A little surprise from Deborah and Nikki by Conundrum

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Fiction | Bi-sexual, Female, Group Sex, Male, Threesome

The party was over, but even though I didn't know it yet, our night was just getting started. We'd just got back from a party to give one of our work friends a send-off; he'd landed a new job as Executive Operations Manager at a firm in London, so we'd all been out drinking to celebrate his substantial leap up the career ladder. A little tipsy by now, I leaned against the wall as I watched Deborah fumbling the keys to the front door of her house. Deborah was one of the younger members of staff, same age as me, and had joined a year before I did. In that time she'd become one of the most popular, down to a combination of her pretty face, bubbly personality and her substantial breasts. She was about 5'6", shoulder-length dark brown hair, blue eyes, a little bit on the chubby side but she'd lost a lot of weight recently and was looking very cute because of it. She also loved to show off her midriff, even at work, but most guys' gaze never got that far down, instead getting stuck at her D-cup breasts.

As she opened the door and we fell inside, I noticed the murmur of the TV and saw that the nightlight was on in the lounge. It seemed Nikki was still up. Nikki was another co-worker, and although she worked in a different department to Deborah, they'd started at the exact same time and so were good friends. Nikki had been engaged until a few months ago when it all fell through shortly after she moved in with her now-ex fiancée, and after moving out of his house she'd ended up renting a place with Deborah. We'd invited her out to the party but she'd declined as she was a bit of a workaholic and wanted to catch up on some paperwork before Monday, so she'd stayed in.

Deborah motioned for me to be quiet, and we crept though the hallway, approaching the lounge. "Still want that drink?" Deborah whispered as we walked down the hall. I nodded. I'd never planned to be here at all, but I figured now I was here I might as well enjoy myself. I lived a fair way from work, and as I couldn't drive back after a night out I'd arranged with my boss to kip on his couch, but he'd had one too many early on in the evening and apparently staggered home while I was in the men's room, so here I was. I was already planning how to get back at him on Monday morning, and it had something to do with the drunken photos of him I had on my camera from that night, the A3 colour laser printer in the office next to mine, and the staff notice board.

Deborah ducked into the kitchen and I stood in the doorway to the lounge. Looking through, I saw Nikki watching the TV in a white dressing gown, her back towards the door. She must have had a shower since I could tell her hair had just been blow-dried and the faint smell of her shampoo lingered in the air. Her gown was open slightly and I had a good view of her soft cleavage from the doorway. As my eyes adjusted to the low light I realised she'd also put new highlights in her hair. 'Paperwork my ass,' I thought. Nikki was taller and slimmer than her housemate, nice C-cup breasts, but not as good looking; nonetheless she'd always held some allure for me. She always had great hair, long brown hair with blonde highlights that went straight down her back. She also always dressed fabulously, in a subtly sexy way. She was the only person at work who could get away with wearing knee-high leather boots to the office and still look classy. I didn't know her that well, but we'd always got along, and she seemed to have a great sense of humour; slightly dirty, just the way I was. Suddenly, I noticed just how dirty; I leaned forward to see what she was watching, and to my surprise saw she was watching the late-night previews to one of the soft-porn satellite channels. I looked back to her and realised she had a hand between her legs, moving slowly back and forth under her robe. I suddenly realised what would happen if she noticed me watching her, and ducked back into the hallway; if anyone was going to catch her watching porn, I'd rather it was her housemate.

To my left, Deborah caught my eye from the door to the kitchen, waving a bottle of vodka and a glass at me; she'd already poured herself a glass of Baileys, and one for Nikki too by the looks of it. She brushed past me into the lounge as I went into the kitchen to mix my drink. When I came back, the channel had changed, and Deborah and Nikki were chatting loudly about the music videos Nikki was flicking through. She eventually found a cheesy 80s music channel and we joked about how stupid everyone looked while working our way through our drinks and discussing the drunken antics of our friends earlier that night.

