My Cousins, My Cousins Pt. 1 by WiltSanders

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Incest, Interracial, Male, Teen, Teen Female

I laid her down on my bed, keeping our lips pressed against eachothers. She moaned with delight as my tongue toyed with hers, until i felt her hand on my back. I leaned up and saw the lustful look she was giving me, the same one I see her give me in class when I look up from my desk. I always wondered what that was about, i mean, she's one of the hottest bitches in school and i was...average. I'm a good athlete, but too lazy to play a sport competitively, and I'm smarter than my grades reflect, but it's just too easy to think about other things in class. Why someone like Skylar Union would want anything to do with someone like me is a mystery...but fuck if i was gonna question her motives.

"What?" she asked, making me realize I've been staring at her this whole time.

"Nothin," i said grinning. She bit her lower lip and looked me over like she'd do in class.

"C'mon sexy," she whispered, grabbing the growing bulge in my pants "show it to mama."

I immediately stood up and started tearing clothes off my body, and by the time i was finished a huge grin had stretched across her face.

"Wow..."she nodded, looking me up and down "anyone ever tell you you should model? Like, for real."

I shrugged the comment aside, jumped into the bed and continued making out with her while she stripped. When I leaned away she threw her shirt and bra over her head and on the floor. She laid back down seductively and waited for me to do something. Just going for it, I started running my tongue around her left nipple while grabbing her right breast in my hand. She groaned and quivered a bit, slowly arching her back, prompting me to slide my free hand down to her pussy.

"Uuuhgn..." she moaned as i slowly rubbed the lips with two fingers. I looked up at her face to watch her expression to judge my work. Her eyes were still observing me, and her mouth was sort of open and smiling as she was beginning to breathe heavy. When she saw me look up at her she winked and licked her lips, instantly getting me hard. Then I used my thumb and brushed it gently against her clitoris.

She gasped in surprise and pleasure, arching her back even higher and pulling my head closer to her breast until I nearly choked. Inspired by her gasps, i slowly inserted a finger into her pussy. This got her gasping even louder, to a point where she had to bury her face in my pillow to keep quiet. As her moans quickened she started gyrating her hips against my fingers.

"Fuck, I'm cumming!" she cried from under the pillow. I removed the pillow from her face and kissed her as my fingers rubbed her clitoris even faster than before.

Eventually her moans reached a climax and my hand became wet with her cum. She grabbed my arm and brought my hand up to her mouth, and looking me in the eye, started giving my fingers head. This got me so hard I couldn't take it anymore. I popped my fingers out her mouth and flew back to the middle of the bed, lining my dick up to her pussy. She threw her left leg over my shoulder and started pulling me closer as I began pushing my way inside her tight pussy. Fortunately, she was so wet I just slid right in. We both groaned with ecstasy the deeper i pushed in. I slowly started pumping my hips, getting motivation from her whimpers.

"Oh God! I love it!" she shouted, grasping my right shoulder and yanking me down to her. She wrapped her arms around me, and instinctively i started kissing her neck. I felt her body trembling against mine, and her breath blow against my ear the faster I went, and eventually had to push myself back up to gain more speed. I brushed her golden, blond hair out of her face and stared into her beautiful, brown eyes. She looked back, blushing and grimacing in pleasure, then all of a sudden she shoved me over to her right. I fell back into the bed and watched as she climbed right back on top, grabbing my shaft and directing right back inside. She started bouncing up and down, going a lot faster than I dared to go, and grabbed her left breast. I put my hands on her thighs as she bucked wildly on top of me, her long hair whipping across my face.

"I think I'm gonna cum again!" she huffed, which was no surprise to me judging by how loud she was moaning, but hearing her say that and watching her bounce on my cock sent a tingling sensation to my genitals and I felt close to losing it.

"Shit! Me too," I moaned, bucking harder against her as she started riding faster. Eventually our quiet, muffled moans nearly turned to hollering as we fought to orgasm. Seeing Skylar glistening with sweat and whimpering on my dick is enough to send anyone over the edge, especially when her pussy is THIS wet. I dug my fingers into her thighs the closer I felt to cumming.

We were both muttering swear's under our breath the longer it took, when my door swung open.

"THE FUCK!!?" my step mom shrieked, nearly sending my penis up inside of me.

I looked over Skylar's shoulder to see my step mom standing in my doorway looking appalled. My face turned bright red as I stared wide eyed at my mom. My face probably turned even redder when i felt my midsection become soaked and hearing Skylar go "OH GOD! FUUUUCK!"

