Was That Wrong Of Me, Ba by Wilderness+Cry

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Was That Wrong Of Me, Baby?

It was my idea, just to spice things up a bit. I thought it might turn me on, and it did.

My girlfriend and I have been together for a about a year now, which is way longer than any other relationship I’ve had. I guess I love her, but I have no intention of marrying her. I’m way too young for that. We get on great, and the sex has been fantastic, so I’m just enjoying myself.

Debbie’s not the sort of girl I usually go for. She’s classy. The truth is, I’m punching way above my weight and I know it, so I’m just having fun while it lasts, which I can’t believe will be forever. I usually go for the dirty, slutty types, who will do absolutely anything, and once we have, I move on to the next one.

This one, though; she’s fun. She’s a keeper. For now, at least. But she’s not slutty at all, and not as adventurous, and just recently the sex had begun to lose its shine. I wanted to wake up her inner slut. Surely all women have a slutty side to them at some level, don’t they? Men are complete sluts, so why not?

Debbie’s a real stunner; beautiful face, long blonde hair, and awesome boobs, with a skinny waist, a tight curvy ass, and legs that go on forever. She’s perfectly proportioned, and loves to go out wearing low-cut, short, figure-hugging dresses that really show off her fantastic figure, but in a really classy way.

I work shifts, so I’m not always free to go out on a weekend. When that happens, she goes out with her mates, instead. For fun, I suggested that on those nights, she could come home and pretend she had been shagging about, turning me on with her made-up naughty antics.

We tried it a few times, and she wasn’t bad at making up stories, but not brilliant, either. I encouraged her to be more imaginative, and really push the boat out. I wanted her to get extreme. She was a little disappointed that she wasn’t pleasing me as much as I wanted and promised she would break out of her shell. She vowed to find her inner slut and blow my mind.

The following weekend, I was working late and didn’t get home until after midnight. I was tired, so I showered and went to bed. She had gone out, and had sent me a selfie earlier, looking an absolute knock-out in a short, white, skin-tight dress and ridiculously high heels. The message she had sent with it read “Cud I get lucky tonite? x”. I had texted back: “How cud u not? x”. She promised to come back to my place for the night. Eventually.

Sometime later, I awoke to the sound of her stumbing through the front door. I guessed she was pretty drunk from the noise she was making. I heard her making her way to the bathroom and into the shower. I laid in the dark, waiting for her, and started feeling horny. A few minutes later, I was dazzled by the bedroom light. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust, and then I saw her leaning against the doorframe, stark naked. She looked fantastic.

“Wow,” I said, as my dick twitched. She giggled. She pulled the quilt off and crawled up the bed to lay snuggled into me. We kissed, and her breath was a mix of minty fresh toothpaste and Bacardi. Her hand found my dick, tugging it gently.

“Did you have a good time?”

“Yes, I did thank you,” she whispered. “Maybe too good a time.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m afraid I’ve been a bit naughty tonight. Very naughty, in fact. I hope you don’t get mad when I tell you what I’ve done.”

My dick stiffened immediately in anticipation, and she continued stroking it gently.

“Tell me what you’ve done. Every detail. Don’t miss anything out.”

“Well, I was stood at the bar with a friend when two big, muscly guys came over and started talking to us. They were both very good looking, and the white one with lots of tattoos seemed to really fancy me. He kept looking at my boobs.”

“I’m not surprised. They are amazing,” I breathed. My dick was fully rigid now, and she increased the pace of her strokes a little.

She propped herself up on one elbow; her attention focused on my dick. I laid back with my eyes closed and my hands behind my head, listening as she continued with the game.

“He got me a couple of drinks. He was charming, and funny. He stood very close to me and he smelled nice.”

I began stroking her hair, letting her know I was enjoying her story.

“I fancied him. I know I shouldn’t, but he got me tipsy, and he was hot.”

She picked up the pace, and I moaned with pleasure. Then she paused and leaned forward and licked and sucked the tip of my dick briefly, making me moan louder before she carried on.

“He leaned forward and put his mouth to my ear. He said he wanted to take me outside and fuck me in his truck. That made my pussy wet and I found myself nodding in agreement. I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t help myself. He took my hand and led me outside. I went with him knowing what he was going to do to me. I wanted him to. I felt a little scared, but excited, too. For the first time ever, I was going to let a man I didn’t know fuck me.”

