My New Body, Ch. 1: Emilia by YellowGarden

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Fantasm | Body modification, Female, Masturbation, Murder, Reluctance, Solo, Transgendered


Day 0, Friday

I shivered. Since yesterday the air hadn't gained any new warmth again. Before I opened the red door, I took a last look at the evening sky. It was dark-blue, streaked by cotton-like strings, clouds reflecting the city lights, which were all that hindered the city from sinking in absolute darkness. Sludge filled the alleyway, a remnant of the storm flooding the streets of downtown yesterday, my pants already were all muddy from working all day in it.

The hallway of the former hotel smelled musty when entering, the walls had ugly spots of chipped grout in them, making me wonder how they got there. I faintly greeted Katy, the receptionist, before heading to my object of interest. On my way to the second floor some of the girls tried to ensnare me, but I was only interested in one of them.

"Hi, Amy," I said as I opened the door to her room. She sat on the edge of her bed and stopped adjusting her garter when she saw me. I could see how uncomfortable she was to see me. She knew me pretty well: Matthew Hunnie, 26 years old, construction worker. I was aware that I was sweaty, dirty and a little unkempt, but what else do you expect after a hard day of work? Also, Amy was a hooker, she had probably much worse clients every day, at least I was not fat or something. She looked so cute when she was grossed out, but it was obvious that the thing troubling her wasn't my appearance at all, rather a personal matter between the two of us.

I visited the young, busty redhead as often as possible to relax after work, it didn't take much until she became the only girl I came here for. The special feature that attracted me towards her wasn't the perfect aura of youth that surrounded her. It was her attitude of no matter how scared and grossed out she was of a client or what he did to her, she would submit to it. You wanted to beat her up? No problem, she would hold back her tears while you did it and cover her black eyes with make-up when you were finished. I knew this and took the last bit of dignity that she had left every time I visited her. Because of this she developed a severe hatred against me, but if she was so haughty to serve me every other day despite her hate, it was her own fault. Her feelings weren't my problems.

"Hello Matt," she just said, standing up and running her hands over the skirt of her maid dress.

I took out my purse, handed over some notes and grinned,

"The same as always, I can't wait to see the cute whore you are choking on my cock!"

She tried to keep her fake smile up with all power but she couldn't hide the disgust in her face as she took the 200 bucks. Her other hand ran through her hair and she closed her eyes, not for the act but being honestly tired. I wondered how many clients she already had served today? She was by far the most beautiful harlot of the house. With a dry voice she said,

"Well, let me just..."

She went over to her nightstand to hide the money before we started. I couldn't let my eyes from her pale legs and the shape of her ass under her skirt while she was walking, then even bending over. She took too much time rummaging around in the drawer, her juicy ass jiggling up in the air, so I decided to take action by myself. I pushed myself on her, my already hard cock rubbing through the fabric of my pants and her skirt against her ass, then bended forward to lick her face off, which would disgust the crap out her.

But suddenly she turned around and rammed her hand onto my chest, right where my heart was and I felt a horrifying stitch where she was holding her hand. I looked down to see a small needle being sticking in my body, then I looked her right into the face full of fear. Cold crept up all my limbs.

"What is this?" was all I could say as I opened my hands, causing my purse to fall on the ground.

She laughed.

"Do you know why I never stopped serving you?" She paused but I was frozen and couldn't answer, so she just continued talking.

"You would just have chosen another poor girl as your victim. I couldn't do else than sacrifice myself every week from new." Amy shook her head. "You fucked and beat the shit out of me every other day and made me almost suffocate on your disgusting meat, but not anymore!"

She tipped another time at my chest, right next to the needle.

"The poison made its way directly into your heart and is now spreading all over your body. When you will get unable to breathe, you maybe feel what I felt every time you came here..."

She turned around and stared to the wall, completely ignoring my trembling body.

"If you hurry, you maybe get to die in an ambulance rather than in the streets or in a whorehouse."

I still couldn't move in panic. I thought of what to do, if I was really doomed the best would be to try to kill Amy as well in revenge, or just to stay in her room so she would get jailed up, but if there was the slightest chance I could...

