G.S.P. Chapter 10/13 - Healing of Mind or Body by The+Thundercloud

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Science-Fiction | Incest, Male, Mind Control, Teen Female, Violence

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Chapter 10

Healing of Mind or Body?

* * *

Linda Stevens tensed as she came home. She had been in a fabulous mood, but then her newly discovered power had detected something. It took no real effort to send out mental tendrils of psionic power to scan the neighborhood.

Within moments she found her mother Siri waiting for her in the kitchen. From her surface thoughts she could quickly tell that she was pissed. Linda was very late home and had not called in to tell her mother about it.

Ever present in her mother’s mind was also the worry about what happened to her older daughter Jennifer that somehow seemed to have ended with the super hero team G.S.P and cut all contacts with the family. Linda cringed at the upcoming meeting, but she was sure this was not the source of her distress moments before.

She increased the range of her search. The increased distance meant the power of her probe lessened, but it was still formidable in power. Looking back at the memories she had taken from Mindeye she had to wonder if she in fact might be the most powerful living telepath on earth. There were memories about now dead psionics that would have surpassed her by lots, but the memories also told her that these were rare exceptions. The average psionic would never have heard about anyone approaching Linda's power level.

Suddenly Linda registered something that made her tense with unease. Two blocks down there was a black van that felt like a void for her powers. She could not tell if anyone was inside or not.

It made her very nervous, from Mindeye memories she knew there were technology to shield buildings and similar large structures from the power of a psionic. Until she discovered the van she had thought such technology could not be scaled down to work in a small vehicle like a van and still keep anyone with Linda's power out.

There was a possibility that the distance was too great for even her power, a few steps closer might make her able to probe the contents of the van. On the other hand, she could not know the extents of makers ingenuity, there might be previously unseen ways to block her powers. What if they had custom made weapons designed to target a psionic like her? Linda decided to enter the house, the risk of confronting the unknown people in the van in the middle of the night was simply too high.

Stepping into the house she heard her mother coming to greet her. Linda did not need her powers to tell that Siri had a long speech prepared. It took just a flicker of her power to convince her mother she had already told the speech and was on her way to bed.

Siri passed by her and Linda went to the kitchen to find something to eat. The dinner was long cold and she heated it in the microwave oven while she considered what to do.

One option was to contact Mindeye from the G.S.P who had aided Linda with learning to control her powers. With Mindeye's memories she knew the phone connection to reach directly to Mindeye at the G:S.P headquarter. She would not need to struggle with getting past the front desk. On the other hand it seemed kind of pointless since her memory also told her Mindeye had never encountered something like the van.

She considered calling somebody else at the G.S.P, but how would they react to her calling? Her sister would seem like a natural choice, but earlier this day she had learned that she suffered from amnesia and had no memory of her family.

The amnesia explained their weird encounter in central park when that creep Patric directed Jennifer to take advantage of Linda. Linda had been so surprised by the situation that she barely had resisted as her sister made her to have an orgasm for the first time. This was the reason she previously had been trying to call Eagle to learn more about why Jennifer avoided contact with her family. Linda had feared her staying away had been caused by having regrets about their sex, but had not dared to face Jennifer herself about it.

Thinking about Eagle made Linda frown. She had thought he was in love with her, but it was clear she had just had brainwashed him with her by then mostly dormant ability. Actually brainwashing might more properly apply to his current state after the group known as the brotherhood has captured him, but that did not make what Linda had done more ethically acceptable. She had used her power to make him desire her body when he obviously thought her too young.

In the end she dialed Mindeye's apartment at the G.S.P. headquarter. There was no response. Irritated she tried his mobile phone with equal little success. Obviously Mindeye had after their encounter at the school roof decided he wanted to be alone. She felt a stab of worry, what if Mindeye had stumbled into some psionic who sensed Mindeye had no mental walls left after her failed attempt to cure his mind? There was little Linda could do about it now, she decided to head for sleep.

"What about the thing Clive told me the other day?" Linda thought as she recalled her brother talking about mysterious people following him. That had been one of the reasons they had begun to suspect some kind of government conspiracy when Clive first had begun investigating what happened to Jennifer.

She dialed his phone number and after a number of signals he picked up the phone.

"Clive speaking," her brother replied.

"It's Linda," Linda said. "How are you doing?"

"Mostly tired, you are calling awfully late. Do you know that mom called me twice to hear if I knew where you were?" Clive asked. "Where are you?"

"I am at home, mom was pissed when I came home," Linda responded.

"Have you started dating or something?" Clive asked. "About time if you ask me,"

"Nah, I was at the NY university to learn some stuff and I forgot about the time," Linda responded.

She smiled as she recalled all the science she learned by tapping into the minds of those present. She could not understand why Mindeye and his many predecessors had not used the ability to learn skills outside the realm of psionic. The ability to learn any set of skills in minutes was marvelous indeed.

"Are you still there?" Clive asked.

"Sorry, I was lost in thought," Linda responded. "I am calling you since I am wondering if you still think you are shadowed by some unknown agents?"

"Seen nothing in a while, maybe they learned about my phone calls to the police about the matter and backed down. I have been wondering if it was real or just me being paranoid when Jennifer disappeared from the face of the world," Clive answered. "How come that you asking?"

"Tonight, I saw a mysterious black van outside," Linda responded.

"Have you seen it many times?" Clive wondered.

"Nope, just this night," Linda responded.

"One time, doesn't sound that suspicious. Is it like when you were a kid and claimed somebody was hiding in your closet to read you diary?" Clive asked.

Linda frowned as she heard the question. She could recall the event, but the thing was that it had turned out Jennifer really had been hiding in the wardrobe because she was planning a prank.

"Oh, he thinks the phone is wire tapped," Linda realized.

"You are right. Must be darkness that made my imagination run wild. What about if we lunch tomorrow?" Linda asked.

"You can get free from school?" Clive asked.

"No problem, I have a long lunch tomorrow," Linda answered. I was not really true, but with her powers she could learn anything instantly so attending the lesson did not seem that important. In fact she could mess with teachers mind so they forgot to mark her absence.

"How about Rockefeller Center at 12?" Clive asked.

"Sounds great," Linda said and they hung up the phone call. Tired she went to her room, all use of her power had left her physically exhausted.

* * *

Jennifer snuggled in the embrace of Thundercloud as she tried to pass time. After their evening sex session they had spent time talking about small and large stuff. By now he was asleep and Jennifer was lying awake trying to decide what to do.

Should she stay in bed until morning or get up and do something useful. The fact that she needed zero sleep unless she was gravely injured was practical at times, but it also left her with hours to spend when everybody else was asleep.

Suddenly she felt a moment sense of vertigo pass through her. Before she knew it she was up standing ready for combat. Reflexes had kicked in and she had somehow escaped the tight embrace of her lover. Problem was just that there was nothing there to fight, the G.S.P. base was very silent. Behind her Thundercloud turned and went back to deep sleep.

"That felt kind of familiar," Jennifer thought. "What do you think it was?"

"Remembered when that guy Patric made a flawed summoning circle to possess his sister. This was some kind of similar magic," the demon responded.

"Yes I recall feeling his magic, but now it was just one single stab of vertigo, last time it was coming in pulses. Why is it different this time?" Jennifer thought.

"The summoning circle is correct this time. Should keep all the power safely inside, but at midnight the magic need to be renewed and if the assembled magic is massive enough some of the power is bound to leak," the demon reasoned.

"Should we be alarmed? Are they summoning some kind of horrible demon?" Jennifer wondered.

"I don't think it is a regular summoning. Wise people make sure the summoning finishes or start at midnight to dodge the problem of the dangerous renewal of the magic. I think there is a demon summoner out there doing some kind of magic that I am not familiar with. Could be just about everything, but it is bound to be very powerful if they take the risk of extending the ritual past midnight," the demon explained.

"What are we to do?" Jennifer wondered.

"We probably felt it since it is around this part of Manhattan, but I don't think we could realistically find them unless we had the aid of a mage skilled in the art of demon summoning," the demon reasoned.

To calm herself Jennifer went to the control room to check that the status of the base was fine just in case. She found nothing strange, everyone besides her were asleep.

* * *

"I am sorry dad, but like I said I could not answer your call because my mobile was stolen," Carol Winthers said for the third time while trying to hold the phone away from her ear in case her father congressman Mark Winthers started to shout again.

Her father had called as she was eating breakfast and it had quickly ruined her morning mood.

"I was so worried for you," her father said. "You are not thinking about running away again, are you?"

"No, I am fine. The school seems nice, yesterday I managed to make a new friend named Linda Stevens. She is like the top student in the class," Carol replied.

"Good to hear," her father said. "I intend to spend the night in NY tonight so we can be together."

Carol frowned at his words. It seemed rather pointless for him to come from Washington just for the night if he wanted to see her. She had no memory if this was typical or not, mostly he came across as being rather erratic over the phone.

It still amazed her that he had not taken the time to come see her even once after the G.S.P returned her from her kidnapping adventure. Not that she really had minded his absence, it had been good to be alone the first days when she got home and had struggle with pretending to be Carol even though her mind was really Jennifer's with random memories of Carol tossed into the mix. By now she had learned to find her way around the house.

Suddenly she recalled that she had promised to meet her Eve this evening. Her own personal sex slave.

"I promised to see Eve Mortensen this evening," Carol said.

"The police woman I talked to the other day," her father commented. "Better you are with her than out running. Good that she is keeping an eye on you, but be sure to be home at ten."

