I meet Alex by Dolman69

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My name’s Joe, I’m a retired engineer and I’m bisexual. This is an almost true story of a gay relationship that developed between me and an Australian guy named Alex. If you’re not into this sort of thing, do yourself a favour and read no further. These events took place when I was about to leave my teens. Now that was a long time ago, in fact it was at the time the “Beetles” were in their hay day. From this you will see that I passed my “Best before” date about three quarters of the way through the last century. However, I’m not quite burnt out yet and despite having difficulty in remembering what I did the day before yesterday, my memories of my late teens and early twenties are still as clear as though the events had just happened. So here is the story (with a few details and the names changed) of how, after much beating about the bush, I eDuring the final year of my engineering training I had to spend about ten months with another company to gain experience in a different branch of engineering. I was employed and lived in the south of England but this other company was 300 miles away in the north of the country. I was excited by the prospect of the extra freedom afforded by being away from home, and I was determined to have a good time. Being bisexual I figured that I had twice the average chance of having some fun one way or the other.

I settled in at the works very quickly, they had a very efficient training team, headed up by three technical guys and backed up by a small administrative team. I was told to see one of the girls in the admin team if I had any problems with work or accommodation. One of the girls there who seemed to be a little younger than me had a very nice figure, and she was very helpful at sorting out a couple of problems which I had. It wasn’t long before I was flirting with her. I found that her name was Sue and that she didn’t have a boyfriend. After I had been there for about ten days I plucked up courage to ask her out, and to my surprise she accepted. Not a bad start, I thought.

I was very fortunate with my lodgings which were excellent. Mrs Sharp, the landlady, had just had her large house redecorated and I was the first lodger to be taken since the work was completed. Three more lodgers were due to arrive in three or four weeks, but for the time being I had the place to myself. The house had a double garage and I was allowed to park my car there at no extra cost. I’m sure that was just because Mrs Sharp didn’t want anyone to see my 1947 vintage banger parked outside her house. She was a very pleasant lady, divorced, keen sense of humour and she was a

good cook.

There were about thirty other students and graduate trainees at the factory, all getting to grips with the technology behind the equipment manufactured there. As this equipment was in use all over the world it follows that the students were from all round the world. There was a large mix of race, colour, class, creed and religion. This often gave rise to heated debates on religion politics and sex. All the students were male, single and aged from 18 to 25. With that combination it’s obvious that the entire group (including myself) were turbocharged with testosterone. During some of the arguments which ensued there was one guy who often produced a calming effect by throwing in a bit of sound logic. I liked that guy, I usually agreed with what he said, so I lost no time in making myself known to him. His name was Alex and he was Australian.

Alex and I got on well from the start, we were well matched physically, both being 5ft 8ins and weighing 150lbs. We both had short dark brown hair and both had unusually small feet. We chatted every day in the breaks and our friendship grew; we were soon exchanging quite intimate stories. This led to us discovering something else that we had in common: - we were both bisexual. As the next week progressed I gradually became aware that my interest in Alex was developing into something a bit more than ordinary friendship and if I was reading Alex’s body language correctly, his thoughts were running along the same lines. This was an unexpected development, I’ve been away from home for two weeks and I already have a prospective girlfriend and possible boyfriend. I’ve never had both at the same time before.

Nothing happened on my first date with Sue, not that I would have expected it to, and my second date went much the same way except that when we said good night, she gave me a quick peck on my cheek. The third time we went out the atmosphere seemed a little strange, something I couldn’t explain. I tried to steer the conversation round to matters of a sexual nature but she cunningly steered it away again. Gosh! Alex was a lot easier to talk to. When I got her home and said good night I tried to turn her peck into a proper kiss, but got pushed away. Maybe I should concentrate on developing things with Alex.

The following morning at tea break Alex dozed off in his chair with his coffee half drunk. I shook his arm and he woke with a start. “What’s up, late night”? I said. Alex said that all his nights were late, he wasn’t getting enough sleep and it was getting to him. I asked him why that was and he said “You see the two guys sitting near the door, Well, I bunk with them. We share a large attic bedroom and the guy closest to the door snores and keeps me awake. The other guy jacks off twice every night before he goes to sleep and his bed springs creek. Hearing him cum usually gives me a raging boner and I’m too shy to do anything about it while he’s awake, so I wait till he’s asleep then I nip to the bath room and have a quick wank in the shower. It’s usually 2 o’clock by the time I get back to bed”. I told Alex about the privacy I’d been enjoying and he was obviously envious. When I told him that it was about to come to an end because other lodgers would soon be arriving, he sarcastically said that he felt sorry for me and that it was time we got back to work.

