Saving My Marriage - part 15 by Shutter

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Fantasy | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Threesome, Transgendered

Mixture of fantasy and truth, I spin this tale. Some earlier parts were influenced by reader feedback. I ask for your help in becoming a better writer - I need your feedback through votes, but most importantly your comments and messages so that you can tell me what you do and do not like. It is the best way for me to get better. Thank you for your continued support. I hope you enjoy the story!


I had found a shop that had what I was looking for fairly quickly, and luckily so because they were near closing. I found my purchase after a bit and I headed towards the restaurant at the end of the boardwalk. I found my group sitting at a table on the patio and I crossed to join them. They had already ordered some appetizers and drinks. As I went to sit down between Stephanie and Amy, I gave Amy's shoulder a squeeze. She reached up and gave my hand a squeeze back.

As I sat down, Gabriel pulled a bottle of beer out of the ice bucket in the center of the table and handed it across to me. Stephanie and Amy began to pile different treats from the appetizers onto a plate for me. "If you are going to be living here, you need to learn about all the great delicacies here." Gabriel began to point out a few of his favorites. "You must really tried the plantains."

I dug in and was amazed and all of the flavors dancing on my tongue. So far I had played it pretty safe with my food while here, never branching out to anything new. Boy, was I wrong to do that! When the waitress came to take our food orders, we purposely chose something different from each other and shared them all. More beers were had as we continued to toast each other's health and prosperity. We sat there for hours celebrating our friendships and new beginnings We closed out the restaurant, and We closed out the restaurant, and as the tables were cleaned and floor swept, most of the staff came over and pulled up a chair with us.

They had heard about Gabriel leaving and wanted to wish him well. He was well loved in the small town and everyone regaled us with tales from either their time in one of his classes, shopping in his bookstore, or listening to his music. Gabriel was quick to introduce Amy and I as the new owners of the store. I was quick to correct him and include Stephanie as an owner as well. Stephanie was shocked at this revelation, but she was grinning from ear to ear the rest of the night.

As the bartender finished up the last of his closing duties, he came over with a beautiful acoustic guitar. Gabriel tried to refuse, but everyone gave words of encouragement. Finally Gabriel relented. He took the guitar and began to play. His fingers danced along the strings as he played Spanish guitar and sang. We had our own private concert on that patio and it was an almost perfect ending to the evening.


After helping clean up the last of the chairs and plethora of beer bottles on the tables, I paid the tab and left a hefty tip for the whole crew. We thanked them for allowing us to stay over. It was great to get a chance to meet who would be our new neighbors and made some fast friends.

When we reached the boardwalk, Amy suggested we take a walk on the beach for a bit. We strolled down to the beach and we kicked off our sandals, placing them at the edge of the beach under a bench. I sat down and rolled up the cuffs of my khakis so they were up just below my knees. The girls each took one of my hands and we walked along the shoreline, water lapping at our feet as the small waves rolled in.

"This is really nice. Thank you for a great evening." Stephanie gave my hand a squeeze and looked over at Amy.

"Can you just imagine being able to do this all the time? I still can't believe we are moving here. It is our own paradise!"

Amy said… you could hear the happiness just bursting from her.

"I promise I will come visit in the spring. And with the budget we put together, I think I can officially move here in a little over a year. You guys will have to help me keep an eye out for a place, okay?"

I saw a small, flat stone laying by my feet, so I stopped to pick it up. I stepped forward and tried to skip it across the waves. Failing miserably at it, I looked around for another.

Amy turned and took Stephanie's hands. "I just can't imagine being here without you. The truth is… well, neither of us can." With that, she looked over Stephanie's shoulder and smiled. She asked Stephanie to close her eyes. When she did, Amy turned her around and wrapped her arms around her. Pulling her close, she leaned forward, turned her head, and kissed Stephanie's cheek. "Okay, open your eyes."