"Sure, I will be home," Carol promised and her father ended the phone call.

Carol dialed Eve's work number to let her know about the changed plans.

"Officer Eve Mortensen speaking, what can I help you with," Eve answered.

"It's me," Carol said. "Wanted to check up on you. How did it work out with you returning to your job?"

"Oh, it is you mistress," her slave purred. "I have been good and followed your instructions to the letter. It was actually quite weird returning. Chief Pallarn looked at me like he had forgotten I worked here, but then he just nodded to me. He did not lecture me in any way."

"That is weird, you were gone from the job like a full week," Carol commented. "What did the others say?"

"The coeds were happy enough to have me back, but they are equally confused as me. They try to do their job, but the chief don't seem to care. He just goes on and on talking about how great the Knighthood of Peace is and how much G.S.P sucks."

"I see," Carol said. "Anyway I called you to say that my father comes by this evening by ten so we need to have your punishment finished by then."

"I obey your every command," Eve squealed and they finished the phone call. It was time for Carol to get to school.

* * *

Linda woke up and stretched sleepily in her bed. Normally her alarm watch gave her a rude awakening, but today she had woken up on herself.

It did not feel like it was early, and she stretched to check the alarm watch on her bed table.

"Half past eight!" she exclaimed, She was long overdue to leave home for school.

It was not the first time she forgot to put on the alarm watch, but normally her mother would check on her if she did not come to breakfast.

On the way to the bathroom she looked into Siri's room to see if she was there. Her mother lay sleeping on top of the bed with clothes on that she had been wearing last evening.

"Opps," Linda said as she realized she might have overdone last evenings instruction for her mother to feel sleepy. She reached into Siri's mind and removed the command for her to be sleepy. Instantly her mother started to wake up when she was free from the induced sleepiness.

Linda did not wait but continued to the bathroom. After a record quick shower she hurried to the kitchen to find something to eat. Halfway through the breakfast her mother arrived.

"Seems like we overslept," Siri said. "Clear evidence that you were out too late yesterday. This evening you better come home directly after school."

Linda frowned and brushed out with her power. This time making sure she did not use too much power.

"No, I changed my mind. You can decide for yourself what time you come and go from now on," Siri said.

"You are the best mom," Linda responded and beamed.

Half an hour later Linda arrived at school, she had missed most of the first lesson of the day. Not that it mattered, it was trivial to convince the math teacher Miss Williams that Linda had been present the whole lesson and listened carefully to every word she said.

In a manner of speaking it was true also, Linda tapped into the mind of the teacher and learned the plan for the lesson. With the math skills she had acquired at the University last evening it was easy to fill in the blanks.

* * *

"You are saying what?" Clive exclaimed.

Linda felt uncomfortable below his gaze and adjusted her position on the chair to be more comfortable. They sat in a restaurant at Rockefeller center and she kept a watch so that nobody overheard them.

"I am a psionic with a rare combination of telekinesis and telepathic ability. Both abilities are very strong. The combination of it is almost unheard of before," Linda repeated

Her older brother shrugged and went back to eating his lunch. Obviously he intended her to continue.

"You know when we talked about Jennifer disappearing, possibly taken by the government that did something to her," Linda begun. "I think my powers had begun to manifest back then, but on a small scale. Yesterday I lost control of my power and almost killed one of my schoolmates called Carol. Somehow I got in contact with Mindeye from the G.S.P and he came to give instructions about how to constrain my power so I could master them. "

"You are messing around with the government personal, what if he has some kind of hidden agenda against you?" Clive asked.

"I was also worried about it, but he really does not. I happened to steal his memories as we tried to master my powers and he has no knowledge about any government plans involving our family. This includes anything involving Jennifer," Linda answered.

"Isn't Mindeye like legendary?" Clive wondered. "I read some artilce about him being the bogeyman of the psionic world since he worked for the government to track down rough psionics and bring them to justice."

"That is true, even though he quit that kind of work. He has never encountered anyone as strong as me before," Linda replied.

"Suppose we go with the notion that you really have such a power," Clive said. "Have you managed to find out something about our sister?"

"Actually I have found much. You know Carol that I mentioned before? She was actually saved by the G.S.P from a kidnapper and knows G.S.P and especially Blade. The reason I am referring to her using the superhero identity is that according to Carol and Mindeye our sister really is Blade, but she is suffering from amnesia. From her wallet she learned her name, but she has no memories of us at all," Linda told.

"That explains so much," Clive commented. "That is why she did not recognize you in your mysterious encounter in Central Park that you refuse to talk about."

"Yes, that is why. You know I could really tell you what happened if you are ready to the ugly truth," Linda teased.

"Of course I want to know," Clive begged. "Please tell me."

Linda hesitated about it for a while. The truth was shameful, but on the other hand it was not worse than dozens of memories she had taken from psionics through Mindeye. If her brother could not take it, they would be through hell further down the road. Linda really doubted her life would ever return to normal.

"The thing that happened in the park is that a creepy guy from our class wanted to humiliate me. Thus he ordered Jennifer to rape me. I was so shocked that I did not know how to respond, I had not grasped that he and Jennifer did not know we were siblings. Jennifer did not recognize me and mistook my reaction for acceptance and we ended having sex at the lawn," Linda said.

Clive stared at her in utter shock.

"No this must be some kind of a practical joke!" Clive finally exclaimed. "This wild tale about you having super powers and having sex with our sister. You are messing with me, aren't you?"

"I can prove it," Linda said. "You want me to prove it to you without doubt?"

"I don't believe it," Clive stated firmly.

"Let me show you my memory of Jennifer from that day," Linda suggested. "Can I contact you mentally to show you this image?"

Clive just shrugged nonchalantly. Linda did not give him time to reconsider, but used her power to break into his mind. She had intended to just make contact, but found his mind very hardened to psionic contact. Nothing that she could not handle, but she estimated him defensively to be on the scale of a level 8 psionic. She could not detect any active ability so it seemed like him just having genetic resistance to mental manipulation. She showed him her memory of the nude Jennifer hugging her on the lawn.

Clive yanked back from contact, and then blushed deeply as he recognized what he saw. Linda was in enough contact with him to know that the erotic sight had left him rather aroused. It disturbed him greatly that he felt attraction for his sister. Linda pulled free from her contact with his mind before the power did something she did not desire.

"I believe you," Clive said. He sat silent for a while to adjust to the information, and then he looked up at her, his face again composed.

"Can't you use your new found ability to find out the identity of the agents you saw?" he asked.

"I tried, but their van has some kind of protection that keeps me out," Linda explained.

"I see. Myself I suspect the agents have bugged my apartment. That is why I did not dare to talk to you over the phone," Clive said.

"Want to scan your apartment for surveillance equipment?" Linda wondered.

"Can your power do that also?" Clive wondered perplexed.

"No, I would not know what to look for," Linda agreed. "My friend Carol on the other hand has a girlfriend that is a cop. She would know how to locate such equipment."

"Can we really ask her for help? I suspect she would not like to get involved, would she?" Clive wondered.

"Maybe not, but I just thought that this might be a way for us to learn more about these stalking agents," Linda replied.

A new couple arrived and sat down on the table beside them, and Linda and Clive decided to spend the rest of their lunch break chatting about small things.

* * *

When Linda found Carol after lunch it was time to head for the next lesson. They started walking when suddenly Linda paused her step. In the distant voices passing through her head she had heard the words "...overwhelm the bitch and enslave her."

She looked around searching for who had thought such. Some distance away there was a crowd of fifteen people assembled. Lynn was standing in the middle with a smug smile on her lips.

"Watch out!" Linda screamed the moment before the crowd charged forward.

"How can Lynn control so many people? She should not have the strength. Is it passive commands entered into their minds? How many channels should I use?" Linda wondered and did hesitate about what to do.

Luckily Carol did not hesitate at all and launched a round kick into the group of people that came charging against them. Her attack was not meant to hit anyone, but more of a scare to get the attackers to scatter. It worked mostly, but one of the attackers was too slow dodging and stumbled back with a cracked nose.

Linda felt a feeble mental attack press against her defenses, she did not need to trace it to know that it was from Lynn. She formed 6 channels and used one of the probes to hit Lynn with every strength she had. Her attack blasted right past Lynn defenses and Lynn collapsed with a look of utter surprise on her face.

Looking around Linda saw Carol do battle with the crowd in front of her with much success. Four of the attackers were down on floor groaning in pain after being brutally hit by Carol. Still even with unskilled attackers their sheer numbers made it quite dangerous. It did not look like she would put them all down before they managed to catch hold of her nimble form. If they had her trapped the fight would be over in moments.

Suddenly Linda saw two of the rear persons among the attackers raising guns and firing them towards Carol. It all happened so quickly, Linda reacted by instinct and launched probes of telekinesis to try to stop the bullets. She had no time to consider if it was even possible, but too her relief her power was up to the task and the bullets bounced off harmlessly.

Carol yelped in surprise and changed her tactics to try to reach the gun wielders. Linda did not wait to see how that would turn out, but instead started sending out paralysis commands using her full power. The brainwashed attackers had no mental defenses to speak of and six of them fell down directly. In the second volley of mental attacks all but one of the remaining attackers collapsed. The final attacker, a large male student totally ignored Linda's command.

Carol turned her guard against this opponent, but then retreated back unsure of what she saw.

"Can you disable that one also?" Carol cried. "He knows lots of martial arts."

