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“Are you sure you two will be okay?” Their dad searched their faces. “I don’t know if we should leave you here all day by yourselves.”

Mai and Leo looked at each other, blank looks on both their faces.

“Dad,” Leo replied, “We’ve got fish to eat, food in the camp, bathrooms, books, and our music. We’ve got park rangers just down the road.” He looked at Mai and smiled. “We’ll be just fine. Well, as long as sis does everything I tell her to do anyway.”

Mai snorted a sarcastic look on her face. “Dad, you and mom go have a great day at the Stevenson’s. I’ll watch over Leo, if I have to sit on him.”

Her brother rolled his eyes and walked towards the lake. “C’mon Mai. Let’s go for a row across the lake. We can go swimming.” He waved at their parents in a ‘goodbye’ gesture.

Their mom took the cue. “Alright honey, the kids will be fine. Let’s get going.”

Mai gave them both a goodbye hug and watched them drive away. Minutes later their parents were out of sight, out of the campground, to their friend’s house a couple hours away. Mai then joined her brother by the lake. “Are we going to go for a swim, or to fuck?”

“Both I guess. At least that is what I had in mind as soon as I woke up this morning.”

They got into the rowboat and Leo began to row them out to the center of the lake. There was a small island in the center and he pointed them towards it. They pulled farther away from the shore, and their camp, and Mai pulled off her shirt. She was wearing a bikini, and she reached up and undid the ties that held it around her neck. Leo watched her, his eyes filled with desire. Since she was in the back of the boat, Mai’s back was to the shore. She reached behind her back, and undid the clasp of her top, and it fell into her lap. Her breasts hung down, white and full, with her nipples erect in the lake breeze. Smiling at him, she leaned her head back and closed her eyes, sitting there half-nude while he pulled at the oars. A hawk flew overhead, but everything else was still except for the splash of the oars and the lapping of lake water against the boat.

With her eyes still closed, Mai stuck her foot out and felt for her brother’s crotch. She found his cock and began to rub it over his trunks. “How does that feel?” She already knew the answer.

“Your making it hard to row, sis.” He warned. “I wouldn’t want us to drift away, perhaps to somewhere closer to prying eyes. Indecent exposure, and all.” He laughed out loud and it sounded hollow in the great, open outdoor air.

Mai kept rubbing her brother’s cock with the ball of her foot. It was hardening under her touch and she enjoyed the look in Leo’s eyes as he looked at her breasts and tried to row with the added distraction of her massaging.

“I-I’m going to cum before we even get to the island, Mai.” He protested. “It’s hard for me to row with you doing that.. he added, trying to sound a tad stern. Mai ignored him. She added her other foot to the mix, and all he could do was groan and keep rowing. Fortunately the island came quicker than he did, and he escaped his sister’s toehold on him before he could erupt into his trunks.

They pulled the boat up onto the bank, and Mai grabbed her brother’s hand.

“I want us to hold hands when we can, lover".

The island was small; barely thirty feet across., with a small stand of trees, bushes, and some rocks. Leo walked her into the middle of the trees and they sat in the shadows.

“Man! This is a neat island. Just enough cover to…”

Mai finished his sentence, “To fuck me!”

They laughed. Leo stood up and took off his trunks. His cock hung down, semi-hard. Mai looked out across the lake. There were no other boats on the water. No one else was around.

“Can I ask you something, Leo?” He sat down next to her and nodded. “Do you—have you wanted to, like, scream, or shout or say something while I am sucking your cock? Or when we did it last night?”

Leo smiled and sputtered out, “Well, yeah! Remember? You had to cover my mouth, too.”

Mai said, “Yeah, that’s true. It just feels so good I want to shout.”

“I don’t see anyone around her, Sis, so if you get the urge to scream, have at it.” Her brother said. Mai reached over and grabbed his cock, giving it a playful squeeze.

“Let’s take our time out here today, okay? Long as we keep a lookout for someone coming, we can relax more and really enjoy this day.”

