Love And Lust: Sibling Complications_(2) by Sage_of_the_Forlorn_Path

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I wrote this story years ago but it got deleted due to the age restriction. Supposedly it's been lifted so I'm posting this again to test the waters and make sure. Enjoy!

Everyone has a weird family, but mine is just strange. My name is Alex, I have three little sisters, and we’re spread out across the gene spectrum, thanks to our blonde mom and our dark-haired dad. Basically every pregnancy was a war between the dominant traits. I’m seventeen and tall with dark hair. Two of my sisters are sixteen year-old twins, and I have no problem saying that I want to fuck them (I’m a teenager and full of hormones, so I’ll pretty much fuck anything attractive. Hell, I’ll fuck anything that squats to pee.). They are tall with blonde hair, C-cup tits, and they are absolutely gorgeous.

I have spent countless hours jacking off to the thought of them, aroused by their looks, the taboo, and the idea of a threesome with twins. You can’t get much kinkier than a threesome with twins… and they are also your sisters. I just want to stress that. Their names are Jenny and Carly, and while they may be hot… they aren’t perfect… not by a long shot. They’re what you might call “basic bitches”, with extra bitchiness. They have better looks than brains and never learned how to be decent human beings. They know that they’re hot, so they’re pretty shallow, both in terms of relationships and personality.

Now hold on, I know that you’re already guessing how things are going to end up. I just want to let you know that you’re on the right path, but cease your erections; this is more complicated than that.

My youngest sister and I have a very different relationship. She’s fourteen, her name is Elisa, and she is the exact opposite of Jenny and Carly. She is very timid and sweet, and has a voice that sounds like humming of doves. She is incredibly beautiful, with bright blue eyes and hair that is the darkest shade of black. It’s her shyness that keeps others from seeing how beautiful she is, and while she isn’t nearly as tall as her sisters (measuring under five and half feet), she is beginning to develop a womanly frame.

Jenny and Carly never included Elisa in anything they did, so she was always lonely and looking for someone to be with. As you can imagine, raising four kids is really expensive, so our parents were busy at work constantly, often coming home late at night, so I had always been the one Elisa came to and we were very close. I cared about her deeply and we did everything together. We watched the same shows, we did our homework together, and we were basically as close as Carly and Jenny were. She would either sit in my lap or lean her head on my shoulder when we watched TV, she followed me around like a lost pet, and she didn’t keep a single secret from me.

Now here is where things get complicated: I’m madly in love with Elisa. In summary, I have two sisters that, quite frankly, I really don’t care for, but make me feel like a Catholic rabbit with blue balls, and a third sister that I deeply care for and want to protect.

Our lives had a typical routine. I would wake up, have breakfast and chat with our parents about how yesterday went, drive my sisters and I to school, endure information being forcefully injected into my brain, drive back home, watch TV with Elisa pressed against me while Jenny and Carly gossip in their room, and make dinner for the four of us. While we eat, Carly and Jenny would be continue gossiping in their freaky twin language (its basically English, but with a weird ‘The Shining’ tone), and Elisa and I would be chatting and laughing.

Every day, whenever I saw Elisa, I would have to fight the urge to place my hands on her cheeks and kiss her. Whenever I see Jenny and Carly, I would have to fight the urge to rip their clothes off, throw one of them down onto the nearest flat surface, and mount her like a lion. My hormones were under more stress than a tuned piano.

Elisa and I were lying on the couch, watching The Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhoff. Seth Macfarlane had just done his “Pamela Anderson’s tits” joke with his Stewie voice. As Elisa laughed, she put her arm across my chest, and luckily didn’t feel my skyrocketing heart beat.

“I love these roasts,” she chuckled.

“Speaking of which, I had this crazy dream where I traveled back in time to ancient Rome. I performed the Comedy Central Roast of Julius Caesar. I said that he had fucked so many guys that his ass could serve as a theatre for plays.”

Elisa burst into laughter and pushed me off of the couch as she gasped for air.

“What’s going on in here?” Carly asked as she stepped into the room.

“We’re just watching a Comedy Central Roast,” I said, on the floor.

“Oh, I thought you were about fuck and she saw your tiny dick.”

Elisa lost her smile.

“Carly!” I barked as I got to my feet.

“All right, jeez! I’m sorry!”

“If you ever say something like that again, the next time I drive you to school, I’ll tie you to the hood of the car like a dead deer.”

“And then maybe you could stuff and mount me,” she said as she blew a kiss.

Speaking of deer, I was momentarily caught in the headlights from her response. Carly want back upstairs and I sat down on one end of the couch with Elisa at the opposite end. There was an awkward silence as we watched the roast on TV.

Finally, Elisa spoke. “Alex… have you ever had sex? I hear Jenny and Carly talk about it a lot, so I can’t help but wonder about it.”

“No, I haven’t. And don’t listen to those two idiots. They are so messed up that they make Lindsay Lohan look sane.”

Elisa gained a sad smile, but still didn’t seem reassured. “It’s just that they are popular and everyone at school listens to every word they say. But me, I’m just—”


Elisa turned to me and I moved down the couch, sitting next to her and wrapping my arm around her slender frame. “You are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen, you have the sweetest heart, and you are a treasure. Never let doubt enter your mind. Trust me, when those two are talking, everyone is just staring at their chests.”

“Thank you,” she murmured as she leaned her head on my shoulder.

Night came, our parents arriving after dinner and spending some time with us before collapsing in bed. I found myself as the last person downstairs, the rest of the house quiet. Once 10:00 flashed across the clock on the cable box, I turned off the TV and made my way upstairs. The house was pitch-black, but navigating my own home was as easy as breathing, including avoiding the spots in the floor and stairs that creaked. As I stepped past Carly and Jenny’s bedroom, I heard the softest of noises. At first I thought it was Elisa in her room and she was calling my name. However, it seemed to be coming from behind the door next to me. It was just slightly open with a bar of moonlight shining through. The clasp in the doorframe had been damaged years ago, so it was next to impossible to close the door without setting something against it.

I crouched down and peered through the gap, trying to find the source of the noise. Through the tiny window, I could just barely make out Carly’s bed, with the moonlight shining on the tangled blankets. Wait…

The entire surface of the bed shifted, and I realized that the light was shining on human skin. Both Carly and Jenny were in the bed and my jaw dropped when I realized that they were both naked. Carly was on her back, with her nipples pointing upwards. She was chewing on her pillowcase to stifle her moans as Jenny buried her face in between her legs. Jenny was on her knees and elbows, with her long blonde hair spread out across her back and Carly’s belly. Her head was bobbing up and down as her tongue flitted in between the lips of Carly’s pussy. I couldn’t believe I was watching my twin sisters eating each other out as if this was Girls Gone-fucking-Wild; had to be hallucinating or something!

After a minute, Jenny sat up and brushed back her hair. Both women giggled as she suspended herself over her sister.

“How did my pussy taste?” Carly asked after pressing her lips against her sister’s, sending her tongue into Jenny’s mouth.

