The Professor's Daughter-Part 1 by flytoomuch

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I saw the email from my old engineering professor asking me to give him a call. I looked to calculate the time difference with the east and decided to call him the next day as it would be too late in Princeton now. I hadn’t seen Dan for a couple of years now. He was my favorite professor. He was a really cool blond “quarter back” looking guy who had stayed single till late in life and had numerous scandalous affairs with grad students and students till he was forty. Then he was on a professor exchange program with Seoul National University when he hooked up with Min He, a twenty-year old engineering student and married her. Min, whom we all called Jenny, was the same age as me and was a stunning beauty at 5’7” with a petite and athletic toned body to die for, rounded tight ass, firm 34C breasts and a sculpted waist and hard stomach. Not hard to see why Dan fell for her. Dan and Jenny had one daughter right away, Stephanie and a second daughter, Kellie, two-years later.

I wondered what Dan could want as I hadn’t seen them for a while, but I always did drop by when I was around Princeton. Since my wife Ann had suddenly passed away about 18 months ago things had been hectic and I had been out of touch with almost everyone. The last time I had visited Dan and Jenny I had noticed that Jenny was still incredibly hot for her age (Dan was a lucky guy) and that Stephanie at almost 15 was becoming an even hotter mixed-race version of her mom with highlights in her hair and small rounded breasts while Kellie 12, soon to turn 13, was button cute with tiny buds for breasts.

I called in the morning and caught Dan at his university office. After catching up and Dan asking, “how I was doing?” the conversation moved on and Dan explained to me that his daughter Stephanie was going to be in Palo Alto working as an engineering intern for the summer before entering Stanford. His wife, Jenny, was very worried that she have a safe place to stay and he was wondering if I could give him advice on a good area or building for Stephanie to rent a place in close to the Sand Hill Road area. I was caught somewhat off-guard and told Dan that Palo Alto was very safe and he didn’t need to worry. Dan, however, persisted and without thinking I suggested that Stephanie could stay in my guesthouse by the pool until she found a better arrangement. Dan was very appreciative and put his wife Jenny on the line. Jenny also quizzed me on “how I was doing since Ann passed away” since women think that we cannot survive without our wives and she kept thanking me for taking care of their “little Stephanie.” I knew from experience that Jenny was a very over protective and hard driving mother who made her daughters study hard, take piano, do ballet and gymnastics, learn to speak Korean and basically was a slave driver to the poor girls. I assured her that “it would be no trouble” and then we arranged the specifics of the trip.

We made arrangements for me to pick-up Stephanie from the San Jose airport the following week on Sunday as she would be starting her internship on Monday. After that I didn’t think about it too much, but I did clean up the guesthouse and put new bedding and a new quilt and made sure the air conditioner was working. The guesthouse had a nice suite with its own kitchen area and bathroom and shower. The living room area had a large panoramic window overlooking my pool and the Los Gatos hills. I bought some pink and white towels and a pink bathrobe and some “girly” things so she would feel the guesthouse had a feminine touch.

I went to the airport ahead of time and waited in the arrivals area. When Stephanie finally walked out pulling her bag she was not what I had expected. While at 15 she had been cute, now at 17, soon to turn 18, she had become a young woman and looked far more mature than her age. Stephanie was wearing a slim black pair of Rock & Republic denim pants that were molded to her now wider and more feminine hips and rounded butt. She had on a crisp white blouse that made you tantalizingly aware of how much fuller her breasts had become, but only hinted at their firmness and roundness teasing you to desire more. She was wearing a sophisticated strand of pearls around her neck and matching pearl earrings with her hair pulled back by a large clip. Her make-up was modest and sophisticated, but just perfect to set off her large sparkling eyes and her soft smiling lips. Seeing me in the crowd Stephanie’s face lit up and she rushed forward and gave me a hug.

“Thanks for coming and picking me up Uncle Rob! It’s so great of you to let me stay at your place.”

I’m sure Stephanie was unaware of her dazzling sexual effect on men, but when she hugged me her firm breasts pressed against my chest and my nose was immersed in her long, dark, wavy hair with her perfume intoxicating me. I stepped back and held her at arms length to get a good look. She looked about 5’6” like her mom and she had a stunning tall, slim, petite but athletic figure. Stephanie’s hair was long and dark with blondish highlights and she had large hazel eyes with long eyelashes. Everything about her was feminine, tasteful and sexy.

