Parents Out for the Night (Edited) by Mundane

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Our parents were out for the night and I was left in charge. It was a stormy night and the electricity had gone out, right in the middle of a popcorn and movie.

I had just come inside from smoking a joint and and checking to see that Tim & Caitlin were both OK and that neither of them had lit any candles. both were asleep.

I kicked back on the big sectional couch in the den listening to my battery powered Walkman when Caitlin came down the stairs, flashlight in one hand and pillow in the other asking if she could sleep on the couch till mom & dad got home. She was wearing a flannel nightgown right out of an episode of the Little House on the Prairie. High neck, long sleeves and came down almost to the floor

"Can I sit with you until mom & dad get home?"

"Sure Cait, go get your pillow & a cover".

Caitlin and I were separated by just over a year chronologically but two years in school, so socially we didn't know too many of each others friends very well. I knew that a few of my buddies desired to nail my sister and I certainly jerked off to the thought of fucking a few of her friends, especially Moira, a pert gymnastic teammate whose flaming red hair and luscious round butt captured my imagination.

Within minutes she lay down on her left side, her head was in my lap and tucked her knees up inside her pj's. The warmth of her cheek on my crotch had my dick stirring in no time and I figured I better place a pillow between her head and my lap.

"There how's that I asked?"

Within seconds her right hand slid below the pillow right onto my cock. There was no doubt about it, my little sister was copping a feel! Something in the back of my lusty brain said, no this is not good, but my dick responded quite differently to her tender touch and began to grow and harden. It only took a few second for my flaccid 5 inch dick to grow to a nice rock hard 7 inches.

I let my right hand begin running up and down her arm from shoulder to elbow, then elbow to wrist until my hand was directly over hers, and held it there in place ensuring that her hand was in full contact with my dick. I lightly ran my hand back up over her right arm, then down the length of her curled up body . gently massaging the sinewy muscles of her legs.

Without thinking, I slid my hand down the front of her flannel nitegown, I felt the hard little pebble of her nipple. Instinctively she un-tucked and straightened out her body allowing me to caress her left nipple which was just as hard, For the next few minutes I traced small circles with then my index finger, then pinched her hard little nipples and she moaned. Silently my hand slid down across the plain of her belly toward her pussy and began to rub her tiny slit and search for her clitoris. Sporadically her body would spasm and shudder.

I waited for a signal from her to stop, hoping that it wouldn't come. Instead her hand was now firmly wrapped around my shaft and stroking it through my jeans. I made the decision if she wanted to feel her big brothers cock, I was going to let her. I reached under the pillow and unbuttoned my jeans allowing her free access to my cock. Caitlin threw the pillow on the floor. I felt her long hair on my crotch as her face was now inches from my raging hardon. I could feel her breath. It may have been the greatest erection I had ever had.

She got busy stroking my cock, I reached under her night dress and ran my hand along her silky soft skin up the length of her inner leg and thigh until I reached her treasure box. I gently rubbed her slit until her the petals of her labia lips parted, and I felt the slick liquid of her hot little vagina. I slid my finger up and down her gash until I found her clit. I used the juice from her pussy and began to tease her love button with playful soft touches, then traced a line back to her opening and slid the first digit of my middle finger into her until it was covered with her slippery love fluid. I repeated this motion and each time finger returned to her pussy, I slid another joint of my finger inside her. I kept this up until she was squirming and squiggling beneath the full penetration of my finger. I moved my finger to my mouth and tasted the nectar that flowed from her. Ambrosia!

As if to reciprocate she stuck her tongue out and it touched the tip of my dick. I pulled her hair back so I could watch her and she looked up at me. That instant became an image that is burned in my memory to this day. Her hand wrapped around my shaft, a glistening string of precum running between the tip of dick to the tip of her tongue, and the most wicked smile I had ever seen on her face.

"OH that feels so good" I said. It was the first word either of us had spoken in the last twenty minutes. She giggled and went back at it. I lifted my hips and slid my jeans down around my ankles and kicked them off.

Following my action she stood up and pulled her nightgown over her head in one beautiful seductive move.

There, standing before me, unashamedly naked in all her youthful glory was my kid sister!

"Come here." I commanded, and she sat on my lap and we kissed. It was awkwardly at first. i re-positioned her so that she was sitting on my lap, with her back to my chest. I now had total access to her perky little tits and her vulva. The tip of my raging hardon was situated between her legs and poised to take her at any moment.

I worked my hands up and down her body, from her neck to the inside of her thighs, making sure not to miss any spot in between.

i loved hearing her moan with pleasure as i played with her perfect little pussy until she had an amazing orgasm.

I so wanted to fuck her at that moment, but figured we were done, when Caitlin reached down and rubbed the tip of my dick right at the entrance of her wet cunt and with one sexy move lowered her body down onto my steel shaft. When my cock bottomed out inside her, she let out out a scream that could have woken the neighborhood. I knew that when virgins first fucked it hurt like hell. I would later find out that my little brother took her cherry a few days ago, so she was no longer a virgin, but my goodness she was tight!

We fucked for a few minutes in this position and i was ready to shoot.when she jumped up and spun around facing me. She placed her hands on my shoulders to balance herself and used her strong legs to rise and lower herself on my fuck pole over and over. She rode my dick until she began to orgasm again, it was fantastic to hear her grunt every time my shaft slide deep in her near hairless pussy.

I couldn't believe what a cock lover my little sister was! She jumped up and down on my dick like a porn star.

I suddenly felt the urge to take control. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down on my 7 inch shaft and held her there. I inched forward on the couch until my ass was just on the edge and tiled her back until her shoulders were resting on the floor. The head of my dick remained firmly in her. I stood up, ready to pile drive her little pussy for all it was worth.

I sunk my shaft into her slow & deep in this position for a few minutes, gradually increasing the tempo and force of each stroke and deep, all the while she moaned a guttural "Yeeesss".

Once I pulled back to far and my dick head slipped from the loving embrace of her pussy lips. We simultaneously let out a gasp of dissatisfaction, and miraculously my dick found its way back inside her slippery little slot. I reached down and wrapped my arms around the small of her back and pulled her up. She locked her ankles in the hollow of my back and I held her close. My little 80 pound beauty was impaled on my thick dick and she once again began to use her strong thighs to bounce up and down on my cock. I loved the way she was riding me so I let her have her pleasure and we fucked like this for another few moments until a third climax roared through her petite body. The intensity of the moment forced my balls to rumble and I knew I was going to cum shortly.

I pinned her to the couch and long strokes her magnificent hole. My carnal lust was so complete I gave no thought to the consequences of planting my seed deep inside her womb. When I felt the first volley of cum ready to erupt, I made sure my dick was fully inserted inside her and let it rip. With each ejaculation, I forced my dick deeper and deeper inside of her. I don't think I had ever come so violently or as with much passion as I did that night with my sister.

We remained tied in that lovers knot for a few moments until we heard a noise from the doorway and saw our brother, wide eyed and dick in hand watching us.

Rating: 90%, Read 96342 times, Posted Oct 16, 2015

Fiction | Consensual Sex, First Time, Incest, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male


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