I should have guessed what was coming next - two girls and one guy late at night, and the conversation inevitably turned to sex; specifically, my sex life. Deborah was on the couch next to me, while Nikki was across from us on a chair, her legs tucked up under her while she nursed her second drink.

"So, you're not screwing anyone at the moment, are you?" Deborah asked me.

"Nope," I replied, "been a bit of a dry spell; this year's trainees aren't as hot as last year's." It was a running joke in our department about who could pull a trainee the fastest when they came in for their 1-year placements each December. Last year I'd been forced out of the running by having a girlfriend, and passed up some hot opportunities as a result. This year I was free as a bird, but the only female trainee this time around had fallen out of the ugly tree at some point in her life.

"Yeah, and the resident talent is a bit shit," Deborah complained, "there aren't really any good looking young members of staff…"

"Oh, thanks," I said, feigning a hurt look on my face. Deborah hit me playfully on the arm "Oh, shut it you" she said.

"She's right though," Nikki chimed in, "I mean, most of the guys are mingers, and there are hardly any young women working there, let alone good looking ones."

"Yeah, it's a bit of a sausage-fest," I agreed. "But I can think of a couple I wouldn't kick out of bed. Not unless they farted, anyway."

"Come on then, who?" asked Nikki, interested all of a sudden.

"Oh, right, like I'm going to tell you," I replied.

"No, come on, I want a list!" Deborah demanded. "Top 5. And if I'm not on it, you're in big trouble mate…"

I thought for a second. Truth is, both Deborah and Nikki would make that list, but did I really want to go down this road? Deborah could be a bit of a gossip and I didn't need the other 3 on my 'top 5' finding out they'd made the cut. Still, I could always just point out that we were both pissed…

"OK," I said, resigning myself to the fact I wasn't getting out of this one without Deborah pouring a drink over my head. I leaned back. "Number 1…"

"I'll bet it's Sarah," said Nikki knowingly.

"Well, she is the obvious choice," I admitted. Sarah was the hottest woman at work and pretty every guy there wanted her. Long black hair, amazing looks, perfect slim build, round ass, and breasts to die for. She'd just gotten engaged, which had broken more than a few hearts in the office.

"Oh, well, fuck her!" cried Deborah. "Come on, next!"

I paused for moment, starting to enjoy this tease. "Well," I said, looking straight into Deborah's eyes, "2 and 3 are you and Nikki, actually."

"Damn right we are!" cried Deborah triumphantly. "Wait, which way round? Who's 2 and who's 3?"

"That," I replied, "would be telling…"

"Oh, you bastard…" she said, menacingly yet playfully.

"You just asked for a top 5," I argued, toying with her, "you didn't say they had to be in order."

Deborah pouted, her eyes narrowed in thought as she looked at me. Then, she put down her glass on the coffee table in front of her, and leaned over me, bringing her face close to mine. Even with the smell of liquor on her breath, she smelled amazing as the scent of her perfume hit me. "Tell me," she said, her voice lowered.

I smiled. "No."

She leaned in again. I suddenly realised her hand was between my legs, holding her up as she pressed her breasts against me and whispered in my ear. "Please?"

I turned my face, her hair brushing against my cheek. "You'll have to do a lot better than that." I said. Suddenly, I felt Deborah's hand move between my legs as she pushed it up against my crotch. "Maybe I will," she whispered. She pulled away slightly to look at me, and just as I thought she was about to go further, she leaned quickly away and grabbed her drink again.

"Alright," she said, "you get away with it… for now. Who's number 4?"

I looked back at Nikki, who suddenly became very interested in the bottom of her glass. She'd obviously been watching Deborah falling all over me. Was she jealous? I thought back to the answer I was going to have to give; we were in uncharted territory now, no obvious candidates left to choose from, it was all down to my own preferences.

"Caroline," I answered eventually.

"What, Caroline from the art department?" asked Deborah, somewhat incredulously. "I wouldn't have thought she was your type." Caroline was a big girl, but had a great set of breasts as a result. Nonetheless, I wouldn't normally have been interested, but there was something else about her that got me going.