When she did, she saw me kneeling in the sand before her. I was holding out a small red velvet box, a diamond ring glistening in the moon light.

"B-but you are already married. The each other!"

Amy used the tips of her finger to lightly turn Stephanie's face to the side, leaned in and kissed her. "Just a simple one word answer will do… yes or no?"

"Yes… oh yes. A thousand times yes!" She got a confused look on her face. "No, but really, we can't get married. It is against the law."

I stood up and took Stephanie's hand. I slipped the ring on her finger and gave her a kiss. "Gabriel mentioned something earlier today that caught my attention. While polygamy is illegal in the United States, it isn't here! And if we are going to be living here, then we live by the laws here. When in Rome, right?"

Stephanie stepped forward and turned to us. She wrapped one arm around Amy and one me. She pulled us into a hug, tears streaming down her face. "Don't worry, these are tears of joy!" She laughed and began kissing us on our cheeks over and over.

"Now I guess it is time to make new plans." I gave Stephanie a quick kiss.

Stephanie looked confused. "What new plans?"

Amy gave her a kiss as well. "We can scrap your budget to move here and begin planning a wedding. You will be moving here right away and living with us now!"


When we made it back to our room, I headed into the bathroom to get a shower. When I got out, there were my sleep pants, rescued from below our balcony, and a t-shirt folded on the counter. Sitting on top were a pair of black leather briefs and the cock ring that Amy had bought me earlier. I fought my way into the cock ring and slipped on the underwear. I tied the drawstring on my pants after pulling them on and exited the bathroom while slipping my t-shirt on.

As the shirt slipped over my face and past my chin, I saw Stephanie and Amy standing by the bed. Stephanie was wearing the black leather bra and boy shorts with purple lace trim that I bought for her earlier. Amy had on a red leather corset with black trim. She had black fishnet thigh-highs on to complete the ensemble. As I walked in, the girls stepped up to me. In a weird ballet of jumbled movements, they began to strip me of my pants and shirt while shifting me until I sat into one of the chairs. When my shirt was finally freed from my face, I saw that I was sitting facing the bed. Amy was standing in front of me, hands on my cheeks and staring into my eyes.

"We really wanted to make this a special night." I started to reach up to touch her when my arms were pulled down and behind the chair. I felt my wrists enveloped in something soft and furry and heard the clicks and the cuffs were set in place. "Oh, don’t worry, we wont forget about you, but we wanted to give you a little show first."

With a slight nudge from Amy, Stephanie began inching her way over to the bed, refusing to break their embrace. When the back of her knees hit the bed, Amy gave her a slight push until she fell backwards upon the bed. Reaching down, Amy grabbed Stephanie's legs and swung them around so that she was laying across the width of the bed. Amy situated herself and Stephanie's feet and began to kiss and lick her way up from her toes, seductively climbing up the bed and sliding her body along Stephanie's until they were face to face again. She brought her knees up under her and rocked back until her crotch was resting on Stephanie's bulge in her underwear. Amy began grinding her hips into the bulge, rubbing her clit against the penis. She started slowly, but built up momentum until she brought herself to orgasm. The entire time, their lips were locked together and their tongues were darting back and forth, playing with each other in a passionate dance.

After a brief moment to catch her breath, Amy began to shift and grind again, building herself up to another orgasm. She continued this pattern until she had cum four more times. I could only sit there, cuffed to the chair, my ever growing penis straining against the leather briefs.

As Amy finally slid off Stephanie, trying to catch her breath, Stephanie stood up from the bed. She walked to the head of the bed and moved a pillow. Laying there were an array of three different sized vibrators and a bottle of lube. She picked these up and moved them to the foot of the bed. She came around to the back of the chair and uncuffed me. Looking into my eyes, she told me I was to stay seated until I was told I could join them. I could play with myself, but under no circumstance was I allowed to cum. She slipped off her underwear and climbed back on the bed, with her head facing me and her feet towards the headboard. Amy slipped off her thong and straddled Stephanie's face, her ass in the air and facing me. She slipped her legs underneath Stephanie's arms so she was a little further down her body and Stephanie had easy range of motion with her hands and full access to her body.