“Wow, how long has it been? Only two year? But you’re all grown up and you’ve become a young lady!”

She looked at me with a mischievous twinkle in her eye and did a ballerina pirouette and said, “You really think so? My mom still thinks I’m a little girl. She practically wants to walk me across the street. She doesn’t even let me buy my own clothes. Uncle Rob I’m being smothered!! Look at these shoes? Flats!! Can you believe I’m almost 18 and I don’t have a pair of heels.”

I assured Stephanie that she was now officially a resident of the State of California and that as far as I was aware there was no law against wearing heels. Stephanie giggled and grabbed my arm and linked it to hers as we headed to the parking lot.

We got along surprisingly well and I assured her that she was a young adult now and that she should enjoy her new independence since I knew she was mature young lady “with a good head on her shoulders……and…. (I paused) a very pretty one at that!” I don’t know why I added that last part, but she sure beamed in response and rewarded me with a sparkling smile and giggle. Stephanie was so excited and bubbly and her enthusiasm was certainly infectious as I joined in her happiness and caught myself grinning for no real reason whatsoever other than the fact that I was sitting beside this spectacularly beautiful and sexy young lady. I had not felt this good for a long time and did not really know why.

We got into my wife’s old car, the convertible BMW and headed for my house. I normally drove my DBS, but I had plans for this car and wanted to surprise Stephanie. The drive home only took about 20 minutes and I let her settle in and change before joining her in the guesthouse before dinner.

Stephanie had changed into a pair of Lululemon skintight black yoga pants and a tight body hugging charcoal grey body suit. The outfit did not lessen my growing interest in this young girls body and I tried my best to prevent my cock from swelling and becoming too obvious. We chatted and talked about her engineering internship at a local medical device company. Then she asked me how I thought she should get to work the next day for her first day of work and could I drive her. I looked her in the eyes and asked her if she had her driver’s license. (Actually I already knew she did since Dan had told me on the phone) Stephanie looked perplexed and said, “Yeah, I do, but I don’t have a car and can’t afford one.” I told her to follow me and took her out to the driveway.

“This car is yours. I’ve been thinking about what to do with it since Ann passed away, but she loved this car so I didn’t want to sell it. Well, anyways, I know you’ll have a lot of fun with the Beemer and it will be much more convenient for you to get to work and later on to Stanford. I’ve already put you on the insurance, I just need to email them your drivers license.” Stephanie jumped up and down and flung her arms around me pressing her firm breasts against me for the second time in less than two hours. Without thinking I responded and pulled her into me with my arms as my left hand accidentally rested on the top part of her rounded butt. My cock would not listen to my brain and swelled to its full 7 inches within seconds. Stephanie did not let go and kept saying how much she appreciated my help while her hips and breasts pressed firmly against me and she lavished light kisses on my cheek and neck. I was praying she didn’t feel the swelled rod pressing against her hips.

Later I showed her how to drive the car and drove her around the neighborhood to orient her. That evening we had pizza and I somewhat reluctantly let her go off to bed as I really enjoyed her company. It was strange, she was only about to turn 18 and I was 39, but I felt so comfortable chatting with her. The next three weeks Stephanie learned her way around and did a lot of work at home in the evenings and on the weekends as her job threw a lot of projects at her. I told her to feel free to use my part of the house at any time and since I now lived alone and so we often ate dinner together. Sometimes I helped her work out particular problems from her company. One night I helped her with a temperature control issue with an RF device by identifying the Curie point on a component. Her boss apparently was extremely impressed that she could handle such a complex problem and this earned me another intense session of hugs and kisses from her when she came home the next day. My brain was starting to fantasize about this hot body sleeping only a few meters away every night in my guesthouse and I was wishing that some of her kisses would miss my cheek and fall on my lips instead.

On the fourth weekend Stephanie didn’t have any work and she asked if we could use the pool since the weather was now getting very hot. I said sure, let’s barbeque on Saturday and spend the day by the pool. She wanted to go to the Valley Fair Mall and get a new bathing suit so we did that Friday evening. She said she wanted the bathing suit to be a surprise so I let her shop on her own. The next day around 11:00 am I was looking out my window when I saw Stephanie walk out of the guesthouse and walk to the lounge chair by the pool. My breath stopped as I watched mesmerized by her body. Up till now I had only had hints of her beauty from the conservative outfits she wore to work, but now she was parading beside the pool in a stunning yellow bikini revealing a body of stunning youth and sexiness. I put on my largest board shorts that left lots of room for my cock to hide its embarrassing swollen state and headed straight down to the pool as fast as my legs would move. I was perplexed at my behavior….I was a grown man acting like a teenager.

