A Family Betrayal Chapter 18 by Hawkrider

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Writer’s Notes:

I want to clear something up. This story isn’t the one I was talking about that would not have any connections from another story. That story is still in the works as it will be show a slight different way of my writing style. This story is far from finished. Still the name’s are fictional. As always I hope you enjoy the story as things are just getting started. With no further ado here is Chapter 18


Forgiveness Finds A Way...

As I sit here seeing the woman I took in as my sister. I find out she is Keisha my step sister.

“ Keisha this is where you been the past few years?” My mother asks very surprised

“ Yes mom I have, as to protect Heath and those he loves.” She answers as I take in those words

“ But how? Why have you been hiding who you are Kaye....um Keisha?” Momma Faye asks

“ Because Momma Faye I knew my loving brother wouldn’t accept me, and also I had to keep my appearance hidden. When my friend found out where Heath was going to college that was when I hid. I left home to stay with a few friends to make arrangements to move out here. I had money from my real mother’s death in which I know my father caused I just can’t prove it now.” She answers and again I take in her words

“ Keisha what made you do something like this as I have been so worried baby girl?” My mother asks as Keisha looks at her then to me

“ I overheard my dad talking to some guys about finding Heath. He told another that Michelle, Travis, Trey, and I were just pawns in his scheme to get Heath’s money. I felt so bad when I heard those words that.” She paused with tears in her eyes only to continue “ That I had to make everything right. So I got with my friend like I said and made a plan. He made sure to keep tracks on dad’s calls as I kept my eyes on Heath.” She says looking at those she calls family then at me again continuing “ There was no way I was going to let my bastard of a father hurt the brother I love so much. Heath I am so sorry for hiding who I was, but I had to as to not hurt you anymore then you were.”

As I sit there seeing her tears I can’t help but feel a warm feeling in my heart knowing she did something that could of gotten her hurt if Tyrone knew. I get up making my way over to her. I guess my being silent scares her as she turns to step to the door. At that moment the boy’s run to her.

“ Auntie Kaye don’t go.” Dakota says as she stops

“ Dakota I have to as I hurt your daddy.” She says taking a knee

“ Please stay we love you auntie Kaye.” Lil Greg says as she holds each of them with tears

“ Believe me I don’t want to. I want to stay here forever.” She says crying as I step between her and the door

She looks up into my eyes as I go to one leg.

“ Kaye....Keisha which ever one you want to be called. Did you have good intentions in all the things you have done the past few years?” I ask as she nods before I go on continuing “ And do you love this family with all your heart?”

“ Yes I do baby brother. I would run through hell and back for you all.” Keisha answers me as I smile wrapping my arms around her

“ Then stay big sister as I need you as you need us. Stay with this big family as you have another nephew and a niece. I love you my sister Keisha.” I state to her as she holds me tight

“ And I love you my brother Heath so much. And where are they?” She asks as we break the hug

“ Karen, Lil Heath come over here.” I say as they come over after jumping off mom and Ellie’s laps

“ Yes daddy?” Karen asks as I smile

“ I want you both to meet my sister Keisha. Keisha this is my daughter Karen and nephew Heath. We’ve been calling him Lil Heath.” I say as they all smile

“ Nice to meet you both may I give you a hug?” Keisha asks only to be the one hugged

I see her smile big as all four of them hug her with all they are. I smile knowing she has accepted Karen and Lil Heath as her own.

After everyone gets settled in for dinner which is made by all the god mothers, mom, and Faye. We talk some more of the day filling Keisha in. She isn’t to happy with Travis for his stupidity. She offers to kick his ass until Sierra chimes in saying she already did. Keisha laughs saying it’s about time a woman gave him some humility. Once dinner is done half of us are in the kitchen as the other half are in the living room. I look around thinking family should be with family at the table. I make a mental note to find a bigger family table. As dinner goes by and everyone relax’s Jasmine takes me up the stairs around 8 p.m. telling Diamond to come up in a bit. I turn to see Diamond smile as she rocks Lil Greg and Dakota. As we get to our room Jasmine shuts the door before turning the lights off. I ask her why and she tells me she wants us to feel our way in bed tonight. I smile as she finds me and starts undressing me.

Once we’re naked and in bed Jasmine and I are making out as she strokes me to life, I am rubbing her clit making her moan softly as I kiss the left side of her neck. She was being passionate tonight as if it was our very first time. It feels like hours but it’s only been 30 minutes of our touches and caresses as she strokes the head of my cock. I give her soft moans to her touch. I never heard the door open as I feel lips on the back of my neck. Hands come around me as I feel a set of breast against my back. I hear Jasmine moan as a hand replaces mine on Jasmine’s pussy. Jasmine lets go of me before having me get on my back. I feel movement as Diamond positions herself straddling my hips. Jasmine tells her to take me as she will later in her ass. I smile as Jasmine is ready for it again. Diamond lowers down as I feel myself entering her love canal. Damn she is tight tonight as she takes me all the way in. She starts riding me as Jasmine lays next to me on my right caressing my chest as she nibbles on my ear. Diamond lets out a moan that fills the room as she starts riding me faster and harder. She leans down kissing my lips as I kiss her’s back. It’s at that moment I feel her pussy clamp down as she moans only to cum on my cock. I feel myself also about to as I pull Diamond’s hips down as I thrust deep up into her.

“ OH SHIT.....I’M CUMMINGGGG.” I say loudly as Jasmine moans from my guessing playing with her clit as Diamond moans

“ MMM cum in our girlfriend.” Jasmine says as I do just that

I hold Diamond down against me as I erupt up deep into her womb. I feel her vaginal walls clamp down milking my cock for all that it holds. I feel Diamond place her hands my my chest holding herself up. It’s at that moment when the door opens and the lights come on that Jasmine and I are given a big horrible surprise. I look up and the person on top of me is not Diamond but Tiffany. I quickly get her off me to only see Diamond standing in the doorway. She has a shocked expression along with tears. She looks at all three of us before turning running away down the hall.

“ DIAMOND WAIT!” Jasmine yells as she gets out of bed but not before slapping Tiffany

Jasmine gets her clothes back on only to look at me sadly, but gives Tiffany a look that could kill. I get out off bed to get dressed, but not before finding again Tiffany’s panties on my side of the bed. I pick them up to only clean my cock off with them before I throw them at her. She has tears in her eyes as I have anger in mine.

“ HOW COULD YOU?” I say as I get my jeans to put them on

“ Because I love you Heath. Because I wanted one time with you.” Tiffany says as I get my shirt on

“ Again your thinking of yourself and not of others. Tiffany this isn’t all about you NOW. There are two others that share my heart, and now one of them may never talk or have anything to do with me now, because of your jealous ass.” I say getting my shoes on

“ Heath I’m sorry please don’t.” Tiffany tries to say as I leave the room as I search for Jasmine and Diamond

I find Jasmine and Diamond in Faye’s room. Jasmine is comforting our girlfriend who sees me to only stand up making her way to me. It’s at that moment that I feel a slap across my face.

