“I would love being here, but I can’t ask you to pay for school.”

“You didn’t, I offered.”

“Wow, I don’t know what to say… Ummm, will you let me think about it a little before I commit one way or the other?”

“Absolutely, just let me know when you do decide. Of course, you will always be welcome here, whenever you want to come and visit, even if you decide against any part of the offer.”

“Thank you so much. I don’t know what to say.”

“Say yes. After you think about it, of course.”

Emily stirred a little in her sleep, so we left and headed out to the other room.

“Why did you make this offer? Was it because of today?”

“Nope. Today was awesome, but I was already planning on gifting you and Dee Dee both trusts for your futures, this will just be an added bonus.”

“Thank you, David,” she said reaching up and kissed me on the mouth. She licked my lips gently before she pulled away. “Would you mind if I walked around the yard a bit, and think about your offer?”

“Sure, if that’s what you want.” With that I led her to the patio doors and out onto the pool deck.

When we got outside, I showed her the path that ran down the hill and out into the property.

“Okay, there’s about 4 acres fenced off and walled, with about another 15 or 16 beyond that. If you get too turned around, just move uphill. The house sits on the highest part of the property.”

“Cool, I’ll remember, always up hill.”

“I’ll leave one of the back lights on by the pool, sort of a lighthouse to find your way back.” I showed her where a spare key was hidden on the patio, so she could get back into the house. She leaned up and kissed me again to thank me then paused for just a moment and inhaled my scent. She opened her pretty blue eyes and winked at me then turned and headed out onto the property.

I went back into the house, and found the main room completely empty, and the whole place dark but for one table lamp. I headed back to my room. I went in and since it was empty, I grabbed a shower and collapsed into bed, totally beat after all the excitement of the day.

I came awake as Rachel slid into bed next to me, so I rolled onto my back and let her settle in with my arm around her, pulling her in close. I kissed the top of her head, and held her like that for a just a little too long.

“What’s wrong, baby?” she asked without moving.

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve known you a long time, I know when something’s bothering you.”

“It can wait.”

“Nope, now while we have a little quiet time together.”

She was amazing. I could never keep secrets from her. Hell she knew when I’d tried to look at her tits growing up.

“Do you remember how we all felt when the truth about the old man , Teri and Emily, and your family’s history all came out? How cathartic it was and how relieved we all were?


“Well, truth has a darker nastier side that I’d forgotten about. It’s a side that has sharp teeth that bite and can cut deeply. It can be dark and harsh, and it hurts just as much as the other side gives us joy and makes us feel better.”

She rolled over, put her chin on my chest, and looked up at me, her tears rolling quietly down her face.


“We’re fine Rach.” I told her as I touched the side of her face. She leaned into it and kissed my palm. “But the events of the last few weeks aren’t what we thought they were. I want to tell you, but it’s going to hurt, and

I wouldn’t do that deliberately for anything in the world.”

The door opened just then and Teri came in and moved to the bed to slide in on my other side. She looked to be in a good mood, and then she saw Rachel and stopped.

“What’s happened?”

“David was telling me a story. Something that’s going to hurt from the build up.”

Teri slid closer to me and cuddled in, touching Rachel and running her hands over her head and trying to comfort her a little.

I told them about the old man, everything that transpired between us in the parking garage, and my threat to kill him if he ever came sniffing around our lives ever again. They both took it pretty well, and of course, knowledge of the new woman in his life really hit Rachel hard. There were a lot of tears and a lot of hugs over the next couple of hours. We finally all calmed down and settled in together with Rachel cradled in between me and Teri.

I woke up some time later with Teri climbing out of bed.

“What’s up?” I whispered, not wanting to wake Rachel if I could avoid it.

“Emily’s scared of thunderstorms, so I better go check on her.”

I heard the thunder roll across the house right then.

“Do you want any help?”

“No, I just need to make sure she gets back to sleep.” She said as she bent down and kissed me. “Go back to sleep, I’ll be back.”

“Bring her back with you if you need to.”