She was wanking me hard now.

“He led me to his truck and we got in the back. We started snogging, and he groped my boobs and put his hand between my legs. I got his dick out. It was very big, and I started wanking him, just like I’m wanking you, now. I liked the feel of his big hard dick in my hand. But then he grabbed my hair and pulled my head down on it. I loved the way it felt so hot and so hard in my mouth, yet his skin felt so soft. I could taste his pre-cum as I sucked him. It was yummy. I wanted his cum in my mouth.”

She leaned forward and began sucking me as she massaged my balls. Her story was making me as horny as fuck, and I didn’t know how long I could hold off. She sensed I was getting close and eased off. She let me cool off before she began stroking me gently again.

“His dick was really hot and as hard as iron. I loved the feeling of it against my lips and my tongue as it slid in and out of my mouth. My pussy was soaking by the time he pulled my head up and pulled me on top of him. I moved my panties to one side and slid all the way down onto him. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that, but I wanted him inside me so much. It felt so good having his big, thick, rock-hard dick deep inside of me. He didn’t have a condom on, so I told him he couldn’t cum in me.”

She was wanking me hard and fast again.

“He pulled my top down and squeezed and sucked my boobs while I rode his dick. He used his lips and teeth and tongue, and he sucked my nipples hard. It felt amazing. It was painful but in a sexy way. It sent spasms of electricity shooting through my body, from my nipples to my pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet he was making me. I ground my clit against him and fucked him as hard as I could until I came on him. I came on his dick, babe. I know I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t help it. It felt so good inside me, I just couldn’t stop. I wanted to ride that dick all night.”

My dick was throbbing. She edged me with perfect timing again, and I relaxed.

“Then he put his hands on my waist and began fucking me, pumping his dick into me really hard from beneath me. He was so good at it. His big, hard, throbbing dick felt amazing as he slammed it into me, again and again. It filled me up and stretched me so much, every time he rammed it in. It felt so good I wanted him to cum in me, but I told him again that he couldn’t.”

She started wanking me slowly again.

“After a while, he stopped and told me to go down on him again. He grabbed my hair, so I couldn’t move my head, and began ramming his dick so far down my throat I kept choking on it. That turned me on so much I had to finger myself until I came again. The whole time, he was fucking my throat so deep I kept gagging on his big hard dick, and I could barely breathe. When I came, I thought I might actually pass out. It was incredible. And just as I was getting off on him, he jizzed in my mouth. Spurt after spurt of hot, thick, creamy spunk. You can’t imagine how good I felt knowing that I was making him squirt his spunk down my throat, babe. I sucked him dry and swallowed every last drop of it.”

She went down on me, bobbing her head frantically until I was ready to cum, my body rigid with tension, and she edged me again. My balls were so full they were starting to ache, now.

“I liked fucking him. I enjoyed being fucked by his big hard dick. I loved the way he fucked my throat until I almost fainted, and I loved the taste of his spunk. It was a shame he had finished using me so soon. I would have let him fuck me all night long.

“As I got out of the truck his friend was stood there. I think he’d been watching us. He was a big black guy. We hadn’t spoken much, but he seemed nice, and he was the best looking of the two. I looked around for my friend, but he said she was in the bar waiting for me. Then he pulled me to him and kissed me hard. I just melted. I fancied him so much I wanted him to fuck me right there. He squeezed my bum and pressed his body against me. I could feel his hard dick pressing against my stomach.”

She was wanking me again.

“I knew what was going to happen, and I felt such a slut, but I wanted to fuck him. I’ve never had a black dick before. I wanted his big black dick inside me. He told me to take my panties off as he pulled his dick out of his trousers. I knelt in front of him and took it in my mouth straight away. It was lovely, and long, and thick, and hard. I sucked it for ages, until my jaw ached, but I wanted to suck it for hours.