"Maybe," Linda responded and extended her probes. Another command probe did also fail to work, even more strange she could not hear a word from his thoughts either. Her listening probe failed to make contact.

The attacker was circling around Carol, trying to get closer to Linda. His nose was bleeding heavily from Carol's earlier kick, it was the first guy she had hit. He seemed to pay it no attention. In his hand he had some kind of metal bracelet that left Linda with an uneasy feeling.

"Can't affect him!" Linda called out. Instead she tried to hit him with her telekinesis, this also failed. The bracelet in his hand seemed to sucked the power from her attack.

Carol dodged left but took a partial hit to her jaw. Stumbling back dizzily she did her best to keep her defenses up, but the taller enemy had too much range. He kicked her in the stomach and Carol collapsed in wordless pain. Ignoring her the enemy stepped over Carol and approached Linda.

Linda looked around in panic, she could hardly outrun such an athletic male. Some school students was following the battle from a distance, but they would clearly not offer any help.

"Mindeye, HELP!" Linda sent out mentally, but it seemed like a futile gesture. How would the hero come here in time and what use would he be without any power that he could control.

He was only steps away and extended the bracelet towards Linda. Linda looked around for some loose object that she could hurl at the attacker. There was nothing suitable.

Desperately she used her telekinesis to lift the unconscious Lynn and place her in the way as a human shield. The attacker seemed to care nothing for Lynn.

Suddenly the bracelet jumped from his hand and snapped close on Lynn's arm. Lynn was awake, screaming in utter panic or utter pain, it was impossible to say. Behind her the male collapsed from the damage Carol earlier had caused. What filled him and made him impervious to pain had left him when he dropped the bracelet.

Linda did not know what to do, but just kept her levitation of the screaming Lynn. Finally the horrible scream ended and Lynn's body started to bulk and twist. Linda could see something happening with Lynn's body, but could not tell what.

Finally Lynn hung still and she spoke. "I live to serve," she said.

Her voice had changed, became more rich and sensual. The more visible change was her body. Huge breasts, narrowed hips and hair turned into blond made it quite clear the changes were for making her fit into some sexual fantasy.

Linda put her down and investigated Lynn's mind. At least she tried to, but she did not find much left. What remained was a sex slave with an absolute compulsion to serve. There was no real personality left, just the training needed for her to have sex in every way possible. A number of these ways to have sex made Linda blush. She had a fair deal of dirty memories she had taken from Mindeye, but they could not come close to the depravity of the one that had designed this love slave.

The bracelet that caused the change had turned dormant and did not interfere with Linda's reading of Lynn's mind. Perhaps its power had been spent. Linda could not tell since the bracelet seemed like a dead zone for her ability.

"Sorry I could not make it here earlier," Mindeye shouted as he came running down the hallway. He looked around for a moment at the cluster of crying and unconscious people and then continued. "This might not be good press if it got out, could you perhaps use the skills you took from me to edit the memories of what happened here?"

Linda nodded and formed fifty channels and throw them out. Using the skills acquired from Mindeye it was a simple matter to leave all participants and viewers with the memory of how a gang had arrived at school and beaten up a number of students. Linda, Carol, Lynn, Mindeye and the fact that guns had been present was erased from their memory.

"You don't need any explanation of what happened?" Linda wondered.

"Actually I don't, it seems like the new power you gave me means that my mind eavesdrop on all around me and makes me learn the answer to every question I can come up with," Mindeye responded.

"It is more than that," Linda said. "I can perceive that you are not sending out probes but more like a net of influence. I think you with practice can use that net to make other people understand your point of view."

"Would not be much use against a psionic though," Mindeye commented.

"Probably not, but your mind is sort of slippery now. When I try to connect with your mind the probe follows the net and is diverted," Linda said. "Not immune to psionic powers, but it would take lots of time to unwind. To make it more complicated the net is rearranging itself when I try to analyze it."

"Interesting," Mindeye said. "The power automatically detect your intended way to analyze it and this makes the net change. Still, even though this new power is fascinating we need to do something about getting the former Lynn away from here and confront this Patric."

"I can locate Patric," Linda said and extended probes. "Done, I have commanded him to come here. From his surface thoughts he, Lynn and Lynn's father Roger planned to turn me into a sex slave using this magical bracelet."

"Seems like we need to confront the father," Carol said as slowly stood up.

Linda was on the way to object that she had put herself at enough risk already, but Mindeye intervened.

"Good to have you with us, your fighting skills can turn useful," Mindeye said. "Ah, this explains so much," he continued.

"What?" Linda asked.

"My power just revealed why Blade asked Carol too keep an eye on you and your history with Eagle," Mindeye replied with a wide smile.

"History with Eagle?" Carol asked while Linda just blushed. Mindeye's power was really unsettling, but she had herself to blame. She had given him the power without considering the consequences.

* * *

"This is where Lynn lives," Patric admitted reluctantly.

Linda had decided not to brainwash him into being submissive of her, a quick scan of his mind had revealed that his obsession with the occult made him rather unpleasant. Instead she kept a control probe connected to him and controlled his every movement. The real Patric was trapped in a body that did not do what he wished. For the moment it was enough to control his body to force him to come along. Linda was of course also secretly listening to his thoughts to learn his secrets.

The most important thing her power had revealed so far was that Patric had no magic he could use against them without preparation. The earlier training he had from the demon summoner had been fragmentary and incomplete. In truth Patric feared he did not really have enough of natural aptitude for magic to succeed with his personal quest for magic power.

Her scan of him also revealed that Patric had no real fond feelings for Lynn, but had started to date her simply because he wanted her father to serve as his new mentor in the occult.

The whole situation was puzzling, had Lynn really not been able to look into his mind and see that he was using her? From Patric's memories they had sex on more than one occasion. Lynn's own personality had been destroyed by the magical bracelet, so Linda could learn nothing there. Linda hoped that she could learn more at Lynn's home. She suspected the father that had provided the magical bracelet might have some more sinister agenda than Patric.

"Should we not call for the G.S.P to assist us?" Mindeye asked.

"None of them have skills dealing with magic or psionics. Besides I am considering doing something that might not stand the legal supervision," Linda responded.

"Oh, you intend to enter the apartment as Patric," Mindeye commented as his new power told him what Linda planned.

"Please, explain to me," Carol said.

"The bracelet that transformed Lynn made the carrier immune to psionic powers. I am hoping that it is one of a kind magic item, but don't dare to bet on it. If I enter the apartment as Patric I can scout the surroundings and if things go bad I can jump ship so to say and let Patric take the fall," Linda explained.

"Pretty nasty to have him take all the risk," Carol said.

"Indeed, but it is also the matter of the law forbidding the kind of possession that Linda intend to use unless the target has given written permission in the presence of a law officer that monitors that no psionic manipulation happens," Mindeye told. "Since the police lack the ability to make such monitoring the law pretty much makes it impossible for a psionic to possess the body of another person."

"What happens with your body while you do this?" Carol asked.

"That is where you two come in," Linda answered. "You are to keep my body safe since it will be unconscious while I borrow the senses of Patric."

They entered the building and Patric stiffly directed them to the right flat. Linda hesitated about if she dared to probe the surroundings for a hiding place for her body. What if there was some kind of magical wards that detected the use of psionics?

Mindeye solved the problem easily, people in the house knew a couple that was away on a trip abroad and his power could thus direct them to the empty apartment.

When they were inside Linda used her powers to attach herself to Patric's senses. She could sense Patric objecting to it, but there was little he could do as she took possession of his body. At a weird moment she could feel both her own body and Patric's and then she was inside. The first thing she registered was the feeling of his hard cock straining towards his pants.

She had known he found Lynn, Carol and herself arousing, but actually feeling his lust was something else. Her/his cock throbbed in desire, she wanted to fuck her own prone body on the couch. Stretch her pussy with his so very long hard cock that could make her pregnant.

Linda jolted when she understood that Patric was affecting her thoughts through their link. With a flicker of her power she cut Patric off and left him in a very dark room without any sensations. The male lust still filled her, but with him gone she could turn her attention away from the sick thought of fucking her own real body.

She also noticed that there were differences to her regular body. Obviously he was stronger than her, but it also seemed like the sex drive was much more focused on his cock. Curious she pushed her hand into her trousers and gripped the cock to test jacking off. It felt great, but was not quite the same as when she masturbated her own body.

"Linda?" Carol asked alarmed.

"Relax, I am just adjusting to having a cock. It is a very peculiar feeling," Linda responded with Patric's voice.

Carol still seemed uncertain and glanced to unconscious body of Linda on the couch.

"It is alright, Linda really is in charge," Mindeye said. "My power will let me know if anything bad happens."

"Okay, slave Lynn, today you should only answer to the name Linda or slave," Linda ordered Lynn's body. It was really too hard concept for the love slave to handle, but with a push of her powers she made the slave forgot that it ever had listened to the name Lynn and made her to be named Linda. The magic bracelet did not intervene with her effort, but Linda suspected it would reset the mind if Linda left it alone long enough. She kept an active link with the love slave's mind to keep the effect active.

"Remember that we lack super powers to aid you so don't take too large risks," Mindeye reminded her.

Linda in Patric's body smiled as she directed the love slave out of the apartment. Lynn did of course carry keys in her pockets and they could enter Lynn's fathers apartment in silence.

It was a very worn down apartment, far from the luxuriousness as one could expect from a psionic with little concern for the law. Patric never had bothered to pay attention to anything other than Lynn and her dad Roger when he visited the apartment, so Linda had few memories to guide her.