We lay by the pool and chatted and I wore my Persol sunglasses so I would be able to gaze at her amazing body without being too obvious about it. The yellow bikini beautifully complemented her honey toned skin and was tied by thin strings at the side of her hips in large bows and had a medium size triangle of fabric front and back. The top just covered her swelling breasts and again was connected by thin segments of yellow string tied in a bow at the back. As my eyes followed down from her beautiful young breasts they lingered over a flat toned stomach and then came to the rise of her pubic bone and the flare of her incredible hips leading into a long pair of slim, toned athletic legs.

It was getting very hot so we decided to jump in the water. I jumped in first and Stephanie followed. After rising out of the water she shrieked, “It’s cold!” We both laughed. She shivered and backed towards me. “Uncle Rob, hold me for a second, it’s too cold.” She pushed her back into my chest and her rounded butt pushed right up against my loins. Oh God, what was this girl up to teasing me like this? My cock, even in the cold water, started to swell. I put my arms around her lithe body pulling her tightly into my body and my eyes looked downwards to be rewarded by a view of tiny nipples, protruding and erect, hard as buttons, pushing against the thin yellow fabric of her bikini top. My mouth watered at the thought of pushing the top aside, slipping those succulent nipples between my lips, lightly tugging on them with my teeth and arousing Stephanie’s womanhood. At 6’ 1” and about 185 pounds I was able to hold her tight little Asian body easily and she seemed content to snuggle against me as well and absorb my warmth. Eventually the trance was broken and we resumed our swimming, but I was starting to have a feeling that I was in trouble with this girl if she kept up this level of teasing for any length of time. I had not made love or had any female companionship in the almost 2 years since Ann had got ill and at some point I would not be able to restrain myself.

Back on the lounge chairs with the sun at it mid-day worst Stephanie did something I had not expected and was not quite ready to deal with—she raised the stakes again.

“Uncle Rob, I think I’m gonna burn. Can you put some suntan lotion on my back for me?”

Oh, shit, what a little minx. What should I do? I decided to play along with her teasing and I moved over and sat on the edge of her lounge chair. I put the SPF 50 lotion in my hands and then started to rub it on her shoulders. Stephanie reached back and moved her long hair to the side of her head and then with her left hand just grabbed the end of the bikini string bow and with a quick pull she undid the strap at the back. “There, that will make it easier for you.” She said.

My hands paused and I was a bit taken aback, but I immediately grabbed control of myself and continued with the lotion. I told myself, I’m the older one here, I’m in control, nothing will happen. In fact, I decided, if this little vixen wants to play games with me then I will return the favor and tease her a little bit. I started to work my hands firmly into her shoulders and give her a nice massage. Stephanie started to “ooh” and “ahh” and make sexy little sounds. I could tell she was enjoying my experienced hands playing with her nubile inexperienced body. I took more lotion and applied it to sides of her ribcage, sliding my hands down just far enough so that the tips of my fingers were only barely touching the sides of her swelling breasts. I was offering her a tease of what I could really do if only she lifted herself up a tiny fraction and let my hands slide down further and cup her mounds so my thumb and fingers could roll and tweek her little nipples. Then I moved my hands down to her slim waist to the top of her rock hard butt. I let my fingers wander only slightly under the top of her bikini bottom causing her to tense slightly, not knowing if I would continue further. I laughed inside feeling her body freeze. I moved on to her legs, starting on her calves and then moving up to her incredible toned thighs. My hands swirled in circular motions moving ever so slightly further and further upwards on her inner thighs. I could feel her breathing change and her body tensing slightly as I got closer and closer to her honey pot. I moved ever more cautiously so as to not startle her and have her end our little game prematurely. I knew she was a skittish young virgin who, until this very moment, had been protected day and night by her mother and the feel of a grown mans hands between her legs must be incredibly scary and yet sexy and exciting for her. I paused again and again letting her tension abate before finally moving further and working my thumbs more deeply into her thigh muscles, now only millimeters from her virginal vagina. The desire to move my mouth downwards and taste her juices was almost irresistible. Stephanie’s “oohs” and “ahhs” were now much deeper and throatier and I knew my massage had had its intended effect. In fact her bikini was dry now and I was sure I could detect a wet spot by her vagina lips. My cock and my self-restraint could not handle much more so I slapped her firmly on the butt and said, “Massage over young lady, lunch time.”