“I was on my knees in a public car park, sucking off a stranger! I couldn’t believe it. I don’t think anyone saw us, though. When I stood up, he lifted me off my feet like I weighed nothing at all and lowered me down onto his dick. I was so wet it slid straight up inside me. It filled my pussy up completely, and it felt fantastic. Then he leaned me against the side of the truck and fucked me standing up. I told him he couldn’t cum in me unless he stopped and put a condom on. He said he didn’t have any. He fucked me like that for ages. It felt amazing. He was very fit. I loved the feel of his dick pounding my pussy so hard and fast. After a while, he stopped and carried me to the front of the truck, still on his dick. The metal was cold on my back when he laid me down.”

She was wanking me hard now, and my dick was throbbing like crazy.

“He fucked me fast and deep, and stroked my clit at the same time. It felt so good that he made me cum. I came for ages, while he was ramming his huge dick into me. He began moaning, so I warned him again not to cum, but he said, ‘how can I not cum in your sweet little box?’. I told him, ‘No! Stop!’, but I secretly wanted him to. Was that wrong of me, babe? Was it wrong of me to want a stranger to cum deep inside me? Was it wrong of me to want a big black dick to cum in me? I told him not to, but then he just said, ‘too late doll’, and laughed, and¬ came in me anyway. He came so hard I felt his spunk splashing inside me. I liked that. It felt good. I did worry how you would feel about another man squirting his spunk into my unprotected pussy, but it was too late then. He’d already done it. And it felt so good.”

She was wanking me so fast her hand was just a blur, and I felt me balls tighten.

“Two gorgeous sexy strangers fucked me bareback tonight babe, and it turned me on so much I came three times. Two of those times I came with their dicks inside me. I loved it when the first one came in my mouth, and I loved it even more when the second one shot his load of spunk deep inside my bare-naked pussy.”

That pushed me over the edge. I moaned loudly, and she dipped her head just in time for me to explode in her mouth. She sucked me until I was completely spent, and she swallowed it all.

She giggled and snuggled into my chest. “Was that a good story, babe? Is that what you wanted?”

“Hell, yes,” I said. “That was amazing. You really turned me on.”

I didn’t tell her that what turned me on most was that I wasn’t sure she was making it up. She didn’t normally have a shower when she came in. She’s not usually that creative, either. There was too much detail. I might have been wrong, but I think she really did fuck those two guys and then came home and told me all about it. But I couldn’t really believe my classy girlfriend had transformed into a cheap slut so quickly and completely. She had to be making it up, right? Either way, I was surprised how horny she had made me feel. I couldn’t wait for her to do it again, and I told her that. She was happy that she had pleased me.

I woke during the night and went to the bathroom. When I returned, she was sleeping on her stomach. I realised that if she really had been fucked by those two guys, then I had reclaimed her mouth when she came home, but I hadn’t yet reclaimed her pussy. I suddenly felt the urge to do her there and then. As my hard-on grew, I gently removed the quilt, uncovering her gorgeous body. I quietly opened the drawer in the bedside cabinet, trying not to wake her, and smothered my dick in lubricant from the bottle we keep in there. I slowly climbed onto the bed, between her legs.

I eased my slick fingers into her pussy, rousing her from the deeper reaches of sleep, but not yet waking her fully. I gently pushed my dick inside her, and she groaned, “Mmm, that’s nice, babe. I like that.”

Then I fucked her. I slammed my dick into her as hard and as fast as I could. She was mine, and I was taking her back.

“Oh god, baby,” she gasped as I began ramming her. “You’re an animal. I should fuck other men more often.”

There was the careless truth, revealed through the fog of her half-sleeping mind, and it turned me on even more now it had been confirmed. She was a slut deep down after all, and I was going to use her like one. As she laid face down on the bed, pinned down by the weight of my hands on her shoulders, her body jerking helplessly beneath me, I fucked her more ferociously than I have ever done before, pounding her relentlessly until I came in her like a tidal wave, emptying my balls deep inside her; reclaiming her pussy for myself.

“Good girl,” I whispered in her ear, when I was done. “I want you to be a slut more often and come back to mine and tell me how you got fucked.”

“If it makes you happy, and makes you fuck me like an animal again, then I promise I will. Now let me go back to sleep.”

