My first black cock part 5 by BigBootyBottom

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True Story | Anal, Ass to mouth, Authoritarian, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Black, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Extreme, First Time, Gay, Humiliation, Interracial, Male, Oral Sex, Spanking, Submission, Transgendered, Transsexual, Violence, Voyeurism

From the beginning John had always encouraged me to share my “Juicy White Ass” with as many black men as possible. He had always told me black men deserved to have me suck their cocks. Everything had happened so quickly. He was the first black man I had been with and it was incredible. He was the first man who I willingly swallowed his cum and LOVED it, craved it and wanted more. He introduced me to some of his black friends and we really rigorous sex sessions. I felt as if John had opened me up to a new world I had never known existed. In turn I never argued with him and gave myself to him freely. I found myself wearing sexy panties to please him, and when pleasing him I was pleasing myself. I began to shave my legs and all body hair, wear light makeup at times and when with him dress as in sexy women’ s clothes, all for him. When he would come over to my place and the few times I went to his apartment, I would dress up for him. I loved wearing miniskirts or tight dresses, giving him easy access to my booty. I learned to walk in heels and would love to wear my panties and bra and heels to tempt him to “take me now!”. He had opened me up, literally and opened my eyes to new and exciting sexual experiences. He dominated me in in bed letting me know that I was his Sissy White Bitch made to take a black man’s cum anywhere and anytime a black man wanted. I was black owned and loving it.

John had taken me to a local bathhouse, a place I would have never gone before and let me experience other black men. We had gone to a restaurant frequented by black men looking for hook ups. He encouraged me to crawl under the table and give him head. He liked the fact that I was his white bitch and seemed proud of it. He loved that I dressed the part of a sissy for him and wore my “black owned” leather collar for all to see. This excited him, when we would come home from our outings he would throw me on the bed and pound me vigorously, sometimes for hours. I was more than willing.

When I told him about my sex in the office experience he seemed fine with it. He asked me if I liked it and I told him yes. Then he pulled out his cock for me to suck. He never had to ask twice, my mouth was made to suck big black cock. Plus, I loved sucking that large mushroom head of his dick. After I finished and swallowed his cum as usual he asked me to pose for a few photos. I did what I was told. He had me tuck away my “little sissy clit”. I posed with all my clothes on for the first few shots. I was wearing a tight leather mini and pink tank top with high leather boots. My makeup was on accentuating my full lips (DSL; Dick sucking lips as he would call them) and my legs were shaved smooth as always. He then had me lift my blouse and show my bra that was filled with my natural titties. I had always had natural small titties, a nice handful with small perky nipples. He then had me remove the blouse, put my hands against the wall and bend over. The same position that DJ had fucked me in in my office. He then lifted my mini to show my prize ass. I stood there in the livingroom with my legs spread, mini up and ass out as he snapped some photos. He came closer to take more photos then he began kissing my ass cheeks, rubbing and squeezing before pulled them aside to bury his face and tongue fuck my sissy pussy. I let out a moan of pleasure as both his hands separating my ass giving his mouth access to my waiting and eager hole. “Oh yes! Yes, please keep doing that. It feels so good” I told him in a whiney voice. My hips began to rock toward his mouth as he continued to fuck me with his tongue. He then pulled my panties down to my ankles and stood up. He quickly pulled his own pants down as I waited with my legs spread and hands firmly on the wall giving me balance. He took some more photos all the while telling me how sexy my white ass was.

He slapped his enormous black cock onto my ass several times. He knew I wanted it, why did he have to tease me? He spit onto my ass crack and began to slide his cock up and down still teasing me. “Fuck me, please fuck me Daddy.” I moaned and half whined. “You ready for some more black dick, huh? You just can’t get enough, can you?” he asked. “I want it Daddy” I wimpered, “I want your cUUUUU…” I couldn’t even complete my words as he forced that magnificent Black cock into my hungry white sissy ass. He immediately began pounding my gaping hole that had been fucked only hours before by DJ. As he was fucking me fast and hard, his hips clapping against my soft white ass he pulled my head back by my hair and growled, “You like that black dick, don’t you bitch? You like giving that white ass to black men, don’t you?” “Yes, Daddy, YES!” I let out. His cock continued pounding in and out of my ass and I felt myself beginning to cum. I managed to reach down and felt my sissy clit, it was wet with cum but I felt as if I were going to cum again. Suddenly he slowed down and I could hear him fumble with the camera as he took more photos of his big black cock buried deep in my pink hole. He put the camera down and with slower more powerful thrusts he began to pump his semen into me. It sent shivers down my spine, I loved the way his cum felt inside me. I loved knowing that I gave him pleasure. He stayed there for a moment, his cock still in me depositing the last drops of his cum. “Oh fuck yeah, that was good!” he exclaimed. “That ass gets better all the time”, he said as he grabbed the camera and began to slide that long dick out of me. He got back down on his knees and instructed me to arch my back again so the he can photography his semen dripping from my now gaping hole. I pushed a little and by working my muscles his cum began to drip out. He began snapping photos. “Bend over some more and spread your ass.” He requested. I did and he continued shooting photos.