"Hello!" Linda called. It still surprised her to have Patric's male voice.

"Come here, I am busy with a spell," Lynn's father Roger responded and Linda directed the love slave to follow her as she went looking for him.

She found him in the living room where the whole room had been cleared of furniture to allow a large magic circle to be painted on the floor. The drawings on the floor seemed to have been done in blood. Linda seriously doubted they could ever be cleaned away.

"That love slave is pure perfection," Roger said. "Where is Lynn?"

"She stayed behind to mess around with the memories of those present. It was actually quite messy with gun fire so she needed to make sure we don't feature in any of the reports when the police come," Linda lied. "I took Linda here so that Lynn would not need to explain her presence."

"I didn't like your idea of having guns being present," Roger said. "What went wrong with the plan to just distract her with a psionic attack and then just put the bracelet on?"

"It is complicated, but Linda was not distracted enough so she put up a fight. It all went south from there when Linda managed to get assistance from people around, but eventually we succeeded," Linda responded.

"Simple enough to learn what happened, I can just view your memories," Roger said.

"Crap, I forgot that he had a psionic ability. Lynn said earlier he was mostly telekinetic, but he would be expecting free access to the mind of a non psionic like Patric," Linda realized. She knew no clever trick to present herself as Patric to a psionic probe without preparations.

"There is no point. I did not see it myself," Linda blurted out. "Lynn can tell you everything when she arrives. What about this magic circle? Can't you explain what you are doing?"

"I have not agreed to teach you, our pact only covers me taking revenge on that girl that you named as your enemy," Roger responded.

"Pretty please," Linda begged.

"You are sure you want to know?" Roger asked. A cruel smile passed over his lips.

"I want to learn how to do stuff. For instance how you made this magic bracelet that bypass psionic powers. Was it done with this magic circle?" Linda asked.

"Okay I will teach you for once, but with the condition that you follow my instructions precisely," Roger said. "Can't have you fool around like you did with what you learned from your now dead master Edvard."

"Deal," Linda responded.

"Drop all your clothes," Roger ordered. "You too Linda. Drop all your clothes."

Linda flinched at his words, she had not expected anything like this. Besides her love slave had started to remove her clothes. Since Roger did the same there seemed to be no way Linda could let Patric retreat from his promise to obey even though she did not understand what he intended to do.

When she saw Lynn naked she felt Patric's cock go erect again. She really liked the thought to fuck that sexy body silly.

Roger stood in front of Lynn as he groped her tits. Linda cringed at how he manhandled them, even though Lynn did not seem to mind, it must hurt like crazy.

"Is this part of the education?" Linda asked.

"Partly," Roger said. "You asked about the bracelet. Myself I lack the power to make such a powerful artifact. I doubt any human demon summoner has the power. Rather the magic circle is intended as payment for me getting to borrow the bracelet for Linda's lifetime. When she dies the soul is free but until then she will be a passive watcher."

"You made some kind of pact with the forces of darkness?" Linda asked.

"Indeed, with very powerful demons," Roger replied. "Do fondle her pussy from behind."

Linda felt nervous as she stepped inside the magic circle. She still had no idea of what the magic did, but she also felt that she needed to learn more. This seemed like larger than just some kind of revenge on her from Patric.

"How do you find a demon that can trade you such a magic artifact?" Linda asked as she let her finger press into Lynn's pussy. Masturbating a female body felt like familiar grounds and it took very little effort before Lynn was squirming in pleasure in front of her. Perhaps it was due to sex training left by the magic.

"It is very hard and dangerous to make contact with such a demon," Roger agreed. "Yet in this case it was simple. Believe it or not but the demon actually came to us in the form of a human. I did not believe that it could be a demon first. Never heard of such a powerful demon bothering to be in human form. I did not doubt it after the demon bested me in magical combat and forced me to wow to serve it."

"What did the demon want?" Linda wondered.

"It wanted me to perform a sort of healing magic involving a pure soul," Roger replied. He directed Lynn to bend forward and take his cock into her mouth. Linda felt surreal as Lynn took the cock into her mouth. She was linked with Lynn to make her answer to the name Linda and Linda could in Patric's body sense some of sensations as Lynn gagged on the hard cock in her mouth.

"At least Lynn does not qualify as a pure soul, that should make this more safe," Linda thought.

"Take her from behind," Roger ordered.

Linda reacted almost before she had time to register her words. Her present body wanted to fuck and Lynn was in front of her with spread legs, so conveniently exposing her cunt for fucking.

Lynn was so horny that Patric slipped inside without much effort. Linda felt intense satisfaction at the feeling of being inside Lynn without any protection. The feeling was so intense that she had to check if Patric still was safely locked away from her mind and his body. Patric was gloomy and depressed as he tried to guess how many hours he had been locked away. It seemed the sensations of lust simply came from being in a male body. She forced herself to focus on not only the sex, but also the mission to understand what this magic was about.

"Why must it involve a pure soul?" Linda asked as she pounded away into Lynn's cunt.

"Sacrifice of an impure soul is kind of pointless, does not impress the dark forces much," Roger replied. "For the magic to work the victim need both be pure and willingly participate in the sex. You see why we got to borrow the magic bracelet and decided your little crush was the right victim?"

"I see," Linda said. Inside herself she begun hesitating in fear. She had not anticipated that their sex being the actual ritual. Her earlier thought about it being safe due to Lynn not being pure felt unfounded. After all she did participate herself in the sex, even though not in a fashion that Roger suspected.

"Should I retreat and leave the real Patric to finish the ritual sex?" Linda wondered. It felt so good fucking Lynn that she could not make up her mind if there was any real danger.

Suddenly Lynn squirmed as she orgasmed from the continued stimulation. The sensation as her cunt contracted was almost enough to bring Patric's body over the line too. Linda rocked with the emotions. At this moment on the border of orgasm the sensations could compare to sex with her own female body.

Linda opened her eyes to look at what was happening around them. The whole room was lit in an eerie red light as the marks on the floor burned with flames without heat.

Roger had frozen as he stared at them. His cock still buried deep in Lynn's mouth. Lynn made weak attempts to get air as waves of orgasm flushed through her body.

Suddenly Linda felt telekinesis touch her and constrain her. The attack coming so suddenly that she had no time to react before she hung suspended in the air. Weirdly the constraining was what it took for her to climax. Perhaps something in what Patric got turned on from being bound. Patric's body hung there constrained as she spilled his load over Lynn that had collapsed on the floor below them.

"What kind of foul play is this?" Roger barked. "The magic flared, but failed since she was not pure enough. This can't be that school girl!"

Linda felt his psionic power brush against her mind. The thought probe that tried to probe it's way into her was a mere level one probe. The power was so weak that she did not even have to assemble any power to divert it from her diamond protected mind.

"Ah, a psionic riding his body!" Roger exclaimed. "Terrible mistake letting me activate my telekinetic powers. Can you survive the death of the body?"

Linda did not respond. Her powers was there the moment she wanted it when she blocked his attempt to break her neck. As a telekinetic he was actually stronger than as a telepath, but still far very far from her own power level.

She used her power to lift Roger and slam him into the wall. His own attack on her dropped as he for a moment tried to resist her. Linda did not care, but just made herself land lightly on the floor. She raised her head to glare at him as she prepared to invade his mind.

It was her time to be surprised. He cast some kind of spell that formed itself into a magic bolt. It was pure luck that she had a telekinetic probe ready at the right location to divert his extended arm so that he missed. The spell hit the wall dissolved in a shower of sparks that took the light out of the apartment. Now only the light from the magic circle lit the room.

Linda spread angled him to the wall to prevent him from aiming as she invaded his mind. It took no effort to break through his shallow defenses, but something about his mind felt alien. It took her moments to understand, she had no grasp of his access to magic or how it worked.

"...use suicide spell..." she picked up from his surface thoughts. She had no way to know how to counter the build of magic. She had not taken over his psionic trained mind enough to make him not want to cast the spell. She could just be sure that he expected them all to be dead and most of the building gone when he was done.

Linda did they only thing she could think off. Hitting him with her full power both mentally and telekinetically.

For an anxious filled moment she thought she had been too late, that the spell would be released before she hit him. Then she registered nothing from his mind. He had literally faded to nothing moments before his body exploded in a shower of blood and gore on the wall. Far into stolen memories of her predecessors she had tapped into a skill of how to use telekinesis to destroy a body completely.

She collapsed down on her knees, drained from the use of power. Blurry through her tears of exhaustion she could see the signs of blood still glowing dangerously red. She had no way to know the effects of the magic in the room. Was in fact the magic affecting her in this very moment?

She did the only thing she could think off. Escaping back to her own body.

"You are alright," Mindeye announced as Linda opened her own eyes. She was back in her own body, a body that tried to adjust to her horny state that did not match how relaxed her body was.

"I don't know what happened," Linda mumbled. "What if Patric escapes or does something sinister?"

"Don't worry," Mindeye said. "Carol ran to the apartment when I sensed Roger had understood you being inside Patric. I sense that she is a bit confused by the remains of the ritual, but she had no problem to subdue a very confused Patric."

"Did your power tell you what the ritual did?" Linda asked.

"I am afraid not," Mindeye replied. "He did not know it himself but just followed the instructions from his unknown master. Unfortunately I did not have the foresight to ask my power how the master looks like. I only know that he did not know the name."