I had arranged to see Sue that evening, there was a film she wanted to see so we went to the cinema. It turned out that I had already seen the film and I didn’t think much of it anyway. During the film I tried to put my arm round Sue but she stopped me. when I drove her home and was about to get my good night peck, I let my left hand slide from her shoulder onto her right breast and got an immediate rebuff. She then gave me a look which made me feel that I was a naughty little boy. I drove home with my tale between my legs (literally).

A few days later I was stopped in the factory by a guy I’d been working with two weeks ago.

Hello Joe

Hi Tom

You still seeing that Sue from the admin office?


How long’s that been now?

Oh, about three weeks

Have you got anywhere with her yet?

Why do you ask?

Ha, I’ll take that as a NO, and you won’t. The bitch is as cold as ice. I went out with her for six weeks and all I got was a slapped face!

Gee, thanks a lot

I wandered back to my department feeling pretty down in the dumps I was dating a girl with a fabulous figure, who was intelligent and witty but had the sex drive of a cold rice pudding. These thoughts were with me as I started to drive home, but after a few minutes I put them out of my mind and concentrated on Alex’s sleeping problems and the creaking springs. Then it occurred to me that if Alex could sleep on his back wearing headphones, it might solve his problem. I had some phones with me which had large padded ear- pieces. I knew that they excluded most sound as I had gone to sleep wearing them just two months before and had failed to hear the alarm clock.

After the evening meal I watched television for about three hours then went to bed with a book. I became engrossed and it was 12.30 when I put the book down and put out the light. Then I remembered the headphones, so I got up to search for them. I found them and put them on the spare bed where I couldn’t fail to see them in the morning. I was fully awake again after that and thinking of headphones and creaking beds, and then I started wondering what might be happening with Alex. Would he be listening to creaking springs or was he lying there nursing a boner and waiting for his chance to slip to the shower. The thought fascinated me and I soon realised that my dick was half hard and I was stroking it. Perhaps Alex was already in the shower naked, flogging his meat. It was easy for me to visualise Alex in the nude, our bodies were so similar, except in one respect. I hadn’t seen any real sun for a couple of months and my skin was pasty white whereas Alex still had the gold tan which he brought with him from down under. My dick was fully hard now and I was giving it a thrashing. The thought of Alex squirting his goo onto the shower tiles got me very close to the point of no return and in a few seconds I was grabbing for the Kleenex tissues. When I’d come down from my orgasm and cleaned up, I started to think again about creaking beds. Now I must have bucked several times when my climax was approaching but I didn’t recall hearing any sound from the bed. Come to think of it, I’d never heard any sound from the bed. I stood on the bed and jumped several times – no sound at all. Now that was interesting because if I was to lose my privacy I could probably knock one out in secret under the bed covers, as long as I could control my breathing and remember not to grunt, at least the bed wasn’t going to give me away. As it turned out, that little exercise was completely hypothetical but I didn’t know that at the time.

The headphones worked for Alex, he was getting a lot more sleep and after a couple of days he was looking brighter and his cheeky grin had returned. However, I could tell that something was troubling him. He didn’t want to talk about it and I wasn’t going to press him, no doubt he would tell me when he was ready. On Friday a message was left for me to say that my pay cheque had arrived from down south and was waiting for me in the office. That meant I would have to see Sue. I hadn’t spoken to her since being rebuked for touching her breast, on the assumption that she now branded me a sex maniac. I decided that the pay cheque could wait until Monday. The weekend was boring, I had very little to do and the time went slowly. I found myself wondering how Alex filled in his weekend, in fact I was thinking and fantasizing about Alex a lot, Sue having been completely dismissed from my mind.

