Sins of the Father: Chapter 2 by Mojavejoe420

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Sins Of The Father: 2. More Lust

(C) Mojavejoe

All Characters are eighteen 18 years of age or older

Sunday Night

“Honey?” my wife, Blaire, called out to me. “You coming to bed or staying downstairs?”

“I’ll be up in a few minutes, hon. Gotta do the Oreo thing with Ash.”

The last season of Game Of Thrones was in full swing, and the Oreo cookie company decided to issue a special batch of Oreos stamped with various factions, and they were served in a very cool package. Of course, we had to buy several packages. So after each episode, Ashley and I shared a glass of milk and ate GOT Oreos while we dissected the latest episode.

Blaire, of course, fell asleep halfway through the major battle with the White Walkers and didn’t eat Oreos, and didn’t participate in our post-show analysis. One of our boys, Travis, was at a friend’s house and Tommy was upstairs fully entrenched in a Fortnite session.

Ashley, being her usual little goofy self, waited until I was ready to dunk my cookie into the milk to make her move, knocking the cookie out of my hand. It fell on the counter and split in half.

“Do you have any idea of how much that will cost you? That’s ten right there.”

She just stuck her tongue out at me and giggled.

I was referring to yesterday morning when Ash and I broke all the barriers, rules, norms, social mores, and acceptable forms of behavior. “Ten” meant ten spanks on her behind. Yes, we had begun a sexual, spanking relationship. Father-Daughter. Daddy-Baby Girl. Whatever you want to call it. Neither of us seemed to have any remorse or misgivings (well, okay I had some, but it didn’t seem to be stopping me). At the same time, we both knew it was exceedingly important not to get caught.

“So then… I’m up to how much?”

“Let’s see. You didn’t make your bed. Then… I had to remind you to feed the dog. You bet me ten on that “I can make this shot” but you didn’t. Then it was double or nothing and you missed that, also. That’s fifty, by my count.”

I finally got my cookie dunked and ate it rather smugly, if one can actually eat a cookie in a smug-like fashion.

Ashley dunked her cookie, held it for the requisite ten seconds to get full absorption, then placed just the tip of it on her tongue. Milk dripped from her fingers and landed on her black T-shirt. It shone white for a moment, then her shirt turned dark on her breast.

She whispered to me, “I got milk on my boobies, Daddy.”

“That’s another ten, sweetheart.”

I was about to offer her a way out of those last ten when I heard a squeak on the stairs. I immediately launched into GOT talk.

“But sending the Dothraki headlong against the entire army was idiotic! I mean they got wiped out in mere seconds… oh hey honey! What’s up?”

“Forgot my water,” Blaire answered as she entered the kitchen. I helped her get her ice water.

“Can you clean this up, Ash?”

She gave me the finger, surreptitiously, then sucked on it for me.

“Goodnight, oh loving parents of mine!”

She and Blaire hugged, then I hugged her and pinched her ass hard.

“Night, night, sweetie.”

Ash made a circle with her thumb and forefinger, then stuck her other forefinger through the circle, imitating a cock and pussy fucking. I glared at her, then winked, and went upstairs with my wife.

We settled in the bed; she scanned her Instagram for cute dogs while I tried to read some of my work emails. Almost immediately, though, Ashley started texting me. And she got straight to the point.

Daddy, I keep thinking about your cock in my mouth

I turned my phone slightly so the wife couldn’t see my screen, and texted her back.

That’s another ten for talking dirty to your father

She sent back a smiley face and wrote: I want to Suck your cock suck your cock suck your cock

I about choked on my own spit.

The wife looked over and asked, “Who are you texting?”

“George from work. He can’t seem to be able to read sometimes. I already sent him the proposals for the Initech project. I guess that’s why he’s in charge, he doesn’t have to actually do any work.”

She leaned over and kissed me.

“Good night dear, have fun with George.”

Blaire wasn’t being mean, this happened a lot. My job required lots of odd-hours phone calls and texts. I got back to texting Ashley.

Had to kiss mom goodnight now where were we oh yeah you were sucking my cock

She went quiet for a few moments, then hit me with a surprise.

You should fuck Mom.

Wow, talk about out of the blue. That was a strange request from my new lover.

Okay, sure

Immediately she texted back.

Ash: I mean now. Right now. I want to hear that headboard hit the wall

Me: Seriously? It’s been like three months

Ash: I’m dead serious.

Me: I’d rather fuck you, punkins

Ash: Dad. do it OR ELSE

I pondered my predicament. I was actually horny, I hadn’t thought of much else except sex for the last thirty-six hours or however long since Ashley and I…

Fucked. You fucked your daughter, shithead. She’s right, you better fuck your wife or you might go so far down that rabbit-hole you won’t be able to get out.

