The Rape of Mrs Briggs by stevethebird

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Fiction | Humiliation, Interracial, Lesbian, Rape

The Rape of Mrs Briggs

Chapter One

Mrs Vera Briggs was a member of the local council and chaired many other organisations. At the age of forty-five she was a lady of good looks and a formidable character. She was, unfortunately, a pompous, conceited, racist, and she was my mother-in-law.

It was very hurtful to me to find that my prospective mother-in-law hated me. Mrs Briggs was an arrogant snob and full of her own self-importance. Six months ago I overheard my darling Amy telling her that we were getting married.

'What!' shouted Mrs Briggs, 'To him? He's a…

'What is he mum? What is Sam?'

'You know what. He's black.'

She was right. I am black. Not brown. Not coloured. I am black! My name is Sam and in school they used to call me 'Sambo'.

'I love him mum.'

'He's a… he's a nigger!'

'Mum! How dare you?'

I listened to them arguing for ages but my Amy, a petite blonde, loves me and we got married six months ago in spite of her mother.

Because Mrs Briggs was such a pompous, stuck-up racist I put a plan into operation which would teach her a little bit of humility.

It was nine o'clock in the morning and Amy had left for work. Mrs Briggs who is spending a few days with, us is in the bedroom next door. I got up, put on my robe and went and knocked on her door. I opened it slightly and called in that I was going to make tea and I asked if she wanted some. She mumbled yes and I went and made two cups. Then I returned.

'Tea up!' I said from outside her door. 'Keep your eyes closed because I'm not decent.'

I went in and put both cups on her bedside table. She was lying on her back with her eyes shut. She was in her early forties and still quite good looking.

'Don't look now because I'm not properly dressed,' I said and without waiting for a reply I continued. 'Did you have a good night's sleep?' I had opened the front of my robe and was rubbing my prick and pointing it in her direction.

'Yes thank you Sam… are you sure I need to keep my eyes shut?'

'Well you can please yourself, I don't mind, but you might.' I knew she would open her eyes and I pulled the edge of my robe over my lazy lob. My prick was half-erect and made a small tent in front of me.

She opened her eyes and looked at me. Our eyes met for a second and then she dropped her gaze. 'Oh my god,' she exclaimed and closed her eyes and turned her face away.

'I did warn you didn't I?' I exposed myself once more and added. 'It's okay now I'm decent.'

I knew that she couldn't resist and she opened her eyes again. This time she didn't look at me she looked straight at my cock. 'Oh no!' she groaned, 'Get out, Sam!' and turned her face away.

'You can look if you want, I just don't want to shock you. I know that you are not so innocent and na?.' The taunt was right on target and she took the bait.

'What do you mean? "I'm not innocent and na?."' Her faced was flushed and she stared defiantly at my cock.

'That's it have a good look. You can touch it if you like.' As I sat down on the bed she pushed herself away.

'I think that you'd better leave, this isn't right. What would Amy say.' When I showed no sign of going she added. 'Please go now and I won't say anything.'

'I know that you won't say anything. After all you have made it clear that you are a racist and you hate me. I told you to keep your eyes shut but you wanted to look. Amy will believe me - not you.'

'What do you want Sam?' Her eyes narrowed with suspicion.

'I just want to be friends and have a bit of fun. Now you've had a sneaky look at my equipment, so, if you let me have a little look,' I nodded in the direction of her breasts, 'Then we'll call it quits.'

'No I'm not showing you anything, you dirty pervert,' she said angrily and crossing her hands over her chest.

I sat on the edge of her bed and grasped her wrists. 'Come on mum, don't be a prude, you know that you want to.' She not only hated me, but she hated me calling her "mum" so I did it to wind her up. As I pulled her arms away I could see her big breasts and hard nipples under the thin nightgown. I leant forward, pressed my open mouth over her nipple, and sucked it through the material. She groaned and tried to push me away but I reached up, grabbed the top of her nightie, and pulled it down. She struggled wildly and tried to hit me and cover her bare tits at the same time. I managed to grab one tit in each hand and squeezed them. They were quite big, and although they were a bit saggy, they were not bad for a woman in her forties. I had another quick suck on each nipple before pushing my hand under the covers and between her legs. I was pleasantly surprised at how wet and open her cunt was. She was trying to push me away but I threw back the covers and forced myself between her thighs.

'No please don't, please don't. Stop please or I'll scream,' she whined.

'You won't scream because you wouldn't want your posh friends to know that you've been having off with a nigger.'

'Oh my god, no. Look, go now and I won't say anything.'

'I know you won't, you horny old bitch.'

'Please stop! I'll do want you want. I'll be nicer to you, but don't do this.'

'Sorry mum,' I panted, 'but this is what I want.' And I forced my rigid prick into her hot, wet hole. She made strange groaning and gurgling sounds as I began to fuck her.

'Oh no, please stop,' she moaned, as I continued to fuck her with slow, deep strokes. Gradually she began to relax and then began to thrust her hips up at me. I pulled my prick out until just my knob-end was teasing the entrance to her cunt. She put her hands on my buttocks and tried to pull me into her but I resisted. She opened her eyes and looked at me.

'Do it!' she hissed.

'Do what Mrs Briggs?' I asked with a lewd smile.

'Do it!' she hissed again.

'Do what?'

'Please,' she groaned.