"I think bringing in the cops is out of the question now. We can never explain the mess inside that apartment," Linda said as she sat up.

"Patric and Lynn the love slave also pose a problem. Lynn will invite questions," Mindeye commented.

"I must use my power to make Patric and Lynn disappear. What if I make him have an absolute crush on her and make them run away. They will be hard pressed to get money, but a sex slave can surely gain them money," Linda thought.

She smirked at the thought of Patric being in love with the love slave and still have to rent her out as the only way to gain money.

"That is wicked!" Mindeye exclaimed as he stared at her in surprise.

"But fitting, he wanted to make me a love slave," Linda replied.

It looked like Mindeye would say something, but then he hesitated and remained silent. Linda liked it, she had made her decision. Actually the deed was already done, her power had reached out and done the needed brainwashing of Patric.

* * *

"You are saying my sister did this?" Jennifer said and pointed at the photographs on the desk at the G.S.P headquarter.

Mindeye did his best not to look at them too much. His power had already given a very detailed explanation of how Roger had died. He had thought himself to be pretty experienced, but it had not prepared him for the carnage Linda had caused. He also carried the memory Linda had used, but he had not recalled it at first and wondered how it had been done. This had been a mistake, his new power had responded and given him every gruesome detail of it. At least he had not puked.

"She is a major class psionic, both with telepathic and telekinetic ability where I only used to have telepathic ability. This damage was caused when the owner of the apartment started a spell that would destroy the building and Linda desperately need to stop her," Mindeye said.

"Can telekinesis really do that?" Jennifer asked.

"Yes, her power allow her to stop bullets in flight with her telekinesis so tearing up a body is well within its power," Mindeye answered.

"Stopping bullets! How strong compared to you is her telepathic ability?" Jennifer asked.

"She overpowered me with raw power and stole all my skills. Using the measurement scale psionics uses she is so far a class 78 psionic, but still growing in power. The scale the government uses for classification of psionic ability is not really workable for her. She is far stronger in both power and skill than their omega class that I belong too," Mindeye replied.

"Level 78, that is really uncanny for a human," the demon observed. Jennifer decided that she would save that discussion for later.

"You said that after the events at the apartment you let her go?" Jennifer wondered.

"She had her class in school to return to and with all the spell users that was after her disabled she should be able to take care of herself," Mindeye said, but then hesitated.

"Actually there is one thing that is worrying. I learned from Carol afterward that Linda and her brother think they are followed by agents of the government. These agents use some kind of technological protection against her psionic powers that keeps Linda at bay when they are at a distance. She has not tested her ability at shorter distance. You would not know anything about these agents?"

"No, can't say I do," Jennifer responded. "Do the government really have such strong psi protection?"

"As far as I know they have no working model that would bother somebody with Linda's ability, but I know that professor Enigma worked on concepts to improve what exists in the current G.S.P gear," Mindeye replied.

"Professor Enigma's death was never confirmed. That he died with his crashing mother ship is at best a guess from us. What if he has returned and is plotting something new?" Jennifer reasoned.

"I suspect Eagle and Firefly in their current state after the Brotherhood messed with them would be very vulnerable to Enigma's technology," Mindeye said.

"You are right," Jennifer said. "Eagle and Firefly cannot be used on this mission, but hell no that I allow my family to be harassed. I want the rest of the team on alert to deal with these agents."

"What if they really are government agents?" Mindeye asked.

"Can your new power find out if they are?" Jennifer wondered.

"Only if I get close enough to somebody that knows the truth. It is plausible that my new power on very short distance can work even through their protective equipment. As far as I understand my new power works in fashion never before seen in history. It is unlikely they might designed technology to protect against that, but I need to be on top of them to steal their secrets," Mindeye responded.

"I see," Jennifer said. "Can you put the rest of the team on notice without letting Eagle know? I don't want to use the speakers and have to deal with him complaining about being allowed to come on the mission."

"Certainly," Mindeye said. "You do know that Linda can fix Eagle, don't you?"

“If I bring my sister here there rest of the family will be in danger,” Jennifer said and Mindeye gave her a smile before he left the room. Jennifer started to put on her Blade costume.

"Who could imagine my sister would be an epic level powerful telepath, what is the likelihood of that?" Jennifer wondered.

"I think the likelihood is quite high actually. It would be quite weird if you really had been just the average girl on the street before we somehow got joined. You being a latent psionic makes it more easy to explain if you come from a family disposed for legendary psionic strength," the demon responded.

"Yes, I do without doubt have latent psionic power since I could borrow Mindeye's power when we have sex, but now we need to flush out some mysterious agents," Jennifer thought.

She could only sense approval from the demon. The demon anticipated combat and delighted at this. Jennifer tried to focus on that, the thought about facing her family was frightening.

* * *

"Blade here, I have located Clive's apartment. I saw no mysterious wan or truck outside, but there are two suspicious guys who are doing some kind of work in a room adjacent to Clive's apartment. I think there might be wiring there that goes into Clive's apartment. What about you?" Blade sent over the communication device.

She did not use a voice transmission in case the persons she was spying on would hear her.

"Thundercloud here, reporting from the roof of the Steven's residence. Siri Stevens just got home from work. I have located a suspicious wan car that matches the van seen by Linda, but I don't have any way to know if it really is the right wan car. Unsure about how to proceed," Thundercloud sent.

"Fang and Mindeye here. Linda still at school. Found two persons outside who are doing some kind of maintenance, but they smell of oil on metal. What if it is guns? I don't dare to approach them," Fang sent.

"Mindeye reporting in. I have checked with out regular sources and there is nothing that indicates any real government personell are on any of our locations. I am at a too large distance to read their secrets. Shall I leave Fang and move closer so I can find out?" Mindeye sent.

"Linda can deal with guns, but only if she is ready for it. I suspect guns have longer range than how far she scans for hostile minds when she is not expecting any threat. Thundercloud, sit tight on the roof, but be ready to drop down on the street if agents approach the house. Fang, I order you to follow Mindeye towards the men as he tries to find out who they are. If Mindeye is injured you will be mighty sorry," Blade sent.

She got acknowledgment from the others and returned her attention to the two persons in the storage room next to Clive's apartment.

She had decided to not go in her Blade costume to be better able to scout without raising suspicion, but now she realized that if these mysterious agents really had a special interest in the Steven's family they most likely had pictures that would allow them to recognize her.

"We would need some kind of disguise to hide our identity. Is that possible to arrange?" Jennifer wondered.

"Our body will match what we imagine. Remember when I made us look younger. It takes a few minutes for it to take effect, but can easily be done without using too much power," the demon responded.

"Can we for instance change our hair color?" Jennifer wondered.

"We can make it purple if we wanted too, but it would take months before the hair has grown enough so we can cut off the last of the old hair. The hair is not living cells," the demon responded.

"Ah, that is reasonable. We need to figure out something better," Jennifer thought and threw a quick glance around the corner. The two persons where gone, but they had left their boxes of equipment inside the room.

"Where did they go?" Jennifer wondered.

"The apartment," the demon responded and they started running.

From their hiding spot they had not had the actual door to the Clive's apartment in view. When they came around the corner they found it ajar.

"What if other agents came from the other direction. There might be more agents than two inside," Jennifer realized.

She moved down the corridor close to the wall to not expose herself to the people inside the apartment. From inside the apartment she could hear a woman moaning. She paused at this, obviously Clive had some female company there and was oblivious to unknown people sneaking into the apartment.

"How do we do this? The law might not look well on us maiming or killing the intruders," Jennifer thought.

"We begin with our fists then, switching to the blade if they start shooting bullets through the walls that might hurt innocent bystanders," the demon responded. "Might also be good to keep them alive if we want to question them."

Jennifer hunched down by the door and dared a quick peek into the apartment. The hall in the apartment was empty. From the door on the left Jennifer heard the sound of sex, but it did not sound like the adjacent room. Obviously Clive lived a very good life where he could afford a flat that was really gigantic for a single on Manhattan.

"Actually from the sound of it, he is either not single anymore or has rented a hooker," Jennifer thought. The dossier about her family that the government had collected did not speak of Clive being in any relationship.

The demon ignored to reply, her intent was entirely on the upcoming fight. The demon wished for the enemy to have guns so they would need to bring out their energy sword.

This thought prompted Jennifer to move, she might be the one that controlled when the sword was brought forward, but she doubted the demon's would take precautions that would lessen the risk for them needing the sword. Silently she sneaked inside, trying to keep watch in all directions.

The first person she saw was standing in the kitchen. He did not match the pictures of Clive. More importantly he was busy attaching a silencer on a gun.

Jennifer silently stalked closer. She was almost by him when he looked up and saw her. He did in fact recognize her. Fortunately this made him lose a moment and Jennifer got the time to kick his groin. The effect was brutal, lifting him from the floor up on the kitchen sink. He groaned loudly as he toppled over and fell down from the kitchen sink. Jennifer did not lose any time, but let her return kick hit his jaw before he had landed on the floor.

He was a sturdy fellow, obviously lifting lots of weights, but Jennifer's brutal attack had left him unconscious. She suspected her last kick had broken his jaw. She did not like to think on what the kick to his groin had done.

"They were at least two," the demon reminded her.

Jennifer twisted around to meet any incoming attacker, but nobody came. From the other side of apartment she could still here the sound of intense sex. Who ever was there had not noticed the sound of the fight over their passion.

"Could be a porno," Jennifer thought, but the sound was to much authentic for the sex not to be live.