“ You asshole you were just using me. Now that your precious Tiffany is back I get replaced. Leave me alone you disgust me.” Diamond tells me as I stand there in shock

“ Diamond please don’t do this.” I say as she slaps me again

“ I SAID TO LEAVE ME ALONE! GET OUT!” She yells at me again as I see Jasmine motion me to go as saying she will take care of Diamond

I do as I am asked feeling my anger start to swell. I make my way back to the bedroom to see Tiffany not in the room. I turn making my way down the hall to the stairs taking 3 at a time to see her in the living room with the parents. All looking at me with great concern. Tiffany notices me as I start towards her.

“ Heath please let me explain.” Tiffany says as I don’t let her

“ I WANT YOU OUT OF MY HOUSE TONIGHT!” I yell with anger at her

“ WHAT NO PLEASE DON’T DO THIS! I AM SO SORRY!” She tells me as I am staring down in her eyes

“ Yeah right just like you were sorry before. Seems I’m sorry is a second phrase to you besides ‘ Fuck me I’m Free’.” I say them words to hear gasps from behind Tiffany

“ That was uncalled for Heath.” She says to me as I smirk

“ Well it’s the fucking truth. I want you out of my house.” I say as she looks at me hurt and upset

“ Fine, I’ll pack Karen’s and my things and we will leave.” She states as I look deep into her fucking eyes

“ Karen stays YOU leave and never come back.” I say catching her off guard

“ Heath you can’t she is my daughter.” Tiffany says as I counter

“ No she is OUR daughter and you’ve been in her life so now it’s my turn to be.” I say stating my point when I hear Chris speak up

“ Bro are you being serious about this?” He asks as I turn to see him and Selena

“ Yes I am now either back off or you can leave also.” I state as Chris and Selena both look at me with wide eyes

“ Heath calm your ass down. I am sure we can all talk this out.” Michelle says chiming in with a little anger

“ Ok we can and since this is my house You, that jackass and this bitch can leave.” I state pointing at each of them Michelle, Chris, and Tiffany

“ What!” That all three say in unison

“ You heard me I said leave.” I say again as I feel a hand on my left shoulder

Without hesitation I grab the hand and pull the person to me as I bring their arm down on my left shoulder. I hear everyone screaming for me to let go and I keep pulling until I hear a snap.

“ ARRGHHHHH!” Chris yells as I just dislocated his shoulder

I watch as the parents come over to Chris as he goes to his knees. I guess with everything happening so fast I didn’t notice Michelle stand quickly in front of me. I feel a slap against my face as she glares up at me.

“ I love you Heath, but what you are doing is way not you.” She tells me as I stand there looking down at her not phased before I slap her back knocking her on her ass

I look around and see everyone in shock or terror at what I'm capable of. I hear my kids crying as my mom is so scared she's shaking. My god fathers are trying to get between me and the kids, who had woken up, to calm them down. I walk towards the front door as everyone gets out of my way. I grab my car keys and head to the garage. I open it and start to my car, but then I see my old Ranger. After I bought my Corolla for work Jack asked what I was going to do with it. 'Keep it for around the place like a yard truck' I answered. He looked at me before asking if he could toy with it. I looked at him and he said he wanted to build a Thunderbolt. I looked at him as he saw I had no idea what he was talking about. 'Bro imagine a F150 Lightning on the Ranger platform. They are crazy sick and I want to build one...please', he looks at me like the twins do when they really want a cookie before dinner. I hand him the keys and say,'Have fun.' Jack had just finished a week ago and had taken me out for the maiden voyage. He had completely redone the suspension, added 4 wheel disc brakes with large calipers. He had got his hands on a 5.4L engine with a six speed transmission with a short throw shifter and put an oversized cam and pistons in it, port and polished heads and a supercharger. He had it dyno’d and it was putting out something like 1200 horsepower to the rear wheels. It was a monster but looked like a stock truck. I walked over to the Ranger to see the keys were in it and thought if I'm leaving I'm going big. I opened the garage door and climbed into the ranger. I fired it up and popped in the clutch. I revved the engine and when it got to 5000RPMs I popped the clutch out. I was flying out the garage spinning tires leaving a cloud of smoke and brunt rubber as I left going god knows where. As I was about to hit the street I look back and see my sons go running trying to catch me as Dakota falls and Lil Greg stops to help his twin up. I sigh as I leave not knowing where I'm going and for the moment I don't care. Once I get into town I hit the bank and withdraw like twenty thousand as I wanted money so I couldn't be found. I think for a second and decide I need a trip. I call up a former employee and ask that they buy me a plane ticket and they happily do. I make my way to the airport and go to the customer sevice area to get the ticket. I show my ID and tell them I have no bags to be loaded. They nod and tell me Gate 8. I make my way to the plane as it taxis off. About three hours later I'm at a place I thought I wouldn't come back to. 'I'm home dad' as I make my way to the Hertz Car Rental. I rent a little Fiat and drive to my dad's grave. I get there to see that it has been well maintained. I smile knowing Aunt Ellie would always look after her brother. I take a knee as I begin talking to my dad as if he was still alive,'Hey dad. I had to talk to you because you always gave me good advice. You were and ARE my hero. I have three babies that I wish you were here to see. Karen is my baby girl with Tiffany and then we have the twins,Greg for you and Jasmine is his mother and Dakota is from Diamond. I always wonder if I am making you proud? I try so hard to make good decisions not for myself but my kids. I know you always put the needs of those two people I call siblings and myself before yours and mom's needs. I wish you could give me some advice I can hear. What should I do dad? I mean I love Michelle,Travis,Mom,Tiffany,Selena and Chris, but they all betrayed me. Can I forgive them? Would you forgive them?' At that moment like my dad answering my questions it began to rain. Not a hard rain but a nice refreshing shower...one that seemed to wipe the pain away from me as if my dad was telling me to forgive those as I knew they loved me and I loved them. I stood there for what seemed like days, but I knew it had only been thirty minutes. I made my resolve to find a place to stay and sort things out. I head into town and rent a room. I sit there thinking how to forgive each person and what I needed to say to each. I smiled feeling a weight being lifted off me. After a couple days the stress of the past was gone and I headed home. Once back in VA I grab my Ranger...well the family Ranger and head home. I kill the engine and glide to a stop in front of the house. I open and close the door quietly so I don't alert anyone of my presence. I open the door to see everyone clinging to one another or crying. Batman is the first to notice me and cries while he barks at the same time. He hits me and I think he is trying to take me off my feet. All four of my rugrats run to me,'Daddy, Uncle Heath' they scream as I drop to a knee and hug them. My loves look at me and before I know it they have joined in.'Baby where have you been?' asks my Latina sweetness."Darling please don't do that again" states Diamond with tears in her eyes. They break the hug and I try to get up, but the kids have me pinned.'Guys you have to let me up' I state but Karen 's answer hits me like a freight train,'No if I let you go daddy I'm afraid you'll leave me again. I just got to meet you and I never want to lose you again. Mommy and I cried ourselves to sleep because you left.' I look at Tiffany and she nods telling me our daughter was telling the truth. I somehow am able to stand holding all 4 babies before I speak,'How about a family vacation?'