I hate when I talk to myself, and when I make sense, too. I typed back to Ashley.

Me: Okay, but there better not be any jealousy shit from you later.

She just texted back a bunch of smilies, some with the tongue sticking out.

Well now… How do I go about seducing my wife? We have been in a weird place lately. She’s got her back turned to me, and I can even see her bra strap under her shirt in the low light. Who wears a bra to bed? My wife, that’s who. I guess I’ll go with the old tried and true method.

I moved up behind her, spooning her, and leaned over to kiss her exposed neck.

“Cut it out,” she whispered. “We’ve got work in the morning.”

I kissed higher up her neck, towards her ear, and whispered into it.

“What if I die in my sleep? Are those the last words you want to have said to me?”

Her shoulders jumped slightly, then she reached over and slapped my thigh with her hand. I knew that little shoulder jump was a stifled giggle. I was in.

I slid my hand up under her shirt as I kissed along her jawline. My hand found and cupped her bra-covered breast, the tips of my fingers finding some flesh.

“What’s the bra for?” I asked.

“It’s for you to take off seductively, dummy.”

Gulp. Well my mother did tell me more than a few times that I was legally dense. Not stupid, just dense.

My hand circled around to her back and I leaned away a little, giving myself room.

“So you’re saying that if I undo this hook… (sprong)... and this one… (sprong)...”

My hand went back around front and easily slid under her bra, cupping her bare breast, feeling her nipple rise under my learned touch.

“That’s all it takes to get you going again?”

“Well, that. And you also better start telling me how beautiful I am, how sexy I am, how lucky you are--”

I rolled her over onto her back and kissed her deeply, lovingly, the way we used to kiss. I laid it on heavily, the seducing, the talking, everything. It was… nice. Wonderful, even. I didn’t realize how much I'd missed her.

Eventually, the headboard bumped a few times against the wall. Then it bumped repeatedly, and Blaire even called out my name a few times as we orgasmed together. We kissed softly and held each other. I spied the phone on my nightstand buzzing once, but I knew better than to look at it right at this moment.

“George can wait, can’t he, Jeremy?”

Yes, I guess Ashley will have to wait.

- - - -

I awoke a few hours later to go to the bathroom, and I checked my phone; just one message from Ashley.

Stud! And that’s 25 points taken off the hit list for me because I’m so awesome. Talk soon.

Tuesday, 9:14 am

“Mr. Steele? Yes, we’ve got your daughter, Ashley, here at the nurse’s station. She says she feels like throwing up.”

I was already in the car, impatiently waiting for the call. When I got to the school, she was out front, leaning against the nurse.

“Drive carefully, Mr. Steele. She looks like she’s going to blow any second.”

When the doors shut and we were out of sight, we both burst out laughing.

“How the fuck did you get your face to be green?”

“Alyssa is in the Drama Club. We did a little make-up between classes. It looks pretty convincing, right? Not too much?”

I didn’t respond. She said Alyssa helped her, and I got very nervous with what she had said to her as to why Ash needed to fake a sick day.

“Dad? Daddy?”

“Did you… tell Alyssa?”

“Daddy I… she’s like, totally my best friend! I lost my virginity, I had to tell her.”

A car honked at me. Apparently, the light had turned green a while ago and I hadn’t noticed. I started off slowly, he passed me and gave me a longer honk and the finger, too. I pulled into the parking lot of a mini-mall; I couldn’t drive right now.

“Ash, people can’t know this. It, it could wreck us both.”

“It’s just Alyssa, we are the absolute best friends ever!”

“Honey, I know. But friendship isn’t eternal. She could get mad at you tomorrow for something and spill the beans! Even if you deny it, just the mere suggestion of this could ruin our lives, forever.”

“Daddy, I’m so sorry. But we’ve known each other since forever. I know things about her that would make your head spin. Neither of us would never, ever tell our secrets. Daddy, we are… me and Alyssa… we are lovers, too.”

I sighed heavily. I didn’t know they were that close of friends.

“Yeah, and when you fall in love with someone else and leave her stranded, she will tell everyone your secrets to get back at you.”

“No Daddy. She won’t... you see... we aren’t like you. We are ‘poly’.”

Polly. Who or what the fuck is Polly?

“What the fuck does that mean.” I roared.

“Polyamorous. It means we can love more than one person at a time, and it’s okay. It’s fine.”

“That’s just some ridiculous hippie shit. You have no idea what you’re talking--”

“Daddy, come on. Do you love Mom?”

“Of course I do!”

“And do you love me?”

“Yes honey you know that but… but that’s... different… or maybe not… stop smirking at me! Okay young lady you just got ten more!”