Before she answered, Jenny rubbed her pussy with her fingers, soaking them thoroughly. She brought her hand up her face and slowly licked the juice, savoring every drop. Carly then wrapped her tongue around Jenny’s fingers, licking off the saliva and nectar.

“Just like mine,” Jenny giggled.

By now, my cock was so large and hard that I felt like I could use it in self-defense to beat a charging grizzly bear to death. They started kissing once again, wrapping their tongues into a double helix. As they licked the inside of each other’s mouths, they began rubbing each other’s pussies and grinding their hips. As they broke every taboo, my self-control broke and pulled out my dick and begin masturbating. I bit my lip and leaned my head against the doorframe as I jacked my throbbing manhood. It was honestly the best jerk I had ever had, and I would have sold my soul for the lights in their room to be on.

They moaned through their locked lips as they sent their fingers deep inside of each other. As their juices dripped off of their hands and soaked the bed sheets, I had to fight to keep from grunting with every jerk of my hand. Finally, they both gave a shrill but stifled moan as they had, literally, a gushing orgasm. I could actually see the moonlight being reflected off of each drop of pussy juice that splattered from between their fingers. As they started sucking their fingers, I finally lost it and shot my load right onto the floor. I couldn’t remember ever releasing so much. It was enough to fill and overflow from a shot glass.

I pulled off my sock and used it as a towel to mop it up, hoping that there wouldn’t be a stain in the wood. I put my eye back to the gap to see what they were doing next and the blood drained from my face. Looking straight at me, they both winked and started to giggle. I bolted away as quickly and quietly as I could and dashed back into my room. I never even noticed Elisa standing in the doorway of her room, watching me masturbate. As she stared at my closed door, her eyes gained a sad hue and tear rolled down her cheek.

Amidst my fear and dread of the following morning, I couldn’t help but masturbate twice more throughout the night. I had never been so horny, but so terrified of how things were going to end up. I had just watched my twin sisters slurping up each other’s pussy juices off of their hands as if their fingers were covered with ice cream, and they had SEEN me watching them. They knew I had watched them, and judging from their reaction, things were about to get complicated.

I knew that the next morning was going to be awkward, but I could actually feel my organs failing from the tension. Elisa was telling our parents about yesterday, Jenny and Carly were making their breakfast, and I was trying to eat my cereal and not stare at them. They seemed to be in a particularly good mood, even as they continued their grapefruit diet (something that they usually bitched about, complaining that there needed to be an easy way to stay thin). They each sat down on the other side of the table, and I focused on just looking down into my cereal. My dick was already hard with them being so close.

I reached out to grab my cup of tea and made the mistake of looking up. Instead of using their spoons to carve out pieces, they had just carved a slit down the middle of each half and were sending their tongues into the slits to drink the grapefruit juices. I ejaculated when they looked at each other and giggled.

As we drove to school, I couldn’t help but look in the rearview mirror at Carly and Jenny in the backseat. The whole time I was watching them, Elisa was looking at me with a sad hue in her eyes.

School went by in a blur. I couldn’t focus on any of my work, for my mind was fixated on what I had seen the night before. I was replaying every movement they made and was infusing them with countless separate fantasies. I had to go to the bathroom constantly to mop up precum.

“Elisa, come on, I need to brush my teeth,” I said, leaning against the doorframe of the bathroom.

Elisa was in about to take a bath, but I wanted to brush my teeth before I would have to wait. There was no answer, but instead, I could hear Elisa standing on the other side of the door. For several moments, the silence remained pristine, my own body suddenly falling still as if afraid to break the silence, but there was one sound that brushed back any illusion of time coming to a pause. By straining my ears, I could hear Elisa breathing, and every breath seemed to flutter, as if she was nervous about something.

I placed my hand on the door. “Elisa, is something wrong?”

“No, everything is fine. Come on in.”

I pushed open the door and every muscle in my body tensed when Elisa came into my view. She had a towel wrapped around her petite but shapely frame, and was looking at me with her head tilted to one side and a curious gleam in her eyes. She was blushing so much that it looked like she had a burning fever, and she was gripping the knot in the towel so tightly that the veins in her wrist bulged.

“Are you sure that you’re all right?” I asked as I placed my hand on her cheek, checking to see if she really did have a fever.

She shivered from my touch but didn’t pull away. Such delicate contact had long since become normal for us. She wrapped her fingers around my hand, weighing it down so that my hand ran down the soft skin on the side of her neck and shoulder, before finally resting on her collarbone, just above her right breast. Waves of radiating heat traveled from her chest and into my fingers. Time seemed to stand still as we looked into each other’s eyes.

Finally, Elisa gained a small but very warm smile. “Everything is fine. Everything is… as it should be.”

She walked back into the bathroom and sat down at the edge of the full tub. Clouds of steam wafted from the surface and Elisa was tracing swirling ripples with her finger. I started brushing my teeth, trying to reorganize my mental bearings. The whole time I brushed, Elisa was looking at me with a nervous expression and biting her lip. After a minute, she stood up and faced the tub. Slowly, the towel she had wrapped around her began to lower. I became dead still as it dropped to her rear and then fell down to her ankles. My toothbrush fell out of my hand and clattered in the sink.

“Uh… Elisa… What are you doing?”

Without turning to me, she said, “I’m just getting in the bath.”

She then crossed her arms and looked over her shoulder at me. Her eyes were full of nervousness and even fear. She looked so fragile.

“Shouldn’t you wait until I leave?”

“Don’t worry, it’s ok for a brother to see his sister this way. Its… ok for you to see me like this.”

She then stepped into the steaming water and her naked form became as smooth and glistening as glass. Her physical features were much more apparent now. She was still a petite girl who had just entered her teenage years, but that pure youth was diluted with physical maturity. When she was clothed, she was just my baby sister who followed me around like a lost pet, but without her clothes, it was as if I could see the real woman within her. Her breasts were small enough to highlight her youthful innocence, but large enough to emphasize her maturity. Her womanhood looked like it was made of tan rose petals, and was covered with the smallest film of pubic hairs.

She lied down in the tub with the water lapping at her flesh. “Alex, before you go, there is something I need to talk to you about.”

I said the first words that came to mind. “Is it ok if we talk tomorrow? I’m too tired to think clearly and I just need to go to bed.”

For a moment, it looked like Elisa was going to cry. “As you wish.”

It was another sleepless night as I lay awake, thinking over everything that had happened. Every aspect of my thoughts was revolving around Elisa, but unlike the previous night, I did not masturbate. While seeing Elisa naked had aroused me to no end, it was not the kind of arousal that I gained from watching Jenny and Carly. It was an emotional arousal, more than a sexual one.

Next morning wasn’t nearly as awkward as the previous morning, but there was still tension. After time to process, I was now able to look at Jenny and Carly without my mind instantly freezing up, but Elisa wouldn’t say a single word to me. She had never been this distant.

It was a late afternoon and I was watching TV by myself. Jenny and Carly were in their room gossiping as usual and Elisa was in her bedroom, doing her homework. Normally she and I would watch TV and do our homework together, but she had told me that she had a lot of work to do and needed to focus. The fact that she hadn’t even looked at me when she said it made my heart ache. Finally I decided that I had to talk to her. Something was wrong and I needed to know. I should have talked to her the night before, but I was too confused to think clearly. I needed to make things right with her.