On Monday morning I plucked up courage and went for my cheque, and as luck would have it Sue was out of the office. I picked up my cheque and left quickly. Tea break arrived and I found Alex waiting for me. “I need to speak to you urgently and in private” he said, “can we meet in your car at lunch time, I’ve brought a couple of pack lunches with me”. With that the two guys who Alex lodged with joined us and the conversation changed to topics in the morning papers. At lunch time I went straight to the car park, jumped in my car and started the engine to warm it up a bit. Alex soon joined me and tossed me a bag with ham sandwiches and a bottle of coke. “Please bear with me”, Alex said, “This is difficult and I hope I don’t offend you. The first thing I want to ask is how you’re getting on with Sue”. For a second or so I was stunned, I had not mentioned anything about Sue to Alex. I knew I had to tell him sometime but I just didn’t know what to say. I told Alex everything that had happened (or not happened) between Sue and me and when I got to the end and said that I thought she was frigid and a waste of time, he looked relieved. “Well that makes the next thing a bit easier to say”, he said. “The fact is that I can’t get you out of my mind and I have this overwhelming desire to hug you”. He looked a bit apprehensive so I quickly said, “Alex, babe, I’ve wanted to hug you since soon after we met and I’ve known for some time that you felt the same way. I just wondered who was going to be the first to have the courage to say it. Since that was you there’s something else I have to confess to you. A couple of weeks ago I was jacking off fantasizing about Sue but more recently you have crept into my thoughts and now you’ve taken over completely. What’s more when we find the right time and the right place I’m going to give you the biggest hug you can imagine”. There was no need for Alex to reply, the smile that spread over his face said it all. “So now let’s go somewhere warmer”, I said.

