My Little Sisters 13th Birthday. by h0Ax8omb3r

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Please not that tis is a work of fiction and i do not condone child abuse in the slightest,this story is just ment to titalate the reader


" Chris, Are you going to come then? "

My mum was nagging me to come to my little sisters birthday party, She had just turned 13 and was having a big party with all her friends.

" OK mum, Sure I will come but i am not dressing up for no one! " I said with a slight hint of a smirk spreading across my face, i knew i was going to dress up i have always been a kid at heart.

" yea if you say so son "

Damn the woman knows me to well.

" Well it is going to be a cowboy themed party, Just so you know. "

great i had the perfect set of clothes to wear and i would look awesome, who cares if its just a kids party.

You gotta look good right?!

Party Time.

I arrived at the party early to help set up the mechanical bull my mum had hired for the day, and i got talkin to the operator about what he gets upto at these parties.

" not much really chris, to be honest. " he said, but i could see a gleam in his eye that said he did a lot more.

" come on tell me, i can see you have more fun than the people who hire you. "

he wouldn't say anything else other than told me to come and see him later when the party was at full swing.

when everyone had arrived their must have been 100 or so kids crowded into the bars function room. I couldnt beleive my eyes at what some of these youn girls was wearing.

tight little shorts and tops that had nipples poking out the sides i was utterly gobsmacked, girls didnt dress like that 13 years ago when i was their age. Then my little sister and her best friend walked in and my jaw hit the floor, they were both wearing identical outfits.

they had pigtails in their hair, and was wearing a tiny little skirt that looked more like a belt and a very tight checked blouse that left little to the imagination the only diferences in the pair of them was my sister was blonde and had tiny little titties that where only just budding and her friend had at least a b cup with dark hair.

i went over like a good brother to wish her a happy birthday and she squeeled and jumped up onto me wrapping her legs around me and gave me a huge hug. i couldnt help it my body was taking over and i started to get hard as she ground herself against me the sights were just amazing.

she gave me a kiss on the cheek and climbed of me with a smile plastered across her face and then to my supprise her friend did the same as her and jumped up on to megrinding herself against me even harder than my sister did

" Wow chris is that a bannana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? " she wispered into my ear before climbing down with a smirk.

the two girls walked away and high fived, as they got about 5 foot infront of me they both lifted the back of thier skirts and i was totaly shocked neither of them was wearing any panties....

What was happening my mind was all over the place, was my sister and her friend trying to get me turned on?

i decided that know all of the kids were here i was going to see James the bull operator again. when i got over to him he put his finger to his lips as if to shush me and slowly pointed underneith the podiam at which he was stood.

i walked around to the side he was stood and took a look at what he was pointing at, their was two girls slobering all over his cock with wanton lust pumping his shaft as fast as they could and my jaw hit the floor for a second time that night.

james pulled me in close and wispered into my ear.

" Chris this is the best thing about these parties i always get the slutty girls "

whilst i was talking to james one of the girls took a firm grip of my pants and udid the zipper grabbing hold of my 8 inches quicker than a flash and stuffed it down her throat.

i thought about pulling away but my god did this girl know how to suck a cock

she slid her tounge from my balls to the tip and then ran her whole mouth back down to the base

this felt amazing and i could feel my balls churning up a huge load for this little slut, she must of realised i was ready to cum because she did somthing i didnt expect she shoved her index finger up my ass.

that was it for me i had never experianced anything like it before and blew what seemed to be a gallon of hot creamy cum down her throat. as she was licking me clean james pulled his cock out of the other girls mouth and blew his load all over her face. with that the two girls started kissing and lcking the cum up off of each other. i slipped my cock back into my pants and headed off back to the main room where my sister and her friend stood looking at me with huge grins.

" their is more to come later big brother" she said with a smile

If you liked this story and what to read what happens at the after party leave a comment and give a possative rating please i may just turn this into a full series. also please no fishing in the comments if your looking for a shag then try real life or a dating website.

Rating: 80%, Read 62145 times, Posted May 23, 2013

Fantasy | First Time, Incest, Male, Teen Female, Young


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