My step mom dove at Skylar, narrowly missing as Skylar leaped out of the bed, grabbed a few articles of wadded up clothes, and shot out the door. I NEEDED to move out...

The next morning completely sucked ass! I could feel my parents and younger sisters eyes boring into me, so I never looked up from my pancakes. After my step mom and step sister finally left I looked up to face my dad.

"The....fuck?" he began quietly, reading a newspaper and leaving a void for me to fill with an explanation.

"I didn't know you'd all be getting home that early, I thought I'd have time..."

"What part of 'back in an hour' didn't you understand?" he asked,waving the note he'd written in my face. I shrugged.

"Fastest hour I've ever seen." I grumbled.

"Maybe you need to learn to seal the deal a little faster," My dad mocked. I smirked at his smug face.

"A chick like Skylar takes time. She has...'class' or some shit..."

"My ASS! She got off right in front of your mom and then ran off!" my dad said cracking up, but at least we were both laughing now. "But now I've got a problem because your step mom thinks I raised a pervert."

"Sorry, it won't happen again." I promised. Then my phone started vibrating.

"Aww hell! Skylar..." my dad laughed some more as he got up and left.

"...hey" her text read.

"I'm sooo fuckn sorry! I didn't know they'd be back yet." I replied.

"Me 2. I shouldn't have came in front of your mom like that..."

"Lol, well my parents are leaving for Chicago tmrw nite sooo...?"

";) I'll think about it."

I was ready to jump for joy when I learned I was getting a second chance with Skylar, but my mom, like only she could do, squashed my happiness instantly.

"Will! Your cousins Liz and Missy are gonna be babysitting you while we're gone to make sure you don't have an orgy in my house, okay!?" my mom called from downstairs.


My ruined night with Skylar wasn't the only reason I knew this weekend was gonna suck shit. These particular cousins my step mom got to baby sit my sister and I have been in and out of jail multiple times, have moved in and out of their parents house every other month since both dropped out of highschool because of their addiction to drugs. I'm not talking weed either, I'm saying cocain, meth and shit. So why did my step mom ask THEM to baby sit me and my sister? Because they recently moved here from New York and now live about 30 minutes away from us, and my step mom told her sister she'd give them a chance.

"Mooooom! Why do we need babysitters?" Joni cried. "I'm 16, Will is 17, we can be home by ourselves!"

"You need baby sitters because your brother is a retard." was my mom's short answer as she checked her makeup.

"Did you hear that dad!?" I protested.

"Shaddup tard!" he said, slapping the back of my head. "You're lucky Joni didn't see it and become scarred for life seeing your narrow, nekkid ass!" Then he turned to Joni and says "Your cousins will be here any minute now, so be good to them. And Joni"


"You're in charge until they get here!"

"HA!!" she shouted, laughing in my face. I just sat there at this point because after a day and a half of torment and ridicule you get used to it.

My parents were just about to leave when the doorbell rang and my cousins Liz and Missy came into the house. Liz and Missy are sisters and I'd be lying if i said i never had fantasies about them. Since my dad married Joni's mom when I was twelve I've been attracted to these two cousins. Liz is my age, and is a manipulative little bitch. She's got long, blond hair like Skylar's, but isn't nearly as tall and wears a lot more revealing clothes. By revealing I mean half her amazing ass would hang out from her shorts or miniskirt she would be wearing. I've fantasized about that ass for five years, usually able to see whatever i wanted of it.

Her older sister, Missy, who just turned 21 is just as violent as Liz is manipulative, if not more. Although I dreamed about fucking her crazy, I've also had nightmares of her throwing me against walls and slapping me around. She's the complete opposite of her sister. She's just an inch shorter than I, tan like Joni and I, and has shoulder length, brown hair that's usually wet and curly looking. Her ass is amazing, but her best feature is by far her tits. If they were airbags, that car would get a 6 star crash rating, and like her sister, it's pretty easy to see what you want of them. She usually wore low-cut shirts that showed nearly all her cleavage, and half the times her low cut shirts were see through. Needless to say, i fantasized about ruining her breasts.

But fantasies are fantasies, and I was snapped out of potentially forming another one as someone said my name.

"Wooooh! Look at this lady killer!" Liz said to Missy. "I bet he has all the girls crawling at his feet!"

My face started turning red, I wonder if my step mom told them about Skylar.

"Missy, what do you think about your cousin?" Liz asked, poking me in the side, a habit she's gotten into since meeting me.