The butt smack shocked Stephanie from her sleepy and horny reverie and she suddenly lifted her forearms up off the lounge chair, supporting herself on her elbows and thereby giving me a complete and unimpeded view of her perfectly formed teen breasts, incredibly firm and rounded with tiny pink nipples and areoles. I had never seen a pair of breasts this perfect in my life. I was awestruck. She quickly realized what she had done and a grin covered her face as she collapsed back on the lounge chair to cover her breasts and reached back to tie her top. I nonchalantly and quickly walked to the barbeque to keep my cock under control and pretended I had seen nothing. The rest of the day was fantastic and that night I stroked my cock and masturbated with the vision of her perfect breasts dancing in my head. All of the teasing and coy behavior had built up a huge load and the release was fantastic.

We were home one evening a few days later and Stephanie said she wanted to ask me “a favor”. I said, “Sure….shoot!” She said she was really reluctant because I had already done so much for her. I told her it was nothing and that I really enjoyed having her company and hoped she was enjoying her summer. When I finally relaxed her enough she blurted out that her company was booking a club in San Jose and having a party and she didn’t have a date and would I mind being her date? I’m sure my mouth was hanging open and I must have looked like a deer in the headlights. I explained to her that I was much too old for her and that perhaps she could get one of the other interns or young workers from the company to be her date. She told me that the other interns were “gross” and that she didn’t have anyone else she could think of and then she looked me in the eyes and said, “Anyways, in case you haven’t noticed, I happen to like older guys.”

Eventually I agreed to escort her to the party on the condition that we return home by her parents curfew time of 1:00 am and that she let me buy her a new dress and shoes as a present to celebrate her 18th birthday which would be coming on Monday the following week. I explained that this way she could wear the present and get good use out of it. Needless to say she was excited and we planned a shopping trip for the coming days.

Two days later we headed to Valley Fair Mall to pick out Stephanie’s outfit for the party. She wore her black jeans that were spray painted on her butt and a white linen top that was cropped and tied in a knot just below her bust line leaving her midriff tanned and exposed. As we walked she hooked her arm in mine and made me watch as she tried on dress after dress. While some men may find this tedious, to have a young sexy woman performing a personal beauty parade for you was extremely arousing and my cock was definitely not behaving itself. Everything she tried on looked stunning given her perfect tight body and I was hard pressed to recommend one dress over another. Finally Stephanie selected a body hugging little black dress from Bebe that had spaghetti straps and a bare back scooped down to where her ass started to curve outwards. The dress was extremely sexy and quite short, stopping mid-thigh, but not too short and with her body she could certainly pull it off. She asked me if it “made her look older” and I assured her that she looked not a second younger than and extremely stunning 23 (picking an age I thought she would find acceptable). Stephanie grinned and then the sales lady found her a nice pair of black patent heels that added about an inch and a half to her height. Now she was grinning from ear to ear—“My first pair of heels!! Oh my god, thank you Rob. My Mom would kill me if she saw that dress and she would kill me again if she knew I got heels.” And then she giggled and gave me a short little hug of thanks.

During our shopping I had also admonished her, no more “Uncle Rob” if I am going to be your escort to this party….it will make me feel like a dinosaur. It seemed without any effort on her part she had effortlessly shifted to calling me “Rob”. Back out in the mall she looked up at me with her big brown eyes and said, “Uh, Rob, the dress is spaghetti strap so I need some special under-things if you know what I mean and probably some stockings.” She blushed a bit red. We happened to be passing Victoria’s Secret heading back to the car, so I paused and said, “Well, here’s the perfect place. You go in and phone me when you have everything ready and I’ll come in and pay. Go wild, it’s your birthday!” Stephanie looked at me and asked if I was sure that was “OK” and I assured her it was. She then exclaimed that her Mom would “murder” her if she knew how much fun she was having. And then I headed off to do some window-shopping, forcing myself with the ultimate willpower to leave while my brain really wanted to stay and see what she selected at Victoria’s Secret.