From one second to another I sprinted out of the room and down the hallways. The next hospital was just a couple of streets away. I felt my throat tightening. As I left the "Maiden's Secret" it had started to rain again and as I stumbled through the mud, my vision became blurry and the street lights started to burn like little suns in my eyes. My whole body felt as if it was torn apart and finally I couldn't feel anything anymore. I felt onto my knees, then my face fell into the mud, my arms reached out for the air and when I looked up, I saw the blurry image of a young woman grinning down to me.

An angel! She had come down from heaven to save me! At least I thought so at first. But instead of doing anything, she just kept on her sinister smile and watched me until the world turned black and I finally stopped moving.

Chapter 1: Emilia

Day 1, Saturday

The moment I opened my eyes my jaw dropped and I sucked in as much air as a jet turbine. I kept breathing heavily for about two minutes and never stopped being dizzy.

I almost instantly noticed that I was in my bed, wrapped up in my blanket. Was this all just a dream? I threw a glaze at my alarm clock, stating that it was Saturday, 9 in the morning.

I often had dreams that felt as if they were real and this also wasn't the first I died in, but if it really wasn't real, what had I done yesterday? I tried to remember, but I had no other memories then my horrifying visit to Amy.

My body felt oddly heavy, especially my shoulders and my ass. I was all wet in sweat but the worst part was my crotch. Had I pissed myself? I felt quite numb down there and couldn't really believe it, still I was grossed out. While turning around so that I could get out of my blanket, I noticed that for some reason, I wore a shirt but no pants. This got weirder and weirder. I stopped moving when I laid under the bedcover for that I felt out of energy and stayed like this for a couple of minutes.

When I finally got to throw away the blanket, I looked down at my body and saw... tits.

Not the birds, the body part. Thinking that I couldn't see right, I got my hands under my shirt and felt my chest, just to realize that the firm breasts with their puffy pink nipples were completely real and that my arms looked oddly slender and feminine. My head stopped spinning around for that it was filled with nothing but fear.

Although nobody was around I made a horrified face, my hands now ran over my body, my skin felt smooth, I noticed that I had a waist and that my legs had changed as much as my arms. I got up to watch myself in the mirror and was shocked. In the mirror I saw a woman that looked exactly as if she was my twin sister! She had my blue eyes, her hair was of the same blonde as mine, neat (okay, that was a difference) and reached down to her waist, she had a nice pair of firm tits hidden under the nightshirt and smooth vanilla skin as I had before hard work wore it out. Was this me? With an equal amount of terror and suspense-filled fascination I lifted the shirt and revealed my crotch. I was wearing white panties that had a big wet spot on them. That wasn't pee.

My heart beat faster and faster as I slowly pulled down the underwear and saw ever clearer the pink slit between my legs. My right hand wandered down and felt was what there. No cock, no balls either (it would have been kinda weird), I had a blank girlish pussy. I swallowed. I had expected nothing else after seeing myself in the mirror, but still...

I felt humiliated. Violated. I was trapped in the body of a young woman. What had happened to me? Out of shame I fell onto my knees, my hand still between my legs, which made me instantly think of a hooker going down to suck cock. I pressed my legs together with force. I don't wanted this. I wanted to be strong, independent... The thought of how I treated other women earlier flashed my mind. Amy's desperation whenever I visited her... I now was one of those unfortunate creatures, created to carry and bear children, merely a shadow of the men around them. I clenched my fists, my nails almost cutting into my flesh. Amy, I would kill this fucking harlot! How dared she? She didn't know just how much I could let her suffer! And yet, nothing that I could do would be worse than this very moment I had just now! My body felt like it was burning and I trembled in despair. I had to think of something to do about this! Maybe, if I found out what had happened, I could reverse it? Maybe I could... I could... No.

I had to focus. No matter what, I would not let myself in this pathetic position, I was stronger than that. I was very aware how I just passed through the first three of the five steps of Grief and Loss in record time, what if we just skipped Depression and headed right on to Acceptance? I was a woman, so what? At least I was not a giant bug like in that Kafka novel! Also, it was just a body! My mind was still that of Matthew Hunnie, a man, and men are famous for their rational thinking! If this was real, dreading or crying would not help at all. If I really wanted to do something about this, I had to find out more about me. I breathed slowly and steady and felt my heart beating slower. Filled with new-found determination, I stood up and continued to explore my freshly gained private parts.

