The Best Plan in My Life part 2 by the_raper

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Fantasy | Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Blackmail, Cruelty, Discipline, Domination, Exhibitionism, Reluctance, Submission, Teen Female, Teen Male, Torture, Violence

I placed the tie back over her mouth. Then I took the phone away from her pussy and replaced it with my mom's vibrator. Instantly I could hear her moan and groan into the gag. Fuck! I was so Hard! I wanted to fuck her so bad. I could hear her start to get louder and louder while the vibrator rapidly buzzed up against her now swelled up clit and pussy lips. She was getting louder and even louder and right when she was about to climax I pulled the vibrator away. She was shaking with anticipation and her body was heaving back and forth. It soon subsided but I could still hear her deep breathing into the gag. She wanted to Fucked so bad. I then stood in front of the chair she was in. My cock needed to be pleasured. I unbuttoned my pants and let my cock fall out of the fly in my boxers. Her eyes flashed open. Then I took the gag off her mouth. I stood there for about 10 seconds and nothing happened. Then she gave me this seductive stare and she moved her head towards my cock. Her mouth was wide open. Unfortunately since she was tied to the chair she couldn't reach my striving cock. So with her head forced as far forward as she could put it I moved my dick so that just the head was in grasp of her mouth. She sucked the tip with all of her might. Then she forced her tongue done my urethra. She was beckoning for me to cum but I held it in and pulled away from her mouth. Then I said,

"Do you want this cock?"

"YES!!! PLEASE!!!"

"Then prove it!"

At that moment I rammed the vibrator into her cunt and at the same time I rammed my cock into her delicate mouth. She just went away on my cock, Sucking with as much fury as Cheetah on the prowl. Her body was shaking from the joy that the vibrator was giving her. Her eyes were rolling back into head as she was sucking the life out of my cock and getting the best orgasm ever from this oh so lucky vibrator. My cock was all the way into her mouth. My cleanly trimmed pubs were scratching her nose and my balls were slapping back and forth against her chin. My cock was deep in her throat. I felt it coming.

"Oh My God! Oh fuck! Shit, Shit, Shit! Uhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck!!!!" I yelled.

Then my cum burst from out of my cock into the back of her mouth.


She kept sucking me. I could feel my cum in her mouth Swashing around with my cock. Fuck, It felt so good. Seconds after I cummed I heard her moaning and yelling into my cock. My cum meeting her mouth must have sent her off the wall as she was about to orgasm. Her eyes rolled back and then she closed them.


Then I could see white sticky fluid flowing out of her pussy and down the sides of the vibrator. While she was cumming she was all jittering which caused her to nuzzle on my cock with her lips and that felt amazing. She moaned and moaned into my cock, which began to get me going again. As her orgasm finished up she stopped sucking my cock and just let it rest in her mouth, as she was warn out. I didn't mind though. Just letting my cock sit in her mouth was enough for me at the moment. I removed the vibrator from her cunt. 30 seconds had passed since her orgasm and then she started to suck my cock again, but I decided I wanted to take it another step further. I took the gag that was on her mouth but was now around her neck, and placed it over her eyes, blinding her. Then I untied her legs from the legs of the chair and then tied them together leaving enough slack to take baby steps and walk. Then I untied her arms from behind her back and I tied them in front of her and then after they were tied I lifted them up and put them behind her neck. I stood her up from the chair and she wobbled a little since she had been sitting down for so long. I pulled her away from the chair. Then I got behind her and wrapped my arms around her naked body. I gave her a great big hug. I let my cock slide in between her ass cheeks. The head of my cock just pressed at the entrance of her asshole. This caused her to yelp and squirm. I took the Chip Clips off her nipples and I placed them on her pussy lips so that they were spread apart. She then started mouthing off to me.

"What are you going to do to me Brandon? What's next? What's going on? Take this blindfold off my fucking eyes."