I climbed up the staircase and walked down the upstairs hallway, trying to plan out what I was going to say to Elisa. Reaching her room, I was about to knock on her door when, I heard a noise that made me freeze. It was the softest of moans and it was coming from down the hall, from Jenny and Carly’s bedroom. My heartbeat skyrocketed to the point where I thought it was going to burst out of my chest like a xenomorph. I crept down the hall crouched down and looked through the gap in the door, feeling like my heart had been yanked backwards and slammed against my spine.

It was the same scene as the night before yesterday, but with two differences. Instead of moonlight just barely giving me any view, the room was fully illuminated by the setting sun. Also, Jenny and Carly were in the same position, but their places were switched. This time, Jenny was on her back, and Carly was sending her tongue deep into her pussy, causing her sister to struggle to stifle her moans.

Just as I placed my hand on my cock, they both looked at me and smiled.

“We know you’re there, Alex, come on in,” Carly said.

Every vein in my body seemingly locked shut and I struggled to breath.

“Come on, we’re waiting,” Jenny said before sitting up and running her tongue up the side of her twin sister’s right tit.

I slowly stood up, and with a shaky hand, I opened the door. I stepped into the bedroom and tried to shut the door as best I could. My body was trembling to the point where I thought I was about to fall apart. They had invited me in, but I felt more like a small child sent to the principal’s office.

“Relax, Alex. There is no need to be shy. We sure aren’t,” Carly said.

I walked over to the bed, no longer knowing what I was doing. Both Carly and Jenny got up onto their knees and put their hands on my shoulders and chest. My mind was still completely frozen and it was hard to form a single thought.

“My god, I think we shocked him so much that he’s turned into a vegetable,” Jenny said.

“Don’t worry, I know a way to wake him back up,” Carly said as she put her hand on the crotch of my jeans.

The feel of my sister’s hand on my throbbing manhood cleared my mind. I looked at them and smiled. “So, how long have you two been doing this?”

“A few months. Dating the boys at school was just boring, so we wanted something exciting. We could barely keep our hands off of ourselves, so why not put our hands on each other?” Carly said.

“She’s just as hot as I am, I’m just as hot as she is, and if we are anything, it’s horny. There is nothing sexier in this world than a little girl-on-girl, and there are few things more taboo than incest. So we decided to give it a try.”

“And where do I come in?”

Carly unbuttoned my pants and grabbed my rock-hard manhood. “Inside us, of course. Our fingers are nothing compared to a stiff cock. And what’s sexier than it being our older brother?”

As she started stroking it, Jenny pressed her lips against mine. My sister sent her tongue into my mouth and I was in utter disbelief at how long it seemed. I almost jerked in surprise as Carly’s soft mouth wrapped around my manhood, soaking it in saliva and sucking it with the skill of an Amsterdam hooker. My haggard breathing interrupted my kiss with Jenny as I struggled to stay on my feet.

“I know, and she’s even better at licking pussy,” Jenny whispered in my ear.

She then crouched down like her sister and took my cock in her mouth. Carly licked her lips as she watched her twin sister suck her older brother’s cock, and I rolled my head back and groaned. Jenny’s mouth was just as soft as Carly’s, and she had the same unbelievable skill. She sent the tip of her tongue into the slit at the head of my penis, she pressed the insides of her cheeks against the sides of the shaft, and she bit down on it using only her lips.

They both moved back as I took my clothes off and I sat down on the bed with my back against the wall. Jenny and Carly sat beside me, running their hands all over me. I was still in disbelief that pretty much all of my fantasies were coming true in one fell swoop.

Carly and I began to make out, licking the inside of each other’s mouths. With my lips busy, I began squeezing her tits and rubbing her cunt. This was the first time I had ever gotten this far with a girl, and the fact that another girl was sucking my dick was making it better than I could have possibly imagined. Carly’s tits were perfectly sized; round, soft, and perky. It was like they were water balloons that had been perfectly filled with the same skill that Leonardo Da Vinci used to paint The Last Supper. Her pussy was as wet as the inside of watermelon and the lips and interior felt like bubble-wrap, coated in lubricant.

After a minute, Jenny released my cock and then spat on the head. Carly took over, lapping up her sister’s saliva off of my bulging manhood. As she sucked on it hungrily, I started making out with Jenny while exploring her body with my hands. Jenny’s body was like a mirror image of Carly’s and just feeling it blew my mind.

After another minute, Carly raised her head and climbed onto my lap, facing me. “Come on, put your cock in me!”

“With pleasure, sis,” I said with a smile.

With my whole body shaking, I grabbed her hips, lifted her up, and forced my cock into the lips of her pussy. She gave high-pitched moan and gripped my shoulders as I penetrated her, and my eyes nearly rolled all the way back into my head from the feeling of her soft wet cunt gripping the shaft and head. She began rocking back and forth, riding my erect phallus as if it were one of those coin-operated rides outside of superstores. With each passing second, she became more and more energized, bouncing on my lap. Happier than ever before in my life, I held out my tongue and licked her tits as they bounced in my face.

Jenny was beside us, fingering her pussy as she watched her siblings defile each other. Carly’s pussy felt so good on my dick, I had to fight with every fiber of my being to keep from shooting my load. It was as soft as her mouth, but much tighter, grinding its soft insides against every single millimeter of sensitive skin. Jenny sat up and held up her hand, with her fingers coated in her pussy juice. I sucked on her fingers, savoring the bittersweet taste of the liquid, and Jenny sucked on Carly’s nipples. With my cock being rammed into her cunt and Jenny licking her tits, Carly was moaning shrilly and holding onto my shoulders with a vise grip. I could see every muscle in her body tensing and contracting as I was driven deep into her.

I shifted position, lying on my back. With Carly still bouncing on my cock, Jenny suspended herself over me and sat down on my face, letting me gorge myself on the soft flesh of her womanhood. I actually had to hold my breath as the voluptuous lips were smothered my mouth and nose. The juices running from her pussy tasted absolutely amazing, but I wasn’t sure if it was the real taste or the psychological affect of the experience.

As she grinded her cunt against my face, Jenny began kissing Carly, but because Carly was bouncing on my cock, the sisters ended up just licking each other’s faces. I grinded my face into Jenny’s slit as aggressively as I could, causing all of her muscles to tighten up. Finally, both girls moaned loudly as they came, and pussy juice gushed out from between their legs. Both girls got off me and I used a nearby pillow as a towel to wipe the fluid off of my face. Now it was Jenny’s turn to get fucked. She got on her hands and knees with Carly beneath her in the 69-position. Jenny lowered herself down and the two sisters interlocked like Velcro. As they started eating each other out, I got behind Jenny and pressed my head against the lips of her cunt.

“Excuse me, Carly, I just want to squeeze in here,” I said as I lifted up Jenny’s hips and forced my cock inside her, causing her to give emit a shrill but suppressed moan into Carly’s pussy.

