The Secret to Sucess by jdm320

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Fantasy | At work, Blackmail

Ellen sat at her desk working on the Company’s Profit and Loss report. Ellen started as a temp 6 years ago and worked up the ladder to the position she is in now, administrative assistant to the COO. She had worked very hard in and out of the office to get to where she was at. As she worked on the report, she is buzzed.

“Yes sir.”

“Ellen can you please come in here, and lock the door when you enter?”

“Be right there”

Ellen looked around the office as she turned around in her chair. She shifted in her chair, and raised her skirt up. She reached under her skirt and slowly slid her lacy thong down her hips and her toned tanned legs. She opened her desk drawer and laid them inside and took out a band and pulled her long brown hair into a pony tail. She got up, adjusted her skirt and walked to the door behind her desk. With her hand on the door knob, she took a deep breath and entered. As she was instructed she closed and locked the door behind her. She turned to face her boss with a fake smile on her face. As she starts walking toward his desk, she begins to unbutton her blouse.

“You need something sir?”

“Yes Ellen, I do”

Pete was a 52 year old married executive. He had a reputation for making the companies he worked for a lot of money. He was an obese guy and as the young, sexy Ellen approached him he lifted his belly and began to unbuckle his pants. As Ellen approached she opened her blouse, he black bra was full of her 34 DD breast.

“Take your bra off and let me see the titties I bought for you.”

She knelt down and reaches back to unhook her bra and let her titties bounce free as he pulled out his small pudgy cock. She went straight to work. She opened her mouth and engulfed his entire length with out preparation. She cupped his balls as she bobbed her head up and down his cock. His hands were all over her tits, pulling her nipples as he moaned and pumped his hips pushing his cock into her mouth.

“Ok I am ready” Pete said sternly.

Ellen stood up and pulled her skirt up, and bent across his desk. Her breast pressed into the cold wood. Pete, with his pants around his ankle moved behind her and rammed his cock into her smooth, tight pussy. He took hold of her hips and pounded her hard. Ellen moaned as he pounded her, she lifted so her nipples rubbed across the smooth wood of the desk. The hardness of the desk was sending electricity through her body. She was going to actually cum this time, if he lasted a few more minutes, instead of having to fake it. She heard Pete begin to moan, she knew it was coming so she squealed softly and squeezed her pussy lips tight around his cock, and faked another orgasm as she felt Pete release his cum into her.

He pulled out and fell back into his chair as he breathed heavy. Ellen bent over and picked her bra off the floor and put it back on then adjusted her skirt.

“Don’t forget your 2 o’clock appointment with Mr. Smith, and its your anniversary, so I had a dozen roses delivered to you wife’s office.” Ellen said as she exited Pete’s office.

Ellen stopped by her desk, and took her thong out of it and stuck it into her purse and headed to the restroom to clean up. With Pete’s cum running down her thigh, she opened the door to a stall and entered. Once she was cleaned up she returned to her desk to finish her work.

The mail ran at 1:30. Josh, the guy from the mail room gave her a wink as he laid a stack of mail on her desk. Josh was a college student and the son of one of the lower executive. He was a few years younger than Ellen but she found him cute, so as he walked away she smiled at him as she pushed her bangs out of her face. As she fumbled through the mail, an unmarked envelope caught her eye. There was no name or address, so she gave into her curiosity and opened the envelope.

In the envelope was a note with a smaller envelope inside it. The note read:

“Meet me in the mail room at 4 pm….J”

Ellen opened the smaller envelope. Inside were several photos. Tears built up in Ellen’s eyes as she saw the photos. Every photo was of her. There were photos of her with Pete, Mr. Smith, the CEO and Mrs. Norris the director of finance. The final photo was unfamiliar to her. It was of an erect cock. A very nice cock Ellen thought. She put the photos back inside the envelope and placed them in her purse.

The rest of the day was a waste. Everything Ellen tried to do, she messed up. Her mind kept going back to the photos. If this person knew about her affairs, who else did? How did he get the photos? She watched the clock as she nibbled on her finger nails, a habit she had in middle school. By 3pm the butterflies in her stomach had turned into eagles.

At 3:30, Pete came back from his meeting with Mr. Smith. He laid a stack of files on her desk.

“We will go over these tomorrow. I am leaving. Did you make those reservations for me for dinner tonight?”

“Ah yes sir. O’Malley’s at 7:30.”

“You are a sweetheart Ellen.” He walked into his office and gathered his things and left.

For the next 20 minutes Ellen starred at the clock. At 3:50 she took a deep breath and got up. She reached down and picked up her purse and headed for the elevator. As the door closed she pressed the “B” button then the non-stop button. She watched as floor by floor passed by until the door finally opened at the basement. She slowly stepped out of the elevator. When her eyes adjusted to the darkness of the mailroom, she slowly walked down the pathway between the bends and desks.