Alex seemed a lot brighter after our little talk and we were a lot closer but made sure that it didn’t show. The week progressed without incident until Thursday when Alex failed to show up at the afternoon tea break. I assumed that he’d been delayed in his department and thought no more about it so I was surprised to find him waiting for me at the car park. “Glad I’ve caught you” he said, “There’s a bit of a panic on; I shan’t be in tomorrow, we’re being moved to new lodgings. Apparently the management have discovered something disturbing about our landladies past and although it’s supposed to be a closely guarded secret, the whole works are tittering and saying that we are staying in a disorderly house. So we move tomorrow; don’t know where yet, tell you on Monday”. With that Alex sprinted for the bus stop as his bus turned into the end of the street. Friday was quiet without Alex to chat to in the breaks though one or two guys stopped by but that was mainly to pass some sly remark about landladies. At 5o’clock I drove the 4 miles back to my lodging, parked my old banger next to Mrs Sharps 10 month old Rover, grabbed my brief case and two box files and walked into the house. Mrs Sharp was in the kitchen chopping carrots, “Is that you Joe” she called, “there’s a surprise for you; we’ve another student moved in. Your works had some sort of emergency and it all had to be arranged very quickly but I’m sure you’ll get on with him, he’s very much like you, he’s Australian and his name” CRASH CLATTER BANG my brief case and files fell to the floor, “name is Alex”, I finished the sentence for her. “You know him then” she said and I explained that we had been friends for four weeks and asked if she had told him my name. She said “No, left you to introduce yourself”. “This is going to freak him out” I exclaimed as I shot across the hall and climbed the stairs four at a time. The bedroom door was closed so I tapped and a voice (obviously Alex’s) said “Come in” So I threw the door open and called “SURPRISE SURPRISE”. I don’t know who was more surprised; Alex was lying on the bed almost naked wearing just a pair of shorts. There, just a couple of feet away from me was the guy I had been lusting over, fantasizing about and dreaming of and he was effectively being served up on a plate. “What the hell are you doing here “Alex said. My heart was going nineteen to the dozen as I stepped into the room and closed the door. “Alex”, I said “I live here”, and then I continued to stare at his gold tanned skin and blue eyes. His expression changed initially from disbelief to amazement and then to great excitement and his cheeky grin returned. At that point he broke the silence with “well don’t just stand there like a complete wally, where’s that hug you promised me”? I leant over him and he grabbed me and pulled so in one second I was lying on top of him. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me so that I could hardly breathe while I looked into his eyes and ran my fingers through his hair. Then he released his hold and spread his legs so that I fell in between and he grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled me into him. After a couple of seconds he grunted and rolled over to his right, almost causing me to fall onto the floor. He caught me and we shuffled back to the middle, where we got into another clinch. “Can we take this real slow” he said, “I’ve messed up a few times in the past by rushing things and I sure don’t want anything to go wrong this time”? I assured Alex that nothing was going to go wrong and that I was quite happy for him to set the pace. I thought that the evening meal was going to be late as I had seen Mrs Sharp preparing vegetables just ten minutes before but that was for tomorrow, and it was about then that she called for us to go down stairs. During the conversation which followed the evening meal Mrs Sharp was very amused to learn the true nature of the emergency which had caused the reshuffle. I asked Alex what had become of the two other guys and he said that they had been moved to different houses. I realised how lucky I was that of the three, Alex was the one to be moved to Mrs Sharp’s house. We watched television for a couple of hours then Alex said he was going to turn in. Mrs Sharp said “You’re an early bird”. I answered for Alex “He’s still got some sleep to catch up on. One of those guys used to snore, keeping him awake and the other guy, well, he wasn’t much help either. A ghost of a smile crossed Alex’s face as he crossed the room and climbed the stairs. I looked in on him about twenty minutes later and he was flat out with just a sheet over him. I was tempted to peep under the sheet to see if he was nude but resisted; there would be plenty of time for that. The weekends were pretty informal and relaxed at Mrs Sharp’s residence; nothing much happened before 9.30 on Saturdays and Sundays. I was up at 9 o’clock on Saturday morning and went for a quick shower. On the way back to the bedroom I passed Alex on his way to the bath room; we greeted each other with quick hug and continued on our way. I looked out some clothes and discarded my dressing gown. The morning sun and the heat from the radiator below the window felt pleasantly warm on my bare skin and I basked for a while in the warmth. I allowed myself a stretch and I was in the middle of a yawn when Alex said “Now there’s a sight for sore eyes”. I turned and saw Alex removing his dressing gown and standing there in his y fronts. I started to put on my under pants but Alex said “Hold it, we’re so similar everywhere else, let’s see how we compare down there”. I said “Ok, it’s you whose setting the pace” and with that Alex gave my package a close visual inspection. “Right “he said “In the flaccid state I would say we’re the same. How big are you when you’re switched on”? I was ready for this question and as I pulled up my pants I said “I’m a smidgen under 6 inches and 1.75 inches diameter. Alex said he’d never measured his but he thought it would be about the same. Then, looking down at the tent growing in his pants he said “It looks like my dick is keen to confirm that”, and so saying he pushed his pants down and proceeded to make his dick fully hard. I could see immediately that he was about half an inch longer than me but I was a little bit bigger around. He looked at me expecting to complete the comparison so I started to push my pants down but we were interrupted by Mrs Sharp calling “Breakfast ready lads”. “We’d better get going” I said. Alex looked disappointed and said “Ok but you owe me one”. “All debts will be repaid in full” I said and Alex replied “With interest, of course.

After breakfast Alex helped me clean my car and after that we offered to wash Mrs Sharp’s car for her. She was delighted so we set about it and it was almost lunch time when we finished. After lunch Mrs Sharp’s daughter, Julie and husband, Ron arrived. I’d met Ron before, He worked at the factory. Ron was going to do few jobs around the house while Mrs Sharp and Julie went shopping and visited some relatives; they would not be back until late. Ron set about his jobs and we gave him a hand on the odd occasion. Then he got our evening meal (one which Mrs Sharp had prepared earlier) and when that was done and dusted he suggested that we pay a visit to the local public house just 200 yards up the road. We had nothing better to do so off we all went. We had a few beers, played a couple of games of darts and chatted about everything under the sun. Then we realised that it was 10 o’clock and the girls would be waiting for us. Now Ron had consumed considerably more of the local brew than we had and seemed a little unsteady. When he tripped over the kerb as we crossed the road, he laughed and said that he thought Julie had better drive home. Now the drink drive laws were nowhere near as strict as they are today but even so we thought that a good idea. “Where have you been” Julie said as we walked in, “we’ve been waiting over an hour”. Then Ron handed her the car keys and she said “Ok; Now I know where you’ve been”. Julie and Ron left about half an hour later and soon after that we all went to bed.