Mounting her like a dog, I began ramming her with my bulging cock, sending her lurching forward with each thrust. Beneath me, Carly was licking my balls, the base of my cock, and Jenny’s clit. As I hammered my sister’s cunt, I looked down at the two women beneath me and admired the view. Never had I ever imagined being able to fuck my sisters this way. I had a whole library of fantasies in my mind, but I never believed for a second that one of them would come true. Just seeing the muscles in Jenny’s beck as she flexed and stretched was sexy beyond words.

I wanted to fuck them all day, but with this being my first time, it was a miracle I had lasted so long. I pulled my cock out of Jenny and stuck it in Carly’s mouth, letting her slurp the wetness that coated my manhood. Once she licked it clean, I climbed off of the bed and stood up.

“Come on, girls, I took care of you, now I get my turn.”

They too climbed off of the bed and got on their knees in front of me. They pressed the sides of their faces together with their mouths open and their tongues sticking out. I gripped my manhood and began jacking it furiously, but it didn’t take much coaxing for my cock to shoot its load. Thick streams of sperm erupted from the head, splattering across my sister’s faces and tongues. Several jets coated their faces, sprayed their hair, and landed in their mouths. I had ejaculated even more than the night when I first watched them. They swallowed the sperm with wide smiles and licked it off of each other’s faces.

I looked down at my sisters and smiled. “That was my first time having sex, but I can’t imagine any other time being as good.”

“Well this isn’t the last time. We are going to have a lot of fun together,” Carly replied coyly.

None of us were aware of Elisa, standing in the hallway on the other side of the door. She was trembling as she silently cried.

For the next two weeks, I fucked Jenny and Carly at every opportunity, and with our parents gone during each afternoon and most of each evening, I spent almost every minute at home with my clothes off and my dick inside someone. But while my sex life couldn’t possibly get any better, there was something that bled me of happiness. Elisa was more aloof than ever before, often going days without saying a single word to me. She would leave a room when I entered it, take the bus instead of coming with Carly, Jenny, and I when we went to school, and spend all of her time in her room. Often, I would stand by her door, begging her to talk to me. Before I would make my presence known, I would put my ear to her door and listen. Almost every time, I could hear her softly crying. I would beg her to let me in, to talk to her, to just let me hold her, but she would never respond.

While my manhood was in paradise, my heart was in turmoil.

It was middle of the afternoon and the twins and I had just gotten home from school. We were a half-hour late, due to a not-so-quick quickie in the car. We had gotten inside and were just about to go upstairs for Round Two, but Carly and Jenny were taken hostage by the phone. One of their friends had just gotten a juicy piece of gossip, now the three of them had to analyze it from every aspect. Knowing them, it would probably take a while. I figured I might as well check in on Elisa and try to get her to talk to me.

“Elisa, are you there?” I asked while knocking on her door.

“Alex…” I heard Elisa coo softly.

“Elisa, are you ok?”

“Alex… please…”

I opened the door and the breath was ripped from my lungs. Elisa was in her bed, completely naked with her hand between her legs. She was blushing so much that her body seemed to be glowing, but the expression on her face showed pain.

“Please… help me…” she whimpered tearfully.

I walked over and crouched down, wrapping my hand around hers. My eyes were fixated on her beautiful naked body. I had always wanted to see Elisa in such a situation, but not with this look of discomfort on her face.

“Elisa, what’s wrong?”

“I was using a small vibrating rotor, but I accidently pushed down on it too hard. Now it’s inside me and I can’t get it out. I think it ruptured my hymen; I’m bleeding. Please, it doesn’t feel good anymore, I just want it to stop.”

I looked down and saw the box for the rotor. On the front was a picture of it. The small egg-shaped rotor was about the size of a finger joint and activated by twisting the two-piece case.

“So you want me to…”

“Your fingers are longer than mine, can you get it? Please, I’m begging you.”

I swallowed hard, my mind pretty much working on autopilot while it processed everything. “Ok.”

I climbed up onto the bed and Elisa spread her legs. I took just a second to admire her naked body. She was soaking wet from arousal and the soft lips of her slit were parted, but they were also wet with blood. She really had lost her virginity when the vibrator entered her. My stomach was twisted into a knot from the realization of what she had lost. Her innocence had been taken by a mere toy, and she would never know of the feeling of a first-time sexual experience, shared with someone who too was inexperienced. Now that I thought about it, I regretted that it would be the same with me.

“Oh, my poor sweet sister. I am so sorry.”

I placed my hand on her cheek, wiping away her tears and trying to comfort her. She held onto my hand tightly, almost as if she were trying to wrap it around herself like a blanket.

“You’re the only one I trust enough to do this. You’re the only one that I would let touch me like this. Please, take it out,” she whimpered.

“Of course, Elisa. I would do anything to help you,” I replied as I brushed my thumb against her soft lips.

I reached out and placed my hands on her inner thighs. I took a deep breath and pressed my thumbs against the lips of her pussy, feeling her nectar on my hand. Elisa stirred as I parted the lips, opening her up and letting me see her soft pink insides. The sweet smell wafting up was driving me insane with arousal, and I wanted nothing more than to plant my face between her legs, send my tongue as far up into her as possible, and savor the taste of her essence.

“Do you see it?” Elisa panted.

“No, but I think I can hear it. It really is far up there.”

“Please, get it out!”

I nodded and lied down beside her. With our faces just inches apart, we stared into each other’s eyes.

“Hold onto me.”

Elisa bit her lip and wrapped her arms around me, burying her face in my chest. With my right hand still on her pussy, I slowly pushed my fingers in between the wet lips. Elisa gave a shrill whine as I entered her and tightened her hold. Her body was so slender and her slit was so tight that I could barely work my fingers. Slowly, I got my middle and index finger up to the first joint, then the second, and finally the third. There is no way to describe the warmth, softness, and wetness of Elisa’s insides and how good they felt. I wanted to push my whole hand up into her… among other things. To think, I was actually inside her at this moment.

I searched every corner of her pussy, trying to find the rotor and unable to go in past my knuckles. The whole time I was searching, Elisa was panting and blushing from physical arousal, and her whole body was drenched in sweat. Finally, I found it. While I couldn’t actually touch it, I could feel its vibrations passing through the vaginal walls, and knew it was just a centimeter or so past my reach.

“I can’t get at it.”

Elisa’s eyes widened with fear. “Then what do we do?”

“We have two options: I can take you to the hospital, or we can push it into my reach.”

“How are we going to do that?”

“You need to have an orgasm. The convulsions will hopefully push it enough for me to at least grab it.”

Elisa held her breath and bit her lip, trying to fight her embarrassment. “Ok,” she finally whispered.

I nodded and wrapped my arm around her, holding her close. “Don’t worry Elisa, you’re going to be all right. I’m going to take care of you. Just relax and hold onto me.”

I slowly began to work my fingers in and out, tickling and exciting her insides. Elisa squirmed in my arms as I stroked the lips of her pussy, entering her over and over again with my fingers and loosening her up. Elisa had her face buried in the side of my neck and was giving a continuous mix of a whine and moan, she was gripping my shirt as tightly as possible, and her legs were clamped tight around my hand.

