the perverted brother by islammher

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Fiction | Female, Incest, Teen Male

My name for the sake of the story is Chris i am 5 foot 9 inches tall and weigh around 160 pounds and am 15 when this happens.

My sister was always attractive no matter what the stiuation called for. Whether it was a nice evening or a casual moment. She was shorter around 5' 2" and had a very nice figure. She had 36C breasts and an ass that makes Halle Berry's go to shame. I always had a special connection to her but never knew it could go very far. On to the story

So my sister Anne was just waking up to take a shower and she woke me up some how it always happens yet it never bothers me. I went into her room as the usual and got an eyeful of my sister bending over and putting on a revealing thong. I got an immediate hard-on and went to my room and pumped out a larger load then usual as it happens she was coming to my room and got her own eyeful i won't lie about my cock size as most do it is about 6.5 inches and medium in the thickness. and it was still to grow over the years.

i looked up and saw her right as i was imagining her sucking me off and was shocked to see her. she just stood there and slowly put her hand down her running shorts as we go running in the morning together. Just as i exploded she left the room and we never saw eachother the rest of the morning being to ashamed to say anything. But Anne never to miss a beat texted my parents and asked if i could stay in her apartment at the campus for a couple weeks until her housemates moved in. As she left for campus the next week

My parents being curious asked why and she said so he can stay over so that she doesn't get to lonely. so they said sure and i left with her. on the car ride there she asked me so next time you should really knock before coming in like that. I was so shocked that she had noticed me i said ok but you looked so good.

When we got there we were acting normal again and had fun the first night then we got bored and played some texas hold'em later that night. To bad for her facebook had toaught me a lot and she lost around 20 dollars which i gave back cause i am nice like that. so the sleeping arrangments were brought up and we decided because the couch was too small for her or me that i could sleep in her bed a king size and very comfortable. Unfortunately i sleep in the buff and got an immediate woody when she said i do to. i took off my shorts and when i turned around she saw my dick and whistled as she said not bad for a guy. then right then and there she stripped down and looked at me and said those words that still linger around its not gonna be the first time we see each other naked. i got in the bed and smiled as i fell asleep

That Night

I woke up hearing noises and being an ever curious person looked over and saw her touching herself in the bed . i was shocked to see it my own sister touching herself and proceeded to watch until the orgasnm hit her.

The next morning

I woke up before her and saw her above the sheets completly naked no way i thought to myself this is easier than sneaking around stealing peeks. i tentatively reached out and toucher her nipple and still sporting morning wood almost came right there. i went to the bathroom and jerked it till i came. i took a shower and made breakfast or her in bed. she was up at this point and i yelled for her to stay in bed ill ring her breakfast.

i had though that she would have covered up at least with a bra but nope sittin there nude as a porn star she was waiting. i bought it to her with a bulge in my pants thinking wow she really meant what she said. she looked up at me and said come eat with me. So i did.

When we were done she said i know a great beach lets go there and hang out my friend is gonna let us use his house up there for two weeks. so i packed my bags and went with her to the beach i fell asleep on the way and missed the sign saying nude beach clothing optional. when i woke up we were at the house it was none too shabby for a college kid. When we got inside there were pictures galore of what was there tons of pictures of college kids naked on the beach. i was too shocked to say anything. when i finished unpacking the car i got inside and there was only one bed and it was big enough for at least ten people to sleep comfortably. so we decided we split the bed i get the left her the right. it was evening by the time the house was cleaned up and our clothes and food for the two weeks put away. she said its too late for the beach lets play some cards no money this time now we play for clothes. i was cool with this as i had never lost at poker i had the luck of the devil on my side so they say.

That night

So playing poker i won the first two hands and Anne lost her shirt and pants. Unfortunately for me and you readers she had on another shirt and a pair of shorts dang. me being a guy had a pair of shorts on and boxers. i lost the next round over three of a kind for a pair. being in my boxers i had a woody thinking what was gonna happen if i lost or she lost.

Anne ended up losing the next two hands so in her bra and pantys my semi turned into a full on boner. she saw this and dealt this time i lost she smiiled knowing what was coming up next. i peeled of my boxers reluctantly. she barley took notice as the next hand was dealt she lost and i was gonna see those beautiful tits that were the object of my mind at the moment

Continued in part two of the series

Sorry for the bad writing and i will try to fix it up in the next story of the series

Rating: 60%, Read 34673 times, Posted Jul 23, 2010

Fiction | Female, Incest, Teen Male


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