"Normally I'd agree," I said, " but she has a natural advantage in my book by being ginger." I'd always had a severe soft spot for redheads, and Caroline's gorgeous hair was a big turn-on for me. She also had the trademark freckles to go with it, which I found very cute. Deborah shook her head, laughing to herself.

"And who's lucky number 5?" asked Nikki. That was a tricky one. I'd pretty much exhausted my options by now, but I knew they wouldn't settle for only 4, and I really needed the bathroom all of a sudden, so I had to come up with something.

"Well…" I said, mischievously, "I'd have to be Dave."

Deborah and Nikki both fell about laughing raucously. Dave was the top dog at work, a 6-foot gay man who hid it fairly well, but the signs were there once you knew. The rumour was that he was dating a male opera singer at the moment.

"Now if you'll excuse me, ladies," I said. "I need to use the little boys' room."

I left the room and bounded up the stairs, partly to try and convince myself I wasn't as drunk as I was, and partly to try and get my blood flow going to try and ease the semi hard-on Deborah had given me when she jammed her hand into me. Despite that, I still had to wait a few minutes in the bathroom before I was able to go. However, what I saw when I came out afterwards turned me hard again in an instant.

Deborah was standing in the hallway, her skirt and halter top gone, now wearing nothing but a sheer black negligee that barely covered her breasts, and certainly didn't obscure them; her pert nipples were clearly visible. She looked me from under the tousles of her hair as she took the few steps towards me and placed her arms around my shoulders. "I told you I might do a little better," she said softly.

I placed my hands on her waist. "I'm not sure this is such a good idea," I said. I could hardly believe I was considering turning her down, but work was a rumour-mill at best, plus I knew my boss had a thing for Deborah and would be pissed if he knew I'd got there first. She wasn't letting me excuse myself though. Lifting her arms from my shoulders, Deborah took my hands and pulled them down, lifting them under the skirt of her nightwear and placing them on her hot, smooth ass cheeks. She pressed herself closer against me and eased her hands up my shirt to stroke my back. I couldn't help myself now, and I squeezed her ass as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders again and pressed her warm lips against mine. Our tongues darted across each other and her hands moved around to my front as she unbuttoned my shirt and slid her hands inside. I let my hands slide round to her front, stroking her belly and brushing the bottoms of her breasts. Her eyes closed and she breathed in sharply as I cupped her breasts in my hands and massaged them, watching as her nipples became fully erect. Deborah pulled me towards her, walking slowly backwards into the open door of her bedroom. The lights were off, but Deborah was an expert at feeling her way around; she tugged off my shirt and led me towards the bed behind her, sitting down as her legs reached the edge and pulling me down on top of her.

Silk sheets; I should have guessed she'd be the sort. She murmured in pleasure as she felt the silky smoothness on her back and legs, and we kissed deeply again for a minute. Suddenly I had a doubt; was she only doing this because she was drunk? I didn't want to wake up in the morning to someone who regretted what was about to happen. I broke the kiss and looked at her. "Are you sure you haven't had too much to drink?" I asked her. "Do you really want to do this?"

"What else do you think I want?" she answered, and moved in to kiss me again, but I still wasn't convinced. "I need to know you're sure about this," I said. She lay back down and I noticed a devilish look in her eyes. "I think you're the one who's not sure," she replied. One hand started to stroke the back of my neck and I began to wonder what was coming next, but I still didn't expect it when she eventually opened her mouth and asked, "What if you could have your number 2 and number 3?"

I was surprised, but pleasantly surprised. "Uh... I'm not sure Nikki would be up for that..." I replied, but the thought of it banished all doubts about being with Deborah from my mind. Deborah remained looking right into my eyes in earnest, wiggling her hips slowly underneath me. "I'll bet she will," she said, stroking my chest, "Ever since she moved in here she's been eyeing up my tits." Her eyes narrowed. "And I know you want to." I thought about what Nikki might say. She could obviously see from the look in my eye that I was sold. "You slip out of those clothes," she suggested, "and I'll go ask her."