“Oh god, stop! I can’t take it anymore, you’re driving me crazy!” my little sister moaned.

Regardless of what she said, I continued.

From my experience with Carly and Jenny, I put a lot of focus on her clitoris, gently rubbing it to invoke as strong a reaction as possible. From the combination of the vibrator buzzing inside of her and my fingers inside her, it only took Elisa a minute to have a orgasm. Her pussy constricted and contracted over and over again, finally pushing the rotor enough for me to grab it with my index and middle finger.

“I got it,” I panted, pulling it out.

My hand was drenched in my sister’s arousal and the rotor was buzzing in my hand. I stood up and walked over to a nearby box of tissues, using them to wipe the fluid off of my hand. I turned around and whole body became cold. Elisa had her back to me and was lying in the fetal position, sobbing. Only now did I see how young and helpless my sister was, and what I had just done to her. She looked so small, as if she had turned back into a child.

“Elisa, I am so sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t stop when you told me too. I’m sorry, please forgive me!”

Several seconds passed by before Elisa managed to speak through the sobs. “I’m not upset with you, I’m upset with myself!”

I sat on the bed and placed my hand on her shoulder, but she pulled away out of shame. “I just had my brother give me an orgasm because I lost a vibrator in my own body! What is wrong with me?! I can’t imagine what you think of me…”


I reached underneath her, with one arm against her back and the other behind her knees. To her surprise, I picked her up and held her in my lap. I kissed her several times on the forehead and cheek and she stopped crying.

“Elisa, my view of you hasn’t changed. I still care about you and I still love you. You are my sister, and the moment we just shared is not something that you should be ashamed of, I’m certainly not. I will always be there for you and be with you, and that will never change. I will never judge you.”

Elisa wrapped her arms around my neck and burst into fresh tears. “Thank you, Alex, thank you so much!”

“You don’t have to thank me. You’ll never have to thank me.”

I then laid her down in her bed and covered her with a blanket. “You should just stay up here and get some rest. After all that you’ve been through, I think you should just take it easy. After a nice nap, you’ll feel much better.”

I then began to laugh and picked up the box for the vibrating rotor. “Now tell me, where the hell did you get this thing?”

Elisa blushed from embarrassment, but she had a small smile. “I bought it from a friend at school.”

“Ah, my dear sweet Elisa is growing up. But no matter how tall or how old you get, you will always be my adorable baby sister.”

“Thank you, Alex.”

I leaned down and kissed her on the forehead and she closed her eyes. I gently began stroking her hair, making her purr like a cat. I moved my hand down, gently brushing it against her smooth cheek. Elisa gave a soft hum as I moved my thumb across her soft lips. Finally, I gave her one last kiss on the forehead and I stood up. I pushed the packaging for the rotor under her bed, put the rotor out of sight, and walked towards the door.

Just as I opened it, Elisa spoke. “Alex, you said that you would always be there for me…”

I looked back, staring into her beautiful eyes. She had sat up, letting the blanket fall and reveal her breasts. I nodded.

“And you also said that you will always be with me. Will you stay with me, Alex? Will you stay here… and be with me?”

Before I could answer, I heard Jenny holler. “Alex, can you help us with our homework?”

With Elisa in the house, she knew it would be a bad idea to ask if I could pound their wet cunts and make them scream in ecstasy. The warmth in Elisa’s eyes disappeared. “Go, just go,” she muttered before lying back down with her back to me.

“Elisa, I—”

“Just leave me alone. After all, that’s the way it’s always going to be for me.”

“But Elisa—”

“Get out!”

Reluctantly, I stepped out of her room and closed the door, leaving her to cry into her pillow.

Once again, my relationship with Elisa had been reduced to silence and repulsion. She refused to talk to me or even be near me, but it seemed like she was more sad and disappointed than actually angry with me.

Our parents were out of town for the weekend on a business trip. They were actually going to hand in their notices resignation and look for new jobs so that they could spend more time with us. This trip would be their last business with their company before leaving. It was just after eleven pm on Saturday night, and since we were about to lose a lot of personal time, the twins and I were doing what we usually did: fucking each other’s brains out. With our parents around, it might be a while until we would be able to screw again, so we were enjoying it while we could.

We were in the twins’ room; Jenny was riding my cock and Carly and I were making out. As Jenny bounced up and down, Carly and I were squeezing her breasts. Jenny gave a shrill moan as she had a gushing climax. These girls’ were on hairpin triggers. She climbed off me and took my dick in her mouth, licking it clean and savoring the taste of her pussy juice.

I turned to Carly. “All right, your turn.”

“Hold on, we have a surprise for you,” she said coyly.

Then as fast as lightning, she ran over to the bedroom door, wrenched it open, and grabbed something large. My heart became cold as I realized it was Elisa. She was wearing a white night gown and was struggling to get free of Carly, but her tall older sister easily overpowered her.

Carly carried her over to the bed. “She’s been watching you fuck us every time, so now we want to watch you fuck her. Come on, Alex! Turn her into your little whore!” Carly said sadistically.

“No! Let me go! Please just let me go!” she begged with her eyes full of fear.

“Let go of her! Don’t you dare force her into this!” I roared.

From the ferocity of my voice, Carly and Jenny backed off like two scared hyenas, releasing Elisa. She collapsed to the floor, holding herself as she cried. I quickly pulled on my pants and got off the bed. Elisa didn’t look up at me as I crouched down beside her. She simply clutched herself as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Don’t worry, it’s ok,” I said softly, trying to hold back tears of my own.

With one arm under her knees and the other against her back, I picked her up and cradled her. Holding her in my arms, her tiny body felt as light as a feather. I tried to almost wrap myself around her like a blanket, while she pressed her face to my bare chest. I carried her out of the room, leaving Carly and Jenny behind in disbelief. We walked into Elisa’s room and I closed the door behind us. There were no lights on, but the room was dimly illuminated by the moonlight. I sat Elisa down on her bed and then crouched down on the floor in front of her, holding her hands.

“Elisa, I am so sorry,” I murmured as I wiped away her tears. She didn’t say a word, instead letting her tears speak for her.

“Elisa, please talk to me. I can’t bear to see you this way.” Elisa’s lips parted several times, as if she couldn’t decide what to say, even though she desperately wanted to speak. “Have you really been watching us?”

“Yes. Every time you were with them, I watched you three through the gap.”

I sat next to her on the bed and wrapped my arm around her petite frame. “But why? Why did you watch us? Why have you been so distant from me?”

“Because I wanted to be close to you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Alex, I saw you masturbating outside of their door when you first watched them. I was terrified that they would take you away from me, because you had never seen me the way you see them. That was why I showed myself to you in the bathroom; I was trying to get you to love me before you would love them.”

“You wanted me to love you?”

Fresh tears streamed from her eyes. “Yes, but after you had sex with them, I lost all hope. I knew that with them in your heart, you could never love me. I watched the three of you, imagining that you were with me instead of them. Watching you make love to our sisters gave me the smallest spark of hope, and it made me feel close to you.”