The following weekend, we went out together. I was used to other men looking at her, but this time, it gave me an idea. I wasn’t sure if she would go for it, but I suggested it anyway: we would find a bar that wasn’t too busy, and I would go in first, get a drink, and sit where I could see the bar. She would follow me in a few moments later, get a drink, and sit alone on a barstool. She wasn’t to look for me or acknowledge me at all. The idea was that men would hit on her, and she could flirt with them as outrageously as she wanted to. She would decide if she wanted any of them to fuck her, and all the time I would be watching her from across the room. If she left with a man at any time, I would go back to mine and wait for her.

I hoped that the game, and knowing I was watching it play out, would turn her on. She’s usually quite shy about being watched doing anything, so I was pleasantly surprised when she agreed.

We soon found an ideal place, and I sat down with a perfect view of the bar just as she walked in. She couldn’t have been sat there more than two minutes before the first man approached her, standing near her as he ordered a drink, and then lingering to chat. I couldn’t hear what they were saying above the background music, but they were laughing, and she was playing with her hair, flirting and smiling coyly at him. After a little while she shook her head, smiling sweetly. I knew she was knocking him back. He took it gracefully, and smiled, and walked away.

A group of young guys came in next and headed straight for her. Bees around the sweetest honey. They all chatted to her for quite a while, and I did wonder if she was entertaining thoughts of a gangbang, but it gradually became clear that she was focusing more of her attention on just one of them. He ended up standing next to her, and the others moved away, but not before taking the piss out of him for trying to get laid by ‘an older woman’. She must have been all of four years older, at most.

She blushed and glanced furtively round the room. She found me, and I smiled, and just barely nodded. Her blush deepened a little, and she turned her attention back to the guy, who hadn’t noticed her looking at me, and was now apologising for his friends’ behaviour.

He bought her a drink and they sat on bar-stools, chatting and flirting with each other. He touched her knee, and she stroked his thigh as they shared an intimate joke.

While they laughed and talked, I weighed him up. He was young. Eighteen, maybe. He seemed like a normal, pleasant kind of guy. He was tall, like me. Debbie likes tall men, because she’s quite tall herself. He was slim, nicely dressed, well-groomed and clean-shaven. He was quite good-looking, I guess, so I could understand her picking him if that’s where this was going.

When they finished their drinks, they stood up, and left together, he had his arm around her. He was staking his claim. Debbie almost glanced over towards me, but just caught herself in time. Were they going somewhere else for a drink, or straight back to his? That might be a bit hasty, but it was ultimately the point, and he was unlikely to object. I debated following them, but I didn’t want to stalk her in case it made her feel uncomfortable. I decided to go home.

I tried to watch a dvd, but I couldn’t concentrate enough to get into it. I kept thinking about what Debbie might be up to. Were they just sat in a pub or a restaurant, or had they gone to his place? We had already agreed she wouldn’t take anyone back to hers.

Were they naked in bed together? Was she sucking him off? Was he going down on her? She likes that. Were they fucking yet? What positions would they get into? Would he use a condom, or go bareback? Where would he cum? How would she make him cum? How many times would she cum? I had a permanent hard-on, and it was all I could do not to have a wank just fantasising about her, and especially about what we would do when she came in. What was she going to tell me?

In the end, I went for a walk, so that I had to keep my hands off myself. Then I had a long shower, as cold as I could stand it, before going to bed and watching a horror movie as a distraction.

Debbie let herself in about five minutes after the movie finished. I was sat in bed, imagining what she was doing again, and having a slow wank. My dick was rock-hard. I debated covering up before she got to the bedroom but decided against it. I carried on slowly stroking myself.

“Ooh, is that for me?” she said, laughing, as she came into the bedroom. I just looked at her, trying to read what had happened in her face. She was bright and happy. “Keep it warm for me, I’ll be back in a tick.”

I listened to her shower and brush her teeth. When she strolled sexily into the bedroom, stark naked, I was still slowly stroking my erect dick. When I saw her, I immediately started wanking like crazy and said, “Fucking hell, your hot, Debs!”

She laughed. “Don’t cum on the bedsheets. That would be a waste. I want it all… but only after I’ve told you what I’ve been doing while you’ve been sat here wanking like an old pervert.”

It was my turn to laugh. “Well I did notice you’d chosen a school boy to corrupt.”

“He was eighteen, thank you very much!” She retorted with pretend indignation.

“Was he a good choice?”