I could see Amy's head bobbing up and down as she engulfed Stephanie's penis in her mouth. Stephanie was wrangling with the small bottle of lube and the smallest vibrator. While lifting her head to lick Amy's pink lips, she applied lube to Amy's ass. After lubing her up, she applied some to the vibrator. She set the lube bottle down and began aiming the vibrator to enter Amy. With a little pressure, it began to slide in, and I could hear Amy moan in pleasure. After working it all the way in, Stephanie reached up with her free hand and turned on the vibrator. Amy jumped a little as the buzzing of the vibrator send little waves through her body.

Stephanie continued to manipulate the vibrator inside Amy until she began to relax then build up to an orgasm. Right as she was at the very edge or cumming, Stephanie began to flick her tongue on Amy's clit until Amy was bucking and cumming. As Amy came down from her orgasm, Stephanie slipped the vibrator out of her, turned it off. She dropped it to the bed and began fumbling for another one. She found the next larger vibrator… a little thicker and longer than the last. She aimed it and replaced the last vibrator with this one. She turned it on and began to slide it in and out of Amy once more. She continued this until Amy once again came for her. She continued the pattern with the next vibrator and again with the next, the largest of the four.

There was no doubt that this was incredibly hot to watch. When Stephanie began anally penetrating Amy with the vibrators, I pulled my underwear down and had begun stroking my penis. It did not take long before it was fully erect and throbbing. I had to stop a number of times to keep from cumming.

When Stephanie slid the fourth vibrator into Amy, she scooted her body a little further down towards the foot of the bed until her head was leaning over and she was looking at me upside down. She wiggled her finger in a "come here" motion to me. I stood up and walked over. She took my penis in her free hand, guided it to her mouth and pulled me in. She then reached around and grabbed my ass, pulling me deeper into her mouth. She then let go and then squeezed my ass a few more times. I understood her meaning and I began to pump in and out of her. The whole time I was watching Stephanie slide the vibrator in and out of Amy's ass. Seeing that sight, hearing Amy moan, and the feeling of Stephanie sucking me deep as I fucked her mouth… it was getting to be too much.

I tried pulling out of Stephanie's mouth and stopping myself from cumming. Unfortunately, my timing was off. As soon as my penis left her lips, I went over the edge. Stream after stream shot out and splashed on her face. By the time I was finished, she was almost completely covered.

I fell to my knees in front of Stephanie's facing and began apologizing profusely. Stephanie had pulled out the vibrator from Amy. Her body was shaking… at first I thought she was crying and my heart was breaking for upsetting her. Suddenly she let out a laugh. Amy crawled off of her to see what was going on and when she saw she had a look of shock on her face. She knelt down beside me and bent in to give Amy a kiss, getting a mouth full of my cum in the process. Stephanie licked around her lips and swallowed the cum she could get.

"Well, I can't really continue looking like this. What are you two going to do about it?" Amy leaned in and kissed more cum off her face. She then looked at me, giving me a look like 'well?' I leaned in and Amy and I cleaned Stephanie's face off. When we were done, Stephanie gave me a playfully stern look. "And for that, you can sit back down over there for a few minutes. I want you to play with yourself until you are ready again."

With that, Stephanie turned her body around. Her ass was half hanging off the bed and her head was back towards the headboard. She spread her legs wide and Amy slipped over and put her mouth the Stephanie's lips. While licking her, she reached up and began slowly stroking Stephanie's cock. Licking her and stoking her at the same time brought Stephanie right to the edge. Amy quickly quit stroking her cock and squeezed it tightly as the base, but redoubled her efforts with her tongue. Stephanie went crashing over the edge as she came very hard. She did not ejaculate with her cock and it was still raging hard when Amy let go.