“Elisa, I don’t love them,” I said, almost laughing as I spoke.

She looked up at me with disbelief. “What?”

I placed my hand on her cheek and looked into her beautiful eyes. “I don’t love them. I wasn’t making love to them; I was having meaningless sex with them. I was just being a horny idiot, indulging my sexual desires. If I had known that you felt this way, I never would have even touched them.”

“You wouldn’t? But why?”

I smiled and kissed her, pressing my lips against hers for several moments while we held that embrace. “Because you are the one I love. I wanted to have sex with Jenny and Carly, but you are the only one in my heart.”

“I love you, Alex. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, more than you could ever know.”

We kissed again, this time with more passion. As our lips locked together and separated over and over again, Elisa and I lied down on her bed. I placed my hand on her hip and our kiss ended.

“Are you sure you want to do this? I don’t want to cause you any discomfort.”

“You’re the only one I trust enough to do this. You’re the only one that I would let touch me like this,” she murmured with a small but warm smile, repeating what she had said when I helped remove the vibrator from her body.

We resumed kissing and caught the end of her nightgown with my middle and index finger. I pulled it up with my fingertips running up her smooth thigh, making Elisa shiver with every inch of skin that I touched. She was wearing no underwear, so I caused her to shiver again as I traced the lips of her tight pussy. I ran my fingertips up her slim belly and placed my hand on the center of her chest, feeling her heartbeat for several moments. I then began squeezing her breasts, making her hum in pleasure.

Her boobs weren’t as large as the twins’, but they matched her physique and were as perky as she was. I rubbed them with my palm, gently pinched the nipples, and explored every centimeter of the supple hills. I then moved my hand back down and Elisa pulled off her nightgown. I pressed my fingers against the lips of her pussy, causing her to jerk in surprise. I rubbed the soft lips and she hummed in ecstasy and started to move like a wave. I slowly pushed one of my fingers in and her hum became a loud moan as she gripped my shoulders. Her pussy was incredibly tight, but she was so wet that my fingers could slip right in. As I flexed my fingers in her pussy and kissed her neck, Elisa gripped my shoulders and moaned in bliss.

“Oh my god, that feels so good!”

With her soft voice, the moan she gave was one of the most beautiful things I had ever heard. Elisa put her hand on mine and pushed down, trying to augment the pleasure. I eagerly obliged, pushed more fingers up inside her and rubbing even faster. I wrapped my arm around her, holding her against me as I worked my fingers in and out of her as fast as I could. She buried her face in the side of my neck, trying to stifle her moan.

Finally, her smooth thighs clamped around my hand, her juices soaked my fingers, and she bit my shoulder as she gave a shrill cry. Every muscle in her body tightened up from the orgasm, but after several seconds, she relaxed. She had a look of pure bliss on her face, blushing to the point where she was almost glowing in the dark, and her whole body was trembling.

She gained a look of horror on her face when she realized she had bit me. “Oh my god, Alex, I am so sorry.”

I kissed her and she became calm. “Don’t worry, it’s ok.”

“That was the best feeling I’ve ever had. It was even better than the first orgasm you gave me.”

“I’m glad. I’ve always wanted to make you this happy.”

“There is another thing you can do to make me happy…” she said as she put her hand on my bulging manhood. “Love me. Love me forever.”

We resumed kissing, and as we kissed, I pulled off my pants and suspended myself over her. “I love you, Elisa. I love you so much. I don’t want you to feel any discomfort at all. Just say something and I’ll stop completely.”

“Don’t worry, Alex. I want you inside me. That vibrator may have ruptured my hymen, but it did not take my virginity. My virginity is mine to give to who I love, and I want to give it to you.”

We kissed again and I grasped my erect manhood, pressing the head against the welcoming lips of her pussy. I slowly pushed it in, and Elisa gave a trembling gasp and dug her fingernails into my back. Her whole body shook more and more with every inch I pushed in. She was so petite that her pussy was impossibly tight, so the going was slow.

Just past the entrance, I could feel the place where her hymen had been. Nothing as large as my cock had ever entered her, let alone gone past this point. I pushed my cock all the way in and Elisa gave a loud and shrill moan, feeling it go farther in then she thought possible. I slowly pulled my cock out, and then forced it back in, causing to give a shrill but quieter moan. After three thrusts, Elisa’s pussy was loose enough for me to slide freely in it. We began moving back and forth in rhythm, kissing each other as I explored her insides with my manhood. Her pussy felt better than Carly and Jenny’s combined, with the perfect tightness and softness. It wasn’t just the physical feeling that was so nice; it was also the emotional one. For the first time in my life, I felt like I was where I belonged. I was right where I was supposed to be, holding the girl the loved as we consummated our relationship.

Elisa gave a trembling gasp with each thrust, with her chin resting on my shoulder and her legs wrapped around my waist. With her pressed against me, we could feel each other’s heartbeats. My forehead was against her pillow, with my neck bent so that it wouldn’t cover my face and keep me from breathing. I relished the feeling and smell of her soft black hair against my face.

I wrapped my arms around Elisa’s slender frame and picked her up, sitting on the heels of my feet. Elisa’s gasps turned into soft moans as my cock was driven deeper into her. She gripped my shoulders and I held onto her hips, lifting her up and bringing her back down onto my dick. When she would rise, she would gently kiss me on the forehead, and then kiss me on the lips when I brought her back down. As we looked into each other’s eyes, her beauty mesmerized me. The aura of her eyes and the sweet tender smile on her face was almost a religious experience.

I lied back on the bed, with Elisa sitting on my lap, rocking back and forth on my erect cock. She had her hands pressed against my chest, holding onto me for balance as her whole body began to tremble. She started to pant and I could tell that she was about to have another orgasm. I too was reaching the limit of my control. I felt like I was about to ejaculate my organs.

“Alex, I’m about to cum.”

“I know. I can barely hold myself back.”

Simultaneously, I grunted as jets of semen erupted from my cock, and Elisa gave one last moan as her pussy clamped around my manhood and soaked it in her juices. She collapsed on top of me, and we both tried to catch our breath as she kissed my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and she pressed her forehead against the side of my neck.

“I love you so much,” I said as our bodies cooled.

“I love you too, and I have dreamed of his night for years. But what about Carly and Jenny? You aren’t still going to…”

“Of course not, forget them. They can do whatever they want. They’ll be fine without me. I don’t care about them; I care about you. I love you, Elisa, and you are the only one I will ever be with.”

“Thank you, Alex.”

She then began to chuckle.

“What is it?” I asked.

“We have a weird family.”

We both laughed, then fell asleep in each other’s arms.


Things were better than ever at my house, and I couldn't be happier. Ever since Elisa and I had expressed our love for each other, we spent almost every single minute together. During the night, one of us would sneak into the other's room and we would make sweet love in the darkness, and during the day, we would kiss for hours on end. But not only had my relationship with my youngest sister improved, but my relationship with the twins had improved as well. For as long as I could remember, Jenny and Carly had always been strangers to Elisa and I. They rarely talked to us, and when they did, it wasn't to say something nice. Now we were all much closer than before. The fact that I had fucked the both of them broke the barrier that had always been between them and I. When blood couldn't bring us together, good old-fashioned threesomes did. Our relationship was now sort of like the TV show Seinfeld, and I was Jerry and the twins were Elaine (if Jerry and Elaine were related).