“I will.” She kissed me again and headed to check on our daughter.

I couldn’t get back to sleep, then I realized how bad I had to piss.

I was on my way back to bed, when I realized that I didn’t know if Olivia had come back. It was then that I heard the faint thumping on the slider glass, down low near the floor.

I moved to the door and pulled the drapes back and there was Olivia sitting curled up as small as she could make herself leaning against the door and flinching at every instance of thunder or lightning, slapping the door weakly with her open hand. I had no idea how long she’d been there. I slid the door open and bent down to get her.

“Jesus Olivia, are you alright?!?”

She didn’t say anything, she just sobbed convulsively. I picked her up in my arms and toed the door shut again and took her into the bathroom.

“Olivia, you’re freezing,” I said as I set her slowly down on her feet. “Let’s get these wet clothes off you and get you into the shower.”

I thumbed her sweat pants and underwear together and let her step out of the heap on the floor. As I pulled the hem of her tee shirt up, her hands grabbed mine to stop me. Our eyes met, and I saw nothing but abject fear in hers.

“Olivia, I won’t hurt you, but if you want to do it yourself, I’ll certainly let you.”

The fear in her eyes faded and was replaced with recognition so she let go of my hands. I dismissed the thought that for a moment she’d lost her mind, but after I got her shirt over her head and off her, and turned her around to move her into the shower, I saw them. Welts and scars covered her back, old and healed, but certainly permanent. I reached up and gently touched one, then another as I followed them across and down her back all the way to the top of her butt.

“Ugly aren’t they?” she said as I reached her lower back. I put my hands on her shoulders to guide her because she still seemed unsteady on her pins.

“Can I ask what happened to you?” as I started the shower for her.

“It’s a long story David. Are you sure you want to hear it?” She flinched as the lightning from the storm flashed outside, and she cowered into me as the thunder rolled through. She was truly frightened of the storm.

“I’ve got nothing but time these days, Olivia. You’re inside and safe from the storm now.”

Olivia looked at me like she’d just been told there was no Santa Clause. I let go of her and stepped back out to the shower entrance and leaned against the doorway so I could talk to her.

Even with the scars down her back, Olivia was a beautiful young woman. It was hard to tear my eyes away from her, but then I realized that she was just standing there, not under the hot water and not moving toward it, just sort of phased out with a thousand yard stare in her eyes.

I shed my clothes and moved into the shower with her. I turned her around to face me and gently backed her into the hot water stream. Her skin was cold to the touch and she was shivering as the warm water hit her. I just let the water run down her back and then into her hair to try and warm her up. I looked down into her face as I smoothed her hair back into one cascade down her back, (doing my best to be the gallant young man and not stare at her lovely body).

“So can you tell me about the scars?”

“When I was 4 I was riding in the car with my parents. They’d just picked me up from the sitter’s and we were going home. They had gone to some sort of party at my mom’s office. The last thing that I remember was playing a game with my mother. I’ve always been afraid of storms like this one, so mom would always tell me that the storm couldn’t see me if I was on the floor in the back seat. If it couldn’t see me, then it couldn’t get me. So I would slide down onto the floor and pull a travel blanket over my head and hide from the storm until we got home.

I did that that night just like always, and I remember feeling so happy. Mom and dad were there with me and I knew I was safe. I guess I fell asleep, because the next thing that I remember is waking up in hospital with a bunch of doctors and nurses around me.”

“Jesus, that had to be quite a shock.”

“I found out years later that a semi had come across the median and drove over our car. The driver had fallen asleep and didn’t even realize what was going on until it was already too late. The truck crushed our car, the police said that the only reason that I survived was that I had been so low in the back seat that the damage formed a shell around me and protected me. My parent’s bodies were folded in among that wreckage.”

“Did you have any relatives that took you in after that?”

“No, there was no one, so I ended up in foster care. I was sent to a household that had one kid, a boy about 12 or thirteen when I got there. The social worker told them about my fear of storms, and they took me anyway. When the first storm hit, I started screaming and crying of course, but that set the parents on edge, so they punished me for waking them up in the middle of the night.”