They all look at me with confusion and shock. I chuckle at all their expression’s when my baby girl spoke up.

“ Where we going daddy?” She asks as I look at her

“ Actually on a cruise I figure to start off.” I answer as the kids go wide eyed

“ Baby um did you hit your head the past few days while you were gone?” Diamond asks as I shake my head

“ No beautiful I didn’t so what do you all say?” I ask as they all look at one another

I look around to see the god parents talking as well as my mother and Faye who I see are getting along pretty well. I make a mental note to ask about that. Jack, Sierra, and Mandy seem to be talking things out with Adam and Michelle. Chris and Selena are discussing it as I see his right arm in a sling in which I feel bad about. Hannah comes up to Jasmine, Diamond and I as Tiffany follows. After all of my family discuss the idea Mike stands up looking at me with a serious look.

“ Heath son first off I am glad your home. Second are you really serious about all of us going on a cruise?” He asks as I smile giving a nod

“ But why Heath? Why have everyone go?” Ellie asks as I let the kids down to take Jasmine and Diamonds hands walking over to the living room in front of everyone

“ My reason is that it may help this family come together stronger. Look I have been thinking very strongly on this and have already made arrangements.” I tell them all getting shocked expressions then smiles

“ Well when do we leave for the cruise?” Nate asks with a smirk

“ In a week as we will fly down to Florida. So say 5 days until then.” I exclaim as they all smile

I look around to see the women looking at themselves before momma Faye stands up.

“ Ok ladies out to the garage we have a few days to look good in bikini’s for our men and women.” Faye says looking at my mom who is blushing

I look at my girlfriends who just shrug as Hannah giggles. I just shake what I saw out of my head before going to Chris. I look down as he sits in my chair with Selena in his lap.

“ Chris I am sorry for hurting you man. My anger got the best of me.” I say apologizing to him with all my heart

“ Heath I know as I should of never placed my hand on you, but bro you need to see you are loved. I know things have been awkward between us all, but seriously Heath you know I have your back as does our brothers Adam and Jack.” He tells me as I see Adam and Jack both nodding

“ I know and thank you as I forgive you as well Chris.” I tell him seeing a tear start to show

After that I turn to look at Tiffany as she gives me a look of concern.

“ Tiffany I am sorry for all that I said. Truth be told I don’t want you to leave. It would be like I lost you a second time in my life. Besides Jasmine and Diamond you have a part of my heart that keeps me warm. I know things happen for a reason.” I tell her getting a warm smile as she came up giving me a hug

“ Aww that is what I like to see friendship coming back together.” Ellie says as she looks over at her old friend who is my mother

After we break our hug I look over to see Michelle looking at me as if she was scared. I walk over to her as she holds onto Adam. I took a step back as mom stood up placing a hand on my right arm.

“ Heath she is scared of what you did a few nights ago.” She tells me as my eyes go wide

I look to see my sister nod before I get to one knee and carefully reaching for her hand. She cautiously places me her left hand in my right.

“ Michelle I am so sorry for what I did. Again I let my temper get away from me. Look I love you Shellie. I want my sister back since she has her brother back. Please forgive me my Shellie.” I say in a small pleading voice

She gives me a sincere look before getting out of Adam’s lap and coming down on the floor with me tackling me.

“ I love you too baby brother and you will always have your sister, but next time I will have my boyfriend kick your ass.” She tells me with a smile as I look up at Adam who looks around whistling

“ Shellie don’t be playing that brother against brother thing.” I say to her as she laughs

“ No Heathie I won’t as long as you tell me how to make your eyes go back to the way they were.” She tells me as I smile

“ By just loving me and making me happy by being the sister that I had all those years ago.” I say getting a big smile and nod

After all the apologizes and talks were done I relaxed after a long flight. My kids go play on the beach with Jack, Sierra, Mandy, Chris, Selena, Adam, and Michelle. The mother’s and dad’s go out to the garage which was made to a makeshift gym to work out. Jasmine and Diamond took me up to our room for some alone time. It was nice to just lay in bed with them both on either side of me holding me. We talked about the cruise and the fun we will have.

I guess being so relaxed caused me to fall asleep as I woke up with some one laying on top of me. I open my eyes to see Hannah looking at me with a smile.

“ Hannah what the?” I ask her as she giggles

“ Wake up sexy as it’s supper time. I asked Jazzy and Diamond if I could come up to wake you.” She tells me as I look to see her in a bikini

“ Oh ok well guess we better get down before.” I try to say but was cut off feeling her lips on mine

Her kiss was full of passion and love as I returned which shocked me at first until i placed my arms around her. She let out a moan until she broke it as I looked up into her eyes. My mind was confused by this situation as I had to know why.

“ Hannah I thought you hated men? What was with the kiss if I may ask?” I state asking her as she nodded

“ Well Hun I DID hate men until you came along. Look if you are ok with a walk on the beach tonight I can explain.” She tells me as I see truth in her eyes

“ Ok Hannah, but I hope this doesn’t get me in trouble with Jasmine or Diamond.” I ask as she shakes her head no

“ No sweetie it won’t as I already asked them about it. They are all ok with us talking alone tonight. So lets go eat as we need our strength.” She tells me as she gets off me then helps me up

We make our way down to join our family as they are all in the kitchen waiting. I notice Jasmine and Diamond smiling as I take my seat. Dinner is of talks about the cruise and of shopping for new clothes and bikinis for the women in this family. Sierra and Mandy filled us finally in that they haven’t seen their family in 6 months all because of a arguement. I asked what the arguement was about and they responded by saying over family business. I looked around at my family and shrugged telling them what ever it was we had their backs. They looked at me and everyone who nodded. Sierra and Mandy both had tears saying thank you as Jack held them both with a kiss to their foreheads. The rest of dinner went by with laughs as the kids were asking about the cruise and if they had to go to bed early while on the cruise. The mother’s came out saying bed time would be 10 p.m. as they went into fake pout’s. We all laugh to their expressions as dinner ends on a happy note.

After dinner everyone relaxed going to do their own thing. My god parents, mom, and Faye spent time with the kids. Jack, Sierra, and Mandy went to Jack’s room to spend time together as did Adam and Michelle which I was still getting use to, but knew they both needed one another. Chris and Selena relaxed with the parents and kids as Jasmine, Diamond, and Tiffany talked about bathing suits for them and me. Hannah although whispers to Jasmine and Diamond who nod as they wink at me which makes me confused. Hannah comes to me taking my hand leading me out the back grabbing a blanket off the lounge chair. She is wearing a baby blue bikini with white trim. I am concerned at what is going on as we get down to the beach. The sun is going down as there is hardly anyone around. Once she stops finding a soft sandy spot Hannah spread’s the blanket down then gets on it motioning me to sit beside her. I do as she asks as we look out at the waves before she starts to speak.