I woke on Sunday morning at 8.30 and was pleased to note that I didn’t have a hangover, but what I did have was a bladder which demanding to be emptied. So I grabbed my dressing gown and made for the bath room. Half way round the bedroom I stepped on the metal buckle of a belt and the cold feel made me jump. I stumbled and stubbed my toes on the leg of Alex’s bed. I yelled “ouch”, hopped round in a circle and sat heavily on the bottom of the bed clutching my toes. Alex’s sleepy voice said “Did you enjoy your trip”, then he further exclaimed “Oh shit! Buddy hell; I’ve had a fucking wet dream”. I turned to see Alex throw off the bed clothes and peel down his soggy y fronts to reveal his cum soaked package. I handed Alex a pile of tissues and told him I was on my way for a wee but that it looked as though his need of the bath room was greater than mine. So I added “I’ll go to the loo down stairs and you have the bath room and by the way, you know to wash that stuff in cool water, don’t you”. “No, why “said Alex. “Because that stuff cooks like egg white at fairly low temperatures and if it sets in your pubes you’ll have an enormous mess to sort out” I replied. Alex gave a grin and said “how do you know that”. I replied “Been there” and I legged it down the stairs. When I’d relieved myself I thought that a cup of tea would be nice, so I found a couple of mugs and put the kettle on. This was before electric kettles switched themselves off but this one had a whistle in its spout which told you when it was boiling. I took the tea upstairs and found Alex had sorted himself out and was nearly dressed. I started to get dressed and said to Alex that I hadn’t had a wet dream in 7 or 8 years , not since I’d started pulling my plonker on a fairly regular basis. Alex said that was his trouble, since he’d had my headphones he’d slept right through and hadn’t touched his dick in over a week. I said “ Ah you left it too long and you’ve just blown your safety valve”. He said that he’d had a wet dream about two years before but that was different, it was a really sexy dream where he was in an orgy and he dreamed that he was having an orgasm. Then he woke up and found he really was and he’d just wanked himself through the last 4 or 5 seconds. “ That was great” he said “but to wake up and find a puddle of spunk on your tummy and not know anything about how it got there, well that’s yuk”. Then he added” I’d love to have another dream like that, I wonder if it’s possible to induce it”. Our dream talk was then interrupted by a tap on the door. We were both almost dressed so I jumped back onto my bed and we both called in unison “come in”. Mrs Sharp’s smiling face appeared and she said “where’s my cup of tea then”. I apologised saying that I thought she would still be asleep. “What” she said, “with the shouting , the doors banging the shower and the flushes going and the kettle squealing, how can anyone be asleep”? I apologised again and said that it all started with the two of us finding we both had to answer an urgent call of nature ,both at the same time and that I’d stubbed my toe on the bed leg, She said “Ah fighting over the bath room, that’s what comes of drinking too much beer. I wonder how that Ron is this morning. Well now I’m up I might as well get breakfast, it’l be about fifteen minutes”. She left and our talk went back to sexy dreams. “what do you mean by inducing it” I said. Alex said “Well, say one of us, say you were to wake up and find me asleep; if you were to play with my dick (carefully, so that you didn’t wake me) it might make me have a sexy dream. We could try it on one another”. “Sounds good” I said “when do you want to start”? “First time one of us wakes and finds the other asleep” he said. “Ok “ I said “I’m in