I’m beginning to not like how she keeps outsmarting me with stuff. Polyamorous. I guess that’s a thing. Holy shit what am I getting into?

“Okay, but Ash. Seriously. If anyone found out, we are ruined. I might get imprisoned. At the very least we would be splashed all over the news.”

“Dad, nobody watches the news anymore.”

“They would watch this, I can fucking guarantee that.”

Ashley sat in her seat, lost in thought as we finished the drive home. The mood had shifted because of me and my concerns. But they were valid concerns and I needed her to know that, to understand the implications. Or… maybe I was just scared of what I’d done, and what I was going to do with her for the rest of the day.

The car stopped in the driveway, and I placed my hand on her leg.

“Ash, how about this. You go get your face cleaned up from that green stuff, freshen up a bit.” She smiled. “And then come talk to me in my bedroom in about fifteen or twenty minutes, okay? We’ll straighten this out.”

“Okay… should I like, wear anything… you know, special or what?”

“No, Ashley. You shouldn’t wear anything at all.”

She looked at me. Then we both started counting down.

“Three, two, one, go!”

We both scrambled out of the car and raced to get inside the house.

- - - -

I ran through a few quick exercises to get the blood flowing; some jumping jacks, push-ups, and a few curls. That only took a couple of minutes so I did another set. I checked myself; just a slight bit of sweat on me.


Then I went and got the red silk belt from my wife’s kimono that she hadn’t worn in years. I grabbed my wife’s fancy hairbrush, too. Blaire never used it, she kept it out on her vanity just to look nice. It was part of a comb and mirror set, all of them had a similar look of ivory with gold inlays. And for the heck of it, I grabbed the mirror, too.

I pulled back the bed covers, got in bed sitting up against the pillows, and pulled the sheet back over half my body. I waited.

Ash peeked her head around the door just a few minutes later.

“You ready, Daddy?”

“Come on in, sweetheart.”

She came further around the door, her right breast became visible. She crept around a little more, a shy look on her face, then she laughed and bolted for my bed. I yanked the sheet back and she jumped in with me in full giggle mode.

I pulled the sheet back over as I rolled on top of her. We kissed hard and full, like two long-lost lovers who’ve been separated for years. I could feel her desire, her wanting in that kiss, and I know she could feel mine. I pulled myself more on top of her: I wanted her to feel me, my presence, my manliness, my… dominion over her.

“Daddy, I love you being on me like this. God you smell good!”

I climbed up her body, then dragged my semi-hard cock and balls over her face, and continued to slide my body over her face on my way back down. Ashley opened her mouth and tasted me as I went by.

“Are you, like, marking me? With your scent?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact. I am. You are mine, Ashley. I want you to understand that, feel it in your bones.”

As my cock laid on her pussy, I could feel her dampness already.

I rose up and looked at her. Besides her stunning beauty, she had this dreamy quality to her face.

She’s already drifting towards subspace?

I had been doing my homework on the BDSM world. That’s always been an interesting area for me as far as watching videos and reading erotica, but I didn’t have any actual experience with it other than role plays on line. The thought of having a daughter with submissive tendencies, though, was very compelling. I needed to handle this right: I didn’t want to damage her psyche. Well, besides the damage that fucking her own father can cause…

“Ash, we’ve got a long time before anyone comes home. I’ve planned out some activities for us which I hope you like—“

“Daddy, you just said it a minute ago. I am yours. To do with as you please.”

I kissed her deeply before I continued.

“We will make love, we will fuck, I will spank you, I may do some... other things to you also.”

“Ooooh!” she cried out. “What other things?!”

“You’ll see very soon. But first…”

I slid my hand down and cupped her sex. Of course, she was wet, so I slid my finger inside her folds. She moaned softly.

“How’s my girl down here?”

“The soreness is gone, Daddy. That feels soooo good.”

She snuck me a text Sunday saying her pussy hurt. I imagine that’s a normal thing after getting deflowered. I was very glad she’d healed up. I needed her, badly. She had rekindled the fire between my wife and I, but she’d also created a roaring blaze of desire in me for her. I sensed I’d done the same for her.

I kissed her as I slid a second finger up inside her vagina.

“Oh yes, my fingers go in so easily now. Here’s a third for you… how about that?”

“Mmmmmm perfect, Daddy. That feels awesome… mmm… what is that?!”

“That’s your G-spot, Love. It’s supposed to be feel good, yes?”

She arched her back in response, and bit her lip.

“I’m learning so much from you, Daddy. Oh gawddd,” she moaned as I tickled her clit at the same time as I pushed against her g-spot.

“Baby girl likes her daddy touching her naughty parts, don’t you!”

She just gave me a moan which seemed to be in the affirmative. I bent down to suckle her breast nearest me. Instantly, her nipple hardened in my mouth as I sucked her in. She gasped as my fingers and mouth worked together to bring her along very quickly.