Odd. I somehow thought my pussy would have a bush, but just as all of my body except my head, it felt not freshly shaved but as if there never even grew a single hair. I had a big pair of inner lips that were visible without opening the outer lips and look like a rose bloom, a trait that I always found alluring upon women who had it. Now more interested than afraid I spread the two lips wide apart with one hand and tried to find my clit with the other. As expected, I found the hard, little hill in the upper part of the area that was hidden by the lips before. When I touched it, it tingled more than just a bit and when I let my finger spin around it, it quickly became unpleasant. My fingers slowly moved down until they reached the other interesting part of my pussy, the entrance to its depths. I stuck my fingertip inside the wet hole, but the feeling of something penetrating me brought another wave of terror into my body and I pulled out instantly. I sniffed on my finger and gave it a lick, the liquid was sweeter than that of other women I had tasted. Just what had Amy done to me? Was this needle some kind of black market drug that could change your gender over night? But I couldn't even imagine something like this to work if it took multiple years to process, I knew that hormones could make you grow tits if you took them as a kid, but they couldn't change your DNA to grow you a vagina! Also, she definitely talked about killing me, not genderswapping me, so maybe it hadn't even anything to do with her? What about that woman I saw before blacking out?

"Now try to tell me that feminists don't want to cut off your balls," I tried to grumble to calm myself, but it sounded more like a sigh.

"Huh? What is this?" I asked myself in a high-pitched feminine voice.

Another time I was felt with shame. That was terrible. Even for a woman my voice was inappropriately high and I already hated it. I tried to hum and sing for a couple of minutes to get a picture of how I sounded and to get my voice a little lower. Just when I was sure I didn't sound like a Japanese porn star, I heard the door ringing.

Oh shit!

Nobody should see me like this! Otherwise, they couldn't know it was me, right? I put on my panties again and headed for the door to open it.

It was my co-worker and best buddy David, who looked very puzzled when he saw me. He looked down to my feet, then back to my face, not without staring on the neckline of my nightshirt for a second, then softly asked,

"Is Matt still here?"

"Uhm, still here?"

For a moment I feared that he meant 'Is Matt still in this body' but that wouldn't even make sense to ask if Dave had recognized me.

He however just scratched his head, looked a little unpleased and spoke,

"Uhh, well, the two of us wanted to meet up after his visit to Maiden's Secret because I was out of cash yesterday, I didn't know that he took a girl home, thought he'd only smash Amy."

My jaw dropped. Dave thought I was a hooker! Unthinkable that my best friend thought I was whoring out! Then again, it was exactly what you would think of a girl in Matthew Hunnie's flat, as she definitely would not have accompanied me because of my stunning personality. Unless... I suddenly realized a way to score off Dave for his assumption by making this conversation very awkward. I made an enraged expression and spoke with strict voice,

"Ahem, I don't know what you are thinking of me, but I am Matt's sister!"

Dave just stood there without saying anything and I could hear his brain overheating. I now looked down on him, as always he looked quite neat, other than you would expect from a construction worker, Dave and me had a sense of decency. I guess it was this lack of filth that had to be evened by our little evilness, the trait that connect the two of us all the years. That is why I normally liked him but in this particular situation he was the last thing I needed to deal with.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't want to... I... I am so sorry, I don't-" he stuttered, before shaking his head, thinking it over again staring at me all the time.

No, he wasn't staring. He was checking me out. How dared he!

"Hey, up here!" I said, directing his gaze off my bare feet and legs to my face.

He then grinned into my face and seriously tried to hit on me.

"Sorry, Matt just never told me that he had a sister! Why would he hide such a hottie as you are from me?"

If I had a sister, I had definitely hidden her from Dave, no matter her looks. He would have tried to fuck her just to piss me off. And now I got myself into that position. Great.

"Seven lines of chat and I already know." Boom, that hit hard.

Dave didn't stop grinning about it.

"You counted? The two of yours sure have the same attitude. And the same eyes," he whispered, "Although they fit much better on your beautiful face."

"Compliments won't make up for you calling me a prostitute. Also, Matt isn't here, so piss off," I responded to his advances.

The smile vanished from his face as I mentioned my name.