“Well… let me tell you all about it. But first…”. She climbed onto the bed and, as I continued to slowly stroke my dick, she began sucking on the tip, flickering her tongue across my spunk-hole. I groaned with pleasure and took my hand away. She spent the next few minutes sucking and deep-throating me. She hadn’t been able to do that properly until the guy in the truck had forced her head down on him and fucked her throat until she’d learned to handle her gag-reflex, and now she loved it. I should find him and thank him. Or maybe not.

She stopped before I came and straddled my thighs, stroking my dick and kissing me.

“We went for drinks in a couple of places, and then he wanted to take me for a meal. He was trying to be a gentleman. I just wanted to fuck him. In the end, I had to say to him ‘look, you don’t have to try anymore. You’ve pulled. I’m a sure thing. Just take me back to yours and fuck me’. The poor guy nearly choked on his drink.”

I wanted to fuck her. She was talking like a slut, and it turned me on. She got off the bed and pushed the armchair from the corner a little nearer. She sat in it.

“Let me watch you play with yourself, while I tell you what happened when we got to his bedsit.”

I began masturbating again very slowly. She watched me.

“He only had a double bed and a window seat. I told him to sit on the bed, while I did a striptease. He had a huge bulge in his jeans by the time I was naked. I told him to stand up and ordered him not to touch me. I undressed him. When I kneeled down to pull off his jeans and boxers, his dick nearly took my eye out, it was that long and hard.

“Kneeling in front of him, with his dick barely an inch from my face, I asked him if he would like me to suck it for him. He nodded. Of course he did. Every man wants me to suck his dick. I can see it in their eyes when they look at me. I see it in yours. ‘Maybe later’, I said. ‘First, I want to watch you play with yourself while you watch me play’, I said, and sat on the window seat. I began fingering myself and watched him wanking as he stared at my naked body.”

She spread her legs, and I looked, still masturbating slowly. She began playing with her breasts and nipples, still watching me. One hand travelled down between her thighs, and I watched, mesmerised, as she began to stroke her clit and fingering herself, moaning softly. She gazed into my eyes as she began to writhe, and moan louder, and I began masturbating faster.

“His body looked lean and hard. His dick looked lean and hard, and I wanted it. I wanted to feel his dick in my mouth. I wanted to feel him plunging it into my pussy. I wanted to cum on it. But first I wanted his mouth on my pussy. I told him, and he came over and kneeled in front of me.”

She was still gazing at me, but her expression was detached, like she was seeing something different in her mind.

He licked and sucked and rubbed my clit, and he licked and fingered my pussy until I couldn’t stop myself cumming. God, he was good. He made me scream like a bitch when I came on his tongue.”

She was rubbing herself hard, and moaning louder, now. “Oh god, I’m cumming again just thinking about him, babe!”

When she had finished, she looked at me. I was still masturbating and getting dangerously close.

“Don’t cum yet,” she panted. “how does it feeling knowing another man made me cum with his mouth tonight? Do you like that?”

“Yes,” I said, and patted the bed. “Come here.”

She laid on the bed next to me and wrapped her fingers around my aching dick. “How does it feel, watching me make myself cum so easily as I fantasise about the man I just fucked? Does it make you horny?”

I nodded. I don’t know why, but it did.

“I guess it must,” she whispered. “The way you’ve been wanking I’m amazed you haven’t shot your load already. Don’t waste it. I want your balls as full as possible, not empty. It’s my job to empty them. I’m good at emptying men’s balls now. Let me tell you how I emptied his tonight.”

She leaned forward, and gently sucked my dick for a few moments.

“After he made me cum, we swapped places, and I sucked his beautiful long dick to within seconds of him shooting his load. Then I let him cool down, while I sat on his knee, and we snogged while he played with my boobs. Then I sucked him right to the edge again. In fact, I took him to the edge half a dozen times. Just like this…”

She went down on me again. Just like she had with the other guy, she used her mouth to take me to the brink of orgasm half a dozen times. My balls were so full they were aching.

“Next, I told him to lay on the bed, and I mounted his dick and rode him as hard as I could. He loved playing with my boobs and nipples. They’re still a little sore, he pinched them that hard. I need you to kiss them better, please.”

