Leave Me Alone_(0) by meatus_cum

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Fantasy | Boy, Teen Female


A Young Girl desires Submission as a Satisfied Woman

All characters male or female are of legal age

To be sexually active without parental authority

Betsy, an only single child, has no friends because her loving parents decided to live in the country, where it would be to her best advantage. She saw it as a disadvantage because none of her school friends lived near by. It’s not as though she lived in total seclusion from the world, as just a quarter of a mile down the road was a family consisting of the father, a farmer, a mother who stayed in the house who always did house work consisting of keeping the house spotless clean, prepared meals and every day hung out laundry, cooked wonderful meals as her family spent every Sunday there for evening dinner. They had a son who was older than Betsy, thus he wouldn’t even look or talk to her. She considered him a weirdo, when not at school helped his father operate the farm.

Mike is the boy who lives down the road and his friends are counted on a closed fist. He was never included in recess play at school and just hung around listening to his “friends”. Hoping one day they would incorporate him in their games. They would say things such as, “Have you yanked it yet—it feels great?” Mike being so shunned would play with the girls especially tag. He didn’t mind it because the flat chests on the girls were beginning to have bumps, which strained against their blouses growing tight on their pubescent bodies –little did he realize the bumps were the development of women’s breasts that one day he would be hopefully groping.

One girl he noticed in particular was Betsy who happened to be his next-door neighbor, in fact only neighbor for at least three miles in either direction of his house. He began to notice her more than the other girls even the fact she was younger and wondered why he never noticed her cheerful smile, the light auburn with a streak of red tinted shoulder length hair, the sparkle in her hazel eyes even her tiny nose and rosy cheeks seemed to be the first time even noticed even though she sat across from ever Sunday during dinner. The additional feature of her body, which he noticed now were the muscular thighs when her very short skirt rode up them as she ran playing tag. The days he worked in the fields she would ride up on her beloved horse, Trigger, that’s what she called the stallion. It was such a funny name for a horse, part of a revolver that causes it to shoot bullets.

Little did he realize every time she rode up with jeans, that completely covered her legs were so firm and curvy and a floppy shirt covered her developing breasts also caught the wind against her body to keep it cool as she galloped across the fields—it would be “Trigger” he would demand his penis to be called when it became a hard piece of steel such as pistol, an extension of his manhood and squeezed off—as a trigger to shoot his ‘bullets’ of sperm. “Hi Mickey”, she would call out approaching him. He always responded, “Betz my name is Mike and I’m working the land can’t you see dummy”. She would callout as she galloped away, “I’m no dummy and my name is Betsy”.

At that moment in Betsy’s life she wondered what the future would be for them as she tightened her strong legs around Trigger’s side flanks then stood up in the two stirrups in respect to her carriers powerful strength underneath her unbroken hymen. Then sat down slowly when a bolt of electricity began to cause her stomach to quiver thinking the rough riding had ruptured the membrane that labeled her as a virgin. Then the stallion’s four legs began to pound the ground as pistons driving them forward. It flashed through Betsy’s mind just then when playing at school; Mike always seemed to fall on her when he ran to “tag” her. Something he didn’t do to the other girls was to run his two hands down the growing bumps on her chest –a sign of a very clumsy boy and he has the nerve to call me dummy. She began to pounce up and down as she slid back and forth on the saddle feeling a strange tingling in her clitoris and wondered if boys had the same tingling in their penises when they rode horses.

Mike was glad she didn’t stop to talk to him because lately when he’s near her his pens would stiffen and press against the material of his pants like, uh like a tent pole straining to be released from the material and to expose its self in front on the girls.

There were no sexual aspirations on his mind. One day at school, the girls had flat breasts as the guys. Then mounds under their tops began to appear. He could only reflect that some of the more mature girls put cotton or tissues inside their trainer bra to make a more outward show. Without realizing it at first he was beginning to have an erection, reason unknown as he sat in class. He slid a book on his lap so no one would notice. A boner, unwanted, was growing, why, unknown, but it felt good. He was called so he stood up. Clear to every one he had a tent pole pushing out his pants by the zipper. As he sat down the erect penis also receded. To where, he didn’t know but the tent pole pushing his pants had disappeared.

He was told to keep his mind on the class work not on the girl’s breasts, as small as they are. Some day you will have a chance to pet and pet the developed breasts till you cum in your pants. He had no idea what the teacher was taking about; only he kept looking at Betsy’s mound.

Mike didn’t know it then that the human failure of lust was beginning to take over his youthful male body a strange surge of tingling began struggling in his testicles and raced to the head of his penis. He had a strong itch in his penis shaft. Since the pest Betsy had ridden out of sight and there was no one else in the fields around him. He quickly unzipped his pants and pushed them and his under-briefs down to his ankles. He was surprised to see his penis standing so erect as it strained at a 45-degee angle from his lower belly. He scratched at his penis’ shaft and the itch wouldn’t go away. For some reason his right hand naturally formed a fist around his elongated penis and began and up and down motion. It felt good until painful pins and needles seemed to fill the bell mushroom shaped head of his penis. Being scared he would die to continue he stopped.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Following dinner he went to bed early and the same itch reoccurred in his penis, the hand fisted it again and the painful pins and needles returned. Finally he fell asleep. The next day at school Betsy smiled at him from across the classroom and looking down at his crotch a big bulge was there, which he quickly covered with a textbook, yet the itch was in his genitalia the rest of the day.

