First Time with Willaim by JSK1818

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True Story | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Consensual Sex, Gay, Oral Sex, Solo, Teen, Teen Male, Virginity, Young

These stories contain sexual exploits from my younger years. I will start when I was in the 8th grade, if you are offended by the subject matter please do not read any further.

So where to begin my lovely story of sex, being used, and left lonely with no real place to start over.

Let me describe myself, I am Jacob, I'm 13 years old and right really a prize. My body type was not spectacular but the guys I hooked up with sure did have hot tight bodies. I'm about 5'8 around 150lbs, at the time I was still a ginger but my red hair was fading into a brownish red color.

At this part of my life I had been involved with one other guy named David, but that is a whole different story in itself. So let me start this story off while I was hanging out with my close friend at the time Peter. See him and I would talk about a lot of things regarding emergency workers and other friends. As of right now I really did not know how we got on the topic but he brought up a guy in my class named William Dahlem. William was about 5'6 130lbs, smooth body. I remember him primarily for popping a bone in the locker room after a swimming party. Damn was he hot with that smooth cock standing proud for everyone to see. He was telling me about the weird things he did at sleepovers, He would do some sexual things that the guys felt uncomfortable by. Now this spiked me interest just a little bit.

I at the time did not really know I was bisexual/gay or anything, I was really thinking man I'm horny and want my dick sucked. I know it sounds horrible but right now I am happy saying I like guys and I date them. Back to the story, so next chance I got I was able to get a hold of William's number through Peter. I attempted to call him and his mom answered wondering who I was. I said who I was and seeing if William would like to hang out for a sleepover soon. I got a yes and we planned on sleeping over at his place that Friday.

The whole entire week I was waiting thinking about what was going to happen that night at his place or how it will even start. Finally it was Friday, and I was meeting with him and his mom was going to take us to their home. So we arrived at his house and went downstairs to watch tv/movies do whatever and hang out. So we put on the movie The Longest Yard. As the movie started we both started talking and I was goofing around.

I remember scooting closer to his side and pretending to jack him off about 6 inches above his pants as a joke and just laughing about it. His response was to raise his hips up a little and that's when I saw he had a nice bulge in his pants. Immediately I got hard, knowing that he was as well, So many thoughts were racing thorough my mind. The one I came to conclusion on was that he must like me and that so continue it. I immediately said joking so what is that William? He then took the remote and moved it in-between my legs and hit my boner with is asking what is that? All I could do what laugh nervously and said I think you know what that is.

We then started playing truth or dare, simple dares like I dare you to strip to your boxers. We then dared each other to put our mouths over the outline on the boxers and blow hot air. Finally I reached into his pants and pulled his dick out to finally see and hold it. He was about 6 inches cut and average width I would say with a curve to the left. I slowly started to jack him off and he stopped me. He then pulled mine out and examined it really close I was about 6 3/4 cut cock with and a little wider. We both for the rest of the night dared each other to touch it but never sucked each other, we would hump, rub, and jack but never cum. That whole night we never shot a load once and it was pretty hot I must say.

I remember as he would ask to sit on my chest and push he cock towards my face saying things like man I wish you were Maddy so I can tit fuck you right now. I was oh yeah I bet :P. We would be sitting there really getting into touching each other and liking every second of it. Then his mom without warning walks into the room. We quickly covered up and pretended nothing out the ordinary was occurring that we were just watching a movie.

As soon as she left we decided to go back at it. I remember we both didn't want to cum or go down on each other. I remember I would jack William off to right before he came and then rub our bodies together. Then he would do the same to me just back and forth edging each other. We would then measure and compare with each other as this was more of a learning time for William. It was his first time having someone play along with him.

Like I said I have had previous experience. SO after several hours of rubbing, touching and no coming it was time to cover up and go to sleep. Man did I want more to happen but I would not get another chance up the 8th grade trip. I was paired with him and another friend in a hotel room and man is that another story in itself

If you would like a part two as this was not our first sexual encounter with him and another friend gets involved. Please give feedback and comments :P

Rating: 79%, Read 36102 times, Posted Nov 17, 2011

True Story | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Consensual Sex, Gay, Oral Sex, Solo, Teen, Teen Male, Virginity, Young


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