On Friday evening we got ready for the party. I put on a nice pair of grey slacks and a blazer. I came down at 7:00 and waited by the car. Stephanie walked out of the guesthouse and I was stunned. The black backless dress, the black stockings, the patent leather heels, her little black clutch bag, the total effect was sexy and sophisticated. I was enveloped in silence and could hear only her heels clicking on the deck stones as she approached me. She certainly didn’t look 17, she looked more like and extremely sexy 22 or 23. Her hair was curled loosely and clipped at the back with a large black and silver hair clip, tumbling to frame her radiant face and she had a velvet choker with a tiny silver heart on it around her neck. Her ears were adorned with perfect small silver earrings. Stephanie had used more make-up and her eyes and face were lit up with anticipation and excitement that was palpable. She reached out her left hand to me and struck a little pose, “So, how do I look? Acceptable?” I almost choked on my words. ”Acceptable? You look incredible Stephanie. I’m sure you will be the most stunning woman at the party.” She giggled and slid into the car, swinging her legs together in an elegant motion into the bucket seat. Turning her head towards me she replied, “Well, I know I’ll have the most handsome date.” I think this time I may have blushed and my head was spinning a bit as I could feel I was losing control with her cock-teasing rising to ever increasing levels.

The party went off pretty well as far as office parties go with about 300 people jammed into the club. We mingled and I met some of Stephanie’s colleagues and I could tell she was showing me off to the other young female workers. I let her have three glasses of champagne and we danced a few dances to the DJ who was pretty good. Towards midnight she insisted on trying a Red Bull and vodka since everyone was starting to get pretty rowdy and blasted and she had never had one. I made sure that I stuck to coke since I was driving. Just before midnight the DJ switched to slow songs and Stephanie pulled me onto the dance floor and before I could protest she had her tousled head of hair resting on my chest, her arms draped around my neck and was pressing her warm body into mine. The dance seemed to last forever and my cock was ram rode straight by the end, pressing against her pelvis. Her perfume wafted into my nose and my hands had no option given the backless dress other than to rest on her bare skin just above her butt. I had just enough self-control to resist letting my hands stray in the darkness and pressed bodies on the dance floor, even though I wanted more than anything to let them slip lower, to slide under her dress and grip her bum.

When the dance ended I pulled myself away from her hot body and let her make her rounds to say “bye” to her work colleagues and then hustled her to the car so we could head home. Back at the house I walked Stephanie to the door of the guesthouse since it was very dark and she was a little tipsy from her new experiment with alcohol. I had to hold her by the waist as we walked to keep her steady. At the door I was about to leave when she looked at me with pouting lips and big saucer eyes, “Don’t gentlemen give their date a kiss goodnight?” More cock teasing from the little vixen. I put my hands on her waist as she turned her cheek to me and I leaned forward to give her a peck on the cheek. As I leaned forward Stephanie leaned her body into mine. At the last second, when my lips were about to touch her cheek, she moved her head to the left and instead of meeting a cheek my lips met her very warm, very moist, very soft and very passionate lips. Stephanie pulled me strongly towards her and I was caught off balance as the kiss I had expected to be a chaste kiss on the cheek turned into a passionate open mouth kiss of incredible sexual intensity. I felt tingles shooting through my cock and it pulsed with engorged blood and my mouth instinctively opened to receive her timidly probing tongue that was penetrating tentatively into my mouth. My arms, also seemingly beyond my control, pulled her body into mine; the feel of her breasts, her hair, the scent of her perfume all mingled to intoxicate me. My cock that for so long had only felt only the touch of my hand now enjoyed the feeling of a firm feminine body pressed against its length. The feeling, so long absent, had my cock tingling and pulsing and wanting more. I desperately wanted to take her now, but I knew that was impossible. Her hips, now grinding against me, told me she may be 17, but she was horny and ready. What should I do? With all the willpower left in me I pulled her away. Breathless, she looked up at me, “Rob, that was just a perfect end to a perfect night.”

To be continued……..

Rating: 92%, Read 175909 times, Posted Dec 08, 2010

Fiction | Asian, Male, Teen Female, Virginity, Young


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