"If you feel carefully you can notice us gaining energy from that direction. At least one person is deep in passion," the demon commented.

Suddenly she felt a bullet striking her chest, piercing her lung. The pain was massive as she whirled around. The attacker was in the hallway.

Jennifer did not have the time to do anything before he fired again. The silencer lessened the sound to a dull thud, but there was no question the bullet had hit Jennifer's leg. She collapsed down on the floor in a spasm of pain.

Jennifer could feel the demon began closing the injuries, but for the moment she was at reduced movement capacity. The attacker was aiming his gun for her head. Obviously intending to put a bullet between her eyes.

"Summon the sword," the demon urged.

Jennifer could not see how the sword would help. The attacker was out of range. Desperately she searched for some action to improve the situation. Her fingers closed around the dropped silencer at the floor.

Jennifer hurled the silencer towards him, aiming directly for his eyes. His reflexes were great, but the unknown object made him flinch. She used the opportunity to launch herself forward. Her injured leg hurt, but was healed enough to support her.

The enemy was bringing his gun down to shoot at her but the demon was quicker and used their momentum to launch a mighty dropkick. The kick connected with his neck and he collapsed down onto the floor. A quick yelp of surprise was followed by a gurgle as the attacker struggled to get air. He made no move to stretch out so Jennifer concluded the injury had made him lame. She took hold of his hair and slammed him to the floor so that he lost consciousness.

"Any problem?" Jennifer wondered.

"Minor injury, but try to stay unhurt until we have regained the energy," the demon responded.

They could still hear the sound of sex from the bedroom of the apartment. After the demon had healed their injury completely they started to search the rest of the apartment.

Jennifer had the feeling that they were not alone, somebody was stalking them. Either it was just her nerves or the other was really good at anticipating her moves.

Finally she approached the bedroom with the sex going on. On the left there was a door to the bathroom, in front of her was the door to the bedroom and on the right was a door to the living room that Jennifer had already investigated.

All three doors were slightly open. Jennifer hesitated about what to do. She moved forward and glanced into the bathroom. It looked empty, but it was hard to tell since it was dark. Looking into the bedroom she saw a couple having sex on the bed. A girl with blond hair was riding a man on the bed. Jennifer could see neither of their faces.

Suddenly Jennifer felt something heavy strike her head. The force was massive and she literally saw stars as she tried to clear her head. The person had moved up on her and before she knew it, she was caught in some kind of suffocating hold.

The person, Jennifer thought she was a she, pushed them forward into the bedroom. Jennifer tried to use their momentum to get them leverage to get loose, but the attacker countered that move.

"Bring the sword," the demon urged. Jennifer did not comply. She recalled how the power of the sword had cut any bounds that held her at previous times. She had no idea what it would do to a live person.

In front of here was the bed with the couple. The male below the bed was actually Clive, like Jennifer had suspected, but to her surprise the blond girl riding him was Carol Winthers.

"What are you doing!" Carol screamed and got up from the bed.

Jennifer felt the hold around her neck tightening for moment, but then Carol hit the person behind her and she got free.

Jennifer stumbled down on the floor, but pushed herself up. Besides her a very confused Clive started at her and the scene in front of them.

Carol had caught hold of the person that had attacked Jennifer. It was an unknown red head that Carol disciplined with a flurry of quick hits. Actually she was not unknown, Jennifer recognized her as the police officer Eve she had fought at the hospital so long ago.

"Sorry mistress, I thought that she was an attacker," Eve squealed.

"Hello sis, this is an awkward situation," Clive mumbled.

"Oh, hi," Jennifer mumbled. "I really don't remember you, but you are my brother Clive, right?"

"Yes, I heard from Linda about your amnesia," Clive responded. "What happened to you? You are all bloody."

"It is nothing. Got some minor injuries when I fought two agents that slipped into the apartment with guns. I have healed everything and they are unconscious in the hallway and kitchen," Jennifer responded.

"I was worried something like that would happen, but Carol seduced me into having sex with her a diversion while her slave located surveillance equipment put here by the agents," Clive explained. Embarrassed he pulled a blanket over his nude torso.

"I see, the fault of your reasoning was that these people must have been looking at the feeds and came here to investigate when the surveillance equipment was disabled. I suppose they were either after covering their tracks so you would not go to the police, or they wanted to kidnap you." Jennifer said.

Carol was done with disciplining her slave and had Eve on her knees sucking on her finger.

"Sorry about this. She has an old bone towards you because of what happened at the hospital and ignored my express command to not fight you," Carol said.

"It is okay, no bruises that won't heal," Jennifer responded.

"Speaking of which," Clive said. "Can you tell who these people are who are following us?"

"I check with the team," Jennifer responded. After a few moments she got answers back and smiled.

"I have the answer," Jennifer said. "Mindeye has found out that they are the mutant hunters that attacked me earlier. The police got the computers from one of them, but could not crack their encryption. They are in for a world of hurt now when Mindeye is learning all their passwords."

"Are we safe?" Clive wondered.

"You will be," Jennifer promised. "Mindeye, Fang and Linda has captured the agents following Linda. It seems like the agents in the wan car outside Siri's and Linda's apartment has decided to bolt when they lost contact with the other groups. I think this actually can work to our benefit. Thundercloud has them tracked by the G.S.P transport and Mindeye will come to their hideout to learn more of their secrets. Hopefully we can shut down their illegal organization for good."

"We have so much catching up to do," Clive said. Jennifer nodded, this reunion with family went better than she ever imagined.

* * *

"That is about what happened at Clive's apartment," Jennifer told Linda who sat across the desk at the G.S.P base.

"Clive, having sex with Carol. I never imagined he would fuck a minor," Linda commented.

"It gets even more weird when you consider who Carol is," Jennifer said. "You do know what happened there, don't you?"

"I have all Mindeye's memories so I know she is a copy of you," Linda acknowledged. Jennifer squirmed at that, she remembered more than a few encounters she had with Mindeye that were not safe for family viewing.

"Yes, some real juicy memories, but not worse than what we did in the park," Linda said. "I also have memories of when Mindeye tried to enter your mind. I don't understand how your mind works."

"I see," Jennifer mumbled. "I had no idea in Central Park. Sex with my sister is not my cup of tea."

"Liar," the demon taunted.

"I agree, sex in the family is too complicated, but I have no ill feelings. It was a wonderful first time at sex," Linda responded, blushing deeply.

"You know," Linda continued. "Maybe I can use my power to fix your lost memories."

"I don't think so," Jennifer answered. "Remember that Mindeye could not connect to my mind at all. In some way I have become feral like Fang."

"You are perhaps right," Linda said. "Mindeye's new power that steals secrets from people’s minds without entering the mind is probably a more effective way to find out what happened with your memories than me trying to battle my way inside."

"Oh, that might be a problem. What if Mindeye can learn our demon background?" the demon wondered.

"I think he does not learn anything unless he asks the question so to say, but it is a potential problem," Jennifer responded.

"If we speak about using your powers a more pressing issue would be to clear the brainwashing from Eagle and Firefly," Jennifer said.

"I think I can help with that. Firefly should be easy since her brainwashing is quite shallow but Eagle is most likely more of a challenge. It must be a real pain with team members who have been compromised," Linda responded.

"You have no idea. Especially with Eagle who can not accept me as a leader. I dread when I can't call on the obedience commands to keep him in line," Jennifer said.

"I will see what I can do," Linda responded.

* * *

"Hello Eagle," Linda said and stepped into the personal exercise room at the G.S.P base. Eagle was occupied with lifting weights, wearing only a tight pair of shorts. The sight almost made Linda drool, she found him so sexy.

For a moment he smiled widely at her, then he glanced down on his body and frowned. He did not like being recognized when he was not in his costume. He gave her a dark stare as he put his set of weights down. Linda did not like the stern stare.

"My sister told me I could find you here, but I would recognize that sexy body even if you kept the mask last time we saw each other," Linda said.

She blushed as she recalled their wanton lust in her bedroom a couple of weeks before. He blushed at her words too, but more in the embarrassed way than Linda had hoped.

"You have not been returning my calls," Linda finally said.

"I didn't know what to say, you are so young. What we did on that day was not proper," Eagle said.

"I see," Linda mumbled in a quiet voice. She had of course understood it long ago when he refused to return her calls. Actually hearing her one time lover say it aloud hurt like hell. She had dreaded this meeting for so long, but it was worse than she had expected.

"I would like to say that I loved the experience..." she said, "...but I am here to look at what the Brotherhood did to you."

"The brotherhood are my masters," Eagle stated with a firm voice. The words came so sudden that it was obvious that it was mental conditioning coming active rather some conscious thought. He could not hear the Brotherhood mentioned without triggering his cues to be obedient.

Linda did not hesitate as she extended her power. She needed to get this done with so she could get out of the G.S.P base.

There was some basic static defenses put there by the Brotherhood, not a proper logical maze, but just some elementary restrictions about Brotherhood conditioning having preference over new commands sent to his mind. Linda just disabled them and went further into his mind.

"You are doing..." Eagle began to ask before she cut him off, she needed concentration to do this. He collapsed unconscious on the bench.

Locating the brainwashing done by the Brotherhood was easy, it resembled stuff she remembered from Mindeye's memories, but it was done on a scale she seldom had seen before. Dozens of psionics working together to add their best tricks to create a complete brainwashing. The reason of the brainwashing failing was also obvious, the Brotherhood psionics had lost too many of their fellows in battle with Blade and lacked the full required skill set to really control a dominant mind of a superhero like Eagle. Somehow the Brotherhood members had grown dependent on each other to the degree that they had problems handling missing the contribution of missing members.