"Uh, yeah? Where did he go?"

I hadn't thought that far. I somehow had to explain Matthew Hunnie's disappearance without making me suspicious. If I would stay as I was, probably everyone would think that I was dead and that I was another person. Uh, this was confusing. So, if the old me really was dead, I had to see how I could get along with as little change as possible, as I quite enjoyed my old life. I couldn't make up a plan that fast so it would probably be the smartest option to stay as vague as possible.

"I don't know either, he just called me yesterday stating that he was in trouble and that I should look after him, what by the way meant that I had to travel to this shithole of a city overnight. Luckily I have a key to his flat, but when I arrived, he was already gone."

Dave looked seriously troubled, his voice got silent.

"He didn't call me and I searched everywhere for him, the last time he was seen was at the... uh, you know..."

"That brothel? That figures him," I said rolling my eyes, proud of my portrayal of disgust towards myself. That would prevent any suspicions.

"Uhm, yes, the brothel...the girls saw him running out in a hurry, nobody's got an idea where he headed at. And if you don't know anything either, I am clueless."

I said nothing for about a minute, then he opened his mouth again,

"Maybe... we could discuss what to do if you let me in?" This bastard, I could hear the devious in his voice. He was still trying to hit on me.

"No fucking way, David!" I got a little loud while accidentally dropping his name. Oops.

"How is it that you know my name?" He raised an eyebrow.

I had to quickly think of something. When I got an idea, I smiled before speaking,

"Matt said, out of all his friends, David was the one I should beware the most of. Well..."

Dave grinned upon hearing this and still somehow managed to make an advantage out of it,

"If you know my name it is only fair if you tell me yours too, girl."

Another point that I haven't thought of. I had to quickly come up with something, a name that wasn't too lame or generic, but that also didn't sound too floppy or slutty, a name that more or less described how I pictured myself.

"I, uhm... My name is Emilia."

Was this good? The name just flashed my mind and I hadn't thought of it before I spoke it out. Didn't it sound a little dated or silly? Emilia surely wasn't an everyday name, I thought at least, and also not like what poor would call their daughter. My body shivered when I thought that sentence. I now was a daughter. Or was I even, per definition?

Dave didn't seem to think about the name all too profound, he didn't even stop grinning as he bended forward and kissed my hand, before he bowed out.

"Emilia, very noble. Well, I think I will just continue my search for your lost brother, but if, in the next days, you need a man to talk to, or to show you some see-worthy places of this 'shithole', don't forget about me."

I didn't answer anything so he just headed downstairs.

As I closed the door behind me, I was relieved. Everyone has heard men saying that if they were a girl for a day, they would spend the whole of it fucking. But first of all, I was not, and I meant it, not a bit attracted to men. And secondly I just didn't want to be fucked, to be made an... an... object of lust, made inferior to someone! I now understood all women ever rejecting me in just one moment. And this was why Dave's presence and his looks towards me made me unpleased. Even his kiss on the hand felt so nasty. I thought about it, I was more than sure that I still was attracted to women, and women only. Did this mean that I was a lesbian? I looked down on me and suddenly realized how I was looking. My shirt did barely cover my wet panties, I was barefoot, sweaty and I stunk. No wonder Dave took me for a prostitute.

I was hungry as if I had never eaten a meal before. As I walked through my flat I noticed how untidy and dirty everything was and I felt the need to do the cleaning as soon as possible. 'Great, female instincts are kicking in,' I bitterly thought. When I opened the fridge, I had another peculiar moment. I was grossed out by everything I saw, I wanted to taste something sweet, like fruit or yoghurt, but all the meat and cheese, even the bread, made me want to throw up. So after almost half an hour of undecidedly standing in the kitchen and hoping for something tasty to magically appear, I just went with drinking five glasses of water from the tap and getting some bubble gum.

I loved puzzles, and although I preferred those about logics (and my situation had nothing logical onto it) I was thrilled to find out what has happened to me. I stood in my bedroom and examined my reflection in the mirror. How I stood there with my loose fitting shirt, chewing bubble gum, I thought I looked like a high school slut and immediately wanted to slap myself. But it probably wouldn't hurt at all, considering my tender arms.