Mike, immediately after reaching home changed into his work clothes and raced out of the house to the nearest grove of trees where he knew he would be in complete privacy and strip off his clothes and sat on a wooden chair that had been placed there at the end of winter. His hand immediately went to his penis in its full state of erection and the jerking up and down motion began without any help from him. Then he remembers what the boys at school had said, “Have you started to ‘yank’ it yet, and fells good?” Yes it felt good until the pins and needles seemed to be yelling from the slit in his cock’s head and he stopped. This ritual continued for three days when he told himself he would force his hand to keep pumping even with the pain of pins and needles even should he die, he had to find out what would happen by not stopping his pumping. His whole body tensed his hands fell to his side his cock, yes a word heard at school for the penis began to throb as in pounced up and down, then it seemed to become very swollen, the bright red color of the cock head turned a dark purplish, his whole body was stiff and then a wad of white liquid flew from his slit, another and then more with less force until trickles of white lucid liquid began to drip and ooze from the slit. Mike fell back in the old chair, arms tangling at this side and thankful he was still alive. He was grateful this sinful act happened outside because all the sperm would soak into the ground. He pulled up his pants; embarrassed he took an oath never to do it again, yet at the same time he had visions of a naked Betsy flashing through his mind. He also knew he had masturbated a stage of puberty or adolescence, he knew only of a naked Betsy with breasts exposed a vagina with pubic hair, looking down at his flaccid penis he had grown strands of pubic hair.

The next day he walked over to Betsy to say hello, blushing as he did with his eyes focused on her enlarging breasts and wide hips, which where rounded as they curved away from her waist to form her upper thighs. That same day he was back in the wood grove and purposely wanting to masturbate because it felt so good and he took another oath that he would never stop masturbating. In fact he had thoughts, perhaps from the paperback books with worn and stained pages passed around among the boys at school, now all shared photographs of woman with exposed breasts. His daily masturbation sessions always included a naked Betsy beneath him, stretched out with a moist vagina for his precum soaked penis, her muscular legs wrapped around his buttock and pulling him towards her.

Betsy too began to have sexual desires of her own from reading about Pirates of the Caribbean and their tall ships sailing into port not as holiday cruise ships of today for passengers to visit and shop for tropical wares. These pirates had a more sinuous purpose to kidnap the most beautiful woman of the Islands and carry them off to their ships where they would be striped naked and the screaming woman would be treated as slaves to satisfy ever-sexual whim of the ravishing men as they entwined the nude feminine bodies. No orifice of the females was sacred or left untouched.

Betsy put her reading aside and closed her eyes tight; she was alone in a large castle on the Ivory Coast of Africa. It was such a hot night she went to open the floor to ceiling widow a strict rule that was never to be broken—never open the windows unless a male guard is in the room with you. The heat was causing her to become dizzy so it was opened just a crack, enough for the cool Sea air to refresh her body aglow in perspiration from reading of the heroine being kidnapped and raped by four sailors. Betsy turned from the window and a strong hand gripped her wrist and twirled around to face a tall man dressed in pirate clothing. At first she thought it was just a costume, thus prepared to ask him, was he lost from the house having a party? Before she could speak her body was in the air flying over his shoulder where it handed. She began to scream and pound his back with her fists with knees being kicked into his chest, “Leave me alone, you beast!” His grip of her featherweight body was too strong. Across the grassy yard he ran to the beach. * Was she on her way to a tall ship to be seduced as a Mistress or chained to the center mast to be a slave and feel the sting of a leather strap across her breasts and thighs covering her pale body with red crisscross welts*, she wondered. Her question was answered when Mike lowered her to the sand and bent over to place soft kisses upon her forehead, eyes, nose and lips. At the same time his hands were busy unbuttoning every button of her neck to floor nightgown, one hand at the buttons the other hand fondling her perky breasts. Betsy couldn’t control herself with this stranger she looked into his eyes behind the mask he was wearing and begged him to go faster, to tear the gown from her body, “I want your cock inside my cunt” she whispered hoping it would induce him to rape her as a little girl.

She never forgot that time when she was younger and was taking a short cut home through the woods. Hearing strange noises ahead of her she stopped and saw three boys from her class completely nude. Quickly she hid behind a bush and watched in disbelief. I couldn’t help myself as I felt damp between my legs and pushed my finger against my jeans and I just had to cum as I watched the three boys playing with their hard cocks before I get home. She said to herself that day, as she removed her jeans and kept looking at them and becoming wetter and more excited with their groaning in happiness. Had she been home the handle of a hairbrush would be placed against her pussy and rubbed until her clit was really big. Being in the woods and watching three boys her age whacking in pleasure she looked around for a suitable fairly clean and thick twig and began to rub her pussy with it until her clit was really big and hard. It usually doesn’t take her long to cum and was surprised none of the boys heard her moan.