“Get any good shots?” I giggled as I looked back at him. “Yeah, they look sexy as hell!” John replied. He finished and I went to the restroom to clean up. When I came back into the living room John was on the computer uploading the photos. I browsed through them. “So that is what it looks like when you fuck me, huh?” I said with a laugh. The photos actually came out really nice. My ass looked plump, juicy and smooth. No wonder black men like to fuck me , I thought. By this time in my life I was addicted to black cock. It consumed my thoughts and desires. Sometimes I would drive by a man walking down the street and think about how good his cum would feel sliding down my throat. I would wonder about how his cock would look, how he would fuck me and how good it would feel. By this time I was usually humping the car seat slightly and rubbing my sissy clit, feeling it’s hardness under my clothes.

John then surprised me. He turned to me and told me to put myself on Craigslist. I was kinda shocked. I mean, I had never done anything like that before. I had browsed and looked at cock pics but never thought about putting myself on it. I didn’t argue though. I just asked him what he wanted me to post. After some minor editing and uploading the 5 best photos this is what we came up with;

”Black Top Men 4 White Sissy Bottom”

“I am 30 year old White Sissy Bitch looking for Black Men and Black men ONLY to dominate me and use me for pleasure. My Black Daddy says that more black men need to experience my soft, round bubble ass. Please bring condoms as this is SAFE SEX ONLY, but I am allowed to swallow. Groups of BLACK Dominant men are welcome. I will be hosting in a local hotel room and you can use me as often as you like. Please no drugs! We are just wanting to have fun. The photos on this ad are mine and taken today. Please send photos and contact information when you reply. No photo, no reply. BYOB, but don’t get drunk! I look forward to serving you! “. The post was complete and published.

Almost immediately I was getting emails from sexy black men. Plenty of cock pics and some of them with smiling faces. They usually attached a note telling me how they wanted to fuck me hard all night and how I was going to enjoy swallowing their cum. Some told me how beautiful my ass was in the photos and they could not wait to meet me in person. A few made comments about how they were going to be my “New Daddy”. John helped me pick out the ones we would admit and I sent them contact info and the time and place the event would take place. It was like I was throwing a party and I was the center of attraction. I was loving it. There were a lot of men though, seriously the number was increasing everyday. We went from 5 to 10 to 20 to almost 30 men by the day of the” fuck fest” as I called it. We figured about half would show up. People were either busy, couldn’t get away or were just wanting to chat with a Sissy bottom. We picked a motel that was… seedy to be non descriptive. The type of place you could rent by the hour. It was perfect for what we wanted.

We made it to the motel about 30 minutes early. I brought a few rolls of paper towel, just in case and John brought a cooler of drinks, plenty of lubrication and some extra condoms. To our surprise a few guys were already waiting their turn at me. I have to admit I was turned on, my little white clit was getting hard at the thought. I dressed up for the occasion even wearing “hooker red” lipstick. My mini skirt barely hiding my round ass, and my heels accentuating my legs as I walked up to the door as John opened it. I remember looking over my shoulder at a black man sitting in a Chevy truck, I turned to him and smiled as he gawked at me. I knew he was there for me. We entered and closed the door. “What do we do now?” I asked John. “We wait, trust me you are gonna get plenty of dick tonight.” He smiled.