The morning was overcast and after Sunday lunch it rained heavily. We all stayed in, played a few games and watched television. I read my book and Alex tackled a crossword puzzle. The rain stopped later in the evening and by 8 o’clock it was a fine night with a full moon. Alex and I nipped across the road to the pub for a quick drink. We returned an hour later; Alex went back to his crossword and I went back to my book. About 10.30 Mrs Sharp brought us both a mug of cocoa and she went to bed. Ten minutes later Alex said that he’d completed the crossword, except for two clues which he couldn’t get and he was taking his cocoa up to the bedroom. I said I’d read to the end of the chapter, then I’d be up. Well, I must have dozed off because the next I knew was that it was 11.30 and there was a cold cup of cocoa beside me. I poured my cold drink down the sink and made my way to the bath room and then the bedroom. The light was still on but Alex was asleep with his empty mug on the bed beside him and his finger still hooked through the handle. I relieved Alex of the mug, threw off my clothes and switched the light off. The curtains were not quite meeting in the middle and a shaft of moonlight was falling diagonally across Alex’s bed. I sat on my bed for a minute, persuading myself that the time to start the dream experiment had arrived. I wasn’t too concerned, at this stage, weather Alex was going to get a dream induced but more with the fact that there was a dick waiting and I had its owners full permission to play with it. I walked round the room carefully (my toes were still a bit sore) and locked the door. Then I knelt on the floor by Alex’s bed and slid my hand under the sheet. I rested my hand on his chest then slid it down to his belly button and to my surprise, I found he was naked. I rubbed my hand around his tummy and then went lower to his crotch. Alex was sleeping on his back with his legs slightly apart so I had easy access to his balls which I cupped in my hand and fondled very gently. Next I took his limp penis and rolled his foreskin around his glans with my thumb and middle finger then after stroking his limp shaft for a while I slapped his dick gently against his leg five or six times. Then I stood up and folded the sheet back. The moon light reflecting on the sheet gave just enough light to see what I was doing. Using both hands I gently peeled back Alex’s foreskin and ran my tongue from his balls along the limp shaft to the head of his dick where I ran small circles around the base of his glans. Now if anyone had been doing that to me, I would have been in ecstasy but the disappointing thing was that the only dick to go hard here was mine. I started rubbing my dick as I took Alex’s entire dick in my mouth and sucked gently. This still had no effect on Alex but my excitement was growing by the second. I took Alex’s dick out of my mouth, closed my teeth and pursed my lips then I ran Alex’s dick head around in circles inside my pursed lips. After half a minute I had to abandon Alex’s dick in order to grab a tissue, otherwise I would have shot my cum all over his body and I didn’t know if I had permission to do that. I tried not to bounce around too much as I was kneeling on Alex’s bed and I tried to supress my grunts as I ejaculated three or four squirts into my tissue. That made it soaking wet so I dropped it on the floor and grabbed a couple more. I wrapped one round my dick then I checked Alex. He was still sound asleep and so was his dick so I dried off my saliva, pulled his foreskin back over his glans and pulled the sheet back over him. I wrapped the soaking tissue in the dryer ones and left it under my bed to dispose of in the morning. Then I jumped into bed and the next I knew was the sound of Alex’s alarm clock at ten minutes to seven the following morning. Alex didn’t say anything about a dream (not that I expected him to) and I didn’t say anything either.

During the following week it turned out that we performed on one another on almost alternate nights but it had a completely negative effect; only two points are worth mentioning. On Wednesday night I failed to notice that Alex was not asleep and when I started to run my hand down to his crotch he grabbed it and laughed. He said that he thought about pretending to be asleep to see what happened but realised that it would mess up the experiment. As far as I was concerned the experiment was already a complete failure, but I agreed with him and went back to bed. On Friday morning Alex confronted me with his cheeky grin and asked if I’d dreamt anything and I told him that I hadn’t. Alex said “That’s disappointing because I got your dick hard last night; had it at full stretch for about four minutes before I had to leave it to attend to another matter (if you know what I mean)”. I said “Yes, I think I know what you mean but I didn’t experience any sensation in the dream world or the real world so you were the only guy to hit a climax last night”. That said we were joined at the breakfast table by Mrs Sharp and the conversation reverted to more mundane matters.