"Emilia, Emilia," I sighed, deciding that the name suited me well, "You surely are a mystery. Well, let's get started on our way to find out who you really are."

Following my words I got completely undressed and realized that although I have never seen the panties or the shirt I was wearing before I hadn't on a bra. Whatever mysterious force had transmuted me wasn't generous at all. I first let my hands run over several body parts again to get to know my topography. The flesh of my arms and legs was softer than before, probably because of the lack of muscles that also made them skinnier. My belly, now filled with more than a litre of water, bulged a little, when I grabbed it with my hands I could also feel a fair amount of fat although I looked pretty skinny when I wasn't full, making me wonder how slender women could get. For a moment I thought that I looked as if was getting pregnant and for some reason, this made my belly tingle. After running my hands over it I let them wander upwards, squeezed and kneaded my breasts and couldn't stop for a while, as it not only was exciting to feel the firm cups jiggling in my hands in which they didn't completely fit, also feeling my hands slowly caressing them sent a feeling like a cold breeze down my spine. Pinching the puffy nipples until they were hard, I turned around to get an image of my overall appearance. I considered my breasts something between medium size and big. My butt was moving as if it was made out of jelly but it wasn't all that big. Yet my body had its curves to it. I looked very girlish. Not slutty in any way but I was classy just as little. Sweet and innocent, I could very well go with that, I thought while letting my hands run through my silky blonde hair down to my waist. I would have needed years to grow it that long and I could wrap up in it and relax all day without getting tired of it. I considered 'Emilia' not only a woman, but also a very feminine and beautiful one.

Now for facts and figures. When I got on the scales I noticed that my feet would have fitted twice on it, but the number shown on the display was more important. 60 kilogram, which were 25 less than what I weighed as a man! Only two thirds of myself were left of me! Most of the mass that went lost had to be muscles, as they were the part that showed the greatest change besides my crotch and chest. It was told that women had half the muscles and double the fat that men had in their body and the loss of muscles explained why my body felt so heavy despite being so light. I stepped on the clip of the measure tape and pulled it up to my head. 174 centimetres were 18 less than before. Still unclothed I got into the computer room, sat down in front of the machine, turned it on and googled my BMI. I was 2 kilos away from underweight, but I knew that this were 2 kilos too much on me.

In this city, any woman that wanted to make something out of her had to mind her looks. Imbalm started booming around the year 2018 because of different types of power companies settling down. However the exponential growth didn't show any effect on the backward mentality of its people. Most of the well-earning physical jobs were taken by men and all that was left for women was service occupation or the life of a housewife. And not only those 'services' that actively included your body - if you know what I mean - required you to look decent. If you were ugly, you had no chance of being hired anywhere. When I moved here, it took me my time to get used to the blatant sexism that was omnipresent and that was also expected from me. But when I managed to blend in, it felt good to be strong and dominant. If I just kept this aggressive mindset, maybe I wouldn't have it that hard, even in the body of a woman.

I just had to make a plan of how to make ends meet as fast as possible. In my current state I would hardly be capable of working at the site and even if I was, my co-workers would make it impossible. Dave and me were by far the best behaved workers there, most of the others were smelly drunkards and pigs, even for Imbalm's standards, they were horrible. Maybe I could try to work as a waitress or something but for that I had to learn how to put on make-up and things like that first, also I still didn't feel all so well in my new body yet.

To me it seemed to be simpler to just try to keep my head above water with my 'secondary' income. The reason I could afford Amy's services every other day and the thing that distinguished me from the other construction workers was that I could put my excellent clear mind to some use by selling stolen data such as blueprints from one company to another, who scrambled about the city's pole position. Via my boss I got access to some of our customers clients and with what I learned on the computer when I was a kid I got my hands on things my hands were not supposed to get on. This however was a rather unstable income, as it was not every day a mind-blowing innovation was made. But if it was, the thing was way more than worth the effort. I smiled, looking down my body. Maybe my gender change was just timely, if Matthew Hunnie had ever made himself suspicious in any way, my new body freed me of it.

