An Unexpected Turn... PART 2 by Simon_davs12

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True Story | Bi-sexual, Boy, Consensual Sex, Gay, Threesome

Please read PART 1 to catch up otherwise you will not understand what is happening or why. Neither will you know who is who. And I am amazed at how many people read PART 1, unbelievable! Same as before, comment all tips, tricks and constructive criticism that you think will make the story better for you.

So from where we left off...

The more I moved my warm, wet mouth up and down the whole 6 inches, the more he moaned and cried for more. And so I gave him more and more, the most I could give from my mouth alone, until he said he was ready to cum in my mouth, he said "Andrew! Andrew, wait i'm gonna cum!" But I proceeded to suck his dick, more and more until he said"YES! ANDREW! OH YES!! Here it is!". So i pulled his dick out of my mouth and and waited for the cum to explode out of his dick. And at that moment, the door opened. It was Kieran...

We all froze at the moment of disbelief, confusion and slight, sexual arousement, In all honesty, I was glad he walked in on us. But I did not show it. I glared at Jacob thinking to him "What the hell is he doing here?!". There was at least a minute of frozen silence in the house which would hopefully change soon. However, I think Kieran was turned on by this as he walked in the room and shut the door behind him. He wanted in.

Jacob still had his big, long 6 inch dick in my face and I was still on my knees, waiting for his cum to explode on my face. But I had to be patient as Kieran knew exactly what he was going to do with us. Jacob then looked at me and whispered "It's ok, I will sort this out.", I prayed that he would. I was still frozen in shock but my head followed the movements of everyone in the room. Jacob walked over to Kieran and said jokingly "Ok, well none of us expected this to happen." laughing to himself. I gave up, I couldn't bare the all of the anxiety. I stood up, walked over to Kieran and slowly kissed him on the lips, I took a huge leap of faith. A matter between life or death and it paid off massively. He then started to grab my naked butt cheeks after a moment of shock had been blown over by a great wave of pleasure. I then moved my hands over to Jacob's shoulder and pulled him over to join in. We were all horny as fuck.

We all rotated, kissing and caressing one another, slowly. Until I reached my hand down to his crotch. Grabbing his bulge through his blue skinny jeans. I heard a slight moan inside Jacob's mouth so I started to undress Kieran. First his top, revealing his smooth, pale abs with his gorgeous nipples. I slowly licked and kissed his nipples and moved down to his abs, kissing each one. Jacob continued to kiss Kieran and they were really going for it. I saw their tongues inside eachother's mouths. Licking every inch of them. I was dazed but the sight but I knew I had to continue. So, I unbuttoned and unzipped Kieran's blue jeans, showing us the waistband of his tight , green underpants. In fact, I then found out that Kieran shaves his pubes, every other day. And ever since then so have I. The wet, juice I had left on his abs started to drip down, into his underpants. I then had the best part to complete, pulling down his trousers and I did so with great delight. He helped me push them under his heels and off his feet and I left Jacob to finish to job and he wanted his turn to admire Kieran's specimen of a body. Me and Jacob then swapped positions. Jacob went onto his knees to get up close to Kieran's great bulge, immersing from his underpants. And I stood and slowly took over from Jacob, pushing my tongue into Kieran's mouth. I wasn't the best of kissers, but he showed me a trick or two that I will never forget. He was a fantastic kisser, whether he had practiced before or he was a natural, I don't know, but he was good.