Instead of being territorial and jealous, Elisa too became closer to them. Just like how sex was what the twins and I had in common, I was what the twins and Elisa had in common. They both apologized for the way they had treated her (especially when they tried to drag her into one of our threesomes), and she forgave them. Now she looked up to them the way a younger sister should, and they welcomed her into everything they did. It was as if the sexual secrets and our intimate relationships were allowing us to finally be close.

During the afternoons, the four of us would be spread across the couch, watching TV. Elisa would be curled up in my lap on one end, and Jenny and Carly would be huddled together on the other. We would talk and laugh more during meals, do our homework together, Elisa and the twins would gossip in their room, and we all finally got to look into each other's lives. Jenny and Carly were happy for Elisa and I and our love, but I could tell that they missed me in the bedroom. But while I definitely cherished memories of the three of us fucking each other's brains out, I had absolutely no desire to do it again. Elisa was the love of my life, and she gave me everything that I had ever desired.

It was just after three pm, and the four of us had gotten home after a loooooong day of school. Our parents had gotten new jobs, giving them more time to spend with us. They got home at five, which gave us a good two hours to ourselves. As we walked up the driveway, I had my arm around Elisa and the twins were holding each other's hands.

“Oh my god,” Elisa groaned, “I spent all day fighting the urge to bang my head against my desk to knock myself out.”

“Yeah, algebra can do that to you,” Jenny chuckled.

“That's nothing. In science class, I can barely keep from stabbing myself with the closest sharp object. What is it about school that causes us to self destruct?” Carly piped up.

“It's because the air is full of the confusion and crappy teenage angst of the people around you,” I said with a laugh.

“I live in a house with three teenagers, but I never feel confused and frustrated, just happy,” Elisa said sweetly.

“You are so cute,” I said as I kissed her on the forehead.

We stepped inside and Jenny and Carly instantly made their way to the TV room. I took off my backpack and was about to follow them, but Elisa stopped me. She put her hand on my chest and pressed herself against me. “Let's go upstairs and take a bath.”

With my hand wrapped around hers, I followed Elisa upstairs. We stepped into the bathroom and turned on the bath, taking off our clothes as the tub filled with hot water. Elisa stood in front of the mirror with a look of disappointment on her face.

“What's wrong?” I asked as I rubbed her shoulders.

“I am so jealous of Jenny and Carly, I wish I had their figures.”

“Why are you jealous? I love you the way you are.”

“I'm 4’9” and I have A-cup breasts. I just wish you didn't have to bend down to kiss me and that I could give you a little to play with.”

“Elisa, do you know why I love your body?”


“Because I can do this...” I said as I swept her off her feet, with one arm behind her back and the other under her knees. She gave a mix of a laugh and a yelp as I picked her up. “I love wrapping my arms around your slender frame and holding you like a sweet little bunny.”

I stepped into the tub and lowered the two of us into the hot water. As I moved back, Elisa turned off the water and curled up in my lap with my arms wrapped around her. The concept of time ceased to exist, as for uncountable minutes, we just listened to the dripping of the faucet and relished the feeling of our naked bodies pressed against each other in the hot water. I can't put into words how wonderful every passing moment was. The feeling of her back pressed against my bare chest, her smooth thighs and sexy little ass against my half-erect manhood, the soft sound of every fluttering breath she took, and the knowledge that her heart was beating so close to mine.

“This is so nice,” I said as I kissed her neck, causing her to shiver in arousal.

“Alex, do you ever wonder what we'll do when we're older? Just imagine what our parents would do if they found out about us.”

“I figure that since I'm older, I'll try to get into the closest college possible. That way, we can be close while you're in high school. Once you graduate, we can get our own apartment and live together. I can't wait for us to be on our own, living like a real couple.”

“I don't want to grow up.”

“Why not?”

“Because I want to be your sweet little bunny for as long as I can,” she hummed with her eyes closed and her forehead pressed against the side of my chin.

“You are so cute.”

“And you are so sweet,” she said as she sat up and kissed me, with her soft lips touching mine as gently as a falling leaf.

As she rested against me, I ran my hands along her smooth body, relishing the feeling of her luscious skin.

“You know, we've never made love in the bathtub,” Elisa cooed.

I smiled and moved my hand down between her legs. As I stroked the soft lips of her pussy, Elisa began to hum and shiver. It was as if every centimeter of her slit controlled a part of her body, because as my rubbing became stronger and faster, her shivers turned into squirming. I slowly pushed my fingers into my little sister, causing her to moan with a soft, dove-like chime. Her body became a furnace as her arousal grew, with the hot water of the tub rippling and lapping at her flesh.

While I rocked my fingers back and forth inside her soft pussy, Elisa looked at me and pressed her lips against mine. We kissed passionately as I played her like a piano and squeezed her breasts. The hot water around us was augmenting from gentle ripples to shifting waves with every movement we made. Elisa suddenly pulled her lips from mine. She was panting heavily, blushing deeply, and her eyes were slightly rolled up as if she was getting a back massage.

“Oh my god, Alex, you're driving me crazy. You're making me so hot and wet.”

“Are you sure that's not just the bath?”

In reply, Elisa turned her whole body around and climbed into my lap. I could almost smell the hormones in her breath as she kissed me.

“Trust me, darling, it's you.”

As we kissed, I reached under Elisa and guided my manhood into to her pussy, pushing up into her. She gave a soft moan and began grinding her hips, rocking back and forth on my erect cock. I had my hands on her waist and was lifting her up and down, probing her soft insides. Elisa wrapped her arms tightly around my neck, moaning in my ear every time my manhood was driven deep inside her. I don't know what I was loving more, the feeling of her pussy tightening around my dick with every thrust, or the sound of her soft angelic moans. The water around us was becoming choppier, forming waves that overflowed out of the tub and splashed the floor.

“There is something I want to try,” Elisa whispered in my ear. “Jenny and Carly suggested this.”

She moved off of my lap and over to the other end of the tub. She leaned on the rim with her elbows and slowly shook her ass from side to side. I smiled at the view.

“Come on, honey,” she said sweetly.

I got onto my knees and leaned over, brushing back a lock of her hair and kissing her back. I pressed the head of my cock against her vagina and slowly pushed it in, causing her to give a slow soft moan. I began moving back and forth, driving myself deep inside her with each thrust. I was leaning across her, with my chest against her back and my arms around her. I was feeling her heartbeat with one hand and massaging her perky breasts with the other. I was also kissing her on the shoulders, neck, and the back of her ears. Along with moaning, she was purring like a playful kitten finally getting some affection.

As I became more accustomed to the position, I sat up all the way and moved my hands to her waist. I increased my speed, driving my member into her harder and faster. Elisa's moans grew in pitch and volume as she held onto anything she could find. She was gripping the edge of the tub and the faucet for dear life, crying out with her soft angelic voice. I looked up and grunted and Elisa moaned as we both had a simultaneous orgasm. Elisa collapsed with a thick rope of semen stretching between my quickly-deflating cock and her pussy. She rolled onto her back and looked up at me.