Amy quickly stood up and straddled Stephanie's waist. She gripped Stephanie's cock and guided it into her dripping wet pussy. She slid all the way down in one motion and then held herself there. She leaned forward and kissed Stephanie. Amy looked back over her shoulder and Stephanie leaned her head to the side to look at me as well. I just sat there in the chair, slowly stroking my now erect penis.

"We said we wanting to make tonight special. Well, what are you waiting for? Get over here and grab some lube!"

I did not have to be asked twice and I jumped up. I found the bottle of lube where it had fallen on the floor next to the bed. Opening the lid, I turned it over and squeezed a good amount on my cock and then on Amy's ass. I closed the lid securely and dropped the lube to the floor. With one hand I began rubbing the lube into Amy's ass and with the other I coated my penis. I stepped up and placed the tip of my penis and her rosebud. Very gently, so very gently, I applied pressure until I slipped part way into Amy. She tensed a bit and reached back to put her hand on my hip to make me stop.

"I haven't had two in me like this… both being bigger than the toys. Go slow."

She removed her hand and I slowly slipped a little further in her and stopped. I watched for her to nod at me and I slid a little more. This continued until I found myself with my hips firmly pressed against Amy's ass cheeks. We all sat perfectly still and let Amy get used to being so full. After a minute, Amy began pushing back against me. Almost as if our minds were one, Stephanie began pulling back as I pushed forward. We found a perfect rhythm and it was only seconds before Amy was hit by a sudden and powerful orgasm. She would just begin to come down from one orgasm when she was hit with another. This continued for over ten minutes until she begged us to stop because she couldn’t take anymore. Stephanie and I slowed and then stopped.

"Do you want me to pull out?" I asked her gingerly as I slowly ran my hands along her lower back and ass cheeks, lightly massaging her.

"No, no… just give me a chance to breathe. Oh my god," she nervously laughed and looked back at me: "if I had known. You know that I never let you do this before because I was afraid it would hurt. I had no idea how good it would feel to have you in my… in me there." She looked at Stephanie. "And to have you both in me at once… it has never felt this good before."

Stephanie grinned and quickly pushed deep into Amy. "Feels that good, huh?" Immediately Amy began to shudder. I pushed into her as well, and she quickly had a body-shaking orgasm again. Amy squirmed and climbed off of Stephanie, causing both of us to slip out of her. She flopped over onto her back next to Stephanie, her hands clasped between her knees and he body shaking and shuddering - the remnants of her orgasm slowly subsiding.

Stephanie sat up on her elbows. She looked down at my slippery, erect cock standing at attention in front of me. "Well, it would be absolutely a travesty to let that go to waste." I stepped up to her, and just to give her a jolt, I grabbed her legs and threw them over my shoulders. Stephanie's elbows slipped out from under her and she fell back. I grabbed her hips and pulled her even further up into me. Her ass was in the air and her erect cock was pointing up at her chest. I found her lips and pushed into her hard and in one motion. Stephanie grabbed the comforter in her hands and twisted it. "Don’t be gentle… hard and fast lover."

With that encouragement, I began to pound into her as hard as I could. She immediately began moaning and twisting her head from side to side. Amy had recovered enough to sit up some. She was watching us… she climbed up onto her knees and bent over us. She wrapped her lips around Stephanie's cock and began to suck on her as if her life depended on it. Stephanie bucked and shivered. She immediately began yelling out that she was going to cum. The sight and sounds were pushing me over the edge, and when she let out a guttural howl, she began shooting her load down Amy's throat. I went over the edge myself and began pumping my seed deep into Stephanie.

We all climbed onto the bed and collapsed in an exhausted, sweaty heap. A few kisses and light caresses, and we slipped off into dreamland.

************************ (to be continued) ************************************

Rating: 75%, Read 12217 times, Posted Dec 27, 2016

Fantasy | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Threesome, Transgendered


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