Suddenly a bright light flashed into her eyes.

“I can’t believe you actually showed up, but I guess you didn’t have much of a choice did you?” a voice out of the darkness said.

“The lovely Ellen Griffis, were you scared those photos would end up in every executives mail? Or were you afraid the other ladies would find out just how you moved up the ladder so fast? What was it Ellen?”

“Who are you and how did you get those pictures?”

“Oh Miss Ellen, you are in no position to be asking questions. Now if you do not mind would you please move toward the light?”

Ellen slowly did as the voice commanded. As she moved closer she saw a figure step in front of the light. It was Josh.

“Josh, why are you doing this?”

“Because, I want what everyone down here says I can never have.”


“You. Ellen I want you.”

“Josh, we can’t do this. I can’t.”

“Why not? Because I don’t wear a suit or because I don’t have 6 figures in the bank?”

Ellen lowered her head. For the first time she was being referred to as a high priced whore. The saddest part was, that was exactly what she was. She had moved up in the company only because she had fucked her way there. She had used her talents to satisfy every person she had worked for, including Josh’s father.

“Ok Josh”

Josh moved closer and took her by the hand and led her to another room. In the room was a small cot. The only light in the room came from 3 candles that sat on a table. Josh led her to the cot and moved in to kiss her. She backed away.

“I don’t kiss”

Josh continued to move his head toward hers. Their lips met. Ellen liked the gentleness of his kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and soon their tongues were entangled. Josh’s hand slowly moved to the buttons of her blouse and slowly unhooked each one. As the last button was unhooked he pushed her blouse off her shoulders and down her arms. He kissed down her neck and his hands moved to her back and unclasp the hooks of her bra. He lifted his head as he removed it, uncovering her full breast. He took a breast in each hand and squeezed softly looking down at them. Ellen smiled as his amusement with her breast. His thumbs pressed her nipples as her hand moved to the button of Josh’s jeans.

Ellen pushed Josh’s jeans down his hip. His cock, the one in the photos, sprung up from its denim sheath. Her fingers wrapped around it and she began to slowly stroke him as he played with her breast. She slowly lowered herself to her knees. She felt her wet panties tighten against her pussy as she kissed the head of his cock. She slowly opened her mouth and took his cock in. She moved her head back and forth as Josh began to moan and pump his hips toward her welcoming mouth. He placed his hand on her head as she attempted to take his entire length in her mouth.

Josh puts his hands under Ellen’s arms and raised her to her feet. He turned her around and pressed her against the wall. He knelt down behind her, rubbing his hands up your legs and ass. He took the zipper of her skirt and pulled it down, and tugged the skirt and it fell. Josh pressed his lips into Ellen’s ass cheek, rubbing his hand between her legs. He hooked his fingers into her thong and pulls them down. He kissed her ass again as his fingers rubbed her smooth lips. With his other hand he spread her ass and lets his tongue pressed against her ass. He pressed his fingers between her moist lips. His tongue ran up and down her tight ass.

Josh stood and sat on the cot. Ellen turned around. He laid back as she walked slowly to him. Josh watched as she approached. Her shoulder length brown hair, her enhanced but beautiful breast, flat stomach, smooth pubics and long tanned legs, he smiled. Ellen threw a leg over Josh and the cot, and straddled him. She took his hard cock into her hand and held it up as she lowered herself down on it. Josh gripped the sides of the cot as he felt the velvety walls of her pussy envelope his cock. She took his cock, and placed her hand on his chest as she began to move up and down. She picked up her pace as she rode him. He gripped her leg to get her to slow down. She slowly moved up and down his cock. For the first time in a long time, she was enjoying sex.

Josh sat up and took her left nipple into her mouth. He began to pump upward meeting her thrust. Both were lost in the ecstasy as their thrust became more intense. Ellen felt her orgasm building as she moaned from the pleasure she was getting from Josh. Her legs gripped tight as she tossed her head back and with a loud moan, her orgasmic juices exploded around Josh’s cock. In a chain reaction, Josh’s cock shot jets of hot cum inside Ellen.

Both fell exhausted on the cot.

The next day at 1:30 Josh came by her desk and sat the mail down. With out a word, he winked and rolled his cart on by. While sorting the mail, there was another unaddressed envelope. Ellen smiled as she opened it. Inside was another photo, a photo of the panties she had worn the day before. Attached was a note,

“You forgot these. Same time, same place…J’

Rating: 92%, Read 49360 times, Posted Oct 15, 2013

Fantasy | At work, Blackmail


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