When Friday night arrived I thought that since Alex had managed to make my sleeping dick go hard, maybe I should get a bit more enthusiastic with his, so knowing that we could lie in on Saturday morning I deliberately stayed awake. At 12.30 Alex hadn’t made a sound for over half an hour so I said “Are you awake, Alex”. There was no response so I switched on my bed side light and put it on the floor under my bed because it was too bright. Then I locked the door and still wanting to make sure that Alex was asleep I said “Alex, Babe I’m coming to suck your dick, I’m guna suck it real hard; there, does that give you a thrill”. By that time my hand was feeling for his crotch. There was no response at all so being convinced that I was on safe ground I went straight for the kill. I pulled the sheet off him and retracted his foreskin. I took his dick in my mouth and after swirling my tongue around the head a couple of times I sealed my lips around the shaft and sucked hard. I pulled the hardest vacuum in my mouth that I could muster and held it as long as I could. Then I pulled my lips slowly along his shaft until his glans was about to pop out of my mouth. Then I relaxed and repeated the procedure after which his dick definitely felt larger. I kept this treatment up for the next minute during which time his dick gradually grew bigger; it was not fully erect yet but much bigger than the limp thing I’d played with on previous occasions. As there was now a shaft which I could catch hold of. I wrapped my fingers around it and started to wank at the same time sliding my tongue and lips to and fro over his dick head. I didn’t know how long I should keep this up; Alex had me hard for four minutes and that had not had any effect on me, so I decided to pack it in after five minutes. Long before the five minutes had elapsed I detected a salty taste in my mouth and Alex’s dick grew to its full size. I stopped wanking him and held his dick head between my lips. His dick jumped twice and his leg trembled and Alex let out a low moan. Oh shit, I thought, I’ve woken him and I pulled back, only to find my head grabbed and I was pulled back down onto his dick.

“Go on, don’t stop, go on” Alex said, “That’s lovely; what a super way to be woken up. Go on, suck me, make me cum in your mouth”. With that he started to fuck my mouth for all he was worth, he was going after his climax like there was no tomorrow. That was a pity because there was a lot of other things I would have liked to do with him. Still, I reasoned, you can’t do everything at once. I had agreed with Alex that he should set the pace, so if he wanted his orgasm right now, who was I to stop him? I decided to go with the flow. Alex started to pant and give little grunts then his pace slowed a little and his thrusts became erratic. I felt his penis jump and he started to thrust harder and made me gag a couple of times so I wrapped my hand around the base of his dick to restrict the depth of his penetration. He said “Joe, I’m going to—I’m gunna—aa-aaAAAAHHHaa-aah”. His first ejaculation shot straight down my throat then his second and third I caught in my mouth. He carried on fucking my mouth slowly for the next twenty seconds making quiet moans then lay still, panting heavily. His dick came out of my mouth with a plop and I spat most of the spunk which was still in my mouth into a tissue and carried on cleaning up Alex while he got his breath back. Then I lay on top of him, his legs were spread so I lay inside and I took part of my weight on my elbows. Our lips met and Alex immediately started probing the inside of my mouth with his tongue. I knew that he was tasting his own cum.

Alex started to force his hand between our bodies so I raised myself a little to make it easier for him and he held my sack and fondled it, sending spasms of delight through my body. Then he whispered in my ear “Would you like me to toss you off”? I replied “I’d love you to, what position do you want me in”. He said “As you are, I want you to cum on my tummy”, and with that he started slowly to wank me. He stopped every so often to raise his crotch and grind his soft dick against my boner and then he went back to wanking. Each time he did this his wanking speed increased a little. I started to breathe heavily and soon each exhalation was accompanied by a soft involuntary moan. My mouth was right by Alex’s ear so he was able to determine what effect he was having on me and he predicted exactly when I was going over the top. He stopped wanking and pulled me down onto him; there was a small pool of my pre-cum on his tummy and by pulling on my ass he slid my dick head up and down over the lubricated patch. I was helpless, Alex was in complete control and I exploded, sending a powerful jet of semen between our chests. A few smaller jets and dribbles followed which ended up on Alex’s tummy. Alex said “From here it certainly seemed that you enjoyed that”. I was too exhausted, both mentally and physically, to make a clever reply so I just said “To right I did”.

After a while, when we had cleaned up we lay on our sides cuddling and Alex started a whispered conversation;- You know, Joe, that I wanted to do that the day I moved in and you surprised me.

Yes, and you displayed great will power in holding back.

That was because I’d waded straight in on a previous occasion and when it was over we both felt that we’d used one another and that we shouldn’t have done it.

So how do you feel now?

I just feel very very happy.

Good, that’s how it should be.

Well that’s how I first got together with Alex. I’m sorry it took so long to get there but I told the story the way things happened. Many things I mentioned have a knock on effect into future events and as I stayed with Alex for the next eight months, the story does continue. If your comments are not too scathing, I will contemplate part two.

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