“Daddy… you’re going to make me… I’m going to…”

I felt her pussy walls contract on my fingers, followed by a heavier flow of juice. Ashley squealed with delight and arched her back as her orgasm traveled throughout her body.

She rolled into me, pulling my head off her breast so we could kiss; and we kissed deeply as my hand remained partially inside my baby girl.

“Daddy, that was amazing!”

“Glad to be of service, my child,” I teased her.

“What’s next! Are you going to fuck me or will you—“

“Shhhhhhhh. Ashley. Do you remember ‘ Yellow’ and ‘Red’?”

Her face blushed a little bit, and she excitedly answered, “Yes Daddy, of course I do. Are we going to—“

“Shush, little one. I’m in charge, and I will decide what, where, and when things will happen. Do you understand?”

Solemnly, she nodded.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Are you mine, Ashley? All mine?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered. She arched her back, stretching her arms up above her head. “I will do whatever you want me to.”

“I want you to cum again, like you just did.” I hadn’t let go of her pussy this entire time, and I began massaging her again.

“Mmmm, gladly… ouch… Daddy! Ouch!”

She tried to rise up and get away from my mouth which had not only latched onto her breast as before, but also bit her nipple.

I released her from my grip.

“Oh! You want me to stop? Ash? Maybe just send you to your room for the rest of the day. You wouldn’t disappoint me like that, would you? And after what you just said, too?”

She was conflicted, I could see it on her face. She was fighting it, her carnal desires. Part of her wanted to be my total slut, but some small part of her was rebelling and not giving in. I squeezed my right hand together, which pushed my thumb down on her clit and my fingers up against her G-spot.

“Are you going to deny yourself this? Are you going to deny me, Ashley?”

She moaned as my fingers worked their magic. She gasped as I gently suckled her nipple. Her arms fell around my neck, holding me to her breast as her breathing began to come in shorter and shorter breaths.

She’s climbing again, come on baby girl make that climb… that’s a girl… I can feel you’re almost getting there… you’re so fucking wet… almost… almost…

Just as she held her breath, signaling her impending orgasm, I bit her nipple, hard. Her hands grabbed my head and held me closer to her as she thrashed around the bed, screaming to the heavens for God to help her. Help her with what, she didn’t specify.

Presently, I stopped moving my hand and mouth completely, just left them where they were. She stopped screaming and fell silent… until I massaged her and bit her nipple again. In just a few moments she orgasmed again. I kept her in this state for about the next ten minutes, pretty much like a continuous orgasm.

I finally relented and let her return to the planet. A light film of sweat had formed on her within the last few minutes. Her hair splayed all over the pillow and she looked wrecked. I kissed her and told her how beautiful she was.

Her eyes fluttered open, as if she awoke from a dream.

“Daddy… what was that?”

Her sleepy voice sounded so sexy.

“Mmm, just a little something I picked up along the way. You like?”

“Of course I did! But…”

“But what, honey?”

She paused, trying to find either the words, or maybe the courage, I wasn’t sure.

“It was… weird. I mean it was so amazing but… you were hurting me but, like… I don’t know. I liked you hurting me, I guess.”

She turned away from me, she seemed ashamed.

“Ashley, look at me.”

She slowly turned her head towards me, but only reluctantly met my gaze.

“What you and I do is special. And it’s okay as long as both of us are okay. Are you okay with what we did? We can talk about it.”

“I’m okay with it, I guess. But like, it just seems… weird, kinda-sorta.”

Wow, she wants to be an English professor and she uses “kinda sorta.” Oh well, there's still time.

“Ash, what’s going on is what’s called a power exchange. It’s when the submissive chooses to give power to her dominant. It’s, it’s very heady stuff, honey. You are essentially surrendering to me.”

She thought for a few moments.

“Yeah. I didn’t know those words in that context, I guess, yeah. Like, that’s how I felt when you spanked me the other day, and just now. Like I surrendered or something.”

“And how did that make you feel?”

“It’s, um… difficult… I never felt like that before. I felt… free, I guess. Maybe that’s not the right word. But I was free from worry, nothing else mattered except being in that moment. Like even though you’re hurting me, you’re also in charge and I’m okay with that. And the pain, it… it like, makes my orgasm stronger? I want that. I want more of that. How is it for you?”

I thought for a few moments, too. I didn’t know if I could express myself, either.

“I, I feel incredibly close to you when we… when you give yourself to me. And when I spank you or… hurt you… I am so conflicted with guilt, and so amazingly turned on by you, and so connected to you, it’s almost overwhelming.”