A quick look and saw they were far from ejaculating so she closed her eyes and moaned softly along with them. She couldn’t take the stick in her cunt any longer and replaced it with her middle finger shoved it into her wet pussy while her thumb flicked her clitoris as she came; a loud scream of delight came from her lips. She fell to her knees completely weakened from the exhausting orgasm. Looking up terrified expecting to see the boys looking at her she let out a sigh of relief---they were gone. She stood up to put her jeans back on.

“Were are you going Betsy?” She heard behind, turning she saw three naked boys with swollen cocks dripping precum. Before she could run they grabbed her and was pinned by two while the third raped her. Her arms were held to the ground after her blouse and bra were torn from her body. The bra’s back strap tearing her skin as it ripped into her. The two boys on either side kissed and chewed her on her now stiff and nipples causing them to become sore and painful. That was not all the pain she felt that afternoon. The boy pushing his hard cock into her dripping wet vagina, stopped.

“Hey guys this Betsy is a virgin.” …”No, really?”… “I don’t believe you, let the head of my cock feel the unbroken hymen”…”Mine too!”

Betsy began to cry and whimpered, No…No, Please Leave Me Alone! I beg you please let me go!”…. “ We will as soon as we rupture your hymen and watch the virginal bright red blood seep from your pussy hole.” They fought over who would have the honor or ripping through the tight hymen membrane first. Since they knew each other’s birth month it was decided to fuck her in the order of their birth month—first March, secondly June and the last one to be able to use the lubrication of cum and blood seeping from her pussy’s swollen Labia would be October. March’s cock would have the pleasure of taking her virginity, yet he hesitated at the closed hymen door and was about to withdraw. Knowing they were intend to deflower her and not wanting to delay the pain she knew would come sooner or later, she wrapped her muscular legs around March’s arse cheeks, and pushing down and pressing his erection against the unbroken membrane, she trusted her pelvis upward quickly and screamed when the cock torn into the membrane ripping it aside and the erection sweep past the torn flesh. It was though planned all three boys yelled at the same time:


Betsy lied there, as a sopping broken girl who had become a woman against her will. When they all finished, they got dressed spit at her and called her a slut, little girl you are no more—you are a whore and darn good cheap one too. They gathered up all her clothes and told her, that whore’s run naked through the woods and she didn’t need anything other than her shoes. They walked away laughing while Betsy pounded her fist and head into the ground. It was starting to get dark and she heard her name begin called over and over, had there been a hole or cave to hide in she would have hidden from her father. As he was approaching her, Betsy yelled, Daddy please go away, Leave me alone. No dear here take my coat, we will go home clean you up and then call the constable. Her living father placed his coat on her shoulders, wrapped his arms around and the two of them walked home with tears in their eyes. By the next morning the three boys were arrested and sentenced to jail for a long time, unfortunately for them the fellow prisoners had daughters of Betsy’s age and did not take lightly to their raping her—they are at rest in the Prison’s Cemetery.

Her mind snapped back to this crazy pirate holding her captive undressing her slowing, feeling her now developed breasts.

“Little girl hold still.” Was she dreaming?* It was Mike, she quickly slapped him pressed him off her and throwing away his mask. Follow me she said returning to the barn were they had been necking in the finished room near the hayloft. She pushed him into the overstuffed chair, went behind the dressing curtain and put on a bra and pair of panties, he began to remove his clothes.”No stay dressed I have a surprise in store for you.

With Mike sitting she started to dance in front of him in a tease. Pushing her arse into his face. She removed the bra and stuck each nipple into his face and pulled it away. She noticed his hard on and sat on his lap grind around in circles, then back and forth as a dry fuck. His cock grew more erect under his pants with every move she made.

“Hey Mike there’s a big wet spot in the front of your pants, want to fuck like rabbits?” He opened his mouth and began to droll, “Yes” She took off her panties shoved them into his mouth, “Let me tie your ankles to make it exciting to the chair”. He was tied tight, she moved her pussy to his mouth for him to kiss and lick. Her hand made circles around his crotch. “I’ll tie your wrists high in the air to the overhead beam and tease you”. He nodded yes. She unzipped his pants and cupped his balls, he moaned, she placed her arse on to his erect cock turned around quickly as precum oozed from his cock slit. Bent over he felt her arse cheeks rub his cock, picked up his clothes and ran out the door.

Sleep well tonight Mike with the blue ball treatment, think you can fuck me when you want and leave me with my pussy as you’re cum pail.

I’ll be back to seduce you; I’m in control of your cock’s ejaculation now.

Rating: 64%, Read 21235 times, Posted Feb 19, 2010

Fantasy | Boy, Teen Female


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