“ Heath I hope this isn’t freaking you out hun?” Hannah says asking in a worried tone

“ No it’s not Hannah it’s just um confusing me. What is going on?” I ask as she turns to look up into my eyes

“ Heath for the past few months I have found myself confused and conflicted, but the last month I have found where my heart lies. Faye has always told me to be true to myself and I am starting now.” Hannah explains as she gets up to only straddle my legs placing her hands on my shoulders before continuing “ Heath you are a amazing man. You have took in those that were once strangers to only make them family as I am one of them, but honey a person’s heart can turn in a different direction as mine has.”

“ Yes that’s true, but what are you saying Hannah?” I ask as she lets out a sigh before looking deep in my eyes

“ Heath I..I’m in love with you.” She tells me as I am shocked before she continues “ I...I know this seems bad and all, but it’s true. I moan your name when Faye goes down on me. I moan your name when it’s just me in bed as I play with my choclate pussy. I love you Heath baby please don’t reject me. As you and the girls are all I want.”

I take in all that she told me and can’t help, but remember the few times she has shown me love the past month. The kiss on my birthday and the hugs before then. I look up into her eyes and see that love she is telling me about. I let out my own sigh before pulling her to me and placing my lips on hers. She is surprised at first before returning the kiss back to me. I feel her arms wrap around me as I place my hands on her firm sexy ass. Hannah lets out a moan as our mouths open to give access to the other. Our tounges find one another caressing as Hannah lets out a moan into my mouth. After just a few minutes Hannah breaks the kiss as I suck on the left side of her neck.

“ Oh god baby...yess take your Hannah. I love you baby.” She tells me as I stop and look into her eyes

“ I love you too Hannah so much, but I never thought you and I.” I say but am cut off again

“ Heath I know, but I am being true and I want you as my man also along with Jasmine and Diamond. My heart, body, and soul are yours. My pussy is to give life to our children. My ass is well for our kinky pleasure.” She tells me with a sexy grin

“ Oh really you like your ass filled?” I ask as she giggles

“ Only if you fill it baby, but tonight I want the fire in my cunt put out by you my sexy baby.” She says with a look of desire in her eyes

“ Where sexy in a bed or.” I try to finish until she cuts me off

“ Right here baby just as you have done with Jazzy and Diamond. I want the waves to cover my moans as I orgasm yelling your name. I want to feel the ocean air on my clit as you pound me with your love. Take me baby make me yours as well.” She says to me as she stands

I watch as Hannah undoes her top letting it fall. I look and see her breast are so firm and her nipples are hard. Hannah undoes the sides of her bottoms and at that moment my eyes go wide as I smile.

“ Oh my Hannah your.” I say but am cut off by a giggle

“ Hairy but trimmed I know baby Diamond told me you like a hairy pussy. So I trimmed it on the sides, but kept my pussy hair for you. I plan to have a tattoo that says ‘ Heath’s Don’t Touch’.” She tells me as I nod

“ But what about Jazzy and Diamond?” I ask as she again giggles

“ Baby I love to have a woman touch me and all, but I have missed several years of experiencing a man touching me. So my pussy is only yours as the girls can have my ass with a strapon.” Hannah tells me as she takes my shorts off before she continue’s “ Holy shit baby your huge damn Diamond wasn’t lying.”

“ So you like I take it?” I asked her with a chuckle

“ Mmhmm.” Hannah answered as I felt her soft hand wrap around my hardening shaft

She lowered her head as she licked the underside sending a shiver through my body. I watched as the light from the moon let me see Hannah lick the head before she took me in her mouth that was so warm and wet.

“ Oh Hannah.” I said as she squeezed my shaft

Hannah is showing her love to me as she takes me to her throat. I can feel her tongue slide up and down my shaft as she bob’s her head up and down. I have my arms behind me with my hands clinching the blanket. Hannah is surprising me on how good she is. I can’t help but grit my teeth as she is really sucking me hard.

“ Hannah....I....feel...I’m....close.” I say as she ease’s off my cock

“ Oh no baby as I don’t swallow not with you no way. Your sperm is only permitted in my womb.” She tells me shoving me back as she straddles my hips reaching down before continuing “ I love you Heath baby take your ebony chocolate.”

It’s at that moment we hear music coming from some where amongst the night air. The lyrics seem right at this moment of two hearts becoming as one.

Do you wanna go to heaven tonight?

Leave the evidence far behind

Say alright, alright

Do you wanna be my lover tonight?

We can leave everybody else behind

Say alright, alright

Do you wanna see heaven tonight?

Underneath those lights you will look so beautiful

Do you wanna see the stars before they fall,

See the stars before they fall?

Do you wanna be my love tonight?

And for all my life it could be so wonderful

Do you wanna see the stars before they fall,

See the stars before they fall?

Maybe we should just run away

Never look back as the world decays

Say alright, alright

Nothing matters ever since the day

You pulled the pin in my heart like a hand grenade

Say alright, alright

This beautiful Asian African queen looks down at my eyes before she slams herself down as we both moan in our coupling. I reach for Hannah’s hands as she entwines our fingers together. Hannah started riding me with the occasional grinding against me. Our eyes never left the other as our love was starting to flow between us. I let go of her hands to only pull her down to me. I started thrusting in and out of her as she moaned into my ear placing kisses on my neck along the way. She arched her back as I didn’t let up.

“ YES FUCK ME.....LOVE ME....MAKE ME YOURSSS....I’M CUMMMING...HEATHHH!” Hannah yelled moaning my name in the end

I could feel her clamp down on me hard as she came on my cock. I pounded her pussy fast and hard wanting to make her know who she was with. I put all my heart in our love making as she moaned meeting my thrust as she rode me as she laid on top of me. I could feel my cock throb as the head hit her cervix. She was breathing heavy on my neck as her breast were rubbing up and down my chest as I held her. I felt my own climax coming as her vaginal walls were clamping down again on my shaft. I moved my hands to her sexy ass holding her down as my climax was about to it’s breaking point.

“ HANNAH....I’M....GONNA!” I yelled with a moan as she cut me off

“ YESS....CUM IN....YOUR WOMAN!” She says as I thrust one more time as I push deep up into her holding my self in that sweet spot as my cum erupted deep into her womb

We stayed like that as she moaned to feeling my cum hit it’s mark. She held me tight bearing down as her pussy milked my cock of my essence. We didn’t move as the ocean breeze hit our bodies at that moment. Our breathing was heavy as she laid her head on my left shoulder. I could feel her breathe on my neck making me feel turned on again, but I was spent at that moment in time. After just a few minutes she rose back up to only look down at me with a smile. She placed her hands on my chest caressing my chest muscles with her finger tips.