She stood up and took off her bikini bottom. Her pubic hair was non-existent. She smiled at her brother who licked his lips in approval.

“You look very tasty like that, Sis.” He said.

“Do you like it this way, or with hair down there?”

He looked at her “Mai, I don’t know enough about it to have an opinion. As long as I can lick you and fuck you, I don’t care.” They laughed.

He pulled her to him; her crotch in his face and his mouth against her mound.

“I love the smell of your pussy. It draws me in. I have never smelled anything like it before.”

She spread her legs a bit and he probed her with his tongue. Mai sighed at the sensation of his tongue on her folds, but she looked around before fully enjoying his attention. The coast was clear, so she closed her eyes and held his head against her body.

Mai had been fantasizing about this moment from the time she set foot on the boat to right now and she was already wet. Leo’s tongue slid easily in and out of her. His hunger for his sister was as high as ever. He plunged as deep as he could, and his lips covered her clit, which he munched while swirling his tongue inside her.

“Oh Leo! It feels great!” Mai spoke loudly for the first time.

Her voice echoed off the trees and rocks around them but went no further. Hearing herself speak, hearing her voice, gave more impetus to her pleasure. Her body trembled as she stood there. Leo slipped his finger inside her as he licked her clit. Mai groaned out loud. It was getting hard to stand with him finger fucking her.

“Leo, let’s do each other. I want you ready when I am. I want us to fuck really soon” her voice was urgent.

She knelt beside him and he rolled onto his back. Mai mounted him, her pussy over his face and her mouth moving quickly to his hard cock. They proceeded to eat each other, with Mai looking up now and then to scan the lake for intruders. She pressed her pussy against her brother’s mouth, grinding against him while she pushed her mouth down over his cock. Bobbing up and down over him, she soon brought him to a point where he was thrusting his manhood up and between her lips. Her body filled with an electric pleasure that causd her to pull her mouth off her brother to pant.

“I need you in me, Leo!”

She didn’t need to say it twice. He pushed her off him and she turned around. Sliding her pussy down over his cock, Mai impaled herself on him and then waited, enjoying the feel of him filling her. After a moment of sitting still with her brother massaging her breasts, she began to move up and down on his cock. The ecstasy that erupted inside her was incredible! There was a place just inside her that, when rubbed against, brought great pleasure. She pressed against Leo’s cock, positioning herself in a way to keep contact with that spot. And then she moaned with pleasure as her orgasm began to rise up.

It was surprising that she could remember to watch the lake for other people but the fear of discovery helped fuel her passion. Anticipation allowed Mai to cum more quickly than she had the past week and Leo felt the rush of her juices begin to flow down over his cock and balls. Mai whimpered like a kitten. Leo enjoyed her nipples and then pulled her to him to kiss her on the mouth. They French-kissed hungrily until Mai let out a squeal of joy. Her bobbing became erratic as her orgasm erupted in a gasp and a shout.

“OH! Yes! Leo, I love you!” She rode his cock and her orgasm, gasping and breathing heavily, her eyes closed.

When his cum began to shoot up into her, it sent her over the edge and she collapsed against his chest while he thrust in and out of her vigorously. A squeeze of her ass brought another wave of pleasure. After they finished, Mai pulled off her brother and changed her position over him again. They licked each other clean, moaning their appreciation all the while. Mai looked up and was relieved to see that they were still alone on the lake. Smoke rose from another campfire down from their camp, but otherwise there wasn’t any activity to be seen from where they lay.

“I can’t believe we have been able to make love like this,” Leo gushed, looking around. “You’ve got me so horny, I want to fuck again, right now!” His sister smiled at him, appreciating his desire for her. “In fact, I’ve got some ideas.” He grinned at his sister. It was going to be a wonderful afternoon.