I had to exhibit my power over her , but I did something a little violent. I took my right hand and I stuck four fingers squished together into Gina's pussy. At the same time I took my thumb from my left hand and slammed it into her asshole. Then I lifted her about a foot off the ground. She was a light girl so I figured it wouldn't hurt that bad, But her screaming and terrified yelling told me other wise. I set her down. I pulled my thumb out of her ass


Then I slid my hand out from her pussy but left my palm touching her cunt as a sign to show her I had control. She was whimpering. I grabbed her nipples and pulled her to my mom's room. I pushed open the door. I kept pulling her towards my mom's bed until I bumped into it. I sat down at the foot of the bed and then sat down Gina on my lap. The whole walk over from the living room to my mom's room Gina stayed completely silent. Maybe she learned her lesson? So anyways She sat down on me which as you can tell is a problem because we are both naked so my dick had to go somewhere. But because of the way she sat down my cock ended up being nestled in between her 2 butt cheeks. That was honestly one of the best feelings ever. Then I grabbed her body and forcefully made her start to grind on top of my cock


It felt so good. While I was grinding her against me, my head fell into her hands that were behind her neck. She started massaging my head with her heads. It felt so nice. Gosh I was enjoying it so much when right then I made a very bold mood. I lifted her body up and I let my rock hard cock rise up and meet the entrance of her asshole. Right when I was about to let go of the hold I had on her body that was keeping her asshole away from my dying cock, She said...


. . . .

She stares at me.

I wait a moment. Then I say

"Neither have I"

I reluctantly get ready to pound my cock into her asshole when . . .

"PLEASE!!!JUST FUCK ME IN... in...the pussy first is all I ask?"

"So I'm better acquainted with your penis?"

I thought to myself. This is going to be a long night. Right? Maybe I should save that for later. Right? Okay.


I pulled her up and back toward me so her butt was on my belly button and my cock was right in front of her pussy in between her chip clipped pussy lips and was leaning on pubic hair. She felt jittery and nervous. Maybe cause she knew I wanted to fuck her in the ass by the end of the night. Oh well. I started to massage her boobs from behind to calm her down. That lasted for about a minute and a half when I decided to start my fun. I lifted her off me and sat her on the edge of the bed. Mind you she is still tied up. I hoped up so I was standing on the bed and I pulled her arms back and towards the bed forcing her to lay down with her arms behind her head. Then I pulled her so that she was centered of my mom's bed. I then hopped of the side of the bed and went to the foot of the bed. I untied her legs from each other. She looked relieved Then I started to individually tie each of her legs to the corresponding foot post on my moms bed.

"Don't tie me up again?"

"Are you really going to do this again?"

I just ignored her and kept going. I finished her legs so now she was spread wide and she couldn't run anywhere. But I wasn't done yet. I hoped up on my moms bed and crawled over Gin's body till my balls were lapping at her pussy and then I lowered my mouth onto her mouth and I just started licking away. I was hoping she would feel grossed out by this and that was her exact response. Then I whispered into her ear, while she was still blindfolded,

"Are you ready for this?"

"OH MY GOD!!!"

I stood up and walked over her and sat behind her head. I started to untie her hands from behind her neck. I got them untied and then started to separately tie them to the bedposts at the top of the bed. I got them finished. There she was. Spread Eagle on my mom's bed. Her arms spread out showing off her gorgeous glorious tits. I removed the chip clips from her pussy lips and she sighed with relief. Then I placed them right back on her nipples, which she squirmed a little bit for. Her legs were stretched out to the bedposts on my mom's bed. I could see her perfect pussy sparkling and twinkling in the light. HOLY FUCK!!! SHE WAS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!!

I got my self into position over her...

My cock was right in place....

The time had finally come...

Then I said to her...

"Here we GO!"

Rating: 83%, Read 25082 times, Posted Jul 22, 2009

Fantasy | Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Blackmail, Cruelty, Discipline, Domination, Exhibitionism, Reluctance, Submission, Teen Female, Teen Male, Torture, Violence


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