“ Baby that was so amazing. I am so glad you came into my life. I love you my sexy sweet Heath.” Hannah tells me as I smile up at her

“ Me too beautiful I love you too. So how do you feel having a real cock in that tight pussy?” I ask as she gives me a sexy grin

“ To tell the truth sore baby. I haven’t had the real thing in so long that I felt like a virgin.” She tells me as we both laugh

“ Well I am glad I am the man you came to, and will only be with.” I state as she nods with a smile

“ As am I. Damn why did I wait for so long to do this with you? I mean there was a few times I wanted to rape you.” She tells me as I chuckle

“ Honey you can’t rape the willing.” I say as she goes wide eyed

“ Wait your saying if I pulled you into my room and started fucking you we could of been together also?” She asks making me give her a smirk

“ Yep that is what I am saying Hannah. And now that we have next time I get to taste your sweet nectar that Diamond told me about.” I answer as she smiles big

After a few minutes of after sex cuddling we get dressed making our way back to the house. We are holding hands as we enter the house. We notice the kids are gone telling us they are in bed as The god parents, Faye, and Mom are still up. They look at us with odd looks before Faye speaks up.

“ That must of been a nice talk as you been out there for a hour.” She says as I blush and Hannah giggles

“ Yes it was mom I hope your not mad?” Hannah answers with a worried tone

“ No baby girl I am very happy for you. Just don’t hurt one another or the other’s that’s all I ask my daughter.” Faye says as we nod

“ We won’t mom and thank you for understanding.” Hannah says as Faye smiles

I lead Hannah to the stairs before we hear Momma Ellie speak up.

“ Well I guess our son has three ladies now. I wonder if there will be a fourth?” She says as we both laugh making our way up the stairs

Once we get down the hall to the bedroom we hear what sounds like voices. We place our ears up to the door and listen. I hear Jasmine, Diamond, and Tiffany talk which I think is odd, but at the same time makes me curious. After a few minutes I made our way in to the room as Hannah followed me in. They all looked at us with curious expressions as Diamond and Jasmine got up only wearing long shirts and panties. They come over to both Hannah and I with smiles as Diamond looks at her girlfriend.

“ So how was it honey?” She asks as Hannah smiles stepping up beside me

“ It was amazing now I know why your pussy was so sore after that first time.” Hannah answers getting giggles

“ I told you baby so I take it you want to be with him and us?’ Diamond asks as Hannah nods shyly

“ Lets just add Tiffany to the mix.” I say sarcasticly as they all look at me oddly

“ Ok.” They all three says as Tiffany looks at me with wide eyes full of hope

“ I was just kidding.” I exclaim as I make sure I have my back shoved up against the door

“ What’s wrong baby? You scared to have her also?” Diamond asks making me confused

“ No it’s just the last time my girl wanted me with another woman said woman hit me with a vase...and it fucking hurt.” I answer as Tiffany looked at them all being concerned before the others laughed

Jasmine filled Tiffany in on what I meant as Diamond placed her hands on my chest. Jasmine turns to look at me with a smile before she spoke up.

“ No vase baby, but your outnumbered and we are hungry for your love, but don’t you think she deserves another chance also.” My latina of salsa tells me as I see Diamond and Hannah both waiting for my response

I look over at Tiffany who is also waiting for a answer. I stand there feeling truly out numbered, but can see they do care for her. I guess she has suffered as much as I have. Plus she did say she still loved me and hasn’t been with anyone after that fateful day. I let out a sigh as I give them a small smile.

“ Fine, but we will try this once, but the first time she strays or asks one of my brothers for any dick she is out.” I say as they all smile but get narrowed eyed at me

“ Baby the only dick as you say is yours. As no other man will be in OUR bed. Now get over here and take her in front of your other bedroom sluts.” Jasmine says as Diamond gets down on her knees

I watch her take my shorts off as Hannah stepped over to take my shirt off. I watch as Jasmine takes Tiffany to the bed to get her ready. I feel Diamond starting to work me back up to hardness as Hannah helps. I look over as Jasmine is sliding Tiffany’s panties off as Tiffany turns to look at me with love and desire in her eyes. Jasmine spreads her new lovers legs before getting between them. As my latina love starts licking Tiffany lets out a moan as Diamond starts taking me into her warm, wet mouth. I look down to see it is actually Hannah who is sucking on me as Diamond is massaging my balls. I hear Tiffany moan again as I look to see her legs are against her chest as Jasmine is licking her back door. I look down to see Diamond and Hannah taking turns getting me back to the way I was with Hannah on the beach. After about 5 minutes I am back to hardness as Diamond takes me out of her mouth to only look over at a writhing Tiffany.

“ Is she ready Jazzy baby?” Diamond asks as Jasmine looks up

“ Oh yeah she is, but it’s not her pussy that OUR man is going to take.” Jasmine says as Diamond and Hannah get up leading me to Tiffany

We get over as Jasmine positions Tiffany closer to the edge as Tiffany keeps her legs in the air as I see her anal back door is well lubed. Jasmine smiles up at me as she takes my cock in hand to lube it up. Hannah gets on the bed only to place Tiffany’s head in her lap.

“ Tiffany have you ever hand anything in your ass before?” She asks as Tiffany looks up at her

“ No, but I have dreamt of Heath taking me from behind, but never had anything in there.” She answers with a look of concern

“ Well girl your about to so just relax and enjoy. Our man is gentle and loving, but you need to not fight him just embrace his love again.” Diamond says laying next to Tiffany while placing her right hand on my first ever girlfriends right breast

“ That’s all I wanted was his love that I use to have all those years ago.” Tiffany says as Jasmine places the head of my cock at Tiffany’s puckered hole

“ Ok Tiffany baby here we go. It will hurt at first if you don’t relax.” Jasmine says as I start slowly entering Tiffany

I watch as Diamond winks at me as she starts leaning taking Tiffany’s hardening right nipple into her mouth. Tiffany lets out a moan as Hannah runs her fingers through the laying womans hair. I slowly inch into her back door as Tiffany moans again. Jasmine gets on the bed to do what Diamond is doing as she takes Tiffany’s left nipple into her mouth. The scene in front of me is so erotic that I feel love starting to rise within me. I place my hands on Tiffany’s thighs and start the slowly thrust in and out working more of my shaft into her. Tiffany looks up at me with loving eyes as I look back at her with the same. I feel her asshole tighten some as I bury more into her until I am all the way in the best I can.