Deborah got up and I strained to listen as she walked down the stairs towards the lounge, but they were out of earshot. Not wanting to disappoint her, even if she came back empty handed, I pulled off my trousers and socks, and turned on the night light as I heard footsteps coming back up the stairs. Was that one pair of feet or two? I felt my heart racing as the door opened, and in walked Deborah, hand in hand with Nikki, still in her robe.

I admired Nikki's long legs has she walked in, her face a little flushed as she looked at me. "Hello," I said coyly to Nikki, walking up to her. I took hold of the front of her robe and pulled her towards me before she could manage to respond. As I kissed her, I felt Deborah's arms slipped around Nikki's waist between us. Lips still locked together, I backed away from Nikki slightly, and felt Deborah's hands untie Nikki's robe, and slip it over her shoulders so it fell to the floor, and I broke away to get my first look at Nikki's naked body. Her hips curved fantastically and between her legs her pussy was neatly trimmed, but not shaved. I could see she was now revelling in the fact that neither I nor Deborah could take our eyes off of her. Deborah took the initiative now, moving round in front of Nikki, arms slipping around her waist as they kissed, and without taking my eyes off them I slipped off my underwear. It was becoming obvious now that it wasn't just a case of Nikki eyeing up Deborah; Deborah wanted her just as much. As she began to fondle Nikki's breast, I nestled up behind Nikki and began to kiss her neck, caressing her waist and ass, then reached around her and lifted Deborah's negligee up and over her head. Nikki moaned appreciatively and Deborah smiled at the response she was getting. Deborah let one of her hands slip down between Nikki's legs and Nikki gasped as her fingers met her pussy. Nikki began to sway her hips back and forth with Deborah's fondling, her ass grinding into my groin as my now almost aching cock rested between her smooth cheeks.

After a few moments Deborah took Nikki's hand and guided her down onto the bed. As Deborah climbed onto the bed I got my first look at her now glistening pussy, which was completely bare. Nikki opened her legs slightly to allow Deborah to continue fingering her, her breath alternately deep and shallow as Deborah began to work 2 fingers inside her, her thumb teasing Nikki's clit. Deborah lowered herself down onto Nikki and began sucking on one of her large nipples, and I lay down beside them and began to lick the other. As I began flicking my tongue quickly across her nipple, I began to stroke Deborah's thigh and she promptly propped one leg up to allow my hand to her pussy. Her muffled moans as I began to stroke her lips added to the anticipation I was feeling with my cock resting on Nikki's thigh, just inches away from her pussy. Deborah lifted her mouth away from Nikki's breast and again pushed her lips and tongue to meet mine, both of us still fingering away. Then, she slowly moved down Nikki's body, kissing her stomach as she went, until her tongue reached Nikki's wet lips.

Nikki couldn't help but let out a gasping moan as Deborah's tongue began working its way up and down from her asshole to the top of her clit, and I couldn't wait any longer. I moved around behind Deborah and began to stroke her firm, round ass. She arched her back, knowing what was coming next, and I was finally able to give my aching cock some relief as I slipped it fully inside her. She was almost dripping wet by this point and so her tight pussy offered only a little resistance as I thrust in and out of her, alternately building up speed and then slowing almost to a crawl, pulling almost all the way out to tickle her clit with the head of my cock before pushing it as far back inside as I could. I could see Nikki holding the back of Deborah's head with one hand, pressing her face into her pussy and moaning with ecstasy as she squeezed her breasts with the other hand. The sight of Deborah's dark brown hair across Nikki's body was amazing and the feel of her tight pussy around my cock meant I couldn't hold back any longer. I started to thrust faster, my thighs slapping her ass cheeks, and as I felt my balls tingling, Deborah finally lifted her mouth away from Nikki's clit just in time to scream, grasping at the bedsheets as she climaxed and her pussy tightened around me. I came moments later, filling her pussy with come in long, hard bursts.