Missy smiled and looked me up and down. "Cute," she grinned. Everybody seemed to be fooled by their display, and I had to admit, right now they looked like functioning members of society. They weren't wearing anything see through, tight, low-cut or revealing at all, which was a bit disappointing, but hopeful at the same time. And the way they were laughing and complementing my parent's house made me wonder if my mom wasn't completely crazy for letting them in our house. This thought lasted for about another ten minutes, because as soon as my parents went out that door I hear Missy shout.

"Alright cunts! Get the fuck to bed!" I froze in my tracks, wondering how someone could go from a shit eating grin to calling her younger cousin's cunts. While I was pondering this, Joni argued for us.

"The fuck do you mean? It's only eight thirty and its a Friday! I'm not going to bed."

Missy immediately got in Joni's face, putting her boobs right against Joni's chin and pushing her back.

"Didn't you want to go over some rules with them first?" Liz said, emerging from the kitchen. She'd taken off what she was wearing before and was now wearing her usual attire of tight, white shirt that ended a few inches above her pierced belly button, and a mini skirt that stopped just low enough to hide the front of her thong, but not enough to cover the bottom half of her ass.

"Oh yeah," Missy chuckled pulling a piece of paper from her pocket and then read from it. "Rule #1 we get your parent's bedroom. Don't go in that fucking room! Rule #2 If you don't listen to me or Liz's command that's an instant slap in the face and you have to do one hundred push ups. Rule #3 If one of us has a guy over, you two sleep in the basement." she dropped the list on the table, but continued. "And Rule #4 When i say get to bed, YOU GET THE FUCK TO BED!" she grabbed us by our shirt collars and yanked us upstairs and into my room.

"Can you believe this shit!?" i asked Joni. She gave me a face that showed she could. She's been dealing with her cousins her whole life, and has a pretty good idea of what they can do.

"I can believe this. What I can't believe is that you had that SLUT in your room. Are you trying to catch something?"

"Slut?" I asked, confused.

"SLUT! I know you know what that means. She fucks every other guy that looks at her a certain way, but for some reason you don't see a problem with that." I looked at her, and her face got red when she realized how upset she was getting. "I just didn't think she's the kind of girl you'd end up with."

"She's not..." I began, but before i could Liz and Missy came storming into my room.

"Hey Joni, could you leave for a second, we need to talk to Will alone." Liz asked in her sweet voice. Joni gave me a concerned look and left. As soon as she did Missy turned on me and jammed me against a wall.

"What the hell? That wasn't necessary!" I shouted.

"We have a few rules we had to leave out for Joni's sake, and if she EVER finds out I won't hesitate to disembowel you!" Missy hissed. My eyes widened in fear.

"What do you want?" I asked, getting pissed.

"We heard you like to fuck whores behind your parents back. Well we happened to be experts at that and we're here to make sure it doesn't happen on our watch." Liz chimed in.

"Were you the whores or were you the ones fucking the whores?" i asked. I instantly felt the whole left side of my face burn intensely as i saw Missy's hand fall back to her side. She strikes faster than light I concluded.

"How DARE you get smart with us!" Missy snorted. I nearly laughed at how over dramatic she was, but held it down in fear of my own safety.

"We're gonna show you what it feels like when ass holes like you play with a girls heart!" Liz hissed, showing her evil grin she does so well.

"Play with her heart?" I asked. I think me and Skylar both knew the deal: We become fuck buddies and don't say shit about it.

"Consider yourself our new bitch for the rest of the week!" Liz cackled.

"Bitch?" all i could do at this point was repeat back what they were saying.

"Which means you will be doing the chores, getting the groceries, cooking the meals, as well as...other things." Liz laughed again when she said 'other things'.

"Other things?" I asked, but as soon as I did I felt Missy push my chest harder into the wall until I felt my rib cage would cave in.

"Do that one more time, and you die!" she threatened. Then she backed off and exited the room. I rubbed my chest where Missy had indented it and started cursing her under my breath when Liz swooped in next to me. I was expecting her to hit me or something, but instead she wrapped her arm around my shoulder and brought her mouth to my ear.

"Meet me in the garage at midnight, bitch." she whispered, softly kissing my cheek right before she exited my room. I stood there a moment, wondering what my parents got me into, before my legs stopped working and I collapsed.

While i was collapsed I remembered the first time she told me to meet her somewhere private. It was christmas at my grandma's house. We were 13 at the time when she came up to me the night before christmas and told me to meet her in the attic. At the time I thought it would be a great way to get to know my hot new cousin, but when I walked in right off the bat she threw me against a wall and started kissing me violently. At the time I assumed it was just a christmas miracle, but it ended up being the first of many plots she's pulled to get something from me. This time it had been my wallet with $20 in it. I guess I got so caught up int he kissing and feeling that I didn't feel her hand slip into my pocket. After she got my wallet she pushed me away from her and walked off without a word.