I did as she asked, making a point of licking and kissing her nipples as gently as I could. I pushed a finger inside her. She was soaking. I began to finger-fuck her as I continued to lick and suck her nipples. Within a few minutes, she came again.

She straddled me, and lowered herself down onto my dick, slowly rolling her hips as she looked down at me. “This is how I rode him, babe. I could feel his big, hard dick inside me, just like I can feel yours. I fucked his dick until I came all over it.

“Then I told him to fuck me doggy-style, and I got on my knees for him. He gave me such a pounding. Oh god, it was amazing. I had to warn him not to cum, because I wasn’t finished with him yet.

“When he stopped, and pulled his long, hard, wet dick out of me, we just laid together cuddling and kissing for a while as I slowly wanked him. His hands were all over me. Then I asked him where he wanted to cum. He asked me what choices he had, so I said ‘mouth, boobs, and pussy’. He chose my mouth, but said he wanted to fuck me again, first.

She was still slowly fucking me, and asked “do you want to finish off the way he did, babe?”

“Yes, I do,” I said. “I want to enjoy using your body the way he did.”

She rolled onto her back and spread her legs. “Fuck me, hard, like he did. Make my boobs bounce like crazy, just like he did.”

I was so close to busting my nuts now, I didn’t know if I could last more than a minute or two, but I was so turned on I really didn’t care if I blew my load in her pussy instead of her mouth. She was so wet my dick easily slid inside her, and I banged her as fast as I could, watching her boobs bounce wildly. In my mind, I could see him doing the same thing to her. My dick began to throb instantly.

“When you’re ready babe, pull out, straddle my chest, and wank yourself off into my open mouth. He missed you know. I mean, I caught some of his spunk in my mouth, but most of it he just blasted all over my face. I had another man’s dick in my unprotected pussy tonight, babe. Then I took his spunk in my mouth, and all over my face, and I loved it.”

That was all I needed to finish me off. I quickly pulled out and straddled her. Her mouth was open wide, and it only took me a few strokes to finally unload. Like him, I managed to get a couple of spurts in her mouth, but most of my load blasted all over her face and hair. My balls were so full I seemed to spurt endlessly, but when I was finally done, I used my dick to wipe my spunk off her face into her mouth, and she happily lapped it up and swallowed it down.

She was clearly getting much more confident in her new role as slutty, hot girlfriend, and I asked her what had happened to make her change so much, so quickly. She shrugged. “I don’t know really. Made I was a little uptight and repressed, so when I finally did it I opened the floodgates and now I can’t seem to get enough.”

She grinned at me mischeviously, and I sensed that she was ready to take it up another gear. I didn’t have to wait long to find out.

Her birthday was midweek, and I was working until midnight. My boss wouldn’t give me the night off, so we celebrated twice; once on the weekend before, and once on the weekend after. On the night of her birthday, Debbie went out with her friends. When her friends all went home around eleven Debbie stayed out, telling them she was going to meet me, but went to a nightclub alone. I got home from work and went to bed about one. I was quickly asleep.

I was woken from a deep sleep by the sensation of her sucking my dick. It’s a great way to wake up. When I was fully hard she paused and looked at me. I could just make out her features in the semi-darkness. The only light was from the first hint of dawn through the curtains. It must have been about four in the morning. Her speech was a little slurred. She was drunk.

“Your dick is the sixth one I’ve had in my mouth tonight. Am I a slut?”

That took me by surprise. “Yes. You’re a filthy, cock-sucking slut.”

“I didn’t just suck their dicks. I let them all fuck me, too. Bareback. All five of them”

“The you’re a cheap little tramp, too.”

“They didn’t just take turns fucking my pussy. They fucked my boobs, and my mouth, as well.”

She paused to suck my dick again for a while, and I fantasised about these five men queueing up to take their turn with my girlfriend.

“It was the manager of that new nightclub, and four of his door staff. They took me into his office and made me strip off. Then they had me on the desk, and the sofa, and on the floor.”

She was masturbating me as she talked, now.

“They didn’t do me one at a time, either. They were all over me, hands and mouths and dicks everywhere, all at the same time. And I do mean everywhere.”

She looked at me, masturbating me harder and faster. It felt intense.