I slowly pulled out of Deborah, both of us breathing heavily, but Nikki still needed more attention, and Deborah could see that. Her own pussy wanted more too, and so she swung her hips around into a sixty-nine position and lowered her crotch onto Nikki's face as my come began to drip out. Nikki caught the first drip on her tongue and then began working on Deborah's pussy, sucking out every last drop of come. I lay next to them, watching the two of them eat each other's pussies, and I quickly felt my erection hardening again. As their muffled moans became louder and louder, Nikki suddenly arched her back and withdrew her tongue from Deborah's clit to scream as she came from the attentions of Deborah's tongue and fingers. As she lay there gasping for air, she turned her head to look at me watching her and smiled. "Come here, you," she said, and reaching out with one hand, she pulled my face close to hers and we kissed for the first time, her mouth wet with Deborah's juices and my come. Her lips were incredibly soft, and I began to wish I'd known she was into this sort of thing a long time ago. After a few final licks of Nikki's lips, Deborah lifted herself off of Nikki's sweat-covered body and prised the two of us apart to kiss me again.

Now it was my turn. Deborah eased me onto my back and, seeing I was fully erect again, straddled my cock, enveloping it with her pussy. As she began to slowly bob up and down on me, I watched Nikki kiss her and they both began fondling each other's breasts again as Nikki positioned her pussy over my waiting mouth. As she lowered herself onto my face and I began to suck on her engorged lips, I realised why Deborah had been so reluctant to leave her alone. She tasted fantastic, better than most women tasted, and despite Deborah working on her so long she was still fresh from her shower earlier and amongst her scent there was a faint smell of the orange shower gel she used. Now I could only see Nikki's smooth ass and Deborah's hands occasionally working their way over her back and thighs as I listened to the wet sounds of them kissing passionately and the moans as I pleasured their pussies, and they squeezed and tickled each other's breasts. Deborah must have tipped her head back because I cold feel her hair brushing against my legs, and before long I felt my orgasm building again, much more intensely than before. I lifted Nikki's pussy off of my face to gasp for air. As I did so, I slipped a thumb inside her and began massaging her pussy from inside, my fingers squeezing her mound. Just as her pussy began squeezing my thumb and she moaned in orgasm, my cock exploded inside Deborah again, coming inside her much harder than the first time.

This time, licking Deborah out was my job. Nikki lifted herself up and collapsed next to me, exhausted. Deborah lifted herself slowly off my cock and shifted herself up to my face. She braced herself against the bedstead and lowered her hips to allow my tongue to finish the job I'd started. She tasted very different to Nikki, a combination of her stronger scent and me fucking her twice already. I watched her breasts bouncing erotically above me as she moved in response to every lick of my tongue. Her breathing became faster and faster, and as she was gasping for air I suddenly tasted a surge of her own juices and she let out a long, low moan as she came again. She quickly fell to one side of me and the three of us lay on the sweat soaked sheets, uniquely satisfied in the experience we had just shared.

Deborah was between me and Nikki, and Nikki soon nestled up behind Deborah and spooned her, stroking her sides and legs at first, before reaching around to stroke her belly. I moved in closer and pressed myself against Deborah's breasts, and her free hand reached around to rub my back. I reached over her and began to stroke Nikki's thigh and squeezed her ass gently occasionally, watching the smile on her blushing face. For what seemed like an age we lay there, stroking each other. Deborah and I kissed again, much slower and gentler than before, and as we gazed into each other's eyes, for a moment I began to fall asleep. Nikki noticed, and quickly snapped me out of it my running her now cool hand through my hair. "Oh no you don't," she scolded quietly. "You haven't fucked me yet."