After about 5 minutes there was a knock on the door. They were early. I lie across the bed with my head resting in my hands as John answered the door. “What’s up?” John asked. “Here for the party” came the reply. John stepped aside and let him enter. “Hi” I said sweetly. “Hey. You must be Alex?” he asked me. “Yeah” I replied. “I think you look better than the pics. You have a fine ass”. I just smiled and told him to come closer. He was a normal looking guy, blue collar type, about 35-40 years old. When he got closer I reached over and unzipped his pants then worked the button and his belt buckle. His jeans fell to the floor. He was wearing no underwear, “commando, huh?” I asked with a smile then began to lick the head of his cock. He was normal size, about 7 inches and nice thickness. I started moaning as I began to suck his cock down my throat. My neck was getting tired so I rolled over onto my back with my head slightly off the edge so he could fuck my throat. Soon enough I could feel his warm scrotum slapping against my face as he was thrusting his cock down my throat. He reached down my blouse and started playing with my nipples and this made me moan with pleasure even more. Then his hands roamed further south as he unbuttoned my mini and slipped his hands under my panties rubbing my pathetic, little white cock or my “Sissy Clit” as it was known now. “You ready from some dick, baby?” he asked. “Mmmmhmmm!” is all I could manage with a mouth full of black cock. He pulled out of my mouth, my saliva still glistening on his hard black cock. He quickly walked to the other side of the bed and rolled me over. He put me on my knees and lifted my skirt then pulled down my panties in a swift motion. Then he buried his cock deep in my ass bareback. He was fucking me without a condom. I didn’t want to stop him but next guy I would. He had me in an iron grip around my hips and he was slamming his cock deep in my ass. I was begging him to “Fuck me harder!” he fucked me with all he had. Shortly after begging him to “fuck my white pussy, Daddy!” he let loose streams of cum inside me. He fell next to me on the bed. John was just sitting there quietly. “Was that good Daddy? You like fucking me?” I asked as he lie there on his back catching his breath. “Yeah, that was some good ass.” He replied. He got up, pulled up his pants , said “Thanks” and left. Immediately there was another knock on the door.

It was the man from the truck. John let him in and he turned to me, smiled and said, “you ready?” “um-hum” I replied. He pulled down his jeans and let loose his big beautiful black cock. He was a good 10 inches and thick. Dark coco skin and he had a nice body too! He was at least 55 and muscular. “You want me to suck your black cock, Daddy?” I asked in my sweetest voice. I got on my knees, looked up into his deep brown eyes and wrapped my lips around the head of his mahogany cock. He let out a groan as he was taken deeper into my warm, wet mouth. I was giving him a slow, wet, sloppy blowjob. I wanted him to enjoy it. Soon enough I was taking his cock into my throat, only occasionally gagging on his girth. I could hear his deep slow breathing as I continued to suck him off. I could feel his cock throbbing and occasionally twitching in my mouth, I knew he wanted to cum. I wanted to taste his cum so I began to suck a little faster. Saliva was dripping off his cock and onto his large, hanging scrotum. He was going to give me all that cum, I wanted him to dump it all down my throat and feed me like that good little sissy bitch I am. With a few grunts and groans of “UH!” he released his hot cum into my hungry mouth. I continued to worship and make love to his cock with my lips until he was completely flaccid. He was spent. “That’s what I love about you white bitches. You know how to suck a dick”. “mmmm, thank you Daddy” I replied with a smile. “Do you wanna fuck me now?” I asked sweetly. “Nah, baby. I am done for the night. I gotta get home. “ he replied. “Well I will be here all night if you change your mind.” And gave him a kiss on the cheek as he opened the door to leave.

John and I were alone again. He was messing with the camera and showed me some of the photos of me sucking the last guys dick. He was so big that I resembled a snake swallowing an egg! I went to the bathroom to clean up and as soon as I closed the door I heard the knock on the room door. John let him in. I could here them talking clearly. “She will be out in a second”, John told him and made small talk. I had changed into booty shorts and a skin tight tank top, all in pink.

As soon as I opened the door I was surprised to see two guys waiting for me. The first was big and muscular, similar to John’s body shape. The second guy was shorter and thinner. The smiled when they saw me. “Hey, you guys got something for me?” I asked with a sexy grin as I made my way to the bed. The first guy turned to John and asked, “Can we fuck her at the same time? One in that ass and one in the mouth?” John looked at me and said “yeah, she loves as much black dick as she can get.” I crawled across the bed on my hands and knees like a tiger on the prowl. I was hunting black cock! The first guy walks to the other side of the bed while I made a finger gesture for the second or “Shy guy” to come closer. They both dropped their pants at the same time. I began to pull down his boxers when the first guy slaps my ass hard making me yelp in surprise. I turn to look at him smiling and start shaking my ass sexily for him. He pulls me closer to the edge of the bed sliding my panties down to my knees. The Shy guy gets on the bed kneeling with is cock inches from my mouth. Thin guys almost always have HUGE dicks and he was no excepton. I began working his cock with my mouth as the first guy lubes my hole and puts on a condom. The shy guy is now guiding my head with the rhythm he likes as the first guy penetrates my pink boy pussy. It made me let out a gasp as he slowly pushed his black cock deeper inside me. They were both now fucking me from my mouth and my ass. It was great, I was trying to concentrate on not biting down as the first guy grabbed my ass and began to fuck me harder.