“Are you kidding me?” While she was talking to me I got a handful of shampoo and started washing her hair.

She just stood there and let me massage her scalp while she talked.

“No, it got better, by the time the next storm hit, they had decided that I was just throwing the tantrums to get attention, so they decided that ‘aversion therapy’ was the way to ‘cure’ me and teach me a lesson…and some manners.

So when the thunder and lightning started, of course I started screaming and crying so they put a dog collar around my neck and staked me out in the yard on the dog’s chain. I just curled up in a ball and cowered and cried. When the husband came out to get me, I was still sobbing uncontrollably. When we got back in the house, he was furious and decided to ‘give me something to cry about’. He took off his belt and beat me with the buckle end until I passed out from the pain.”

“Jesus Olivia, didn’t child services do anything?” It was the only thing I could think to say as I pulled the shower head free and started rinsing her hair.

“No, by the time my social worker’s next visit rolled around they had bandaged me up and the cuts had started to scab over. She didn’t see anything that would point to the damage, and I was still pretty young, so I didn’t say anything, plus I was too scared to say a word for fear of getting beaten again.”

“How long did this go on?” I soaped up my hands and squatted down and started washing her feet and legs. As I worked my way up I made a deliberate point of not getting too close to her pussy. I really wanted her to relax and feel safe.

“Until I was eight. After I turned six though, the situation took on a new twist. After he brought me back inside and beat me, I was laying face down on the floor of my room, their teenage son would sneak into the room and start playing with me. He fingered my ass and rubbed my pussy, but never broke my cherry.”

“Smart little bastard, wasn’t he?”

“Yeah, as far as I know, he’s still a bastard.”

“Still no one did anything, did they? Didn’t want to believe their little boy would do anything like that did they?”

“Exactly! The more I demanded that he was doing those things to me, the more they denied it and punished me for lying.”

I moved up to washing her torso, again intending to avoid anything that could be interpreted as sexual, but when I got to her stomach, Olivia turned facing away from me, took my hands and placed them on her breasts.

“It’s okay, David, I want you to touch me. More than anything I’ve ever wanted.”

“I just didn’t want to push you, Olivia. You’ve been through a lot tonight.”


So I began massaging her breasts as I washed all over and under her tits before I started rubbing across her nipples. She responded by leaning back into me and reaching around to grab my ass and pull me in close. I pushed her gently for the rest of her story.

“So how long did you endure this?”

“Ungh…you’ve got wonderful hands. Ummm let’s see…I was there for 4 years. The last beating I took was bad, lots of blood and deep cuts. They cleaned me up the next morning and managed to get me all bandaged up just as the social worker arrived for one of her rare, unscheduled, surprise visit. Everything was going their way, but I said that I really had to pee, so while I was in the bathroom, I tore off the bandages that I could reach and made sure the cuts were bleeding just a little. Ungh…damn you’re very distracting for a guy who says he wants to hear my story.”

I had tweaked her nipples a few times, so I squeezed her breasts and pulled her up on her tip toes with them.

I let go of her tits and moved my hands down to her stomach and pushed her in front of me a little so I could wash her back and ass.

"Anyway, when I went back in, I made sure I sat next to my social worker. She seemed to like me, so she always held my hand or rubbed my back trying to make that connection that they all seem to want. You know, to make themselves feel like they’ve done a good job. When she pulled her hand back it was peppered with my blood. Needless to say, she went ballistic and yanked me out of the house right then and there. She called the cops, and they rolled up just before the ambulance. She filled them in and showed them my blood soaked shirt, so they busted the whole family. While the EMTs cut my shirt off and started to treat me, she asked all the questions that they’re supposed to ask to cover their asses. How long has this been happening?, why didn’t you say anything?, you know.

The cops and the EMTs took photos of all the damage and asked me a bunch of questions. I told them everything about what had happened over the previous 4 years. It all spilled out in tears and pain. I thought my case worker was going to puke on herself.”