Jacob then nudged me on the thigh and I looked down towards him. He had the biggest dick I had ever seen, resting in his hands. Kieran's hard, long shaft was laying on Jacob's hand in all it's glory. We were both amazed at what we were seeing. Jacob stood up and left the room, he didn't say why. But I hoped he would be back soon. But Kieran and me carried on kissing, grabbing each others butts and rubbing our hard dicks against each other. Our bodies were so close, our legs were entangled in each other and so we moved over to the bed and Kieran climbed on top of me. Our lips still together. Jacob then came back with a bottle of water-based lube and Vaseline. He put them on the side table and laid down next to us on the bed while begging "Don't get started without me!". Kieran then looked at me, winked and turned to Jacob. He then replied "Oh don't worry, we weren't..." with a great smile on his face. He then grabbed Jacob and pulled him between us. Our hands moved along Jacob's chest and smooth, fat belly. Kieran then grabbed the water-based lube and poured some onto his palm and onto Jacob's sexy torso. Kieran then winked at me again and gave me the lube, I repeated his actions but I started to lube myself as well as Jacob. We were both wet and oily. Kieran then said "C'mon Jacob, flip over. You'll love this" and he obeyed. Kieran then shaped Jacob's body presenting his butt out into the air and this is when I caught onto Kieran's wavelength. Kieran slowly moved him mouth over to Jacob's butt, his tongue sticking out. Kieran spread Jacob's butt cheeks and his butt hole was clean and beautiful. Kieran then slowly tickled Jacob's butt hole with his tongue. The sensation instantly went straight through Jacob and he moaned, more and more while Kieran was moving his tongue further and further into Jacob's butt hole. The sight of all this happening caused me to moan to myself while I was slowly rubbing my cock in the smooth water-based lube. Then using the lube to get my butt hole wet for what was coming to me (or in me for that matter ;D ).

I then decided to join in with the two of them and opened a gap between Kieran's legs tho let his huge 7 inch dick and his smooth, loose balls hang down onto my face. I tried the best I could to pleasure Kieran as much as possible, as he knew that me and Jacob were still newbies to this kind of thing. I started to take his nice, smooth balls into my mouth. Moving my tongue around them, licking them like my favourite flavoured lollipop. Then moving onto his great, big dick. I was overwhelmed by the fantastic smell his dick gave off. The odour made me want his dick inside my mouth more, and so I took as much of the 7 inches as I could. I would say I took at least 5 of the 7 inches into my mouth. I reckon I could've taken more but I was distracted by Jacob's beautiful balls hanging down between his legs as Kieran tongued his cute, little butt hole. Kieran stopped kissing Jacob's butt hole and looked down over to me, until we made eye-contact and signaled for me to come up here. So I did as the cute boy told me to and Jacob looked back in desperation, he wanted a dick in his butt hole so badly. He started to rub my cock a little bit before he guided my 6 inch, erect dick into his tight butt hole. He cried a painful moan at first, but when I started to go deeper , the painful moans turned into pleasure moans and seconds later he was begging me to go deeper and faster. Kieran just watched for the first few minutes, rubbing his own 7 inch dick while he watched me and Jacob fuck. He was impressed.

I kept pushing my dick further and further into his warm, wet butt hole. His butt felt so good and that was the greatest moment of my life. I was finally fucking my boy crush. Our warm bodies together felt so hot as they moved across with friction, the lube was everywhere. From the neck down, we were all covered in lube and it was great. The sensation of Jacob's warm butt hole, jerking my hard dick was so great. I couldn't wait to see what it felt like to have Kieran's 7 inch cock in my butt hole. Me and Jacob were fucking doggy-style until Kieran slowed us down and leaned me onto my back and then moved Jacob back onto my hard dick. Jacob was now in control of the pace of our fucking, and he was enjoying his great power. I didn't think it could get better until Kieran kneeled over me and climbed on top of my chest, leaving his big, fat cock in my face. My only option was to get it wet and juicy, so that's what i did.

I took Kieran's 7 inch cock into my mouth again but not for long as Jacob moaned and stopped fucking , and then ropes of thick cum, spewed onto my belly and into my belly button. Kieran then get off of my and scavenged for Jacob's cum on my belly, while doing this I said "Jacob, don't stop. I am so close!" After this sign, he fucked and fucked as hard as he could, and within half a second, my warm cum shot into his butt hole, he got up and slowly lowered his butt hole onto my mouth and told me to suck it all out and spit it into his mouth. I did the best i could, I didn't know that this much cum could come out of me. It filled my mouth and I slapped his butt to signal that I had it all. He came close and opened his mouth wide, and I then emptied it all out into his mouth. And he swallowed every last drop. Kieran had not yet cum on either of us, so me and Jacob made a deal. I said to him "Whoever makes Kieran cum first wins, and has to let Kieran fuck them tomorrow". He instantly agreed with great enthusiasm and started straight away on Kieran's 7 inch cock relentlessly. So let's just say I let Jacob win, after all I did want it.

This is the last part of the story which is true, the rest will be fiction. Thanks for reading!

Rating: 89%, Read 13882 times, Posted Jun 08, 2015

True Story | Bi-sexual, Boy, Consensual Sex, Gay, Threesome


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