There was a knock on the door, John put the camera down and got up to answer it. He obviously let him in but I couldn’t see who it was, I couldn’t turn my head that far with this big cock fucking my throat. I could hear John and the new guy whispering but couldn’t make out what they were saying. I was tasting his pre-cum, the saltiness filled my mouth, then without warning he shot his cum into my mouth, I began to swallow. The first guy was still fucking me hard but I continued to suck the Shy Guys’ cock and taste all his cum. Then there was another knock on the door. John opened it and let another guy in.

The shy guy pulled out and pulled up his pants. I could now see who was watching me getting fucked. They all just sat there watching as this man pounded my ass. Then the guy who just came in got up, pulled out his cock from the zipper hole and told me, “Here, suck this dick, bitch!”. I began taking his whole length into my mouth, then he grabbed my head and began to frantically fuck my mouth. I was gagging and I could see my saliva bubbles all the length of his cock. The second guy was now spent, he gave a few more slower more powerful thrusts and then pulled his dick out. I could hear him remove the condom and see the other guy through my peripheral vision get up to take his place.

My eyes had tears now as he was raping my mouth, and telling that I was nothing but a sissy faggot. I felt something sting my ass, a sharp pain. He did not spank me with his hand, he was using a belt. Again the pain. I could not move, the guy fucking my mouth held my head tight. The other guy climbed onto the bed and mounted me, his cock like a piece of burning metal penetrated me. I felt like I was going to vomit, the one guy kept forcing his cock down my throat and now was leaving there and I was gagging the other was mounted on me and fucking me fast and deep. More knocks on the door.

I was gasping for air as he pulled his cock out of my throat, I had three more black men waiting for their turn with me. Suddenly the first guy picked me up and flipped me over onto my back. He lifted my legs into the air and rested them across his chest. With one powerful thrust he was fucking me again. I could hear his thighs slapping against my soft ass as he looked down on me. Without even knowing what I was saying I spouted out, “YES!! OH GOD, PLEASE KEEP FUCKING ME!!” He opened my legs and and now was on top of me with his hand around my throat squeezing. My eyes were closed as he removed his hand from my throat and slapped me hard. I knew he left a hand print, he hit me hard. “Look at me! Look at me fucking your ass, bitch!” I was staring deep into his eyes as he put his hand back over my throat and throttled me. “you like that black dick deep in that worthless white ass, don’t you bitch?” he growled. “Yes! Fuck my white ass!!” I managed to eke out. Then I noticed the shy guy was jacking his cock over my face, the first guy removed his hand and the shy guy shot his load onto my face and into my open mouth. Thick waves of warm cum covered my nose and lips some on my forehead. At this time the first guy let out sharp groans of “Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!!!!” as he shot his black seed into my willing white boy pussy.

Before I could even move I had two guys standing over me with their cocks trying to enter my mouth. I grabbed both by the base and took turns sucking them and jacking them off into my mouth. They were rock hard and large. Suddenly there was another guy working my ass. I could not even see him. All I could see were these two black cocks waiting to get sucked. The shy guys cum was now more liquid and dripping down my face as these two guys took turns fucking my mouth. More knocks on the door. More men waiting for a turn with me.

Finally one of the guys came in my mouth. My head hanging off the edge now, he pumped his cum into my eager mouth as I swallowed greedily. The other guy replacing the now spent cock with his own cock, thick and hard. I was milking his cock with my mouth and I could feel his head swelling. I wanted his cum, I wanted him to fill my mouth with that thick, salty, warm jizz. The man in my ass was now cumming, I kept sucking the other cock. I could feel him giving deliberate thrusts to my abused hole, then I felt him fill my ass with his creamy load. I kept sucking, I wanted to taste his cum, I could smell his musky scent, the taste of his black cock was intoxicating. Finally he began fucking my mouth while I still lie on my back, force feeding me dick until he was feeding me his cum. He pulled out and the room now had 5 new men waiting. I went to the restroom to clean up.