“Yeah, I can only imagine what was going through your head. All the anger and blame with your own questions like why did you leave me here, or why didn’t you do anything sooner?”

“Exactly. Eventually I forgave her, but it took a long time. One of the cops was really pissed at her, I didn’t know why until years later my new parents told me that one of the cops that busted the family had been at the accident 4 years earlier and had carried me from the wreckage to the ambulance.

A full investigation into the family proved they had done everything I’d claimed that they did, DNA on the husband’s belt buckles and photos that junior took of all the things he had done to me over the previous two years.”

“They never thought they could be caught, did they?”

“It seems so. Worst of all was that after I turned 18, the mother tried to contact me, an apparent attempt to apologize or corroborate some bullshit story to get her a reduced sentence. I never really found out, I wanted nothing to do with any of those people ever again.”

I rinsed her body down then I leaned her forward a little and she put her hands palm flat on the wall so her ass stuck out toward me. I soaped up my hands again and started washing her ass and upper legs.

“I got placed with an older couple that didn’t have any kids of their own, and later they adopted me as their daughter. I had a pretty good childhood after that. They were caring and loving and helped me get past all the shit that had come before, everything except the storms.”

She winced each and every time she noticed the thunder and lightning. Part of getting her to tell me her story was to distract her from the storm, so she could calm down and maybe forget about the fact that I’d left her outside for so long. Since she’d been distracted by telling me her story, and she was obviously feeling better, I started massaging her body not so much to clean, but to arouse.

“Ohhh, that feels so good. If I ask you very nicely, will you fuck me, please?”

“I promise you won’t have to ask me twice.” I ran my soapy hands up and down her body and slid one hand in between her ass cheeks and down around to her pussy, and started to play with her clit.”

“Ungh…that’s more like what I was hoping for!!!”

I rinsed her off completely and returned my hand to cup her pussy from behind and started kissing down her back toward her ass. I kissed each and every horrible scar that I encountered gently and lovingly so that she would know that they didn’t scare me or repulse me. That this was merely a physical reminder of how strong she really was and that she had survived the ordeal that had left her marked.

I kissed all the way down to the top of her ass, and then I spread her cheeks and kissed and licked down her crack before sticking my tongue in her ass.

Her moans gave me confidence to keep going and so I reached up and inserted a finger in her pussy. She was clearly feeling better, because she started rotating her hips. Then she pushed herself down on my hand and back onto my tongue. She reached down and grabbed my hand.

“More…please. More fingers.”

I pulled my hand away and replaced it with two more fingers.

“Ungh…yes, that’s it. Fuck me with your hand, faster, and a little harder. Please!”

“That’s what you want is it? Harder, faster? Will that make you cum, Olivia?”

“Oh…God yes!”

I put my face back into her ass crack and just as she started to cum, I stuck my tongue as deep into her rosebud as I could. She stretched up onto her toes again, pushed her ass into me a little further, and dropped her head between her arms.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. Yes!!! I’m cumming!”

I moved down and clamped my mouth over her pussy and tickled her clit with my tongue.

“Shit! I’m cumming again!! Oh…my…God!!!”

Olivia’s legs were shaking and her knees started to buckle on the heels of a double orgasm, so I stood up and held her against me so she wouldn’t fall and let her come down from the high. She just sort of melted into my arms.

She turned into me and hugged me as tightly as she could. She looked up at me after a minute or two and said, “That was wonderful, but I feel bad that you’re still carrying that around.” She reached down and stroked my hard, twitching cock.

“It’s alright, I loved having you cum on my face.”

She put her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply with her tongue sliding desperately into my mouth.

All I could do was return her kisses and let our tongues dance back and forth between our mouths.

“Mmmm.” She said as she pulled back and licked her lips, “I taste pretty good on you, don’t I?”

“You certainly do.”

She kissed me again then climbed up on me and slid herself down onto my hard shaft. She started slow, then once my cock head was inside her she just slid down the entire length of my shaft and stopped only after she’d reached the bottom.