Slowly I eased the full length of my prick back into her and she moaned in appreciation. Looking over my shoulder I saw my darling Amy in the doorway. She smiled at me and blew me a kiss. I didn't know how long she had been there but our plan was that if I had failed to seduce her mother she would have returned from work at the usual time knowing nothing. Now, however, as things had turned out, she would soon be getting involved.

Once more, I pulled my prick out of Mrs Briggs until just my knob-end was teasing the entrance to her cunt. She still had her hands on my buttocks and tried to pull me into her but again I resisted. She opened her eyes and looked at me.

'Do it!' she hissed.

'Do what?' I leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

'I can't say that.'

'You can if you want it,' I said, and continued to tease her by rubbing the end of my prick against her clit.

'Fuck me,' she whispered.

'I can't hear you.'

'Fuck me,' she moaned loudly.


'Fuck me!'

I leaned forward and whispered in her ear again.

'Oh no.'

'Oh yes, Mrs Briggs. Say it!'

'Oh… okay yes… fuck me you nigger.'

'Well done mum,' I said and started to fuck her hard and fast. Soon she was grunting and groaning in time with my thrusts. Then her eyes rolled back in her head and she bucked and squirmed as her orgasm washed over her.

Amy waited a few minutes while her mother recovered from her 'high' before bursting into the room. 'What the hell is going on here?' She demanded.

Mrs Briggs was still pinned underneath me so she couldn't move. 'Oh, Amy. Thank god you're here. This animal was trying to rape me.'

'It didn't look like rape to me mother! And from what I could hear it didn't sound like it either; you were begging for it!'

'Good plan darling,' I said to Amy. 'Your mum really is a randy old slut.'

'I'm sorry Amy,' began Mrs Briggs as she tried to push me off her. 'I didn't mean to do it. He made me do it.'

'Look mum,' said Amy sitting down on the bed beside us, 'I know dad is a bit of a wimp and probably not much good in bed. But you can't just grab Sam when you fancy a good shagging.'

'A good shagging! What sort of way is that to talk to your mother,' Mrs Briggs said, trying to look offended, which was hard to do with me on top of her with my prick still inside her.

'Okay, listen mum, here's the deal. You can borrow Sam whenever you want but you must ask me first.'

'What? I don't believe…'

Amy ignored her mother's outburst and continued. 'But first you must be punished for shagging him without permission, and for calling him a "nigger".'

It suddenly dawned on Mrs Briggs that we were both laughing at her and she dropped the outraged act and calmed down. 'Alright,' she began. 'What is my punishment?'

Amy lifted the hem of her dress up over her head and dropping on the floor she stood there naked. What a beautiful girl I had married. Mrs Briggs and I stared at Amy's plump white breasts with their hard pink nipples. Then at the shaved pouting lips of her pussy, which she further exposed by standing with her legs apart and thrusting her hips forward. She waved her hand at me and told me to get off her mother.

'I will show you the first part of your punishment,' she said and crawling onto the bed she took hold of my erect cock and plunged her mouth over it. I watched as Mrs Briggs looked on. Her face was a mixture of horror, fascination and lust. After giving my prick a few delicious moments of sucking and licking, Amy looked up and said to her mother. 'Okay mum, now it's your turn.' After a brief show of reluctance, Mrs Briggs joined her daughter, in giving me a shared blow job. To add to the bliss of watching mother and daughter sucking my prick, I had the added pleasure of being able to stroke Mrs Briggs' upturned arse. She helpfully moved her knees apart so I could slip my fingers into her sopping wet cunt. I used my fingers to transfer her juices to her pouting anus. Then I slowly pushed my forefinger into her tight hole. She moaned with lust as I gently finger-fucked her arsehole.

'Is it time for the second part of the punishment Sam? Amy asked.

'Yes,' I said as I got behind Mrs Briggs, who was on all fours, and slid my prick into her cunt. 'Although it may not be a punishment; I think she enjoys being fucked like a dog.'

Amy was having to finger her own pussy, as she positioned herself with open thighs in front of her mother. Then she took her mother's hand and guided it to hairless slit and Mrs Briggs began, rather hesitantly, to frig her daughter.

'Let's give her another punishment,' said Amy. 'Here mummy,' she said pointing to her wet, open pussy. 'Start licking please,'

'Oh no my dear, I don't think…

Mrs Briggs didn't get any further because Amy grabbed her head and pulled it down so that her mouth was pressed against her daughter's bald cunt. At that point Mrs Briggs stopped resisting and began to lick and suck, as I continued to fuck her from behind. With my fingers, I transferred more of Mrs Briggs cunt juices to her pouting anus. Then I withdrew my prick and pressed it against her tight wrinkled hole. She gave a moan of pleasure as it slid into her arsehole. Amy then moved round under her mother into a sixty-nine position. In this way mother and daughter sucked and licked each while I slowly fucked Mrs Briggs up the arse. From the whining and moaning noises that Amy was making I knew that she was coming and this triggered my own orgasm. All three of us were groaning and panting with lust, and as Amy squeezed my balls, I shot my spunk into her mother.

To be continued…

Hello Readers,

I am working on Chapter Two, so if you liked this story, let me know what you would like to happen next and I will try to include your ideas in Sam's adventures.

Rating: 85%, Read 48617 times, Posted Aug 17, 2010

Fiction | Humiliation, Interracial, Lesbian, Rape


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