Since then she's been using me as a toy, seducing me then fucking me over when I'm at my weakest. Whether its a pockpocket, or shooting chemicals directly into my veins for a science project, she's always had an ulterior motive. As the years went on her motives have gotten more and more sinister. I decided it's in my best interest not to meet Liz in the garage and just let Missy kick my ass rather than wake up on a floatie in the middle of the pacific.

By the time midnight came around I had just started dozing off after spending hours debating whether or not I should go. If i do then I'd be giving into the dictatorship my cousins are trying to establish in my house, but if I didn't God only knows what they would do to me. At best Liz would tell Missy to kick my ass for breaking rule #2 and then I'd do 100 pushups, I didn't want to think of at worst. My eyelids just started to get too heavy to keep open when I heard my door creak open. I shot out of bed and stared into the dark void that is my room. I could hear breathing somewhere in the room, but couldn't tell where. All I knew was that it was getting closer. I was frozen in fear as I saw a dark silhouette pop up in front of me and a hand fly into my face.


Immediately after getting slapped a hand clasped over my mouth and forced me back against a wall. I could only watch as my attacker replaced the hand over my mouth with their lips and forced their tongue down my throat. The kiss was unmistakable: Liz. I looked at the clock on my dresser and it read 12:05. Obviously, Liz isn't a very patient girl, and didn't waste time reaching down my boxers and yanking my cock out.

"Ow! The shit?" I complained before being pulled back into another kiss. Then, with an iron grip, she started stroking my dick and dropped my boxers around my ankles.

"You're supposed to jack it off, not peel it!"

She only chuckled and shoved me backwards on my bed, and with my boxers around my ankles like shackles, I couldn't stay upright. Despite the bruises, Liz had succeeded in getting me hard and was obviously pleased by this. With lightning speed she jumped on top of me and pressed her lips against mine, but less forcefully this time. Honestly, i liked this kiss, tilting my head to the side to get closer without even knowing it. I didn't notice this before, but her lips were incredibly soft and inviting. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer, feeling her naked body against mine. We stayed like this for a while until I felt her cold hand on my chest, which snapped me out of this trance. I threw her off me and scrambled out of the bed.

"I can't do this!" I blurted.

"What can't you do?" She asked, but not in her usual mocking tone.

"You, I mean. I can't do you."

"I thought this is what you wanted," She said, crawling to the edge of the bed, "The way you always look at me...I thought you'd love this."

"I do..." I mumbled, but stopped when i realized what i said. Then a look came across her face and she gasped.

"You're scared!" she accused, chuckling and pointing a finger at me.

"Of what?" I asked, getting pissed.

"I've seen it before." she mocked.

"What? What have you seen before!?" i nearly hollered.

"You act like you want it but once you have it in reach you freeze up." she smirked and waved a hand at me. "Should've known."

"BITCH! Ain't nobody scared-"

"Then prove it." She cut in, lying back down on the bed and spreading her legs. The sight of her shaved pussy made my softened dick spring back to life.

Determined to shut her up, I dove on the bed and began lining my dick up to her pussy. She had a horny look on her face, and whispered encouragement as I slid my dick inside her.

"Ohh!" we moaned at the same time. I imagined she'd feel good, but not as tight as she was where it was a chore just to push through. When I got in about halfway she let out another, louder moan and wrapped her legs around my stomach. I started pushing in again and heard her whimper in pain and pleasure when I got all the way in, so I had to pull out quickly. I held my finger up to my mouth to keep her quiet. She nodded and bit down on my blanket.

I started gyrating slowly at first, and watching Liz's reaction for gratification. I didn't really get much because her face looked more smug than pleased which made me angry. I wanted to fuck that look clean off her face. I grabbed her left breast and started squeezing it and pumping a little faster than before, feeling accomplished when my effort appeared on her face. Still not satisfied, I leaned over and started licking her left nipple and humping even faster, trying to be as quiet as possible. I couldn't see her face anymore, but I could hear and feel her breathing deepen and her body arched up into mine. I looked up, the smug face on me now, but when I saw Liz's face and the evil grin she uses when she's just fucked someone over, I realized something. I realized how she mind fucked me, saying I was 'afraid' of her, and now look at me. I'm balls deep in this evil, devil child, when I told myself I wouldn't be. I contemplated pulling out right now and telling this bitch to get out of my room, but I decided to stay in and punish her and her pussy.