“ You ok darlin?” I ask as she nods

“ Yes baby take me, make me your woman again.” She says as I smile before doing as she asks

I start slowly making love to her as she has her hands on Jasmine and Diamond’s heads as to keeping them there. I keep thrusting as Tiffany moans fill the room. This is the most intimate moment as I watch Hannah postion herself straddling Tiffany’s head as in inviting her to some chocolate pussy. I watch as Tiffany smiles sticking her tongue out to lick where I was only earlier. We all are enjoying this night as both Diamond and Jasmine place a hand between their legs lifting a leg up to rub their clits. I can’t help but be turned on as Hannah leans to me placing her lips on mine. We kiss as I start moving faster into Tiffany’s ass. She tries to meet my thrust as I start pounding her sweetly. It’s only minutes that Hannah moans into my mouth as we openly kiss the other. Jasmine and Diamond join with moans of their own as I feel Tiffany wet me as she is cumming on me. Although her moans are muffled by Hannah’s pussy in her mouth. Hannah breaks the kiss as she looks at me with glassy eyes.

“ Oh god baby.....she is....making me cum.” She tells me as I smile

“ Cum my Ebony Queen. Cum in her mouth as you will me soon.” I state as I watch her clamp her legs down on Tiffany’s head

“ OH FUCK....I’M CUMMING!” Hannah yells out as Diamond and Jasmine moan saying the same

I am in awe as these four beauties have all came making me feel mine is not far away. I start going faster and faster in and out of Tiffany. I need to cum in her bad as to take back that part of my heart. I feel my eyes water up as tears fall. I guess Jasmine notices my face as she speaks up with concern.

“ Baby what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” She asks as I look at her

“ I need to cum. I need what I lost years ago.” I say as Diamond and her quickly move to me as Hannah moves off Tiffany’s face

“ Then cum in her baby take her back. Look regardless we all love you as she once did. Take your Tiffany as you took each of us. Mark her as yours and only yours that we will share together. Heath baby cum in her ass then later plant another seed in her as you will us.” Diamond says as I cry giving her a nod

“ Heath lay on me....let me hold you my love.” Tiffany says as I do lay on her feeling Tiffany wrap her arms around me as she continues “ Yes that’s it baby fuck me....take back what is yours...take what has always been yours...”

It’s at that very moment I feel my balls turn as my cock throbs then I erupt deep into her bowels.

“ He’s cumming...OUR baby is cumming in me.” Tiffany says as I feel hands on my ass pushing me deeper into Tiffany

“ Stay there baby as her ass milks that beautiful cock.” Jasmine says as I do

Tiffany keeps a hold of me in her arms. I feel at peace with her finally as our hearts beat as one again. I feel that wall break once more leaving the bricks laying around to be swept away by strong wind to turn them to dust. After a few minutes Tiffany lets me go as I am helped onto my back. Tiffany gets up to only take my cock into her mouth to clean me off. The others come and give me kisses as I show them a smile. After I am clean I try to kiss Tiffany who shakes her head.

“ No baby as I have ass breath now. Let me brush my teeth and gargle.” Tiffany says as we all laugh

She goes to do that only dressing leaving the room to get her toothbrush and mouth wash. My ladies have me to get up in the bed as each find their place on eitherside of me. Diamond and Hannah on my left as Jasmine gets on my right. Hannah spoons up to Diamond as Diamond half lays on me. We talk about this new life we are taking now and all are happy with things now. Tiffany returns taking her spot next to Jasmine spooning up to her now latina lover. Tiffany leans over first to kiss my lips before looking in my eyes.

“ You ok now baby? Are we together forever now?” She asks with some worry until I help ease that worry away

“ Yes Tiffany we are and this time nothing will tear us apart. I have four caring and loving women who I love most of all besides my wonderful family.” I say getting awe’s as we all lay down together wrapped in one another’s arms

That night I slept like a happy baby that got his big teddy bear, but in my case it was four beautiful women who will love me for the rest of our lives. I smile as I sleep dreaming of them as I see kids running around with some watching their little brothers and sisters. I see a older Karen standing by a young version of Chris. They seem happy as I see Lil Greg by a younger version of Sierra as Dakota is by a younger version of Mandy. I ask myself what is this until I see others standing around. My family are all there with smiles and tears as younger versions of my kids are running around. I smile as I know this is a dream of what I hope becomes reality one day.

After waking up the next morning an taking a shower with all four of my loves which ended up with them all swapping my cum and swallowing. We got dried and dressed making our way down to the living room holding hands. Although once we arrived at the bottom of the stairs around 9 a.m. we caught sight of Michelle slapping Keisha. I looked at the parents who all look at us shrugging their shoulders.

“ How dare you leave me three years ago. We were sisters Keisha and close.” Michelle says as I notice Keisha rub her face

“ Well sorry if I didn’t have your permission slut. The reason I left was to make things right with my baby brother in which you never thought of doing. I came here to protect him from my crazed father.” She says as Michelle went wide eyed

I see them both stare eye to eye before Michelle smiles taking Keisha into her arms kissing Keisha’s left cheek.

“ And thank you for being here for him. I was so goofed up from all that Tyrone drilled into my head. I am sorry for everything sis,” Michelle says as Keisha returns the hug

“ Your welcome, just don’t ever break his heart or mom’s again as I love them and you sissy.” Keisha says as mom gets up going to them both

“ I know you love us baby girl as we love you. Now come lets go eat breakfast.” Mom says as the two sister’s break their hug to smile with nod’s

Before anyone goes anywhere I catch a look at Travis who was looking at Keisha and Michelle with a smile. I let go of Diamond and Jasmine’s hand’s to only make my way over to him. I place my hand on his left arm making him turn to look at me. His eyes show worry and fear as I speak up.

“ What the hell are you doing in my house?’ I ask as he looks from me to everyone even Keisha

Keisha comes over to him like protecting a boyfriend.

“ Heath please don’t throw him out. I.” She tells me until I cut her off

“ Sorry sis but he tried to kill my son, I can’t let that go.” I say as they look at me very worried

“ Champ I said I was sorry. I am begging you to forgive me as I never knew. I am sorry for being a bad brother, but I do love you.” He tells me as I stand close to him

It’s at that moment that I feel a hand on my left leg. I look down to see Lil Greg looking up at Travis. To everyones surprise my son does something I never thought in a million years he would ever do. He walked up to Travis and hits him right between the legs before speaking.

“ That is for hurting my daddy and Aunt Shellie asshole.” Lil Greg says as I hear Jasmine yell at him

“ GREG BOBBY THOMPSON GET YOUR LITTLE BUTT OVER HERE YOUNG MAN!” Jasmine says as my son turns with fear as I hear foot setps coming right up behind me

“ Honey he was just doing what I was thinking.” I say as Travis is down on his knees catching his breathe

“ Yeah but he doesn’t need to get away with it.” She tells me in a motherly tone

I look at her then down at my son who is looking up at me. I give him a smile and with a nod watch him kick Travis in the balls. That is when Jasmine snatches up Lil Greg and spanks him. Dakota my youngest son comes over and looks up at me on my right.

“ He hurt you daddy?” He asks as I nod before seeing my Kota kick Travis in his head as he was hunched over in pain

“ DAKOTA JARRED THOMPSON WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO YOU? GET OVER HERE NOW!” Diamond says as he looks up at me as I let out a sigh nodding at he starts to tear up

It’s at that exact moment that my lil Heath comes over as Travis tries to get to a knee as Lil Heath head butts my ass of a brother in his face busting Travis’s nose.