Linda hesitated about what to do. Should she use her massive stolen knowledge of psionics to complete the missing pieces of the brainwashing and enslave him to her sister, or should she remove the conditioning so that she could honestly claim that the Brotherhood brainwashing was really gone.

She elected to do the later and started to pull the set of mental commands apart. In theory it was a hopeless task for a single psionic to completely understand the intentions of all the psionics and unwind the pattern. In practice Linda could just employ her greater strength and rip the conditioning apart. With Eagle's mind shut down there was little risk for permanent damage.

Finally she was through the conditioning and paused as she noticed something that felt familiar. Present in front of her was the weak remains of her original command to his mind to disregard her age. It had actually been a very strong command since Eagle's thoughts on the matter was very firm set. He refused to acknowledge young girls as attractive after memories from his superhero career. Just a peak at those memories made Linda sure she did not want to dwell on them, they were awful.

She searched further through his mind until she found his opinions about leadership. Like Jennifer had suspected he had a great complex about not being seen as a natural leader. More interesting was that Linda found he also had a rather strong prejudice against female leadership. These two traits formed a rather explosive mix together when the leader was female.

Linda paused to consider what to do. Jennifer had requested that she somehow make Eagle stop obstructing her leadership of the group. Linda had accepted the idea that she would just have to add some commands to make him accept his situation. Now when she was here it was painfully clear that such a tactic would not work well without a proper brainwashing. Despite the massive set of mental conditioning imposed by the Brotherhood they had barely kept him in line. For that matter her earlier accidental command to adjust his view of her age had just been temporary despite her using her full strength to make it stick.

Eagle did not have any mental defenses to speak off, but he had a very strong sense of self and the ability to throw off mental conditioning that for other people would be considered as permanent. In some aspects it was probably expected that the G.S.P super heroes would have such qualities. After all these heroes had been choosen from a large pool of super heroes just because they excelled at being heroes.

Linda searched her acquired memories for a solution, she refused to believe this would be the first time in history that a psionic wanted to change a person without enslaving them.

When the solution came to her it was from a psionic living in medieval times. One of her predecessors had needed the king to change his mind, but not dared to leave any mental conditioning left that could be traced by psionic's of the court. The solution had been entering the kings mind and erase key experiences that had made the king make the unwanted decision. With these memories gone the king had changed his mind, the royal court psionic had been able to detect something was stolen from the king but could not trace it back to Linda's predecessor since the operation only left a void.

The thought made Linda hesitate, what she intended to do was beyond the line of legal in so many ways. She decided to scan his mind further to try to evaluate it before it was possible she made any decision. Concentrating she sorted through all his memories.

Somehow she got distracted by his gorgeous bare abs and upper body. Suddenly her power was not showing her memories related to leadership, but rather the memories that made him reject a young person like her as his lover. How she yearned to have those memories gone. Moments before it was too late she got her power in check. The difference between wanting something and doing it with her power was painfully thin.

She forced herself to continue. Finally she had identified a couple of memories that seemed linked to his problem with accepting the authority of female leaders. The effect of removing these memories was hard to tell in advance. The mind would find new ways to rationalize why things had happened with these memories gone. The risk with manipulation like this was always that the mind would stumble on a created paradox by the change and go mentally ill. At least Linda had the power to do the cut cleanly. No partial memories back that would threaten to make him doubt his sanity.

Did she really have the moral right to make this kind of violence on his mind? Linda hesitated about what to do. Jennifer depended on her to do this, but this kind of manipulation was wrong on so many levels.

"You should have returned my calls like a man and not left me clueless," Linda mumbled. Her doubts slowly giving away for conviction. He had rejected her and what right did he really have to look done on woman because some bad experiences when he was young?

She applied her power and annihilated the offending memories. If he stumbled into some paradox she could erase that from his mind and repeat until he could be woken up as sane.

With fascination she followed how his mind reknitted itself to cope with the loss. It looked like it might actually work out well. No great paradoxes coming up as she nudged him to find rationalizations that pointed in the direction of being more open minded and flexible in a group.

"Like taking candy from children," Linda mumbled. Eagle might still be a pain for her sister to handle, but her morally questionable edit of his mind would reset the field so that it at least was not tilted in the direction of them ending in a clash.

How tempting it was to do the same with the memories that blocked him from dating her. Just thinking the thought was enough to make her power locate the offending memories. Memories that if gone would give her and Eagle a new chance. This time Linda was too slow about blocking herself access to the memories, before she knew it, she took in the gory details of criminal cases that had so affected Eagle.

"Oh, so horrible!" she exclaimed as she started crying. The memories of what a slave ring had done to defenseless children was simply too much to bear. She could so very well understand why memories like this meant he could not consider her as a grown woman.

She needed to shut herself from these memories, they were too horrible to look at. Poor Eagle that must wake up in the middle of the night with dreams based on these. He did not deserve to have these kind of horrible memories.

Suddenly Linda felt her power flowing. Acting on her careless wish to rid Eagle of the memories. She grasped for some way to divert her power, but it was too late. Eagle's mind had lost the memories and was busy sorting out his background in the absence of these memories.

Linda could still remember the memories, What if she somehow pushed them back into his mind? She should still have the approximate location of the memories, but adding memories without notable seams was way harder than to erase memories.

She found the right location, but hesitated about doing it. Adding memories that tied tightly the core of the person had rarely been done in history of the psionics. Common wisdom among psionics was that it could not be done, adding surface memories was different than messing with things that formed the person’s identity. Linda's memories gave her little relief, those of her predecessors that had tried had failed almost every time.

She noticed that he had become rock hard. His impressive bulge clearly visible through his clothes. Anxious Linda searched through his mind. He was thinking about their sex in her bedroom. Without doubt he considered it the best sex ever. The rationale he chose for not returning the phone calls was that he did not think he would be able to control himself if they met again. Could he really date the younger sister of Blade and fuck Blade at the same time? Would not a threesome be perfect?

Linda blushed and pulled free from his mind. She did not want to think on her sister like that.

Eagle was still unconscious from her earlier command, but there was little doubt that her second edit of his mind had been even more successful than the first. If she did nothing he would wake up with deep crush on her. Most likely this would play along quite well with his reduced prejudice against following the lead of a strong woman. Questions was, had she done the second edit due to simple mistakes or had she intentionally let down her defenses?

Eagle's mind seemed to have stabilized itself so she sent him a wake up command.

"Sorry, I must have dozed off," he said. Gracefully he levitated up from the bench and landed in front of her. He was so handsome that Linda wanted to die.

"I don't care about your sister anymore. I have decided that I want you no matter what she says. Can you forgive me for ignoring your calls?" Eagle asked.

His hand stretching out catching hers. Linda did not know what to do. She was high on clouds of love, but terrified beyond belief about what would happen if anyone found out what she had done. She had erased all memories of one of Eagle's most important cases in his career as a superhero.

He beamed at her and directed him to the changing room so he could wash and change clothes. Linda just stood there, in practice unable to look away from the sight of him naked.

* * *

Linda and Eagle snuggled in a couch in the living room of the G.S.P. worn out by their previous sex. They had been to horny to make it to Eagle's room before they had sex. The door opened and Eve Mortensen came into the room to fetch forgotten gear.

"You look like you are in a brilliant mood," Linda commented when she saw Eve.

"My mistress sent me here as punishment, but the sex was simply too good. It does not count," Eve responded.

"Is that a good thing?" Linda wondered.

"Yea, it means she has to figure out something worse. I am so looking forward to it," Eve said.

"Where is Carol?" Linda asked as she let her hand play over Eagle's tight stomach.

"She had to be home, her father is spending the night in town and insisted she be present," Eve responded.

Linda shrugged as she heard the words. In a moment she had recalled the awful memory of how she had been trapped in Carol's mind as she was raped by her father.

"He intends to rape her!" Linda exclaimed and sat up. Eagle stared at her with obvious disgust while Eve looked back at her in disbelief.

"No, not mistress. She is far too strong to allow herself to be raped," Eve objected.

"He doesn't know that and Carol doesn't remember the rapes," Linda explained. "Who knows what Carol will do if he tries to force himself on her."

* * *

Carol cringed in the couch. Mark was sitting a bit to close for her to feel comfortable. She had thought it best to stay up until he came since he assumed he wanted to talk. In truth he had just done some small talk before he went to get out of his business clothes.

He had asked her to wait in the couch and Carol had busied herself with a magazine as she waited. When he finally appeared just in a bathrobe and without a word came and sat next to her Carol had just became confused.

By now she finally had connected the dots. His hand on her legs was not from somebody that saw himself as her father. He was actively trying to seduce her, and expecting her to respond. By now he impatiently had started to dig into her loose trousers. Her thin panties offered little to not say insignificant protection from his probing fingers that was stimulating her clit.

Herself she had no real memory of him, but it was crystal clear to her why the real Carol had run away from home. This was far from the first time he claimed her as his lover.

He pulled her closer. His arm wrapping around her and pawing at her breast. His other hand pushed inside her panties now and she felt his finger trace her opening.

"Should I make a scene and scream rape or just allow him to have his way?" Carol wondered.

When she framed the question like that there was really simple. She had no emotional attachment to him as father, no memory of him at all, so why could she not take him as a lover?