“I know we’ve not even done it yet. I’d never done it all before tonight, but I couldn’t stop them. They had me pinned down, and they were all over me. I could hardly move. They all fucked me in the bum, babe. I couldn’t stop them.”

I almost blew my load there and then. I’d been fantasising about fucking her ass from the moment I’d first seen her, but she had always shied away from it when I’d suggested it.

“Did they hurt you?”

“No, they must have used lube. Apart from the first couple of seconds, it didn’t hurt at all. I’m sorry I didn’t save my bum for you, babe, but I didn’t have any choice.”

“Are you saying they raped you?”

“No. They didn’t ask me, but I didn’t object. The whole thing was so overwhelming, I was just loving every second of it, and I didn’t care what they did to me. Being fucked in the bum feels amazing, anyway. I loved it. It really turned me on. I can’t wait for you to do it to me, now I know what it’s like.”

It was really turning me on, too. Debbie straddled me and lowered herself down onto my dick. She was soaking wet. She began fucking me with a slow steady rhythm and looked down at me as she continued.

“I got fucked in every position imaginable, tonight. They took their time, too. They really enjoyed using me. I got fucked hard and fast, and slow and gentle. For pretty much the whole time I had a dick in every hole, and one in each hand, and I had hands squeezing my boobs, mouths sucking my nipples and fingers stroking my clit. I sucked their balls, as well as their dicks.”

She began riding me a little faster.

“They fucked me for so long I came twice. I have no idea who’s dicks I came on, but I didn’t care. They kept playing with my clit, and I came twice that way, as well. I even got off playing with my clit myself, right at the end. I got fucked by five strangers and came five times tonight babe, just for you.”

“And I suppose you hated every moment of it, didn’t you?” I smiled up at her, and she giggled, still slowly riding me, using her inner muscles to rhythmically squeeze my rigid dick. “Where did they all cum?” I asked.

“The manager came first. He shot his load up my bum. It felt lovely. The second one came down my throat. I was laid on my back over the desk, with my head hanging off the edge. He was deep-fucking my throat with his balls banging against my face. I had the full length of his dick down my throat when he came, and he held it all the way in there the whole time he was cumming.

The third and fourth ones tossed themselves off all over me while I massaged their balls; one on my boobs, and the other in my mouth and all over my face.

“The last one came in my pussy as I laid there, still covered in spunk. He came in me bareback, of course. None of them used condoms. He fucked me incredibly fast right at the end. It felt so good I couldn’t help rubbing my clit, and I came at the same time as him.

She was riding me harder now, and my dick was throbbing like crazy, but she knew exactly how hard she could fuck me without making me cum.

“Do you know what else happened that made it all just perfect, babe?”

I shook my head. How could it get any better?

“They were filming the whole thing on their phones. I’m pretty sure there will be videos of me all over the internet by now, getting gangbanged, and used in every way, and finishing up with their cum all over me. I bet it’s all around the town, too. From now on, every man who looks at me will know what a cheap slut I am. They’ll all want to use me like that.”

“Oh, you dirty little cumslut,” I moaned, pumping my hips up at her, trying to thrust my dick into her fast enough to cum. She laughed and rolled off me on to her back. She reached for the bedside cabinet, then reached down between her legs, lifting her knees up to her chest.

“Come here,” she said, and I moved between her thighs. She reached down and guided my dick to her bum. I could feel the cold wet lube. I pushed gently. I felt resistance and pushed again. She gasped, and suddenly my dick slid deep inside her. Finally! I started slowly, for fear of hurting her, but then I remembered what she had said about loving it. I let my own needs take over and rammed her as hard and as fast as I could, cumming in her tight little ass almost violently, with a long loud groan of release.

I love fucking sluts because they’re easy, and they do everything that I want. But it doesn’t make sense that I get turned on by my girlfriend fucking other men. Her telling me about it afterwards drives me nuts with desire. It just makes me want to fuck her brains out. Debbie is now sluttier than any other girl I’ve ever had. I can’t wait for her to go out without me again, then tell me all the ways she’s been used for sex. It makes me cum so hard every time.

Then her next idea really blew my mind.

“The next time I let a stranger fuck me babe, do you want to watch? Maybe even join in?”

The end. Or is it?

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