“Mmmm… Sarah was right, your cock feels wonderful!”


“That’s what she whispered to me at the office today.”

“Is that why you blushed so badly?”

“It was…the thought of your cock sliding into me, into any or all of my holes. It helped drive that last orgasm that you saw in the office too. That’s why I shared my cum with you, you were responsible for it.”

I reached around and grabbed her ass and lifted her up along the length of my cock until I was almost out of her, then I dropped her and let her slide all the way down my cock.

“Ungh…fuck me Davey, please keep me full and fuck me stupid.” She begged as she started fucking me in earnest.

I started moving my hips back and forth with her until we found a comfortable rhythm and she climbed

quickly toward another orgasm.

“Oh…fuck…I’m gonna cum…again!!”

“Cum for me Olivia! Cum all over my hard cock!”

“Ungh!!! OH MY GOD!!!”

She leaned down and planted her mouth on my shoulder and bit down until her orgasm started to subside.

She pulled her mouth off of my shoulder and leaned back and threw her head back. I hadn’t stopped thrusting into her through her orgasm, and I was barely holding off my own when I noticed Rachel standing in the shower doorway.

Stark naked and rubbing her breasts and pussy, she looked like she was close to cumming herself. I slowed my strokes, but didn’t stop. Rachel was staring at us with pure animal lust oozing from every pore.

She stopped rubbing herself when she realized I had seen her and stepped up quietly behind Olivia. She ran her fingers over Olivia’s back, and then planted a kiss on her neck. Olivia had stiffened at Rachel’s first touch, but I kept my rhythm steady and let Rachel’s kiss work its magic. Olivia started to relax when Rachel turned Olivia’s head toward her and licked across her mouth while she started playing with Olivia’s breasts.

“Mmmm…” It sounded like the moan of enjoyment had come from both of them, but I couldn’t tell. Rachel pulled her mouth away from Olivia and locked her gaze with mine while she continued to knead Olivia’s tits.

“He has a wonderful cock, doesn’t he Olivia?”

“Oh God, yes.”

Rachel pulled on Olivia’s nipples and pulled little groans of painful ecstasy from her.

“Oh God Rachel, pull harder!” So Rachel did, pulling and pinching Olivia’s nipples until, “I’m going to cum again.


“Fuck her Davey, fuck her hard. I want to see her cum all over your cock!”

That was it, I couldn’t hold off any more, not with my beautiful mother telling me to fuck this girl to orgasm.

Olivia and I came at the same time. I looked at her face and Rachel grabbed her hair and held her head up to look at me too.

“Look in his eyes Olivia, look at how much he cares about you.”

“Ungh…Oh, My God!!! I’m cumming again, oh fuuuuuck me, David, fuck meee!”

Her orgasm crested and ebbed, just as she was nearly down from the ride, Rachel knelt down, shoved her tongue into her ass again, and drove her right back to the top of the wave.

“OhmygogOhmygodOhmygod!” Was all Olivia could muster.

I put Olivia down gently and she turned to Rachel and dropped to her knees in front of her, wrapping her arms around Rachel’s thighs to help steady herself and pull her in closer to Rachel’s crotch. Rachel put her hands on Olivia’s head and guided her to her pussy.

Olivia licked Rachel from her ass to her clit, then back again. She pushed two fingers into her own pussy and coated them with our cum as it poured out of her and down the drain. Once she had herself wound up again, she reached up and pushed her fingers into Rachel’s ass.

“Oh…Ungh!” Rachel’s power of speech suddenly eluded her, and she looked as if she might collapse in a heap on the floor, so I moved around behind her and pulled her into me with my hands taking as much of her ample breasts as I could.

“Oh my…that’s…oh fuuuuuck!” Rachel cried as she came on Olivia’s face. She put one leg up over Olivia’s shoulder and pulled her in a little tighter to her cunt to make sure Olivia got all of her nectar.

“Jesus Davey, this girl is talented!”