What she really wanted was freedom as the grown up she was mentally despite her young body. If she acted as a lover that must surely make him perceive her as more grown up than her actual years.

"Did you really come from Washington to do some petting with clothes on?" she asked him teasingly.

Licking her lower lips as she gave him her most shy look. The mixed messages she gave him really did the trick, he broke his foreplay to pull his bathrobe off. Like she had expected he was nude below and rock hard.

She took the chance to slip from his embrace. He grunted in irritation, but calmed down when he saw Carol start to sensually lower her trousers. His grasp as he saw her panties, partly pulled down by the trousers told her without doubt he really enjoyed the show.

"So very long since we had sex last time," Mark said and put out his hand to finger her sex. She slipped closer so that he would get a better reach, for some reason, she could not say she felt very tense.

Slowly she pulled her top off to reveal her cute small breasts. By now he had pushed his whole index finger into her sex and she slowly wiggled her hips as she tried to enjoy the sensations of his finger exploring her inside. It did not work very well, the foreplay was not turning her on like when she played with Eve.

"I want you inside," she breathed. "I want your cock fucking me like there is no tomorrow."

He barely waited for her to finish before he was up standing. Pushing her down on the couch roughly and grasping for her sex. Carol did not mind, as he took control of her hips and in a mighty show of force pushed his member up her sex.

The foreplay had left her enough wet for intense fucking. He gave just that, fucking her sex with a frantic speed. Carol did her best to match his trusts, but he was too overcome with emotion to follow any regular pattern.

"Best sex ever!" he shouted and Carol thought that he would come when he suddenly collapsed over her.

It went literally from one moment to the next and suddenly his whole weight was over her. His cock slipping out of her eager pussy.

"What?" Carol asked. She tried to push the unconscious Mark away from her, she lacked the strength. Suddenly he was pulled away and Carol stared in confusion on Linda, Eagle and Eve.

Eagle held the unconscious Mark with the aid of his levitation power. Eve looked like she did not know what to make of the scene in front of her. Linda had a grim look on her face as she aided Carol up.

"You don't remember it, but he did rape you," Linda explained. "That is why you ran away in the first place."

"I know, it don't take a genius to understand that after he started to grope me," Carol responded. "Why are you here?"

"You doesn't get it," Linda said. "He raped your ass when you were not eager enough. I know it because I experience that suppressed memory when I was accidentally inside your mind."

"A different me, I don't remember," Carol countered. "For that matter, the present me would not mind testing the ass fuck if he is so inclined."

"You don't have to do this. I can fix it, erase this horrible thing," Linda said.

Carol stared back at uncertain how to answer. In Linda's eyes she only saw conviction, she was convinced she was doing the right thing.

"No you don't!" Carol responded finally. "I am sure you can mess with his mind so that he forget about me, but that does not fix things. Fixing things is not the same as just changing stuff. What about my memories of this day? Going to wipe them also so I can pretend he is my lovingly father despite him having nailed me more than once?"

"No, I didn't mean to...," Linda objected.

"What about my suppressed memories? Are you going to wipe them also to make sure I never realize what kind of sick fuck he is that lust for his daughter?" Carol asked.

"If you did remember the rape you would feel different. He is indeed sick," Linda tried weakly.

"I am so sorry you would have to experience my memory, but the fact still remains," Carol replied. "You are using your powers too much and abusing other people. Some things are better left handled in the old fashioned way. I can't just suddenly have a normal relation with him and have genuine feelings for him. If sex with him is what it takes for being allowed to have freedom to do as I please, then I can take that, he is just an old lecher that I have no relation with. I don't need you to mess with my mind. I have had enough of that for a lifetime."

"I told you mistress would not allow herself..." Eve began but turned silent after a stare from Carol.

"I understand your point about mind manipulation, but I must say that you are surprisingly open to have sex with a close relative like him. Are you not bothered by this?" Linda asked.

"Is this the appearance of this teenage body confusing you?" Carol asked. "Mentally I am as old as Jennifer and I got her skills and preferences. Not something I asked for, but that is what happened."

"I got Mindeye's memories so I fully know who you are, but I think you are mistaken," Linda said. "Thing is that when Jenn had forgotten about me we did due to bad circumstances end in sexual situations. I was too shocked to protest and even though I enjoyed it at the moment it is nothing I want to do again. Jennifer says the same, in fact she felt so bad about it that she has actively been avoiding to meet me since. You should know since she sent you to my school in the hope of you finding out my feelings about it. You can't blame Jennifer for this choice."

“Let me add something,” Eagle said. “Blade is a G.S.P. with remarkable success at battling the aliens but she is also absolutely ruthless and the management has constantly been having to hide enemies she have butchered or maimed. It is simply not her way to spare any enemy ever and you forgiving him and letting him take advantage of you to not cause a scene is not something Jennifer ever would do. You claim Carol to be gone while you in practice seem more and more like a person on your own, maybe not the old Carol but quite different from Jennifer.”

"You are right, I never thought it through," Carol mumbled. "Maybe I talked myself into having sex to punish myself. Old habits from my earlier self resurfacing, but I attributed them to Jennifer to avoid responsibility of my choices."

"I don't think there is any healing in hurting yourself," Eagle said.

"You are probably right, but my opinions about too much mind manipulation still stands. Psionics is not solution to every problem," Carol said.

"Maybe you are right," Linda mumbled. "I have been using the power lots. It is so easy to make things better with it, but the similarities with what brotherhood was doing are obvius."

"That is why the law forbids it," Eve stated with a firm voice. "I follow what my mistress command, but left on my own I would report it."

Carol smiled proudly at her words. Carol looked at Eagle who looked at Linda with a mixture of love and other emotions.

"This is awkward but tI suppose this a moment of confessions, " Linda said towards Eagle. "I used my power to make you love and lust for me. At the first time we saw each other you thought me too young to be a sexual partner. When I fixed the brotherhood conditioning I found the remains of my earlier manipulations of your mind. I erased those, but also took the memories that made you reject being me. I did enter your mind because my sister asked me to fix you. She wanted the Brotherhood brainwashing gone, but I could not accept that you would leave me just like that and could not help myself. I am not much better than the Brotherhood, am I?"

"You might have changed me, but I do love you truly," Eagle said. His words causing a flicker of discomfort wash over Linda's face.

"I don't care about the source of my feelings," Eagle continued. "I love you and want you as mine. If you undid what you did to me I would the whole life struggle with the question if I would come to love you anyway when you become older or if our present history had ruined that. To wonder if I would have fallen in love with you if I had meet you as a mature woman. To wonder if angry feelings about what you did would be the thing keeping us apart or if we are not meant for each other. I like the present, I want to be with you."

"I hear a but coming," Linda whispered.

"Carol is right, you must stop using your powers too much. You are like an avalanche of power, spreading your influence beyond control. Always finding a reason to do things with your power, and using a lot of your power. The law is there for a reason and is supposed to apply to superheroes also," Eagle said.

"You don't get it," Linda squealed. "The power yearn to be used. It takes effort to not touch it constantly. When I have not touched it for long I only need to desire something for the power to act and fix things."

"I say, Mindeye can not serve anymore. Why not use the power within G.S.P to replace him so you get something worthwhile to use your power on?" Eagle suggested.

"Why?" Linda asked. "Jennifer said that the monsters are immune to mental domination so what could I do there."

"Says the girl who can stop bullets with her telekinesis and tear people apart," Carol objected.

"You have a point," Linda responded. "What shall we do about this mess? The Congressman will have every reason to be pissed."

She looked down at the unconscious Mark that Eagle had put down on the floor.

"Making him think lost consciousness due to sexual bliss when he fucked me should be a minor edit, right?" Carol asked.

"Easy enough," Linda said. "You know, I could add some compulsions that make life easier for you if you like?"

"What if he was a Voyeur?" Eve asked. "If you make sure he has sexual desires of watching mistress dominate me we would not to hide our real relationship as much. Would be lovely if he liked to watch, but not to participate except unless mistress ask."

"Sounds like dangerously close to the kind of abuse of power we just talked about," Linda responded smiling.

"You are throwing our words back at us. Still, the difference as I see it is in this case Eve and Carol are asking you to do it and all involved will benefit from it. He will hardly suffer from getting his obsession changed into something that is less likely to end him in jail. I doubt any psyonic that notice the mental conditioning in the future will report it as a crime when the realized what shit he would do without it," Eagle said and hugged Linda from behind.

"He will learn about mistress and me sooner or later no matter what we do," Eve said. "Much better if the experience can be turned into something positive instead of the disaster that would happen otherwise."

"Carol, it is your call," Linda said.

"Eve is smart, make him more interested in watching us than to participate then things will definitely improve. What if as an additional twist you make him believe that this night ends with me confessing that I ran away because I am lesbian and him accepting that his obsession with me caused me getting messed up?" Carol said.

"That would force him to realize how much he hurt you," Linda said.

"That is the idea. I am hoping he will try to compensate me if you get what I mean," Carol said.

"There is a risk he will freak, but I can erase the implement memory and retry until I find a scenario that leaves him accepting the situation without mental illness. Much less risk of bad effects since it is new artificial memory I am adding," Linda said.

"Do it!" Carol and Eve said in union.

"I love you," Linda said, not just meaning Eagle. She extended her power. It felt so good feeling Eagle's stiff member pressed between them.

She smiled as she got to work. Avalanche seemed like a fitting codename for her superhero identity.

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