She giggled. “It’s really cool, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” I laughed with her. “Very fucking cool. And Look at how hard my cock is for you. That’s pretty cool too.”

“Very fucking cool,” she said, reaching down and lightly stroked my rigid cock with her fingernails, sending lighting bolts to my brain.

“Does he want to fuck me, Daddy?”

“Pull your legs up honey… God, you’re so flexible, Your knees are against your breasts! See how open you are for me?”

She nodded and smiled as I climbed up on her. My cock easily found her pussy in just a few seconds. Ashley’s pussy oozed with desire and I pushed my cock forward into her body.

“Ohhhhh Daddy,” she whispered as I filled her vagina with my cock.

I whispered back to my girl.

“Lock your ankles around my back… yesssss. Feel how deep in you I am?”

Our lips met in a soulful kiss as our bodies joined in blissful togetherness. Pushing into her, I felt like I was trying to nail her to the mattress with my cock. I just… had to get… deeper… deeper inside…

“My Little Love,” I inadvertently whispered as I moved in and out of her, making love to my baby. She arched her back, mashing her breasts into my chest. God I loved that.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” she moaned softly. “I love… your cock inside me… fuck.”

Her hot, liquid-velvet pussy gripped my cock incredibly tight. I felt like… like I’d never felt before. To have the love of this… young woman… and to be joined with her so utterly completely… I’d never been on such an emotional high as this is my entire—

“Fuck me harder, Daddy!” she moaned , breaking me out of my reverie. Hell yes I will fuck you hard—

“Fuck me hard like you fucked Mommy!”

I froze, completely stunned and confused. Mommy, Ashley had said. All of a sudden, I couldn’t wrap my head around what I was currently doing; cheating on my wife and having sex with my own daughter.

“Why, why would you say that?”

“Daddy, what’s wrong? Are you… what’s happening?”

I was going soft, that's what was happening. The guilt came crashing down upon me like a tidal wave. I couldn’t… I just couldn’t reconcile my behavior…

“Daddy? I thought you loved me?”

I rolled off Ashley, embarrassed and ashamed. She pulled the sheet over her body, to hide herself. She was confused by my actions, and so was I.

“Daddy?” Ashley asked quietly. I couldn’t look at her. “Talk to me?”

“Ashley, I…”

I couldn’t. I couldn’t face her. I suddenly felt like I ruined her life, somehow. Like this would scar her forever.

She cried quietly next to me for a few moments. I… didn’t respond.

“I fucking Hate you! You fucking asshole!” And she leaped out of the bed.

“Ashley wait a second,” I began, weakly. But she stormed out and slammed the door. She screamed as her loud footsteps thumped down the hallway, then she slammed her bedroom door.

Well there you go, genius. You fucked up her life by fucking her, now you’ve basically rejected her. What’s your plan now?

I had no idea. The surreality increased with each passing moment and I felt I was losing my grip.

I don’t know how much time passed, maybe ten minutes or so. I heard her door open, followed by her tromping down the stairs like a herd of elephants. Less than a minute passed when she climbed back up the stairs just as loudly. My bedroom door flew open, and there she stood, naked, and holding my Abbey Road album.

This was no ordinary Beatles album. This was a limited-edition version with half-speed mastering, master tape sourced, and stamped on heavy-duty Supervinyl. I’m not making this up, this was a rare fucking thing.

“Ashley!” I warned, using my sternest voice. “Don’t you even think about this!”

“What’s more important, Daddy? Me, or this record?”

I knew what she was doing. She was recreating a scene from her childhood, where (I found out later) she broke a Beatles record of mine on purpose for attention.

“Ashley, that’s a silly question!”

She slid the album and the inner sleeve out of the cover, and threw the cover off to the side.

She kept the record in the special sleeve. She knew better than to touch the vinyl with her bare hands.

“Then answer me,” she demanded.

She deftly slid the album out of the protective sleeve, holding the record carefully by the edges so as to not touch the grooved playing surfaces.

My heart began thumping in my chest, and I began thinking clearly again.

This is your little girl, the one you love the most in the world.

I leaped up and managed to yank the record from her grasp, grabbing the “Do not touch” areas fully with both my hands. I backed away from her as she gave me a stunned look.

“Daddy! I wasn’t going to really break it! You saw I was holding it the right—“


She immediately stopped talking.

“Ashley, I love you more than anything in the whole world. Yes, more than Mom. And I would do anything to protect you. But…”

I walked over to our large bureau where we kept our folded clothes.

“You have made it abundantly clear, beyond a shadow of a doubt…”

I held the record, improperly, in one hand, and raised it over my head.

“That you want me, your father…”

I slammed the rare, expensive record down on the edge of the polished cherry bureau, shattering it into several large pieces and a few smaller ones.