"Well, I was wondering when I'd get my chance to watch you two," said Deborah, and lifted herself up from between us, sitting down again at the end of the bed for the best view. Nikki shifted herself towards me and as I turned onto my side to face her she began to rub her hand up and down my side. She smiled as I ran my hand down her leg, then round and up inside her thigh to her bare pussy. My erection was beginning to stir again and Deborah decided to help it along by leaning forward and licking my shaft up and down, taking a moment to lick the head clean, before continuing until I was fully hard again. I could feel Nikki was a little dried out from all the licking and sucking she'd enjoyed, and with my cock sensitive after fucking Deborah twice I was glad when she reached to the bedside cabinet to find a tube of KY. She handed it to me, and I squeezed some out onto my fingers. I thought about letting it warm up a little, but changed my mind, and the look of shock and enjoyment on Nikki's face was exquisite as the cold gel touched her clit. I rubbed it into her lips a little and then smeared the rest on myself. She rolled onto her back, and I moved between her legs and slowly slid inside. She moaned as I filled her and lowered my body onto hers until we were pressed together, both savouring the near-motionless feeling. She turned her head towards mine. "I've wanted this for so long," she whispered. I'd had no idea Nikki had her eye on me, but I was certainly pleased to hear it. I smiled and kissed her, our tongues playing together as I cherished the feel of her embrace.

I was so concentrated on Nikki that I hadn't even noticed Deborah pick up the lube after I'd tossed it aside. She'd helped herself and was now watching us intently, masturbating herself slowly as I began to fuck Nikki. I began to gently work my way deeper inside her, watching the joy on her face as every thrust became more and more intense for her. She began pushing her hips against me, and grabbed my waist, pulling me towards her with every movement, trying to get me further and further inside her. I reached down her leg with one hand and lifted it up, hooking my elbow under her knee and lifting it up to my shoulder. The next thrust was even deeper as a result, and she cried out in ecstasy. "Oh god yes!" she cried, "Harder! Harder!" I didn't need telling twice. I began pumping her harder and faster than before, sometimes drawing almost all the way out before plunging back in, sometimes barely moving and simply grinding against her. Suddenly I knew I'd hit the right spot when she let go of me and grabbed the bedstead behind her. "Oh yes, yes, YES!" she cried, before screaming as she came and tightened around me. I looked at Deborah to see a wide, sexy smile on her flushed face as she brought herself to orgasm watching us. I let go of Nikki's leg and let it fall back to the side, but I wasn't finished yet. I slowed a little to let her recover, and she looked at me lovingly for a moment before I began again, surprising her just as she thought that playtime was over. As I pushed back inside her with renewed vigour, her mouth opened wide and she arched her back into the air, lifting us both off of the sheets. She wrapped both her arms and legs around me, massaging my back as I held back my orgasm for as long as I could before finally, in an explosions of pleasure, we both came together, her pussy squeezing every last drop of come out of my cock. I pulled out and rolled to one side of Nikki, stroking her belly as she lay there, her body glistening with sweat, trying to get her breath back.

Almost immediately Deborah moved closer to us, pulling her fingers out of herself, and began to massage Nikki's breasts, her hands sticky from the lube and her own juices. Nikki's eyes remained closed, and she moaned quietly as Deborah's expert hands worked over every inch of her breasts, gently squeezing her nipples. Nikki then opened her eyes and Deborah bent down to kiss her full on the lips. I put my arms around them both and joined them in the clinch, all 3 of us kissing and caressing each other's bodies. After laying there for a while, letting the sweat dry off our exhausted bodies, we stripped the now soaked top sheet off of the bed and settled down together, Deborah in the middle with her new playthings sandwiching her with our naked bodies.

"So," Deborah asked me finally, "which of us really is number 2 and number 3?"

Nikki looked at me in anticipation. I stroked one hand across her thigh and the other through Deborah's hair. "I think after tonight," I said, "I'm going to have to call it a draw."

Rating: 78%, Read 51241 times, Posted Oct 12, 2006

Fiction | Bi-sexual, Female, Group Sex, Male, Threesome


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