“ Fucking Prick.” Lil Heath says shocking everyone

“ HEATH ALEXANDER JARVISON GET OVER HERE NOW!” Selena screams as he runs over to get his spanking

It’s at that moment I hear movement then see Jack kick Travis in the left ribs.

“ JACK AMBROSE COPELAND THAT IS ENOUGH!” Faye says as Adam comes up and kicks Travis in his right ribs as Faye continues “ ADAM RYAN ROLLINS NOT YOU TOO!”

It’s at that moment that I hear Chris say ‘ Fuck it’ as he comes over and sucker punchs Travis. He turns to me with a smile before saying.

“ Hey if us brothers are going to get in trouble might as will be together.” Chris says as Jack, Adam, and I smile

It’s at that moment Karen comes up to Travis as if concerned.

“ You ok?” She asks as he looks up trying to smile but nods

We watch her make her way into the kitchen. We hear her making noise until she comes back with a frying pan. Before we can stop her she hits him 5 times in his head making him go to the floor. Tiffany comes quickly over to stop our daughter taking the pan away to scold her. Karen looks up at her mother to speak up.

“ Bad man hurt Ms. Michelle and daddy.” Karen says standing her ground

“ Honey she is your Aunt Michelle.” Tiffany says as Karen shakes her head

“ Nope daddy said she is no sister of his so she no aunt of mine.” My daughter says smiling as I see Michelle looking at me hurt

I wave her from thinking different as I mouth ‘ I said that a week ago’. Michelle catches what I said before smiling at me. I turn to see Travis laying on the floor as I let out a sigh before helping him up. Once he is stood up and awake I give him a smile before stepping away as I then turn bringing my right forearm and elbow to his head as he goes back on his ass. I lean down to only look at him smiling.

“ I’ve got some bad news for you Bubby......That’s just the start.” I say as I raise up to see everyone looking at me as I notice my brother’s smiling at me with two thumbs up

Travis looked up at me with a few tears as he finally spoke up.

“ Whatever it takes Champ.” He tells me still calling me the nickname he always had for me

After a few minutes Momma Ellie chimes in.

“ That’s it no dessert for you 8 bullies as that was uncalled for.” She states as the kids start to cry

“ Momma Ell...” I try to say until Jazzy cuts me off

“ And by dessert for you adult boys that means the nightly kind either.” Jasmine says as us guys look to see our loves nod in agreement before she continues “ Now apologize.”

I watch as the kids go up the Travis and apologize before us guys look at each other as we walk to the kitchen.

“ Sorry ass.” I say as I make my way to the kitchen

“ Douche.” Jack says following

“ Prick.” Adam says following Jack

“ Shithead fucking dumbass.” Chris says as we hear the fathers laugh

We all adjourned to the kitchen for breakfast. The guys and I acted all loving and all to those we held in our hearts as the day went by after that incident. Keisha helped doctor Travis up with mom’s help and Faye’s. He thanked them as he took a sip of his coffee. I couldn’t help but chuckle inside as he got it from 4 little kids and 4 adult guys. I had to hand it to Karen as she showed she was daddy’s little girl. After breakfast and some discussion about the cruise in which I filled Keisha and Travis in on ( Mom made me invite Travis) . Jack, Adam, Chris, and I all grabbed a few beers as we made our way down to the beach around 11 a.m. As we went out we each grabbed a lounge chair getting looks from our ladies. Each had a concerned look in which we returned with a smile. Once down on the beach we set up a spot for the day watching the ocean waves hit the shore as we started on our first beer. It was about 10 minutes later that I had a wild thought come to my head that caused me to laugh. My laughing caught the other’s attention in which Chris spoke up.

“ Bro what’s with the laugh?” He asked as I calmed down to respond

“ Remember when the girls would get mad at us in private school?” I asked him as he started to think before showing a grin

“ Yep so you thinking of doing that tonight?” He asked as I smiled with a nod

I guess our little talk peeked Adam and Jack’s attention.

“ Um what are you both talking about?” Adam asked as Chris filled them both in

As they listen I could only grin at their expressions as they looked at me as asking if it was true in which I nodded saying yes. They both laughed to what Chris and I did in those days as we enjoyed our beers for the day. As the sun moved over head making the day pass. Evening came then night. After the kids were tucked in and everyone started to head to bed. I went to the bedroom to see all four of my ladies who now were acting as wives all look at me with smiles.I went over and grabbed a pillow and sheet making my way out of the room. I made my way to the kids room to lay down between Karen and Lil Greg. Once I layed down the kids each claimed their respective spots on me, the bedroom door opened as I looked to see it was all four of my ladies looking at me with tears in their eyes.

“ Baby why are you sleeping in here?” Jazzy asks me quietly

“ Because I figured since I don’t get any dessert I’d comfort my kids who got yelled at as well.” I exclaim as each of them look at me hurt before turning to leave making their way back to our room

That night I slept ok as my kids and nephew all moved around in their sleep. At one time Karen talked in her sleep saying what sounded like’ I love you daddy thank you for being my daddy’. My heart melted hearing her words touch my heart.

That next morning I find myself at the kitchen table for breakfast. My four ladies are all discussing something before Jasmine and Diamond start to come over, but are intercepted by Karen, Lil Greg, and Dakota. Each of my kids get in my lap as Karen looks over at the mothers.

“ This our seat until mommies play nice.” Karen says catching all four of my ladies off guard

Jasmine and Diamond walk over to talk to my our sons.

“ Dakota hun don’t you want to sit on grammy Faye or Maggie’s lap?” Diamond asks as Jasmine leans to talk to Lil Greg

“ Yeah baby boy don’t you want to spend time with your grampies?” Jazzy asks as both boys turn to look at each other before they bite both their mother’s noses in which each mother screams

Selena comes over as Lil Heath gets up next to Karen on my right leg. She reaches for him as she gets close. He smiles reaching for her as she got closer he decides to head butt her in the head.

“ Stupid Bitch.” He says shocking all the mothers

The next thing I witness is Selena snatching him up and spanking him. He is screaming bloody murder as Karen and my sons hold onto me for dear life. It’s about three minutes later that Selena stops her spanking as she lets Lil Heath down. He is still crying as he runs to Kiko stumbling who picks him placing him in her lap in which he cries.

“ Mommy hurt me.” He says as she holds him close

I notice Selena’s hand is red from spanking her son. I just shake my head when I hear my mother speak up.

“ Where are my grandbabies hearing such language from?” She asks as all the boys look at us adult men at the table except Adam

Us guys as well as the god dads are whistling as all the mothers look at each of us except for Adam who is eating it up.