Ashley screamed in shock at my ridiculous display of… whatever this was.

“To fuck you. So I will. After this.”

I went over to the nightstand and pulled out the red silk kimono belt I found earlier. I guided my daughter to the foot of my matrimonial bed, so that her back was to the tall post. I told her to raise her hands over her head, which she did without hesitation.

I tied her hands to the post, above her head. My daughter stood there naked, trembling, her chest rising and falling with her deep breaths.

“Open your legs a little bit, honey,” I whispered softly.

She stepped a little to each side, allowing my hand to comfortably cup her sex. I leaned down to kiss her as my fingers gently rubbed her.

“You’re wet again,” I whispered as I pulled away.

“I never,” she swallowed, then continued. “I never went dry, Daddy.”

I smiled and kissed her again, gently, sensually. I felt my cock harden up again as my fingers penetrated her pussy, and I rubbed my erection against her tummy.

“Daddy, oh God…” she moaned into me. “Why did you break your record?”

“You are much more important than any record, Ash. I just wanted you to know that.” I wiped away a little tear from her right eye. “I’m guessing you still want a spanking today?”

“Yes Daddy. But, this is kinda different, and a little scary.”

“Do you trust me? Because I’ve got you, and I want to give you what you need. And you know I need this, too.”

“Yes… I trust you.”

A look crossed her face, like she made an important decision.

“I’m not ‘Yellow,’ Daddy. Or ‘Red’.”

I smiled at my little girl.

“There are many different types of spankings, Ash. There’s leaning on the couch like we did Saturday. There’s over-the-knee spanking, too.”

“I loved that one!”

“We’ll do more of that, don’t worry.”

Gently, I eased two fingers up and into her vagina. She groaned as my wet fingers penetrated her.

“There’s also different parts of your body that can be spanked, too.”

“Different parts like... ohhhhhh shit… is that three fingers now? Wait.. different body parts?”

I moved my free hand to her breast and smiled.

“My, my boobs? You’re going to spank my boobs?”

She groaned as I curled my fingers inside her pussy, and gave her breast a light tap.


“Oh my God, Daddy…”

I began with just some moderate slaps on her breasts. Each little slap caused her to flinch a bit, but she held my gaze as I continued. I used both hands as I faced her, slapping the sides of each breast in unison. I mentally counted the strokes, and I stopped when I got to thirty.

“How you doing, punkins?”

“Good! It’s… weird, though. My breasts feel very warm, like on the inside. They don’t really hurt, it feels, I don’t know, interesting. Are, like, we just getting warmed up?”

“Yes… we are just getting started, baby girl.”

I smiled at her while I admired her form. She stood there, her hands tied to the post, looking so helpless, and so sexy. She inhaled deeply and slowly exhaled, as if trying to calm herself.

“Daddy? Do you like looking at me?”

“Honey, you’re the most beautiful thing on this Earth.”

“You’re not just saying that? I want to be pretty for you… I want to look sexy for you.”

Her breasts rose and fell, and she turned a little to one side and lifted her leg slightly, giving me a sexy pose. Of course, with her hands tied over her head, her breasts stuck straight out. Her engorged nipples stood out proudly, and I knew she was aching to find out what a real breast-beating was all about.

I leaned into her and we kissed, softly… tenderly… and I wrapped my arms around her tightly and lifted her off the ground. The tender kiss became fervent, passionate as our lust grew together. She wrapped her legs around me, and I helped situate her so she was fully resting on me.

Deep inside, I felt the beast rising. The beast that she’d awoken in me. The beast that needed to feed off of our combined lust. Ashley must have felt this on a subconscious level, because she suddenly bit my lip, hard.

I pulled away from her, and I swear the look on her face said what are you gonna do about it, old man?

The beast had risen inside her, too. She wanted this.

I set her feet back on the floor, rubbing my lips a little bit. Then, I gave her a swift smack on her left breast, much harder than the little taps I gave her earlier. She yelped in surprise at the stinging blow, but she looked me in the eye, defiantly.


I slapped her right breast, hard, causing her to cry out in earnest for the first time. I have to admit at this point, I was really enjoying this. My wife would never stand for this, she would just see it as some form of abuse. But my Ashley, she wanted me to use her, she wanted to please me, she wanted to be dominated.

I unleashed a one-handed barrage on her breasts, alternately striking each one about every second and with increasing vigor.

Ashley moaned and screamed. She involuntarily twisted her body in an attempt to escape the onslaught. Because her hands were tied securely above her head to the bedpost, she couldn’t get away or do much to reduce the impact.

I kept slapping her breasts, fast and hard, her one breast still jiggling from its slap while I hit the other one.


I stopped after about a minute, after giving her fifty or sixty strokes. I was impressed with how she took her lashing, and I was also impressed at how hard my fucking cock was.