What it didn't free me of were my natural desires. I panicked when I realized that I had to pee very urgently and I didn't know how. Drinking five glasses of water at once might not have been the brightest idea, I thought, tapping on my belly, and chewing gum always increased my urge as well. Nonsense, I thought spitting it out and shambled towards the bathroom. This moment just had to come and it wouldn't be that different from how I did it in the past. I knew how to empty my bladder. As I stood in front of my toilet and folded up the cap I screw up my face. The seat was absolutely disgusting, I couldn't sit on that! I could barely hold myself anymore, but I got hands on a cleaning agent and a rag and tried to get it clean enough to use it.

When I was more or less pleased with my work I finally sat down and pressed my knees together, as I had seen women do it before. Suddenly I couldn't relieve myself, my bladder kept close. I didn't even know how it would look when I would pee. Women had their peehole somewhere between their clitoris and the tunnel to the womb, but I haven't seen or felt it earlier. And in what direction would the piss come out? Could I somehow control it? To relax myself I let my hand run over my belly clockwise. Concentrate, I would do this.

After easing myself I felt a muscle squeezing out my bladder like a lemon and I noticed the urine making its way through my urethra until it opened up. All the pressure fell of my body when 'it' spouted out of my body. I kept going for half a minute, pushing it out ever harder until I felt completely empty. I stood up, flushed the toilet and closed it. My little belly was gone with the water and I was satisfied with myself.

But now another thought rushed my mind. Had I now to clean my sex from the residue? I doubted that it was necessary but I didn't want to risk it. Also I was already naked and covered in sweat, perfect conditions for a little shower. I stepped in and turned on the water, forgetting to let it warm up first. When the cold water jet hit my face, I winced and squealed loudly, I dropped the hose to cover my face and my breasts with my arms, thereby causing the hose to dance on the floor and squirting ice-cold water all over my body which just made me squeal louder as I was paralysed in shock. What I just did made no sense. I now realised that all day my body had been overly sensitive in general, but I didn't know where the instinct to let out squeals came from. As the water got warmer I could think clear again and grabbed the hose and held it down until the water would only hit my lower legs, and looked at the mess of water puddles on the floor. Whatever. After all that I had gone through today I had deserved myself some relaxation. I raised the shower head over my face again and let the water run down all over my body. Today it felt different due to the new shape of my body, I could feel my breasts and my waist in a totally new way, the same went for my crotch although my pussylips protected the sensitive parts from the flow. The water didn't feel warm enough at the setting I was used to, so it set it yet a little warmer until I felt as if I was back in a womb and the air got all steamy. I felt so girlish, somehow immature and misbehaving by doing so, but I didn't care about it.

"Bitches be bitches!" I loudly laughed to myself, only realizing afterwards that I just called myself a bitch. But I didn't want to overthink if I liked this or not.

The only shampoo I had stated to be 'for men', I had to find out about if there were any relevant differences later. For now I just drowned my hair in it - or at least tried to do so as the difference in mass needed for my new long hair was enormous - and got my body all soapy. I took a little time to play with my breast and carefully avoided my crotch as I had read that women shouldn't use shampoo down there in a sex ed flyer, back in the days in school. I was wondering if there was any special way to clean a vagina or if just water would make it, as I first cleaned my skin, then my hair from the shampoo. Holding my wet and now very masculine smelling hair in my hands was a feeling directly sent from heaven, I let my fingers run down my body another time and suddenly I noticed a faint tickle in my crotch. I realized that I knew this feeling from my life as a man, although it now had a slightly different sensation to it. I had gotten horny.

Slowly my right arm that held the shower head went down my body without me having any control over it. When the water poured on my belly it felt as if it would prickle from inside, time went slower and slower the closer the head came to my legs. I had almost squeaked again when the jet of water hit my clit, I had to shake my hips in response to the tickle and held the water towards my tummy again. The intensity caught me on the hop, I wasn't used to that much stimulation at once, so it got almost painful. But I now really wanted to feel it again. Slowly I guided my hand to the pink slit between my thighs and let the rain pour down on the hill again. At first it still was awkwardly tickling but soon the lustful stimulation came to the fore, making all the muscles in my stomach loosing up.

"Aw yes," I moaned in my new voice that I suddenly thought to not sound that silly at all.