Mai walked to the edge of the little island and peered across the water to the far away shore. There was still no activity to be seen; no one in a boat that would be a threat to their afternoon activities. Fully naked, she stood and warmed herself in the bright sun.

Leo watched his sister from the shadows, admiring her shapely ass and the look of her bare back in the sunlight. She bent over and splashed her hands, feeling the coolness of the water. Her brother looked at her pussy showing between her legs, and whistled his approval.

Mai looked back through her legs at him and said, “Like what you see?”

“Stay like that,” he replied.

Walking over to her, he pushed her legs to the side, spreading her stance out. The he sat down on his ass, between her legs, and pressed his mouth against her pussy. His warm mouth made her quiver. She grabbed her breasts and squeezed her nipples, her body flush with the beginnings of pleasure.

Being a limber girl, she stretched down and took her brother’s cock into her mouth. Leo laughed at this maneuver. What a sight it must be, with him licking her pussy while she sucks his cock, all with her standing! His balls were cooling in the water, while her hot mouth was heating up his cock and the temperature difference created a very erotic, very exciting effect. He held her ass, squeezing her cheeks in his hands and rubbing and pulling at her hips. Mai’s face was getting red from the blood rushing to her head. Leo didn’t want to let her up, though. Seeing her like this, licking her like this, was very intoxicating. Just the wetness of her pussy was arousing him.

“Fuck me, Leo. Let’s do something different—a different position.” Mai suggested, pulling her mouth off his cock. She stood up, scanned the lake for intruders, and looked down at her brother.

He smiled and tugged at her hand. “Come down here. I want to hold you.” She squatted down, and he pulled her on top of him. Laying down on the sand he directed her. “Lie down on top of me with your back against my chest.” Mai laid against her brother as he wrapped his arms around her, He spread her arms out, maneuvered his legs around hers to spread her legs wide.

“Oh. The sun feels good on my skin,” she cooed. She closed her eyes and waited for her brother to continue positioning her. Suddenly, she felt the ‘whoosh’ of his cock sliding easily into her wet, aching pussy. “Oh! Leo!” His cock filled her, and her entire body felt tight and tense, needing a sweet release. She relaxed her body against his. He thrust his shaft in and out of her, repeatedly, methodically, getting a rhythm in this new position they were trying. The angle of his penetration, the way his cock slid in and out of her, aroused her quickly. She began to pant heavily, and groan with pleasure.

“Leo! Fuck me!” She felt exposed and naked to the whole world, and the thought that she was incapable of hiding or covering herself if someone found them like this heightened the sexual sensations running through her body. Her brother cupped her breasts from behind, and massaged them firmly while he fucked her. Her nipples reached for the blue sky above them. She looked at her breasts and his hands upon them, enjoying how he flicked and tugged her nipples until they turned from brown to red. She wanted his mouth on her nipples; to devour her breasts. This desire only made her hornier and a sweet warmth began to wash over her that was not caused by the sun. It was wet, it was electric, and the feel of his cock penetrating her repeatedly was causing her to groan louder. Her voice carried out over the water, and Leo had clamped his hand over her mouth to silence her.

Mai was rubbing her clit, and everything came together to bring her to a very loud, and intense orgasm. Leo waited until she was in the middle of her pleasures to release his load inside her. She felt the force of his cum shooting into her, knew she was the source of his excitement, and another wave of pleasure rolled over her in another orgasm. He kept pumping his cock into her from behind and she rode his cock until he was done. They lay together, her on top of him, under the warm sun, and enjoyed the feel of each other’s body.

Afterwards, Mai and Leo slipped into the lake for a swim. Alone, naked, they enjoyed the cool water and the thought that this family vacation had turned into the best one ever. Of course, after a bit of time floating aimlessly in the water, Leo decided to check out his sister’s body under water. She sat still, her breasts floating, bobbing in the clear water of the lake. On her part, Mai had a look at her brother’s cock, too. Cool water, she found out, doesn’t enhance the experience. They both laughed at how his cock shrunk down.