“Ash, look at me… come on now, look at me.”

Still grimacing from the pain, she slowly opened her eyes once she realized I had stopped. Her eyes glassy, they were at the verge of dribbling tears. She sniffed and cleared her throat.

“Daddy?” she asked in a voice just above a whisper. “Did I… am I doing okay?”

I was so proud of her, I even got a little choked up.

Just look at how red her breasts are, they’re practically glowing.

“You’re amazing, baby.”

I went to her and kissed her hard on the mouth while also placing my hands on her hot breasts. I gently rubbed and massaged them lovingly, knowing it would make them feel better. Then, while still kissing her, I slid my right hand down to cup her sex and found her pussy actually dripping onto the rug. My fingers slid easily into her.

“Baby, I just love you so much!”

I hoisted her up again on me. Only this time, I picked up her little frame and set her down on my upward-pointing cock.

I pushed into her a bit, her back against the bedpost, and entered my daughter. She gasped as I penetrated her. I watched as her eyes rolled back into the back of her head while I continued to drill deeper inside her vagina. In just a few moments, I let her down until she was completely impaled on my steel-hard shaft.

With her legs firmly wrapped around me and my left hand holding her up by her ass, I reached up and undid her bound hands. Her arms fell around my neck and she held onto me for dear life.

I’m sure the day’s events were a bit overwhelming to her; the earlier multi-orgasm session followed by some harsh pain, and now switching back to pure love and pleasure was a lot for a young person to take in. While I held my baby’s ass in both hands with my cock deep inside her, Ashley buried her face in my neck and let her emotions loose completely.

I held her lovingly, and whispered in her ear how much I loved her, and continued to fuck her gently, yet firmly. Her body shook with sobs and her tears drenched my neck. I couldn’t think of anything else to do except help her grind her pussy on me as we fucked.

I somehow held her in just the right way. In less than a minute, her sobs turned to moans. She leaned back so we could see each other’s faces.

My adorable little girl looked at me with her tear-streaked face and runny nose, and her bright green doe-eyes were filled with love.

“Daddy… Daddy… I’m going to… cum oh my fucking God.”

Her body convulsed as her orgasm swept through her. I felt the contractions on my cock as she came hard.

I carefully carried Ashley around the end of the bed, and then sat down on the edge with my cock still in her. I moved her onto her back so I could fuck my baby, Daddy-style.

I know her clit was sensitive from her climax moments ago, and that direct contact can even be somewhat painful at this stage… but I dismissed that and plowed into her with all I had. I pulled almost all the way out, and then thrust hard and deep into her wet pussy, pounding her like a cheap whore. We both grunted, screamed, and cried out while I rutted in her like a wild fucking animal.

Time ceased to exist. It was just the two of us locked together as close as two people can possibly be, riding this wave of emotion to the top. It wasn’t just the pleasure, the emotional ties between us just grew stronger and stronger with each stroke, with each touch, with each kiss.

I felt it building fast inside me, and I fucked Ash with extra intensity. She sensed my sudden urgency and spoke, between her labored breath.

“Cum, Daddy… cum inside your girl.”

With a final thrust, I fired all my sperm deep inside my little girl’s pussy. Ashley orgasmed after just my second or third squirt, too, her contractions milking my cock of its cum.

“Fill me… fill me with your sperm, Daddy.”

We went limp as our lust faded, satiated for the moment. I began to grow conscious again and I realized how hard I had been smashing Ashley into the bed. Still on top of her, I started to roll off her.

“No!” she exclaimed, grabbing me and holding me right where I was. “Stay right here, Daddy. Protect me.”

I rose up a bit on my elbows so I could look at her, my little lover.

“Ash, honey. How are you? You doing okay?”

“Just don’t let go of me, Daddy.”

I reached over to grab my phone and check the time; we still had over six hours until anyone was expected home. Quickly, I set the timer for two hours so we could take a nap if we wanted.

Then, I worked my hands back under my baby’s ass so I could hold her tightly. My fingers found a veritable cum-flood between her legs. Pushing my right hand a little more, I could get my middle finger right on her wet asshole. I slowly rubbed her hot little hole, circling it with my finger as we kissed.

Several minutes later, after we had mostly recovered from our ordeal, I asked her if she wanted to roll over. I knew my 190 pounds was a lot for her little buck-ten body and I didn’t want to crush her. We rolled over a quarter-turn so we faced each other, still clinging tight with our arms and legs still tangled together. Our foreheads touched, the crowning touch of our tight embrace.


“Yes, my little love.”

“Will you always love me?”

“Of course I will!” I reassured her. “Forever and always.”

“Even if I got pregnant?”

My jaw dropped open.