“More than you know.” I said, remembering Olivia fisting herself to several orgasms on the floor of Dee Dee’s office.

Olivia stood up and came in to kiss her deeply. When she finished, she pulled back, then came in and kissed me.

The three of us rinsed and dried each other, then went in and climbed into bed. The thunder and lightning were still battling one another in the night sky outside, but Olivia seemed calmer and less bothered by it. Just the same, she climbed into bed between me and Rachel and clung to us like she was still a frightened child trying to draw strength and peace from the two of us.

Olivia was just starting to drift off to sleep when Teri came in with Emily. She didn’t miss a step as she moved to the bed and saw Olivia there with Rachel and me.

“Olivia, are you alright?” Emily asked her as she climbed up onto the bed with us.

“I am sweetie, I just needed a little help getting to sleep.”

“I’m afraid of the storms, too.” She said to Olivia as she climbed into bed between her and Rachel. She cuddled down in as Rachel wrapped her arms around Emily and Emily did the same for Olivia. Olivia had tears in her eyes from the gesture of this 10 year old girl trying to make her feel better.

I got up and pulled Teri close to me and kissed her.

“Is she okay?” I asked her about Emily.

“She is, it isn’t so bad this time. What about Olivia?”

“Really bad, but better now. I think she just might be okay.”

I looked at Olivia and Emily together in the bed with Rachel beaming over the two of them. Olivia kissed Emily on the forehead then pulled her in close to her breast, and Emily kissed the top of each of Olivia’s breasts then snuggled down into them and closed her eyes. Hmmm.

Teri climbed into bed and spooned up behind Olivia and I spooned in behind Teri. By the time I got in behind Teri, I had another full erection. Instead of letting it keep any space between Teri and me, I rubbed it up and down between her pussy lips until I felt her getting wet and her breathing started to get deep and a little husky.

I slid into her pussy easily, and she let out a low, throaty moan as continued until I was in her as far as I could go. She reached behind her and grabbed my ass and pulled me in as tightly as she could. She moved her hips around slowly for a little bit, getting herself accustomed to my hard shaft deep inside her.

“David, is this the sort of treatment I could expect if I take you up on your offer?” Olivia asked, once the lights were off and everyone was settled.

“Most definitely!”

“Then my answer is yes. Emphatically, completely, and blissfully yes!”

“Yes.” I whispered into Teri’s ear, “Olivia will be just fine.”

She pushed her hips back into me once as acknowledgment of what I said, then nestled a little deeper into Olivia’s hair.


The epilogue that once occupied this space has been deleted by the author. Mainly because he HATED it! It was written in haste to wrap these chapters up with the probability of not coming back to them. He has reconsidered this position.

If you have read these stories before and notice the difference now that this piece has been changed, the author apologizes sincerely and hopes that the new chapters will more than make up for any confusion.

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The author sincerely hopes that this little change has caused no one any great consternation, if it has he apologizes once again.

Thank you.



I want to thank everyone out there that have read my stories and liked them, for all the support and encouragement to keep writing. I really do like these characters, but they need a little break to get their lives sorted out and rest for now. I think I’ve left enough hooks here to expand on a few more ideas down the road, but they’ll have to wait for a little while.

I will be back, but for now I need to take a small break and build up more of a catalog of work so that we can avoid the issues of keeping people waiting. It takes a great big time commitment to put these out with any kind of quality, and I would rather write fewer of them and keep them good than just produce crap that nobody likes or that I can’t be proud to put my name to.

Given the length of time that it took to produce this last chapter, I fully expect a group of haters to come out and attempt to tank the ratings on it. Whatever! Keep in mind that some of these people might well wait a year or more to pay for a mainstream novel from their favorite author, they’re awfully impatient for something that’s free.

Whatever! They can go fuck themselves! They know they’re wrong, they’re just petty and small.

Thanks again to the fan base out there, I really didn’t expect the kind of response that I’ve received. Seriously, thank you all very much. As I said, I will be back, I just wasn’t prepared for the demand that these stories have generated.

Peace to you all.


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