I already liked this better than jerking off as a man despite I was into it merely a minute. Rolling my eyes in lust I pressed my butt against the wall and slowly slid down until I sat on the bathtub, only to slide down further and sit in the tub like I was taking a bath. The last time I bathed instead of showering was when I was 10 and I wasn't planning to change this today, but maybe I should consider doing so in one of the next days...

I spread my legs widely and touched my labia with my left hand, used middle and ring finger to spread them apart as well, thereby allowing the water bathing my pink button again. Rhythmical sighs escaped my lips in response to the steady feeling of warm, wet, foreign touches on my lust organ and I felt like I was in heaven. Not only my skin was much more sensitive than it was before, my sex also experienced double, what am I talking, fourfold pleasure from each touch! I never wanted to go back! No, I wanted to go farther.

The fingers of my left hand didn't stay outside my pussy, they slowly made their way between the lips and got to touch the button, what felt entirely different than the water. Thumb and pointer squeezed it a little what, despite feeling incredible, made it slip right out of their touch. I tried a couple of times until I finally got over to let my hand circle it slowly, mostly middle and ring finger touching it, the vibes causing my back and my legs to convulse. My right hand hang up the shower head and turned it off to play with my juicy titties. It painfully smacked my left girl, then grabbed as much as it could and gave her a couple of strong squeezes. After doing the same to the right, it went over to pinch my nipples as I tried to do with my clit before, what surely didn't have the same intensity on it but added just the right amount of spice to my pleasure.

Looking down on my body and watching my hands moving over my sensitive spots I realized what I had yet to do. My right hand trembled as it reached down my body and passed my left until it touched the spot I wanted. My legs were splayed so it wasn't hard to find but I still would need to apply pleasure... I meant pressure to open it up. There I was. Earlier this day the slightest penetration of my fuckhole had filled me with fear of my own body, but now I felt ready to explore my sanctuary. I took a deep breath before slowly inserting pointer and middle finger to their halves.

I already was all slimy, what my fingers felt was not water but my very own juices, still it felt incredibly embarrassing to have something shoved inside of me. It didn't hurt or anything, in fact, compared to the clit the hole was almost insensitive, meaning that its walls felt not much different than every other body part would feel if something applied pressure to it, except being all slimy. It was just that it made me feel vulnerable that something was penetrating me and I didn't know how deep it could go... My mind was flashed with pictures of my new self getting quite the dicking in different positions and I was ashamed of myself. I didn't knew why I didn't just pull out but in fact my left hand was going faster and faster circling my clit. It felt good to give up any kind of self-respect, I thought as I pushed the fingers deeper in. I started pulling them out and sticking them back in, first slow then going ever faster. My insides weren't as sensitive as my clit was, in fact, I may have gone just as good without fingerfucking me, but I somehow just didn't want to refrain from it. It made me feel weak and violated, and I liked it, and I liked to do it to myself. Yeah, I felt like a cheap slut like that. The image of how I looked chewing bubble gum popped up in my head, that girl needed a good fuck anyway! I bit on my lower lip to suppress my moans and rolled my eyes in pleasure, I could stay like this forever. But my body had other plans.

Suddenly an electric shock hit me, making my whole body jerk before forcing me to close my legs and pull out my fingers as I felt waves of fulfilment sweeping through me. With every heart beat primal pleasure emitted from all my body, if it was out of my mouth in the form of screams, out of my hands in form of heat or out of my pussy in form of its steady contracting motion and the juice that came with it. My orgasm held on for about a minute before my body relaxed and I sank down laughing in joy, my hands still between my thighs. I was happy.

I was fascinated by my body all over again. Considering my hands I wasn't that much of a squirter but this didn't change anything of the fact that I could masturbate in a way so simple and still have orgasms more intense than I ever dreamed of. No wonder it was so hard for women to not moan during sex, if it always felt like this! Without thinking over what I was doing, I sucked the natural lubricant off my right hand. Still sweeter than I was used to, I wondered if this was actually due to the juice or if my taste buds had changed, too. However, the life as a woman surely had its perks. Maybe, if I accepted this as my fate, I could make quite the living out of it.

I leaned my head to the left, the bathroom clock stated that time just hit 1 p. m. I smiled. I still had plenty of the day left.

"Emilia, we have a long way to go," I loudly spoke to myself, "You are gonna be the best woman that this city has ever seen."

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