“Aren't you on the pill?”

She giggled.

“Yes I am, but… maybe I shouldn’t say anything.”

“Ashley, punkins. Please. Let’s be honest with each other, alright? Tell me. It’s okay.”

“Okay. Well… the thought of that really gets to me when we, like, you know…”


“Yes!” She giggled. “When we fuck, I imagine you putting a baby inside me. But I wait until you’re ready to cum. Then I say to myself give me your baby Daddy, and I cum instantly”

I kissed her tenderly, stroking her cheek.

“That’s a lovely thought, Ash, and a very sexy one, too. But, let’s not do —“

“Daddy! Of course not! It’s just a fantasy, I know I’ve got too much going on to have a baby. Plus there’s lots of like, risks and stuff.”

I smiled at her, my little baby girl. It was a sexy thought, sure enough… No! Don’t even go there!

“Daddy? Can we like, spoon or whatever?”

“Of course!”

I helped her roll over and she scooted back up to me. At only about 5’3”, she fit perfectly into my 6’1” spoon I created for her.

She sighed as my arm came down across her body, my hand cupping her breast. She held onto my arm with both her hands, squeezing back up against me.

“Oh, I could get used to this! God, you feel good Daddy… mmmmm”

I gently kissed her neck, nuzzling her hair and giving her reassuring little squeezes every now and then. Within minutes, her pulse slowed and her breathing evened out, and she fell asleep in my arms.

My little love.

- - -

The alarm buzzed and I jerked awake. Startled, I disentangled myself from Ash and ran to the window to check the driveway.

Phew! No cars. Nobody home except us.

I slid back in bed with Ashley, she kissed me passionately as we fell into a firm embrace. Her warm body on me began to produce the usual result.

“Daddy, you’re hard again!”

“I can’t keep it down around you, punkins.”

I rolled on top of her, tongue kissing her. I grabbed my hard cock and placed it at her opening. Not surprisingly, I found her somewhat wet. I pushed in slightly and I felt her open up to me. New juices seem to arrive by the second, helping me get inside my daughter’s pussy.

“Oh… God… you fill me up, like, so good.”

I made love to her, real love. We slipped into a quiet, gentle rhythm which was a contrast from the earlier activities of the day. Her legs wrapped around my waist as she fully opened up to me.

“Give me that love-cock.”

I smiled at her. “Love-cock? I like that.”

“That’s what it feels like now. Not angry, just loving.”

I gave her my love-cock slow and steady, yet still powerful. She had already surrendered to me, but I wanted to… cement those feelings inside her mind. I wanted her to know I was always here for her, would always love her, would always protect her.

I told her all those things, quietly whispering in her ear as I sped up the rhythm. She came as we kissed. She got tears in her eyes, which made me get teary, also.

I came deep inside Ashley, whispering to her as I did.

“Here’s Daddy’s cum. Feel me squirting inside you? Feel my sperm traveling up inside you, looking, hunting, trying to impregnate you.”

She came again, crying out loud this time. I held her close to me and kissed her tears.

Wednesday Night

“Honey?” asked Blair, my wife. “Did you see this email from the school?”

Oh shit! Not another incident!

“Um… what email?”

“They’re having a Father-Daughter benefit dinner and dance next Friday night. Ashley didn’t tell you?”

Relieved that Ashley hadn’t been caught in another compromising position, I answered her.

“No, must’ve slipped her mind.”

“She’s probably afraid to ask you. There’s a bit of a... situation, shall we say.”

“What do you mean? What kind of situation? Blair, are you telling me she’s not my daughter?”

She rolled her eyes and hit me with her potholder.

“Are you ever not acting like an idiot?”

“I wasn’t too idiotic last Sunday night, was I?”

I stood up and went to her, embracing my wife, and rubbed my cock on her a little.

“No, umm, you weren’t… what… what’s the problem again?”

I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her close.

“I don’t know, you were telling me some terrible news about the dance.”

“Oh, right! Well um, Alyssa, you know. Her father has been such a shit to their whole family these last three years.”

Uh oh, I see where she is going with this.

“And she’s Ashleys best friend, of course. You know how close they are. Jeremy, she kind of thinks of you as her father now.”


“She’s coming for dinner tonight, Ashley is going to ask you then. I just wanted you to be prepared.”

I guess I had a blank look on my face, but my mind was racing at light speed.

“Jeremy? If you take her, I’ll make it up to you.”

She reached down and fondled my package.

“I’ll suck you dry when the boys and I get home Sunday from the tournament in Springfield.”

Tournament that weekend? Sounds like a sleepover will be in effect. Could be… interesting…

“Yeah, of course. What kind of father would I be if I didn’t give my daughter what she needed?”

= = = =

Continued in chapter three.

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