“ Ok this may not be my house, but for now on no cussing or cursing around my grandbabies is that understood?” My mother says as we all look at each other before responding

“ Yes Mother.” We all say in unison as all the mom’s giggle but mine keeps her stern look fighting the urge to laugh at our demeanor

We all eat breakfast with the kids feeding themselves and me. I can’t help but chuckle as this is a first for me. As breakfast goes by and Lil Heath constantly moves around crying to which Selena tells him to sit still or else. As we finish and Lil Heath finally calms down we hid to the living room, but Lil Heath has us all worried as he is wobbling. I make a mental thought as to keep a eye on him. As the day goes by as everyone starts packing for the coming cruise I keep seeing my nephew wobble and he doesn’t look to be sitting well as he cries at the slightest touch to his left hip . I can’t shake the feeling something is wrong. I suggest to Chris that him and Selena take him to see a doctor. He notices and yells for Selena who we hear running up stairs. Once she is down stairs we tell her as she starts crying. I comfort her by saying it maybe nothing, but for all caution take him to see a doctor. They do as Ricky and Kiko go with them as Lil Heath is still hurt by what his mother did.

When they came back from the doctor that Jazzy told them about, we found out Lil Heath’s hip was only slightly dislocated in which scared my sis Selena, but Lil Heath wouldn’t let her get close to hold him for comfort.

In fact if she got within ten foot of him he would cry until she got back from him. As well if someone was holding him and talked about talking to Selena or got within reach of her he’d cry until they moved away. I felt for her as I couldn’t stand any of my kids not letting me hold them. As the night progressed Lil Heath took the pain pills from the doctor that knocked him out for the night. Selena was finally able to kiss her son. With tears in her eyes she spoke to him ,' Heathie baby mommy is so sorry. Please forgive me I never meant to hurt you’. The next morning was the same...as in Lil Heath wanted nothing to do with his mother. He picked the person farthest from her. He walked with a slight limp that the doctor assured my brother and sister would go away. Selena cried knowing her baby was in pain, but refused to let her help. Going to the airport was the same as well...he rode with us so he was away from his mother .

After checking reservations, the cruise departure, and making sure everyone had everything we decided to leave a few days early to spend a few nights in Daytona Beach before going to Miami to catch our cruise ship for a whole week. Keisha who asked to be called Kaye for now on saying this was a new life for her with a new name had a friend who wouldn’t mind watching the house with Batman who whined before we left as the kids cried.

Once we land and disembark from the plane my mother comments.

“ Son this isn’t Miami.” She says as I nod

“ I know mom just follow me.” I say as we all get our luggage and rent car’s

We drive to the beach before heading anywhere else. We come to the ice cream shack and get out. Everyone starts looking confused as I look at all my family. I see Ellie start to cry as I start to speak.

“ Years ago we came here for spring break. I saw a little girl and bought her a ice cream cone.” I say looking at Karen as she smiles coming into my arms as I continued “ I didn’t know I had a daughter but this is where I first met her. Baby girl I love you with all my heart.”

She kissed my cheek as I kissed hers before she hugged me tight.

“ I know and I love you too Daddy. Oh thank you again for the ice cream. It was good, but grammy Ellie yelled at me.” Karen tells me as eveyone looks at momma Ellie

“ Hey a two year old has a ice cream cone that a stranger bought her. I thought some sicko wanted my grandbaby. That’s when I noticed it was how Heath always liked his.” Ellie says as everyone thinks on that as I lead everyone in to get them ice cream cones

I order all the adults shakes and ice cream cones for the kids. Hannah orders a banna split with marshmellow topping. I look at her in which she smiles at me with her beautiful brown eyes. I look to see Tiffany, Jasmine, and Diamond all doing the same with the same look love and contentment.

After that we went to check into the hotel Mike had reserved for the family. The person at the front desk looked overwhelmed by us all, but Mike tipped her very nicely before we all went up around 2 p.m. We all relaxed in our rooms as the boys Lil Greg, Dakota, and Lil Heath, and Karen were with my ladies and I. I noticed Tiffany standing at the window looking out. I went over to her to see what was wrong.

“ Tiffany you ok darlin?” I ask as she shakes her head

“ No baby I’m not. I was just thinking if I had known you were here then I would of done everything all I could to just see you again. I cried so many times thinking, wishing I was in your arms. Oh god Heath why did I goof up on us?” Tiffany says with tears turning to place her arms around me as I wrap mine around her

“ Tiffany we didn’t know what was happening then. I am sorry I left as I did, but I was hurt. If I knew also I might of asked you to join Jasmine and I for dinner that spring break. I love you honey very much and I’m just glad your back in my life and that my daughter is with us as well.” I exclaim to her as we are joined by our girlfriends and kids in a big hug

After that the evening came as did dinner. Adam and Michelle excused themselves after they were done. Jack handed Adam what looked like condoms.

“ Always wrap it before you hump it bro.” Jack said as Sierra and Mandy slapped him in the back of the head as he looked at them before continued “ Hey what was that for?”

“ That was totally wrong baby.” Sierra says as she motions to Michelle

“ Honey we love you, but you need to watch how you say things.” Mandy says as he looks at Michelle who has tears

Everyone looks at him as he looks at my sister.

“ Michelle I am so sorry. Please forgive me sis and bro.” Jack says as he gets up to go to them both

“ It’s ok little brother just like Mandy said watch what you say ok. I love you, but your jokes can hurt.” Michelle says as they hug

I smile knowing the biggest thing can be forgiven when a strong family comes together. Adam and Michelle left saying they were going to the club they met that one spring break to finish the date they started. I felt bad knowing I was the reason they couldn’t finish it years ago.

After catching our short flight and getting to the cruise ship I made a speech that would explain this cruise.

“ Before we board I want to say I am so happy to have all my family here west coast and east coast. I know it’s been a rough month, but look where we are.....we are all together. I love you all and want this to be a time of healing and making us stronger as a united family. So with that said no secrets or hidden agendas. Just truth from now on.” I say as they all smile and nod before I see my daughter and sons dancing

“ Daddy you done?” Karen asks as I nod before she continues “ Mommies we need to pee.”

We all laugh as my ladies take the kids up the ramp as we all follow. This was going to be a cool cruise with family, fun, and those that love me around me everyday. I smiled knowing my father and grandmother would also be here watching their family come together stronger as one.


?????? POV: Some where west of Florida

“ Have you found them yet?” I ask my grandson on my cell phone

“ No gram I haven’t found them yet. Any word from the others?” He asks with deep concern

“ Nope not yet just keep looking hun sorry you been away for days.” I say as I hear a sigh

“ It’s alright grandma just relax. I love you gram.” He tells me as I smile

“ I love you too grandson.” I say as we hang up

As I look at my phone of all my grandkids I can’t help, but worry about two of them. I just hope they are ok. I look at the picture up on the wall of my husband that I lost 5 years ago. I prayed that he was keeping a eye one them keeping them safe and sound.

To Be Continued...............A Housesitter and Batman watch the family Beach House, but get a unexpected visitor

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