“It's a good thing the water has cooled down, because I am so hot right now.”

I looked around and cursed. “There aren't any towels in here, come on, let's go to your room.”

“I can't walk, my legs feel like jelly after that.”

“That means I am successful as a man.”

I put one arm under her knees and the other behind her back and picked her up, admiring how her petite but sexy form weighed very little at all. Elisa wrapped her arms around my neck and giggled as I held her like a rescued princess. With a trail of water being left behind us, I carried Elisa to her bedroom and laid her on the bed.

“I'll be back in a minute, I just have to get our clothes and some towels.”

Elisa kissed me and I walked out of the room. I went back to the bathroom, picked up our clothes, emptied the tub, and went to the hallway closet. I pulled out several towels, and when I closed the door, I was face to face with Carly. Her arms were crossed and she had one of those “well what do we have here” smiles.


“I thought I should come up and tell you that mom and dad called. They're coming home early. I doubt you would have heard the phone ringing with Elisa moaning like that,” she said as her eyes ran up and down my body, focusing on my half-erect manhood.

“Thanks for the warning.”

Just as I was about to turn around, Carly said, “Hold on a sec, Alex, before you get back to her...”

I turned to her, and as quick as a flash, she was down on her knees with my cock in her hand. “Let me take care of that last blob of sperm so that you're all clean.”

Before I could stop her, she put my dick in her soft mouth and sucked the last few drops of sperm from my manhood as if it were a straw in a thick milkshake. I had to admit, I was almost paralyzed by the incredible feeling. It had been a long time since I had oral (I didn't want to ask Elisa to do it, because I thought it would compromise her sweet innocence, one of the things I loved most about her), and Carly certainly was a master at it.

Once she was finished, she stood up and licked her lips. “Brothers are always so messy,” she said coyly before giving me a wink and walking away.

I stood there, dazed and confused for a few moments, trying to figure out what had just happened. I soon regained my mental bearings and returned to Elisa's room. I opened the door and looked at her, instantly gaining a warm smile. She was lying back on her elbows, gazing at me with pure admiration and love in her eyes.

I walked over and wrapped a towel around her and she gave me a soft kiss.

It was just after ten at night, and I was in bed, replaying what had happened between Carly and I. Neither of the twins had made an advance like that since Elisa and I established our relationship. Carly and Jenny practically shared one brain, so if Carly was brave enough to just come up to me and start blowing me, then Jenny would almost definitely do something similar.

I jerked in surprise as I felt my blanket being lifted up and someone climbing into the bed. I instantly relaxed when I realized it was Elisa. As she snuggled up next to me, she sensed my unease. “Is something wrong?”

“It's nothing. I'm just tired.” With the two of us on our sides, I wrapped my arms around my little sister's slender frame and held her close, enjoying the feeling of her back against my bare chest. “How is it that someone so small can be so warm? I feel like I could wrap my whole body around your petite form, but you're a literal furnace.”

“My whole body just flares up whenever you touch me.”

“Do you remember that night I came in to brush my teeth and you were about to take a bath? When you opened that door, you were so nervous and blushing so much, it almost looked like you were starting your first day at a new school.”

“I did not!”

“Yes you did, you looked like a virgin sacrifice about to be offered to the volcano gods.”

Elisa then rolled over and pressed herself against me, with her hands on my chest and her forehead against the side of my neck.

“I love you, Alex. I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” I replied, then realizing that she had fallen asleep.

I smiled and kissed her on the forehead, wrapped the two of us in the blanket tightly to seal in the warmth, and fell asleep with Elisa pressed against me.

I woke up at four in the morning and yawned. Elisa and I had been sleeping in one position for so long that we were overheating. Areas of skin that hadn't been exposed to air were burning with sweat.

“Elisa, wake up. You have to go back to your room, we can't let our parents see us together.”

She was sleeping so deeply that I would have needed to splash her with water to wake her up. I sat up, breaking out of the blanket cocoon. I was still for a few moments, enjoying the feeling of the cool fresh air. I climbed out of bed and picked up Elisa. She gave a soft hum in her sleep as I held her, prompting me to smile and kiss her on the forehead. I walked down the hall with Elisa in my arms and stepped into her bedroom. I placed her in her bed and wrapped her in blankets, giving her another kiss on the forehead before leaving.

As I walked down the hall, the door to Jenny and Carly's room opened. The two girls were standing in the doorway, and like me, they were naked.

“You two are up awfully late,” I said softly, hoping that neither our parents nor Elisa would hear.

“We just finished having sex...” Jenny began.

“But we're about to go for another round,” Carly said.

Both girls took a step towards me.

“Come on in and join us, think of all the fun we'll have,” Jenny offered.

She then pressed her lips against mine and ran her hand across my chest. As Jenny kissed me over and over, Carly grasped one of my hands and placed it on her tits, pressing down on my fingers so that I squeezed them.

“Elisa will never know. It will be our little secret,” Carly said before she and her sister switched places.

After several seconds, they took hold of my hands and began pulling me into their room.

“Stop,” I said sternly. They both looked at me like deer caught in the headlights. “Now the two of you listen to me and listen good. I love Elisa with all of my heart, and I am not going to let the two of your ruin my relationship with her.” Carly and Jenny both looked down to avoid my gaze. “I love the two of you, and I will always love the two of you... as my sisters. I love Elisa, and I will always love her as my soul mate. You two will always be in my life, but she is who I will spend that life with. I need you two to accept that and accept that I'm with her, not you. I'm not the same horny idiot I was before. She's changed my life and given me self control, something that the two of you need to get.”

“Sorry, Alex,” Jenny said softly.

“We aren't really ones with a lot of self control,” Carly added with the same apologetic tone.

A moment of silence passed by. I stepped forward and wrapped my arms around them, hugging them both. “I love you two, and I will always cherish what we had. But that part of my life is over and Elisa is the one who I will always be with. I'm not saying goodbye, I'm just saying that our relationship has changed. I don't want the two of you to be the girls I have meaningless sex with, I want you to be my sisters and my friends.”

“Thank you,” they both whispered.

Then they both kissed me on the cheek and stepped into their bedroom, closing the door. I stood there smiling. The way they had spoken warmed my heart. They really had changed, we all had. I was just about to walk back to my room, but I heard a sniffle. I turned to Elisa, who was standing in her bedroom doorway. In the darkness, her eyes seemed to be glowing with a torrent of emotions, and while there were two tear streaks running down her face, she had a warm smile.

“This is eavesdropping thing is really becoming a bad habit,” I chuckled as I walked over to her.

“That was so beautiful,” she murmured as she put her hands on my shoulders. She then stood up on her tiptoes and gave me a small kiss. “You know, mom and dad won't be getting up for another couple hours. I think we have enough time to make love once more tonight.”

“I love you,” I said as I kissed her.

“And I'll never forget it,” she whispered as she pulled me into her bedroom, with the door closing behind us.

The End

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