When I returned from the restroom there was a man lying on the bed, his head rested against the headboard. His long, thick black cock was already hard and ready for me. John told me to ride his cock, he wanted a new angle for the video. The man stroked the lubrication onto his cock, he was glistening in the light of the room. John got closer as I climbed on top. My hands rested on his slightly hairy chest as I rubbed his nipples. I lifted up to help him guide his big cock to my pink boy pussy. “Come on, baby. I want you to ride my dick, girl.” He said to me. I lowered my ass onto his cock and felt that familiar pain of stretching. He was thick and I loved the look of all the veins in that muscle. As I lowered down onto him my head rolled back and I released a moan. Then slowly up again, now faster down, then up again creating a steady rhythm as he began to meet me with pelvic thrusts. My hands still on his chest for balance, his hands on my ass guiding me up and down faster. I was looking him right in his eyes as I was riding his cock. Then I started to moan, “Oh my god, oh my god!” “You like that don’t you baby, you like that, huh?” he spoke softly. “Yes. Yes, you feel so good in me.” I whined. I felt as If I wanted to cum again. I was bouncing up and down on his big cock, men stood around watching. They were taking off their pants now. They wanted their turn too. They would have to wait, he was impaling me with his rod for now. I was in total ecstasy riding his black cock. I could feel him pushing against my stomach or something. “Cum for me, Daddy. Breed my white ass.” I told him in a wimper. “I’m gonna breed your white ass, don’t worry. Daddy gonna cum all up in your ass.” “Yes! Yes, Daddy! I want it, I want your cum! Give it to me, Daddy! Fuck me harder!” I let out. His head came off the pillow as he was pushing me down harder on his cock. “Oh FUCK! Oh Fuck yeah!” he groaned as he filled my open hole with his black man’s sperm. I just sat there a moment grinding my ass onto his cock. Milking him for every last drop of his cum. He pulled me off and I lie with my back to him as he rolled out of bed and made his way to the restroom. Then John spoke, “ who’s next?” he asked.

I was still on my side when a heavy set man crawled up next to me and spread my ass open for his cock. Another man then came to the other side of the bed and began to feed me his dick. The heavy set man had one hand on my shoulder and one on my hip as he penetrated me. My ass was gaping by now and all the cum and lubrication gave him easy access. I could feel his heavy breath in my ear as the other guy began to fuck my mouth. Then John told the heavy man to “Fuck that sissy hard. Breed that white ass, she loves it” He was right, I did love it. I loved it when black men shot their cum in my ass. I loved it when they used my mouth and ass. This turned me on and once again I could feel ribbons of liquid escape my sissy clit. I was still worshiping the cock in my mouth when the heavy set man bred me and was replaced by yet another. Instantly the new guy was fucking me like a rabbit. Fast motions as he pounded my as with a rapid succession of clapping from my ass. Now the man in my mouth pulled out and told me to open my mouth. I did, a good bitch always takes commands. He began jerking his cock into my mouth. Hot liquid coated my whole mouth. I swallowed then I swallowed again before I began sucking the head of his chocolate brown cock. The room was quiet except for the sounds of men fucking me and me sucking cock. Another smaller black dick was ready for my mouth. All he said was, “yeah, baby. Suck it.” Before he came. He only lasted about 2-3 minutes.

The heavy set man was back, now he wanted my mouth. He lifted his cock out of the way and said, “I want you to clean these black nuts for me. I stretched and begun to lick and slurp his balls taking each one into my mouth. The man behind me was still fucking me like a ragdoll, his cock pounding my hole. The night went on with a succession of black men using my mouth and ass for their pleasure. Leaving me as nothing more than a cum receptacle. We were finished by around 3am. I was exhausted and sore.

The night ended with my lips and ass numb and sore from all the abuse. I was drenched in cum. The bed was wet and as I walked to the restroom I was dizzy and cum dribbled down my leg from my abused pink hole. John had caught most of it on film. My stomach felt queasy, cum overload? I was not even sure how many loads I had swallowed. Some guys would pull out of my ass and make me swallow, others took more than one blowjob.

I ran the water and got into the shower. I remember thinking, I am really going to be sore tomorrow. My stomach felt sick, probably from all the cum I swallowed, but I couldn’t help but smile and think to myself, “I want to do this again.”

Rating: 90%, Read 78983 times, Posted Jul 18, 2013

True Story | Anal, Ass to mouth, Authoritarian, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Black, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Extreme, First Time, Gay, Humiliation, Interracial, Male, Oral Sex, Spanking, Submission, Transgendered, Transsexual, Violence, Voyeurism


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