Jessica's Capture - Part 3 of 10 by ~~!!+KaosAngel+!!~~

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Fantasm | Cannibalism, Snuff, Written by women

Jessica's Capture

Story: #17

Copyright ©2005

Written: January 22 2005

A story By: KaosAngel

Proofed by: Piasa_Troll

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Part 3 - The Auction

Walking down the hall into a large room with a large tank and set's of stairs leading into it "This is a hair removal tank, our meat animals must be hairless for auction" came the voice from the man who led them to this room, "You will each walk up those stairs into the tank and soak for 30 minute's before exiting the tank on the other side" he continued his instructions as the line of girls went up the first set of stairs and entered the hair removal tank.

"This tank won’t hurt any of you at all, but it is permanent hair removal so if we can’t sell you at auction you will not need to be prepped again" he said with a smile as the last girl entered the tank.

As each girl exits the tank she is hit with a fine soapy mixture that flows over her and then rinses her off then they are handed towels to quickly dry off with, once each girl is completely dry the line then continues to the next room where "OBGYN" tables have been setup to receive each new meat animal for examination.

Inside the room two inspectors come in and start examining the other girl's, "Jessica get up on your table, feet in stirrups and relax" said one of the inspectors as Jessica started to back up and out the door, "ASSUME THE POSSITION!!" was heard when Jessica reached the door and it slammed closed in front of her locking her in the room exposed for grading and examination.

With no options left to her Jessica jumps up onto the table places her feet in the stirrups and waits for her inspector "You said you would be good" said the strange man who lead her here, looking up into his eye's "I know, but I dont want to die, not yet!" she replied starting to cry again. The man looked into her eye's "My name is Steve, I will be your inspector and butcher for your group" Steve said as he took his place in front of Jessica and began inspecting her, opening her pussy lips with his left hand "HUMMM, you have an excellent fillet and lower meat section, nice ribs, you are rated as grade A prime stock and should bring a high price at auction" he said as he finished his examination and moved onto the next girl.

Released from their "OBGYN" tables the girls are then lead to another room where they will wait for the auction to begin, Steve the meat inspector enters the room "Jessica" he says reading from his clipboard "It says here that since you were such a problem, the people bidding on you and your group will decide your fate, if I where you I would expect the worst" he said as he walked away from the chained girl awaiting her fate.

"Ok girl to the auction block" came the voice from an outer stage that Jessica assumed was the voice of the auctioneer, Jessica and the other four girls in her group were lead out to the stage blind folded, as to not being able to see who would be bidding on them, while the bidders also did their own meat inspections fondling the young girl's bodies.

Then the auctioneer began to speak again "Lot #1 all 5 of these lovely ladies have been inspected and rated grade A prime stock, starting bid on each $85.00 per pound" the man said as the intended bidders began goggling and fondling the flesh of the 5 beautiful girls in front of them. "I have 88, Now 90, do I hear 95?" he continued to try to bring up the price.

"Ill pay $95.00" came a voice in the back "95, 95, 95, going once, going twice, SOLD, to the man in the back for $95.00 dollars per pound" the auctioneer finished with this lot and the girls were lead away from the stage to the back for processing.

In the back room the man who won the bidding and four other men came in to see the girls they had just bought "My name is Jason" the winning bidder addressed himself to Steve the head inspector and butcher "These are my friends, they will each be taking the meat from one of the girls" he said looking toward Jessica "But I want her" he added pointing to Jessica.

After much more fondling and personal inspections of the meat animals by the winning bidders and with the money paid, instructions given, the five men left and the girls blind folds were removed, "Each of you were carefully looked over by the men who will soon have your meat, and the instructions have been given to me for your processing" Steve said as he picked out the other four girls leaving Jessica where she sat. "You four will be sent to slaughter, bleed out and butchered into cuts of meat" Steve said as another man came over and took their chains and began dragging the young girls as they tried to resist him.

"As for you Jessica, you are to be sent to the Jessica 3000 spiting machine, live spitted, and whole roasted" Steve said with a smile "But first you get to watch the other girls being slaughtered first" he added as he picked up her chain, dragging her to the slaughter room. Once inside the slaughter room Jessica could already see the girls she had called friends all day, being man handled by four butchers, each girl was first forced to perform many sexual acts before her butcher finally took his knife to her throat and cut it, forcing a sharp hook through each foot the girls were lifted up high into the air to slowly bleed out, die, gutted, washed out, their pussies filled with stuffing and then sewn back up, then silver tags attached to each of the girls pussy lips.

Jessica looking on in horror as she watched each girl slaughtered and processed, "Now its your turn Jessica, Your group wants you spit roasted, medium rare" Steve says as he reaches down and quickly attaches a silver tag to her left pussy lip. "OUCH! that hurts" Jessica said as she was lead to a large door, above the door a sign read "Jessica 3000"


Rating: 80%, Read 25502 times, Posted Oct 27, 2010

Fantasm | Cannibalism, Snuff, Written by women


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