Matt's surprise - Chapter 2 by StoryTeller101

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Fiction | Oral Sex, Pegging, Transsexual

Matt meets Alexis and immediately is drawn to her. Things move quickly but he didn’t expect what she was hiding in her panties.

Matt stood stunned, staring at Alexis’s rock hard erect. “Oh shit” he exclaimed. Alexis looked surprised “I thought you knew I was TS” she said. “Hell no” exclaimed Matt. Together they realised what was going on. Chas, one of the guys at the gym had urged Matt to ask her out. “That bloody Chas” spluttered Matt. Alexis smiled “so it was Chas was it” she mused “he knows I am TS. I am sorry honey. He tricked you. Now I am horny Matt. Will you suck my cock?” Matt shook his head. “You wanted to fuck me” countered Alexis “didn’t you like me sucking your cock? One good turn deserves another”.

Matt stood looking at Alexis. There was no denying that she was beautiful. Pretty face, long hair, great breasts but a cock. Oh my, it was bigger than his. “Why don’t you stroke my cock honey?” asked Alexis “at least get me off if you are not going to suck me”. Matt reached down and wrapped his hand around Alexis’s weapon. “Oh yes, it feels so nice” moaned Alexis “I wish you would suck it. Just a little darling. Suck it like I sucked yours”. Alexis’s pleading had a strange effect on Matt. Despite his misgivings he found himself excited. He sat on the edge of the bed and drew Alexis towards him. Seconds later he offered his mouth to her and she accepted.

“Oh yes honey just like that” moaned Alexis “you are so good”. Matt found himself enjoying listening to Alexis as she praised his technique. He fondled her balls while taking her cock deep in his mouth. “Do you want to fuck me darling” Alexis purred “I want it baby”. Matt wasn’t sure but with Alexis asking for it and him not having sex for so long it was only minutes later they got on the bed. Alexis retrieved a jar of KY Gel out of the bedside table. Matt, his cock then greased up mounted Alexis missionary style. Her legs pointed at the ceiling, a pillow under her bum, her anal opening was breached as Matt thrust forward. A squeal filled the room as he consummated their union.

Alexis moaned loudly as Matt pushed balls deep into Alexis’s anal tunnel. He looked down at her and smiled. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open and moans and groans greeted each thrust. “Oh Alexis it feels so surreal” he muttered. She opened her eyes and smiled at him. “Your cock feels so nice honey” she whispered “so very nice”. Matt continued until he felt his orgasm building. What to do. Alexis realised, from his shaking, that he was close. “Cum my darling. Come inside me” she moaned and seconds later he did just that. Now they both moaned. “So nice” groaned Alexis.

Matt pulled back and collapsed on the bed. Alexis turned and kissed him. Matt hesitated and then kissed her back. “I…..” he began. Alexis kissed his again. “I know what you want to say honey. But I really enjoyed that” said Alexis “let’s have a shower and then I want to fuck you”. Matt stared at her but his cock was still erect and it twitched. He stared into her eyes “yes darling I want that” he said. They walked into the bathroom and into the shower. They soaped each other up before Alexis pointed to the hose attachment beside the toilet bowl. “Use that to flush yourself honey” she said. She got out of the shower and grabbed a towel. Matt did as she instructed and gave himself an enema. He walked onto the bedroom to find Alexis slowly stroking her cock. “Are you ready darling” she asked “I certainly am”.

Matt approached the bed with both fear and curiosity. His brain was saying “what the fuck are you doing” but the excitement in his gut was winding him up. “I love it doggy style” Alexis said, her voice full of emotion. Matt got onto the bed on his hands and knees. His gasped as he felt Alexis begin to insert a finger into his back passage. He moaned again as she inserted another. Satisfied he was lubricated enough she withdrew her fingers and replaced them with the head of her cock. Matt let out a groan as she pressed forward. Taking it slow she popped his anal cherry.

Alexis was moaning now. Matt’s body at first tried to reject the intrusion. But then his anal canal accepted the inevitable. “Yes darling” muttered Alexis “take it honey. Take my cock” and Matt squealed as he took the full 8” of rock hard cock. Alexis grabbed his hips and began to fuck him hard and fast. Their mutual moans and groans reverberated as pure lust took hold. Matt began to push back to meet Alexis’s thrusts. The fear was gone. The curiosity satisfied. Now he yelled “yes darling fuck me. Fuck me”. Not one to hold back Alexis pounded his arse until she wailed and unloaded.

Matt collapsed forward with Alexis still attached. Both lay there locked in the moment. Alexis withdrew her now half limp cock from Matt’s quivering arse. They remained silent as each one came down for their high. Matt moaned softly and turned to face Alexis. They smiled at each other. Finally Matt spoke. “That was amazing honey” he whispered “I can’t believe how good it felt”. Alexis leaned forward and kissed him. “Yes honey I loved it. I hope you won’t get angry about me having a cock”. Matt stared into her eyes. “Never. Never will I get angry. I am not gay. I could never do this with a guy. But you can fuck me anytime darling” and they hugged each other.

“We should have another shower” suggested Alexis. Under the warm water Alexis soaped up Matt. He looked down to see her cock stirring. He reached down and stroked it. “Oh Matt, you naughty boy. You will make me horny again” said Alexis. Matt smiled “I hope so” he replied. Alexis laughed “so you want some more do you honey?” she asked and kissed him. “Yes Alexis. I can’t believe I am saying this but I want you to fuck me again”. They quickly finished their shower and then, back on the bed, they exchanged oral administrations and then Matt surrendered to Alexis as she again pleasured him. He again squealed and moaned as she took her time and by the time she came again they were both exhausted. Laying in each’s arms they dozed off.

It was maybe an hour before they stirred. Yet another shower and they decided to get dressed and go out to eat. Matt had to wait while Alexis did her make-up. She walked out of the bedroom and Matt watched her come in to the living room where he was sitting. “You look so beautiful” he said and she smiled. “Down boy” she said laughing “let’s eat first and see what happens after that”. Matt stood up and kissed her on the cheek. He hoped “what happens next” meant he would again feel the pleasure of a hard cock in his welcoming arse.

Rating: 92%, Read 14332 times, Posted Oct 26, 2020

Fiction | Oral Sex, Pegging, Transsexual


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