With a rekindled flame, I started moving even faster, trying to fuck her through my headboard, and biting down on her left nipple. I think she noticed my sudden vigorousness, and made an effort not to show she was enjoying it, because she stopped making noise. When I looked up at her she was chomping down on my blanket and staring at me, intensely. I stared back, looking for any sign of pleasure she might give, and thriving off the challenge. Sweat started falling off my body eventually, as I was moving faster than I can remember moving before. I started feeling my member tingle a little bit inside her, but tried my best to ignore it. Then she pulled the blanket out of her mouth.

"More!" she hissed, wrapping her legs tighter around me. "Give me more!" Her teeth were clenched and I could tell how hard she was fighting to keep the intense look on her face. Hearing her order for more nearly made me crack, so I buried my head in her breasts just in case. Then I used my free hand to rub her clit while I fucked her.

"Uuughn!" Liz moaned, not expecting me to do that and giving up on trying to hid her pleasure. She dug her nails into my back and started bucking back against my thighs, wildly. Witnessing this, and feeling how great her pussy felt, my dick started pulsing as I fought to hold my cum in. I lasted a few more minutes before feeling like I needed to stall because there was no way I would last much longer.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and sat back, cross legged on the bed, hoisting her up to me and using my arms to lift her up and down on my dick. She kept her arms wrapped around me as I pulled her up, but her neck seemed limp as her head dangled back and fell on my shoulder. Her sweat glistened body was driving me crazy, but her defeated looking face spurred me as I started picking up speed. The faster I lifted and dropped, the more her nails dug into my back and the louder her moans got. My genitals were tingling like crazy now, and I started letting out moans as I fought to keep my essence. Liz must've noticed my effort because she started grinding against me and using her legs to move up and down faster. I felt like I couldn't contain myself anymore and my eyes rolled to the back of my head as I was ready to give up and admit defeat. I opened my mouth to announce this to her when I felt her pick her head up and lean close to my ear.

"I'm cumming!" she said between pursed lips. Our bodies started gyrating like crazy and we had to kiss to muffle our cries of bliss. I lifted her off of me just before I shot rope after rope of cum, and her pussy started pouring on my groin. I closed my eyes and cocked my head back, feeling frozen in time as I tried to remember an orgasm that came close to this one, and there was none.

When I finally opened my eyes Liz was standing in the middle of the room slipping on clothes. I was speechless. When she finished she winked at me, patted me on the head and left. I sat there looking at my bedroom door for what seemed like hours, wondering who does that. Who gets fucked or fucks someone else to an orgasm of that magnitude, then just leaves? I know it was good for her too, because she doesn't seem like the type of person who would fake an orgasm to spare my feelings. Plus she was way louder than I was. I was replaying the sex in my head, going over the groan to groan ratio, when my light flicked on.


My eyes darted back to my bedroom door and nearly popped out of my head when they saw Missy standing there, glaring at me. And here I was, dick out and stuck to the side of my leg, cum on my thighs and bed, and worst of all, Liz left her thong on the foot of my bead.

"N-no..." I stammered, not able to find words to help me out.

"C'mere!" Missy shouted, snatching me up by the arm. She drug me down the hall to my parents' room and all I could do the whole time was bumble 'n-n-no' repeatedly. She kicked the door open, threw me inside and flung Liz's thong on my head. To my surprise Liz was sitting fully dressed (by her standards) and not looking the least bit ravaged.

"Look who I found beating his meat to your thong!" Missy shouted.

"N-n-NO!" I muttered again, confused as fuck. I made pleading eyes at Liz, but I could tell by the appalled face she made that she was gonna fuck me over.

"The FUCK did you get this from!?" she shouted, zipping out of be and into my face. She didn't even smell like sex, or even look sweaty anymore. I started wondering how long I had been staring at my door. Lost in my own thoughts again, I didn't notice Missy's shadow loom over me. I felt a smack on the back of my head that sent me face first into Liz's thighs. I looked up and gawked at her new pair of see through panties under her miniskirt.

"Woah!" Liz shrieked, jamming her knee into my chest. "Little freak!" she shouted blushing and stretching her skirt down. Then I felt Missy's forearms under my armpits and next thing I knew I was lifted clean off my feet and put into a full nelson.

"Good God..." I blurted, stunned by Missy's brute strength and the feeling of her giant, perky breasts pushing into my back. I looked forwards and saw Liz put her hand to her chest, and in a new way to inflict pain that I didn't expect, she threw a well placed elbow that smashed into the side of my head and sent me straight to the floor, out cold.

Rating: 68%, Read 19355 times, Posted Mar 24, 2012

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Incest, Interracial, Male, Teen, Teen Female


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