“I know how to get your cock back to a good size,” she cooed. She began to stroke his shaft under the water and they kissed tenderly while she brought him back to life. He held her close to him, and his deepening breathe was sweet to her ears.

“I love getting you excited, Leo.”

He smiled at her comment. She knew it was the same for him. It was getting to be time for them to row back to the camp, but she wanted to make love one more time in the open before they left their little island.

Mai left the water fully naked. Her bikini top and bottom was waiting for her in the boat. Her skin glistened in the sun. She knelt down on the sand and got on all fours. She closed her eyes, letting her body settle. She focused on every part of her; the way her legs were spread, the feel of air over her pussy, and the slight sway of her full breasts as they hung down from her chest. Her brother watched her, letting his eyes roam her body. God, she loved to fuck! What a lovely body she had, and it was his for his pleasure. Desire began to rise up in him. He had to mount her, which was the reason why she was kneeling there. She wanted him inside her.

Mai watched her brother get up and walk out of the water. His cock was slightly stiff. She loved his muscular legs, and reveled in the fact that she would be feeling them next to her; she would feel the strength of his body as he fucked her there. Leo knelt behind his sister, and she held her breathe, waiting for him to come inside her. She gasped as he entered her from behind, and his hands grabbed a hold of her breasts, using his hold to penetrate her deeply.

“One last time, before we go back,” she whispered.

He began to fuck her slowly, letting his cock slide deeper and deeper with each thrust. She opened her eyes and almost screamed. There was a boat coming towards them. “We’ve got to stop, Leo! Someone’s coming.” She tried to free herself from his grasp, but he held her firm.

“No. This will be great. I bet it makes you cum really hard. I’m going to fuck you here and now.” Mai’s heart began to beat wildly. Each thrust of her brother inside her pussy was delicious and the fear of discovery was creating an erotic aura that hadn’t been a part of their lovemaking yet.

“What if it’s Mom and Dad?” Leo kept fucking his sister, each thrust harder than the previous one. The boat was having its desired effect. Mai felt her pleasure mounting as quickly as her brother had mounted her. The urgency of their situation, the threat of being found out, aroused her. Her orgasm collided with her brother’s and she squealed quietly at how good it felt.

Grabbing their bathing suits, they hid behind the boat and put them on just before the boat came close enough to the island for them to recognize who it was. Their parents had indeed returned.

“Hey, you two! What were you up to just then?” Their dad’s tone was accusatory.

Leo said quickly, “We were digging in the sand. What did you think we were doing?” His voice was blank, unconcerned.

“Well, it looked like—we thought that…” His voice trailed off. “Never mind. Have you two been having fun?”

Mai avoided her mom’s eyes, choosing to look at the island.

“This place is neat. We spent a lot of time here today.” She was wondering if her mom would notice the lack of tan lines on her body. They walked around the island and it didn’t escape Mai’s eyes that her mom was checking out footprints and body prints that were very visible. Mai was recounting every moment in her head: “Yes, we fucked there. I sucked his cock there…” Her thoughts were interrupted by her own chuckling. Her parents gave both her and Leo odd looks.

In the end, though, they all left the island for camp. Leo and Mei took the opportunity to take their showers early. Their parents had brought home food to cook over the fire. It would be waiting for them.

As they walked to the shower Leo said “Dad snapped my trunks. I think he was trying to see my tan line, or lack thereof. And Mom was giving you a thorough look-over from behind. Think they suspect something?”

“Well, I think having you fuck me doggy-style on the beach as they approached the island may have given them something to worry about,” she snorted. “And even if they missed that, the idea of us skinny-dipping and sunbathing nude together would be disturbing enough. I think we need to cool it tomorrow and spend more time with them.”

Leo agreed. Besides, all this fucking had given him an idea for bedtime. His sister would need tomorrow to recuperate.

--The end.

Rating: 82%, Read 19138 times, Posted Apr 05, 2012

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