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I sat there, dazed and recovering after getting the inexperienced-but amazing blowjob from my baby sister. She was on her knees in front of me, my cum dripping down her face and tits, still trying to catch her breath after I had fucked her face and filled her mouth with my jizz. I felt a mixture of guilt and satisfaction at that.

"Did you...Did you have an orgasm?"

"Yeah kid. I did." I chuckled. I saw a flicker of some emotion on her face, and sat up.

"Do you want one?"

She kept her eyes downcast, embarrassed about what had happened, what was happening now, but she nodded all the same.

I quickly pulled off my shirt and used it to wipe my cum off her chest and face. Then I picked her up like a baby and lay her trembling form down on the couch.

"Just relax." I whispered, stroking her stomach in gentle circular motions. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, and I let my hand draw lazy circles up around her right breast, spiraling to the nipple at the center.

It hardened instantly when I took the tiny pink bud between my thumb and forefinger, rolling it gently, then giving it a light pinch. I leaned forward until my mouth hovered above her nipple, and exhaled, sending a shiver through her body.

Then I took it into my mouth, sucking, licking, biting her until she was gasping.

As I repeated the process with her left breast I slid my hand down her stomach, cupping the crotch of her jeans and massaging her pussy.

By then Amanda was no longer an innocent little girl, she'd lost control the way I had, and turned into a writhing moaning woman desperate for my cock.

I wanted to draw this out, so I kept the heavy petting up outside her jeans and kissed my way up her neck, biting her delicate skin, suckling on her earlobe.

My little sister clutched at my shoulders and bucked her hips up, forcing her pussy harder against my hand, then whispered

"Please Karl I need...something."

"What do you need? Say it 'Manda." I replied, applying more pressure to her jeans and grinding my hand into her.

"Oh God please please!" She panted, digging her nails into my arm, eyes squeezed shut, head tossing back and fourth as she begged me to fuck her.

My cock was like hot iron as I roughly jerked her shorts off, pulled her pale cotton panties down her legs and forced her thighs open so I could look.

Her pussy glistened, quivering with need. Perfectly pink, the exact shade of her nipples, her tiny clit hidden within the folds. I spread her pussy open, and without warning sucked her clit into my mouth.

"Oh!" She cried out, her whole body tensing as she came immediately, clawing at my shoulders and screaming with the ecstasy of her first orgasm.

I slid my finger into that incredibly wet, incredibly tight pussy, easing it in and out to prolong her orgasm. The feel of those muscles clenching around my finger made mycock ache.

I let her drift back to reality before I flipped her over.

"Karl, what are you-"

"My turn again." I interrupted, spreading her wide and rubbing my dick against her soaking pussy.

"But...but...I could get pregnant..." She floundered, and I chuckled.

"Not this way." I replied, "just relax. I'm gonna fuck you baby sister, but I'll be gentle."

I think she really had no idea what I intended to do. I spread her cheeks and pressed the tip of my cock against her asshole, and she gave a shocked ghasp.

"Karl, what-Aaah!" She squealed in pain as I forced the large head into that tight ring of muscle. I stayed there for a moment, stroking her back and telling her to just relax. Finally some of the stiffness began to ease out of her body, and I began to shove more into that tightest of assholes.

The pleasure was excruciating. I held onto her hips and thrusted, deeper and deeper each time, loving the feel of my baby sister's asshole contracting wildly around my cock, trying to eject my invasion. She panted and moaned with each thrust, tightening her ass muscles involuntarily. It felt amazing.

"Ahh god fuck you're so tight baby sister." I grunted, speeding up as her asshole finally relaxed a bit. I slid my had around the front of her stomach and found her clit, rubbing it in time with my thrusts.

Soon Amanda was moaning with pleasure, gasping as I gently rolled her clit, she even began to back her ass into my thrusts.

"Tell me you like it Manda," I urged, clutching her hip with one hand, rubbing her clit with the other and fucking her tight tiny asshole as fast as I could. I was close to coming and could tell she was too.

"Oh Karl!"

"Say it. Say it Manda. You love your big brother's cock."

"Oh God I love your cock brother!" She cried out.

The sound of my baby sister panting like a bitch in heat, her pussy wet in my hand, her exquisitely tight asshole wrapped around my cock all combined, until I lost it.

"Oh FUCK MANDA TAKE MY COCK I'M.CUMMING!" I screamed, slamming deep into her assole. I felt her body tense up as she came with me, rutting and moaning as I shot my load deep into her tight tiny anus.

Rating: 90%, Read 63993 times, Posted Mar 03, 2014

Fantasy | Anal, Incest, Oral Sex


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